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ADG 0.4.1

The CPML library has been boosted with additional APIs to browse
segments/primitives and to compute intersections between different
constructs. Now it has its own demo program (cpml-demo), showing
some of the implemented feature. Although some function is still
a stub, the overall infrastructure is likely to be definitive.

All the CPML APIs are now properly documented.

The ldim demo has been merged into the more complex adg-demo.
Now the demo programs use the GtkBuilder feature, so the Gtk+
dependency has been raised to 2.12.

ADG 0.4.0

The useless wrappers in AdgPath have been removed: now the standard
cairo path API could be used in the path constructor callback.

AdgPoint has been added. This new core struct can be used to represent
a coordinate system with different model and space component.

The new AdgToyText entity can be used to show arbitrary text using the
cairo "toy" text API.

Two interfaces, AdgTranslatable and AdgRotable, have been implemented
to allow arbitrary positioning (using the new AdgPoint struct) and
rotation of entities where this is applicable (e.g. AdgToyText).

The CPML API has been almost rewrote from scratch: removed a lot of
duplicated stuff, dropped CpmlPath (by using the original cairo_path_t)
and implemented new functions, such as segment browsing (always in forward
direction), reversing and transformation.

README, NEWS, TODO and ChangeLog are now automatically generated, so
redundancy is removed and the maintainability improved. The originals
are kept in docbook format, allowing to use them also in html version.

The adg-demo program now allows to save the sample drawing in png, pdf
and postscript. Two useless toy text entities has been added.

ADG 0.3.2

The dependency on libgcontainer has been dropped: now the adg canvas
requires only cairo and Gtk+2 (will be optional). This allows to try
the demo program (demo/adg-demo) on any decent GNU/Linux distribution
without installing anything.

The container logic has been included in AdgEntity (the GChildable
portion) and AdgContainer (the GContainerable part).

ADG 0.3.1

Implemented the "invalidate" signal to force the cache recomputation
on a new rendering operation.

The new cairo "toy" API has been used to do text management in AdgDim.
This allows caching of the intermediate glyphs for improved
performances (no profiling yet done). The cairo dependency has been
raised to version 0.7.4 or more.

The AdgLDim entity has been rewritten to full implement the new cache
design. Other entities have been improved to allow a paper matrix
other than the default identity matrix.

ADG 0.3.0

Reworked styles and implemented AdgContext, a clean and well defined
approach to manage rendering customization.

Moved all the geometrical stuff in Cairo Path Manipulation Library (CPML),
an internal library depending only on cairo.

Greatly improved documentation.

ADG 0.2.2

Strongly separated model and paper matrix concepts and updated their
management using nested transformations.

Reworked the rendering process in a cleaner way by propagating the
"render" signal and using internal entity states to let the application
know what changed from the previous rendering.

ADG 0.2.1

Reworked the sources tree in a cleaner way (to help future development)
and used private structs instead of populating the instance structure.

ADG 0.2.0

This is the first public release of the ADG library. It is in a early stage of
developement, but the goal is quite ambitious!