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2002-09-19  Julian Cummings  <cummings@artemis.cacr.caltech.edu>
* testsuite/Adnene-Ben-Abdallah-2.cpp: Skip part of this test when
using IBM xlC compiler, since it can't handle it.
* testsuite/extract.cpp: Added workaround for IBM xlC compiler
* compiler/ieeemath.cpp: Commented out unused variable.  Added
test to skip over testing of lgamma() function if building on AIX
platform in threaded mode.  This test causes a failure in this
case because the lgamma function has a slightly different
interface in thread-safe mode on AIX.
* src/Makefile.am: Added explicit command for building libblitz.a
that utilizes $AR_FLAGS.
* src/Makefile.in: Regenerated from Makefile.am using automake.
* configure.in: Cleaned up some of the settings of compiler flags
and added use of the C++ compiler as the archiver for KCC and SGI
CC.  Added new --enable-64bit option to trigger 64-bit
configuration and builds.  This currently works for the SGI and
IBM platforms with the native compilers or with KCC or gcc.  Note:
I have left the old SGI64 and SGI32 compiler options in for now,
but there is also a new plain old SGI option that will build with
the default ABI.  Using the --enable-64bit option should then
force 64-bit compiles.
* configure: Regenerated from configure.in using autoconf.
* blitz/array/fastiter.h: Removed meaningless restrict qualifier
inside const_cast that generates compiler warnings under SGI and
KCC compilers.

2002-09-05  Julian Cummings  <cummings@artemis.cacr.caltech.edu>
* configure: Regenerated from configure.in using autoconf.
* configure.in: Added flag -qrtti=all when using IBM's xlC
compiler to enable RTTI support.

2002-08-30  Julian Cummings  <cummings@artemis.cacr.caltech.edu>
* testsuite/storage.cpp: Modified construction of one Array to
test new setStorage() method.
* blitz/array/methods.cc: Added definition of setStorage() method,
which lets user set Array storage format after construction.  We
check that Array is not allocated first.
* blitz/array-impl.h: Added declaration of setStorage() method,
which lets user set Array storage format after construction.
* blitz/array/storage.h: Added explicit assignment operator for
GeneralArrayStorage class.

Wed Jul 24 11:06:41 CEST 2002 Patrick Guio <patrick.guio@fys.uio.no>
* configure.in: Removed occurences of -DBZ_DISABLE_XOPEN_SOURCE, this is
the default and changed to -DBZ_ENABLE_XOPEN_SOURCE for DECcxx6.2 and
DECcxx6.3 required for scoping of ilogb.
* configure: Rebuilt from configure.in using autoconf 2.53
* all Makefile.in: Rebuilt from Makefile.am using automake 1.6.2

2002-07-23  Julian Cummings  <cummings@artemis.cacr.caltech.edu>
* blitz/array/functorExpr.h: Changed _bz_FunctorExpr classes to
store user-defined functor by value rather than by const
reference.  This fixes a problem under certain compilers with the
state of the user-defined functor being corrupted prior to
evaluation of the Array expression.  Also, cleaned up remnants
from previous use of Blitz minmax function.
* blitz/array/expr.h: Added a four-argument templated constructor
for _bz_ArrayExpr, which is needed when building an Array
expression containing a functor that takes three arguments.  This
is needed to support functorExpr.h, which allows functors with up
to three arguments.
* testsuite/newet.cpp: Changed expressions used in final test to
ensure that two-argument pow() function is called with first
argument being non-negative.  Otherwise, the results of the
function call are undefined.

2002-07-19  Julian Cummings  <cummings@artemis.cacr.caltech.edu>
* blitz/blitz.h: Put ending semicolon into definition of
BZ_MUTEX_* macros so that you don't need to add a semicolon after
invoking the macro.
* blitz/memblock.h: Removed ending semicolon after invocations of
BZ_MUTEX_* macros.  This is now handled within the definition of
these macros.  This should get rid of compiler warnings from SGI
CC and others about extra semicolons being ignored, which happened
when these macros were defined as blank.

Fri Jul 19 10:50:11 CEST 2002 Patrick Guio <patrick.guio@fys.uio.no>
* blitz/mathfunc.h: Added missing template member function prettyPrint
in template class _bz_negate (HP aCC complained during library
* blitz/array/functorExpr.h: minmax::max(a,b) replaced by (a>b?a:b) due to
namespacing trouble with HP/aCC

2002-07-17  Julian Cummings  <cummings@artemis.cacr.caltech.edu>
* blitz/memblock.h: Added missing semicolon after use of

2002-07-16  Julian Cummings  <cummings@artemis.cacr.caltech.edu>
* Makefile.am: Added line to specify subdirectories and insure
that compiler subdirectory is visited before blitz subdirectory.
This is necessary because the compiler subdirectory generates the
config.h header file needed in blitz subdirectory.
* Makefile.in: Rebuilt from Makefile.am.
* configure: Rebuilt from configure.in.  Includes changes to IBM
xlf90 flags.
* aclocal.m4: Rebuilt using aclocal 1.6.2.
* blitz/Makefile.am: Added config.h to blitz_HEADERS list and
removed all the compiler-specific config files.  These
compiler-specific files should no longer be needed because we
normally generate the config.h file automatically.  Moved the
compiler-specific headers to the EXTRA_DIST list so they will
still be included in the distribution tarball.
* blitz/Makefile.in: Rebuilt from Makefile.am.
* blitz/array/funcs.h: Removed ET support for Array expressions
involving ldexp(), jn() and yn() functions.  These functions
require specialized macros that allow one of the function
arguments to be an ordinary int.  Such macros have not yet been
added to <blitz/funcs.h>.

2002-07-02  Julian Cummings  <cummings@artemis.cacr.caltech.edu>
* examples/cast.cpp: Added check for use of new-style expression
templates.  I changed the syntax for casting the type of a blitz
Array to make it simpler.  Instead of giving a second argument
that is an instance of the new element type, just provide the new
element type as a template parameter.
* testsuite/newet.cpp: Added testing of functorExpr.h header file,
which provides support for declaring user-defined functors and
class methods that act on Array types.  The code for this support
originated from Derrick Bass of Caltech.
* testsuite/tinyvec.cpp: Include blitz/tinyvec-et.h here to get ET
* blitz/vecexpr.h: Undid the previous change to this file.  Vector
ET support is now gotten by including blitz/vector-et.h
* blitz/promote.h: Added BZ_BLITZ_SCOPE to promote_trait in
BZ_PROMOTE macro definition so that this macro works correctly
outside the blitz namespace.
* blitz/Makefile.am: Removed Array.h, Vector.h, TinyVec.h and
TinyMat.h from blitz_HEADERS.  Added array-old.h, vector-et.h
tinyvec-et.h and funcs.h.
* blitz/Makefile.in: Rebuilt from Makefile.am to update
* blitz/array.h: This file used to be called Array.h but has been
renamed to avoid name clashes on Windows-based systems.  This file
includes only the Array class implementation files.
* blitz/array/newet-macros.h: Renamed and reorganized new style
macros for declaring unary and binary functions/operators that act
on Array types.
* blitz/array/newet.h: Added #include of blitz/array/functorExpr.h
to support user-defined functors and class methods acting on Array
* blitz/array/funcs.h: Use new style of Array ET macros to declare
unary and binary math functions that act on Array types.
* blitz/array/ops.h: Use new style of Array ET macros to create
unary and binary operators that act on Array types.
* blitz/ops.h: Rewrote and reorganized this file to make better
use of macros to generate all the functor classes needed to
provide unary and binary operators for the "new" style of
expression templates.
* blitz/array/Makefile.am: Added functorExpr.h to list of
* blitz/array/Makefile.in: Rebuilt from Makefile.am to include new
header file.

2002-06-28  Julian Cummings  <cummings@artemis.cacr.caltech.edu>
* blitz/mathfunc.h: Corrected categorization of fmod and ilogb
math functions.
* blitz/vecuops.cc: Freshly generated from genvecuops.cpp.
Changed BZ_HAVE_SYSV_MATH to BZ_HAVE_SYSTEM_V_MATH to match what
is in config.h and elsewhere.  Corrected categorization of a few
math functions.  Otherwise, no changes.
* blitz/matuops.h: Freshly generated matuops.h header file with
definitions for unary math functions operating on Matrix types.
This file was previously empty.  I followed a style similar to
that of vecuops.
* blitz/matbops.h: Rebuilt from latest genmatbops.cpp.  Same
content as before with slightly different formatting.  Also,
binary combinations with complex<T> are now handled with a single
templated ComplexOperand type as with vecbops.
* blitz/generate: Added support for generating matuops.h header
file borrowing heavily from the existing genvecuops code.  Also
made a few corrections in categorization of math functions.
* configure.in: Added -qstrict flag to F77 and F90 optimization
flags on AIX platforms to avoid optimizations that might alter the
code semantics, as suggested by the compiler.  Added flag for
xlf90 compiler to allow f90 file suffix.
* config.guess: Undo previous change to this script regarding use
of oslevel script on AIX.  This was a mistake based on an error in
my environment variable settings.

2002-06-27  Julian Cummings  <cummings@artemis.cacr.caltech.edu>
* compiler/sysvmath.cpp: Removed ilogb() and fmod() from this
test.  ilogb() is now in the IEEE math test and fmod() should be
in the standard C math library.
* compiler/ieeemath.cpp: Added tests for cbrt() and ilogb() here.
* compiler/getruse.cpp: Added code to check if getrusage() is
* blitz/benchext.cc: Changed loop variable j to unsigned to
eliminate signed/unsigned comparisons.
* testsuite/complex-test.cpp: Added some explicit casts to float
to eliminate precision loss warnings from implicit conversions of
double to float.  Changed abs() to fabs() for floating-point
arguments.  abs() is for ints or complex numbers, while fabs() is
for floating-point numbers.
* testsuite/chris-jeffery-1.cpp: Slight change to eliminate
precision loss warning from double/float conversion.
* blitz/array/storage.h: Use _bz_bool and _bz_true where
appropriate to avoid int/bool conversions.
* blitz/array/fastiter.h: Changed order of ctor initializers to
match order of member data declarations, eliminating warning from
gcc compiler.
* blitz/array/slicing.cc: Modified valid indexing check to avoid
casting to unsigned.
* blitz/shapecheck.h: Changed loop variable i to unsigned to avoid
unsigned/signed comparisons.
* blitz/array-impl.h: Modified the isInRange() methods to check
that each index value is greater than or equal to the base index
value, rather than just casting (index-base) to an unsigned int.
The latter gives unpredictable results if index<base and produces
compiler warnings about comparisons between unsigned and signed
* blitz/tinyvec.h: Changed return type of lengthCheck() method
from int to _bz_bool.
* testsuite/extract.cpp: Undid previous change and went back to
using static const int data members instead of enums for red,
green and blue.  These have to be actual ints, or else the Array
operator[] does not work properly.  Need to investigate further
the link-time error that occurs with this test code when using

2002-06-26  Julian Cummings  <cummings@artemis.cacr.caltech.edu>
* configure: Rebuilt from configure.in.
* configure.in: Moved package and version arguments back to
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE macro call.  The new style suggested in the
automake documentation doesn't seem to work right when the tarball
name contains uppercase letters and is not trivially derived from
the package name.
* configure.in: Added section to handle xlC as a valid C++
compiler option.  Moved package name and version number arguments
to AC_INIT macro.  Moved AC_CANONICAL_TARGET macro call higher up
in file to eliminate autoconf warning.
* config.guess: Commented out use of oslevel command on AIX
platform to get OS version and release info, since it does not
always seem to report the right thing and can send confusing
output to config.sub.
* examples/Makefile.in: Rebuilt from examples/Makefile.am.
* examples/Makefile.am: Added profile.cpp, tiny2.cpp and tiny3.cpp
to EXTRA_DIST, so that these files will be included in the
distribution tarball.  This is necessary because these files are
not include in SOURCES and are not normally compiled.
* testsuite/extract.cpp: Changed members red, green and blue of
class RGB24 from static const int's to enumerators in order to
avoid a link-time error with xlC compiler.
* blitz/tinyvec.h: Changed P_numtype to T_numtype inside class
definition consistently.
* blitz/array-impl.h: Changed template parameter name T_numtype2
to P_numtype2 in member function template declarataions for
consistency with definitions and to avoid any confusion with
typedef T_numtype.
* blitz/array/slicing.cc: Changed T_numtype to P_numtype when used
outside the argument list or body of a member function definition
(i.e., outside the class scope).  Inside the class scope, we can
use the typedef T_numtype.  The IBM xlC compiler gets confused if
P_numtype is used as a template parameter name in a member
function declaration and then T_numtype is used as the parameter
name in the member function definition.  Fixed usage to be more
* blitz/array/methods.cc: Likewise.
* blitz/array/ops.cc: Likewise.
* blitz/tinyvec.cc: Likewise.
* blitz/array/et.h: Added #include of blitz/array/misc.cc if not
using new expression templates.
* blitz/array-impl.h: Explicitly specify second template argument
for ListInitializationSwitch, rather than relying on the default
value.  This eliminates a compilation problem using the xlC
compiler.  Also removed #include of misc.cc, which is now handled
in blitz/array/et.h.
* blitz/tinymat.h: Likewise.
* blitz/tinyvec.h: Likewise.

2002-05-27  Julian Cummings  <cummings@tis-sa-ack.cacr.caltech.edu>
* blitz/array-impl.h: Removed use of this-> as means of accessing
members of templated base class.  Instead provided using
declarations for these members within the derived class
definitions to bring them into the scope of the derived class.
* blitz/array/slicing.cc: Likewise.
* blitz/array/eval.cc: Likewise.
* blitz/array/methods.cc: Likewise.
* blitz/array/storage.h: Likewise.
* blitz/array/stencil-et.h: Likewise.
* blitz/array/iter.h: Likewise.
* blitz/matrix.cc: Likewise.
* blitz/vector.cc: Likewise.
* blitz/memblock.h: Likewise.
* blitz/matrix.h: Likewise.
* blitz/vector.h: Likewise.

Fri May 24 10:25:23 CEST 2002 Patrick Guio <patrick.guio@fys.uio.no>
* INSTALL: added instruction for cvs repository installation in case a
problem should occur with the build system.
* configure.in: removed some unecessary check
* configure: regenerated with autoconf 2.53, automake 1.6.1, libtool 1.4.2
* every Makefile.in: likewise

Thu May 23 17:08:43 CEST 2002 Patrick Guio <patrick.guio@fys.uio.no>
* configure.in: added support for ranlib on SGI that failed and a few
other tests. The variable RANLIB is set to "ar ts" for SGI as well as for
* blitz/Makefile.am: added tinymatio.cc in the blitz_HEADERS variable
* configure: regenerated with autoconf 2.53, automake 1.6.1, libtool 1.4.2
* every Makefile.in: likewise

2002-05-22  Julian Cummings  <cummings@artemis.cacr.caltech.edu>
* blitz/array/eval.cc: Fixed bug in
Array::evaluateWithIndexTraversal1() by removing cast of second
argument to T_numtype in call to T_update::update().  This cast
will occur automatically when the update operation is performed.
This fixes a problem reported by Masahiro Tatsumi
<tatsumi@nfi.co.jp> in which one could not assign a double to an
Array of TinyVectors of double without explicitly constructing a
TinyVector of doubles on the right-hand side.  Also fixed an
unused variable warning emanating from the function
Array::evaluateWithFastTraversal() by moving the definition of
local variable "last" so that it is only seen if it is used.
* blitz/tinymatio.cc: new file (I/O operations for blitz TinyMatrix)
* blitz/tinymat.h: added #include of <blitz/tinymatio.cc>

Fri May 10 16:25:14 CEST 2002 Patrick Guio <patrick.guio@fys.uio.no>
* blitz/randref.h: private constructor for template class _bz_VecExprRandom
did not had an explicit initialiser for the private member random_, added
Compaq C++ V6.5-014 for Compaq Tru64 UNIX V5.1A (Rev. 1885) complained
about this.
* blitz/array/map.h: likewise for template class ArrayIndexMapping

Wed May  8 15:24:29 CEST 2002 Patrick Guio <patrick.guio@fys.uio.no>
* configure.in: regenerated by running the command autoupdate from
autoconf 2.53
* configure: regenerated by running the command autoreconf --force --install
with autoconf 2.53, automake 1.6.1, libtool 1.4.2
* COPYING: likewise
* Makefile.in: likewise
* benchmarks/Makefile.in: likewise
* bin/Makefile.in: likewise
* blitz/Makefile.in: likewise
* blitz/array/Makefile.in: likewise
* blitz/generate/Makefile.in: likewise
* blitz/meta/Makefile.in: likewise
* compiler/Makefile.in: likewise
* examples/Makefile.in: likewise
* lib/Makefile.in: likewise
* manual/Makefile.in: likewise
* manual/examples/Makefile.in: likewise
* manual/stencils/Makefile.in: likewise
* random/Makefile.in: likewise
* src/Makefile.in: likewise
* testsuite/Makefile.in: likewise
* aclocal.m4: likewise
* install-sh: likewise
* missing: likewise
* mkinstalldirs: likewise
* depcomp: new file generated by running autoreconf --force --install
with autoconf 2.53, automake 1.6.1, libtool 1.4.2
* config.guess: imported from automake 1.6.1
* config.sub: likewise
* benchmarks/Makefile.am: removed target 'compile' that caused trouble when
'make dist'
* benchmarks/Makefile.in: regenerated with automake
* examples/Makefile.am: removed targes 'compile' and 'all' that caused
trouble when 'make dist'
* examples/Makefile.in: regenerated with automake

Wed Apr 17 18:45:13 2002 Patrick Guio <patrick.guio@fys.uio.no>
* blitz/array/stencil-et.h: replaced T_numtype with P_numtype in
every macros definitions. Fixed a compilation problem with aCC/HP
in the stencils examples (stencils2.cpp, stencil3.cpp, stencilet.cpp)
in the directory examples.
Suggested by Robert W. Techentin <techentin.robert@mayo.edu>

Thu Mar 21 11:12:36 CET 2002 Patrick Guio <patrick.guio@fys.uio.no>
* examples/io.cpp: added #ifdef BZ_HAVE_STD for #include <fstream>
* examples/polymorph.cpp: corrected polymorph container declaration
Array<Material&,1> by Array<Material*,1>
* examples/prettyprint.cpp: removed unecessary #include <iostream.h>
* examples/rand2.cpp: likewise
* examples/rand2.cpp: added return 0; to function int main2()
* examples/tiny3.cpp: fixed typo #include <blitz/TinyMath.> into
#include <blitz/TinyMat.h>
* examples/Makefile.{am,in}: removed targets tiny2.cpp (no int main()),
tiny3.cpp (no int main()) and profile.cpp (requires tau profiling)
* array/stencil-et.h: replaced iter_ by this->iter_ in derived template
classes of StencilExpr template class

Thu Mar  7 09:06:58 CET 2002 Patrick Guio <patrick.guio@fys.uio.no>
* configure.in: f90 optimisation flag set to O3 for platform *hp-hpux*
* blitz/array/io.cc: cosmetic change
* blitz/traversal.h: moved
template<int N_dimensions>
_bz_typename TraversalOrderCollection<N_dimensions>::T_set
after the declaration of
template<int N_dimensions> class TraversalOrderCollection
* TODO: new file
* blitz/array/expr.h:
line 124
#if defined(BZ_NEW_EXPRESSION_TEMPLATES) && ! defined(__MWERKS__)
line 134 added
#if !defined(__MWERKS__)
as suggested by Xavier Warin <xavier.warin@der.edfgdf.fr>
for Metrowerks code warrior compiler
* random/mt.h: fixed use of STL iterator as suggested by
Julian Cummings <cummings@cacr.caltech.edu> and
Osamu Ogasawara <oogasawa@ims.u-tokyo.ac.jp>
* blitz/config-mwerks.h: new file, configuration file for Metrowerks code
warrior compiler proposed by Xavier Warin <xavier.warin@der.edfgdf.fr>
* INSTALL: updated with the new make targets
* Makefile.am (in each directory): fixed a bug for the target dist
* configure.in: added support for Intel icf (Fortran 90 compiler) when
target is *linux* and CXX is Intel icc
* benchmarks/Makefile: added work.pc* in clean target, these files are
generated when running Intel Fortran 90 compiler ifc
* benchmarks/plot_benchmarks.m.in: new file to generate m-file
benchmarks/plot_benchmarks.m to plot benchmarks results
* configure.in: added benchmarks/plot_benchmarks.m to be generated from
* configure.in: output correctly the available DEC (actually now Compaq:-)
* INSTALL: likewise

Wed Mar  6 11:41:32 CET 2002 Patrick Guio <patrick.guio@fys.uio.no>
* ChangeLog: new file
* testsuite/mattias-lindstroem-1: removed (executable)
* configure.in: updated with autoupdate (GNU autoconf) 2.49c, added support
for HP-UX aCC and Intel icc.
* aclocal.m4: renamed to acinclude.m4. It contains the *_BZ_* declarations
* acinclude.m4: new file generated by running aclocal (GNU automake) 1.4a
* Makefile.am (in each directory): new files (to generate a Makefile.in with
* bin/Makefile.in, blitz/Makefile.in, blitz/array/Makefile.in,
* blitz/generate/Makefile.in, blitz/meta/Makefile.in, lib/Makefile.in,
* manual/Makefile.in, manual/examples/Makefile.in,
* manual/stencils/Makefile.in, random/Makefile.in,: new files generated
from Makefile.am generated by running automake (GNU automake) 1.4a
* .cvsignore (in each directory): new files
* missing: new file generated when running the script autoconf -a -c -i
(GNU autoconf) 2.49c
* mkinstalldirs: likewise
* config.guess: updated from automake 1.4a
* config.sub: likewise
* GPL: renamed to COPYING according to GNU standard
* AUTHORS, COPYING, NEWS: new files to follow the GNU standard
* benchmarks/*f90.f: renamed to benchmarks/*f90.f90
* examples/complex.cpp: renamed to examples/complex-test.cpp
* testsuite/complex.cpp: renamed to testsuite/complex-test.cpp due to
interference with #include<complex>
* Makefile.in, aclocal.m4, configure, benchmarks/Makefile.in,
bin/Makefile.in, blitz/Makefile.in, blitz/array/Makefile.in,
blitz/generate/Makefile.in, blitz/meta/Makefile.in, compiler/Makefile.in,
demos/Makefile.in, examples/Makefile.in, lib/Makefile.in,
manual/Makefile.in, manual/examples/Makefile.in,
manual/stencils/Makefile.in, random/Makefile.in, src/Makefile.in,
testsuite/Makefile.in: regenerated files from Makefile.am generated by
running automake (GNU automake) 1.4a
* manual/examples/Makefile, manual/stencils/Makefile: removed, now generated
by configure
* CHANGELOG: renamed to ChangeLog.1
* manual/examples/*.out: renamed to manual/examples/*.log due to
interference with automake
* compiler/elabbase.cpp: bar() replaced by this->bar() in zowee() const for
ANSI C++ correctness (14.6.2(3) in the C++ Standard)
* src/globals.cpp: char* _blitz_id replaced by char _blitz_id[]
* random/uniform.h: irng_.random() replaced by this->irng_.random()
everywhere for ANSI C++ correctness (14.6.2(3) in the C++ Standard)
* random/discrete-uniform.h: likewise
* random/normal.h: getUniform() replaced by this->getUniform()
* blitz/array-impl.h:
data_ replaced by this->data_ everywhere,
changeToNullBlock() replaced by this->changeToNullBlock(),
class _bz_endTag replaced by struct _bz_endTag { } declaration
* blitz/array/resize.cc: for (d=0; d < N_rank; ++d) replaced by for (int
d=0; d < N_rank; ++d) (for scoping)
* blitz/array/iter.h:
data_ replaced by this->data_ in
template<class T, int N>
class ArrayIterator : public ConstArrayIterator<T,N> {},
removed struct _bz_endTag { }; declaration
* blitz/array/io.cc: added typename (_bz_typename) qualifier to the
iterator and const_iterator of Array<T_numtype,N_rank>
* blitz/ops.h: os replaced by str in the BitwiseNot template
* blitz/vector.h: data_ replaced by this->data_ everywhere
* blitz/array/slicing.cc: likewise
* blitz/array/eval.cc: likewise
* blitz/array/methods.cc: data_ replaced by this->data_ everywhere
numReferences() replaced by this->numReferences()
* blitz/vector.cc: data_ replaced by this->data_ everywhere,
numReferences() by this->numReferences()
* blitz/matrix.cc: data_ replaced by this->data_
* blitz/matrix.h: likewise everywhere
* blitz/promote.h: typename replaced by _bz_typename
* blitz/array/reduce.cc: TinyVector<int,rank> replaced by
* blitz/array/storage.h: in
template<int N_rank>
class FortranArray : public GeneralArrayStorage<N_rank> {} and
template<int N_rank>
class ColumnMajorArray : public GeneralArrayStorage<N_rank> {}
ordering_, ascendingFlag_, base_ replaced by this->ordering_,
this->ascendingFlag_, this->base_
noInitializeFlag() replaced by
* blitz/array/where.h: minmax::max(minmax::max(stride1,stride2),stride3)
replaced by
* blitz/transversal.cc, blitz/transversal.h: template declaration
template<int N_dimensions>
_bz_typename TraversalOrderCollection<N_dimensions>::T_set
in blitz/transversal.cc moved before template specialisation
class TraversalOrderCollection<0> {}
in blitz/transversal.h
* blitz/array/fastiter.h: for BZ_HAVE_STD only
#include <strstream> replaced by #include <sstream>
ostrstream ostr replaced by ostringstream ostr
* testsuite/matthias-troyer-1.cpp, testsuite/matthias-troyer-2.cpp:
removed unnecessary includes for iostream.h and complex.h
* examples/cfd.cpp: added #ifdef BZ_HAVE_STD for #include <fstream>
* examples/haney.cpp: likewise for #include<valarray>
* blitz/vecexpr.h: (re)inserted includes for vecbops, vecuops and vecbfn
in order to compile testsuite/tinyvec.cpp
* benchmarks/ct.cpp: removed (output of g++ -E)
* benchmarks/acou3db4.cpp: corrected typo in
#include <blitz/array/stencil.h>, should be
#include <blitz/array/stencils.h>
* benchmarks/acou3d.cpp: added #include <blitz/traversal.h> for call to
generateFastTraversalOrder function
* benchmarks/stencil.cpp: likewise
* blitz/memblock.h: in the constructor
MemoryBlock(size_t length, T_type* _bz_restrict data)
dataBlockAddress_ = data replaced by dataBlockAddress_ = 0
as it was before. (testsuite/extract does not crash then)
* testsuite/matthias-troyer-2.cpp: changed the statement
A = exp(c * (sqr(i-midpoint) + sqr(j-midpoint) + sqr(k-midpoint)));
A = zip( exp(c * (sqr(i-midpoint) + sqr(j-midpoint) + sqr(k-midpoint))),
0.0, complex<double>());
Still a problem with the complex stencil, right now the statement
applyStencil(kinEnergy(),A,B); is commented