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libexif-0.6.21 (2012-07-12):
  * New translations: en_AU, uk
  * Updated translations: cs, da, de, en_CA, nl, pl, sk, sv, vi
  * Added more supported lens in Canon MakerNote
  * Added some defensive NULL pointer checks
  * Fixed a number of security and stability issues due to buffer overflows,
    bad pointer dereferences and division-by-zero including bug #3434540
    and bug #3434545 (CVE-2012-2812, CVE-2012-2813, CVE-2012-2814,
    CVE-2012-2836, CVE-2012-2837, CVE-2012-2840, CVE-2012-2841,

libexif-0.6.20 (2010-12-15):
  * New translations: bs, tr
  * Updated translations: be, cs, da, de, en_GB, en_CA, it, ja, nl, pl, pt_BR,
    pt, ru, sk, sq, sr, sv, vi, zh_CN
  * Fixed some problems in the write-exif.c example program
  * Stop listing -lm as a required library for dynamic linking in libexif.pc
  * Turned on the --enable-silent-rules configure option
  * Changed a lot of strings to make the case of the text more consistent
  * exif_entry_dump() now displays the correct tag name for GPS tags
  * Fixed some invalid format specifiers that caused problems on some platforms
  * Display rational numbers with the right number of significant figures

libexif-0.6.19 (2009-11-12):
  * New translations: be, en_GB, it, ja, pt, sq, zh_CN
  * Updated translations: da, sv, vi
  * Now using a binary search to make searching through the tag table faster
  * Fixed a heap buffer overflow during tag format conversion (CVE-2009-3895)

libexif-0.6.18 (2009-10-09):
  * New translations: da, pt_BR, sr
  * Updated translations: cs, de, en_CA, nl, pl, sk, sv, vi
  * Added some example programs
  * libexif is now thread safe when the underlying C library is thread safe
    and when each object allocated by libexif isn't used by more than one
    thread simultaneously
  * Expanded the Doxygen API documentation
  * Access to the raw EXIF data through the ExifEntry structure members is
    now officially documented
  * Fixed some Olympus/Sanyo MakerNote interpretations
  * Added support for Epson MakerNotes
  * Fixed bug #1946138 to stop ignoring CFLAGS in the sqrt configure test
  * Added remaining GPS tags from the EXIF 2.2 spec to the tag table
  * Fixed the interpretation of some tags as being optional in IFD 1
    (to match the EXIF 2.2 spec) which stops them from being erroneously
    removed from a file when EXIF_DATA_OPTION_IGNORE_UNKNOWN_TAGS is set
  * Changed exif_tag_get_support_level_in_ifd() to return a value when possible
    when the data type for the given EXIF data is unknown. This will cause
    tags to be added or deleted when tag fixup is requested even, without a
    data type being set.
  * Added support for writing Pentax and Casio type2 MakerNotes
  * Improved display of Pentax and Casio type2 MakerNotes
  * Completely fixed bug #1617997 to display APEX values correctly
  * Stopped some crashes due to read-beyond-buffer accesses in MakerNotes
  * Don't abort MakerNote parsing after the first invalid tag
  * Sped up exif_content_fix()
  * Fixed negative exposure values in Canon makernotes (bug #2797280)
  * New API entry point: exif_loader_get_buf()

libexif-0.6.17 (2008-11-06):
  * Updated translations: cs, de, pl, sk, vi
  * New translations: nl, sv, en_CA
  * Bug fixes: #1773810, #1774626, #1536244, CVE-2007-6351, CVE-2007-6352,
    #2071600 and others
  * Enhanced support of Canon and Olympus makernotes
  * Added support for Fuji and Sanyo makernotes
  * Added support for the NO_VERBOSE_TAG_STRINGS and NO_VERBOSE_TAG_DATA
    macros to reduce size for embedded applications
  * Added support for more tags

libexif-0.6.16 (2007-06-12):
  * Security fix: CVE-2006-4168 aka IDEF1514.
  * Updated translations: cz, pl, vi

New in 0.6.15 (2007-05-23) since 0.6.14 (2007-05-10):

  * Added support for 2 new types of Pentax makernotes & Casio type2 makernote

  * Added support for Win XP metadata (Author, Comment, KeyWords, Title,
    Subject) tags

  * Bug fixes:
    [ 1443183 ] install error when doxygen is not present.

  * New translations: Czech, Slovak.

  * Improved doxygen generated API and code internals
    documentation. Made building of code internals docs optional
    (--enable-internal-docs) as the call graphs take quite long to
    build. Made building any docs optional (--disable-docs).

New in 0.6.14 (2007-05-10) since 0.6.13 (2005-12-27):

  * Bug fixes: #1457501, #1471060, #1525770, #1617991, #1703284, #1716196

  * Extended support of Canon, Nikon, Olympus makernotes

    modification of maker notes

  * Other fixes and improvements which include API/ABI additions.

New in 0.6.13 (2005-12-27) since 0.6.12 (2005-03-13):

  * Bug fixes: #803191, #1051994, #1054321, #1054323, #1196787
  * For pkg-config users, force usage of #include <libexif/exif-*.h>
    (disable #include <exif-.h>)

  * Updated German translation

  * Build system tuning

  * Misc changes:
    Fix COPYRIGHT tag, fix memory corruption, use qsort.

New in 0.6.12 (2005-03-13) since 0.6.11 (2004-10-16):

  * Final fix of Ubuntu Security Notice USN-91-1 (CAN-2005-0664)

  * Updated build system with cross compile capabilities

  * Small fixes:
    Fix tag order, use even offsets, improve Nikon&Olympus mnote tags.

New in 0.6.11 (2004-10-16) since 0.6.10 (2004-08-27):

  * Improved tag names, titles, and descriptions.

  * Bug fixes for memory leaks, format strings, month one off, ...

  * Support for Watcom compiler (requires manual copying of files)

New in 0.6.10 (2004-08-27) since 0.5.9 (2002-12-11):

  * New tags suppored, and added a few more checks.

  * API changes

  * libmnote has been merged back into libexif

General remarks:

  * This file contains changes visible to users.

  * Small bug fixes (typos, memory leaks, ...) and feature
    enhancements (new tag types, ...) are not mentioned

  * Apart from that, I would like to ask committers to update this
    file when they commit "big" user visible changes.

  * If someone wants to reconstruct past changes and log them here,
    you're welcome to.