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                                Flickcurl News

2007-02-20 Flickcurl 0.8

   Added flickcurl_init() and flickcurl_finish() to do once-per-process
   initializing and cleanup.

   Added more help info to triplr.

   Added a -d DELAY option to triplr and flickcurl to set delay between
   requests using new flickcurl_set_request_delay().

   Added API calls flickr.people.findByEmail and
  char* flickcurl_people_findByEmail(flickcurl* fc, const char* email);
  char* flickcurl_people_findByUsername(flickcurl* fc, const char* username);

   Added configure development/debugging options:
   --enable-capture to capture web service responses into XML files
   --enable-offline to use the XML files to return results when offline

   Split large api.c into auth-api.c, people-api.c, photos-api.c,
   photos-licenses-api.c and urls-api.c to match the API sections.

   Added method to set the minimum delay between web service requests:
void flickcurl_set_request_delay(flickcurl *fc, long delay_msec);

   The default is set to 1000ms = 1 request/second.

   Moved flickcurl utility code into flickcurl.c

   12% of API

2007-02-18 Flickcurl 0.7

   Added API calls returning contexts as a struct flickcurl_context*
   array and of type flickcurl_context_type

   Added API call flickr.groups.pool.getContext:
  flickcurl_context** flickcurl_groups_pools_getContext(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* photo_id, const char* group_id);

   Added API call flickr.photos.getAllContexts:
  flickcurl_context** flickcurl_photos_getAllContexts(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* photo_id);

   Added API call flickr.photos.getContext:
  flickcurl_context** flickcurl_photos_getContext(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* photo_id);

   Added API call flickr.photosets.getContext:
  flickcurl_context** flickcurl_photosets_getContext(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* photo_id, const char* photoset_id);

   Added struct flickcurl_context utility functions:
  const char* flickcurl_get_context_type_field_label(flickcurl_context_type typ
  void flickcurl_free_context(flickcurl_context *context);
  void flickcurl_free_contexts(flickcurl_context** contexts);

   Added new flickcurl utility commands for the new APIs:
   groups.pools.getContext photos.getAllContexts photos.getContext,

   10% of API

2007-02-11 Flickcurl 0.6

   Added API call flickcurl.licenses.getInfo: struct flickcurl_license
  flickcurl_license** flickcurl_photos_licenses_getInfo(flickcurl *fc);

   and command licenses.getInfo in flickcurl utility

   Added helper to look up one license by ID:
  flickcurl_license* flickcurl_photos_licenses_getInfo_by_id(flickcurl *fc, int

   Triplr updated to use the above to emit URIs instead of integers for

   Added API call flickr.people.getInfo: enum flickcurl_person_field,
   struct flickcurl_person
  const char* flickcurl_get_person_field_label(flickcurl_person_field field);
  flickcurl_person* flickcurl_people_getInfo(flickcurl* fc, const char* user_id
  void flickcurl_free_person(flickcurl_person *person);

   and command person.getInfo in flickcurl utility

   6% of API

2007-02-04 Flickcurl 0.5

   Added optional support for using [1]Raptor for more accurate and
   prettier serializing triples in triplr

   Released to the world!

   3% of API

2007-02-03 Flickcurl 0.4

   Added triplr utility.

   3% of API

2007-02-01 Flickcurl 0.3

   Renamed all symbols to be flickcurl_*

   Added flickcurl_photo_as_source_uri() to get the image file URLs for a
   photo ID.

   Configuration file for the utilities to record the authentication is
   now ~/.flickcurl.conf

   Packaging and licensing

   3% of API

2007-01-24 Flickcurl 0.2

   Refactored to have separate flickcurl* object

   API calls flickr.test.echo, flickr.auth.getFullToken and
   flickr.photos.getInfo with functions flickcurl_test_echo,
   flickcurl_auth_getFullToken, flickcurl_photos_getInfo

   Test program has commands table and help, authentication

   3% of API

2007-01-21 Flickcurl 0.1

   First version

   0% of API

   Copyright (C) 2007 [2]Dave Beckett


   1. http://librdf.org/raptor
   2. http://purl.org/net/dajobe/