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Alt-N DKIM Open Source Project
Copyright 2008 Alt-N Technologies, Ltd.

This code incorporates intellectual property owned by Yahoo! and licensed
pursuant to the Yahoo! DomainKeys Patent License Agreement.

By making, using, selling, offering for sale, importing, and/or sublicensing
Implementations as permitted, you agree to the terms and conditions of the
Yahoo! DomainKeys Patent License Agreement or other agreement contained herein.

  o updated verifier to latest draft of DKIM ADSP
  o fixed some error codes overlapping success codes
  o added signature and identity domain information to
    DKIMVerifyDetails structure

1.0.20 Aug 26, 2008
  o verifier by default requires all From headers in the
    message to be signed

1.0.19 May 12, 2008
  o fix to trailing lines of whitespace not being ignored
    with relaxed body canonicalization

1.0.18 January 9, 2008
  o fix to incorrect body hashes for empty bodies
  o fix to verification error for signatures with whitespace
    around the b= value
  o more fixes to verification errors with whitespace between
    the header name and :

1.0.17 October 29, 2007
  o verifier fully supports g= value wildcard matching
  o fix to verifier not canonicalizing message headers that
    had whitespace between the header name and :
  o fix to verifier not validating t= value or comparing it
    to the x= value
  o fix to verifier accepting blank values for l= and x=

1.0.16 August 22, 2007
  o supports SSP (Sender Signing Practices) draft 00
  o added verifier option to save canonicalized message data

1.0.15 May 30, 2007
  o fix to DKIM_FAIL being returned for messages with
    invalid signatures

1.0.14 April 24, 2007
  o updated to final publication of DKIM (version 1)
  o fix to buffer overflow parsing malformed From headers

1.0.13 February 22, 2007
  o by default, verifier requires subject header to be signed
  o added visual studio 2005 project files
  o changed q=dns to q=dns/txt in signer
  o fixed hash for empty body

1.0.12 August 31, 2006
  o added verification option to not check the sender's policy
    (the default is to not check)

1.0.11 July 25, 2006
  o updated to 04 draft

1.0.10 February 21, 2006
  o added sha-256 hashing capability. Can sign with either
    sha-1, sha-256, or both. Either type can be verified.
    This version requires OpenSSL 0.9.8a

1.0.9 November 22, 2005
  o update to 01 draft

1.0.8 July 28, 2005
  o fix to verifier requesting policy records from the wrong
  o the policy is no longer checked if the From domain is a
    subdomain of any of the successful signing domains

1.0.7 July 21, 2005
  o added option to honor/ignore body length tags when verifying
    default is to ignore

1.0.6 July 14, 2005
  o initial release

This library implements DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail).  The
internet drafts are available here:


Build Instructions

You must have OpenSSL installed and built.


For Win32,
  - Edit the make file Makefile.vc and set the OpenSSL include and lib
  - Run "nmake /f Makefile.vc"

For Unix,
  - Run "make"


See libdkimtest.cpp for an example of how to call the library.