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[1]Dave Beckett

2008-09-04 Flickcurl 1.6

   [2]"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood" and also "Everybody needs
   good [3]Neighbours".
   Added PHOTO_FIELD_location_neighbourhood,
   PHOTO_FIELD_neighbourhood_placeid, PHOTO_FIELD_neighbourhood_woeid,
   enum values making the American English spelling versions aliases for
   the British / Commonwealth English. Adjusted the XPaths to accept both
   spellings just in case Flickr changes this. The neighbourhood /
   neighborhood feature was [4]announced 2008-08-19.

   Added flickcurl_places_forUser() function for new API call
   [5]flickr.places.placesForUser to get the cluster of places for a user
   as [6]announced 2008-09-04.
  flickcurl_place** flickcurl_places_forUser(flickcurl* fc,
     flickcurl_place_type place_type, int woe_id, const char* place_id,
     int threshold);

   Added support for the (experimental) Photos List feed format parameter
   by the new feature of allowing any function that returns a Standard
   Photos Response to send the same optional result parameters, including
   format. This is done by adding new typedefs flickcurl_photos_list for
   the standard photos response and flickcurl_photos_list_params for the
   parameters. This allows for existing result parameters (page, per_page,
   extras) as well as the new new format parameter to be given optionally.
   The standard photos response format was [7]described 2008-08-19 and the
   experimental feeds format feature was [8]announced 2008-08-25.

   Added functions to return lists of photos with list results parameters
   based on existing functions without the _params suffix. The functions
   all take a flickcurl_photos_list_params to replace any existing extras,
   page and/or per_page parameters and return a new flickcurl_photos_list
   object on success.
  flickcurl_favorites_getList_params(flickcurl* fc, const char* user_id,
    flickcurl_photos_list_params* params);

  flickcurl_favorites_getPublicList_params(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* user_id, flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);

  flickcurl_groups_pools_getPhotos_params(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* group_id, const char* tags, const char* user_id,
    flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);
  flickcurl_interestingness_getList_params(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* date, flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);

  flickcurl_people_getPublicPhotos_params(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* user_id,  flickcurl_photos_list_params* params);

  flickcurl_photos_getContactsPhotos_params(flickcurl* fc,
    int contact_count, int just_friends, int single_photo,
    int include_self, flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);

  flickcurl_photos_getContactsPublicPhotos_params(flickcurl* fc,
    const char* user_id, int photo_count, int just_friends,
    int single_photo, int include_self,
    flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);

  flickcurl_photos_getNotInSet_params(flickcurl* fc,
    int min_upload_date, int max_upload_date, const char* min_taken_date,
    const char* max_taken_date, int privacy_filter,
    flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);

  flickcurl_photos_getRecent_params(flickcurl* fc,
    flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);

  flickcurl_photos_getUntagged_params(flickcurl* fc,
    int min_upload_date, int max_upload_date, const char* min_taken_date,
    const char* max_taken_date, int privacy_filter,
    flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);

  flickcurl_photos_getWithGeoData_params(flickcurl* fc,
    int min_upload_date, int max_upload_date, const char* min_taken_date,
    const char* max_taken_date, int privacy_filter,
    flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);

  flickcurl_photos_getWithoutGeoData_params(flickcurl* fc,
    int min_upload_date, int max_upload_date, const char* min_taken_date,
    const char* max_taken_date, int privacy_filter,
    flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);

  flickcurl_photos_recentlyUpdated_params(flickcurl* fc, int min_date,
    flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);

  flickcurl_photos_search_params(flickcurl* fc,
    flickcurl_search_params* params,
    flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);

  flickcurl_photosets_getPhotos_params(flickcurl* fc,
   const char* photoset_id, int privacy_filter,
   flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_params);

   Added int flickcurl_photos_list_params_init() to initialize a photos
   list parameter object and flickcurl_free_photos_list() to destroy a
   photos list object.
  int flickcurl_photos_list_params_init(flickcurl_photos_list_params* list_param
  void flickcurl_free_photos_list(flickcurl_photos_list* photos_list);

   Added a flickcurl_location to a flickcurl_place for the new
   flickcurl_places_forUser() function.

   Added flickcurl_get_feed_format_info() to get the names and
   descriptions of the current known feed 'format' parameter values, as
   usable by the '_params' functions mentioned above.
  int flickcurl_get_feed_format_info(int feed_format,
    const char** name_p, const char** label_p, const char** mime_type_p);

   Added flickcurl_get_extras_format_info() to get the names and
   descriptions of the current known 'extras' parameter values, as usable
   by the '_params' functions mentioned above.
  int flickcurl_get_extras_format_info(int extras_format,
    const char** name_p, const char** label_p);

   Added flickcurl_search_params_init() to initialize a search parameter
  int flickcurl_search_params_init(flickcurl_search_params* params);

   Fixed building contexts to not expect the number of contexts to be 3
   (!!) but allocate it based on the returned XML. Bug reported by Francis

   Fixed typo in the FOAF namespace - no trailing #

   Updated flickcurl(1) utility to help with authentication configuration.
   It now prints a help message on how to get authentication tokens set
   up, when there is no configuration file present and now accepts -a FROB
   as an entire command line to get the auth token from the web service
   via the mobile frob.

   Updated flickcurl(1) utility help message to explain list result
   parameters in more detail, enumerating the known format and extra
   values using the new flickcurl_get_extras_format_info() and
   flickcurl_get_feed_format_info() functions.

   All flickcurl(1) utility command options that accept booleans, now
   recognise "true", "false", "yes" and "no" values as well as the
   existing 'non-zero integer means true' form.

   Updated flickcurl(1) utility command photos.recentlyUpdated now
   enforces it's required parameter - min-date.

   Updated flickcurl(1) utility to understand raw format results and write
   them either to stdout (default) or a file, when called with -o FILE or
   --output FILE.

   Updated flickcurl(1) utility to add a -q / --quiet to be less verbose
   in its output. This option does not make informational requests
   generate no output!

   Improved error reporting when an API fails (returns non-200), an error
   message is called via the error handler (set by

2008-08-17 Flickcurl 1.5

   Added flickcurl_tags_getClusters() function for new API call
   [9]flickr.tags.getClusters as [10]announced 2008-07-17

   Added Tag Clusters API support including new typedefs
   flickcurl_tag_cluster and flickcurl_tag_clusters and destructor
  void flickcurl_free_tag_clusters(flickcurl_tag_clusters *tcs);

   Updated flickcurl(1) utility command to add new command
   tags.getClusters for calling the flickcurl_tags_getClusters() API.

   Updated photo search API structure flickcurl_search_params to add
   contacts, has_geo, lat, lon, radius and radius_units fields.

   Updated flickcurl_photos_search() to add support for new photos.search
   contacts, has_geo, lat, lon, radius and radius_units parameters. The
   lat, lon, radius and radius_units parameters were [11]announced

   Updated flickrdf utility to make it build without raptor available.

2008-06-24 Flickcurl 1.4

   Added video support.

   Updated flickcurl(1) utility to report video information when found.
   Document that photos.search can now take a media argument to search
   over photos, videos or both.

   Added a char* media type field to flickcurl_photo to allow detection of
   photos or videos by type, and in the case of type "video", provide
   extra video information in another new field flickcurl_video* video.

   Added new flickcurl_video structure for providing video-specific
   information such as duration and flickcurl_free_video() to free it.

   Added an API for turning photo description/metadata into RDF triples.
   Added new class flickcurl_serializer and factory
   flickcurl_serializer_factory for called to handle the results of
   serializing. Added new functions:
  flickcurl_serializer* flickcurl_new_serializer(flickcurl* fc,
    void* data, flickcurl_serializer_factory* factory);
  void flickcurl_free_serializer(flickcurl_serializer* serializer);
  int flickcurl_serialize_photo(flickcurl_serializer* frc,
    flickcurl_photo* photo);

   Updated all the namespaces used by the RDF serializer to use a
   different use of machinetags.org as follows:
    1. Public namespaces (existing schemas):
          + [12]Dublin Core: Prefix: dc URI:
            legacy namespace
          + [13]Dublin Core Terms: Prefix: dcterms URI:
            new namespace with predicates dc:creator dc:dateSubmitted
            dc:rights dc:modified dc:issued dc:created dc:description
          + [14]FOAF: Prefix: foaf URI: http://xmlns.com/foaf/0.1/
            with predicates foaf:maker foaf:name foaf:nick and classes
            foaf:Person foaf:Image
          + [15]Geo by W3C SWIG: Prefix: geo URI:
            with predicates geo:lat geo:long
          + [16]RDF Schema: Prefix: rdfs URI:
            with predicates rdfs:label
          + [17]RDF: Prefix: rdf URI:
            with predicates rdf:type
          + [18]XML Schema Datatypes: Prefix: xsd URI:
            with XSD datatypes xsd:boolean xsd:dateTime xsd:double
    2. Flickr terminology namespaces (no schema yet):
          + [19]Flickr API initially for video terms: Prefix: flickr URI:
            with predicates flickr:image flickr:video flickr:width
            flickr:height and classes flickr:Video
          + [20]Places API: Prefix: places URI:
            with predicates places:place places:type places:name places:id
            places:placeid places:url and class places:Place
    3. Machine Tag namespaces (no schema yet; prefix is the same as the
       machine tag prefix):
          + Bluetagging: Prefix: blue URI: http://machinetags.org/ns/Blue#
          + Celltagging: Prefix: cell URI: http://machinetags.org/ns/Cell#
          + [21]Dopplr: Prefix: dopplr URI:
          + [22]Filtr: Prefix: filtr URI: http://machinetags.org/ns/Filtr#
          + [23]Geonames: Prefix: geonames URI:
          + Ph: Prefix: ph URI: http://machinetags.org/ns/Ph#
          + [24]Upcoming: Prefix: upcoming URI:

   Updated flickrdf(1) to use new serialization API and to have less
   conditional code.

   Fixed argument parsing bugs for the flickcurl(1) utility commands
   photos.search and photos.upload - 1 argument was skipped for every
   argument found.

   flickcurl(1) utility commands photos.setContentType and
   photos.setSafetyLevel now accept both integer and label values.

   Added a -V / --verbose flag to the flickcurl(1) utility.

   Added helper functions for to/from labels for content type and safety
  const char* flickcurl_get_content_type_label(int content_type);
  int flickcurl_get_content_type_from_string(const char* content_type_string);
  const char* flickcurl_get_safety_level_label(int safety_level);
  int flickcurl_get_safety_level_from_string(const char* safety_level_string);

   Added 1 new Flickr API call for the preferences API added to the public
   API around 2008-03-24.
  int flickcurl_prefs_getGeoPerms(flickcurl* fc);

   Protect destructors from NULL args. In maintainer mode, a warning
   message and an abort happen.

   Note that the woeids can be used with the new [25]Yahoo! Geo API

2008-03-08 Flickcurl 1.3

   4 new Flickr API calls for updates to the new flickr.prefs APIs:
  int flickcurl_prefs_getContentType(flickcurl* fc);
  int flickcurl_prefs_getHidden(flickcurl* fc);
  int flickcurl_prefs_getPrivacy(flickcurl* fc);
  int flickcurl_prefs_getSafetyLevel(flickcurl* fc);

   Fixed flickcurl_photosets_create() to return properly on success. It
   used to do the creation correctly but failed to set up the XML XPath
   context so returned a failure response and error message even on

   Fixed flickcurl photosets.create command to take 3 args not 4.

   flickcurl help message was edited to use USER-NSID for NSIDs not
   USER-ID for user login IDs.

   Added documentation section on how to do Flickr authentication.

   Fixed example code and renamed it to examples/print-photo-info.c

   Portability fixes for time headers.

   Win32 and portability compilation fixes:
     * Add FLICKCURL_API macro for handling win32 declspec dllexport and
     * Added check for FLICKCURL_STATIC macro to compile without dll parts
     * Added FLICKCURL_INTERNAL define when compiling library
     * Added some casts to remove warnings

   Add portable gettimeofday() which does not exist on Win32 and may not
   exist on non-BSD systems.

   Added an implementation of the nanosleep() using either on win32:
   Sleep() or on unixes: sleep() and/or usleep().

   Added support for place woeid field and added new photo fields
   PHOTO_FIELD_location_woeid, PHOTO_FIELD_neighborhood_woeid,
   PHOTO_FIELD_locality_woeid, PHOTO_FIELD_county_woeid,
   PHOTO_FIELD_region_woeid and PHOTO_FIELD_country_woeid.

2008-01-28 Flickcurl 1.2

   Fixed "brown paper bag" issue. 1.1 could not be built as
   docs/flickcurl.1.in was missing from the tarball:
make[1]: *** No rule to make target `flickcurl.1.in', needed by `flickcurl.1'.

   Added configure search for nanosleep() in librt and libposix4 for
   building on Solaris.

2008-01-26 Flickcurl 1.1

   2 new Flickr API calls for updates to the places APIs:
  flickcurl_place** flickcurl_places_find(flickcurl* fc, const char* query);
  flickcurl_place* flickcurl_places_findByLatLon(flickcurl* fc, double lat,
                                                 double lon, int accuracy);

   Added type field to flickcurl_place structure for use by results from

   Added method to turn a place type label into an enum:
  flickcurl_place_type flickcurl_get_place_type_by_label(const char* place_label

   Added destructor function to free list of places
  void flickcurl_free_places(flickcurl_place **places_object);

   Source structure reorganised but it is building the same libraries and
   binaries and installing them in the same places.

   Added HTML documentation API reference manual documentation
   automatically generated from source code autodocs, via gtkdoc. 100% of
   the API functions and structures are documented.

   Made flickcurl manpage automatically be kept up to date with the
   command help from the utility itself.

   Fixed a crash with the upload command of flickcurl(1)

   Enforce minimum library versions in configure: libcurl minimum version
   7.10.0 from 2002. libxml minimum version 2.6.8 from 2004

2008-01-12 Flickcurl 1.0

   Now supports the entire Flickr API including the new Places API:
   searching, looking up by ID or URI, getting place IDs from photo

   12 new Flickr API calls supported (100.0% of API):
     * flickcurl_activity_userComments
  flickcurl_activity** flickcurl_activity_userComments(flickcurl* fc,
        int per_page, int page);

     * flickcurl_activity_userPhotos
  flickcurl_activity** flickcurl_activity_userPhotos(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* timeframe, int per_page, int page);

     * flickcurl_blogs_getList
  flickcurl_blog** flickcurl_blogs_getList(flickcurl* fc);

     * flickcurl_blogs_postPhoto
  int flickcurl_blogs_postPhoto(flickcurl* fc, const char* blog_id,
            const char* photo_id, const char* title, const char* description,
            const char* blog_password);

     * flickcurl_favorites_add
  int flickcurl_favorites_add(flickcurl* fc, const char* photo_id);

     * flickcurl_favorites_getList
  flickcurl_photo** flickcurl_favorites_getList(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* user_id, const char* extras, int per_page, int page);

     * flickcurl_favorites_getPublicList
  flickcurl_photo** flickcurl_favorites_getPublicList(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* user_id, const char* extras, int per_page, int page);

     * flickcurl_favorites_remove
  int flickcurl_favorites_remove(flickcurl* fc, const char* photo_id);

     * flickcurl_places_resolvePlaceId
  flickcurl_place* flickcurl_places_resolvePlaceId(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* place_id);

     * flickcurl_places_resolvePlaceURL
  flickcurl_place* flickcurl_places_resolvePlaceURL(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* url);

     * flickcurl_test_login
  char* flickcurl_test_login(flickcurl* fc);

     * flickcurl_test_null
  int flickcurl_test_null(flickcurl* fc);

   flickcurl utility updated to add all new functions.

   Added flickcurl_activity and flickcurl_activity_event for photo/comment

   Added flickcurl_blog for photo blogs.

   Added flickcurl_place for places.

   Added place_id to search parameters

   Added placeid fields to the flickcurl_photo_field_type enum and as new
   flickcurl_photo fields.

   Added destructor functions to free photosets, tickets, user status
   information and categories
  void flickcurl_free_activities(flickcurl_activity** activities);
  void flickcurl_free_blogs(flickcurl_blog **blogs_object);
  void flickcurl_free_place(flickcurl_place* place);

2007-12-22 Flickcurl 0.13

   20 new Flickr API calls supported (91.3% of API):
     * flickcurl_groups_browse
  flickcurl_category* flickcurl_groups_browse(flickcurl* fc, int cat_id);

     * flickcurl_groups_getInfo
  flickcurl_group* flickcurl_groups_getInfo(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* group_id, const char* lang);

     * flickcurl_groups_search
  flickcurl_group** flickcurl_groups_search(flickcurl* fc, const char* text,
        int per_page, int page);

     * flickcurl_interestingness_getList
  flickcurl_photo** flickcurl_interestingness_getList(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* date, const char* extras, int per_page, int page);

     * flickcurl_people_getPublicGroups
  flickcurl_group** flickcurl_people_getPublicGroups(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* user_id);

     * flickcurl_people_getUploadStatus
  flickcurl_user_upload_status* flickcurl_people_getUploadStatus(flickcurl* fc);

     * flickcurl_photos_getCounts
  int** flickcurl_photos_getCounts(flickcurl* fc, const char** dates_array,
        const char** taken_dates_array);

     * flickcurl_photos_getSizes
  flickcurl_size** flickcurl_photos_getSizes(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* photo_id);

     * flickcurl_photos_transform_rotate
  int flickcurl_photos_transform_rotate(flickcurl* fc, const char* photo_id,
        int degrees);

     * flickcurl_photos_upload_checkTickets
  flickcurl_ticket** flickcurl_photos_upload_checkTickets(flickcurl* fc,
        const char** tickets_ids);

     * flickcurl_photosets_addPhoto
  int flickcurl_photosets_addPhoto(flickcurl* fc, const char* photoset_id,
        const char* photo_id);

     * flickcurl_photosets_create
  char* flickcurl_photosets_create(flickcurl* fc, const char* title,
        const char* description, const char* primary_photo_id,
        char** photoset_url_p);

     * flickcurl_photosets_delete
  int flickcurl_photosets_delete(flickcurl* fc, const char* photoset_id);

     * flickcurl_photosets_editMeta
  int flickcurl_photosets_editMeta(flickcurl* fc, const char* photoset_id,
        const char* title, const char* description);

     * flickcurl_photosets_editPhotos
  int flickcurl_photosets_editPhotos(flickcurl* fc, const char* photoset_id,
        const char* primary_photo_id, const char** photo_ids_array);

     * flickcurl_photosets_getInfo
  flickcurl_photoset* flickcurl_photosets_getInfo(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* photoset_id);

     * flickcurl_photosets_getList
  flickcurl_photoset** flickcurl_photosets_getList(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* user_id);

     * flickcurl_photosets_getPhotos
  flickcurl_photo** flickcurl_photosets_getPhotos(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* photoset_id, const char* extras, int privacy_filter,
        int per_page, int page);

     * flickcurl_photosets_orderSets
  int flickcurl_photosets_orderSets(flickcurl* fc,
        const char** photoset_ids_array);

     * flickcurl_photosets_removePhoto
  int flickcurl_photosets_removePhoto(flickcurl* fc, const char* photoset_id,
        const char* photo_id);

   flickcurl utility updated to add all new functions.

   Added flickcurl_category for categories of groups.

   Added flickcurl_photoset for photosets.

   Added flickcurl_size for returning image sizes.

   Added flickcurl_ticket for returning asynchronous upload tickets.

   Added flickcurl_user_upload_status for returning details on a user's
   upload status.

   Added destructor functions to free photosets, tickets, user status
   information and categories
  void flickcurl_free_photoset(flickcurl_photoset *photoset);
  void flickcurl_free_photosets(flickcurl_photoset **photosets_object);
  void flickcurl_free_ticket(flickcurl_ticket *ticket);
  void flickcurl_free_tickets(flickcurl_ticket **tickets_object);
  void flickcurl_free_user_upload_status(flickcurl_user_upload_status *u);
  void flickcurl_free_category(flickcurl_category *category);
  void flickcurl_free_categories(flickcurl_category **categories_object);

   Added utility functions:
  char* flickcurl_array_join(const char *array[], char delim);
  char** flickcurl_array_split(const char *str, char delim);
  void flickcurl_array_free(char *array[]);

2007-08-11 Flickcurl 0.12

   23 new Flickr API calls supported (72.1% of API):
     * flickcurl_groups_pools_add
  int flickcurl_groups_pools_add(flickcurl* fc, const char* photo_id,
        const char* group_id);

     * flickcurl_groups_pools_getGroups
  flickcurl_group** flickcurl_groups_pools_getGroups(flickcurl* fc,
        int page, int per_page);

     * flickcurl_groups_pools_getPhotos
  flickcurl_photo** flickcurl_groups_pools_getPhotos(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* group_id, const char* tags, const char* user_id,
        const char* extras, int per_page, int page);

     * flickcurl_groups_pools_remove
  int flickcurl_groups_pools_remove(flickcurl* fc, const char* photo_id,
        const char* group_id);

     * flickcurl_people_getPublicPhotos
  flickcurl_photo** flickcurl_people_getPublicPhotos(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* user_id,  const char* extras, int per_page, int page);

     * flickcurl_photos_getContactsPublicPhotos
  flickcurl_photo** flickcurl_photos_getContactsPublicPhotos(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* user_id, int count, int just_friends,
        int single_photo, int include_self, const char* extras);

     * flickcurl_photos_getExif
  flickcurl_exif** flickcurl_photos_getExif(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* photo_id, const char* secret);

     * flickcurl_photos_getFavorites
  flickcurl_person** flickcurl_photos_getFavorites(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* photo_id, int page, int per_page);

     * flickcurl_photos_getNotInSet
  flickcurl_photo** flickcurl_photos_getNotInSet(flickcurl* fc,
        int min_upload_date, int max_upload_date,
        const char* min_taken_date, const char* max_taken_date,
        int privacy_filter, const char* extras, int per_page, int page);

     * flickcurl_photos_getRecent
  flickcurl_photo** flickcurl_photos_getRecent(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* extras, int per_page, int page);

     * flickcurl_photos_getUntagged
  flickcurl_photo** flickcurl_photos_getUntagged(flickcurl* fc,
        int min_upload_date, int max_upload_date,
        const char* min_taken_date, const char* max_taken_date,
        int privacy_filter, const char* extras, int per_page, int page);

     * flickcurl_photos_getWithGeoData
  flickcurl_photo** flickcurl_photos_getWithGeoData(flickcurl* fc,
        int min_upload_date, int max_upload_date,
        const char* min_taken_date, const char* max_taken_date,
        int privacy_filter, const char* extras, int per_page, int page);

     * flickcurl_photos_getWithoutGeoData
  flickcurl_photo** flickcurl_photos_getWithoutGeoData(flickcurl* fc,
        int min_upload_date, int max_upload_date,
        const char* min_taken_date, const char* max_taken_date,
        int privacy_filter, const char* extras, int per_page, int page);

     * flickcurl_photos_recentlyUpdated
  flickcurl_photo** flickcurl_photos_recentlyUpdated(flickcurl* fc,
        int min_date, const char* extras, int per_page, int page);

     * flickcurl_photos_geo_getLocation
  flickcurl_location* flickcurl_photos_geo_getLocation(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* photo_id);

     * flickcurl_photos_geo_getPerms
  flickcurl_perms* flickcurl_photos_geo_getPerms(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* photo_id);

     * flickcurl_photos_geo_removeLocation
  int flickcurl_photos_geo_removeLocation(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* photo_id);

     * flickcurl_photos_geo_setLocation
  int flickcurl_photos_geo_setLocation(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* photo_id, flickcurl_location* location);

     * flickcurl_photos_geo_setPerms
  int flickcurl_photos_geo_setPerms(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* photo_id, flickcurl_perms* perms);

     * flickcurl_photos_licenses_setLicense
  int flickcurl_photos_licenses_setLicense(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* photo_id, int license_id);

     * flickcurl_photos_notes_add
  char* flickcurl_photos_notes_add(flickcurl* fc, const char* photo_id,
        int note_x, int note_y, int note_w, int note_h,
        const char* note_text);

     * flickcurl_photos_notes_delete
  int flickcurl_photos_notes_delete(flickcurl* fc, const char* note_id);

     * flickcurl_photos_notes_edit
  int flickcurl_photos_notes_edit(flickcurl* fc, const char* note_id,
        int note_x, int note_y, int note_w, int note_h,
        const char* note_text);

   flickcurl utility updated to add all new functions.

   Added flickcurl_exif for flickcurl_photos_getExif

   Added flickcurl_group for the groups functions
   flickcurl_groups_pools_add, flickcurl_groups_pools_getGroups,
   flickcurl_groups_pools_getPhotos and flickcurl_groups_pools_remove

   Added photos field PERSON_FIELD_favedate as returned by

   Added destructor functions to free persons lists, exif, exifs list,
   group and groups list.
  void flickcurl_free_persons(flickcurl_person** persons);
  void flickcurl_free_exif(flickcurl_exif *exif);
  void flickcurl_free_exifs(flickcurl_exif **exifs_object);
  void flickcurl_free_group(flickcurl_group *group);
  void flickcurl_free_groups(flickcurl_group **groups_object);

2007-08-03 Flickcurl 0.11

   10 new Flickr API calls supported (50% of API):
     * flickr.contacts.getList:
  flickcurl_contact** flickcurl_contacts_getList(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* filter, int page, int per_page);

     * flickr.contacts.getPublicList:
  flickcurl_contact** flickcurl_contacts_getPublicList(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* user_id, int page, int per_page);

     * flickr.photos.getContactsPhotos:
  flickcurl_photo** flickcurl_photos_getContactsPhotos(flickcurl* fc,
        int contact_count, int just_friends, int single_photo,
        int include_self, const char* extras);

     * flickr.photos.getPerms:
  flickcurl_perms* flickcurl_photos_getPerms(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* photo_id);

     * flickr.photos.search:
  flickcurl_photo** flickcurl_photos_search(flickcurl* fc,
        flickcurl_search_params* params);

     * flickr.photos.setContentType:
  int flickcurl_photos_setContentType(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* photo_id, int content_type);

     * flickr.photos.setDates:
  int flickcurl_photos_setDates(flickcurl* fc, const char* photo_id,
        int date_posted, int date_taken, int date_taken_granularity);

     * flickr.photos.setMeta:
  int flickcurl_photos_setMeta(flickcurl* fc, const char* photo_id,
        const char* title, const char* description);

     * flickr.photos.setPerms:
  int flickcurl_photos_setPerms(flickcurl* fc, const char* photo_id,
        flickcurl_perms* perms);

     * flickr.photos.setSafetyLevel:
  int flickcurl_photos_setSafetyLevel(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* photo_id, int safety_level, int hidden);

   flickcurl utility updated to add all new functions.

   Added flickcurl_search_params structure for flickcurl_photos_search().

   Added flickcurl_perms for the flickcurl_photos_getPerms() and
   flickcurl_photos_setPerms() functions.

   Added flickcurl_contact structure for flickcurl_contacts_getList() and
   flickcurl_contacts_getPublicList() functions.

   Added flickcurl_upload_params structure and added new upload function
   flickcurl_photos_upload_params() to use it, deprecating
   flickcurl_photos_upload() with the long list of parameters.

   Added destructor functions to free a photos list, perms contacts and
   upload status.
  void flickcurl_free_photos(flickcurl_photo** photos);
  void flickcurl_free_perms(flickcurl_perms *perms);
  void flickcurl_free_contact(flickcurl_contact *contact_object);
  void flickcurl_free_contacts(flickcurl_contact **contacts_object);
  void flickcurl_free_upload_status(flickcurl_upload_status* status);

   Deprecated wrongly named function flickcurl_free_upload_status(),
   replaced by
  void flickcurl_upload_status_free(flickcurl_upload_status* status);

2007-04-16 Flickcurl 0.10

   13 new Flickr API calls supported (40.8% of API):
     * flickcurl_photos_comments_addComment: Add comment to a photo as the
       currently authenticated user.
  char* flickcurl_photos_comments_addComment(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* photo_id, const char* comment_text);

     * flickcurl_photos_comments_deleteComment: Delete a comment as the
       currently authenticated user.
  int flickcurl_photos_comments_deleteComment(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* comment_id);

     * flickcurl_photos_comments_editComment: Edit the text of a comment
       as the currently authenticated user.
  int flickcurl_photos_comments_editComment(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* comment_id, const char* comment_text);

     * flickcurl_photos_comments_getList: Returns the comments for a
  flickcurl_comment** flickcurl_photos_comments_getList(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* photo_id);

     * flickcurl_photosets_comments_addComment: Add a comment to a
  char* flickcurl_photosets_comments_addComment(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* photoset_id, const char* comment_text);

     * flickcurl_photosets_comments_deleteComment: Delete a photoset
       comment as the currently authenticated user.
  int flickcurl_photosets_comments_deleteComment(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* comment_id);

     * flickcurl_photosets_comments_editComment: Edit the text of a
       comment as the currently authenticated user.
  int flickcurl_photosets_comments_editComment(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* comment_id, const char* comment_text);

     * flickcurl_photosets_comments_getList: Returns the comments for a
  flickcurl_comment** flickcurl_photosets_comments_getList(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* photoset_id);

     * flickcurl_reflection_getMethods: Get the list of available API
       method names.
  char** flickcurl_reflection_getMethods(flickcurl* fc);

     * flickcurl_reflection_getMethodInfo: Get information about an API
  flickcurl_method* flickcurl_reflection_getMethodInfo(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* name);

   flickcurl utility updated to add all new functions.

   Added all uploading and replacing of photos APIs. and
   flickcurl_upload_status structure for upload results.

   Added all photo comments APIs and flickcurl_comment structure for

   Added support for uploading with POST and form-data. Yay libcurl.

   Added codegen utility to aid writing skeleton API code.

   Added all reflection APIs and flickcurl_method and flickcurl_arg
   structures for method descriptions.

   Added photo location fields: neighborhood, locality, region and
   country. They may not be returned in the API just yet, they were
   announced and then removed.

   Renamed the "Flickr to RDF app" to be called flickrdf since I used
   [26]Triplr for something else as it was such a good name.

2007-02-25 Flickcurl 0.9

   17 new Flickr API calls supported (28.2% of API):
     * flickr.auth.checkToken: Get the credentials attached to an
       authentication TOKEN.
  char* flickcurl_auth_checkToken(flickcurl* fc, const char* token);

     * flickr.auth.getFrob: Get a frob to be used during authentication.
  char* flickcurl_auth_getFrob(flickcurl* fc);

     * flickr.auth.getToken: Get the auth token for the FROB, if one has
       been attached.
  char* flickcurl_auth_getToken(flickcurl* fc, const char* frob);

     * flickr.photos.addTags: Add TAGS to a PHOTO-ID.
  int flickcurl_photos_addTags(flickcurl* fc, const char* photo_id,
        const char* tags);

     * flickr.photos.delete: Delete a PHOTO-ID.
  int flickcurl_photos_delete(flickcurl* fc, const char* photo_id);

     * flickr.photos.removeTag: Remove a tag TAG-ID from a photo.
  int flickcurl_photos_removeTag(flickcurl* fc, const char* tag_id);

     * flick.photos.setTags: Set the tags for a PHOTO-ID to TAGS.
  int flickcurl_photos_setTags(flickcurl* fc, const char* photo_id,
        const char* tags);

     * flickr.tags.getHotList: Get the list of hot tags for the given
       PERIOD (day, week).
  flickcurl_tag** flickcurl_tags_getHotList(flickcurl* fc, const char* period,
        int tag_count);

     * flickr.tags.getListPhoto: Get the tag list for a PHOTO-ID.
  flickcurl_tag** flickcurl_tags_getListPhoto(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* photo_id);

     * flickr.tags.getListUser: Get the tag list for a USER-ID (or current
  flickcurl_tag** flickcurl_tags_getListUser(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* user_id);

     * flickr.tags.getListUserPopular: Get the popular tag list for a
       USER-ID (or current user).
  flickcurl_tag** flickcurl_tags_getListUserPopular(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* user_id, int pop_count);

     * flickr.tags.getListUserRaw: Get the raw versions of a TAG (or all
       tags) for the current user.
  flickcurl_tag** flickcurl_tags_getListUserRaw(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* tag);

     * flickr.tags.getRelated: Get a list of tags 'related' to TAG based
       on clustered usage analysis.
  flickcurl_tag** flickcurl_tags_getRelated(flickcurl* fc, const char* tag);

     * flickr.urls.getGroup: Get the url of the group page for GROUP-ID.
  char* flickcurl_urls_getGroup(flickcurl* fc, const char* group_id);

     * flickr.urls.getUserPhotos: Get the url of the photo page for
  char* flickcurl_urls_getUserPhotos(flickcurl* fc, const char* user_id);

     * flickr.urls.getUserProfile: Get the url of the profile page for
  char* flickcurl_urls_getUserProfile(flickcurl* fc, const char* user_id);

     * flickr.urls.lookupGroup: Get a group NSID from the URL to a group's
       page or photo pool.
  char* flickcurl_urls_lookupGroup(flickcurl* fc, const char* url);

   Renamed enum flickcurl_photo_field to flickcurl_photo_field_type and
   added flickcurl_photo_field as the photo field structure.

   Added authorname and count fields to the flickcurl_tag structure to
   handle tag methods that return counts.

   Added enum flickcurl_person_field_type value PERSON_FIELD_photos_views
   with value integer, not in API docs.

   flickcurl_person_field structure for fields of flickcurl_person.

   Added flickcurl* method to indicate that an API call must be signed,
   even if no authentication token has been given. This is mostly for
   internals of authentication.
  void flickcurl_set_sign(flickcurl *fc)

   Added flickcurl* method to do a write request with POST. Not presently
  void flickcurl_set_write(flickcurl *fc, int is_write);

   Added flickcurl methods to set data to send in a request:
  /* send binary data */
  void flickcurl_set_data(flickcurl *fc, void* data, size_t data_length);

  /* send XML serialized from the document DOM */
  void flickcurl_set_xml_data(flickcurl *fc, xmlDocPtr doc);

2007-02-20 Flickcurl 0.8

   Added flickcurl_init() and flickcurl_finish() to do once-per-process
   initializing and cleanup.

   Added more help info to flickrdf.

   Added a -d DELAY option to flickrdf and flickcurl to set delay between
   requests using new flickcurl_set_request_delay().

   Added 2 new Flickr API calls (12% of API):
     * flickr.people.findByEmail:
  char* flickcurl_people_findByEmail(flickcurl* fc, const char* email);

     * flickr.people.findByUsername:
  char* flickcurl_people_findByUsername(flickcurl* fc, const char* username);

   Added configure development/debugging options:
   --enable-capture to capture web service responses into XML files
   --enable-offline to use the XML files to return results when offline

   Split large api.c into auth-api.c, people-api.c, photos-api.c,
   photos-licenses-api.c and urls-api.c to match the API sections.

   Added method to set the minimum delay between web service requests:
void flickcurl_set_request_delay(flickcurl *fc, long delay_msec);

   The default is set to 1000ms = 1 request/second.

   Moved flickcurl utility code into flickcurl.c

2007-02-18 Flickcurl 0.7

   Added API calls returning contexts as a struct flickcurl_context* array
   and of type flickcurl_context_type

   Added 4 Flickr API calls (10% of API):
     * flickr.groups.pool.getContext:
  flickcurl_context** flickcurl_groups_pools_getContext(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* photo_id, const char* group_id);

     * flickr.photos.getAllContexts:
  flickcurl_context** flickcurl_photos_getAllContexts(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* photo_id);

     * flickr.photos.getContext:
  flickcurl_context** flickcurl_photos_getContext(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* photo_id);

     * flickr.photosets.getContext:
  flickcurl_context** flickcurl_photosets_getContext(flickcurl* fc,
        const char* photo_id, const char* photoset_id);

   Added struct flickcurl_context utility functions:
  const char* flickcurl_get_context_type_field_label(flickcurl_context_type type
  void flickcurl_free_context(flickcurl_context *context);
  void flickcurl_free_contexts(flickcurl_context** contexts);

   Added new flickcurl utility commands for the new APIs:
   groups.pools.getContext photos.getAllContexts photos.getContext,

2007-02-11 Flickcurl 0.6

   Added API call flickcurl.licenses.getInfo: struct flickcurl_license
  flickcurl_license** flickcurl_photos_licenses_getInfo(flickcurl *fc);

   and command licenses.getInfo in flickcurl utility

   Added helper to look up one license by ID:
  flickcurl_license* flickcurl_photos_licenses_getInfo_by_id(flickcurl *fc, int

   Flickrdf updated to use the above to emit URIs instead of integers for

   Added API call flickr.people.getInfo: enum flickcurl_person_field,
   struct flickcurl_person
  const char* flickcurl_get_person_field_label(flickcurl_person_field field);
  flickcurl_person* flickcurl_people_getInfo(flickcurl* fc, const char* user_id)
  void flickcurl_free_person(flickcurl_person *person);

   and command person.getInfo in flickcurl utility

   6% of API

2007-02-04 Flickcurl 0.5

   Added optional support for using [27]Raptor for more accurate and
   prettier serializing triples in flickrdf

   Released to the world!

   3% of API

2007-02-03 Flickcurl 0.4

   Added flickrdf utility.

   3% of API

2007-02-01 Flickcurl 0.3

   Renamed all symbols to be flickcurl_*

   Added flickcurl_photo_as_source_uri() to get the image file URLs for a
   photo ID.

   Configuration file for the utilities to record the authentication is
   now ~/.flickcurl.conf

   Packaging and licensing

   3% of API

2007-01-24 Flickcurl 0.2

   Refactored to have separate flickcurl* object

   API calls flickr.test.echo, flickr.auth.getFullToken and
   flickr.photos.getInfo with functions flickcurl_test_echo,
   flickcurl_auth_getFullToken, flickcurl_photos_getInfo

   Test program has commands table and help, authentication

   3% of API

2007-01-21 Flickcurl 0.1

   First version

   0% of API

   Copyright (C) 2007-2008 [28]Dave Beckett


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