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Flickcurl News

2007-02-XX  flickcurl 0.6
- Added API call flickcurl.licenses.getInfo:
  struct flickcurl_license,
  flickcurl_license** flickcurl_photos_licenses_getInfo(flickcurl *fc),
  command licenses-getInfo in flickcurl utility
- Added helper to look up one license by ID:
  flickcurl_license* flickcurl_photos_licenses_getInfo_by_id(flickcurl *fc, int id)
- Triplr updated to use the above to emit URIs instead of integers for dc:rights
- Added API call flickr.people.getInfo:
  enum flickcurl_person_field, struct flickcurl_person,
  const char* flickcurl_get_person_field_label(flickcurl_person_field field)
  flickcurl_person* flickcurl_people_getInfo(flickcurl* fc, const char* user_id)
  void flickcurl_free_person(flickcurl_person *person)
  and command person-getInfo in flickcurl utility

2007-02-04  flickcurl 0.5
- Added optional support for using Raptor (http://librdf.org/raptor)
  for more accurate and prettier serializing triples in triplr
- Released to the world!

2007-02-03  flickcurl 0.4
- Added triplr

2007-02-01  flickcurl 0.3
- Renamed all symbols to be flickcurl_*
- Added flickcurl_photo_as_source_uri() to get the image file URLs
  for a photo ID.
- Config file is now ~/.flickcurl.conf
- Packaging and licensing

2007-01-24  flickcurl 0.2
- Refactored to have separate flickcurl* object
- Methods: flickcurl_test_echo, flickcurl_auth_getFullToken,
- Test program has commands table and help, authentication

2007-01-21  flickcurl 0.1
- First version

Dave Beckett