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2006-02-25 19:24  cegger

* configure.in: welcome to libggi 2.2.1

2006-02-24 20:53  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: pull up the following
  revision(s) (requested by cegger):  ggi-core/libggi/ltmain.sh:
  1.55 - 1.75  ggi-core/libggi/m4/libtool.m4: 1.52 - 1.67
  ggi-core/libggi/m4/ltoptions.m4: 1.8 - 1.10
  ggi-core/libggi/m4/ltsugar.m4: 1.5 - 1.7
  ggi-core/libggi/m4/ltversion.m4: 1.41 - 1.61

  sync with HEAD

2006-02-22 17:18  cegger

* doc/man/display-aa.7: regen. for pulling up rev. 1.2 of

2006-02-22 17:17  cegger

* display/aa/man.txt: pull up the following revision(s) (requested
  by pekberg): display/aa/man.txt: 1.1 - 1.2

  aalib uses AAOPTS env. variable not AA_OPTS.

2006-02-05 20:35  cegger

* display/file/visual.c: pull up the following revision(s)
  (requested by pekberg):  display/file/visual.c: 1.13 - 1.14

  Do stuff that requires default libs (dumping the file) in
  visual-exit instead of in visual-close, as the default libs are
  gone when display-file's visual close is gone. Fixes

2006-02-01 17:21  cegger

* default/kgi/ATI/Radeon/box.c, default/kgi/ATI/Radeon/crossblit.c,
  display/kgi/visual.c: pull up the following revision(s)
  (requested by pekberg):  display/kgi/visual.c: 1.24 - 1.25
  default/kgi/ATI/Radeon/box.c: 1.7 - 1.8
  default/kgi/ATI/Radeon/crossblit.c: 1.5 - 1.6

  Remove cast in lvalue for gcc4, reported by Olaf Buddenhagen on

2006-01-17 05:29  cegger

* display/directx/ddinit.c: pull up the following revision(s)
  (requested by ):  display/directx/ddinit.c: 1.50 - 1.51 Kill
  dead-lock causing race. The race is at helper thread creation,
  i.e. in ggiOpen, and the deadlock happens at helper thread
  termination, i.e. in ggiClose.

  Specifically, priv->nThreadID is assigned by the helper thread,
  so the main thread should not clobber it after firing up the
  helper thread.

2005-12-29 22:42  cegger

* display/fbdev/fbdev.conf.in: pull up the following revision(s)
  (requested by ):  display/fbdev/fbdev.conf.in: 1.13 - 1.14 search
  for fbdev_mach64.so where it is actually installed

2005-12-20 18:30  cegger

* doc/README.directx: pull up the following revision(s) (requested
  by ):  doc/README.directx: 1.13 - 1.14 Update README to help
  MinGW users configure successfully

2005-12-10 15:15  cegger

* ChangeLog: update for final libggi 2.2.0

2005-12-10 15:13  cegger

* configure.in: welcome to final libggi 2.2.0

2005-11-28 18:25  cegger

* ChangeLog: update for libggi 2.2.0 release candidate 2

2005-11-28 18:22  cegger

* configure.in: welcome to libggi release candidate 2.2

2005-11-22 09:35  cegger

* m4/ltversion.m4: pull up revisions 1.41 - 1.52 (requested by

  sync with libtool cvs head to version 1.2197

2005-11-22 09:33  cegger

* m4/ltversion.m4: revert bogus pullup. Need to redo it correctly

2005-11-20 20:16  cegger

* m4/ltversion.m4: pull up revisions 1.41 - 1.1.52 (requested by

  sync with libtool cvs head to version 1.2197

2005-11-20 20:16  cegger

* m4/ltsugar.m4: pull up revisions 1.5 - 1.7 (requested by cegger):

  sync with libtool cvs head to version 1.2197

2005-11-20 20:15  cegger

* m4/ltoptions.m4: pull up revisions 1.8 - 1.10 (requested by

  sync with libtool cvs head to version 1.2197

2005-11-20 20:15  cegger

* m4/libtool.m4: pull up revisions 1.52 - 1.60 (requested by

  sync with libtool cvs head to version 1.2197

2005-11-20 20:14  cegger

* ltmain.sh: pull up revisions 1.55 - 1.66 (requested by cegger):

  sync with libtool cvs head to version 1.2197

2005-10-30 09:20  cegger

* autogen.sh: pull up revisions 1.12 - 1.13 (requested by cegger):

  fix syntax error on solaris

2005-10-30 09:16  cegger

* display/X/helper/dga/dga.c: pull up revisions 1.21 - 1.22
  (requested by cegger):

  _GGI_generic_checkmode_finish() expects intptr_t, not int. Fixes
  warning on 64bit platforms

2005-10-08 13:26  cegger

* display/X/visual.c: back out previous. This is not the right fix

2005-10-08 12:57  cegger

* display/X/visual.c: pull up revisions 1.50 - 1.51 (requested by

  fix memory leak found with valgrind

2005-10-08 12:17  cegger

* display/X/fillscreen.c: pull up revisions 1.9 - 1.10 (requested
  by cegger):

  fix memory leak found with valgrind

2005-09-21 21:13  cegger

* doc/man/: cube3d.1, display-aa.7, display-auto.7,
  display-directx.7, display-fbdev.7, display-file.7,
  display-glide.7, display-mansync.7, display-memory.7,
  display-monotext.7, display-multi.7, display-palemu.7,
  display-quartz.7, display-sub.7, display-svgalib.7,
  display-tele.7, display-terminfo.7, display-tile.7,
  display-trueemu.7, display-vcsa.7, display-vgl.7, display-x.7,
  ggi-demo.1, ggiCheckMode.3, ggiCopyBox.3, ggiCrossBlit.3,
  ggiDBGetNumBuffers.3, ggiDrawBox.3, ggiDrawHLine.3,
  ggiDrawLine.3, ggiDrawPixel.3, ggiDrawVLine.3, ggiEventSend.3,
  ggiFillscreen.3, ggiFlush.3, ggiGetGamma.3, ggiGetInput.3,
  ggiGetPixelFormat.3, ggiGetc.3, ggiInit.3, ggiJoinInputs.3,
  ggiMapColor.3, ggiOpen.3, ggiPanic.3, ggiParseMode.3, ggiPutc.3,
  ggiResourceAcquire.3, ggiSetColorfulPalette.3,
  ggiSetDisplayFrame.3, ggiSetFlags.3, ggiSetGCClipping.3,
  ggiSetGCForeground.3, ggiSetMode.3, ggiSetOrigin.3,
  ggiSetPalette.3, ggiSetTextMode.3, ggi_color.3, ggi_colormap.3,
  ggi_directbuffer.3, ggi_mode.3, ggi_pixelformat.3,
  ggidev-add_3.3, ggidev-assign_3.3, ggidev-eq_3.3, ggidev-inc_3.3,
  ggidev-invert_3.3, ggidev-sign_3.3, ggidev-triple-int.7,
  ggiteleserver.1, libggi.7, monitest.1: regen.

2005-09-21 14:40  cegger

* m4/gii_paths.m4: pull up revisions 1.2 - 1.3 (requested by

  fix 'make distcheck' when gii is not in default location

2005-09-21 14:40  cegger

* configure.in: welcome to libggi 2.2.0 release candidate 2

2005-09-21 12:44  cegger

* configure.in: welcome to 2.2.0 release candidate 1

2005-09-21 12:01  cegger

* TODO: zap this file

2005-09-21 08:14  cegger

* ChangeLog: update for libggi 2.2.0

2005-09-21 08:06  cegger

* configure.in, display/Makefile.am: remove wsfb. It's experimental
  and not usable

2005-09-20 21:09  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: sync with libtool cvs
  head to version 1.2081

2005-09-20 20:50  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/debug_macros.h: #define DMESSAGE also when
  DEBUG is not defines. Fixes build error reported by Bernhard

2005-09-20 19:46  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/debug_macros.h: trim some whitespace

2005-09-19 18:46  cegger

* display/X/mode.c, display/X/visual.c, display/aa/mode.c,
  display/aa/visual.c, display/directx/mode.c,
  display/fbdev/mode.c, display/fbdev/visual.c,
  display/file/mode.c, display/glide/mode.c,
  display/glide/visual.c, display/ipc/mode.c, display/kgi/mode.c,
  display/lcd823/mode.c, display/memory/mode.c,
  display/monotext/mode.c, display/palemu/mode.c,
  display/palemu/visual.c, display/quartz/mode.c,
  display/quartz/visual.c, display/suidkgi/mode.c,
  display/svgalib/mode.c, display/svgalib/visual.c,
  display/tele/mode.c, display/terminfo/mode.c,
  display/tile/mode.c, display/tile/visual.c,
  display/trueemu/mode.c, display/trueemu/visual.c,
  display/vcsa/mode.c, display/vgl/mode.c, ggi/EXPSYMS, ggi/dl.c,
  ggi/init.c, ggi/probe.c, include/ggi/internal/internal.h: - add
  conffilehandle argument to _ggiOpenDL(), _ggiAddDL() and
  _ggiProbeDL(). This makes these functions usable in extensions -
  add internal _ggiGetConfigHandle() function for targets - update
  targets for new semantics of internal dl functions

2005-09-19 17:08  cegger

* ggi/dl.c: simplify if block, GGI_ENOMATCH is a better errorcode

2005-09-19 15:50  cegger

* ggi/dl.c: assume failure not success when initialize err. This
  fixes a crash when no entry found (loop is empty)

2005-09-19 07:45  cegger

* ggi/dl.c, ggi/stubs.c, include/ggi/ggi_ext.h,
  include/ggi/internal/internal.h: change extension API (internally
  used only): new semantic is: ggiExtensionLoadDL(ggi_visual_t vis,
  const void *conffilehandle, const char *api, const char *args,
  void *argptr, const char *symprefix)

  all extensions are impacted by this change. Applications continue
  to work out-of-the-box

  With this change, static linked targets in extensions work

2005-09-18 11:43  cegger

* doc/: libggi-triple-int.txt, man/Makefile.am, man/ggidev-abs_3.3,
  man/ggidev-add_3.3, man/ggidev-assign_3.3,
  man/ggidev-assign_int_3.3, man/ggidev-assign_unsigned_3.3,
  man/ggidev-bits_3.3, man/ggidev-dec_3.3, man/ggidev-divmod_3.3,
  man/ggidev-eq0_3.3, man/ggidev-eq_3.3, man/ggidev-ge0_3.3,
  man/ggidev-ge_3.3, man/ggidev-gt0_3.3, man/ggidev-inc_3.3,
  man/ggidev-invert_3.3, man/ggidev-le0_3.3, man/ggidev-lshift_3.3,
  man/ggidev-lt0_3.3, man/ggidev-mul_3.3, man/ggidev-negate_3.3,
  man/ggidev-rshift_3.3, man/ggidev-sign_3.3, man/ggidev-sub_3.3,
  man/ggidev-triple-int.7: add ggidev- prefix to triple-int
  manpages. Now we have a namespace for developer only manpages

2005-09-14 16:45  cegger

* configure.in, display-shared/Makefile.am: install dynamic
  display-x helpers into $libdir/$ggi_subdir/helper. Dynamic
  helpers are found and used again. Fixes regression that has been
  introduced along with the addition of support for static linking

2005-09-14 09:41  cegger

* Makefile.am: remove config.lt when run 'make distclean'

2005-09-13 11:08  pekberg

* m4/Makefile.am: Libltdl isn't needed, can't be used (LGPL) and
  isn't used, so zap ltdl.m4.

2005-09-13 09:38  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltoptions.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: sync
  with libtool cvs head to version 1.2073

2005-09-09 09:57  cegger

* default/: color/Makefile.am, fbdev/ati/mach64/Makefile.am,
  fbdev/directfb/Makefile.am, fbdev/mga/2164w/Makefile.am,
  fbdev/mga/g400/Makefile.am, ilbm/Makefile.am, ioctl/Makefile.am,
  iplanar_2p/Makefile.am, kgi/ATI/Mach64/Makefile.am,
  kgi/ATI/Radeon/Makefile.am, kgi/Matrox/Gx00/Makefile.am,
  linear_1/Makefile.am, linear_16/Makefile.am,
  linear_1_r/Makefile.am, linear_2/Makefile.am,
  linear_24/Makefile.am, linear_32/Makefile.am,
  linear_4/Makefile.am, linear_4_r/Makefile.am,
  linear_8/Makefile.am, linmm_banked/Makefile.am,
  planar/Makefile.am, pseudo_stubs/Makefile.am, ramdac/Makefile.am,
  stubs/Makefile.am, text_16/Makefile.am, text_32/Makefile.am:
  DEBUG_NAMESPACE: extend 'libggi.default' with subdir locations to
  find the location of the debug output easier.

2005-09-08 14:29  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: sync with libtool cvs
  head to version 1.2066

2005-09-07 11:58  pekberg

* configure.in: Use new GGI_NEED_INTTYPES macro

2005-09-07 11:44  pekberg

* m4/common.m4: Add macro to centralize C99 inttypes detection.

2005-09-06 19:43  pekberg

* configure.in: Eeek! This is ggi, not gii...

2005-09-06 19:42  pekberg

* configure.in: Add modern autoconf init macro that specifies name
  of package and bug report address etc. Specify the m4 macro dir.

2005-09-06 15:22  pekberg

* ggi/dl.c, ggi/visual.c, include/ggi/internal/structs.h: Separate
  extension modules into those that are loaded by generic apis and
  'others'. Extension modules for generic apis are always unloaded,
  and 'others' are only unloaded when the whole visual is unloaded.

2005-09-05 18:40  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/debug_macros.h: update mail address in

2005-09-05 13:25  pekberg

* autogen.sh: Add --force option that disables version checks.

2005-09-05 10:18  pekberg

* default-shared/Makefile.am: Go to the bank and ca$h out a few $.
  Distribute evenly to make everyone happy.

2005-09-05 10:15  pekberg

* configure.in: Fix build for the pure and brave souls out there
  that that say "no" to X11.  They really deserve more credit.

2005-09-05 05:15  pekberg

* display/directx/ddinit.c: vis->input may be empty when running
  through a pseudo target, use something more reliable.

2005-09-05 01:32  pekberg

* programs/demos/warp-ggi/dowarp.c: Make defs match protos.

2005-09-04 14:28  cegger

* config.guess, install-sh: update to version shipped with libtool

2005-09-03 09:26  cegger

* display-shared/Makefile.am: use ${displaydir} where appropriate

2005-09-03 07:54  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltoptions.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: sync
  with libtool cvs head to version 1.2057

2005-09-02 14:29  cegger

* configure.in: fix stupid typo that prevents mansync from working
  as builtin

2005-09-02 13:45  cegger

* ggi/dl.c: make this file compile again

2005-09-02 12:46  soyt

* ggi/dl.c: make dl know about suggested symbols

2005-09-02 08:16  cegger

* configure.in, default-shared/Makefile.am: flatten the hierachy
  for default renderers to:

  default/   -> renderers only default/fbdev/  -> fbdev accel
  drivers default/kgi/   -> kgi accel drivers

2005-09-02 08:13  cegger

* display/fbdev/fbdev.conf.in: flatten directory hierachy to

2005-09-02 07:47  cegger

* default-shared/Makefile.am: flatten install hierarchy for fbdev
  and kgi drivers down. Fixes "make install"

2005-09-02 06:54  cegger

* default-shared/Makefile.am: minor cleanup

2005-09-01 22:36  cegger

* default/kgi/: ATI/Mach64/EXPSYMS, ATI/Mach64/visual.c,
  ATI/Radeon/EXPSYMS, ATI/Radeon/visual.c, Matrox/Gx00/EXPSYMS,
  Matrox/Gx00/visual.c: forgot to rename symbols, too when fixing
  namespace collision with fbdev drivers. Exposed by mach64 driver.
  config files, etc. are already up-to-date at this time.

2005-09-01 22:32  cegger

* default/fbdev/: ati/mach64/EXPSYMS, ati/mach64/visual.c,
  mga/2164w/EXPSYMS, mga/2164w/visual.c, mga/g400/EXPSYMS,
  mga/g400/visual.c, directfb/EXPSYMS, directfb/EXPSYMS.global,
  directfb/directfbglobal.c, directfb/visual.c: forgot to rename
  symbols, too when fixing namespace collision with kgi drivers.
  Exposed by mach64 driver. config files, etc. are already
  up-to-date at this time.

2005-09-01 22:20  cegger

* default-shared/Makefile.am: fix typo in path

2005-09-01 22:17  cegger

* ggi/builtins.am: fix case sensitive bug

2005-09-01 20:48  cegger

* display/fbdev/fbdev.conf.in: use wildcards

2005-09-01 17:45  cegger

* TODO: mark done items as done

2005-09-01 17:33  cegger

* libggi.conf.in: rename builtin target names to be in sync with
  the dynamic parts

2005-09-01 13:33  cegger

* programs/demos/Makefile.am: simplify LDADD line

2005-09-01 13:11  cegger

* ggi/init.c: activate builtins

2005-09-01 11:37  cegger

* default-shared/.cvsignore, default-shared/Makefile.am,
  display-shared/.cvsignore, display-shared/Makefile.am: change
  buildsystem to add support for static linking:  1. build libtool
  convinience libs of display targets and default renderers  2.
  build libggi 3. build dynamic targets and dynamic default
  renderers  4. build the programs

  The procedure is also an overall cleanup of the Makefile.am. They
  really have been simplified a lot.

2005-09-01 11:23  cegger

* Makefile.am, configure.in, libggi.conf.in,
  default/color/Makefile.am, default/fbdev/ati/mach64/Makefile.am,
  default/fbdev/mga/g400/Makefile.am, default/ilbm/Makefile.am,
  default/ioctl/Makefile.am, default/iplanar_2p/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_1/Makefile.am, default/linear_16/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_1_r/Makefile.am, default/linear_2/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_24/Makefile.am, default/linear_32/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_4/Makefile.am, default/linear_4_r/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_8/Makefile.am, default/linmm_banked/Makefile.am,
  default/planar/Makefile.am, default/pseudo_stubs/Makefile.am,
  default/ramdac/Makefile.am, default/stubs/Makefile.am,
  default/text_16/Makefile.am, default/text_32/Makefile.am,
  display/X/Makefile.am, display/X/helper/dbe/Makefile.am,
  display/X/helper/vidmode/Makefile.am, display/aa/Makefile.am,
  display/auto/Makefile.am, display/directx/Makefile.am,
  display/fbdev/Makefile.am, display/fbdev/fbdev.conf.in,
  display/file/Makefile.am, display/glide/Makefile.am,
  display/ipc/Makefile.am, display/kgi/Makefile.am,
  display/kgi/kgi.conf.in, display/lcd823/Makefile.am,
  display/libkgi/Makefile.am, display/linvtsw/Makefile.am,
  display/mansync/Makefile.am, display/memory/Makefile.am,
  display/monotext/Makefile.am, display/multi/Makefile.am,
  display/palemu/Makefile.am, display/quartz/Makefile.am,
  display/sub/Makefile.am, display/suidkgi/Makefile.am,
  display/svgalib/Makefile.am, display/tele/Makefile.am,
  display/terminfo/Makefile.am, display/tile/Makefile.am,
  display/trueemu/Makefile.am, display/vcsa/Makefile.am,
  display/vgagl/Makefile.am, display/vgl/Makefile.am,
  ggi/Makefile.am, ggi/builtins.am, ggi/builtins.c,
  programs/util/Makefile.am: change buildsystem to add support for
  static linking:  1. build libtool convinience libs of display
  targets and default renderers  2. build libggi  3. build dynamic
  targets and dynamic default renderers  4. build the programs

  The procedure is also an overall cleanup of the Makefile.am. They
  really have been simplified a lot.

2005-09-01 07:50  cegger

* configure.in: handle dependency on ddraw.h of directx target on
  the right place

2005-08-31 21:54  cegger

* programs/util/ggiteleserver/.cvsignore,
  display/tele/Makefile.am, programs/util/Makefile.am,
  configure.in: move ggiteleserver from display/tele/server/ to

2005-08-31 09:07  cegger

* autogen.sh, ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltoptions.m4,
  m4/ltversion.m4: sync with libtool cvs head to version 1.2049
  This requires autoconf 2.59 and automake 1.9.6

2005-08-31 08:33  cegger

* checkversion.sh: error properly out when where autotools are

2005-08-30 09:20  cegger

* doc/libggi-triple-int.txt: fix docutil formating introduced in

2005-08-30 08:47  cegger

* doc/man/libggi.7: regen.

2005-08-29 21:14  aldot

* doc/libggi-triple-int.txt: - correct a few typos.

2005-08-28 15:05  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool
  cvs branch-2-0 to version 1.1667.2.298

2005-08-26 09:14  aldot

* display/tele/libtele.c: - trim whitespace

2005-08-22 09:15  cegger

* Makefile.am: remove genlibtool from EXTRA_DIST and *CLEANFILES

2005-08-20 10:30  cegger

* display/common/modelist.inc: update comments

2005-08-20 10:19  cegger

* display/common/modelist.inc: split _GGI_score_graphtype() into
  _GGI_score_gt_depth() and _GGI_score_gt_scheme().

  _GGI_score_gt_depth(): handle depth as before (no change,
  effectively this is a rename) _GGI_score_gt_scheme(): handle
  scheme. Prefer requested scheme, otherwise prefer schemes to
  static schemes, prefer truecolor schemes to palette and greyscale

  Now we can handle modes requests with same depths but different
  schemes properly.

2005-08-19 23:38  cegger

* display/X/misc.c: fix circular preference ordering: prefer
  palette to static palette, prefer truecolor to palette, prefer
  directcolor to truecolor, prefer palette to directcolor

  Now prefer directcolor to palette.  This fixes a bug where a
  PseudoColor X Visual is used even when Truecolor is specified via
  GGI_DEFMODE and a 8bit Truecolor X Visual is present

2005-08-19 22:53  cegger

* display/X/misc.c: _ggi_x_is_better_fmt(): prefer truecolor to
  static color

2005-08-19 21:41  cegger

* display/common/modelist.inc: fix cut/copy/paste typo

2005-08-19 09:21  cegger

* autogen.sh: Change message 'Running autoconf - generating
  configure...' to 'Running autoconf...' as suggested by Peter

2005-08-19 09:06  cegger

* autogen.sh, m4/common.m4: do not generate genlibtool, remove

2005-08-19 08:45  pekberg

* .cvsignore, configure.in: Zap genlibtool, step 1

2005-08-18 19:12  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool
  cvs branch-2-0 to version 1.1667.2.292

2005-08-18 12:19  cegger

* ggi/init.c: ggiExit(): reset global variables to initialization
  value. This fixes memory corruption bugs, when libggi is
  re-initialized within an application.

2005-08-17 14:59  cegger

* display/X/helper/dga/dga.c: improve error handling for input

2005-08-17 13:47  cegger

* display/X/helper/dga/dga.c: correctly use calloc()

2005-08-17 13:11  cegger

* display/common/modelist.inc: cast explicitely to target type.
  Fixes gcc warnings

2005-08-17 13:08  mooz

* display/X/helper/vidmode/vidmode.c: ggi_vidmode_checkmode_adap :
  Set virtual size to GGI_AUTO if a closer valid mode was found
  (validation_flag = 0).

2005-08-17 12:55  pekberg

* display/common/modelist.inc: It didn't even compile. Obvious

2005-08-17 12:53  mooz

* display/X/mode.c: _GGI_X_checkmode_adapt : Set visible mode size
  to display size only if it's equal to GGI_AUTO or for -inwin=root

2005-08-17 12:52  pekberg

* programs/regress/mode.c: Add testcase for

2005-08-17 12:26  cegger

* display/X/mode.c: - remove more dead code (this time old
  checkmode implementation) - do not unconditionally set visible
  size for fullscreen size to current screen resolution. Do this
  only when visible size == GGI_AUTO

2005-08-17 10:05  mooz

* display/X/mode.c: GGI_X_setmode : Create child window if root
  window is equal to None

2005-08-17 09:40  cegger

* display/X/mode.c: remove old dead code. Makes the code less

2005-08-17 09:29  cegger

* display/X/mode.c: do not decide to not create a parentwindow
  unconditionally when in fullscreen mode.

2005-08-15 18:50  cegger

* ggi/mode.c, display/X/misc.c, display/X/mode.c,
  include/ggi/internal/internal.h, display/X/helper/dga/dga.c,
  display/X/helper/vidmode/vidmode.c: Introduce GGI_PHYSZ_MM which
  indicates that the 4th and 5th arguments of
  _ggi_physz_figure_size() are in mm. Use this in display-x to get
  rid of a rounding bug. Now physical size is calculated correctly.

2005-08-15 15:55  cegger

* display/X/helper/: dga/dga.c, vidmode/vidmode.c: fix typo in dpi
  calculation for y value. mmm... who copied from whom?

2005-08-15 15:18  cegger

* display/X/helper/: dga/dga.c, vidmode/vidmode.c: Explicitely set
  internal window state to NOT allow resizing at initialization
  time of the fullscreen helpers dga and vidmode. This prohibits a
  window size calculation which is 90% of the screen resolution

2005-08-15 12:43  cegger

* display/X/helper/dga/dga.c: indent -kr -i8

2005-08-15 12:37  cegger

* display/X/helper/vidmode/vidmode.c: indent -kr -i8

2005-08-14 16:21  cegger

* display/X/helper/: dbe/Makefile.am, dga/Makefile.am,
  evi/Makefile.am, shm/Makefile.am, vidmode/Makefile.am: enhance
  debug namespace by X extension name to follow debug traces within
  the X-target easier

2005-08-14 16:13  cegger

* display/X/helper/vidmode/vidmode.c: remove one confusing
  indentation level in ggi_vidmode_checkmode_adapt() and add one
  debug line before calling _ggi_physz_figure_size()

2005-08-12 18:48  cegger

* include/ggi/types.h: fix bugs introduced in conversion to C99
  types: make ggi_pixel and ggi_attr unsigned again

2005-08-10 11:34  cegger

* INSTALL.autoconf: match autoconf 2.59

2005-08-10 08:12  cegger

* doc/libggi-libraries.txt: display-xf86dga has been gone

2005-08-10 07:16  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool
  cvs branch-2-0 to version 1.1667.2.283

2005-08-09 11:26  cegger

* doc/man/Makefile.am: display-xf86dga has been removed

2005-08-08 11:58  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool
  cvs branch-2-0 to version 1.1667.2.281

2005-08-02 11:26  pekberg

* include/ggi/internal/triple-int.h: Properly declare the temporary
  triple-int variable y2.  May solve regression test failures on
  darwin OSX 10.4.x.

2005-08-01 12:56  pekberg

* include/ggi/internal/triple-int.h: Work around problem with
  INT16_C being a cast on Darwin.

2005-08-01 11:31  pekberg

* configure.in: Make ggi define GG_NEED_INTTYPES if C99 integer
  types are not available in <inttypes.h>.

2005-07-31 16:21  cegger

* configure.in, display/Makefile.am: Now that aliases work and the
  functionality of display-xf86dga has been moved to display-x's
  dga and vidmode helpers some time ago (thnx orzo, thnx mooz),
  kill display-xf86dga. display-dga and display-xf86dga are aliases
  for display-x:-fullscreen for backward-compatibility

2005-07-31 15:59  soyt

* ggi/init.c: ggi uses new target matching scheme for opening
  visuals, so that alias expansion works as expected.

2005-07-31 15:30  soyt

* default/color/color.h, default/fbdev/ati/mach64/mach64.h,
  default/fbdev/mga/2164w/m2164w.h, default/fbdev/mga/2164w/mmio.h,
  default/fbdev/mga/g400/mga_g400.h, default/fbdev/mga/g400/mmio.h,
  display/monotext/font_data.h, display/suidkgi/suidhook.h,
  display/tele/libtele.h, display/vgagl/vgaglvis.h, ggi/ext.h,
  ggi/swar.h, include/ggi/ggi-defs.h, include/ggi/ggi-unix.h,
  include/ggi/ggi.h, include/ggi/ll.h, include/ggi/types.h,
  include/ggi/display/aa.h, include/ggi/display/fbdev.h,
  include/ggi/display/file.h, include/ggi/display/glide.h,
  include/ggi/display/kgi.h, include/ggi/display/lcd823.h,
  include/ggi/display/libkgi.h, include/ggi/display/mansync.h,
  include/ggi/display/memory.h, include/ggi/display/modelist.h,
  include/ggi/display/monotext.h, include/ggi/display/palemu.h,
  include/ggi/display/sub.h, include/ggi/display/svgalib.h,
  include/ggi/display/tele.h, include/ggi/display/tile.h,
  include/ggi/display/trueemu.h, include/ggi/display/vcsa.h,
  include/ggi/display/x.h, include/ggi/display/xlib.h,
  include/ggi/internal/internal.h, include/ggi/internal/plat.h,
  programs/demos/warp-ggi/warp.h, programs/util/monitest/drawlib.h,
  programs/util/monitest/kgitune.h, programs/util/monitest/menu.h,
  programs/util/monitest/window.h: trim some whitespaces (by cow).

2005-07-31 14:52  soyt

* libggi.conf.in: aliases are now really aliases and dga is

2005-07-31 10:19  aldot

* default/kgi/Matrox/Gx00/box.c: use C99 inttypes.

2005-07-31 09:58  cegger

* default/fbdev/: ati/mach64/ati_mach64.h, mga/2164w/copybox.c,
  mga/2164w/m2164w.h, mga/g400/copybox.c, mga/g400/mga_g400.h: use
  C99 inttypes. Found by autobuilder on Linux/amd64

2005-07-30 17:45  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool
  cvs branch-2-0 to version 1.1667.2.274

2005-07-30 12:07  cegger

* doc/man/: ggiCheckMode.3, ggiCopyBox.3, ggiCrossBlit.3,
  ggiDBGetNumBuffers.3, ggiDrawBox.3, ggiDrawHLine.3,
  ggiDrawLine.3, ggiDrawPixel.3, ggiDrawVLine.3, ggiEventSend.3,
  ggiFillscreen.3, ggiFlush.3, ggiGetGamma.3, ggiGetInput.3,
  ggiGetPixelFormat.3, ggiGetc.3, ggiInit.3, ggiJoinInputs.3,
  ggiMapColor.3, ggiOpen.3, ggiPanic.3, ggiParseMode.3, ggiPutc.3,
  ggiResourceAcquire.3, ggiSetColorfulPalette.3,
  ggiSetDisplayFrame.3, ggiSetFlags.3, ggiSetGCClipping.3,
  ggiSetGCForeground.3, ggiSetMode.3, ggiSetOrigin.3,
  ggiSetPalette.3, ggiSetTextMode.3, ggi_color.3, ggi_colormap.3,
  ggi_directbuffer.3, ggi_mode.3, ggi_pixelformat.3, libggi.7:

2005-07-30 12:07  cegger

* doc/: libggi-functions.txt, libggi-structures.txt: use C99

2005-07-30 12:01  cegger

* configure.in: libggi has been updated, GG_NEED_OLD_INTTYPES is no
  longer required

2005-07-30 11:58  cegger

* programs/: check/cbconsist.c, demos/cube3d.c, demos/demo.c,
  demos/flying_ggis.c, demos/saver.c, demos/slimy.c,
  demos/warp-ggi/color.c, demos/warp-ggi/dowarp.c,
  demos/warp-ggi/main.c, demos/warp-ggi/rawpict.h,
  demos/warp-ggi/readpcx.c, demos/warp-ggi/readtga.c,
  demos/warp-ggi/warp.h, regress/input.c, util/giik2str.c,
  util/giik2str.h, util/inputdump.c, util/tunemode.c,
  util/monitest/monitest.c: use C99 types

2005-07-30 11:39  cegger

* default/: color/color.c, color/gamma.c, color/pack.c,
  color/visual.c, common/linear-line.c,
  fbdev/ati/mach64/ati_mach64.h, fbdev/ati/mach64/copybox.c,
  fbdev/ati/mach64/crossblit.c, fbdev/ati/mach64/gtext.c,
  fbdev/ati/mach64/line.c, fbdev/ati/mach64/visual.c,
  fbdev/directfb/crossblit.c, fbdev/directfb/directfbglobal.c,
  fbdev/directfb/ggidirectfb.h, fbdev/directfb/gtext.c,
  fbdev/directfb/visual.c, fbdev/mga/2164w/box.c,
  fbdev/mga/2164w/copybox.c, fbdev/mga/2164w/crossblit.c,
  fbdev/mga/2164w/gtext.c, fbdev/mga/2164w/hline.c,
  fbdev/mga/2164w/line.c, fbdev/mga/2164w/m2164w.h,
  fbdev/mga/2164w/mmio.h, fbdev/mga/2164w/visual.c,
  fbdev/mga/2164w/vline.c, fbdev/mga/g400/box.c,
  fbdev/mga/g400/copybox.c, fbdev/mga/g400/crossblit.c,
  fbdev/mga/g400/gtext.c, fbdev/mga/g400/hline.c,
  fbdev/mga/g400/line.c, fbdev/mga/g400/mga_g400.h,
  fbdev/mga/g400/mmio.h, fbdev/mga/g400/visual.c,
  fbdev/mga/g400/vline.c, ilbm/pixel.c, ilbm/pixela.c,
  ilbm/visual.c, ioctl/visual.c, iplanar_2p/pixel.c,
  iplanar_2p/pixela.c, iplanar_2p/visual.c, kgi/ATI/Mach64/box.c,
  kgi/ATI/Mach64/visual.c, kgi/ATI/Radeon/box.c,
  kgi/ATI/Radeon/crossblit.c, kgi/ATI/Radeon/gc.c,
  kgi/ATI/Radeon/gtext.c, kgi/ATI/Radeon/line.c,
  kgi/ATI/Radeon/radeon_accel.h, kgi/ATI/Radeon/radeon_cce.h,
  kgi/ATI/Radeon/visual.c, kgi/Matrox/Gx00/Gx00_accel.h,
  kgi/Matrox/Gx00/box.c, kgi/Matrox/Gx00/gc.c,
  kgi/Matrox/Gx00/gtext.c, kgi/Matrox/Gx00/visual.c,
  linear_1/color.c, linear_1/gtext.c, linear_1/hline.c,
  linear_1/pixel.c, linear_1/pixela.c, linear_1/visual.c,
  linear_1/vline.c, linear_16/box.c, linear_16/copybox.c,
  linear_16/crossblit.c, linear_16/fillscreen.c, linear_16/hline.c,
  linear_16/line.c, linear_16/pixel.c, linear_16/pixela.c,
  linear_16/visual.c, linear_16/vline.c, linear_1_r/gtext.c,
  linear_1_r/pixel.c, linear_1_r/pixela.c, linear_1_r/visual.c,
  linear_2/pixel.c, linear_2/pixela.c, linear_2/visual.c,
  linear_24/box.c, linear_24/copybox.c, linear_24/crossblit.c,
  linear_24/fillscreen.c, linear_24/hline.c, linear_24/pixel.c,
  linear_24/pixela.c, linear_24/visual.c, linear_24/vline.c,
  linear_32/box.c, linear_32/copybox.c, linear_32/crossblit.c,
  linear_32/fillscreen.c, linear_32/hline.c, linear_32/line.c,
  linear_32/pixel.c, linear_32/pixela.c, linear_32/visual.c,
  linear_32/vline.c, linear_4/color.c, linear_4/copybox.c,
  linear_4/hline.c, linear_4/pixel.c, linear_4/pixela.c,
  linear_4/visual.c, linear_4/vline.c, linear_4_r/color.c,
  linear_4_r/copybox.c, linear_4_r/hline.c, linear_4_r/pixel.c,
  linear_4_r/pixela.c, linear_4_r/visual.c, linear_4_r/vline.c,
  linear_8/box.c, linear_8/copybox.c, linear_8/crossblit.c,
  linear_8/gtext.c, linear_8/hline.c, linear_8/line.c,
  linear_8/pixel.c, linear_8/pixela.c, linear_8/visual.c,
  linear_8/vline.c, linmm_banked/hline.c,
  linmm_banked/linmm_banked.h, linmm_banked/visual.c,
  linmm_banked/vline.c, planar/pixel.c, planar/pixela.c,
  planar/visual.c, pseudo_stubs/visual.c, ramdac/visual.c,
  stubs/box.c, stubs/copybox.c, stubs/gtext.c, stubs/hline.c,
  stubs/visual.c, stubs/vline.c, text_16/gtext.c, text_16/pixel.c,
  text_16/pixela.c, text_16/visual.c, text_32/color.c,
  text_32/gtext.c, text_32/pixel.c, text_32/pixela.c,
  text_32/visual.c: use C99 types, compiles on darwin - the rest
  just changed so far grep reaches

2005-07-30 11:38  cegger

* display/: fbdev/mode.c, fbdev/visual.c, glide/box.c,
  glide/gtext.c, glide/line.c, glide/mode.c, glide/pixel.c,
  glide/visual.c, kgi/mode.c, kgi/visual.c, lcd823/color.c,
  lcd823/mode.c, lcd823/visual.c, libkgi/drawops.c,
  libkgi/visual.c, linvtsw/visual.c, suidkgi/visual.c, vcsa/draw.c,
  vcsa/visual.c, vgagl/box.c, vgagl/copybox.c, vgagl/hline.c,
  vgagl/visual.c, vgl/draw.c, vgl/visual.c: use C99 types, not
  tested - just changed so far grep reaches

2005-07-30 10:57  cegger

* include/ggi/ggi.h, include/ggi/types.h,
  include/ggi/display/fbdev.h, include/ggi/display/file.h,
  include/ggi/display/monotext.h, include/ggi/display/quartz.h,
  include/ggi/display/svgalib.h, include/ggi/display/trueemu.h,
  include/ggi/display/vgl.h, include/ggi/internal/dltypes.h,
  include/ggi/internal/internal.h, include/ggi/internal/structs.h,
  include/ggi/internal/triple-int.h, ggi/dl.c, ggi/init.c,
  ggi/internal.c, ggi/mode.c, ggi/probe.c, ggi/stubs.c,
  ggi/visual.c, display/X/box.c, display/X/buffer.c,
  display/X/gtext.c, display/X/hline.c, display/X/misc.c,
  display/X/pixel.c, display/X/visual.c, display/X/vline.c,
  display/X/helper/dbe/dbe.c, display/X/helper/dga/dga.c,
  display/X/helper/evi/evi.c, display/X/helper/shm/shm.c,
  display/X/helper/vidmode/vidmode.c, display/aa/visual.c,
  display/auto/visual.c, display/common/modelist.inc,
  display/directx/mode.c, display/directx/visual.c,
  display/file/fileio.c, display/file/mode.c,
  display/file/visual.c, display/glide/mode.c,
  display/ipc/visual.c, display/mansync/visual.c,
  display/memory/visual.c, display/monotext/monotext.c,
  display/monotext/visual.c, display/multi/visual.c,
  display/palemu/palemu.c, display/palemu/visual.c,
  display/quartz/mode.c, display/quartz/visual.c,
  display/sub/visual.c, display/svgalib/box.c,
  display/svgalib/color.c, display/svgalib/hline.c,
  display/svgalib/visual.c, display/tele/box.c,
  display/tele/libtele.h, display/tele/mode.c,
  display/tele/visual.c, display/terminfo/color.c,
  display/terminfo/input.c, display/terminfo/visual.c,
  display/tile/mode.c, display/tile/stubs.c, display/tile/visual.c,
  display/trueemu/genblit.c, display/trueemu/visual.c: use C99

2005-07-30 08:50  cegger

* display/svgalib/frames.c: #include config.h. Makes this target
  compile again

2005-07-30 08:43  soyt

* display/sub/mode.c, display/sub/visual.c,
  extensions/test/exttest1.c, programs/check/consistency.c,
  programs/check/pointer.c, programs/check/showaccel.c,
  programs/check/showaccel2.c, programs/check/speed.c,
  programs/check/structs.c, programs/demos/cube3d.c,
  programs/demos/slimy.c, programs/demos/stars.c,
  programs/demos/warp-ggi/dowarp.c, programs/demos/warp-ggi/main.c,
  programs/demos/warp-ggi/readtga.c, programs/util/giik2str.c,
  programs/util/inputdump.c, programs/util/monitest/drawlib.c,
  programs/util/monitest/ggitext.c, programs/util/monitest/menu.c,
  programs/util/monitest/window.c: Include config.h correctly here
  and there. Some targets not built on my system might need to be
  updated too.

2005-07-29 16:45  soyt

* configure.in: define GG_NEED_OLD_INTTYPES in config.h. Some
  targets do not build correctly because they do not include

2005-07-29 16:30  soyt

* include/ggi/display/glide.h, include/ggi/internal/structs.h,
  programs/check/showaccel.c, programs/check/showaccel2.c: change
  'ggi_uint' to 'unsigned int' or 'ggi_pixel' where appropriate

2005-07-28 11:21  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool
  cvs branch-2-0 to version 1.1667.2.272

2005-07-25 13:47  pekberg

* ggi/dl.c: No hungarian notation, or anything like it, please.
  Rename some variables.

2005-07-25 12:24  cegger

* ggi/dl.c: introduce another temporary variable and handle the
  filename assignment with it. Fixes warning about discarding
  qualifier. No functional change.

2005-07-21 11:29  cegger

* display/X/mode.c: clean up previous

2005-07-21 10:51  cegger

* display/X/mode.c: - make tracing code little more verbose -
  bugfix: Actually create a child window with a size of
  (tm->virt.x,tm->virt.y) rather (tm->virt.x,tm->virt.x)

2005-07-21 08:30  cegger

* display/X/mode.c: add little tracing code

2005-07-21 07:30  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/dltypes.h: s/string/str/ - matches ggiPuts()

2005-07-21 07:27  cegger

* include/ggi/display/sub.h, display/sub/stubs.c,
  display/sub/visual.c: implement ggiGetCharSize

2005-07-21 07:22  cegger

* display/sub/stubs.c: make definition paramter names match with
  their prototypes

2005-07-21 07:03  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/dltypes.h: targets use 'args'. Change
  ggifunc_open()\'s third parameter to match

2005-07-21 06:57  cegger

* display/sub/stubs.c: whtespace nits, wrap long lines

2005-07-21 06:56  cegger

* display/sub/: mode.c, visual.c: whitespace nits

2005-07-20 14:34  cegger

* display/directx/visual.c: pass args as is. Fixes warning about
  discarding qualifier.

2005-07-20 14:32  cegger

* display/directx/mode.c: remove unused variable from free_dbs().
  Fix warnings about comparison between signed and unsigned values

2005-07-20 14:31  cegger

* display/directx/ddinit.c: appease -Wcast-qual

2005-07-14 05:59  cegger

* compile, config.guess, config.sub, depcomp, install-sh, missing,
  mkinstalldirs: update to the versions shipped with automake 1.9.6

2005-07-08 18:11  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool
  cvs branch-2-0 to version 1.1667.2.262

2005-06-28 10:18  cegger

* Makefile.am: remove implicitly cleaned files from DISTCLEANFILES

2005-06-28 09:32  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/Makefile.am: add debug_macros.h to
  noinst_HEADERS. Issue found with 'make distcheck'

2005-06-28 09:13  cegger

* Makefile.am: remove Makefile, config.status, config.log, .libs,
  stamp-h1 and genlibtool.cache as libgii does when doing 'make

2005-06-28 05:23  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltoptions.m4, m4/ltsugar.m4,
  m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool cvs branch-2-0 to version

2005-06-20 06:27  cegger

* patchlib.c: appease -Wcast-qual

2005-06-19 20:45  cegger

* ggi/internal.c: #include <ggi/internal/gg_replace.h> as last
  header to ensure, it is included _after_ <stdio.h>. On MacOSX
  Tiger, the printf() familiy prototypes contain a macro, which
  changes the symbolname and cause an linking error.

2005-06-18 16:45  cegger

* display/X/buffer.c: #include <ggi/internal/gg_replace.h> after
  <ggi/display/x.h> to give NetBSD's libc headers a chance to
  declare intptr_t. gg_replace.h #defines intptr_t, but so does
  NetBSD's libc headers too... Fixes build error on NetBSD

2005-06-18 16:38  cegger

* display/X/helper/shm/shm.c: #include <ggi/internal/gg_replace.h>
  after <ggi/display/x.h> to give NetBSD's libc headers a chance to
  declare intptr_t. gg_replace.h #defines intptr_t, but so does
  NetBSD's libc headers too... Fixes build error on NetBSD

2005-06-18 16:13  cegger

* include/ggi/display/modelist.h: declare a function type strictly
  standard conform. Fixes build error with gcc 3.3.3 on

2005-06-17 11:48  cegger

* display/X/helper/shm/shm.c: #include <ggi/internal/gg_replace.h>
  and zap the #ifdef HAVE_SNPRINTF

2005-06-17 11:45  cegger

* display/: svgalib/mode.c, svgalib/visual.c, X/buffer.c: #include
  <ggi/internal/gg_replace.h> and zap the #ifdef HAVE_SNPRINTF

2005-06-17 11:41  cegger

* display/: glide/visual.c, quartz/mode.c: #include
  <ggi/internal/gg_replace.h> and zap the #ifdef HAVE_SNPRINTF

2005-06-17 11:38  cegger

* display/kgi/visual.c: #include <ggi/internal/gg_replace.h>
  already included, so zap the #ifdef HAVE_SNPRINTF

2005-06-17 11:36  cegger

* display/tele/libtele.c: #include <ggi/internal/gg_replace.h> and
  zap the #ifdef HAVE_SNPRINT

2005-06-17 11:34  cegger

* display/memory/visual.c: #include <ggi/internal/gg_replace.h>
  already included, so zap the #ifdef HAVE_SNPRINT

2005-06-17 11:30  cegger

* display/: fbdev/visual.c, file/mode.c, file/ppm.c: #include
  <ggi/internal/gg_replace.h> and zap the #ifdef HAVE_SNPRINT

2005-06-17 11:26  cegger

* ggi/: dl.c, init.c, internal.c: #include
  <ggi/internal/gg_replace.h> and zap the #ifdef HAVE_SNPRINT

2005-06-17 11:10  cegger

* ggi/dl.c: #include <ggi/internal/gg_replace.h> and zap the #ifdef
  HAVE_SNPRINTF Suggestion from Peter Ekberg

2005-06-17 10:01  cegger

* ggi/dl.c: ensure there is no buffer overflow on platforms which
  have no snprintf(). Unconditionally ensure, symname is

2005-06-13 07:48  cegger

* include/ggi/ll.h: ISO C limits enum to int. So turn values into
  #defines, which exceeds int otherwise.  XXX: Needs review for
  16bit (embedded) machines

2005-06-12 11:40  cegger

* m4/ltsugar.m4: This libtool change fixes an infinite m4 loop in
  CVS autoconf, but causes one in autoconf 2.59. Since we use the
  stable version we downgrade...

2005-06-12 08:44  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltoptions.m4, m4/ltsugar.m4,
  m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool cvs branch-2-0 to version

2005-06-10 12:20  cegger

* m4/common.m4: add GGI_CHECK_LIB, like AC_CHECK_LIB, but uses
  libtool as a compiler

2005-06-10 12:14  pekberg

* configure.in: Make use of new macro GGI_CHECK_LIB

2005-06-10 10:43  pekberg

* configure.in: Look for wsock32 using libtool, which makes it work
  with msvc if libtool is msvc-patched. No harm if libtool is not

2005-06-10 07:50  cegger

* display/vcsa/visual.c: appease -Wcast-qual

2005-06-10 07:43  cegger

* display/: fbdev/color.c, fbdev/visual.c, palemu/color.c: appease

2005-06-09 19:51  cegger

* include/ggi/ggi_ext.h, ggi/ext.c: appease -Wcast-qual

2005-06-09 19:32  cegger

* programs/util/monitest/: ggitext.c, ggitext.h, menu.h, window.h:
  appease -Wcast-qual

2005-06-09 19:19  cegger

* programs/regress/input.c: appease -Wcast-qual

2005-06-09 19:16  cegger

* programs/regress/clip2d.c: appease -Wuninitialized

2005-06-09 19:10  cegger

* programs/demos/: banner.inc.c, flying_ggis.c, saver.c, slimy.c,
  textdemo.c, wrap.c: appease -Wcast-qual

2005-06-09 19:05  cegger

* programs/demos/cube3d.c: appease -Wuninitialized

2005-06-09 19:01  cegger

* programs/demos/warp-ggi/main.c: appease -Wuninitialized

2005-06-09 18:59  cegger

* programs/demos/warp-ggi/: main.c, rawpict.h, readpcx.c,
  readtga.c: appease -Wcast-qual

2005-06-09 18:50  cegger

* programs/check/cbconsist.c: appease -Wcast-qual

2005-06-09 18:46  cegger

* programs/check/: cbconsist.c, consistency.c, findleaks.c,
  speed.c: appease -Wcast-qual

2005-06-09 18:40  cegger

* extensions/test/: test1.c, test1.h, test2.c, test2.h: appease

2005-06-09 18:30  cegger

* default/: linear_4/color.c, linear_4/hline.c, linear_4_r/color.c,
  linear_4_r/hline.c: appease -Wcast-qual

2005-06-09 18:26  cegger

* default/color/pack.c: appease -Wcast-qual

2005-06-09 18:20  cegger

* display/trueemu/trueemu.c: - remove <stdio.h> and <stdlib.h>,
  they are not needed - use memcpy() to copy a structure
  alignment-safe - include <string.h> for memcpy(3)

2005-06-09 18:10  cegger

* display/tile/visual.c: appease -Wcast-qual

2005-06-09 18:06  cegger

* display/: svgalib/mode.c, svgalib/visual.c, terminfo/visual.c:
  appease -Wcast-qual

2005-06-09 17:58  cegger

* display/: monotext/color.c, monotext/visual.c, multi/visual.c:
  appease -Wcast-qual

2005-06-09 17:54  cegger

* display/: ipc/visual.c, memory/visual.c: appease -Wcast-qual

2005-06-09 17:39  cegger

* include/ggi/display/file.h, display/file/fileio.c,
  display/file/mode.c, display/file/ppm.c: fix implicit wrong
  pointer casting

2005-06-09 17:15  cegger

* display/: X/color.c, X/hline.c, X/misc.c, X/visual.c,
  quartz/visual.c: appease -Wcast-qual

2005-06-09 17:04  cegger

* display/X/helper/vidmode/vidmode.c, include/ggi/display/x.h:
  correct implicit wrong pointer type casting, which may cause
  problems on 64bit platforms

2005-06-09 16:55  cegger

* ggi/internal.c, include/ggi/internal/internal.h, ggi/init.c:
  appease -Wcast-qual

2005-06-09 16:48  cegger

* configure.in: use -Wuninitialized -Wcast-qual and -Wwrite-strings
  on gcc

2005-06-02 20:01  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool cvs branch-2-0
  to version 1.1167.2.239

2005-05-27 12:44  cegger

* doc/man/: ggiCheckMode.3, ggiCopyBox.3, ggiCrossBlit.3,
  ggiDBGetNumBuffers.3, ggiDrawBox.3, ggiDrawHLine.3,
  ggiDrawLine.3, ggiDrawPixel.3, ggiDrawVLine.3, ggiEventSend.3,
  ggiFillscreen.3, ggiFlush.3, ggiGetGamma.3, ggiGetInput.3,
  ggiGetPixelFormat.3, ggiGetc.3, ggiInit.3, ggiJoinInputs.3,
  ggiMapColor.3, ggiOpen.3, ggiPanic.3, ggiParseMode.3, ggiPutc.3,
  ggiResourceAcquire.3, ggiSetColorfulPalette.3,
  ggiSetDisplayFrame.3, ggiSetFlags.3, ggiSetGCClipping.3,
  ggiSetGCForeground.3, ggiSetMode.3, ggiSetOrigin.3,
  ggiSetPalette.3, ggiSetTextMode.3: regen.

2005-05-27 12:10  aldot

* doc/libggi-functions.txt: - typo in documentation

2005-05-26 07:10  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/internal.h: undo rev 1.23: libgii now
  provides it via <ggi/system.h> (from <ggi/types.h>), so including
  <sys/types.h> explicitely is no longer necessary.

2005-05-21 15:35  cegger

* programs/check/speed.c: - only include unistd.h when available -
  include limits.h when available. MacOS X Tiger #defines CLK_TCK

2005-05-21 15:27  cegger

* extensions/test/: test1.c, test2.c: needs config.h

2005-05-21 15:17  cegger

* display/tile/: color.c, frames.c, line.c, stubs.c: needs config.h

2005-05-21 15:11  cegger

* display/sub/stubs.c: needs config.h

2005-05-21 15:07  cegger

* display/monotext/draw.c: needs config.h

2005-05-21 14:38  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/internal.h: Platforms with a strict ANSI
  conform libc need <sys/types.h> for ssize_t, (u)intptr_t, etc.
  Found on MacOS X 10.4 alias Tiger

2005-05-16 15:03  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool
  cvs branch-2-0 to version 1.1167.2.236

2005-05-09 09:03  cegger

* display/memory/mode.c: print a debug line when ggiCheckMode()

2005-04-30 18:58  aldot

* FAQ: - typo in documentation

2005-04-30 14:07  cegger

* display/multi/visual.c: allocate priv structure with calloc() to
  zero fill it

2005-04-30 12:54  cegger

* display/tile/frames.c: add debug trace

2005-04-30 12:53  cegger

* display/tile/mode.c: GGI_tile_flush_db(): Abort when
  priv->d_frame == NULL. This happens when mansync flushes before a
  mode is up. Fixes crash.  GGI_tile_setflags(): Correct flags

  Add various debug lines

2005-04-30 12:45  cegger

* display/tile/visual.c: allocate priv structure with calloc() to
  initialize the structure with zeros. Add debug lines

2005-04-29 22:05  cegger

* display/X/mode.c: It is plain wrong to cast a int * as a intptr_t
  *. This cast passed as an argument steals 4 bytes from the stack
  of _GGI_generic_checkmode_finish(). This leads to get garbarge on
  read access and overwrites 4 bytes in the stack on write access
  within _GGI_generic_checkmode_finish(). So use a local temporary
  intptr_t variable instead. Fixes crash on NetBSD/sparc64 (and
  probably on other 64bit platforms), where sizeof(intptr_t) >

2005-04-29 15:33  cegger

* m4/: common.m4, libtool.m4: Quote all arguments to AC_DEFINE and
  AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED consistently. Patch from libtool branch-2-0

2005-04-29 08:46  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool
  cvs branch-2-0 to version 1.1167.2.229

2005-04-29 08:26  cegger

* configure.in: use new GGI_GENLIBTOOL macro introduced in
  m4/common.m4, rev 1.2

2005-04-29 08:24  cegger

* m4/common.m4: new macro: GGI_GENLIBTOOL. It generates libtool for
  use of configure. Implementation copied from
  ggi-core/libgii/configure.in, rev 1.160

2005-04-29 07:40  cegger

* m4/Makefile.am: consolidate m4 macros into one common.m4 file
  each GGI lib or extension needs anyway.

2005-04-29 07:07  cegger

* m4/common.m4: consolidate m4 macros into one common.m4 file each
  GGI lib or extension needs anyway.

2005-04-28 11:35  soyt

* ggi/ext.c: fix a bug in ggiExtensionExit. You cannot traverse a
  list to remove elements with a simple FOREACH.

2005-04-24 09:25  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool
  cvs branch-2-0 to version 1.1167.2.219

2005-04-22 12:58  cegger

* display/vcsa/visual.c: Fix warning 'cast expressions as lvalues'.
  This actually fixes compiler error when gcc >= 3.4 is used

2005-04-22 12:54  cegger

* display/tele/libtele.c: accept(2) wants socklen_t as third
  argument on platforms, where socklen_t is available

2005-04-22 12:51  cegger

* display/svgalib/hline.c: Fix warning 'passing arg 1 of
  \'vga_drawscansegment\' discards qualifiers from pointer target

2005-04-22 12:49  cegger

* display/svgalib/box.c: Fix warning 'passing arg 1 of
  \'vga_copytoplanar256\' discards qualifiers from pointer target

2005-04-22 12:47  cegger

* display/palemu/mode.c: cast pointer to void *. Fixes sprintf()
  warning 'void format, ggi_visual arg (arg 3)'

2005-04-22 12:44  cegger

* display/file/ppm.c: make write buffer unsigned. Fixes one of
  three warnings of 'pointer targets in passing arg 2 of
  \'_ggi_file_write_string\' differ in signedness'

2005-04-22 12:37  cegger

* display/fbdev/color.c: nuke unused variable

2005-04-17 19:19  aldot

* TODO: move system.h fixup TODO to correct package

2005-04-17 19:15  aldot

* TODO: add fixing system.h to TODO for 2.2

2005-04-17 18:47  cegger

* doc/man/: ggiCheckMode.3, ggiCopyBox.3, ggiCrossBlit.3,
  ggiDBGetNumBuffers.3, ggiDrawBox.3, ggiDrawHLine.3,
  ggiDrawLine.3, ggiDrawPixel.3, ggiDrawVLine.3, ggiEventSend.3,
  ggiFillscreen.3, ggiFlush.3, ggiGetGamma.3, ggiGetInput.3,
  ggiGetPixelFormat.3, ggiGetc.3, ggiInit.3, ggiJoinInputs.3,
  ggiMapColor.3, ggiOpen.3, ggiPanic.3, ggiParseMode.3, ggiPutc.3,
  ggiResourceAcquire.3, ggiSetColorfulPalette.3,
  ggiSetDisplayFrame.3, ggiSetFlags.3, ggiSetGCClipping.3,
  ggiSetGCForeground.3, ggiSetMode.3, ggiSetOrigin.3,
  ggiSetPalette.3, ggiSetTextMode.3: regen.

2005-04-17 18:43  cegger

* doc/libggi-functions.txt: aldot: a correct manpage reference also
  mentions the manpage section. Fixes manpage generation

2005-04-17 17:51  aldot

* doc/libggi-functions.txt: add a note where to find a description
  of the return values of ggi{Input,Event}* functions.

2005-04-16 20:20  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool
  cvs branch-2-0 to version 1.1167.2.211

2005-04-16 20:01  cegger

* display/X/helper/shm/shm.c: zerofill freed pointers. Fixes crash
  on graceful shutdown.

  XXX: helper-x-shm is NOT responsible for cleaning up things from
  display-X nor from other display-X helpers. Things clash due to
  multiple frees... (security hole?) TODO: Only and only clean up
  XShm actually initiated

2005-04-16 19:51  cegger

* display/X/helper/shm/shm.c: add debug trace on shutdown

2005-04-14 16:06  cegger

* include/ggi/types.h: s/recieves/receives/ - pointed out from
  Bernhard Fischer

2005-04-11 18:33  cegger

* doc/man/: display-auto.7, display-directx.7, display-fbdev.7,
  display-file.7, display-memory.7, display-monotext.7,
  display-multi.7, display-palemu.7, display-quartz.7,
  display-sub.7, display-svgalib.7, display-tele.7,
  display-terminfo.7, display-tile.7, display-trueemu.7,
  display-vcsa.7, display-vgl.7, display-x.7, ggi-demo.1,
  ggiCheckMode.3, ggiCopyBox.3, ggiCrossBlit.3,
  ggiDBGetNumBuffers.3, ggiDrawBox.3, ggiDrawHLine.3,
  ggiDrawLine.3, ggiDrawPixel.3, ggiDrawVLine.3, ggiEventSend.3,
  ggiFillscreen.3, ggiFlush.3, ggiGetGamma.3, ggiGetInput.3,
  ggiGetPixelFormat.3, ggiGetc.3, ggiInit.3, ggiJoinInputs.3,
  ggiMapColor.3, ggiOpen.3, ggiPanic.3, ggiParseMode.3, ggiPutc.3,
  ggiResourceAcquire.3, ggiSetColorfulPalette.3,
  ggiSetDisplayFrame.3, ggiSetFlags.3, ggiSetGCClipping.3,
  ggiSetGCForeground.3, ggiSetMode.3, ggiSetOrigin.3,
  ggiSetPalette.3, ggiSetTextMode.3, ggi_color.3, ggi_colormap.3,
  ggi_directbuffer.3, ggi_mode.3, ggi_pixelformat.3,
  ggiteleserver.1, libggi.7: regenerate

2005-04-11 08:15  cegger

* display/: quartz/man.txt, X/man.txt, directx/man.txt:

2005-04-11 08:02  cegger

* display/X/man.txt: dga and vidmode support is there. Remove hint
  that claims the opposite

2005-04-07 21:33  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool
  cvs branch-2-0 to version 1.1167.2.207

2005-04-04 23:04  neiljp

* doc/libggi-functions.txt: Alter prepended 'DEPRECATED:' on
  ggiSet*Mode documentation title to be appended '[DEPRECATED]';
  hopefully it was the extra comma that confused the online doc
  system (both work fine locally).

2005-03-30 10:09  mooz

* display/X/: mode.c, helper/vidmode/vidmode.c: display/X Input is
  now grabbed when the vidmode extension is in use.

2005-03-29 14:36  mooz

* display/X/helper/vidmode/vidmode.c: x.vidmode : validate didn't
  return the right mode xg86dga : fixed compilation error

2005-03-28 20:33  pekberg

* display/X/box.c, display/X/buffer.c, display/X/color.c,
  display/X/fillscreen.c, display/X/gtext.c, display/X/hline.c,
  display/X/line.c, display/X/mode.c, display/X/pixel.c,
  display/X/visual.c, display/X/vline.c,
  display/X/helper/shm/shm.c, include/ggi/display/x.h: Do not
  ignore mansync in display-x. If xliblock is held while mansync
  tries to flush, the flush is ignored. That can potentially lead
  to no flushes at all, which is not very polite.

  Further, in order to fix display-x to not call X functions
  directly from mansync (which is in signal handler context if
  sigsched is used) the flush has to be delayed somehow, this patch
  solves that issue by using a new lock, named flushlock.

  flushlock is checked every time xliblock is unlocked, which
  happen regularly in input-xwin. So, in the uncontended case the
  actual flush happens from input-xwin and in the contended case
  the flush happens before returning to the app from whatever call
  caused xliblock to be locked when mansync wanted to flush.

  The function pointer priv->lock_xliblock (and the macro
  GGI_X_LOCK_XLIB) is strictly speaking not needed, but I added it
  for symmetry.

2005-03-20 08:53  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool
  cvs branch-2-0 to version 1.1167.2.193

2005-03-16 11:54  pekberg

* display/tele/libtele.c: Remove the timeout in the select call,
  making the tclient_connect function really block until the
  connection attempt has succeeded or failed.

2005-03-16 11:30  pekberg

* display/tele/libtele.c: If a blocking connect is interrupted by a
  signal, it behaves as a non-blocking connect (according to
  SUSv3). Add extra code to properly wait for the connection to
  complete or fail when a signal interrupts a connection attempt.
  This replaces the previous assumption that an interrupted
  blocking connect can be restarted with the original parameters,
  which is not the case on most UNIX implementations.

2005-03-15 12:48  pekberg

* configure.in: Migrate genlibtool handling from libgii

2005-03-14 14:00  pekberg

* configure.in, display/X/box.c, display/X/buffer.c,
  display/X/hline.c, display/X/misc.c, display/X/vline.c: Fall back
  to the old method of creating an image if XInitImage is not
  available, which it isn't on X11R5

2005-03-11 21:13  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool
  cvs branch-2-0 to verison 1.1667.2.175

2005-03-11 20:08  cegger

* default/fbdev/: ati/mach64/visual.c, mga/2164w/visual.c,
  mga/g400/visual.c: Merge patch from Debian Bug #297147 submitted
  by Andreas Jochens:

  Fix invalid lvalue in assignment Makes libggi compile again on
  Linux/amd64 with gcc-4.0.0

  Note, I did not merge the whole patch, because a) it is against
  the ancient libggi 2.0.5 and b) the non-merged parts are already
  in the tree (which slightly differ). Closes Debian Bug #297147

2005-03-11 19:51  cegger

* doc/libggi-functions.txt: ReST formatting fix: length of
  underline must match length of title text

2005-03-11 09:03  pekberg

* display/tele/box.c: If the putbox/getbox is 'tiled' and the
  rightmost tile is not of the same size as the other tiles in that
  row, limit the size of the rightmost tile so that it fits in the
  virtual size of the visual.

2005-03-11 08:36  pekberg

* display/tele/libtele.c: Doh! Exterminate C++-ism.

2005-03-11 05:37  cegger

* doc/man/: display-tele.7, ggiteleserver.1: regen.

2005-03-11 05:35  cegger

* display/tele/man.txt: remove double backticks. Within a literal
  block, they have no meaning.

2005-03-10 14:29  pekberg

* display/tele/man.txt: Describe the possibility to use Unix domain
  sockets in ggiteleserver.

2005-03-10 14:27  pekberg

* display/tele/libtele.c: Reenable the possibility to specify which
  ggiteleserver display to connect to. This feature was lost in a
  security 'fix'.

2005-03-10 14:18  pekberg

* display/tele/man.txt: Attempt to describe how to setup
  display-tele and ggiteleserver for them to interact.

2005-03-09 11:04  pekberg

* include/ggi/internal/ggi_debug.h: Make it compile with gcc 2.8.1

2005-03-05 23:27  cegger

* display/X/color.c: - take the colormap size from the XVisualInfo
  given as argument, not from the private structure - turn an
  APP_ASSERT into a LIB_ASSERT. It's not applications fault, when
  display-x thinks != DirectColor means == TrueColor - add
  assertion for DirectColor X visuals

2005-03-05 23:04  cegger

* display/X/color.c: also take the colormap size from the
  XVisualInfo for the clut. Saves some memory.

2005-03-05 22:52  cegger

* display/X/color.c: do not calculate the colormap size. Simply
  take it from the XVisualInfo. This works always. Fixes X error in
  XStoreColor() when colormap size is < 256. This fix also makes
  programs/check/palette work on Solaris/sparc64

2005-03-03 11:26  mooz

* display/X/color.c: The colormap (priv->cmap) was not installed.
  That's why programs/check/palette didn't display the right color.
  (i don't know if priv->cmap2 needs to be installed. anyone?)

2005-03-02 20:11  pekberg

* display/X/color.c, include/ggi/display/x.h: Back out fix for
  palette bug when specifying GGI_DONTCARE as index, as the fix
  breaks the colormap concept.

2005-03-02 14:36  pekberg

* display/X/color.c, include/ggi/display/x.h: Fix palette bug when
  specifying GGI_DONTCARE as index.

2005-02-26 18:31  cegger

* doc/man/: ggiSetMode.3, ggiSetTextMode.3, Makefile.am,
  ggiCheckMode.3, ggiCopyBox.3, ggiCrossBlit.3,
  ggiDBGetNumBuffers.3, ggiDrawBox.3, ggiDrawHLine.3,
  ggiDrawLine.3, ggiDrawPixel.3, ggiDrawVLine.3, ggiEventSend.3,
  ggiFillscreen.3, ggiFlush.3, ggiGetGamma.3, ggiGetInput.3,
  ggiGetPixelFormat.3, ggiGetc.3, ggiInit.3, ggiJoinInputs.3,
  ggiMapColor.3, ggiOpen.3, ggiPanic.3, ggiParseMode.3, ggiPutc.3,
  ggiResourceAcquire.3, ggiSetColorfulPalette.3,
  ggiSetDisplayFrame.3, ggiSetFlags.3, ggiSetGCClipping.3,
  ggiSetGCForeground.3, ggiSetGraphMode.3, ggiSetOrigin.3,
  ggiSetPalette.3, ggiSetSimpleMode.3, libggi.7: regen.

2005-02-26 18:26  neiljp

* doc/libggi-functions.txt: Move deprecated ggiSet*Mode functions
  to their own man page, rewording and emphasising the recommended
  use of ggiCheck*Mode and ggiSetMode instead

2005-02-26 18:21  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool
  cvs branch-2-0 to version 1.1667.2.166

2005-02-23 14:13  pekberg

* configure.in, programs/demos/cube3d.c: Make the cube3d demo work
  on win32 using MSVC.

2005-02-23 05:30  orzo

* doc/checkmode.txt: * checkmode.txt: corrected spelling and made
  minor clarifications

2005-02-23 03:06  orzo

* doc/checkmode.txt: Added checkmode.txt documenting Generic
  Checkmode API.

2005-02-22 09:17  cegger

* display/X/misc.c: remove dead code in _ggi_x_create_ximage()

2005-02-22 09:14  cegger

* display/X/helper/shm/shm.c: take bit and byte order information
  from the Xserver

2005-02-19 00:57  orzo

* configure.in: Test for XFree86-DGA version 2.0.  Prior versions
  are not supported by helper-x-dga.

2005-02-18 23:53  orzo

* display/X/helper/dga/dga.c: Updated helper-x-dga to open
  input-xf86dga instead of input-dga which doesn't exist.

2005-02-18 16:28  orzo

* display/X/: misc.c, mode.c, helper/dga/dga.c: * Enabled keyboard
  input for helper-x-dga.  * Changed the creation of xpriv->gc and
  xpriv->tempgc to use dga-compatible       drawable instead of
  window.  * cosmetic changes to misc.c

2005-02-17 23:23  cegger

* ltmain.sh: pass -pthread like flags to the linker when linking
  executables too. Now libtool tracks -pthread dependency correctly

2005-02-16 06:13  cegger

* display/X/visual.c: do not include <ggi/internal/gg_replace.h>
  _before_ <stdint.h>. Otherwise this problem arises:

  #ifndef intptr_t #define intptr_t  intptr_t #endif

  This means, intptr_t gets declared to itself.

  In NetBSD's and OpenBSD's <stdint.h> you find this:

  #ifndef intptr_t typedef __intptr_t intptr_t; #define intptr_t
     __intptr_t #endif

  Now the fact intptr_t is already #defined by gg_replace.h,
  intptr_t does not get declared at all leading to an build

  Rule: Always include libc headers _before_ gg_replace.h

2005-02-15 22:44  cegger

* TODO: update helper-x-dbe item with information from discussion
  with skids

2005-02-15 08:13  cegger

* default/fbdev/ati/mach64/README: note, checkmode has been
  rewritten and this GT_DEPTH bug might have been fixed, but has
  not been verified yet.

2005-02-15 08:07  cegger

* display/trueemu/mode.c: kill warning 'void format, ggi_visual arg
  (arg 3)'

2005-02-15 06:25  cegger

* autogen.sh: We now require automake 1.9.5 to benefit from
  bugfixes and a license change:

  All m4 files have been relicensed under an all-permissive

  Previously they used a GPL license, and an all-permissive license
  was prepended when they were copied into aclocal.m4, leading to
  some confusion.

2005-02-15 06:05  cegger

* compile, config.guess, config.sub, depcomp, install-sh, missing,
  mkinstalldirs: update to versions shipped with automake 1.9.5

2005-02-14 19:39  cegger

* include/ggi/display/modelist.h: some platforms have intptr_t
  declaration in <inttypes.h>. Issue found by autobuilder

2005-02-14 19:26  cegger

* display/fbdev/mode.c: move variable definitions to the
  initialization section. Remove double initialization of
  saved_timing. Fixes build failure found by autobuilder

2005-02-12 13:23  cegger

* display/X/fillscreen.c: move ggi_x_priv assignment below
  initialization part. Fixes build failure found by autobuilder

2005-02-10 21:47  cegger

* display/X/misc.c: some more fixes to _ggi_x_create_ximage(). It
  works again. - set bitmap_unit and bitmap_pad to 0 - do not
  trust XInitImage() to calculate bytes_per_line right - remove
  some wrong casts to unsigned

2005-02-10 20:32  cegger

* display/X/: hline.c, vline.c: check for failure of
  _ggi_x_create_ximage().  XXX: This may hide a bug in

2005-02-10 18:49  cegger

* display/X/box.c: check for failure of _ggi_x_create_ximage().
  Fixes ggiterm crash on visual bell.

  XXX: This may hide a bug in misc.c:_ggi_x_create_ximage()

2005-02-10 18:44  cegger

* display/X/misc.c: use values from X server to fill the ximage
  byte_order, bitmap_bit_order, bitmap_unit and bitmap_pad values.

2005-02-10 18:06  cegger

* display/X/helper/dga/dga.c: fix c++ ism. Make it compile on
  NetBSD/i386. Found by autobuilder

2005-02-10 16:42  orzo

* display/X/: fillscreen.c, mode.c: Fixed _GGI_X_checkmode_adapt()
  to handle fullscreen properly.  Removed extra #define CLIPSIZE in

2005-02-10 04:57  orzo

* display/common/modelist.inc, include/ggi/display/modelist.h:
  Checkmode API: will now return GGI_ENODEVICE if update() is never
  called.  modelist.h now includes gg_replace.h.  Added rule to
  prefer greater physical sizes to smaller ones.

2005-02-10 04:55  orzo

* display/X/box.c, display/X/buffer.c, display/X/fillscreen.c,
  display/X/hline.c, display/X/misc.c, display/X/mode.c,
  display/X/visual.c, display/X/vline.c, include/ggi/display/x.h:
  display-x: now uses it's own function to prepare XImages as
  XCreateImage requires a Visual.  The old _ggi_x_create_ximage()
  was renamed to _ggi_x_createfb().  Fixed fillscreen to use other
  colors besides black.  checkmode_adapt() and checkmode_adjust()
  are now overloadable by extensions (for vidmode).

2005-02-09 17:20  mooz

* display/X/helper/vidmode/vidmode.c: Removed pointer type warning

2005-02-09 09:27  cegger

* ggi/init.c: revert previous commit. Actually two bytes are
  needed: One for the slash and one for the terminator.  Update
  comment.  Spotted by Peter Ekberg

2005-02-09 09:09  cegger

* ggi/init.c: allocate one more byte for the additional slash in

2005-02-09 07:38  cegger

* programs/regress/mapcolor.c: call ggiSetColorfulPalette() for
  palette modes.

2005-02-09 06:34  orzo

* display/common/modelist.inc, display/fbdev/mode.c,
  include/ggi/display/modelist.h: Oops, the update to use intptr_t
  for mode_extra in checkmode API didn't take.

2005-02-09 06:28  orzo

* display/X/helper/dga/dga.c: Fixed warnings concerning mode_extra
  parameter in checkmode code.

2005-02-09 06:17  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool cvs branch-2-0
  to version 1.1667.2.158

2005-02-09 06:09  orzo

* display/X/: misc.c, mode.c: Changed checkmode API to use intptr_t
  for mode_extra instead of void *.  Also more cleanup of setmode()
  for display-x.

2005-02-08 10:28  orzo

* display/common/modelist.inc: Changed logic in generic checkmode.
  Color depth should be maximized instead of minimized when GT_AUTO
  is specified.

2005-02-08 10:02  cegger

* display/X/mode.c: add debug code that tells the visual id. With
  this information you can figure out with xdpyinfo, which visual
  has been taken.

2005-02-07 20:18  cegger

* display/quartz/mode.c: checkmode: return GGI_ENOMATCH rather -1

2005-02-07 19:25  cegger

* display/X/helper/dga/dga.c: code indentation cleanup. Fix c++
  variable declaration

2005-02-07 17:03  mooz

* display/X/helper/vidmode/vidmode.c: Modified vidmode helper in
  order to use the new setmode scheme

2005-02-07 12:19  pekberg

* display/directx/mode.c: When checking a mode with only a physical
  size (rest GGI_AUTO), make sure the physical size is updated if
  the resulting visual does not fit on the screen.

2005-02-07 11:20  pekberg

* programs/regress/mode.c: New test that checks what happens when
  checking a mode with lots of GGI_AUTO but a braindamaged physical

2005-02-07 07:27  orzo

* display/X/fillscreen.c, display/X/misc.c, display/X/mode.c,
  display/X/visual.c, display/X/helper/dga/dga.c,
  display/X/helper/shm/shm.c, include/ggi/display/x.h: Major
  cleanup of the x target.  Now uses _GGI_generic_checkmode_*
  functions.  Created boolean xpriv->ok_to_resize that is tested
  instead of testing the value of opdisplay->checkmode which now
  always points to one function that can behave as either
  checkmode_normal or checkmode_fixed. setmode is similarly merged
  into one function.  display-x's fillscreen was adjusted to use
  DrawRectangle instead of ClearWindow to be useful for dga modes.
  The dga helper is started and can set the mode but has no input.

2005-02-06 13:08  cegger

* display/fbdev/mode.c: do not define a variable within logic. This
  is allowed in C++, but not in C. Fixes various buildfailures
  found on autobuilder.

2005-02-06 13:03  cegger

* display/common/modelist.inc: do not define a variable within
  logic. Fixes various buildfailures found on autobuilder.

2005-02-03 18:12  orzo

* display/fbdev/mode.c: Altered display/fbdev/mode.c to make use of
  Generic CheckMode API

2005-02-03 18:10  orzo

* include/ggi/display/xf86dga.h: Alters display-dga to make use of
  Generic CheckMode API

2005-02-03 18:06  orzo

* display/common/modelist.inc, include/ggi/display/modelist.h:
  Generic CheckMode API implemented in modelist.inc

2005-02-03 00:19  cegger

* display/fbdev/: color.c, mode.c, visual.c: break
  GGI_fbdev_color_reset() into two functions: GGI_fbdev_color0()
  and GGI_fbdev_color_free() The shutdown process now only calls

  Fixes SF Bug #1097754 -

2005-02-01 21:08  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool
  cvs branch-2-0 to version 1.1667.2.149

2005-01-31 18:51  skids

  Some expansion/clarification on a few points.

2005-01-31 18:34  cegger

* display/common/modelist.inc, include/ggi/display/modelist.h,
  include/ggi/display/xf86dga.h: ident -kr -i8 patch form urz (IRC)

2005-01-29 13:52  cegger

* display/quartz/mode.c, display/quartz/quartz.h,
  include/ggi/display/quartz.h: add second parameter to
  GGI_quartz_updateWindowContext() that tells it if manual refresh
  is needed.

2005-01-29 08:47  cegger

* programs/check/findleaks.c: #include config.h. It is needed to
  get HAVE_UNISTD_H defined. Makes this compile again.

  Patch from urz (IRC)

2005-01-28 22:31  cegger

* display/quartz/mode.c: no need to run the same instruction twice

2005-01-28 12:20  cegger

* display/quartz/visual.c: remove disabled code

2005-01-28 10:06  cegger

* display/quartz/mode.c: pass GII_QZFLAG_UPDATE_WINDOW to the new
  .flag member in gii_quartz_cmddata_setparam, when a mode is set
  the first time - which means a window reference is available

2005-01-27 20:09  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool
  cvs branch-2-0 to version 1.1667.2.141

2005-01-27 10:04  pekberg

* display/directx/mode.c: Do less work when ggiSetMode is used to
  only resize the current mode.

2005-01-27 08:17  pekberg

* display/directx/ddinit.c, include/ggi/display/directx.h,
  display/directx/mode.c, display/directx/visual.c: Change locking
  in the directx target to use a mutex instead of a critical
  section. The ordinary ggLock can't be used as the ggLock is not
  reentrant by the thread that owns the lock, a feature required by
  the window procedure.  The reentrance feature *could* be supplied
  by ggLocks, but only by introducing more locks, which would hurt
  performance. Critical sections can't be used as the entry point
  TryEnterCriticalSection does not exist on Win9x/ME.

2005-01-25 12:01  pekberg

* ggi/ext.c, ggi/init.c, include/ggi/display/multi.h,
  include/ggi/internal/structs.h: structs are apparently required
  to have names on MSVC.

2005-01-25 11:54  pekberg

* include/ggi/internal/ggi_debug.h: MSVC does not have variadic

2005-01-25 11:53  pekberg

* programs/check/cbconsist.c: Replace getopt() if it's missing.

2005-01-25 11:52  pekberg

* programs/regress/testsuite.inc.c: Replace getopt() if it's
  missing.  #define printassert to nothing on MSVC as it does not
  have variadic macros.

2005-01-25 11:50  pekberg

* programs/: check/showaccel.c, demos/flying_ggis.c: Only #include
  <unistd.h> and <sys/time.h> if they're there.

2005-01-25 11:48  pekberg

* display/directx/Makefile.am: Add dependency on user32.dll

2005-01-25 11:47  pekberg

* display/tele/events.c, display/tele/text.c, display/tile/mode.c,
  programs/check/findleaks.c, programs/demos/demo.c,
  programs/demos/stars.c: Only #include <unistd.h> if it's there.

2005-01-25 11:43  pekberg

* display/mansync/mansync.c: #warning is not portable

2005-01-24 22:12  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool
  cvs branch-2-0 version 1.1667.2.137

2005-01-23 21:57  nsouch

* default/kgi/ATI/Mach64/mach64_accel.h,
  default/kgi/Matrox/Gx00/Gx00_accel.h, display/kgi/accel.c,
  display/kgi/color.c, display/kgi/kgi.c, display/kgi/visual.c:
  Include ggi_debug.h for DPRINT

2005-01-23 21:42  nsouch

* display/kgi/mode.c: Include ggi_debug.h for DPRINT

2005-01-20 21:20  cegger

* default/color/color.c: GGI_color_setpalvec(): remove one
  indentation level

2005-01-19 20:55  pekberg

* display/directx/: ddinit.c, ddinit.h: Spin in a less contentious
  way when a window update is needed.  Improves the wmhtest program

2005-01-19 07:54  cegger

* display/quartz/: mode.c, quartz.h, visual.c: implement

  It updates the internal window context, useful for resizing w/o
  requiring to destroy/re-create the whole window.

2005-01-19 07:43  cegger

* include/ggi/display/quartz.h: add new function:

  It updates the internal window context, useful for resizing w/o
  requiring to destroy/recreate the whole window.  It is exported
  for use in extensions like libggiwmh

2005-01-18 20:22  cegger

* programs/regress/mode.c: add testcase6 and testcase7: Test if
  re-setting of a different mode works - one time in async mode
  (disables mansync if used), one time in sync mode (enables
  mansync if used)

2005-01-18 19:40  cegger

* display/quartz/Makefile.am, display/quartz/color.c,
  display/quartz/gc.c, display/quartz/mode.c,
  display/quartz/quartz.h, display/quartz/visual.c,
  include/ggi/display/quartz.h: move function declarations we do
  not export for use of libggi extensions to internal header

2005-01-16 14:34  cegger

* doc/man/display-sub.7: regen.

2005-01-16 14:33  cegger

* display/sub/man.txt: - put (0,0) coordinate in brackets -

  Suggestions by Neil Pilgrim

2005-01-16 14:24  cegger

* doc/man/display-sub.7: regen.

2005-01-16 14:23  cegger

* display/sub/man.txt: add a warning/important paragraph:

  It is possible to have 0,0 as upper,left corner. But beware, 0
  means GGI_AUTO and therefore it may get overriden by GGI_DEFMODE
  enironment variable. In this case, you may get undesired results.

2005-01-14 09:38  pekberg

* default/linear_8/crossblit.c, display/X/visual.c,
  display/directx/mode.c, display/directx/visual.c,
  display/kgi/visual.c, display/memory/visual.c,
  display/suidkgi/suidbridge.c, ggi/internal.c, ggi/mode.c: Make
  sure users of functions that might be replaced use the versions
  in libgg if the functions supplied by the system are

2005-01-13 23:15  cegger

* ggi/init.c: ggiInit(): simplify algorithm. Now there is a much
  better error checking.

2005-01-13 22:46  cegger

* ggi/: Makefile.am, init.c, swar.c, swar.h: refactor: move swar
  support out from init.c into swar.c/h

2005-01-13 22:17  cegger

* ggi/: Makefile.am, ext.c, ext.h, init.c: refactor: move extension
  handling out of init.c into ext.c.  Call ggiExtensionInit() in
  ggiInit() and ggiExtensionExit() in ggiExit(). Declare
  ggiExtensionInit() and ggiExtensionExit() in ext.h rather in
  <ggi/internal/internal.h> as they are NOT exported to extensions
  or any other modules.

2005-01-13 21:18  cegger

* ggi/init.c: ggiOpen(): do not call va_end(drivers) twice times.

2005-01-13 21:04  cegger

* ggi/init.c: ggiOpen(): introduce MAX_TARGET_LEN rather hardcoding

2005-01-13 20:54  cegger

* ggi/init.c: HAVE_EXTENSIONS was logical inverted. Introduce
  HAVE_NO_EXTENSIONS and adapt the conditions so that they mean how
  they read

2005-01-13 19:34  cegger

* ggi/init.c: add some macros for the extension list. Simplifies
  code reading.

2005-01-13 19:14  cegger

* ggi/init.c: ggiExtensionRegister(): There is no need to check if
  the extension list is empty or not. Simplifies the list

2005-01-13 19:05  cegger

* ggi/init.c: empty _ggiExtension list in ggiExit() on shutdown the
  right way. Add an assertion, that the list is actually empty.
  Fixes a crash on graceful display-x exit.

2005-01-13 11:47  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltoptions.m4, m4/ltsugar.m4,
  m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool cvs branch-2-0 version

2005-01-11 23:57  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool cvs branch-2-0
  version 1.1667.2.127

2005-01-06 23:08  cegger

* display/X/helper/shm/shm.c: re-order pointer assignments. Fixes
  warning about signment differences.

2005-01-06 22:56  cegger

* display/X/visual.c: add debug code to GGIclose()

2005-01-06 12:04  cegger

* display/X/: hline.c, vline.c, buffer.c: XCreateImage() expects
  6th arg as char *. So cast explicitely to it. Fixes gcc warnings
  on Solaris/sparc64

2005-01-05 13:48  soyt

* include/ggi/internal/ggi_debug.h: use my personal email address

2005-01-04 13:08  pekberg

* display/directx/: Makefile.am, cursor.inc, ddinit.c: Split out
  the cursor graphics to a new file.

2005-01-04 10:22  pekberg

* display/directx/ddinit.c: WindowProc is a local function, declare
  it static.

2005-01-03 14:38  cegger

* display/memory/visual.c: correct comment in GGIopen(): We already
  have a generic pixelformat parser in GGI core, namely

2005-01-03 13:11  pekberg

* display/directx/ddinit.c: Use pthreads for the helper thread on
  Cygwin, so that the helper thread can grab locks in gii.
  Implement switch requests so that the app is made aware of user

2005-01-03 13:07  pekberg

* display/directx/: ddinit.c, mode.c, visual.c: Debug output

2005-01-01 22:56  mooz

* display/X/EXPSYMS: Removed _ggi_x_fit_geometry

2005-01-01 22:54  mooz

* display/X/: EXPSYMS, mode.c, helper/vidmode/vidmode.c: Some bugs
  were fixed in vidmode helper. A dirty hack was introduced in
  GGI_X_checkmode_normal and GGI_X_checkmode_fixed in order to
  recompute virtual (if it was specified as GGI_AUTO) and physical
  size after mode validation.

2004-12-30 22:20  cegger

* display/quartz/mode.c: when tryflag == 0, _ggiInternFlush() is
  called from helper-mansync. In this case, there is no need to
  disable and re-enable mansync. This actually results in a speed
  gain on sync mode.

2004-12-30 20:22  cegger

* display/quartz/visual.c: disable the 'maximize' and 'window
  close' bottons and do not allow resizing. libggiwmh is
  responsible for providing these features.

2004-12-30 17:28  cegger

* display/auto/: os/darwin.c, target/quartz.c, target/target.am,
  target/target.h: add display-quartz(7) to the auto-detection list
  at the top on darwin, so that it is the primary target on MacOSX

2004-12-29 22:18  cegger

* configure.in, programs/regress/Makefile.am,
  programs/regress/display.quartz/mansync.c: add mansync regression
  test for display-quartz

2004-12-29 20:51  cegger

* Makefile.am, default/Makefile.am, default/color/Makefile.am,
  default/common/Makefile.am, default/fbdev/Makefile.am,
  default/fbdev/mga/g400/Makefile.am, default/ilbm/Makefile.am,
  default/iplanar_2p/Makefile.am, default/kgi/Makefile.am,
  default/kgi/ATI/Makefile.am, default/kgi/ATI/Mach64/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_1/Makefile.am, default/linear_16/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_1_r/Makefile.am, default/linear_2/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_24/Makefile.am, default/linear_32/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_4/Makefile.am, default/linear_4_r/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_8/Makefile.am, default/planar/Makefile.am,
  default/pseudo_stubs/Makefile.am, default/stubs/Makefile.am,
  default/text_16/Makefile.am, default/text_32/Makefile.am,
  display/Makefile.am, display/X/Makefile.am,
  display/X/helper/Makefile.am, display/X/helper/dbe/Makefile.am,
  display/X/helper/vidmode/Makefile.am, display/aa/Makefile.am,
  display/auto/Makefile.am, display/common/Makefile.am,
  display/directx/Makefile.am, display/fbdev/Makefile.am,
  display/file/Makefile.am, display/glide/Makefile.am,
  display/ipc/Makefile.am, display/kgi/Makefile.am,
  display/lcd823/Makefile.am, display/libkgi/Makefile.am,
  display/linvtsw/Makefile.am, display/mansync/Makefile.am,
  display/memory/Makefile.am, display/monotext/Makefile.am,
  display/multi/Makefile.am, display/palemu/Makefile.am,
  display/quartz/Makefile.am, display/sub/Makefile.am,
  display/svgalib/Makefile.am, display/tele/Makefile.am,
  display/terminfo/Makefile.am, display/tile/Makefile.am,
  display/trueemu/Makefile.am, display/vcsa/Makefile.am,
  display/vgagl/Makefile.am, display/vgl/Makefile.am,
  dist/Makefile.am, dist/rpm/Makefile.am, doc/Makefile.am,
  doc/man/Makefile.am, extensions/Makefile.am,
  extensions/test/Makefile.am, ggi/Makefile.am,
  include/Makefile.am, include/ggi/Makefile.am,
  include/ggi/default/Makefile.am, include/ggi/display/Makefile.am,
  include/ggi/internal/font/Makefile.am, m4/Makefile.am,
  programs/Makefile.am, programs/check/Makefile.am,
  programs/demos/Makefile.am, programs/demos/warp-ggi/Makefile.am,
  programs/util/Makefile.am, programs/util/monitest/Makefile.am:
  add new Makefile target: maintainer-clean:

  maintainer-clean unconditionally removes all autogenerated files.
  It leaves the tree in a state comparable to a fresh CVS checkout.
   Patch from Tobias Hunger.

2004-12-29 15:03  cegger

* display/quartz/mode.c: do not flush as long as no mode has been
  set up. The Quartz context becomes valid in setmode. This case
  occurs at startup when we are in sync mode and mansync starts up.

2004-12-29 11:07  cegger

* doc/man/display-quartz.7: regen.

2004-12-29 11:04  cegger

* display/quartz/man.txt: document the new -nomansync option

2004-12-29 11:01  cegger

* display/quartz/: man.txt, mode.c, visual.c: implement mansync
  support. syncronous mode now works

2004-12-29 10:13  cegger

* include/ggi/display/quartz.h: add interface for mansync support

2004-12-28 21:26  cegger

* display/quartz/visual.c: bugfix: do not set gii_input pointer to
  NULL w/o any reason.

2004-12-28 18:50  cegger

* config.guess, config.sub, install-sh: update to the versions
  shipped with automake 1.9.4

2004-12-28 18:28  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool
  cvs branch-2-0 version 1.1667.2.118

2004-12-28 15:45  cegger

* display/quartz/mode.c: move debug code to the right debug levels
  (mode, misc)

2004-12-27 22:55  cegger

* display/X/box.c: cast data to (char *) as requested by
  XCreateImage().  Fixes warning: 'passing arg 6 of XCreateImage
  discards qualifiers from pointer target type'

2004-12-27 22:42  cegger

* include/ggi/display/quartz.h: forgot to commit previously. This
  header has been updated during the display-quartz rewrite from

2004-12-27 21:44  cegger

* doc/man/: display-directx.7, display-x.7: regen.

2004-12-27 20:57  cegger

* doc/man/display-quartz.7: regen.

2004-12-27 20:50  cegger

* display/quartz/: Makefile.am, color.c, gc.c, man.txt, mode.c,
  visual.c: Here we go:

  rewrite display-quartz from scratch: display-quartz uses the
  MacOSX Quartz/Carbon API. display-quartz now is another windowed
  target.  It uses input-quartz for input. It is slow because of
  missing hw acceleration, but all regression tests (except mode,
  testcase1) pass.  mplayer works, for ggiterm, input-quartz needs
  some more work to be usable, though.

  MacOSX 10.2.8 (Jaguar) is required. Update display-quartz(7)

2004-12-27 20:46  pekberg

* display/directx/man.txt: Mention -fullscreen in the Synopsis.
  Add some logical relations between the options.

2004-12-27 20:40  cegger

* display/X/man.txt: add missing '>' after <winid. Pointed out by
  Peter Ekberg

2004-12-25 23:17  cegger

* programs/regress/: Makefile.am, mapcolor.c: add regression test
  for color mapping. testcase1 tests ggiMapColor()/ggiUnmapPixel().
  Testcase for ggiPackColors()/ggiUnpackPixels() missing.

2004-12-25 22:16  cegger

* programs/regress/mode.c: testcase3: do not open the memory
  target. Open the default target instead. Allows testing of frame
  support also on other targets than display-memory

2004-12-25 15:52  cegger

* display/X/helper/shm/shm.c: Do correct overflow check: When we
  start writing into a string from position i, then maxlength is
  maxlength minus i.

2004-12-25 15:46  cegger

* display/X/buffer.c: Do correct overflow check: When we start
  writing into a string from position i, then maxlength is
  maxlength minus i.

2004-12-22 13:13  cegger

* checkversion.sh: use 'head -n 1' than 'head -1'. Last form is
  depricated. Patch from Tobias Hunger.

2004-12-14 20:39  cegger

* ggi/stubs.c: use K&R coding style.

2004-12-14 13:43  pekberg

* configure.in: libgalloc was renamed to libggigalloc

2004-12-13 17:37  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool
  cvs branch-2-0 version 1.1667.2.100

2004-12-12 14:47  neiljp

* ggi/: init.c, stubs.c: Minor ggiInit tweak, plus add w,h
  bounds-checking to ggiFlushRegion stub

2004-12-10 23:46  neiljp

* ggi/stubs.c: Fix location of parentheses in error checking of
  ggiPackColors stub

2004-12-08 08:36  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/debug_macros.h: sync up with revision 1.6 of

  'fmt' becomes 'form'. Finally, it is in a working state again.

2004-12-08 07:25  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/debug_macros.h: sync up with revision 1.5 of

  disable DPRINTIF that is meant for compatibility. Fixes build
  problems due to re-declaration.

2004-12-07 18:32  pekberg

* doc/README.directx: Mention that building in dirs with spaces is

2004-12-07 09:01  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/debug_macros.h: sync with rev. 1.4:

  More work on the debug framework - multiple debug level - macros
  for defining debug context

2004-12-01 23:38  cegger

* doc/man/: ggiCheckMode.3, ggiCopyBox.3, ggiCrossBlit.3,
  ggiDBGetNumBuffers.3, ggiDrawBox.3, ggiDrawHLine.3,
  ggiDrawLine.3, ggiDrawPixel.3, ggiDrawVLine.3, ggiEventSend.3,
  ggiFillscreen.3, ggiFlush.3, ggiGetGamma.3, ggiGetInput.3,
  ggiGetPixelFormat.3, ggiGetc.3, ggiInit.3, ggiJoinInputs.3,
  ggiMapColor.3, ggiOpen.3, ggiPanic.3, ggiParseMode.3, ggiPutc.3,
  ggiResourceAcquire.3, ggiSetColorfulPalette.3,
  ggiSetDisplayFrame.3, ggiSetFlags.3, ggiSetGCClipping.3,
  ggiSetGCForeground.3, ggiSetMode.3, ggiSetOrigin.3,
  ggiSetPalette.3: regen.

2004-12-01 23:08  cegger

* default/kgi/ATI/Radeon/box.c, default/kgi/ATI/Radeon/line.c,
  default/linear_1/hline.c, default/linear_1/vline.c,
  default/linear_16/box.c, default/linear_16/hline.c,
  default/linear_16/vline.c, default/linear_24/box.c,
  default/linear_24/hline.c, default/linear_24/vline.c,
  default/linear_32/box.c, default/linear_32/hline.c,
  default/linear_32/vline.c, default/linear_4/hline.c,
  default/linear_4/vline.c, default/linear_4_r/hline.c,
  default/linear_4_r/vline.c, default/linear_8/box.c,
  default/linear_8/hline.c, default/linear_8/vline.c,
  default/linmm_banked/hline.c, default/linmm_banked/vline.c,
  default/stubs/box.c, default/stubs/hline.c,
  default/stubs/vline.c, display/X/box.c, display/X/hline.c,
  display/X/vline.c, display/glide/box.c, display/glide/line.c,
  display/libkgi/drawops.c, display/monotext/draw.c,
  display/multi/stubs.c, display/palemu/draw.c,
  display/sub/stubs.c, display/svgalib/box.c,
  display/svgalib/hline.c, display/tele/box.c,
  display/tile/stubs.c, display/trueemu/stubs.c,
  display/vcsa/draw.c, display/vgagl/box.c, display/vgagl/hline.c,
  display/vgagl/vline.c, display/vgl/draw.c,
  doc/libggi-functions.txt, ggi/stubs.c, include/ggi/ggi.h,
  include/ggi/display/x.h, include/ggi/internal/dltypes.h: constify
  buf argument of ggiPutHLine(3), ggiPutVLine(3) and ggiPutBox(3).
  Patch from Neil Pilgrim

2004-11-30 21:31  cegger

* NEWS: merge revisions - from stable branch-2-1:

  add release notes for libggi 2.1.0

2004-11-30 21:20  cegger

* NEWS: merge revisions - from stable branch_2_0:

  add release notes for libggi 2.0.7

2004-11-30 14:53  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool
  cvs branch-2-0 version 1.1667.2.95

2004-11-30 08:07  cegger

* display/linvtsw/Makefile.am: don't set AM_CPPFLAGS twice.
  Prevents to override itself. Now DEBUG_NAMESPACE is actually

2004-11-29 19:51  soyt

* default/color/Makefile.am, default/fbdev/ati/mach64/Makefile.am,
  default/fbdev/mga/g400/Makefile.am, default/ilbm/Makefile.am,
  default/ioctl/Makefile.am, default/iplanar_2p/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_1/Makefile.am, default/linear_16/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_1_r/Makefile.am, default/linear_2/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_24/Makefile.am, default/linear_32/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_4/Makefile.am, default/linear_4_r/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_8/Makefile.am, default/linmm_banked/Makefile.am,
  default/planar/Makefile.am, default/pseudo_stubs/Makefile.am,
  default/ramdac/Makefile.am, default/stubs/Makefile.am,
  default/text_16/Makefile.am, default/text_32/Makefile.am,
  display/X/Makefile.am, display/X/helper/dbe/Makefile.am,
  display/X/helper/vidmode/Makefile.am, display/aa/Makefile.am,
  display/auto/Makefile.am, display/directx/Makefile.am,
  display/fbdev/Makefile.am, display/file/Makefile.am,
  display/glide/Makefile.am, display/ipc/Makefile.am,
  display/kgi/Makefile.am, display/lcd823/Makefile.am,
  display/libkgi/Makefile.am, display/linvtsw/Makefile.am,
  display/mansync/Makefile.am, display/memory/Makefile.am,
  display/monotext/Makefile.am, display/multi/Makefile.am,
  display/palemu/Makefile.am, display/quartz/Makefile.am,
  display/sub/Makefile.am, display/suidkgi/Makefile.am,
  display/svgalib/Makefile.am, display/tele/Makefile.am,
  display/terminfo/Makefile.am, display/tile/Makefile.am,
  display/trueemu/Makefile.am, display/vcsa/Makefile.am,
  display/vgagl/Makefile.am, display/vgl/Makefile.am,
  ggi/Makefile.am, programs/regress/Makefile.am: - change AM_CFLAGS
  to AM_CPPFLAGS - use '.' rather than ':' in DEBUG_NAMESPACE

2004-11-28 08:56  cegger

* doc/man/: ggi_color.3, ggi_colormap.3, ggi_directbuffer.3,
  ggi_mode.3, ggi_pixelformat.3: regen.

2004-11-28 08:56  cegger

* doc/libggi-structures.txt: ggi_mode(3): Remove superflous blank
  between GT_SUBSCHEME(gt) and the following blank. This prevents
  the line wrapping and the last closing bracket no longer appears
  on the next line

2004-11-27 23:36  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool
  cvs branch-2-0 version 1.1667.2.88

2004-11-27 23:24  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/debug_macros.h: sync with rev 1.3 from

2004-11-27 23:10  soyt

* include/ggi/: display/xevi.h, internal/unit.h: use coherent
  notation for header protection

2004-11-27 20:03  soyt

* default/color/color.c, default/ramdac/color.c,
  display/directx/mode.c, display/vgl/draw.c, ggi/stubs.c: Perform
  NULL pointer checks in stub functions rather than in underlying
  module code. Suggestion and patch by neiljp.

2004-11-27 18:45  soyt

* default/color/Makefile.am, default/color/color.c,
  default/fbdev/mga/g400/Makefile.am, default/ilbm/Makefile.am,
  default/ioctl/Makefile.am, default/iplanar_2p/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_1/Makefile.am, default/linear_16/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_1_r/Makefile.am, default/linear_2/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_24/Makefile.am, default/linear_32/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_4/Makefile.am, default/linear_4_r/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_8/Makefile.am, default/linmm_banked/Makefile.am,
  default/planar/Makefile.am, default/pseudo_stubs/Makefile.am,
  default/ramdac/Makefile.am, default/stubs/Makefile.am,
  default/text_16/Makefile.am, default/text_32/Makefile.am,
  display/X/Makefile.am, display/X/helper/dbe/Makefile.am,
  display/X/helper/vidmode/Makefile.am, display/aa/Makefile.am,
  display/auto/Makefile.am, display/directx/Makefile.am,
  display/fbdev/Makefile.am, display/file/Makefile.am,
  display/glide/Makefile.am, display/ipc/Makefile.am,
  display/kgi/Makefile.am, display/lcd823/Makefile.am,
  display/libkgi/Makefile.am, display/linvtsw/Makefile.am,
  display/mansync/Makefile.am, display/memory/Makefile.am,
  display/monotext/Makefile.am, display/multi/Makefile.am,
  display/palemu/Makefile.am, display/quartz/Makefile.am,
  display/sub/Makefile.am, display/suidkgi/Makefile.am,
  display/svgalib/Makefile.am, display/tele/Makefile.am,
  display/terminfo/Makefile.am, display/tile/Makefile.am,
  display/trueemu/Makefile.am, display/vcsa/Makefile.am,
  display/vgagl/Makefile.am, display/vgl/Makefile.am,
  ggi/Makefile.am, include/ggi/internal/debug_macros.h,
  include/ggi/internal/ggi_debug.h, programs/regress/Makefile.am:
  define DEBUG_NAMESPACE where appropriate

2004-11-27 18:04  cegger

* display/quartz/Makefile.am: AM_CPPFLAGS seems to override
  AM_CFLAGS. Documentation says nothing of that. Is this a bug or
  feature of automake? Anyway, moving
  -DPKG_NAME='"GGI:display:quartz"' over to AM_CPPFLAGS makes
  display-quartz compile again.

2004-11-27 17:43  cegger

* ggi/: init.c, mode.c: adapt to new debug scheme. Now compiles
  again. I hope, compile-testing before committing doesn't become a
  lost art ;-)

2004-11-27 17:26  soyt

* default/color/Makefile.am, default/fbdev/ati/mach64/Makefile.am,
  default/fbdev/mga/g400/Makefile.am, default/ilbm/Makefile.am,
  default/ioctl/Makefile.am, default/iplanar_2p/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_1/Makefile.am, default/linear_16/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_1_r/Makefile.am, default/linear_2/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_24/Makefile.am, default/linear_32/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_4/Makefile.am, default/linear_4_r/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_8/Makefile.am, default/linmm_banked/Makefile.am,
  default/planar/Makefile.am, default/pseudo_stubs/Makefile.am,
  default/ramdac/Makefile.am, default/stubs/Makefile.am,
  default/text_16/Makefile.am, default/text_32/Makefile.am,
  display/X/Makefile.am, display/X/helper/dbe/Makefile.am,
  display/X/helper/vidmode/Makefile.am, display/aa/Makefile.am,
  display/auto/Makefile.am, display/directx/Makefile.am,
  display/fbdev/Makefile.am, display/file/Makefile.am,
  display/glide/Makefile.am, display/ipc/Makefile.am,
  display/kgi/Makefile.am, display/lcd823/Makefile.am,
  display/libkgi/Makefile.am, display/linvtsw/Makefile.am,
  display/mansync/Makefile.am, display/memory/Makefile.am,
  display/monotext/Makefile.am, display/multi/Makefile.am,
  display/palemu/Makefile.am, display/quartz/Makefile.am,
  display/sub/Makefile.am, display/suidkgi/Makefile.am,
  display/svgalib/Makefile.am, display/tele/Makefile.am,
  display/terminfo/Makefile.am, display/tile/Makefile.am,
  display/trueemu/Makefile.am, display/vcsa/Makefile.am,
  display/vgagl/Makefile.am, display/vgl/Makefile.am,
  ggi/Makefile.am: Add -DPKG_NAME in all relevant makefile "LibGGI"
  for core lib "LibGGI:default" for everything in default/
  "LibGGI:display:<targetdir>" for all targets and target helpers

2004-11-27 16:44  soyt

* ggi/Makefile.am: use AM_CFLAGS instead of INCLUDES to define

2004-11-27 16:41  soyt

* default/color/color.c, default/color/gamma.c,
  default/common/clip.c, default/fbdev/ati/mach64/visual.c,
  default/fbdev/mga/g400/visual.c, default/ioctl/visual.c,
  default/kgi/ATI/Mach64/line.c, default/kgi/ATI/Radeon/visual.c,
  default/linear_16/crossblit.c, default/linear_24/crossblit.c,
  default/linear_32/crossblit.c, default/linear_8/crossblit.c,
  default/linmm_banked/visual.c, default/ramdac/color.c,
  default/ramdac/visual.c, display/X/box.c, display/X/buffer.c,
  display/X/color.c, display/X/line.c, display/X/misc.c,
  display/X/mode.c, display/X/visual.c, display/X/helper/dbe/dbe.c,
  display/X/helper/dga/dga.c, display/X/helper/evi/evi.c,
  display/X/helper/shm/shm.c, display/X/helper/vidmode/vidmode.c,
  display/aa/color.c, display/aa/giievents.c, display/aa/mode.c,
  display/aa/visual.c, display/auto/probe.c, display/auto/visual.c,
  display/common/modelist.inc, display/directx/ddinit.c,
  display/directx/mode.c, display/directx/visual.c,
  display/fbdev/color.c, display/fbdev/mode.c, display/fbdev/pan.c,
  display/fbdev/visual.c, display/file/mode.c,
  display/file/visual.c, display/glide/mode.c,
  display/glide/visual.c, display/ipc/mode.c, display/ipc/visual.c,
  display/kgi/accel.c, display/kgi/color.c, display/kgi/kgi.c,
  display/kgi/mode.c, display/kgi/visual.c, display/lcd823/color.c,
  display/lcd823/mode.c, display/lcd823/visual.c,
  display/libkgi/visual.c, display/linvtsw/visual.c,
  display/mansync/mansync.c, display/memory/mode.c,
  display/memory/visual.c, display/monotext/color.c,
  display/monotext/mode.c, display/monotext/monotext.c,
  display/monotext/visual.c, display/multi/stubs.c,
  display/multi/visual.c, display/palemu/color.c,
  display/palemu/mode.c, display/palemu/palemu.c,
  display/palemu/visual.c, display/suidkgi/mode.c,
  display/suidkgi/visual.c, display/svgalib/color.c,
  display/svgalib/mode.c, display/svgalib/visual.c,
  display/tele/events.c, display/tele/mode.c,
  display/tele/visual.c, display/terminfo/input.c,
  display/terminfo/mode.c, display/terminfo/visual.c,
  display/tile/mode.c, display/tile/visual.c,
  display/trueemu/mode.c, display/trueemu/trueemu.c,
  display/trueemu/visual.c, display/vcsa/draw.c,
  display/vcsa/mode.c, display/vcsa/visual.c, display/vgl/draw.c,
  display/vgl/mode.c, display/vgl/visual.c, doc/env.txt,
  doc/libggi-libraries.txt, doc/libggi-structures.txt,
  doc/man/ggi_colormap.3, doc/man/libggi.7, ggi/Makefile.am,
  ggi/colormap.c, ggi/db.c, ggi/dl.c, ggi/init.c, ggi/internal.c,
  ggi/mode.c, ggi/probe.c, ggi/visual.c,
  include/ggi/display/fbdev.h, include/ggi/display/kgi.h,
  include/ggi/internal/ggi_debug.h, include/ggi/internal/unit.h:
  Use the new debug scheme, as for libgii

2004-11-27 00:05  cegger

* display/X/color.c, display/fbdev/color.c, display/multi/stubs.c,
  display/sub/stubs.c, doc/libggi-functions.txt,
  doc/man/ggiCheckMode.3, doc/man/ggiCopyBox.3,
  doc/man/ggiCrossBlit.3, doc/man/ggiDBGetNumBuffers.3,
  doc/man/ggiDrawBox.3, doc/man/ggiDrawHLine.3,
  doc/man/ggiDrawLine.3, doc/man/ggiDrawPixel.3,
  doc/man/ggiDrawVLine.3, doc/man/ggiEventSend.3,
  doc/man/ggiFillscreen.3, doc/man/ggiFlush.3,
  doc/man/ggiGetGamma.3, doc/man/ggiGetInput.3,
  doc/man/ggiGetPixelFormat.3, doc/man/ggiGetc.3,
  doc/man/ggiInit.3, doc/man/ggiJoinInputs.3,
  doc/man/ggiMapColor.3, doc/man/ggiOpen.3, doc/man/ggiPanic.3,
  doc/man/ggiParseMode.3, doc/man/ggiPutc.3,
  doc/man/ggiResourceAcquire.3, doc/man/ggiSetColorfulPalette.3,
  doc/man/ggiSetDisplayFrame.3, doc/man/ggiSetFlags.3,
  doc/man/ggiSetGCClipping.3, doc/man/ggiSetGCForeground.3,
  doc/man/ggiSetMode.3, doc/man/ggiSetOrigin.3,
  doc/man/ggiSetPalette.3, ggi/stubs.c, include/ggi/ggi.h,
  include/ggi/internal/dltypes.h: constify gammamap argument of
  ggiSetGammaMap(3).  Patch from Neil Pilgrim

2004-11-26 22:17  cegger

* default/color/pack.c, default/linear_1/color.c,
  default/linear_4/color.c, default/linear_4_r/color.c,
  display/multi/stubs.c, doc/libggi-functions.txt,
  doc/man/ggiMapColor.3, ggi/stubs.c, include/ggi/ggi.h,
  include/ggi/internal/dltypes.h: - constify cols arg of
  ggiPackColors(3) - constify buf arg of ggiUnpackPixels(3) Patch
  from Neil Pilgrim

2004-11-26 21:35  cegger

* default/color/color.c, default/ramdac/color.c,
  default/ramdac/visual.c, display/directx/mode.c,
  display/multi/stubs.c, display/sub/stubs.c, display/tile/color.c,
  display/vgl/draw.c, doc/libggi-functions.txt,
  doc/man/ggiSetPalette.3, ggi/stubs.c, include/ggi/ggi.h,
  include/ggi/internal/dltypes.h: constify colormap argument of

2004-11-26 20:16  cegger

* doc/man/: ggiCheckMode.3, ggiCopyBox.3, ggiCrossBlit.3,
  ggiDBGetNumBuffers.3, ggiDrawBox.3, ggiDrawHLine.3,
  ggiDrawLine.3, ggiDrawPixel.3, ggiDrawVLine.3, ggiEventSend.3,
  ggiFillscreen.3, ggiFlush.3, ggiGetGamma.3, ggiGetInput.3,
  ggiGetPixelFormat.3, ggiGetc.3, ggiInit.3, ggiJoinInputs.3,
  ggiMapColor.3, ggiOpen.3, ggiPanic.3, ggiParseMode.3, ggiPutc.3,
  ggiResourceAcquire.3, ggiSetColorfulPalette.3,
  ggiSetDisplayFrame.3, ggiSetFlags.3, ggiSetGCClipping.3,
  ggiSetGCForeground.3, ggiSetMode.3, ggiSetOrigin.3,
  ggiSetPalette.3: regen.

2004-11-26 20:16  cegger

* doc/libggi-functions.txt: make ggiMapColor(3) match with API
  again after constifying the 2nd argument

2004-11-26 20:09  cegger

* include/ggi/display/tile.h: GGI_tile_getpalvec is of type
  ggifunc_getpalvec, not ggifunc_setpalvec. Typo found by Neil

2004-11-26 19:51  cegger

* include/ggi/ggi.h: redo rev. 1.9 correctly:

  ggiMapColor(ggi_visual_t vis, ggi_color const *col); ->
  ggiMapColor(ggi_visual_t vis, const ggi_color *col);

2004-11-25 16:57  cegger

* doc/man/ggiMapColor.3: regen.

2004-11-25 16:56  cegger

* default/color/color.c, default/text_16/color.c,
  default/text_32/color.c, display/multi/stubs.c,
  display/sub/stubs.c, display/terminfo/color.c,
  display/tile/color.c, display/vcsa/color.c,
  doc/libggi-functions.txt, ggi/internal.c, ggi/stubs.c,
  include/ggi/ggi.h, include/ggi/internal/dltypes.h,
  include/ggi/internal/internal.h: constify the 'col' argument of
  ggiMapColor(3).  Patch from Neil Pilgrim

2004-11-25 15:28  cegger

* doc/man/: ggiCheckMode.3, ggiCopyBox.3, ggiCrossBlit.3,
  ggiDBGetNumBuffers.3, ggiDrawBox.3, ggiDrawHLine.3,
  ggiDrawLine.3, ggiDrawPixel.3, ggiDrawVLine.3, ggiEventSend.3,
  ggiFillscreen.3, ggiFlush.3, ggiGetGamma.3, ggiGetInput.3,
  ggiGetPixelFormat.3, ggiGetc.3, ggiInit.3, ggiJoinInputs.3,
  ggiMapColor.3, ggiOpen.3, ggiPanic.3, ggiParseMode.3, ggiPutc.3,
  ggiResourceAcquire.3, ggiSetColorfulPalette.3,
  ggiSetDisplayFrame.3, ggiSetFlags.3, ggiSetGCClipping.3,
  ggiSetGCForeground.3, ggiSetMode.3, ggiSetOrigin.3,
  ggiSetPalette.3: regen.

2004-11-25 15:27  cegger

* doc/libggi-functions.txt, ggi/mode.c, include/ggi/ggi.h: constify
  the ggi_mode arguments of ggiSPrintMode(3), ggiFPrintMode(3).
  Update documentation accordingly.  Patch from Neil Pilgrim.

2004-11-24 13:44  cegger

* display/svgalib/mode.c, display/svgalib/visual.c,
  include/ggi/display/svgalib.h: move declaration of
  _GGI_svga_freedbs() to <ggi/display/svgalib.h>. It's used in
  visual.c and mode.c. Also don't define _GGI_svga_freedbs() as
  static, because of that.

2004-11-24 13:37  cegger

* display/svgalib/mode.c: fix redundant declaration of
  __svgalib_tty_fd. Solution from Tobias Hunger

2004-11-24 13:34  cegger

* display/svgalib/visual.c: fix warning about lvalue cast. This
  would be an error on gcc -current

2004-11-24 13:31  cegger

* display/svgalib/color.c: - fix warning between signed and
  unsigned comparison - fix warning about void * pointer arithmetic

2004-11-24 13:27  cegger

* display/svgalib/color.c: kill unused variables

2004-11-24 13:25  cegger

* display/svgalib/: color.c, mode.c, visual.c: #include
  <ggi/internal/ggi_debug.h> where needed.  Spotted by Tobias

2004-11-22 16:39  cegger

* programs/check/palette.c: remove unused variable 'mode' and fix
  warning between signed and unsigned variables

2004-11-22 13:33  pekberg

* programs/check/: Makefile.am, palette.c: Add test for palette,
  fails on 8-bit pseudocolor X-servers (at least Cygwin-X and one
  instance of linux-xf86)

2004-11-22 11:52  cegger

* doc/man/: ggiCheckMode.3, ggiCopyBox.3, ggiCrossBlit.3,
  ggiDBGetNumBuffers.3, ggiDrawBox.3, ggiDrawHLine.3,
  ggiDrawLine.3, ggiDrawPixel.3, ggiDrawVLine.3, ggiEventSend.3,
  ggiFillscreen.3, ggiFlush.3, ggiGetGamma.3, ggiGetInput.3,
  ggiGetPixelFormat.3, ggiGetc.3, ggiInit.3, ggiJoinInputs.3,
  ggiMapColor.3, ggiOpen.3, ggiPanic.3, ggiParseMode.3, ggiPutc.3,
  ggiResourceAcquire.3, ggiSetColorfulPalette.3,
  ggiSetDisplayFrame.3, ggiSetFlags.3, ggiSetGCClipping.3,
  ggiSetGCForeground.3, ggiSetMode.3, ggiSetOrigin.3,
  ggiSetPalette.3, libggi.7: regen.

2004-11-21 22:46  cegger

* doc/libggi-libraries.txt: - fix bad backtick usage, spotted by
  Neil Pilgrim - turn highlightings of ggiOpen into references to
  the ggiOpen(3) manual.

2004-11-21 22:43  cegger

* doc/libggi-functions.txt: ggiSetGCForeground(3): add a See Also
  section and x-ref to ggi_pixel(3). Idea from Neil Pilgrim

2004-11-19 23:34  cegger

* doc/man/: Makefile.am, ggiCheckMode.3, ggiCopyBox.3,
  ggiCrossBlit.3, ggiDBGetNumBuffers.3, ggiDrawBox.3,
  ggiDrawHLine.3, ggiDrawLine.3, ggiDrawPixel.3, ggiDrawVLine.3,
  ggiEventSend.3, ggiFillscreen.3, ggiFlush.3, ggiGetGamma.3,
  ggiGetInput.3, ggiGetPixelFormat.3, ggiGetc.3, ggiInit.3,
  ggiJoinInputs.3, ggiMapColor.3, ggiOpen.3, ggiPanic.3,
  ggiParseMode.3, ggiPutc.3, ggiResourceAcquire.3,
  ggiSetColorfulPalette.3, ggiSetDisplayFrame.3, ggiSetFlags.3,
  ggiSetGCClipping.3, ggiSetGCForeground.3, ggiSetMode.3,
  ggiSetOrigin.3, ggiSetPalette.3: regen.

2004-11-19 23:33  cegger

* doc/libggi-functions.txt: fix bugs found by Neil Pilgrim

2004-11-19 21:48  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool
  cvs branch-2-0 version 1.1667.2.78

2004-11-18 18:58  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: sync up with libtool
  cvs branch-2-0 version 1.1667.2.73

2004-11-18 13:39  mooz

* display/X/mode.c: Restore original mode before destroying parent
  and current window.

2004-11-15 17:57  cegger

* doc/man/: ggiCheckMode.3, ggiCopyBox.3, ggiCrossBlit.3,
  ggiDBGetNumBuffers.3, ggiDrawBox.3, ggiDrawHLine.3,
  ggiDrawLine.3, ggiDrawPixel.3, ggiDrawVLine.3, ggiEventSend.3,
  ggiFillscreen.3, ggiFlush.3, ggiGetGamma.3, ggiGetInput.3,
  ggiGetPixelFormat.3, ggiGetc.3, ggiInit.3, ggiJoinInputs.3,
  ggiMapColor.3, ggiOpen.3, ggiPanic.3, ggiParseMode.3, ggiPutc.3,
  ggiResourceAcquire.3, ggiSetColorfulPalette.3,
  ggiSetDisplayFrame.3, ggiSetFlags.3, ggiSetGCClipping.3,
  ggiSetGCForeground.3, ggiSetMode.3, ggiSetOrigin.3,
  ggiSetPalette.3, ggi_color.3, ggi_colormap.3, ggi_directbuffer.3,
  ggi_mode.3, ggi_pixelformat.3: regen.

2004-11-15 17:56  cegger

* doc/: libggi-functions.txt, libggi-structures.txt: reference to
  ggi-error(3) manual when talking about error code.

2004-11-14 20:18  cegger

* display/: X/buffer.c, X/helper/shm/shm.c, fbdev/visual.c,
  file/mode.c, glide/visual.c, svgalib/visual.c: use snprintf(3) if

2004-11-14 19:49  cegger

* display/X/misc.c: fix warning about overflow in implicit

2004-11-14 19:38  cegger

* display/X/misc.c: fix printf warnings: - void format, ggi_x_vi
  arg - void format, XVisualInfo arg

2004-11-14 16:17  cegger

* display/file/ppm.c: use snprintf() if available

2004-11-14 16:10  cegger

* display/X/mode.c: fix warning: 'pointer targets in passing # of
  XGetGeometry differ in signedness

2004-11-14 15:47  cegger

* default/color/color.c, default/color/pack.c,
  default/kgi/ATI/Mach64/visual.c, default/kgi/ATI/Radeon/visual.c,
  default/kgi/Matrox/Gx00/visual.c, default/ramdac/color.c,
  display/X/buffer.c, display/X/color.c, display/X/visual.c,
  display/aa/mode.c, display/common/pixfmt-setup.inc,
  display/directx/mode.c, display/fbdev/color.c,
  display/file/mode.c, display/glide/fb.c, display/glide/mode.c,
  display/kgi/color.c, display/kgi/mode.c, display/lcd823/color.c,
  display/linvtsw/visual.c, display/mansync/mansync.c,
  display/monotext/mode.c, display/monotext/monotext.c,
  display/palemu/color.c, display/palemu/palemu.c,
  display/sub/mode.c, display/suidkgi/mode.c,
  display/suidkgi/visual.c, display/svgalib/frames.c,
  display/svgalib/mode.c, display/svgalib/visual.c,
  display/tele/box.c, display/tele/color.c, display/tele/events.c,
  display/tele/mode.c, display/terminfo/color.c,
  display/tile/color.c, display/tile/frames.c, display/tile/mode.c,
  display/tile/stubs.c, display/trueemu/frames.c,
  display/trueemu/mode.c, display/vcsa/draw.c, display/vgl/draw.c,
  display/vgl/mode.c, ggi/gc.c, ggi/internal.c, ggi/stubs.c,
  programs/regress/clip2d.c: use proper defines for return values
  where applicable

2004-11-14 00:57  cegger

* TODO: TODO item done: 'use proper defines for return value where

2004-11-13 16:07  cegger

* extensions/test/: test1.c, test2.c: fix printf format warning:
  void format, ggi_visual arg

2004-11-13 15:56  cegger

* default/color/color.c, default/kgi/ATI/Radeon/crossblit.c,
  default/kgi/ATI/Radeon/visual.c, default/ramdac/color.c,
  default/ramdac/visual.c, display/X/helper/vidmode/vidmode.c,
  display/aa/mode.c, display/common/modelist.inc,
  display/directx/mode.c, display/fbdev/color.c,
  display/fbdev/mode.c, display/fbdev/pan.c, display/file/fileio.c,
  display/file/mode.c, display/glide/mode.c, display/ipc/mode.c,
  display/kgi/mode.c, display/kgi/visual.c, display/lcd823/color.c,
  display/lcd823/mode.c, display/libkgi/visual.c,
  display/linvtsw/visual.c, display/memory/mode.c,
  display/monotext/mode.c, display/palemu/color.c,
  display/palemu/frames.c, display/palemu/mode.c,
  display/palemu/palemu.c, display/sub/mode.c,
  display/sub/visual.c, display/suidkgi/suidbridge.c,
  display/svgalib/mode.c, display/tele/color.c,
  display/tele/mode.c, display/terminfo/mode.c,
  display/tile/mode.c, display/trueemu/mode.c, display/vcsa/mode.c,
  display/vcsa/visual.c, display/vgl/mode.c, display/vgl/visual.c,
  programs/demos/cube3d.c: use proper defines for return values
  where applicable

2004-11-13 13:20  cegger

* configure.in: - use -std=gnu99 flag when gcc has it - also use
  -W* flags when we don't compile debug code

2004-11-13 12:23  cegger

* TODO: improve regexp a little

2004-11-13 12:20  cegger

* default/color/color.c: little code style cleanup

2004-11-13 12:01  cegger

* doc/man/: ggi_color.3, ggi_colormap.3, ggi_directbuffer.3,
  ggi_mode.3, ggi_pixelformat.3: regen.

2004-11-11 13:55  cegger

* configure.in: invert condition. Now
  -Werror-implicit-function-declaration is used when possible

2004-11-11 13:40  cegger

* configure.in: - use GGI_CHECK_STRING_FUNCS - use
  GGI_CC_CHECK4_OPTION for -pedantic  $CC option - use

2004-11-11 09:38  cegger

* doc/man/: ggiCheckMode.3, ggiCopyBox.3, ggiCrossBlit.3,
  ggiDBGetNumBuffers.3, ggiDrawBox.3, ggiDrawHLine.3,
  ggiDrawLine.3, ggiDrawPixel.3, ggiDrawVLine.3, ggiEventSend.3,
  ggiFillscreen.3, ggiFlush.3, ggiGetGamma.3, ggiGetInput.3,
  ggiGetPixelFormat.3, ggiGetc.3, ggiInit.3, ggiJoinInputs.3,
  ggiMapColor.3, ggiOpen.3, ggiPanic.3, ggiParseMode.3, ggiPutc.3,
  ggiResourceAcquire.3, ggiSetColorfulPalette.3,
  ggiSetDisplayFrame.3, ggiSetFlags.3, ggiSetGCClipping.3,
  ggiSetGCForeground.3, ggiSetMode.3, ggiSetOrigin.3,
  ggiSetPalette.3: regen.

2004-11-11 09:38  cegger

* doc/libggi-functions.txt: add a note section to ggiSetMode(3).
  Recommend users to not set up a mode before using

2004-11-10 20:01  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltoptions.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: -
  sync up with libtool cvs branch-2-0 version 1.1667.2.67 - Add
  -pthread and other thread flags to inherited_linker_flags.

2004-11-08 17:16  cegger

* doc/man/display-directx.7: regen.

2004-11-08 11:34  pekberg

* display/directx/man.txt: List a couple of known bugs.

2004-11-07 22:47  cegger

* default/fbdev/mga/: 2164w/crossblit.c, g400/crossblit.c: Fix
  build error: 'use of cast in lvalue'

2004-11-07 22:04  cegger

* display/fbdev/visual.c: sscanf format fix: we pass unsigned int
  variables, not signed. So use %u than %d

2004-11-07 21:58  cegger

* display/fbdev/visual.c: partially undo rev 1.18. Use
  LIBGGI_PRIVATE(vis) than FBDEV_PRIV(vis) in lvalue assignment.
  Fixes compiler error: 'Invalid assignment on lvalue'

2004-11-06 22:48  cegger

* default/color/visual.c, default/fbdev/ati/mach64/visual.c,
  default/fbdev/mga/g400/visual.c, default/ilbm/visual.c,
  default/ioctl/visual.c, default/iplanar_2p/visual.c,
  default/kgi/ATI/Mach64/visual.c, default/kgi/ATI/Radeon/visual.c,
  default/kgi/Matrox/Gx00/visual.c, default/linear_1/visual.c,
  default/linear_16/visual.c, default/linear_1_r/visual.c,
  default/linear_2/visual.c, default/linear_24/visual.c,
  default/linear_32/visual.c, default/linear_4/visual.c,
  default/linear_4_r/visual.c, default/linear_8/visual.c,
  default/linmm_banked/visual.c, default/planar/visual.c,
  default/pseudo_stubs/visual.c, default/ramdac/visual.c,
  default/stubs/visual.c, default/text_16/visual.c,
  default/text_32/visual.c, display/X/visual.c,
  display/X/helper/dbe/dbe.c, display/X/helper/dga/dga.c,
  display/X/helper/evi/evi.c, display/X/helper/shm/shm.c,
  display/X/helper/vidmode/vidmode.c, display/auto/visual.c,
  display/directx/visual.c, display/fbdev/visual.c,
  display/file/visual.c, display/glide/visual.c,
  display/ipc/visual.c, display/kgi/visual.c,
  display/lcd823/visual.c, display/libkgi/visual.c,
  display/linvtsw/visual.c, display/mansync/visual.c,
  display/memory/visual.c, display/monotext/visual.c,
  display/multi/visual.c, display/palemu/visual.c,
  display/sub/visual.c, display/suidkgi/visual.c,
  display/svgalib/visual.c, display/tele/visual.c,
  display/terminfo/visual.c, display/tile/visual.c,
  display/trueemu/visual.c, display/vcsa/visual.c,
  display/vgagl/visual.c, display/vgl/visual.c: cast function
  pointers to 'void *' when assigning to a pointer.  Fixes gcc
  warning: ISO C forbids assignment between function pointer and
  'void *'

2004-11-06 22:38  cegger

* display/aa/visual.c: cast function pointers to 'void *' when
  assigning to a pointer.  Fixes gcc warning: ISO C forbids
  assignment between function pointer and 'void *'

2004-11-06 13:44  cegger

* display/aa/visual.c: partially redo 1.7: Use LIBGGI_PRIVATE(vis)
  than AA_PRIV(vis) on lvalue. Fixes compiler error: 'invalid
  lvalue assignment'

2004-11-06 12:49  cegger

* display/aa/: giievents.c, mode.c, visual.c: include
  <ggi/internal/ggi_debug.h>. display-aa compiles again

2004-11-06 12:46  cegger

* display/aa/color.c: include <ggi/internal/ggi_debug.h> for
  GGIDPRINT_COLOR declaration.

2004-11-05 12:27  cegger

* include/ggi/ll.h: cut/copy/paste fix: GGI_LL_MATHGC ->

2004-11-05 07:57  cegger

* ggi/mode.c: cast %p printf arg to void *. Fixes warning: 'void
  format, ggi_visual arg (arg 3)'

2004-11-05 07:54  cegger

* default/linear_32/crossblit.c: move up variable definition. Fixes
  build error with strict ANSI C compilers.

2004-11-04 22:50  cegger

* doc/man/display-x.7: regen.

2004-11-04 22:07  cegger

* doc/man/display-directx.7: regen.

2004-11-04 21:52  cegger

* display/: X/man.txt, directx/man.txt: typo: explictly ->

2004-11-04 08:29  soyt

* doc/libggi-structures.txt: - removed doc that was already
  there...  - start using :p: for variables and fields as an excuse
  for not simply undoing my last commit

2004-11-04 08:18  soyt

* doc/libggi-structures.txt: moved content from directbuffer.xml

2004-11-03 22:31  aldot

* include/ggi/ll.h: typo: s/tessl/tessel/

2004-11-03 22:27  aldot

* include/ggi/types.h: typo: s/tessl/tessel/

2004-11-03 22:05  cegger

* include/ggi/ll.h: fix cut/copy/paste bug: GGI_LL_STATE_SET ->

2004-11-03 21:58  aldot

* configure.in: for non-release build, be pedantic

2004-11-03 21:53  aldot

* configure.in: verbosely explain why __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ is not

2004-11-03 21:40  cegger

* include/ggi/ll.h: add a *_SET macro family that does no cast and
  is intended for use on/as lvalue

2004-11-03 17:58  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/ltversion.m4: sync with libtool branch-2-0 cvs
  branch, version 1.1667.2.55

2004-11-03 13:34  cegger

* display/trueemu/visual.c: backout rev 1.5. Use
  LIBGGI_PRIVATE(vis) than TRUEEMU_PRIV(vis) on lvalue. Fixes
  compiler error: 'invalid lvalue in assignment'

2004-11-03 13:32  cegger

* display/tile/visual.c: partially redo rev 1.4. Use
  LIBGGI_PRIVATE(vis) than TILE_PRIV(vis) on lvalue. Fixes compiler
  error: 'invalid lvalue in assignment'

2004-11-03 13:29  cegger

* display/terminfo/visual.c: partially redo rev 1.8. Use
  LIBGGI_PRIVATE(vis) than TERMINFO_PRIV(vis) on lvalue. Fixes
  compiler error: 'invalid lvalue in assignment'

2004-11-03 13:26  cegger

* display/tele/visual.c: backout rev 1.5. Use LIBGGI_PRIVATE(vis)
  than TELE_PRIV(vis) on lvalue. Fixes compiler error: 'invalid
  lvalue in assignment'

2004-11-03 13:23  cegger

* display/sub/visual.c: partially undo rev 1.4. Use
  LIBGGI_PRIVATE(vis) than SUB_PRIV(vis) on lvalue. Fixes compiler
  error: 'invalid lvalue in assignment'

2004-11-03 13:20  cegger

* display/palemu/visual.c: back out rev 1.6. Use
  LIBGGI_PRIVATE(vis) than PALEMU_PRIV(vis) on lvalue. Fixes
  compiler error: 'invalid lvalue in assignment'

2004-11-03 13:14  cegger

* display/multi/visual.c: partially undo rev 1.5. Use
  LIBGGI_PRIVATE(vis) than GGIMULTI_PRIV(vis) on lvalue. Fixes
  compiler error: 'invalid lvalue in assignment'

2004-11-03 13:11  cegger

* display/monotext/visual.c: partially undo rev 1.5. Use
  LIBGGI_PRIVATE(vis) than MONOTEXT_PRIV(vis) on lvalue. Fixes
  compiler error: 'invalid lvalue in assignment'

2004-11-03 13:09  cegger

* display/memory/visual.c: partially redo rev 1.19. Use
  LIBGGI_PRIVATE(vis) than MEMORY_PRIV(vis) on lvalue. Fixes
  compiler error: 'invalid lvalue in assignment'

2004-11-03 13:04  cegger

* display/ipc/visual.c: partially back out rev 1.13. Use
  LIBGGI_PRIVATE(vis) than IPC_PRIV(vis) on lvalue. Fixes compiler
  error: 'invalid lvalue in assignment'

2004-11-03 13:01  cegger

* display/file/visual.c: back out rev 1.5. Use LIBGGI_PRIVATE(vis)
  than FILE_PRIV(vis) on lvalue. Fixes compiler error: 'invalid
  lvalue in assignment'

2004-11-03 12:56  cegger

* display/X/visual.c: back out rev 1.31. Use LIBGGI_PRIVATE(vis)
  than GGIX_PRIV(vis) on lvalue. Fixes compiler error: 'invalid
  lvalue in assignment'

2004-11-03 08:36  cegger

* display/X/box.c: don't use lvalue casting. Fixes compiler error:
  invalid lvalue in assignment

2004-11-03 08:35  cegger

* display/X/vline.c: kill bug introduced in last commit: use data8
  than data in memcpy() operation

2004-11-03 08:26  cegger

* display/X/vline.c: don't use lvalue casting. Fixes compiler
  error: invalid lvalue in assignment

2004-11-03 08:10  cegger

* doc/man/: Makefile.am, cube3d.1, display-aa.7, display-auto.7,
  display-directx.7, display-fbdev.7, display-file.7,
  display-glide.7, display-mansync.7, display-memory.7,
  display-monotext.7, display-multi.7, display-palemu.7,
  display-quartz.7, display-sub.7, display-svgalib.7,
  display-tele.7, display-terminfo.7, display-tile.7,
  display-trueemu.7, display-vcsa.7, display-vgl.7, display-x.7,
  ggi-demo.1, ggiCheckMode.3, ggiCopyBox.3, ggiCrossBlit.3,
  ggiDBGetNumBuffers.3, ggiDrawBox.3, ggiDrawHLine.3,
  ggiDrawLine.3, ggiDrawPixel.3, ggiDrawVLine.3, ggiEventSend.3,
  ggiFillscreen.3, ggiFlush.3, ggiGetGamma.3, ggiGetInput.3,
  ggiGetPixelFormat.3, ggiGetc.3, ggiInit.3, ggiJoinInputs.3,
  ggiMapColor.3, ggiOpen.3, ggiPanic.3, ggiParseMode.3, ggiPutc.3,
  ggiResourceAcquire.3, ggiSetColorfulPalette.3,
  ggiSetDisplayFrame.3, ggiSetFlags.3, ggiSetGCClipping.3,
  ggiSetGCForeground.3, ggiSetMode.3, ggiSetOrigin.3,
  ggiSetPalette.3, ggi_color.3, ggi_colormap.3, ggi_directbuffer.3,
  ggi_mode.3, ggi_pixelformat.3, ggiteleserver.1, libggi.7,
  monitest.1: regenerate manpages

2004-11-03 08:00  cegger

* default/linear_32/crossblit.c: don't use lvalue casting. Fixes
  'error: invalid lvalue in increment'

2004-11-02 11:10  pekberg

* doc/README.directx: Point users to new DirectX headers package
  located at: http://www.lysator.liu.se/~peda/directx-headers/
  instead of the old method of downloading and patching the 200+MB
  SDK from MS

2004-11-02 08:52  pekberg

* display/directx/: Makefile.am, dxguid.c: Add workaround for
  libtool bug. libtool refuses to link a dll against -ldxguid, so
  add the needed constants to a local source file and zap -ldxguid
  from the link command line.

2004-11-02 08:44  pekberg

* display/directx/: ddinit.c, mode.c, visual.c: include debug
  header. display-directx compiles again

2004-11-01 22:35  cegger

* compile, config.guess, install-sh: sync with

  update to versions shipped with automake 1.9.3

2004-11-01 18:46  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltversion.m4: sync with libtool
  branch-2-0 cvs branch, version 1.1667.2.53

2004-11-01 09:11  cegger

* TODO: libtool update item done

2004-10-31 15:16  cegger

* default/fbdev/ati/mach64/visual.c,
  default/fbdev/mga/g400/visual.c, display/X/helper/dga/dga.c,
  display/fbdev/color.c, display/fbdev/mode.c, display/fbdev/pan.c,
  display/fbdev/visual.c, display/linvtsw/visual.c,
  include/ggi/display/linvtsw.h: include debug header. libggi
  compiles on Linux again.

2004-10-31 14:24  cegger

* display/X/box.c, display/X/buffer.c, display/X/color.c,
  display/X/misc.c, display/X/mode.c, display/X/visual.c,
  display/X/helper/dbe/dbe.c, display/X/helper/evi/evi.c,
  display/X/helper/shm/shm.c, display/X/helper/vidmode/vidmode.c,
  display/auto/probe.c, display/auto/visual.c, display/file/mode.c,
  display/file/visual.c, display/ipc/mode.c, display/ipc/visual.c,
  display/mansync/mansync.c, display/memory/mode.c,
  display/memory/visual.c, display/monotext/color.c,
  display/monotext/mode.c, display/monotext/monotext.c,
  display/monotext/visual.c, display/multi/stubs.c,
  display/multi/visual.c, display/palemu/color.c,
  display/palemu/mode.c, display/palemu/palemu.c,
  display/palemu/visual.c, display/tele/events.c,
  display/tele/mode.c, display/tele/visual.c,
  display/terminfo/TIvisual.h, display/terminfo/input.c,
  display/terminfo/mode.c, display/terminfo/visual.c,
  display/tile/mode.c, display/tile/visual.c,
  display/trueemu/mode.c, display/trueemu/trueemu.c,
  display/trueemu/visual.c, display/vcsa/color.c,
  display/vcsa/draw.c, display/vcsa/mode.c, display/vcsa/visual.c,
  display/vgl/draw.c, display/vgl/mode.c, display/vgl/visual.c,
  include/ggi/display/x.h: include debug header. libggi compiles

2004-10-31 14:01  cegger

* display/svgalib/visual.c: change: _ggiDebugState -> _ggiDebug

  _ggiDebugSync and _ggiDebugState has been merged into _ggiDebug

2004-10-31 13:59  cegger

* default/fbdev/directfb/visual.c: change: _ggiDebugState ->

  _ggiDebugSync and _ggiDebugState has been merged into _ggiDebug

2004-10-31 13:48  cegger

* default/: color/color.c, color/gamma.c, common/clip.c,
  linear_16/crossblit.c, linear_24/crossblit.c,
  linear_32/crossblit.c, linear_8/crossblit.c: include debug
  header. Makes default renderers compile again.

2004-10-31 13:15  cegger

* ggi/: colormap.c, db.c, dl.c, init.c, internal.c, mode.c,
  probe.c, visual.c: include debug header. Makes core lib compile

2004-10-31 13:11  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/ggi_debug.h: need <ggi/ggi-defs.h> for

2004-10-31 12:50  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/ggi_debug.h: remove not needed headers

2004-10-31 12:49  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/unit.h: there's a conflict situation: unit.h
  uses debug code and needs ggi_debug.h. But this is not installed.
  So disable debug code until a final solution is found

2004-10-31 12:45  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/internal.h: include <ggi/gg.h> for gg_module
  declaration and <ggi/ggi-defs.h> for import/export macros.

2004-10-31 11:59  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/internal.h: don't include ggi_debug.h. This
  causes compile errors on extensions since ggi_debug.h is not
  installed. Sources needing it have to include it themself.

2004-10-30 11:50  soyt

* ggi/mode.c: changed _ggiDebugState to _ggiDebug

2004-10-30 11:06  soyt

* include/ggi/internal/: Makefile.am, ggi_debug.h, internal.h:
  debug.h renamed ggi_debug.h

2004-10-30 10:47  soyt

* ggi/: EXPSYMS, init.c: Factorize debugging macro and merge
  _ggiDebugState and _ggiDebugSync

2004-10-30 10:16  cegger

* include/ggi/display/: aa.h, mansync.h, palemu.h, tile.h,
  trueemu.h, x.h: - introduce a MANSYNC_DATA for defining mansync
  data in a portable way.  - introduce
  MANSYNC_* macro definition. The priv member is a pointer to
  target private data area and vis is the visual.  - Make all
  targets using display-mansync use of them.

2004-10-30 09:39  cegger

* include/ggi/display/tile.h, display/tile/color.c,
  display/tile/frames.c, display/tile/line.c, display/tile/mode.c,
  display/tile/stubs.c, display/tile/visual.c: merge 4 arrays into
  one structure array. No functional change.

2004-10-29 22:59  cegger

* programs/util/tunemode.c: Cast parameter passed to ctype(3)
  functions to uint8 to enforce the compiler to look at the correct
  piece of memory for the bit mask. Fixes some international
  alphabet problems.

2004-10-29 22:55  cegger

* programs/util/: giik2str.c, monitest/monitest.c: Cast parameter
  passed to ctype(3) functions to uint8 to enforce the compiler to
  look at the correct piece of memory for the bit mask. Fixes some
  international alphabet problems.

2004-10-29 22:52  cegger

* ggi/mode.c: Cast parameter passed to ctype(3) functions to uint8
  to enforce the compiler to look at the correct piece of memory
  for the bit mask. Fixes some international alphabet problems.

2004-10-29 22:41  cegger

* display/: vcsa/visual.c, X/visual.c: Cast parameter passed to
  ctype(3) functions to uint8 to enforce the compiler to look at
  the correct piece of memory for the bit mask. Fixes some
  international alphabet problems.

2004-10-29 22:38  cegger

* display/: tile/visual.c, trueemu/visual.c: Cast parameter passed
  to ctype(3) functions to unsigned char to enforce the compiler to
  look at the correct piece of memory for the bit mask. Fixes some
  international alphabet problems.

2004-10-29 22:34  cegger

* display/palemu/visual.c: Cast parameter passed to ctype(3)
  functions to unsigned char to enforce the compiler to look at the
  correct piece of memory for the bit mask. Fixes some
  international alphabet problems.

2004-10-29 22:30  cegger

* display/: kgi/visual.c, multi/visual.c: Cast parameter passed to
  ctype(3) functions to unsigned char to enforce the compiler to
  look at the correct piece of memory for the bit mask. Fixes some
  international alphabet problems.

2004-10-29 22:26  cegger

* display/: directx/visual.c, fbdev/visual.c: Cast parameter passed
  to ctype(3) functions to unsigned char to enforce the compiler to
  look at the correct piece of memory for the bit mask. Fixes some
  international alphabet problems.

2004-10-28 21:19  cegger

* display/multi/mode.c, display/multi/stubs.c,
  display/multi/visual.c, include/ggi/display/multi.h: use abstract
  singly-list (GG_SLIST) for a visual list

2004-10-28 17:41  cegger

* ggi/init.c, include/ggi/internal/structs.h: use abstract
  singly-list (GG_SLIST) for managing multiple visuals. No
  functional change.

2004-10-28 16:54  cegger

* ggi/init.c, include/ggi/internal/structs.h: use abstract
  GG_TAILQ_ for dynamic extension (un)registering. No functional

2004-10-28 16:16  cegger

* display/X/: visual.c, helper/shm/shm.c: adapt to recent change:
  Use abstract GG_SLIST for dynamic library handling. Makes
  display-x compile again.

2004-10-28 15:11  cegger

* ggi/dl.c, ggi/visual.c, include/ggi/internal/structs.h: use
  abstract GG_SLIST for dynamic library and extension handling. No
  functional change.

2004-10-28 07:14  pekberg

* configure.in: Zap dlopen from LT_INIT, we're not using the
  -dlopen or -dlpreopen libtool flags anywhere.

2004-10-27 19:11  cegger

* default/linear_16/visual.c: adjust to fit recent changes in
  libgii: gg_swartype is no longer an enum. Makes it compile again

2004-10-27 18:54  cegger

* ggi/init.c, include/ggi/internal/internal.h: adjust to fit recent
  changes in libgii: gg_swartype is no longer an enum. Makes it
  compile again

2004-10-27 12:30  cegger

* doc/man/libggi.7: regen.

2004-10-27 09:27  pekberg

* doc/libggi-libraries.txt, ggi/init.c: Don't allow overiding the
  compiled in path on Cygwin.

2004-10-27 09:25  pekberg

* configure.in: It appears that using _LT_SET_OPTION multiple times
  do not work as expected.

2004-10-26 13:39  cegger

* .cvsignore: ignore genlibtool

2004-10-26 10:57  pekberg

* doc/libggi-triple-int.txt: Add some small bits of info.

2004-10-25 12:34  cegger

* ggi/Makefile.am: bump to devel version. Better late than never...

2004-10-24 11:11  cegger

* configure.in: Nuke check for unused <sys/wait.h>

2004-10-24 11:04  cegger

* configure.in: <asm/io.h> and <sys/io.h> are nowhere used. So
  don't check for them.

2004-10-23 17:46  cegger

* Makefile.am, configure.in: add genlibtool and genlibtool.in to
  distribution run genlibtool from srcdir, not cwd.

  make distcheck works again

2004-10-23 15:22  cegger

* Makefile.am: libtool 1.4.3 generated the platform dependent
  libtool script at configure time when AM_PROG_LIBTOOL was

  With libtool 2.0, config.status generates the platform dependent
  libtool script. config.status is invoked by configure _after_
  configure finished.

  This arises the problem, that library checks via AC_CHECK_LIB
  fail. We wrap around CC with '/bin/tcsh ./libtool ' to easily
  track somewhat hidden library dependencies that may even differ
  from platform to platform. This way assumes that libtool exists
  and has been generated before.  Unfortunately, with libtool 2.0
  this is no longer true.

  The solution is to add a minimalistic configure script called
  genlibtool. genlibtool only performs the checks required to
  generate the libtool script.

  configure invokes genlibtool right after AM_PROG_LIBTOOL (which
  will be renamed to the new name LT_INIT later), to ensure that
  libtool exists _before_ performing the library checks via
  AC_CHECK_LIB as described above.

  Now, since configure calls another 'embedded' configure don't get
  confused when some checks seem to be done twice.

  configure creates a confdefs.h file for internal use and deletes
  it after exiting. We make a safety copy of it _before_ calling
  genlibtool. When genlibtool finishs, we restore it to not break
  following checks assuming confdefs.h to be there.

2004-10-23 14:44  cegger

* configure.in: update via autoupdate with slight modifications by

2004-10-23 14:21  cegger

* configure.in: libtool 1.4.3 generated the platform dependent
  libtool script at configure time when AM_PROG_LIBTOOL was

  With libtool 2.0, config.status generates the platform dependent
  libtool script. config.status is invoked by configure _after_
  configure finished.

  This arises the problem, that library checks via AC_CHECK_LIB
  fail. We wrap around CC with '/bin/tcsh ./libtool ' to easily
  track somewhat hidden library dependencies that may even differ
  from platform to platform. This way assumes that libtool exists
  and has been generated before.  Unfortunately, with libtool 2.0
  this is no longer true.

  The solution is to add a minimalistic configure script called
  genlibtool. genlibtool only performs the checks required to
  generate the libtool script.

  configure invokes genlibtool right after AM_PROG_LIBTOOL (which
  will be renamed to the new name LT_INIT later), to ensure that
  libtool exists _before_ performing the library checks via
  AC_CHECK_LIB as described above.

  Now, since configure calls another 'embedded' configure don't get
  confused when some checks seem to be done twice.

  configure creates a confdefs.h file for internal use and deletes
  it after exiting. We make a safety copy of it _before_ calling
  genlibtool. When genlibtool finishs, we restore it to not break
  following checks assuming confdefs.h to be there.

2004-10-23 13:58  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/ltversion.m4: sync with libtool-2-0 branch

2004-10-23 13:23  cegger

* autogen.sh: libtool 1.4.3 generated the platform dependent
  libtool script at configure time when AM_PROG_LIBTOOL was

  With libtool 2.0, config.status generates the platform dependent
  libtool script. config.status is invoked by configure _after_
  configure finished.

  This arises the problem, that library checks via AC_CHECK_LIB
  fail. We wrap around CC with '/bin/tcsh ./libtool ' to easily
  track somewhat hidden library dependencies that may even differ
  from platform to platform. This way assumes that libtool exists
  and has been generated before.  Unfortunately, with libtool 2.0
  this is no longer true.

  The solution is to add a minimalistic configure script called
  genlibtool. genlibtool only performs the checks required to
  generate the libtool script.

  configure invokes genlibtool right after AM_PROG_LIBTOOL (which
  will be renamed to the new name LT_INIT later), to ensure that
  libtool exists _before_ performing the library checks via
  AC_CHECK_LIB as described above.

  Now, since configure calls another 'embedded' configure don't get
  confused when some checks seem to be done twice.

  configure creates a confdefs.h file for internal use and deletes
  it after exiting. We make a safety copy of it _before_ calling
  genlibtool. When genlibtool finishs, we restore it to not break
  following checks assuming confdefs.h to be there.

2004-10-22 05:27  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/ltversion.m4: sync with libtool-2-0 cvs branch

2004-10-21 12:13  cegger

* doc/man/: Makefile.am, cube3d.1, display-aa.7, display-auto.7,
  display-directx.7, display-fbdev.7, display-file.7,
  display-glide.7, display-mansync.7, display-memory.7,
  display-monotext.7, display-multi.7, display-palemu.7,
  display-quartz.7, display-sub.7, display-svgalib.7,
  display-tele.7, display-terminfo.7, display-tile.7,
  display-trueemu.7, display-vcsa.7, display-vgl.7, display-x.7,
  ggi-demo.1, ggiCheckMode.3, ggiCopyBox.3, ggiCrossBlit.3,
  ggiDBGetNumBuffers.3, ggiDrawBox.3, ggiDrawHLine.3,
  ggiDrawLine.3, ggiDrawPixel.3, ggiDrawVLine.3, ggiEventSend.3,
  ggiFillscreen.3, ggiFlush.3, ggiGetGamma.3, ggiGetInput.3,
  ggiGetPixelFormat.3, ggiGetc.3, ggiInit.3, ggiJoinInputs.3,
  ggiMapColor.3, ggiOpen.3, ggiPanic.3, ggiParseMode.3, ggiPutc.3,
  ggiResourceAcquire.3, ggiSetColorfulPalette.3,
  ggiSetDisplayFrame.3, ggiSetFlags.3, ggiSetGCClipping.3,
  ggiSetGCForeground.3, ggiSetMode.3, ggiSetOrigin.3,
  ggiSetPalette.3, ggi_color.3, ggi_colormap.3, ggi_directbuffer.3,
  ggi_mode.3, ggi_pixelformat.3, ggiteleserver.1, libggi.7,
  monitest.1: regen.

2004-10-21 12:11  pekberg

* doc/libggi-triple-int.txt: fix another quote

2004-10-21 12:02  pekberg

* doc/libggi-triple-int.txt: try to fix some quotes

2004-10-21 12:01  pekberg

* doc/libggi-triple-int.txt: rshift() shifts to the right

2004-10-21 11:54  pekberg

* doc/libggi-triple-int.txt: remove double as (at least it wasn't a
  double a**...)

2004-10-21 11:51  pekberg

* doc/libggi-triple-int.txt: remove trailing comma

2004-10-21 11:49  pekberg

* doc/libggi-triple-int.txt: add some equivalents

2004-10-21 11:35  pekberg

* doc/: Makefile.am, libggi-triple-int.txt, libggi.txt: manpages
  for triple-int

2004-10-21 10:48  pekberg

* include/ggi/internal/triple-int.h: fix typo in comment

2004-10-20 23:42  cegger

* m4/libtool.m4: incorporate latest libtool 2.0 pre-release fixes

2004-10-20 20:33  nsouch

* default/kgi/: ATI/Mach64/Makefile.am, ATI/Radeon/Makefile.am,
  Matrox/Gx00/Makefile.am: Enable H files to be taken in

2004-10-20 14:19  pekberg

* programs/regress/triple-int.c: Include <time.h> instead of
  "time.h" Protect inclusion of string.h

2004-10-19 22:35  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/triple-int.h: fix 'warning: control reaches
  end of non-void function' as discovered by autobuilder

2004-10-19 19:30  cegger

* configure.in: make use of AC_DEFINE's third argument. This get us
  rid from acconfig.h and fixes the autoheader warnings.

2004-10-19 13:30  pekberg

* programs/demos/banner.inc.c: Measly little change to hide the
  fact that I forgot to chmod -x the new file.

2004-10-19 06:06  pekberg

* include/ggi/internal/triple-int.h: Minor optimization of add_3.

2004-10-18 22:21  cegger

* configure.in: configure creates libtool at a later time now. So
  the check for giiInit must be done later. Unfortunately,
  configure doesn't tell us when creating libtool, so we have to
  guess the right position where we can start using AC_CHECK_LIB
  with libtool. libtool itself requires the --mode argument. In
  conjunction with the AC_CHECK_LIB we must pass the '--mode=link'
  option to libtool.

2004-10-18 21:16  ggibecka

* programs/regress/triple-int.c: Use time.h - or time() will be
  undefined.  Don't declare variables deep inside a function.

2004-10-18 21:12  cegger

* configure.in: Build update process, part 3: We now require
  autoconf 2.59

2004-10-18 20:57  cegger

* m4/: ltoptions.m4, ltsugar.m4, ltversion.m4: Build process
  update, part 2b: Update to libtool 2.0 pre-release

2004-10-18 20:45  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4: Build process update, part 2a: Update
  to libtool 2.0 pre-release

2004-10-18 20:35  cegger

* autogen.sh: Build process update, part 1: We now require autoconf
  2.59 and automake 1.9.2

2004-10-18 17:30  cegger

* TODO: update to new -current goals

2004-10-18 14:25  pekberg

* programs/demos/Makefile.am: add new banner.inc.c to the dist

2004-10-18 14:24  pekberg

* programs/demos/: banner.inc.c, flying_ggis.c: Move the banner
  graphics to a new file so that the forward declaration can be
  killed without having the definition clutter up the beginning of
  the real source. Needed as the AIX linker got confused by the
  extern decl.

2004-10-18 14:24  cegger

* programs/regress/Makefile.am: EXTRA_SUBDIRS -> DIST_SUBDIRS

2004-10-18 11:52  cegger

* configure.in: bump to devel version

2004-10-18 07:59  pekberg

* default/common/clip.c, include/ggi/internal/Makefile.am,
  include/ggi/internal/triple-int.h, programs/regress/Makefile.am,
  programs/regress/triple-int.c: Fix cliping bugs using triple
  precision integer math.

2004-10-17 19:16  mooz

* display/X/helper/vidmode/vidmode.c: Fixed typos in comments.

2004-10-17 19:06  mooz

* display/X/helper/vidmode/vidmode.c: xf86vmode helper. The
  requested mode must be equalt to one of the available X modes.
  See display/X/helper/vidmode/vidmode.c file for more infos.

2004-10-17 11:28  aldot

* configure.in: for non gcc(-compatible) compilers, nil

2004-10-17 09:51  cegger

* doc/man/: Makefile.am, display-quartz.7: regen.

2004-10-17 09:47  cegger

* display/quartz/man.txt: rename manual to display-quartz to
  reflect the used API

2004-10-17 09:45  cegger

* display/multi/man.txt: explain target-spec option

2004-10-17 02:04  aldot

* programs/util/ipaq_ggicalibrate.c: typos, whitespace cleanup.

2004-10-15 22:26  cegger

* doc/man/ggiSetPalette.3: regen.

2004-10-15 21:39  cegger

* doc/libggi-functions.txt: optimised -> optimized

2004-10-15 21:20  cegger

* doc/man/: ggiMapColor.3, ggiSetDisplayFrame.3: regen.

2004-10-15 21:18  cegger

* doc/libggi-structures.txt: whitespace cleanup

2004-10-15 21:17  cegger

* doc/libggi-functions.txt: nuke superflous comma in enumeration

2004-10-15 10:46  cegger

* doc/libggi-functions.txt: show a better way how to use

2004-10-15 10:36  cegger

* programs/regress/init.c: add missing newlines

2004-10-15 10:25  cegger

* display/X/line.c: add assertion to detect NULL pointer bugs

2004-10-15 06:21  cegger

* doc/man/ggiSetDisplayFrame.3: regen.

2004-10-15 06:21  cegger

* doc/libggi-functions.txt: document right ggiSet*Frame() usage

2004-10-14 21:07  cegger

* doc/man/: Makefile.am, demo.1, ggi-demo.1: generate demo(1)

2004-10-14 21:07  cegger

* doc/libggi-libraries.txt: add demo(1) manual

2004-10-14 21:07  cegger

* programs/demos/Makefile.am: add cube3d.txt and demo.txt to

2004-10-14 21:06  cegger

* programs/demos/demo.txt: add demo(1) manual. Content is based on
  libggi Debian package. Content has been updated by me.

2004-10-14 17:13  cegger

* doc/libggi-functions.txt: whitespace cleanup

2004-10-14 17:01  cegger

* doc/man/: display-memory.7, display-monotext.7, display-multi.7,
  display-sub.7, display-vcsa.7, display-x.7, ggiDrawBox.3,
  ggiDrawHLine.3, ggiDrawVLine.3, ggiGetPixelFormat.3,
  ggiJoinInputs.3, ggiOpen.3, ggiSetMode.3: regen.

2004-10-14 16:59  cegger

* doc/libggi-functions.txt: sort 'See Also' section

2004-10-14 16:49  cegger

* display/X/man.txt: alphabetize options in synopsis and in option

2004-10-14 16:40  cegger

* display/vcsa/man.txt: alphabetize options in synopsis and in
  option section

2004-10-14 16:34  cegger

* display/monotext/man.txt: explain <target-spec> option

2004-10-14 16:32  cegger

* display/sub/man.txt: add synopsis, explain <target-spec>

2004-10-14 16:28  cegger

* display/memory/man.txt: alphabetize display-memory arguments in

2004-10-14 16:27  cegger

* display/ipc/man.txt: alphabetize display-ipc arguments

2004-10-14 14:28  cegger

* doc/Makefile.am: add docutil files to distribution

2004-10-14 11:01  cegger

* display/common/Makefile.am, display/common/ggi-auto-physz.inc,
  ggi/mode.c, include/ggi/internal/internal.h,
  Enhance the GGI_AUTO handling with one more family member:

  int _GGIhandle_ggiauto_physz(ggi_mode *mode, int def_x, int
  def_y, int physzflag, const
  ggi_coord *screen_size,   const
  ggi_coord *screen_res);

  It handles physical mode size requests.

  mode is the param from the ggiCheckMode()/ggiSetMode() functions.
   def_x and def_y are the default visible sizes from the target
  private area.

  screen_size is the screen size in dpi, if physzflag is
  GGI_PHYSZ_DPI, otherwise screen_size is in mm.  screen_res is the
  screen size in pixels or 0 (unknown).

  Remove wrong implemented _ggi_unit_mm2pix() and
  _ggi_unit_pix2mm() from include/ggi/internal/unit.h.

2004-10-14 09:08  cegger

* display/common/ggi-auto.inc: don't call _ggi_physz_figure_visible
  here. Support for pixel independent mode setting will be handled
  in a different way.

2004-10-12 18:24  aldot

* TODO: add ggi-global retval-cleanup to TODOs

2004-10-11 21:36  cegger

* display/auto/os/darwin.c: The 'draw black on black background'
  bug has been fixed in conjunction with the unaligned memory
  access fix in the X-target. There's no longer a need to disable
  the XSHM extension, although still errors out. See testcase5 of

2004-10-11 20:48  cegger

* README: merge revisions -

  GNU make is only required, when configure script was generated
  with autoconf 2.13

2004-10-11 20:43  cegger

* NEWS: merge revisions - from -stable branch_2_0:

  add release notes for 2.0.4, 2.0.5 and 2.0.6

2004-10-11 20:34  cegger

* FAQ: merge revisions - from -stable

  update to reality

2004-10-11 19:12  cegger

* programs/regress/display.tile/mansync.c: don't use display-auto
  as secondary target. This prevents an internal error in ggi core
  lib. Use display-memory as secondary target which assumes it is
  available to make the regression test pass at all

2004-10-11 19:09  cegger

* display/tile/visual.c: stop mansync before deinitializing it.
  Makes display.tile/mansync regression test pass again.

2004-10-11 19:05  cegger

* display/trueemu/visual.c: stop mansync before deinitializing it.
  Makes display.trueemu/mansync regression test pass again.

2004-10-11 19:01  cegger

* programs/regress/display.mansync/mansync.inc.c: fix printf()
  usage: pass a cpp string #define as a string

2004-10-11 18:58  cegger

* display/mansync/mansync.c: add debug code to ignore/cont, don't
  stop mansync on deinitializing. mansync helper can't know,
  whether we are in sync or async mode. Thus, put an assertion in
  MANSYNC_deinit that fails when mansync runs. mansync now detects
  usage mistakes much better.

2004-10-11 18:55  cegger

* display/X/mode.c: Follow the scheme of display-aa: suspend/ignore
  mansync, then continue it in ggiSetMode().

2004-10-11 18:53  cegger

* display/: palemu/visual.c, X/visual.c: stop mansync before
  deinitializing it

2004-10-11 18:30  cegger

* doc/man/ggiSetFlags.3: regen.

2004-10-10 22:14  cegger

* programs/regress/display.palemu/mansync.c: remove explicit auto
  target. Prevents internal error in ggi core lib.

2004-10-10 21:48  cegger

* doc/libggi-functions.txt: document the serialization problem in

2004-10-10 20:47  cegger

* programs/regress/display.mansync/mansync.inc.c: disable
  directbuffer code. Directbuffer support is not required to
  perform the test

2004-10-10 20:26  cegger

* display/aa/mode.c: remove unnecessary indentation

2004-10-10 12:18  cegger

* programs/regress/Makefile.am,
  programs/regress/display.x/mansync.c, configure.in: add mansync
  regression test for all targets that uses it. Share testcases in

2004-10-10 09:18  cegger

* programs/regress/mode.c: add testcase5:

  It sets up a graphic mode exactly as ggiterm (forthcoming version
  0.7.0) does. It reproduces the XSHM extension initialization
  failure on display-x

2004-10-09 06:58  cegger

* display/: tile/visual.c, trueemu/visual.c: Fix the same bug that
  has been found in the X-target: After mansync initialization,
  start mansync when we are in SYNC mode!

2004-10-09 06:54  cegger

* display/: aa/visual.c, palemu/visual.c: Fix the same bug that has
  been found in the X-target: After mansync initialization, start
  mansync when we are in SYNC mode!

2004-10-08 20:43  cegger

* programs/regress/display.x/: Makefile.am, mansync.c: Stop mansync
  and check the return value. This way, testcase1 now automatically
  detects whether mansync runs or not.

  It is no longer necessary to put printf() traces into

2004-10-08 20:39  pekberg

* include/ggi/display/mansync.h: remove trailing ; so the macro can
  be used as a statement.

2004-10-08 18:38  cegger

* display/X/misc.c: revert PPosition hint flag, that has been
  introduced in rev 1.23. It causes the windows to open only at the
  upper left corner. This restores original behaviour, which is
  much better.

2004-10-08 18:03  cegger

* display/X/visual.c: initializing mansync at GGIopen() time is not
  enough. Also start it, when we are in SYNC mode.

  This fixes the display.x/mansync regression test and makes XGGI
  work as expected

2004-10-08 18:00  cegger

* include/ggi/display/mansync.h: use a do {} while(0) loop than
  just brackets. This allows the compiler to do some better
  optimizations. Suggested by Peter Ekberg.

2004-10-08 12:37  cegger

* display/mansync/mansync.c: fix bug introduced in previous commit:
  reset running flag when mansync has been actually stopped

2004-10-08 12:31  cegger

* display/mansync/mansync.c: fail with an internal error when
  trying to stop mansync w/o starting it first.

  While here, do some whitespace cleanups.

2004-10-08 12:05  cegger

* configure.in: fix cut/copy/paste bug: X -> display.x

2004-10-08 12:00  cegger

* programs/regress/display.x/mansync.c: add disabled code, where
  XGGI would like to switch to ASYNC mode and remove wrong comment.

2004-10-08 11:49  cegger

* programs/regress/display.x/: .cvsignore, Makefile.am, mansync.c:
  add regression test that shows a bug found with XGGI: display-x
  initializes, but doesn't start display-mansync

2004-10-08 11:47  cegger

* configure.in, programs/regress/Makefile.am: add a display.x
  subdir for x-target specific regression tests. This scheme is
  expandable for all other targets

2004-10-05 09:47  cegger

* display/X/color.c: mark LIBGGI_PAL(vis)->clut.data as NULL after
  free()ing it.

2004-10-05 09:44  cegger

* display/vgl/mode.c: remove one indent level within switch()

2004-10-04 12:38  pekberg

* display/mansync/mansync.c: Call _ggiInternFlush instead of
  ggiFlush.  Solves a deadlock problem on display-x in sync mode.
  Needs further work so that ggiFlush is called when the ggTask
  implementation is thread based.

2004-10-04 11:28  pekberg

* programs/check/pointer.c: Draw a small thingy at the current
  relative and absolute coords.  A click on a pointer button syncs
  abs and rel coords.

2004-10-03 10:27  cegger

* display/X/misc.c, include/ggi/display/x.h: change return type of
  _ggi_x_dress_parentwin() to int to allow error checking

2004-10-03 09:19  cegger

* doc/man/display-directx.7: regen.

2004-10-01 17:12  pekberg

* programs/check/pointer.c: Remove some unused stuff and sanitized
  the output.  Improved efficiency (the output was sluggish)

2004-10-01 12:41  pekberg

* programs/check/: Makefile.am, pointer.c: Add pointer test
  program.  Checks if absolute and relative pointer motion matches
  each other.

2004-09-30 12:54  cegger

* config.guess, config.sub, depcomp, install-sh, missing: sync with
  tools/buildframework: update to the version shipped with automake

2004-09-30 08:06  cegger

* programs/demos/pageflip.c: g/c blue and yellow. They are 'defined
  but not used'

2004-09-29 13:51  cegger

* display/tele/Makefile.am: remove superflous Makefile.server

2004-09-29 13:49  cegger

* display/tele/Makefile.am, configure.in: move ggiteleserver into
  the server subdirectory. This fixes the automake warning

  display/tele/Makefile.am: object `libtele.$(OBJEXT)' created both
  with libtool and without

  - move teleserver.c, rev 1.8 into server/ subdirectory

2004-09-28 18:37  cegger

* libggi.conf.in: alphabetize displays and their abbreviations.  -
  remove xlib entry. This target has been merged into X a long time
  ago. - add ipc to the abbreviation section

2004-09-25 20:56  mooz

* display/X/helper/vidmode/vidmode.c: X vidmode helper. non-root

2004-09-25 09:44  cegger

* Makefile.am: autogen.sh requires checkversion.sh. So distribute
  it, too

2004-09-24 12:51  pekberg

* doc/README.directx: update of status on the configure script

2004-09-24 12:30  pekberg

* include/ggi/display/directx.h, display/directx/ddinit.c,
  display/directx/ddinit.h, display/directx/mode.c,
  display/directx/visual.c: Preliminary support for palettized

2004-09-24 12:23  pekberg

* programs/util/monitest/monitest.c: Set a colourful palette after
  setting/changing the mode

2004-09-24 11:11  pekberg

* display/directx/ddinit.c: Kill a warning

2004-09-24 11:10  pekberg

* display/directx/ddinit.c: Hot spot of the cursor was off by one

2004-09-24 11:09  pekberg

* display/directx/ddinit.c, display/directx/ddinit.h,
  display/directx/man.txt, display/directx/mode.c,
  display/directx/visual.c, include/ggi/display/directx.h:
  Implement fullscreen support with target option -fullscreen

2004-09-22 21:37  nsouch

* display/kgi/kgi.c: Convert printf to GGIDPRINT_xxx calls

2004-09-22 20:22  nsouch

* display/kgi/visual.c: If GGI_INPUT or GII_INPUT is set, it
  overrides the default behaviour of KGI display. Otherwise, try to
  open the /dev/event corresponding to the /dev/graphic

2004-09-22 20:20  nsouch

* display/kgi/kgi.c: Fix computation of the mapper graphic unit
  from the result of get_unit

2004-09-22 20:16  nsouch

* default/kgi/ATI/Mach64/mach64_accel.h: Import MACH64.h locally to
  avoid unresolved inclusion

2004-09-22 20:14  nsouch

* include/ggi/display/kgi.h:
  Include kgi/config.h conditionaly like others

2004-09-22 20:09  nsouch

* display/kgi/mode.c:
  Renable accel for FreeBSD

2004-09-21 06:03  pekberg

* programs/regress/mode.c: GGI_OK instead of 0.

2004-09-20 19:24  pekberg

* display/directx/mode.c: _GGIhandle_ggiauto can't be used in
  conjunction with real physical size (it probably works with the
  -physz option though) Return GGI_ENOMATCH instead of -1 from

2004-09-20 19:13  pekberg

* ggi/mode.c: Add a debug message in _ggi_physz_figure_size

2004-09-20 13:40  pekberg

* programs/regress/mode.c: Instead of requesting a 40x30 mm mode,
  determine the size by first requesting a simple mode to get a
  physical size that is known to be working.

2004-09-20 13:15  pekberg

* programs/regress/mode.c: Don't be so harch on the return value of
  ggiCheckMode in testcase4 Don't accept the resulting physical
  size 1 mm in either direction.

2004-09-20 12:54  cegger

* programs/regress/mode.c: make failure message more precise to
  identify if size.x, size.y or the return value caused the failure

2004-09-20 12:42  pekberg

* programs/regress/mode.c: test setting a mode with a specified
  physical size

2004-09-20 12:39  cegger

* ggi/mode.c, include/ggi/internal/internal.h: constify the op_sz
  argument of _ggi_physz_figure_size() to indicate that this
  pointer does NOT change

2004-09-18 17:21  cegger

* display/glide/mode.c: use functions from display/common/* and
  simplify checkmode implementation

2004-09-18 14:42  cegger

* display/X/helper/dbe/dbe.c: implement initial version check

2004-09-18 13:47  cegger

* TODO: ibiblio link does not work. Change URL to a working one

2004-09-18 13:44  cegger

* display/X/visual.c: #undef GGI_X_CHECK_XEXT after usage

2004-09-18 10:56  cegger

* default/fbdev/: ati/mach64/mach64.h, directfb/directfbglobal.c,
  directfb/core/coretypes.h, directfb/core/fbdev.h,
  directfb/core/fusion/fusion_types.h, directfb/core/fusion/list.h,
  directfb/core/fusion/lock.h, directfb/core/fusion/reactor.h: add
  rcs identifer

2004-09-18 10:41  cegger

* programs/util/tunemode.c: add rcs identifer. Make copyright
  notice look more nice

2004-09-18 10:37  cegger

* programs/util/: ggicalibrate.c, ipaq_ggicalibrate.c: add rcs
  identifer. Make copyright notice look more nice

2004-09-18 10:35  cegger

* programs/regress/clipdb.inc.c: add license notice

2004-09-18 10:34  cegger

* display/kgi/mode.c: correct rcs modifier

2004-09-18 10:33  cegger

* display/kgi/kgi.c: add missing license notice

2004-09-18 09:52  cegger

* include/ggi/display/kgi.h: add rcs identifer

2004-09-18 09:50  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/: ggidlinit.h, ggilibinit.h: remove unused

2004-09-18 09:49  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/: ggidlinit.h, ggilibinit.h: add missing
  license notice

2004-09-18 09:46  cegger

* include/ggi/ll.h: add rcs identifer. Change license from LGPL to
  BSD pico ll.h

2004-09-18 09:43  cegger

* extensions/test/: test1.h, test2.h: add missing license notice

2004-09-17 17:27  skids

  Add verbose descriptions of some stuff

2004-09-16 00:47  pekberg

* programs/demos/demo.c: Handle random numbers better, results
  should look more uniform across targets and platforms.

2004-09-15 20:37  pekberg

* display/directx/ddinit.c: Remove cruft.

2004-09-15 20:29  pekberg

* display/directx/: ddinit.c, ddinit.h, mode.c, visual.c: Implement
  async mode.

2004-09-15 20:14  pekberg

* display/directx/: mode.c, visual.c: release the default libraries
  used for the previous mode when changing mode

2004-09-15 19:44  pekberg

* display/directx/ddinit.c: Let DirectDraw decide the stride (or
  pitch). Manually trying to guess it sometimes aligns poorly. On
  (at least) one system the stride has to be a multiple of 8 bytes,
  which is hard to know up front.

2004-09-15 18:50  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/internal.h: cleanup macro definitions

2004-09-15 18:32  cegger

* ggi/init.c: use LIBGGI_EXT and LIBGGI_EXTAC macros where possible

2004-09-15 18:06  cegger

* default/linear_32/crossblit.c: LIBGGI_MODE(src)->graphtype  ->

2004-09-15 12:25  cegger

* doc/man/display-x.7: regenerate display-x(7): explain the
  "nature" of evExpose events :)

2004-09-15 12:22  cegger

* display/X/man.txt: mention that evExpose events are grabbed to
  update the backbuffer in default mode

2004-09-15 12:09  cegger

* display/X/man.txt: evExpose events are passed to the application
  with the -nobuffer option.

2004-09-15 10:29  cegger

* default/common/clip.c: add assertion about assumption in the else

2004-09-14 20:10  cegger

* display/ipc/man.txt: describe better what display-ipc(7) is for

2004-09-14 19:08  cegger

* display/memory/visual.c: use snprintf(3) when available.

2004-09-14 15:53  cegger

* ggi/Makefile.am: bump version to reflect 2.0.x tree. Note, that
  libtool's version info is inconsistent. 2:x:0 results in: On
  Linux and Darwin you get: libggi.<ext>.2.0.x on *BSD you get:
  libggi.<ext>.2.x.0 where x is the patch revision.

  Some people got confused with that.  So we step "back" to 2:1:0
  for the 2.1.y next major stable tree.  This should make the libs
  distinguishable across all platforms and let us hope, noone uses
  the ancient libggi 2.0.1 or prior version...

2004-09-14 08:29  pekberg

* programs/regress/testsuite.inc.c: Add some includes for strncmp
  and strchr...

2004-09-14 08:27  pekberg

* programs/regress/testsuite.inc.c: Remove annoying directories at
  the start of the regression test filename.

2004-09-14 08:13  pekberg

* programs/regress/clip2d.c: add missing ggiExit call at the end

2004-09-13 17:50  cegger

* display/auto/visual.c: Fix memory leak. The private data
  structure has been allocated via calloc(). It can't be freed in
  GGIclose() or GGIexit() as it is NOT attached to the visual. Bug
  found by Peter Ekberg.

2004-09-13 17:37  cegger

* ggi/probe.c: Fix memory leak. The memory has been directly
  malloc()ed in _ggiLoadDL() called by _ggiProbeDL(). Bug found by
  Peter Ekberg

2004-09-13 16:19  cegger

* default/fbdev/: ati/mach64/visual.c, mga/2164w/visual.c,
  mga/g400/visual.c: calculate Bytes Per Pixel with GT_ByPP

2004-09-13 16:10  cegger

* default/kgi/ATI/Radeon/visual.c: calculate Bytes Per Pixel using

2004-09-13 14:17  pekberg

* display/directx/ddinit.h: kill confusing BPP variables.

2004-09-13 14:12  pekberg

* display/directx/ddinit.c, display/directx/mode.c,
  include/ggi/display/directx.h: kill confusing BPP variables.

2004-09-13 14:10  pekberg

* include/ggi/display/directx.h: Give the helper thread a fair
  chance to end nicely

2004-09-13 12:57  pekberg

* display/directx/ddinit.c: Fix resource leak

2004-09-13 12:31  pekberg

* display/directx/visual.c: kill memory leak

2004-09-13 12:13  cegger

* programs/check/findleaks.c: revert changes as suggested by Peter
  Ekberg on IRC

2004-09-13 12:04  pekberg

* programs/check/findleaks.c: /proc/<pid>/status exists on cygwin
  as well

2004-09-13 11:55  cegger

* programs/check/findleaks.c: make non-linux versions verbose -
  they are not implemented

2004-09-13 11:17  cegger

* display/terminfo/mode.c: calculate Bytes Per Packed Pixels
  correctly using the GT_ByPPP macro

2004-09-13 11:12  cegger

* display/svgalib/mode.c: GT_ByPPP expects a graphtype as 2nd

2004-09-13 11:11  cegger

* display/svgalib/mode.c: calculate Bytes Per Packed Pixels
  correctly using the GT_ByPPP macro

2004-09-13 11:08  cegger

* display/kgi/mode.c: calculate Bytes Per Packed Pixels correctly

2004-09-13 10:59  cegger

* display/directx/mode.c: calculate number of Bytes Per Pixel

2004-09-13 10:57  cegger

* display/aa/mode.c: initialize the 'gt' variable inside the
  disabled code

2004-09-13 10:50  cegger

* default/: linear_16/crossblit.c, linear_24/crossblit.c: use
  LIBGGI_GT(src) than LIBGGI_MODE(src)->graphtype

2004-09-13 10:47  cegger

* default/kgi/ATI/Radeon/crossblit.c: use LIBGGI_GT()

2004-09-13 10:42  cegger

* display/X/buffer.c: use LIBGGI_VIRTX(vis) than vis->mode->virt.x
  and LIBGGI_VIRTY(vis) than vis->mode->virt.y

2004-09-13 10:40  cegger

* display/X/: buffer.c, misc.c, mode.c, helper/shm/shm.c: use
  LIBGGI_MODE(vis) than vis->mode

2004-09-13 10:36  cegger

* display/memory/mode.c: use LIBGGI_MODE(vis) than vis->mode

2004-09-13 10:34  cegger

* default/kgi/ATI/Radeon/visual.c: use LIBGGI_GT(vis) than

2004-09-13 10:12  pekberg

* display/directx/ddinit.c: Don't move the upper left position of
  the window during mode change

2004-09-13 10:05  pekberg

* display/directx/: ddinit.c, ddinit.h: Give the helper thread a
  fair chance to end nicely

2004-09-13 09:42  pekberg

* display/directx/ddinit.c, display/directx/ddinit.h,
  display/directx/mode.c, display/directx/visual.c,
  include/ggi/display/directx.h: fix indentation

2004-09-13 09:35  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/ggi-dl.h: use LIBGGI_VIRTX(vis) and

  don't check x against y coordinate when clipping

2004-09-13 09:30  cegger

* ggi/gc.c: LIBGGI_MODE(vis)->virt.x -> LIBGGI_VIRTX(vis)
  LIBGGI_MODE(vis)->virt.y -> LIBGGI_VIRTY(vis)

2004-09-13 09:29  cegger

* display/X/helper/shm/shm.c: LIBGGI_MODE(vis)->virt.y ->

2004-09-13 09:23  cegger

* display/X/fillscreen.c: use LIBGGI_VIRTX(vis) and

  don't check x against y coordinate when clipping

2004-09-13 09:16  cegger

* display/: svgalib/box.c, svgalib/hline.c, svgalib/pixel.c,
  svgalib/vline.c, tele/box.c: LIBGGI_MODE(vis)->virt.x ->
  LIBGGI_VIRTX(vis) LIBGGI_MODE(vis)->virt.y -> LIBGGI_VIRTY(vis)

2004-09-13 09:10  cegger

* default/linmm_banked/visual.c, display/monotext/draw.c:
  LIBGGI_MODE(vis)->virt.x -> LIBGGI_VIRTX(vis)
  LIBGGI_MODE(vis)->virt.y -> LIBGGI_VIRTY(vis)

2004-09-13 09:06  cegger

* default/fbdev/: ati/mach64/visual.c, mga/2164w/visual.c,
  mga/g400/visual.c: LIBGGI_MODE(vis)->virt.y -> LIBGGI_VIRTY(vis)

2004-09-13 09:04  cegger

* display/X/mode.c: LIBGGI_MODE(vis)->visible.x -> LIBGGI_X(vis)
  LIBGGI_MODE(vis)->visible.y -> LIBGGI_Y(vis)

2004-09-13 08:58  cegger

* display/terminfo/mode.c: LIBGGI_MODE(vis)->graphtype ->

2004-09-13 08:54  cegger

* display/: svgalib/visual.c, terminfo/color.c:
  LIBGGI_MODE(vis)->graphtype -> LIBGGI_GT(vis)

2004-09-13 08:53  cegger

* display/svgalib/mode.c: use LIBGGI_* macros

2004-09-13 08:50  cegger

* display/suidkgi/mode.c: use LIBGGI_* macros

2004-09-13 08:43  cegger

* display/: fbdev/mode.c, ipc/mode.c, memory/mode.c:
  LIBGGI_MODE(vis)->graphtype -> LIBGGI_GT(vis)

2004-09-13 08:37  cegger

* display/: aa/mode.c, directx/mode.c: LIBGGI_MODE(vis)->graphtype
  -> LIBGGI_GT(vis)

2004-09-13 08:35  cegger

* default/fbdev/directfb/visual.c: bugfix: calculate Bytes Per
  Packed Pixels correctly

2004-09-13 08:31  cegger

* default/: color/pack.c, fbdev/ati/mach64/visual.c,
  fbdev/directfb/visual.c: LIBGGI_MODE(vis)->graphtype ->

2004-09-13 08:22  pekberg

* display/directx/visual.c: Revert last change, cast in lvalue is

2004-09-12 21:51  cegger

* programs/util/tunemode.c: use string bounded ops

2004-09-12 21:48  cegger

* display/fbdev/visual.c: use string bounded ops

2004-09-12 21:44  cegger

* display/kgi/kgi.c: use string bounded ops. simplifies code a bit.

2004-09-12 21:21  cegger

* display/terminfo/: color.c, mode.c, visual.c: code cleanup: use
  LIBGGI_* macros, eliminate uneccessary variables

2004-09-12 21:11  cegger

* display/terminfo/: TIvisual.h, color.c, mode.c, visual.c: use

2004-09-12 21:03  cegger

* display/X/helper/: dga/dga.c, evi/evi.c: use GGIX_PRIV than

2004-09-12 20:58  cegger

* display/X/: color.c, misc.c, mode.c, visual.c: use GGIX_PRIV than

2004-09-12 20:53  cegger

* display/vcsa/visual.c: use string bounded op

2004-09-12 20:52  cegger

* display/vcsa/visual.c: use VCSA_PRIV than LIBGGI_PRIVATE

2004-09-12 20:49  cegger

* display/trueemu/visual.c: use TRUEEMU_PRIV than LIBGGI_PRIVATE

2004-09-12 20:48  cegger

* display/tile/: mode.c, visual.c: use TILE_PRIV than

2004-09-12 20:45  cegger

* display/tele/visual.c: use TELE_PRIV than LIBGGI_PRIVATE

2004-09-12 20:43  cegger

* display/svgalib/: color.c, mode.c, visual.c: use SVGA_PRIV than

2004-09-12 20:40  cegger

* display/sub/visual.c: use SUB_PRIV than LIBGGI_PRIVATE

2004-09-12 20:37  cegger

* display/palemu/visual.c: use PALEMU_PRIV than LIBGGI_PRIVATE

2004-09-12 20:35  cegger

* display/multi/mode.c: use GGIMULTI_PRIV than LIBGGI_PRIVATE

2004-09-12 20:33  cegger

* display/libkgi/visual.c: use LIBKGI_PRIV than LIBGGI_PRIVATE

2004-09-12 20:31  cegger

* display/memory/visual.c: use MEMORY_PRIV than LIBGGI_PRIVATE

2004-09-12 20:30  cegger

* display/lcd823/: mode.c, visual.c: use LCD823_PRIV than

2004-09-12 20:27  cegger

* display/kgi/: color.c, mode.c, visual.c: use KGI_PRIV than

2004-09-12 20:19  cegger

* display/ipc/visual.c: use IPC_PRIV than LIBGGI_PRIVATE

2004-09-12 20:16  cegger

* display/glide/: mode.c, visual.c: use GLIDE_PRIV than

2004-09-12 20:13  cegger

* display/monotext/: color.c, draw.c, mode.c, monotext.c, text.c,

2004-09-12 20:07  cegger

* display/multi/: stubs.c, visual.c: use GGIMULTI_PRIV than

2004-09-12 19:58  cegger

* display/file/visual.c: use FILE_PRIV than LIBGGI_PRIVATE

2004-09-12 19:56  cegger

* display/directx/visual.c: use GGIDIRECTX_PRIV than LIBGGI_PRIVATE

2004-09-12 19:55  cegger

* display/aa/: mode.c, visual.c: use AA_PRIV than LIBGGI_PRIVATE

2004-09-12 19:47  cegger

* display/X/mode.c: use GGI_MAX_APILEN than hardcoded value

2004-09-12 19:41  cegger

* display/: tile/mode.c, trueemu/mode.c, vcsa/mode.c, vgl/mode.c:
  use GGI_MAX_APILEN than hardcoded value

2004-09-12 19:37  cegger

* display/: svgalib/mode.c, terminfo/mode.c: use GGI_MAX_APILEN
  than hardcoded value

2004-09-12 19:31  cegger

* display/: monotext/mode.c, palemu/mode.c: use GGI_MAX_APILEN than
  hardcoded value

2004-09-12 19:27  cegger

* display/: kgi/mode.c, lcd823/mode.c, memory/mode.c: use
  GGI_MAX_APILEN than hardcoded value

2004-09-12 19:23  cegger

* display/: aa/mode.c, file/mode.c, glide/mode.c, ipc/mode.c: use
  GGI_MAX_APILEN than hardcoded value

2004-09-12 10:08  cegger

* programs/demos/flying_ggis.c: use EXIT_SUCCESS/EXIT_FAILURE for
  exit(3) calls

2004-09-12 10:02  cegger

* programs/demos/cube3d.c: use EXIT_FAILURE for exit(3) call

2004-09-11 21:10  cegger

* display/X/mode.c: check return code in GGI_X_checkmode_fixed()

2004-09-11 05:41  cegger

* doc/man/: Makefile.am, ggi_colormap.3, ggi_colormap_region.3:
  generate manpages for ggi_colormap(3) and ggi_colormap_region(3)

2004-09-10 22:01  cegger

* display/fbdev/: color.c, mode.c, pan.c, visual.c: consequently

2004-09-10 20:22  cegger

* display/fbdev/mode.c: use GGI_MAX_APILEN than hardcoded value

2004-09-10 18:48  pekberg

* display/directx/ddinit.c, include/ggi/display/directx.h:
  Unregister the window class (if we registered it) during
  shutdown, otherwise CreateWindow crashes if the target is
  unloaded and loaded again.

2004-09-10 16:44  cegger

* programs/regress/init.c: since rev. 1.4 testcase3 calls ggiExit()
  before exiting. That causes testcase4 to regress. Change
  testcase4 accordingly to test both cases: call of ggiClose(NULL)
  w/ and w/o ggiInit()/ggiExit() surrounded.

2004-09-10 16:38  cegger

* programs/regress/init.c: add testcase5 and 6 that reproduces the
  bug Peter Eckberg recently found in display-directx

2004-09-10 13:12  soyt

* doc/libggi-structures.txt: - fixed colormap formating issues -
  moved into libggi-structures

2004-09-09 17:53  cegger

* display/X/helper/shm/shm.c: handle cursor resetting better.

2004-09-09 16:58  cegger

* display/X/helper/shm/shm.c: tweak debug code a little

2004-09-09 16:40  cegger

* display/X/helper/shm/shm.c: use LIBGGI_* macros where possible

2004-09-09 14:18  pekberg

* display/directx/mode.c: Support visual size in mm and dpi.

2004-09-09 13:13  cegger

* ggi/init.c: swap GGI_DEBUG and GGI_DEBUGSYNC evaluation. Allows
  to mention whether we are in sync or in async debug mode.

2004-09-09 13:03  cegger

* display/X/misc.c: minor code refactoring

2004-09-09 12:41  cegger

* display/X/misc.c, display/X/visual.c, include/ggi/display/x.h:
  handle cursor resetting better. Patch from Bernhard Fischer.

2004-09-09 12:17  cegger

* display/X/visual.c: revert previous GGIexit() changes. Use an
  assertion than allowing to down in a broken way.  While here, do
  some other minor cleanups

2004-09-09 12:07  cegger

* display/X/visual.c: perform more strict checks before
  deinitializing mansync in GGIexit()

2004-09-09 11:55  cegger

* display/X/mode.c: make mode setting more debug friendly

2004-09-09 10:05  pekberg

* programs/regress/mode.c: add missing GGI_AUTO in description

2004-09-09 08:50  pekberg

* programs/check/checkmode.c: mark difference in graphtype size the
  same way as differences in graphtype depth.

2004-09-08 22:31  cegger

* doc/man/: ggiCheckMode.3, ggi_mode.3: regen.

2004-09-08 22:28  cegger

* doc/libggi-structures.txt: explain the size element of ggi_mode
  in the ggi_mode(3) manual

2004-09-08 21:42  cegger

* programs/regress/: Makefile.am, mode.c: add new regression test.
  Basically does some sanity checks.

2004-09-08 21:18  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/internal.h: rework LIBGGI_FB_SIZE to use

2004-09-08 21:10  cegger

* display/tile/mode.c: use new GT_ByPPP macro. Minor whitespace

2004-09-08 21:03  cegger

* display/memory/mode.c: use new GT_ByPPP macro. Makes the size
  variable superflous

2004-09-08 20:40  cegger

* display/: ipc/mode.c, vgl/mode.c: GT_ByPPP expects the graphtype
  not GT_SIZE as second argument. Fixes bug introduced in prior

2004-09-08 20:33  cegger

* display/: palemu/mode.c, trueemu/mode.c: use GT_ByPPP macro

2004-09-08 20:30  cegger

* display/: file/mode.c, kgi/mode.c, monotext/mode.c: use GT_ByPPP

2004-09-08 20:25  cegger

* display/: ipc/mode.c, vgl/mode.c: use GT_ByPPP macro

2004-09-08 20:22  cegger

* default/stubs/visual.c: use GT_ByPP macro

2004-09-08 20:20  cegger

* default/stubs/copybox.c: use new GT_ByPPP macro

2004-09-08 20:17  cegger

* include/ggi/types.h: consistently surround macro arguments with
  brackets. This also counts for GT_ByPPP

2004-09-08 20:16  cegger

* default/kgi/ATI/Radeon/crossblit.c: make use of GT_ByPPP macro

2004-09-08 20:09  cegger

* default/stubs/box.c, display/X/buffer.c: use new GT_ByPPP macro

2004-09-08 20:08  cegger

* include/ggi/types.h: introduce new GT_ByPPP macro. ByPPP stands
  for Bytes Per Packed Pixel. Note that it requires two arguments,
  so the compiling will fail on typo bugs regarding to GT_ByPP.
  Idea from Bernhard Fischer.

2004-09-08 20:04  cegger

* programs/demos/flying_ggis.c: use GT_ByPP macro

2004-09-08 19:52  cegger

* display/sub/: mode.c, stubs.c: LIBGGI_PRIVATE(vis) ->

2004-09-08 19:26  cegger

* programs/check/: consistency.c, findleaks.c, speed.c, structs.c:
  Code cleanup. Patches from Bernhard Fischer.

2004-09-08 19:18  cegger

* programs/: check/showaccel.c, check/showaccel2.c, demos/cube3d.c:
  make global variables static

2004-09-08 19:16  cegger

* programs/check/checkmode.c: cleanup checkmode. Patch from
  Bernhard Fischer

2004-09-08 19:14  cegger

* programs/check/cbconsist.c: make global variables static

2004-09-08 19:07  cegger

* programs/regress/clipdb.inc.c: make global variables static

2004-09-08 19:06  cegger

* programs/demos/stars.c: make global variables and prototypes

2004-09-08 19:04  cegger

* programs/demos/: pageflip.c, saver.c, slimy.c, textdemo.c: make
  global variables static

2004-09-08 18:56  cegger

* ggi/mode.c: convert %d to %u for unsigned values

2004-09-08 18:54  cegger

* ggi/internal.c: %d -> %u

2004-09-08 18:54  cegger

* ggi/dl.c: add a cast

2004-09-08 18:51  cegger

* extensions/test/test1.c: remove one indentation level. Use
  GGI_MAX_APILEN than hardcoded value. Use string bounded op.

2004-09-08 18:20  cegger

* TODO: refer to skids mail on the 'dl enhance' item

2004-09-08 18:09  cegger

* programs/: util/inputdump.c, demos/warp-ggi/main.c: %d -> %u

2004-09-08 17:51  cegger

* programs/util/monitest/: drawlib.c, ggitext.c, menu.c,
  monitest.c, pattern.c, window.c: Clean up monitest. Patch from
  Bernhard Fischer

2004-09-08 17:47  cegger

* display/X/box.c: add assertions for priv->slave

2004-09-08 14:03  cegger

* m4/libtool.m4: sync with tools/buildframework/m4/libtool.m4 rev

  Use 'gcc -shared' on both cygwin and mingw.  Optimize out dlltool
  and dllwrap.

2004-09-08 11:24  cegger

* display/vgl/mode.c: initialize the arguments string before
  entering the switch than doing it separately for each case

2004-09-08 11:24  cegger

* display/vcsa/mode.c: initialize the arguments string w/o

2004-09-08 11:23  cegger

* display/trueemu/mode.c: initialize the arguments string w/o
  strcpy(). Use %u than %d in sprintf() to allow better type checks
  within libc

2004-09-08 11:22  cegger

* display/tile/mode.c: initialize the arguments string before
  entering the switch than doing it separately for each case. Use
  %u than %d in sprintf() to allow better type checks within libc

2004-09-08 11:20  cegger

* display/tele/mode.c: initialize the arguments string w/o

2004-09-08 11:19  cegger

* display/sub/mode.c: always initialize the arguments string

2004-09-08 11:18  cegger

* display/: svgalib/mode.c, terminfo/mode.c: initialize the
  arguments string before entering the switch than doing it
  separately for each case

2004-09-08 11:17  cegger

* display/palemu/mode.c: initialize the arguments string w/o
  strcpy(). Use %u than %d in sprintf() to allow better type checks
  within libc

2004-09-08 11:16  cegger

* display/: lcd823/mode.c, libkgi/visual.c: initialize the
  arguments string w/o strcpy().

2004-09-08 11:13  cegger

* display/: glide/mode.c, kgi/mode.c: initialize the arguments
  string before entering the switch than doing it separately for
  each case

2004-09-08 11:13  cegger

* display/: file/mode.c, ipc/mode.c: initialize the arguments
  string w/o strcpy(). Use %u than %d in sprintf() to allow better
  type checks within libc

2004-09-08 11:11  cegger

* display/fbdev/mode.c: initialize the arguments string w/o
  strcpy(). Make mode setting failure case a bit more verbose.

2004-09-08 11:05  cegger

* display/: aa/mode.c, directx/mode.c: initialize the arguments
  string before entering the switch than doing it separately for
  each case

2004-09-08 10:56  cegger

* display/X/buffer.c: cleanup: use LIBGGI_* macros

2004-09-08 10:52  cegger

* default/stubs/box.c: cleanup: use GT_ByPP macro

2004-09-08 10:49  cegger

* default/linear_32/crossblit.c: move variable declaration outside
  the loop.

2004-09-04 06:11  cegger

* display/memory/visual.c: shmdt prototype expects a pointer type
  of void *. Fixes warning about incompatible pointer type on

2004-09-03 18:47  cegger

* display/palemu/visual.c: only de-initialize mansync helper, when
  PALEMU_PRIV(vis)->opmansync != NULL

2004-09-03 18:42  cegger

* display/palemu/text.c: use PALEMU_PRIV

2004-09-03 10:07  pekberg

* doc/README.directx: Add note about annoying MSYS (non-)handling
  of stdout in its shell.

2004-09-03 07:56  pekberg

* display/directx/: ddinit.c, mode.c, visual.c: Make use of the new

2004-09-03 07:55  pekberg

* include/ggi/display/directx.h: Introduce GGIDIRECTX_PRIV

2004-09-03 07:38  pekberg

* doc/README.directx: Restructure document and fix minor glitches

2004-08-27 15:17  cegger

* programs/regress/init.c: invert testcase4 to pass on success

2004-08-27 12:02  pekberg

* display/directx/: ddinit.c, ddinit.h: Notify input-directx when
  the user might have changed keyboard repeat rates.

2004-08-27 09:25  pekberg

* programs/regress/clip2d.c: The testcases are written so that they
  succeed when behaviour is correct.

2004-08-27 07:21  pekberg

* doc/README.directx: Add possible workaround to downloading 200MB
  Add workaround for cygwin configure script argument parsing

2004-08-27 07:08  pekberg

* programs/regress/init.c: Fix the expected return value.

2004-08-26 11:39  cegger

* doc/libggi-functions.txt: s/paramater/parameter/

2004-08-26 11:23  cegger

* programs/regress/Makefile.am: alphabetize build order

2004-08-26 11:22  cegger

* programs/regress/: Makefile.am, init.c: add regression test for
  ggiInit/ggiExit and ggiOpen/ggiClose

2004-08-26 11:20  cegger

* programs/regress/testsuite.inc.c: make summary more verbose

2004-08-26 07:41  pekberg

* programs/regress/clip2d.c: Add clipping test that fails even if
  extending the clip algorithm to use an integer type with twice as
  many bits as the regular int type.

2004-08-25 21:27  cegger

* default/fbdev/ati/mach64/: gtext.c, ati_mach64.h: remove
  misplaced semicolon

2004-08-25 15:45  cegger

* doc/man/: display-directx.7, display-memory.7, display-x.7:

2004-08-25 11:55  aldot

* display/: X/man.txt, ipc/man.txt, memory/man.txt: remove
  duplicate words

2004-08-25 11:54  pekberg

* display/directx/man.txt: add list of features

2004-08-25 08:25  pekberg

* display/directx/mode.c: point to the correct buffer location for
  directbuffers to work

2004-08-25 07:47  pekberg

* display/directx/ddinit.c, display/directx/ddinit.h,
  display/directx/mode.c, display/directx/visual.c,
  include/ggi/display/directx.h: Support for multiple frames (up to
  16) in display-directx

2004-08-24 19:45  cegger

* doc/man/ggiSetOrigin.3: regenerate

2004-08-24 19:31  cegger

* doc/libggi-functions.txt: document that the screen reflects the
  new origin, when ggiSetOrigin(3) returns.

2004-08-24 19:19  pekberg

* ggi/db.c: Obvious typo

2004-08-24 19:15  cegger

* display/X/buffer.c: make ggiSetOrigin() return GGI_EARGINVAL when
  x or y is < 0

2004-08-24 19:13  cegger

* display/fbdev/pan.c: make ggiSetOrigin() return GGI_EARGINVAL on
  given invalid arguments

2004-08-24 18:44  cegger

* m4/swar.m4: quote AC_CACHE_CHECK message

2004-08-24 18:43  pekberg

* display/directx/ddinit.c, display/directx/ddinit.h,
  display/directx/mode.c, display/directx/visual.c,
  include/ggi/display/directx.h: Support for virt!=visible and
  ggiSetOrigin in display-directx

2004-08-24 14:43  pekberg

* doc/README.directx: Add note about cvs and text files

2004-08-23 20:58  cegger

* default/pseudo_stubs/Makefile.am: add EXPSYMS to distribution

2004-08-23 20:42  cegger

* display/auto/: os/os.am, target/target.am: add the source files
  to the distribution when running 'make distcheck'. Bug discovered
  by Tim Larson.

2004-08-23 12:38  cegger

* doc/libggi-functions.txt: minor spelling fixes in ggiSetOrigin(3)

2004-08-23 12:17  pekberg

* display/directx/: ddinit.c, ddinit.h, mode.c: Only flush the
  requested region, and not always the whole screen.

2004-08-18 13:00  pekberg

* doc/README.directx: Add some missing bits

2004-08-18 10:57  pekberg

* doc/README.directx: fix typo

2004-08-17 18:40  cegger

* doc/Makefile.am: include README.directx when building a
  distribution via 'make distcheck'

2004-08-17 16:44  cegger

* display/memory/mode.c: remove double comment. Fix some whitespace

2004-08-17 13:28  pekberg

* doc/README.directx: Describe some differences between shells and
  the command prompt.

2004-08-17 13:15  pekberg

* doc/README.directx: Add newline at EOF

2004-08-17 12:06  cegger

* display/memory/mode.c: bugfix: the if statement in _GGIfreedbs()
  always returned false. While here, make some minor cleanups in

2004-08-17 08:59  cegger

* display/monotext/mode.c: bugfix: make GGI_monotext_checkmode()
  actually return the error code than always reporting success.
  While here, do other minor cleanup.

  XXX: GGI_monotext_checkmode() should make use of

2004-08-17 08:45  pekberg

* doc/README.directx: Update to current situation.

2004-08-17 08:39  cegger

* display/X/gtext.c: Consistently return GGI_ENOMEM on malloc()

2004-08-17 08:36  cegger

* default/linear_1_r/gtext.c: Initialize mask1. There was a code
  path, that uses mask1 variable uninitialized.

2004-08-17 08:32  cegger

* default/color/visual.c: cleanup: Use GT_ByPP() macro when
  calculation the bytes per pixel.

2004-08-17 06:51  pekberg

* configure.in, libggi.conf.in, m4/Makefile.am: Use relative paths
  in the configuration file.

2004-08-16 15:04  pekberg

* m4/Makefile.am: threads.m4 has been removed

2004-08-15 10:54  cegger

* display/X/mode.c: use memcpy(3) to assure aligned memory access.
  Fixes crash on NetBSD/sparc64

2004-08-13 19:09  cegger

* ltmain.sh: sync with tools/buildframework/ltmain.sh, rev 1.2:

  Install core dlls in bin instead of in lib on mingw. No longer
  needed to have the lib dir in the path.

2004-08-11 10:57  pekberg

* configure.in: Detect aalib using libtool to pick any dependencies

2004-08-11 10:24  cegger

* m4/libtool.m4:

  sync with tools/buildframework/m4/libtool.m4 rev 1.2:

  Make libtool build functional dlls on cygwin

2004-08-11 09:48  pekberg

* display/directx/ddinit.c: Make directx work on cygwin

2004-08-10 16:39  cegger

* display/vgl/mode.c: Having 1 frame is the minimum that is always

2004-08-10 15:32  cegger

* doc/man/ggiDrawLine.3: regeneration: add a SYNOPSIS section to

2004-08-10 15:31  cegger

* doc/libggi-functions.txt: add a SYNOPSIS section to

2004-08-09 19:21  cegger

* display/memory/mode.c: minor code cleanup: avoid multiple casts
  and dereferences

2004-08-09 17:33  ggibecka

* programs/regress/input.c: Added preliminary multi-visual
  joining/destroying test modelled after the monster APP.

2004-08-09 13:35  cegger

* programs/util/inputdump.c: cast return type of sizeof() to match
  the type of 'w'. This fixes a gcc warning about comparison
  between signed and unsigned values

2004-08-09 11:39  pekberg

* programs/util/inputdump.c: Do not overwrite the valuator names if
  there are space left to the right

2004-08-08 21:01  cegger

* programs/regress/input.c: move pre/post testcase code into
  separat functions. Make sure that code does not run when the flag
  'dontrun' is set

2004-08-08 20:55  cegger

* programs/regress/: clip2d.c, input.c, pixfmt.c, testsuite.inc.c:
  Implement new -n option: It implies -v. It doesn't run testcases.
  It prints out what they would do instead.

2004-08-08 19:50  cegger

* programs/regress/: Makefile.am, input.c: add regression test that
  checks that visual <-> input association works correctly.

  For now, only input detaching and reattaching is tested.
  Testcases for attaching/splitting multiple input sources are
  missing as well as juggling with multiple visuals and input
  sources in single/multithreaded environments.

2004-08-08 18:32  cegger

* doc/man/ggiGetInput.3: regeneration: in ggiDetachInput(3)
  reference to ggiJoinInputs(3) in the SEE ALSO section

2004-08-08 18:30  cegger

* doc/libggi-functions.txt: in ggiDetachInput(3) reference to
  ggiJoinInputs(3) in the SEE ALSO section

2004-08-07 18:41  cegger

* display/svgalib/visual.c: make this file compile again.

2004-08-01 15:03  cegger

* display/ipc/man.txt: try to describe what display-ipc is about

2004-08-01 14:46  cegger

* display/ipc/: mode.c, visual.c: this is display-ipc, not

2004-07-31 08:26  cegger

* programs/regress/pixfmt.c: don't cast pointer to integer. Fixes
  gcc warning on NetBSD/sparc64

2004-07-31 08:23  cegger

* ggi/internal.c: fix assertion checks - very likely a
  cut/copy/paste bug

2004-07-28 09:33  ggibecka

* display/X/mode.c: Fixed "hanging keys on focus change" issue.
  Attention: You must also upgrad libGII for this to work.

2004-07-28 09:25  cegger

* programs/regress/: Makefile.am, clip2d.c, pixfmt.c,
  testsuite.inc.c: rename common.inc.c rev 1.5 to testsuite.inc.c.
  This name change should make people more obvious which file each
  unit test must include in case there are mutliple inclusion

2004-07-28 07:56  cegger

* autogen.sh: echo -n only works on linux, *BSD and darwin. Use
  printf to make it work on all platforms including System V

2004-07-09 10:14  soyt

* display/ipc/man.txt: Proto-manpage for IPC. This really need to
  be completetd since I'm not sure how it works.

2004-06-27 18:54  cegger

* default/color/color.c: There are faster algorithms than TINN such
  as CAS, K-D tree and the hybrid K-D tree

2004-06-26 21:06  aldot

* configure.in: remove erroneously copied bracket

2004-06-26 20:58  aldot

* configure.in: disable vgagl_helper when not building the svga

2004-06-20 21:24  cegger

* doc/man/: Makefile.am, display-terminfo.7: generate manual page
  for display-terminfo

2004-06-20 21:24  cegger

* doc/libggi-libraries.txt: add manual page for display-terminfo

2004-06-20 21:14  cegger

* display/terminfo/man.txt: add manual page. Note, :path and :term
  options need to be documented.

2004-06-17 18:18  pekberg

* programs/util/inputdump.c: add new option to help texts

2004-06-17 17:20  pekberg

* programs/util/inputdump.c: differentiate between pointer buttons
  and keyboard buttons add --no-pmove (or -p) option to disable
  printing of pointer movement

2004-06-10 13:00  pekberg

* programs/util/inputdump.c: Don't trigger gii to resend the device
  info. They're sent by the input-target at opening time. This
  leads to double devinfo output.  flush stderr after each event to
  get better response time in my terminal.

2004-06-07 07:04  pekberg

* configure.in: check for kill before using HAVE_KILL require kill
  and fork (on non-windows) for cube3d

2004-06-06 20:14  pekberg

* programs/demos/cube3d.c: document race in the code instead of in
  the commit log message.

2004-06-06 20:07  pekberg

* programs/demos/cube3d.c: Attempt to kill race between sub-app and
  cube3d. When the sub-app opens the display-memory target it
  clears some variables so that the mode returned by ggiGetMode in
  cube3d is totally bogus. When the sub-app later sets a mode, the
  ggiGetMode call in cube3d returns sane values again. This "fix"
  detects the broken mode returned between ggiOpen and ggiSetMode
  in the sub-app. The race is probably not killed totally, as
  ggiGetMode during ggiOpen and ggiSetMode is not handled.

2004-06-06 20:00  pekberg

* programs/demos/cube3d.c: depth variable not used so kill it, and
  a spelling correction

2004-06-06 19:57  pekberg

* configure.in, programs/demos/cube3d.c: make cube3d work on win32:
  - shared memory works differently - FP_ZERO is defined by
  <math.h> - no kill(2) system call - no fork(2) system call

2004-06-06 19:56  pekberg

* configure.in: cube3d uses putenv, not setenv

2004-06-06 12:42  nsouch

* m4/gii_paths.m4: Prepend with GII include path when
  --with-uninst-gii is specified at ./configure.

2004-06-06 10:02  aldot

* programs/demos/demo.c: in non-interactive mode, when not polling,
  consume a key event so only a specific number of test are

2004-06-06 07:10  cegger

* doc/man/Makefile.am: remove nonexisting display-macosx manual.

2004-06-05 06:59  cegger

* doc/libggi-libraries.txt: alphabetize manual includes. add

2004-06-05 06:48  cegger

* doc/man/: Makefile.am, display-mansync.7: add manual for

2004-06-05 06:19  cegger

* display/mansync/man.txt: indent important notice a bit to mark it
  as an literal block that belongs to the .. important block

2004-06-04 23:03  cegger

* display/mansync/man.txt: add important notice

2004-06-04 22:59  cegger

* doc/man/display-memory.7: regeneration

2004-06-04 22:51  cegger

* display/mansync/man.txt: add manual page for display-mansync

2004-06-04 22:41  cegger

* include/ggi/display/mansync.h: update comments

2004-06-04 19:46  aldot

* programs/demos/demo.c: make some variables static add
  non-interactive mode (argument -n) use proper type format for
  printf add printing stats for SetOrigin, DrawLine, DrawBox add
  GetLine demos

2004-06-04 11:41  pekberg

* display/memory/man.txt, display/memory/visual.c,
  include/ggi/display/memory.h: shared memory support for win32

2004-06-03 05:56  pekberg

* configure.in: Nothing uses threads anymore so trash detection of
  them.  mansync can always be built, but add configure option to
  disable it.

2004-06-03 05:34  pekberg

* display/mansync/: Makefile.am, mansync.c: New and shiny
  task-based mansync.  Trash all old implementations.

2004-06-03 05:30  pekberg

* display/: aa/mode.c, palemu/mode.c, tile/mode.c, trueemu/mode.c:
  MANSYNC_start is never called if ggiSetFlags is not called.
  MANSYNC_SETFLAGS with the current flags calls MANSYNC_start on
  mode-change, if needed.

2004-06-02 21:38  cegger

* programs/demos/flying_ggis.c: remove one indentation level in the
  switch() { ... } block

2004-06-02 11:25  pekberg

* programs/demos/flying_ggis.c: Pressing the key s toggles (a)sync
  drawing. async is default.

2004-06-02 05:09  cegger

* programs/regress/clip2d.c: add testcase9 - check clipping
  algorithm on a line within the clipping area.

2004-06-02 05:00  cegger

* programs/regress/: clip2d.c, pixfmt.c: common.inc.c changes: -
  sync with libgii/regress/common.inc.c, rev 1.5

  testsuite changes: - add description argument to testcaseX()
  functions, which in turn passes them to printteststart(). It is
  probably a good idea to have testcase descriptions   in one place
  - namely in the main() function - to ease searching. - make
  main() functions call new parseopts() and printdesc().

2004-06-01 19:14  pekberg

* programs/regress/clip2d.c: fix reporting of test result

2004-06-01 18:22  pekberg

* programs/regress/clip2d.c: fix a couple of glitches

2004-06-01 13:08  pekberg

* programs/regress/clip2d.c: Tests that are known to fail are
  marked as EXPECTED2FAIL. Again.

2004-06-01 10:41  pekberg

* programs/regress/clip2d.c: add test case with a line that does
  not trigger any fatal bugs such as hangs and division by zero,
  but still is clipped incorrectly.

2004-06-01 09:49  pekberg

* programs/regress/clip2d.c: We want the failing tests to pass, so
  we expect that even though we know that the tests do not
  currently pass.

2004-06-01 09:44  pekberg

* programs/regress/clip2d.c: add test that triggers a divide by
  zero problem add test that checks if the clipping endpoint is on
  the line that would have been drawn sans clipping.  remove
  trivial test as that is covered by the clipdb test.

2004-05-29 06:36  cegger

* doc/man/: cube3d.1, display-aa.7, display-auto.7,
  display-directx.7, display-fbdev.7, display-file.7,
  display-glide.7, display-memory.7, display-monotext.7,
  display-multi.7, display-palemu.7, display-sub.7,
  display-svgalib.7, display-tele.7, display-tile.7,
  display-trueemu.7, display-vcsa.7, display-vgl.7, display-x.7,
  ggiCheckMode.3, ggiCopyBox.3, ggiCrossBlit.3,
  ggiDBGetNumBuffers.3, ggiDrawBox.3, ggiDrawHLine.3,
  ggiDrawLine.3, ggiDrawPixel.3, ggiDrawVLine.3, ggiEventSend.3,
  ggiFillscreen.3, ggiFlush.3, ggiGetGamma.3, ggiGetInput.3,
  ggiGetPixelFormat.3, ggiGetc.3, ggiInit.3, ggiJoinInputs.3,
  ggiMapColor.3, ggiOpen.3, ggiPanic.3, ggiParseMode.3, ggiPutc.3,
  ggiResourceAcquire.3, ggiSetColorfulPalette.3,
  ggiSetDisplayFrame.3, ggiSetFlags.3, ggiSetGCClipping.3,
  ggiSetGCForeground.3, ggiSetMode.3, ggiSetOrigin.3,
  ggiSetPalette.3, ggi_color.3, ggi_directbuffer.3, ggi_mode.3,
  ggi_pixelformat.3, ggiteleserver.1, libggi.7, monitest.1:

2004-05-28 23:26  aldot

* doc/libggi-functions.txt: note in documentation that
  ggi?PrintMode does not add a trailing newline

2004-05-28 13:10  pekberg

* configure.in: the AC_TRY_CPP test always failed because of the
  apostrophe in the #error directive, so kill the test and simplify
  the code around it.

2004-05-28 11:44  cegger

* m4/swar.m4: back out rev 1.4. libgii and libggi seem to have
  different versions, which is bad.

2004-05-28 11:24  cegger

* m4/swar.m4: sync with new versions from tools/buildframework/

2004-05-28 09:36  pekberg

* configure.in: no need to shift around LDFLAGS, now that the libgg
  dependencies are right.

2004-05-27 11:30  pekberg

* programs/regress/clip2d.c: close the file explicitly

2004-05-27 11:10  pekberg

* programs/regress/: Makefile.am, clip2d.c, clipdb.inc.c: test
  large number of clipping coords, the db assumes that the current
  clipping code clipped these lines corectly.

2004-05-27 10:05  pekberg

* programs/regress/clip2d.c: unify some code add 2 more tests mark
  the tests that now fails as expected failures

2004-05-25 21:50  cegger

* programs/regress/clip2d.c: move MIN and MAX macros from
  common.inc.c to clip2d.c - where they are actually used. This
  simplifies synchronizing common.inc.c with

2004-05-25 21:44  cegger

* programs/regress/: clip2d.c, pixfmt.c: sync common.inc.c with
  libgii/regress/common.inc.c, rev 1.3. The testframework now tells
  you, if the result of the testcase is as expected or not.

2004-05-25 09:40  pekberg

* display/mansync/Makefile.am, display/tele/Makefile.am,
  extensions/test/Makefile.am, programs/check/Makefile.am,
  programs/demos/Makefile.am, programs/demos/warp-ggi/Makefile.am,
  programs/regress/Makefile.am, programs/util/Makefile.am,
  programs/util/monitest/Makefile.am: Remove explicit references to
  $(THREADLIBS) as they are no longer needed.  This is taken care
  of implicitly by the recent ltmain.sh update.

2004-05-24 17:06  cegger

* ltmain.sh: sync with new versions from tools/buildframework/

2004-05-21 22:08  cegger

* doc/man/: cube3d.1, display-aa.7, display-auto.7,
  display-directx.7, display-fbdev.7, display-file.7,
  display-glide.7, display-memory.7, display-monotext.7,
  display-multi.7, display-palemu.7, display-svgalib.7,
  display-tele.7, display-tile.7, display-trueemu.7,
  display-vcsa.7, display-vgl.7, display-x.7, ggiCheckMode.3,
  ggiCopyBox.3, ggiCrossBlit.3, ggiDBGetNumBuffers.3, ggiDrawBox.3,
  ggiDrawHLine.3, ggiDrawLine.3, ggiDrawPixel.3, ggiDrawVLine.3,
  ggiEventSend.3, ggiFillscreen.3, ggiFlush.3, ggiGetGamma.3,
  ggiGetInput.3, ggiGetPixelFormat.3, ggiGetc.3, ggiInit.3,
  ggiJoinInputs.3, ggiMapColor.3, ggiOpen.3, ggiPanic.3,
  ggiParseMode.3, ggiPutc.3, ggiResourceAcquire.3,
  ggiSetColorfulPalette.3, ggiSetDisplayFrame.3, ggiSetFlags.3,
  ggiSetGCClipping.3, ggiSetGCForeground.3, ggiSetMode.3,
  ggiSetOrigin.3, ggiSetPalette.3, ggi_color.3, ggi_directbuffer.3,
  ggi_mode.3, ggi_pixelformat.3, ggiteleserver.1, libggi.7,
  monitest.1: regeneration

2004-05-21 21:58  cegger

* doc/man/: cube3d.1, display-aa.7, display-auto.7,
  display-directx.7, display-fbdev.7, display-file.7,
  display-glide.7, display-memory.7, display-monotext.7,
  display-multi.7, display-palemu.7, display-sub.7,
  display-svgalib.7, display-tele.7, display-tile.7,
  display-trueemu.7, display-vcsa.7, display-vgl.7, display-x.7,
  ggiCheckMode.3, ggiCopyBox.3, ggiCrossBlit.3,
  ggiDBGetNumBuffers.3, ggiDrawBox.3, ggiDrawHLine.3,
  ggiDrawLine.3, ggiDrawPixel.3, ggiDrawVLine.3, ggiEventSend.3,
  ggiFillscreen.3, ggiFlush.3, ggiGetGamma.3, ggiGetInput.3,
  ggiGetPixelFormat.3, ggiGetc.3, ggiInit.3, ggiJoinInputs.3,
  ggiMapColor.3, ggiOpen.3, ggiPanic.3, ggiParseMode.3, ggiPutc.3,
  ggiResourceAcquire.3, ggiSetColorfulPalette.3,
  ggiSetDisplayFrame.3, ggiSetFlags.3, ggiSetGCClipping.3,
  ggiSetGCForeground.3, ggiSetMode.3, ggiSetOrigin.3,
  ggiSetPalette.3, ggi_color.3, ggi_directbuffer.3, ggi_mode.3,
  ggi_pixelformat.3, ggiteleserver.1, libggi.7, monitest.1:

2004-05-21 20:15  aldot

* configure.in: for a debug-build only add "-g" to the flags if the
  compiler supports it.  at least my gcc only has "-Wreturn-type"
  and not the plural.

2004-05-21 20:09  aldot

* display/X/README, display/X/man.txt, doc/env.txt,
  doc/libggi-functions.txt, doc/libggi-libraries.txt,
  doc/libggi-structures.txt, include/ggi/internal/dltypes.h,
  programs/check/checkmode.c, programs/demos/demo.c,
  programs/util/monitest/monitest.c: fix some typos in

2004-05-18 12:02  aldot

* doc/libggi-functions.txt: correct a few typos

2004-05-17 22:35  cegger

* doc/man/: ggi_color.3, ggi_directbuffer.3, ggi_mode.3:

2004-05-17 22:25  aldot

* doc/libggi-structures.txt: correct a few typos

2004-05-17 21:52  cegger

* TODO: mark showaccel2 item as completed

2004-05-17 18:03  aldot

* programs/check/showaccel2.c: initialize cnt

2004-05-17 17:16  aldot

* programs/check/showaccel2.c: just cleanup if setting a simple
  mode failed

2004-05-17 16:16  aldot

* programs/check/showaccel2.c: occasionally print counters in the
  headline don't draw over headline use a pipe to pass result for
  calculating ratio remove superfluous whitespace

2004-05-16 12:16  cegger

* programs/regress/: clip2d.c, pixfmt.c: pass __FILE__ to
  printteststart() to fit new prototype

2004-05-14 14:13  aldot

* programs/check/showaccel.c: don't draw over headline remove
  superfluous whitespace

2004-05-10 09:44  pekberg

* configure.in: make mansync use threads again

2004-05-09 20:09  cegger

* config.guess, config.sub: sync with new versions from

2004-05-09 18:58  aldot

* programs/: demos/Makefile.am, demos/warp-ggi/Makefile.am,
  regress/Makefile.am, util/Makefile.am, util/monitest/Makefile.am:
  threadlibs are needed for FreeBSD platform

2004-05-09 12:28  cegger

* config.guess, config.sub, depcomp, install-sh: sync with new
  versions from tools/buildscripts/

2004-05-09 08:14  cegger

* programs/demos/Makefile.am: threadlibs are needed for FreeBSD

2004-05-09 08:12  cegger

* programs/check/Makefile.am: for individual_LDADD, LDADD is not
  added... bah!

2004-05-09 02:47  aldot

* configure.in: detect broken dga support on e.g. XFree86 3.x

2004-05-08 21:16  cegger

* configure.in: remove dynload_libs. It's nowhere used...

2004-05-08 09:05  cegger

* programs/check/Makefile.am: threadlibs are needed for the FreeBSD
  platform. Issue found with autobuilder.

2004-05-07 05:21  cegger

* extensions/test/Makefile.am: exttest1 needs threadlibs. Fixes
  build failure on FreeBSD. Found with autobuilder

2004-05-06 05:33  cegger

* display/tele/Makefile.am: teleserver needs to be linked against
  thread libs. Issue found with autobuilder on FreeBSD platform

2004-05-05 22:08  aldot

* default/common/clip.c, display/tile/line.c: typo in comment,

2004-05-05 05:54  cegger

* configure.in: Move thread detection out into a GGI_THREADLIBS

  libgii/libgg detection needs linking against threadlib.  Fixes
  configure failure on FreeBSD found with autobuilder.

2004-05-05 05:51  cegger

* m4/Makefile.am: move thread detection out of configure. Use
  libgii's mutextype autodetection as template for libggi's one.

2004-05-04 16:43  cegger

* programs/regress/clip2d.c: use MIN macro. Ther's no portable
  fmin() variant for integers. Fixes compiling error on Darwin and
  probably other platforms. While here also add a MAX macro.

2004-05-04 12:47  pekberg

* programs/regress/clip2d.c: fix b0rken testcase1 and 2 and clean
  up testcase3

2004-05-04 11:38  pekberg

* programs/regress/clip2d.c: correct expected results for testcase2
  and a new testcase3 with a shorter overflowing line

2004-05-04 10:39  cegger

* programs/regress/clip2d.c: unify result checking. Tweak testcase2
  to test the theoretical worst case that API allows.

2004-05-04 10:23  cegger

* programs/regress/clip2d.c: #include <limits.h> for INT_MIN

2004-05-03 22:58  cegger

* programs/regress/clip2d.c: add testcase, where Peter Ekberg
  discovered a bug: setting y1 to INT_MIN ends up in an
  endless-loop. This bug is reproducable now

2004-05-03 22:40  cegger

* programs/Makefile.am, configure.in: add regress subdirectory

2004-05-03 22:39  cegger

* programs/regress/: .cvsignore, Makefile.am, clip2d.c, pixfmt.c:
  .cvsignore: tell CVS to ignore Makefile.in Makefile.am: build
  file common.inc.c: test functions copied from libgii/regress/gg/

  pixfmt.c: regression-test for _ggi_parse_pixfmtstr
  Everyone is invited to add more testcases.

  clip2d.c: regression-test for _ggi_clip2d       Everyone is
  invited to add more testcases.

2004-05-03 22:14  cegger

* doc/man/ggiSetMode.3: regeneration

2004-05-03 22:11  cegger

* doc/libggi-functions.txt: wrap overlong parameter line of
  ggiSetSimpleMode(3). Automatic line wrapping looks bad in the
  manual page.

2004-05-03 22:07  cegger

* doc/man/: display-svgalib.7, ggiCheckMode.3: regeneration

2004-05-03 22:06  cegger

* doc/libggi-functions.txt: wrap overlong parameter line of
  ggiCheckSimpleMode(3). Automatic line wrapping looks bad in the
  manual page.

2004-05-03 21:44  cegger

* default/common/clip.c: fix comment

2004-05-02 23:02  nsouch

* configure.in:
  Make libgii & libggi compile with pthreads. Tested on R5.1, but
  should also work on 4.10.

  The way the freebsd platform is recognized is not perfect yet,
  freebsd5.1 and freebsd4.10 are hardwired in libgii/m4/mutexes.m4
  and libggi/configure.in.

  Note that to test libgii linking in libggi/configure.in, the
  -pthread must have been detected first and --enable-threads is
  mandatory in libggi at least on FreeBSD...

2004-05-02 06:48  cegger

* configure.in: clean check for vgl.h requires <sys/fbio.h> as
  default include. Fixes configure warnings on FreeBSD, when the
  configure script has been generated with autoconf 2.5x

2004-04-23 04:32  cegger

* .cvsignore: ignore autom4te.cache

2004-04-09 22:29  cegger

* config.guess, config.sub: update to version shipped with libtool

2004-04-09 22:28  cegger

* install-sh, mkinstalldirs: update to version shipped with
  automake 1.8.3

2004-04-08 18:05  cegger

* display/aa/color.c: back out nsouch's fix. Fix it the way as
  proposed by Vincent on IRC

2004-04-07 22:55  nsouch

* display/aa/color.c: Simply don't print the field that does not

2004-04-06 16:54  cegger

* display/svgalib/man.txt: move known BUGS into the manual page

2004-04-06 16:52  cegger

* display/svgalib/mode.c: fix some compiler warnings

2004-04-05 23:11  ggibecka

* display/X/mode.c: Focus pulling fix. Largely untested. Sorry.
  Hope it works.

2004-04-04 21:51  nsouch

* display/kgi/: kgi.c, visual.c:
  <unistd.h> was missing on FreeBSD to have declaration of close().

2004-04-04 19:13  cegger

* programs/check/cbconsist.c: opterr, optarg and optopt are defined
  in <unistd.h>, when there's no <getopt.h>

2004-04-04 14:31  mooz

* default/color/color.c, display/X/color.c, display/aa/color.c,
  display/aa/mode.c, display/fbdev/color.c, display/fbdev/visual.c,
  display/file/mode.c, display/ipc/mode.c, display/kgi/color.c,
  display/kgi/mode.c, display/lcd823/color.c,
  display/lcd823/mode.c, display/memory/mode.c,
  display/monotext/color.c, display/monotext/mode.c,
  display/palemu/color.c, display/palemu/mode.c,
  display/svgalib/color.c, display/svgalib/mode.c,
  display/tele/color.c, display/tele/mode.c, ggi/colormap.c,
  ggi/visual.c, include/ggi/internal/structs.h: ggi_colormap:
  Structure was modified in order to use ggi_clut struct

2004-04-02 16:05  ggibecka

* display/terminfo/visual.c: include unistd.h for a prototype of

2004-04-02 16:02  ggibecka

* programs/: check/cbconsist.c, check/showaccel.c, demos/demo.c,
  demos/flying_ggis.c, demos/pageflip.c, demos/saver.c,
  demos/stars.c, demos/textdemo.c: Added includes for gg.h to fix
  implicit declaration warnings due to usage of gg functions

2004-03-25 10:28  pekberg

* display/directx/ddinit.c, display/directx/mode.c,
  display/directx/visual.c, include/ggi/display/directx.h: prepare
  locking (now reentrant by the same thread) and for resizing, to
  please the upcoming directx-wmh

2004-03-14 12:56  pekberg

* display/: palemu/mode.c, trueemu/mode.c: get the
  generic-pseudo-stubs API

2004-03-13 13:54  cegger

* default/pseudo_stubs/.cvsignore: tell CVS which files to ignore

2004-03-13 13:53  cegger

* default/pseudo_stubs/visual.c: correct return value is

2004-03-12 13:00  pekberg

* configure.in, libggi.conf.in, default/Makefile.am,
  default/pseudo_stubs/EXPSYMS, default/pseudo_stubs/Makefile.am,
  default/pseudo_stubs/visual.c: add generic-pseudo-stubs lib

2004-03-09 08:54  pekberg

* display/directx/ddinit.c: activate the direct x window on open.

2004-03-09 08:52  pekberg

* display/directx/ddinit.c: closing the direct x window exits the
  app instead of leaving it in limbo.

2004-03-08 00:58  skids

* display/mansync/mansync.c:
  Fix typo that was trying to build win32threads.c into UNIX
  binaries :-)

2004-03-03 20:15  cegger

* configure.in: Patch from Martin Albert:

  This fix keeps libggi/configure from doing the Wrong Thing by
  possibly assigning to CxxFLAGS=-I<empty here>

2004-03-01 22:20  cegger

* configure.in, programs/util/Makefile.am: backout wrong usage of
  EXTRA_PROGRAMS. Confuses automake 1.7.x. Using OPTUTILS is the
  right thing to do (TM).

2004-03-01 21:04  skids

* default/linear_16/crossblit.c:
  Fix SWAR (don't read access past end of buffer) I think we got it
  right now :-)

2004-03-01 20:01  skids

* default/linear_16/crossblit.c:
  while (!work(damnyou)) { read_more_HOWTOs(); fix(it); } Another
  attempt at fixing SWAR compile/operation.

2004-03-01 17:21  skids

* default/linear_16/crossblit.c:
  Fix SWAR asm argument constraints.  This fixes compile on gcc3.3.
  Have not checked this with older GCCs.

2004-03-01 10:44  soyt

* doc/man/: display-file.7, display-memory.7, display-tile.7,
  display-x.7, ggiGetPixelFormat.3, ggiGetc.3, ggiInit.3,
  ggiJoinInputs.3, ggiPutc.3, ggiSetFlags.3: corrected admonitions

2004-02-29 22:04  cegger

* display/X/: mode.c, visual.c: add more debug information to ease
  following the code path

2004-02-29 20:49  cegger

* display/auto/probe.c: use GGIDPRINT macro for debug message. Make
  debug message a little bit more verbose.

2004-02-29 13:31  cegger

* programs/demos/: saver.c, textdemo.c: use portable ggUSleep()
  than non-prtable sleep() call. Makes special mingw hack

2004-02-29 13:25  cegger

* programs/util/: Makefile.am, ipaq_ggicalibrate.c: use portable
  ggUSleep() than unix-specific usleep() call

2004-02-28 17:22  aldot

* default/fbdev/mga/2164w/crossblit.c,
  default/fbdev/mga/g400/crossblit.c, ggi/internal.c,
  include/ggi/internal/structs.h: s/unused/padding/ to match the

2004-02-28 17:22  aldot

* configure.in, programs/util/Makefile.am: build tunemode only if
  kgimon.h was found

2004-02-28 17:21  aldot

* default/kgi/Matrox/Gx00/visual.c: include string.h for memset,

2004-02-28 17:21  aldot

* display/kgi/mode.c, include/ggi/display/kgi.h: typos and

2004-02-27 10:41  cegger

* display/palemu/color.c: reenable UPDATE_MOD to update the window
  properly. It was outcommented for no reason

2004-02-26 23:00  aldot

* default/linmm_banked/README.linmm_banked,
  doc/libggi-functions.txt, ggi/init.c, ggi/mode.c: fix a few typos
  in the documentation

2004-02-25 10:13  pekberg

* configure.in: kill configure 'present but not compiled' warnings
  on cygwin

2004-02-25 09:22  pekberg

* configure.in: configure with --enable-threads builds the mansync,
  palemu, trueemu and tile targets on mingw

2004-02-24 10:23  cegger

* doc/man/: cube3d.1, display-aa.7, display-directx.7,
  display-fbdev.7, display-file.7, display-glide.7,
  display-memory.7, display-monotext.7, display-multi.7,
  display-palemu.7, display-sub.7, display-svgalib.7,
  display-tele.7, display-tile.7, display-trueemu.7,
  display-vcsa.7, display-vgl.7, display-x.7, ggiCheckMode.3,
  ggiGetPixelFormat.3, ggiGetc.3, ggiInit.3, ggiJoinInputs.3,
  ggiParseMode.3, ggiPutc.3, ggiResourceAcquire.3, ggiSetFlags.3,
  ggi_directbuffer.3, ggi_mode.3, ggiteleserver.1, libggi.7,
  monitest.1: regenerate again. This time with the improvements in

2004-02-23 18:22  soyt

* doc/libggi-libraries.txt: no need to struggle in the formatter to
  get the output right when the input is wrong...

2004-02-23 15:11  cegger

* doc/man/: display-directx.7, libggi.7: regeneration

2004-02-23 15:00  cegger

* display/directx/man.txt: The directx target has no directbuffer
  support. Not Yet.

2004-02-23 14:24  pekberg

* default/color/visual.c, default/fbdev/ati/mach64/visual.c,
  default/fbdev/mga/g400/visual.c, default/ilbm/visual.c,
  default/ioctl/visual.c, default/iplanar_2p/visual.c,
  default/kgi/ATI/Mach64/visual.c, default/kgi/ATI/Radeon/visual.c,
  default/kgi/Matrox/Gx00/visual.c, default/linear_1/visual.c,
  default/linear_16/visual.c, default/linear_1_r/visual.c,
  default/linear_2/visual.c, default/linear_24/visual.c,
  default/linear_32/visual.c, default/linear_4/visual.c,
  default/linear_4_r/visual.c, default/linear_8/visual.c,
  default/linmm_banked/visual.c, default/planar/visual.c,
  default/ramdac/visual.c, default/stubs/visual.c,
  default/text_16/visual.c, default/text_32/visual.c,
  display/X/visual.c, display/X/helper/dbe/dbe.c,
  display/X/helper/dga/dga.c, display/X/helper/evi/evi.c,
  display/X/helper/shm/shm.c, display/X/helper/vidmode/vidmode.c,
  display/aa/visual.c, display/auto/visual.c,
  display/directx/visual.c, display/fbdev/visual.c,
  display/file/visual.c, display/glide/visual.c,
  display/ipc/visual.c, display/kgi/visual.c,
  display/lcd823/visual.c, display/libkgi/visual.c,
  display/linvtsw/visual.c, display/mansync/visual.c,
  display/memory/visual.c, display/monotext/visual.c,
  display/multi/visual.c, display/palemu/visual.c,
  display/sub/visual.c, display/suidkgi/visual.c,
  display/svgalib/visual.c, display/tele/visual.c,
  display/terminfo/visual.c, display/tile/visual.c,
  display/trueemu/visual.c, display/vcsa/visual.c,
  display/vgagl/visual.c, display/vgl/visual.c, ggi/init.c,
  include/ggi/Makefile.am, include/ggi/ggi-defs.h,
  include/ggi/ggi-unix.h, include/ggi/ggi.h, include/ggi/ggi_ext.h,
  include/ggi/internal/internal.h: Make use of the EXPORT*/IMPORT*
  macros defined in include/ggi/system.h

2004-02-23 14:19  pekberg

* m4/libtool.m4: Use dllwrap instead of dlltool to create dlls on

2004-02-23 07:52  soyt

* doc/libggi-libraries.txt: better formating for examples

2004-02-19 06:15  pekberg

* m4/libtool.m4: Do not generate import libraries on the fly as
  impgen.c (embedded in m4/libtool.m4) does not support dlls
  exporting variables

2004-02-14 22:30  cegger

* include/ggi/: internal/structs.h, display/directx.h,
  display/fbdev.h, display/ipc.h, display/libkgi.h,
  display/memory.h, display/quartz.h, display/svgalib.h,
  display/vcsa.h, display/x.h, display/xcommon.h: replace the physz
  fields by a macro for better maintainance Place physz fields
  consistently to the beginning of the target-private structure

2004-02-14 13:45  cegger

* TODO, display/X/misc.c, display/X/visual.c,
  display/common/ggi-auto.inc, display/directx/mode.c,
  display/directx/visual.c, display/fbdev/mode.c,
  display/fbdev/visual.c, display/ipc/mode.c, display/ipc/visual.c,
  display/libkgi/visual.c, display/memory/mode.c,
  display/memory/visual.c, display/svgalib/mode.c,
  display/svgalib/visual.c, display/terminfo/mode.c,
  display/terminfo/visual.c, display/vcsa/mode.c,
  display/vcsa/visual.c, ggi/EXPSYMS, ggi/Makefile.am,
  ggi/internal.c, ggi/mode.c, include/ggi/internal/Makefile.am,
  include/ggi/internal/internal.h, include/ggi/internal/unit.h:
  TODO item: allow physz params to determine mode resolution when
  visible == GGI_AUTO

  That means, it is now possible to determine a mode doing:

  ...  ggi_mode mode;


  /* visible size in pixels */ mode.visible.x = mode.visible.y =

  /* virtual size in pixels */ mode.virt.x = mode.virt.y =

  /* dots per pixels */ mode.dpp.x = mode.dpp.y = 1;

  /* visible size in millimeters */ mode.size.x = 150; mode.size.y
  = 100;

  ggiCheckMode(vis, &mode);

  I introduced a _ggi_physz_figure_visible() for this. It is
  invoked from _GGIhandle_ggiauto(). So no need to anything special
  in the targets.

  In order to have a clean namespace I renamed _ggi_parse_physz to
  _ggi_physz_parse_option _ggi_figure_physz to

  I moved the physz handling from ggi/internal.c to ggi/mode.c
  since it has to do with mode handling.

  Moreover, I introduced a <ggi/internal/unit.h>.  It provides some
  inline functions to convert between millimeters (mm), dots per
  inches (dpi) and pixels. It is included by
  <ggi/internal/internal.h>, so no need to include it explicitely.

2004-02-12 19:01  pekberg

* display/directx/ddinit.c: kill race between thread start and
  event creation

2004-02-12 09:09  pekberg

* display/mansync/: Makefile.am, mansync.c: add mansync
  implementation for mingw (disabled)

2004-02-12 00:59  agraef

* display/directx/ddinit.c: fix layout of client area in GGI main

2004-02-10 06:34  cegger

* m4/libtool.m4: make install works on mingw. Patch from Peter

2004-02-09 15:34  cegger

* TODO: merged buildsystem change into -stable

2004-02-09 14:31  cegger

* TODO, configure.in, programs/util/Makefile.am: Make configure
  checking for which utils to build.  Patch from Peter Ekberg.

2004-02-06 13:57  cegger

* TODO, configure.in, programs/check/Makefile.am,
  programs/demos/Makefile.am, programs/demos/saver.c,
  programs/demos/textdemo.c: libggi compiles now on mingw out of
  the box.  Patch from Peter Ekberg. He didn't know, that he was
  doing a TODO item for libggi 2.1.0 at least partially:

  Change buildsystem to check, whether to build some demos.  Only
  the utils remain to be checked for.

  I moved the checks into a own section in configure.in to be more

2004-02-05 12:15  cegger

* display/memory/visual.c:
  Fix compiler warning on Linux/AMD64:

  makes integer from pointer without a cast

2004-02-05 09:49  cegger

* ggi/internal.c: garbage collect unused code. Doing this in an
  extra commit allows to reapply it quickly with the help of CVS

2004-02-05 09:34  cegger

* TODO, display/X/buffer.c, display/X/helper/shm/shm.c,
  display/memory/mode.c, display/memory/visual.c, ggi/EXPSYMS,
  ggi/internal.c, include/ggi/display/memory.h,
  include/ggi/internal/internal.h: finished TODO item:

  formalize pixelformat strings (e.g. "r5b5g5p1") and provide
  parser/construction functions for them in the LibGGI internal

  I implemented _ggi_parse_pixfmtstr, flexible enough to be used in

  display-memory makes use of it rather its own hack.

  I renamed _ggi_pixfmtstr to _ggi_build_pixfmtstr to be more
  selfdescriptive.  A lengthy parameter to allow bufferoverflow
  detection. It expects the full length, which includes the \0.

  Three flags have been added: GGI_PIXFMT_GRAPHTYPE,

  GGI_PIXFMT_GRAPHTYPE tells _ggi_build_pixfmtstr to the graphtype
  from the visual's mode structure for string generation.

  GGI_PIXFMT_CHANNEL tells _ggi_build_pixfmtstr to use visual's
  pixelformat structure for string generation.

  GGI_PIXFMT_ALPHA_USED tells _ggi_build_pixfmtstr that eventual
  padding bits are used as alpha bits.

2004-02-04 14:29  cegger

* configure.in, display/X/helper/vidmode/vidmode.c,
  display/tele/libtele.c, include/ggi/display/ipc.h,
  programs/demos/wrap.c: Patch from Peter Ekberg:

  Current status cygwin - everything seem to compile and build
  correctly - libgii seems to work (demo output is as I expect it
  to be and keystrokes are reported) - programs linked against
  libggi sadly segfaults in _cygwin_dll_entry@12   before they get
  to main.  - windows.h is no longer included by ggi/system.h -
  libg* are no longer linked against wsock32.dll.

  Current status mingw - not worse than before

  libggi/configure.in - check for connect in libc first to avoid
  -lwsock32 on cygwin.

  libggi/display/X/helper/vidmode/vidmode.c - remove nasty cygwin
  workaround now that windows.h is not included.

  libggi/display/tele/libtele.c - don't include winsock*.h on
  cygwin.  - add ifdef HAVE_UNISTD_H - include various socket
  headers if they exist, no longer a problem as   winsock*.h isn't

  libggi/include/ggi/display/ipc.h - don't include winsock*.h on
  cygwin.  - include various socket headers if they exist, no
  longer a problem as winsock*.h isn't included.

  libggi/programs/demos/wrap.c - don't include winsock*.h on
  cygwin.  - include various socket headers if they exist, no
  longer a problem as winsock*.h isn't included.

2004-02-03 22:52  cegger

* display/memory/mode.c: whitespace cleanup

2004-02-02 19:21  cegger

* configure.in, display/X/mode.c,
  display/X/helper/vidmode/vidmode.c, display/tele/color.c,
  display/tele/events.c, display/tele/libtele.c,
  display/tele/mode.c, display/tele/text.c, display/tile/mode.c,
  display/trueemu/blit24.c, display/trueemu/blit32.c,
  display/trueemu/frames.c, display/trueemu/mode.c,
  display/trueemu/trueemu.c, extensions/test/exttest1.c,
  extensions/test/test1.c, extensions/test/test2.c,
  include/ggi/display/ipc.h, programs/check/cbconsist.c,
  programs/check/consistency.c, programs/check/findleaks.c,
  programs/check/showaccel.c, programs/check/showaccel2.c,
  programs/check/speed.c, programs/check/structs.c,
  programs/demos/cube3d.c, programs/demos/demo.c,
  programs/demos/flying_ggis.c, programs/demos/pageflip.c,
  programs/demos/saver.c, programs/demos/slimy.c,
  programs/demos/stars.c, programs/demos/textdemo.c,
  programs/demos/wrap.c, programs/demos/warp-ggi/color.c,
  programs/demos/warp-ggi/dowarp.c, programs/demos/warp-ggi/main.c,
  programs/demos/warp-ggi/readtga.c, programs/util/ggicalibrate.c,
  programs/util/giik2str.c, programs/util/inputdump.c,
  programs/util/ipaq_ggicalibrate.c, programs/util/tunemode.c,
  programs/util/monitest/ggitext.c, programs/util/monitest/menu.c,
  programs/util/monitest/mousedemo.c: final Showdown: libggi
  compiles on cygwin out of the box now! Patch from Peter Ekberg.

2004-01-31 22:36  cegger

* display/: memory/visual.c, palemu/mode.c: whitespace cleanup

2004-01-31 22:35  cegger

* display/libkgi/drawops.c: portability fix: s/u_int64_t/uint64/

2004-01-31 22:34  cegger

* display/fbdev/color.c: whitespace cleanups

2004-01-31 22:06  cegger

* default/kgi/Matrox/: .cvsignore, Gx00/.cvsignore: tell CVS which
  files to ignore

2004-01-31 21:18  cegger

* patchlib.c: fixup header inclusion

2004-01-31 20:56  cegger

* display/: ipc/mode.c, ipc/visual.c, memory/mode.c,
  monotext/color.c, monotext/mode.c, monotext/monotext.c,
  monotext/text.c, monotext/visual.c, multi/mode.c, palemu/color.c,
  palemu/frames.c, palemu/mode.c, palemu/palemu.c, palemu/text.c:
  reorder header inclusion. Patch from Peter Ekberg.

  /usr/include/w32api/winsock2.h:95:2: warning: #warning "fd_set
  and associated macros have been defined in sys/types.  This may
  cause runtime problems with W32 sockets"

2004-01-31 11:18  cegger

* checkversion.sh: sync with libgii's latest revision 1.4

2004-01-31 07:51  cegger

* doc/man/: Makefile.am, cube3d.1, display-auto.7, display-fbdev.7,
  display-file.7, display-memory.7, display-sub.7, display-x.7,
  ggiCheckMode.3, ggiCopyBox.3, ggiCrossBlit.3,
  ggiDBGetNumBuffers.3, ggiDrawBox.3, ggiDrawHLine.3,
  ggiDrawVLine.3, ggiFlush.3, ggiGetGamma.3, ggiGetInput.3,
  ggiGetc.3, ggiInit.3, ggiJoinInputs.3, ggiMapColor.3, ggiOpen.3,
  ggiPanic.3, ggiParseMode.3, ggiPutc.3, ggiResourceAcquire.3,
  ggiSetDisplayFrame.3, ggiSetFlags.3, ggiSetGCClipping.3,
  ggiSetGCForeground.3, ggiSetMode.3, ggiSetOrigin.3,
  ggiSetPalette.3, ggi_color.3, ggi_directbuffer.3, libggi.7,
  monitest.1: regenerated - adds display-auto

2004-01-31 00:06  cegger

* configure.in: search connect first in -lwsock32, then in -lsocket
  and last in -lc. This should make the ipc target compile on
  cygwin. Pointed out by Peter Ekberg.

2004-01-30 18:44  cegger

* display/vgl/visual.c: add missing prototypes

2004-01-30 18:41  cegger

* display/vgl/mode.c: fix warning about comparison between signed
  and unsigned

2004-01-30 18:36  cegger

* autogen.sh: automake 1.5 supports sources in subdirectories. So
  automake 1.5 is required, not 1.6

2004-01-30 17:01  cegger

* display/directx/visual.c: #include <ctype.h>, reorder header
  inclusion. Fixes compiling on cygwin. Patch from Peter Ekberg.

2004-01-30 15:10  cegger

* m4/libtool.m4: sync with libgii's revision 1.12

2004-01-30 13:09  ggibecka

* display/X/gtext.c: Fix "strange colored pixels when re-exposing
  backbuffer"-Bug.  Don't call drawing routines with arrays that
  have just been freed as parameter.

2004-01-30 10:04  cegger

* display/auto/man.txt: add reference to ggiOpen(3)

2004-01-30 09:49  cegger

* checkversion.sh: match patch version numbers correctly

2004-01-30 09:38  cegger

* autogen.sh, checkversion.sh: check for required autoconf &
  automake versions

2004-01-29 23:52  cegger

* TODO: credit myself for display-auto. Mark colormap work as done.
  Credit Vincent Cruz for this. Change X-target item that RW
  colormap support is missing rather than telling what has been

2004-01-29 19:50  soyt

* display/auto/man.txt, doc/libggi-libraries.txt: added auto
  manpage plus formatting

2004-01-29 19:46  cegger

* display/auto/man.txt: manual page for display-auto

2004-01-29 17:37  cegger

* ggi/dl.c: remove an unused variable

2004-01-29 15:00  cegger

* ggi/: dl.c, init.c: make sure, config.h is included first. Fixes
  compiler warning on cygwin:

  /usr/include/w32api/winsock2.h:95:2: warning: #warning "fd_set
  and associated macros have been defined in sys/types.  This may
  cause runtime problems with W32 sockets"

2004-01-29 14:43  cegger

* configure.in: enable directx autodetection. Spotted by Paul
  Ekberg on IRC.

2004-01-29 14:27  cegger

* display/auto/probe.c: forgot to pass correct display size in last
  cleanup before the big commit

2004-01-29 13:59  cegger

* m4/libtool.m4: sync libtool with libgii's one (revision 1.11)

2004-01-29 13:49  cegger

* TODO, configure.in, libggi.conf.in, display/Makefile.am,
  display/auto/.cvsignore, display/auto/EXPSYMS,
  display/auto/Makefile.am, display/auto/probe.c,
  display/auto/visual.c, display/auto/os/.cvsignore,
  display/auto/os/common.inc, display/auto/os/darwin.c,
  display/auto/os/defaultos.c, display/auto/os/freebsd.c,
  display/auto/os/linux.c, display/auto/os/netbsd.c,
  display/auto/os/openbsd.c, display/auto/os/os.am,
  display/auto/os/os.h, display/auto/os/solaris.c,
  display/auto/os/win32.c, display/auto/target/.cvsignore,
  display/auto/target/aa.c, display/auto/target/directx.c,
  display/auto/target/fbdev.c, display/auto/target/kgi.c,
  display/auto/target/svgalib.c, display/auto/target/target.am,
  display/auto/target/target.h, display/auto/target/vgl.c,
  display/auto/target/x.c, ggi/Makefile.am, ggi/dl.c, ggi/init.c,
  ggi/probe.c, include/ggi/display/Makefile.am,
  include/ggi/display/auto.h, include/ggi/internal/internal.h,
  m4/Makefile.am: libggi TODO item:

  add display-auto to separate OS dependent auto-detect routines
  from libggi core

  - add m4/os.m4 to handle OS dependencies with automake - add
  _ggiProbeDL() in ggi/dl.c, which fits the needs of display-auto.
  Also shares some code with _ggiAddDL() - and of course add
  display/auto :)

2004-01-28 05:12  skids

* display/X/visual.c:
  Hint libgii target to forward expose events when there is no

2004-01-26 23:07  cegger

* display/aa/visual.c: #include <string.h> for memcpy

2004-01-26 23:03  cegger

* display/aa/visual.c: use common way of implementing target

2004-01-26 22:43  cegger

* display/Makefile.am: alphabetize

2004-01-25 12:49  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/internal.h: group things together by
  inserting blank lines

2004-01-25 12:42  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/internal.h: indent -kr -i8

2004-01-24 23:03  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4: merge libgii's libtool update

  ltmain.sh (revisions 1.11-1.13) m4/ltdl.m4 (revision 1.3)
  m4/libtool.m4 (revision 1.10)

2004-01-24 17:45  cegger

* compile, config.guess, config.sub, depcomp, install-sh, missing,
  mkinstalldirs: update to version shipped with automake 1.8.2

2004-01-21 23:53  cegger

* display/file/mode.c: remove unused variable

2004-01-08 21:27  skids

* programs/demos/pageflip.c:
  Defer to GGI_DEFMODE if it has > 1 frames already

2004-01-08 21:18  skids

* display/X/mode.c:
  Fix over-allocation of win y dimension discovered by hunger.

2004-01-03 22:54  cegger

* programs/check/showaccel2.c: s/pallet/palett/

2004-01-03 22:54  cegger

* programs/check/showaccel.c: s/pallet/palet/

2004-01-03 22:52  cegger

* include/ggi/display/kgi.h: s/pallete/palette/

2004-01-03 22:50  cegger

* display/svgalib/color.c: s/setPallete/setPalette/

2004-01-03 22:45  cegger

* display/kgi/color.c: s/setPallete/setPalette/

2004-01-03 22:43  cegger

* display/fbdev/mode.c: fix spelling: pallette -> palette. While
  here do some whitespace cleanups

2004-01-03 22:41  cegger

* default/kgi/ATI/Radeon/gc.c: pallete -> palette

2004-01-01 17:43  cegger

* configure.in: Add <X11/Xlib.h> as default-header to include.
  autoconf newer than 2.13 makes more strict checks and caused
  warnings in the form of

  checking X11/extensions/xf86vmode.h presence... yes configure:
  WARNING: X11/extensions/xf86vmode.h: present but cannot be
  compiled configure: WARNING: X11/extensions/xf86vmode.h: check
  for missing prerequisite headers? configure: WARNING:
  X11/extensions/xf86vmode.h: proceeding with the preprocessors
  result configure: WARNING: ##
  ------------------------------------ ## configure: WARNING:
  ## Report this to bug-autoconf@gnu.org. ## configure: WARNING:
   ## ------------------------------------ ## checking for
  X11/extensions/xf86vmode.h... yes

  Thanks to Tobias Hunger and Martin Albert for reporting this and
  to Martin Albert for a hint to the solution.

2003-12-22 07:44  cegger

* ggi/visual.c: whitespace cleanups

2003-12-20 20:13  cegger

* m4/Makefile.am: make sure there are all *.m4 files are added.
  Alphabetize them.

2003-12-20 00:04  cegger

* display/kgi/visual.c: GGIdl_kgi is an exported symbol. So don't
  make it static. This may cause trouble on some platforms with
  very restrictive / strong symbol import/export rules.

2003-12-19 23:07  nsouch

* display/kgi/: color.c, mode.c, visual.c: KGI new colormap
  management. Tested: kgi4BSD

2003-12-17 23:01  cegger

* libggi.conf.in: introduce display-xf86dga alias. Will be removed
  later, once the xf86dga target has become a X helper target

2003-12-14 23:12  nsouch

* configure.in: Don't make difference with FreeBSD, that's not

2003-12-14 10:13  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/structs.h: remove #if 0 ... #endif clausel

2003-12-14 00:03  cegger

* configure.in: revert last commit. It's better to break compiling
  targets rather than (silently) hiding targets w/o colormap

2003-12-13 23:51  cegger

* include/ggi/display/xf86dga.h: implement colormap for xf86dga
  target. I have no way for testing it, since the mach64 X driver
  has no dga support, but this lets compile the target again at

2003-12-13 22:32  cegger

* ggi/colormap.c: remove code from _ggiColormapFindByColor() that
  does effectively nothing

2003-12-13 21:12  mooz

* TODO, configure.in, default/color/color.c, default/color/color.h,
  default/color/visual.c, display/Makefile.am, display/X/color.c,
  display/X/mode.c, display/aa/color.c, display/aa/mode.c,
  display/fbdev/color.c, display/fbdev/visual.c,
  display/file/mode.c, display/ipc/mode.c, display/lcd823/color.c,
  display/lcd823/mode.c, display/memory/mode.c,
  display/monotext/color.c, display/monotext/mode.c,
  display/palemu/color.c, display/palemu/mode.c,
  display/svgalib/color.c, display/svgalib/mode.c,
  display/svgalib/visual.c, display/tele/color.c,
  display/tele/mode.c, display/tile/mode.c, ggi/Makefile.am,
  ggi/colormap.c, ggi/visual.c, include/ggi/display/aa.h,
  include/ggi/display/fbdev.h, include/ggi/display/file.h,
  include/ggi/display/ipc.h, include/ggi/display/lcd823.h,
  include/ggi/display/memory.h, include/ggi/display/monotext.h,
  include/ggi/display/palemu.h, include/ggi/display/svgalib.h,
  include/ggi/display/tele.h, include/ggi/display/tile.h,
  include/ggi/display/x.h, include/ggi/internal/dltypes.h,
  include/ggi/internal/internal.h, include/ggi/internal/structs.h:
  Colormap - a new structure has been introduced (ggi_colormap).
  The folowing targets need to be modified : vcsa, vgagl, vgl,
  xf86dga, quartz, glide, directx.

2003-12-13 14:50  cegger

* config.guess, config.sub, depcomp, missing: update to version
  shipped by automake 1.7.9

2003-12-11 23:44  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/internal.h: add LIBGGI_EXT_CHECK() macro in
  replacement for the previous ggiExtensionIsAttached*() functions.
  This easily lets check extensions for extensions attached onto a

2003-12-11 21:44  cegger

* include/ggi/ggi_ext.h: back out revisions 1.3 and 1.4

2003-12-11 21:40  cegger

* ggi/EXPSYMS: back out revisions 1.8 and 1.9

2003-12-11 21:38  cegger

* ggi/init.c: back out revisions 1.11 and 1.12

2003-12-11 19:47  cegger

* ggi/init.c, ggi/EXPSYMS, include/ggi/ggi_ext.h: remove '2Vis'
  from the API function names: ggiExtensionIsAttached2VisByName ->
  ggiExtensionIsAttachedByName ggiExtensionIsAttached2VisByID ->

2003-12-09 23:25  cegger

* ggi/EXPSYMS, ggi/init.c, include/ggi/ggi_ext.h: Extension API
  change: add ggiExtensionIsAttached2VisByName() add

  Both allows the user to query the visual, if a certain extension
  has been attached onto a visual or not.

2003-12-06 19:11  cegger

* default/linear_8/crossblit.c: fix spelling in comment

2003-11-27 18:36  cegger

* configure.in: libggi has no obscure structure initialization
  causing gcc to produce false warnings.

2003-11-27 18:24  cegger

* display/X/helper/vidmode/vidmode.c: don't use priv, when

2003-11-16 22:01  cegger

* display/svgalib/visual.c: #include <string.h> - needed for
  memcpy. Noticed by Bernhard Fischer.

2003-11-16 21:59  cegger

* include/ggi/display/kgi.h: fix linux/kgi breakage as noticed
  Bernhard Fischer

2003-11-13 17:13  cegger

* display/ipc/: mode.c, visual.c: add the -physz option

2003-11-13 17:12  cegger

* include/ggi/display/ipc.h: add the -physz option to the ipc

2003-11-13 10:46  soyt

* doc/man/Makefile.am: remove directxnt

2003-11-13 10:44  soyt

* doc/man/: cube3d.1, display-aa.7, display-directx.7,
  display-fbdev.7, display-file.7, display-glide.7,
  display-memory.7, display-monotext.7, display-multi.7,
  display-palemu.7, display-sub.7, display-svgalib.7,
  display-tele.7, display-tile.7, display-trueemu.7,
  display-vcsa.7, display-vgl.7, display-x.7, ggiAddEventMask.3,
  ggiCheckMode.3, ggiCopyBox.3, ggiCrossBlit.3, ggiDBGetBuffer.3,
  ggiDBGetNumBuffers.3, ggiDrawBox.3, ggiDrawHLine.3,
  ggiDrawLine.3, ggiDrawPixel.3, ggiDrawVLine.3, ggiEventPoll.3,
  ggiEventRead.3, ggiEventSelect.3, ggiEventSend.3,
  ggiEventsQueued.3, ggiFillscreen.3, ggiFlush.3, ggiGammaMax.3,
  ggiGetEventMask.3, ggiGetGamma.3, ggiGetGammaMap.3,
  ggiGetInput.3, ggiGetPixelFormat.3, ggiGetc.3, ggiInit.3,
  ggiJoinInputs.3, ggiMapColor.3, ggiOpen.3, ggiPanic.3,
  ggiParseMode.3, ggiPutc.3, ggiRemoveEventMask.3,
  ggiResourceAcquire.3, ggiSetColorfulPalette.3,
  ggiSetDisplayFrame.3, ggiSetEventMask.3, ggiSetFlags.3,
  ggiSetGCClipping.3, ggiSetGCForeground.3, ggiSetGamma.3,
  ggiSetGammaMap.3, ggiSetMode.3, ggiSetOrigin.3, ggiSetPalette.3,
  ggi_color.3, ggi_directbuffer.3, ggi_mode.3, ggi_pixelformat.3,
  ggiteleserver.1, libggi.7, monitest.1: updated manpages

2003-11-12 13:26  cegger

* TODO: add some more API's to add to libggi 3.0. Also mention the
  addition of the -fullscreen option to the X-target

2003-11-09 13:44  cegger

* display/X/man.txt: document -fullscreen option

2003-11-09 13:24  cegger

* display/X/visual.c: implement the 'fullscreen' option. Default
  mode is the windowed mode. When fullscreen option is enabled, the
  dga helper is tried first and falls back to vidmode extension in
  failure. When both fail, then it falls back to windowed mode.
  Note, that -inwin has no effect when fullscreen is given.

  This fixes the crash-on-exit for the default windowed mode,
  because neither dga nor the vidmode helper get loaded. So this is
  no real fix, but nice workaround. :)

2003-11-09 13:01  cegger

* display/X/mode.c: make mode handling more verbose for debugging

2003-11-09 00:17  cegger

* configure.in: The curses lib provides no 'mvaddchnstr()' function
  used in the terminfo target. So we disable the terminfo target,
  until it is able to use an alternative function for this case.

2003-10-29 17:31  cegger

* configure.in: check for directfb.h header additionally to decide
  wether to build the directfb renderer or not.  This is mandatory
  to compile libggi on SuSE Linux 8.0, where directfb 0.9.16
  installation has broken headers: directfb headers are in
  /usr/include/directfb/ there, but directfb.h includes
  <dfb_types.h> and <directfb_keyboard.h> which are supposed to be
  in /usr/include/ Consequence: configure can't find
  <directfb/directfb.h>, since inclusion of the other headers
  fails.  So it's better to decide not to build the dfb renderer on
  broken installations, until a volunteer does some include magics
  both in configure.in and in default/fbdev/directfb/ggidirectfb.h

2003-10-27 05:55  cegger

* display/directx/visual.c: disable input when -inwin is used.
  Patch from Albert Graef

2003-10-26 13:24  cegger

* display/directx/man.txt: update from Albert Graef and changes
  from me

2003-10-25 08:49  cegger

* display/directx/ddinit.c, display/directx/ddinit.h,
  display/directx/mode.c, display/directx/visual.c,
  include/ggi/display/directx.h, display/directx/Makefile.am: major
  rework by Albert Graef. Also added the -inwin option.

2003-10-23 22:30  skids

* default/kgi/ATI/Radeon/: Makefile.am, crossblit.c:
  Re-add missing crossblit.c that somehow did not get committed.
  Hopefully it is devoid of changes from my private hacking.

2003-10-23 15:37  cegger

* programs/util/Makefile.am: add giik2str.h

2003-10-23 08:37  cegger

* ggi/mode.c: include ggi headers first to avoid conflicts with
  cygwin headers

2003-10-23 05:56  cegger

* include/ggi/display/Makefile.am: add missing quartz.h

2003-10-23 05:30  cegger

* display/Makefile.am: add wsfb

2003-10-22 22:23  cegger

* programs/util/monitest/Makefile.am: monitest.sgml no longer

2003-10-22 22:18  cegger

* default/kgi/ATI/Radeon/Makefile.am: crossblit.c doesn't exist

2003-10-12 10:06  cegger

* ggi/init.c: use string bounded ops

2003-10-12 10:01  cegger

* display/tele/libtele.c: make use of ggstrlcpy()

2003-10-10 22:20  cegger

* display/directx/Makefile.am: remove directx.la entry. spotted by
  Albert Graef.

2003-10-10 22:04  cegger

* display/directx/ddinit.c: compile fix by Albert Graef.

2003-10-10 06:16  cegger

* libggi.conf.in, display/directx/Makefile.am: directx is dead.
  directxnt is now directx. ;-)

2003-10-10 05:48  cegger

* display/directx/ddinit.c: SECURITY: use snprintf() when available

2003-10-10 05:41  cegger

* display/directx/man.txt: minor correction by me

2003-10-10 05:35  cegger

* display/directx/: ddinit.c, ddinit.h, man.txt, mode.c, visual.c:
  big patch from Albert Graef: - fix cursor stuff, added
  -keepcursor and -nocursor options - disable maximize button on
  GGI-on-DX window - remove stuff in WindowProc made obselete by
  the above two items - move the globals in ddinit.c into private
  data structure - merge the two targets into one (directxnt has
  been renamed to directx and is now the *one* directx target) -
  fix a couple of bugs and race conditions

2003-10-10 05:30  cegger

* include/ggi/display/directx.h: big patch from Albert Graef: - fix
  cursor stuff, added -keepcursor and -nocursor options - disable
  maximize button on GGI-on-DX window - remove stuff in WindowProc
  made obselete by the above two items - move the globals in
  ddinit.c into private data structure - merge the two targets into
  one (directxnt has been renamed to directx and is now the *one*
  directx target) - fix a couple of bugs and race conditions

2003-10-09 15:06  cegger

* configure.in: tell gcc to notice deverlopers to add missing
  includes :)

2003-10-08 13:56  cegger

* programs/demos/cube3d.c: cast size_t to unsigned long. That's
  necessary since %z is (still) very rarely implemented. This
  silences gcc3.3

2003-10-08 08:51  cegger

* display/directx/: Makefile.am, ddinit.c, ddinit.h, mode.c: code
  reorganisation: move directX version independent routines to

2003-10-07 21:21  nsouch

* INSTALL, configure.in, display/kgi/kgi.c, display/kgi/mode.c:
  Update FreeBSD target, make KGI accel disablable

2003-10-07 20:24  cegger

* display/directx/: ddinit.c, ddinit.h, visual.c: fix crash on
  ggiClose(). patch from Albert Graef.

2003-10-07 19:53  cegger

* display/directx/visual.c: s/memory/directx/

2003-10-07 19:38  cegger

* display/directx/ddinit.c: handle the default case in checkmode

2003-10-07 19:26  cegger

* display/directx/ddinit.c: fix bug accidentally introduced in last
  commit by misapplying the patch. Spotted by Albert Graef.

2003-10-07 18:45  cegger

* display/directx/visual.c: move GGIclose() above GGIopen, so that
  the symbol is there when used in GGIopen()

2003-10-07 18:42  cegger

* display/directx/ddinit.c: improve modehandling radically. patch
  from Albert Graef.

2003-10-07 18:16  cegger

* display/directx/visual.c: correct GGIclose declaration

2003-10-07 16:41  cegger

* display/directx/man.txt: - directxnt should also be used on Win2k
  systems - added -physz and -noinput options (option description
  adapted from the X-target) - add feature section

2003-10-07 16:07  cegger

* display/directx/ddinit.c: space -> tab

2003-10-07 15:27  cegger

* display/directx/ddinit.c: space -> tab, other minor codestyle

2003-10-07 05:29  cegger

* display/directx/ddinit.c: don't assume 16bit modes, when
  graphtype is GGI_AUTO. Use the actual mode depth instead. Also
  correct the pitch value correct. Only MS knows why maxX must be
  used rather than mode->virt.x

2003-10-06 21:33  cegger

* display/directx/: ddinit.c, ddinit.h, mode.c, visual.c: add
  -noinput and -physz option to directx target. checkmode() and
  setmode() uses the generic display/common/*.inc routines. Tested
  by Albert Graef.

2003-10-06 21:30  cegger

* include/ggi/display/directx.h: add -noinput and -physz option to
  directx target. Tested by Albert Graef.

2003-09-29 13:30  skids

  fbdev gamma map now marked as done

2003-09-29 05:38  cegger

* display/fbdev/visual.c: allocate one time a chunck of memory
  rather than allocating sizeof(ggi_fbdev_priv) times 1 byte :)

2003-09-29 04:48  skids

* display/fbdev/color.c, display/fbdev/mode.c,
  display/fbdev/visual.c, include/ggi/display/fbdev.h:
  Clean up mess of redundant color handling code in display/fbdev
  o  Almost all the color handling is now in color.c  o
  Implemented gamma function set  o  Restore palette on mode exit,
  not just visual close  o  Only restore palette/gamma entries that
  GGI may have altered o  Install default gamma on open -- often
  uninitialized on this target o  fbdev users please test for
  inclusion in stable tree

2003-09-22 19:51  cegger

* depcomp, install-sh: update to version shipped by automake 1.7.6

2003-09-16 21:39  cegger

* display/X/color.c: initialize the new gammastate members
  properly. Minor cleanups.

2003-09-16 21:18  cegger

* configure.in: reenable substitution of OBJCDEPMODE as it is
  mandatory to compile the quartz target. So it's better to ignore
  the weakness of automake 1.6.x

2003-09-16 21:02  cegger

* display/X/color.c: make use of ggi_gammastate's new .start and
  .len members. This way palette indeces no longer get abused by
  gammamap handling.

2003-09-16 20:57  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/structs.h: add start/len members to
  ggi_gammastate to have a place to load/store information about
  the .map array indeces. This avoids target coders to hack around
  about this missing stuff.

2003-08-24 15:42  cegger

* programs/check/cbconsist.c: add missing return checking on mode
  setting. Fixes crash on failure. Found issue under

2003-08-11 11:38  soyt

* doc/libggi-libraries.txt: list item on a single line

2003-08-11 08:31  soyt

* display/X/man.txt, doc/libggi-functions.txt,
  doc/libggi-libraries.txt, doc/libggi-structures.txt: fix
  formating in doc

2003-08-04 05:41  cegger

* configure.in: sync with libgii to make automake 1.6.x happy

2003-07-28 18:30  cegger

* ggi/unix.c: fix comment

2003-07-16 18:13  cegger

* autogen.sh: sync with libgii version

2003-07-13 08:54  cegger

* default/fbdev/ati/mach64/visual.c: cast font to uint8 * and put a
  warning about an unsafe 64bit conversion

2003-07-13 08:44  cegger

* display/X/misc.c: cast to right pointer types. Silences gcc on
  the alpha

2003-07-13 08:28  cegger

* display/X/: box.c, gtext.c, hline.c, pixel.c, vline.c: cast to
  right pointer types. Silences gcc on the alpha

2003-07-13 07:21  cegger

* ggi/init.c, include/ggi/ggi_ext.h: change ggiExtensionRegister()
  size argument from int -> size_t

2003-07-13 07:04  cegger

* programs/check/showaccel2.c, patchlib.c: add missing static

2003-07-13 07:00  cegger

* programs/demos/cube3d.c: corrected printf() format string. Fixes
  warnings on the alpha

2003-07-13 06:55  cegger

* default/fbdev/mga/g400/visual.c: font is of type unsigned char *,
  so we cast it explicitely to uint8 *. Fixes warning 'assignment
  from incompatible pointer type' found on the alpha.

2003-07-13 06:52  cegger

* default/: linear_8/gtext.c, fbdev/mga/2164w/visual.c: font is of
  type unsigned char *, so we cast it explicitely to uint8 *. Fixes
  warning 'assignment from incompatible pointer type' found on the

2003-07-13 06:48  cegger

* default/: linear_1/gtext.c, linear_1_r/gtext.c: font is of type
  unsigned char *, so we cast it explicitely to uint8 *. Fixes
  warning 'assignment from incompatible pointer type' found on the

2003-07-13 06:39  cegger

* display/monotext/monotext.c: font_data is of type unsigned char
  *, not uint8 *. Fixes incompatible pointer type warning found on
  the alpha

2003-07-13 00:40  cegger

* display/X/helper/dga/dga.c: fix missing prototype warning

2003-07-12 06:29  cegger

* programs/check/findleaks.c: add missing statics

2003-07-09 08:56  cegger

* config.guess, config.sub: update from

2003-07-06 14:08  cegger

* display/X/helper/shm/shm.c: some more warning fixes.
  XFree86/Linux is less clean than XFree86/NetBSD, IMO

2003-07-06 14:01  cegger

* programs/util/giik2str.h: forgotten to add/commit

2003-07-06 13:41  cegger

* display/X/helper/shm/shm.c: compiler warning fixes

2003-07-06 10:35  cegger

* include/ggi/: display/multi.h, display/palemu.h, display/tele.h,
  display/trueemu.h, display/vcsa.h, ggi.h: many compiler warning

2003-07-06 10:25  cegger

* display/: X/box.c, X/buffer.c, X/color.c, X/fillscreen.c,
  X/gtext.c, X/hline.c, X/misc.c, X/mode.c, X/pixel.c, X/visual.c,
  X/vline.c, X/helper/dbe/dbe.c, X/helper/evi/evi.c,
  X/helper/vidmode/vidmode.c, aa/giievents.c, aa/mode.c,
  aa/visual.c, common/gt-auto.inc, fbdev/mode.c, fbdev/visual.c,
  file/fileio.c, file/mode.c, file/ppm.c, file/visual.c,
  ipc/visual.c, linvtsw/visual.c, mansync/visual.c, memory/mode.c,
  memory/visual.c, monotext/mode.c, monotext/monotext.c,
  monotext/visual.c, multi/visual.c, palemu/mode.c,
  palemu/visual.c, sub/visual.c, tele/box.c, tele/color.c,
  tele/libtele.c, tele/mode.c, tele/text.c, tele/visual.c,
  terminfo/TIvisual.h, terminfo/color.c, terminfo/mode.c,
  terminfo/ncurses.c, terminfo/visual.c, tile/line.c, tile/stubs.c,
  tile/visual.c, trueemu/mode.c, trueemu/trueemu.c,
  trueemu/visual.c, vcsa/color.c, vcsa/draw.c, vcsa/visual.c: many
  compiler warnings fixes and some updates - merge Cruz Vincent's
  vidmode update

2003-07-06 08:24  cegger

* include/ggi/display/file.h: bytes and words are unsigned unlike
  char and short :)

2003-07-05 22:27  cegger

* configure.in: sync warning options with libgii

2003-07-05 22:13  cegger

* default/: color/color.c, color/color.h, color/gamma.c,
  color/visual.c, common/clip.c, fbdev/ati/mach64/ati_mach64.h,
  fbdev/ati/mach64/copybox.c, fbdev/ati/mach64/gc.c,
  fbdev/ati/mach64/gtext.c, fbdev/ati/mach64/mach64.h,
  fbdev/ati/mach64/visual.c, fbdev/mga/2164w/box.c,
  fbdev/mga/2164w/copybox.c, fbdev/mga/2164w/crossblit.c,
  fbdev/mga/2164w/gtext.c, fbdev/mga/2164w/hline.c,
  fbdev/mga/2164w/line.c, fbdev/mga/2164w/mmio.h,
  fbdev/mga/2164w/visual.c, fbdev/mga/2164w/vline.c,
  fbdev/mga/g400/box.c, fbdev/mga/g400/copybox.c,
  fbdev/mga/g400/crossblit.c, fbdev/mga/g400/gtext.c,
  fbdev/mga/g400/hline.c, fbdev/mga/g400/line.c,
  fbdev/mga/g400/mmio.h, fbdev/mga/g400/visual.c,
  fbdev/mga/g400/vline.c, ilbm/visual.c, iplanar_2p/visual.c,
  linear_1/visual.c, linear_16/box.c, linear_16/copybox.c,
  linear_16/crossblit.c, linear_16/hline.c, linear_16/line.c,
  linear_16/visual.c, linear_1_r/visual.c, linear_2/visual.c,
  linear_24/box.c, linear_24/copybox.c, linear_24/crossblit.c,
  linear_24/hline.c, linear_24/visual.c, linear_32/box.c,
  linear_32/copybox.c, linear_32/crossblit.c, linear_32/hline.c,
  linear_32/line.c, linear_32/visual.c, linear_4/copybox.c,
  linear_4/hline.c, linear_4/visual.c, linear_4_r/copybox.c,
  linear_4_r/hline.c, linear_4_r/visual.c, linear_8/box.c,
  linear_8/copybox.c, linear_8/crossblit.c, linear_8/hline.c,
  linear_8/visual.c, planar/visual.c, stubs/copybox.c,
  stubs/gtext.c, stubs/hline.c, stubs/visual.c, stubs/vline.c,
  text_16/color.c, text_16/visual.c, text_32/visual.c: lots of

2003-07-05 20:35  cegger

* include/ggi/display/fbdev.h: ioctl() ... so much to

2003-07-05 14:49  cegger

* include/ggi/ggi.h: ggi_flags is unsigned, so the constants must
  be unsigned, too

2003-07-05 14:04  cegger

* programs/util/: ggicalibrate.c, giik2str.c, inputdump.c,
  ipaq_ggicalibrate.c, mycircle.inc, tunemode.c,
  monitest/drawlib.c, monitest/monitest.c, monitest/monitest.h,
  monitest/pattern.c, monitest/resolution.c: lots of compiler
  warning fixes

2003-07-05 13:00  cegger

* programs/demos/: cube3d.c, demo.c, flying_ggis.c, pageflip.c,
  saver.c, slimy.c, stars.c, textdemo.c, wrap.c: lots of
  signed/unsigned fixes

2003-07-05 11:35  cegger

* programs/demos/warp-ggi/: color.c, dowarp.c, main.c, rawpict.h,
  readpcx.c, readtga.c, warp.h: It's incredible how many
  signed/unsigned bugs are there... Do people actually know the
  difference between signed and unsigned?

2003-07-04 23:36  cegger

* programs/check/: cbconsist.c, checkmode.c, consistency.c,
  findleaks.c, showaccel.c, speed.c, structs.c: compiler warning

2003-07-04 23:09  cegger

* ggi/: init.c, internal.c: a bunch of compiler warning fixes

2003-07-04 23:06  cegger

* include/ggi/types.h: mark constants as unsigned

2003-07-04 23:04  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/structs.h: malloc and friends expect size_t
  not int

2003-06-29 14:56  cegger

* TODO: refactor TODO items for roadmap over libggi 2.1.x to GGI
  3.0 (containing libggi 3.0)

2003-06-28 16:07  skids

  Add TODO item for error code restructuring, as per ml.

2003-06-27 12:58  cegger

* display/X/: mode.c, visual.c: DGA and VidMode are NOT (only) for

2003-06-12 14:56  cegger

* display/X/visual.c: there's a better place to call getlist - in
  the helper itself

2003-06-12 12:11  cegger

* display/X/: mode.c, visual.c: don't miss calling function
  pointers for the dga/vidmode helper libs

2003-06-12 12:09  cegger

* display/X/box.c: minor code cleanup

2003-06-12 11:52  cegger

* include/ggi/display/x.h: add missing stuff for vidmode completion

2003-06-12 08:07  cegger

* config.guess, config.sub, install-sh: update to the version
  shipped by automake 1.7.5

2003-05-25 20:31  skids

* display/kgi/kgi.c:
  Use debug facility for informational message.  Correct
  order-of-precedence error in boolean expression.

2003-05-24 18:03  cegger

* default/linear_16/crossblit.c: specify 64bit constants
  explicitely as long long

2003-05-20 12:51  cegger

* programs/demos/slimy.c: display fps, toggle fps display with 'f'

2003-05-20 12:41  cegger

* display/X/: misc.c, mode.c: code cleanup

2003-05-19 19:01  cegger

* display/kgi/mode.c: cleanup

2003-05-19 17:53  cegger

* display/fbdev/visual.c: Fixed SF Bug 40661. The bug was opened on
  2003-09-11. Patch is lying around for month. Noone complained it
  breaks anything. So I commit.

2003-05-19 12:34  cegger

* configure.in, include/ggi/display/kgi.h: FreeBSD only needs

2003-05-19 12:25  cegger

* display/kgi/kgi.c: merge improvements from the FreeBSD ports tree

2003-05-19 12:06  cegger

* display/kgi/mode.c: merge improvements from the FreeBSD ports

2003-05-09 22:08  cegger

* configure.in: warn on incomplete switch/case handling

2003-05-08 14:52  cegger

* display/X/: color.c, mode.c: formatting cleanup

2003-05-08 06:22  cegger

* display/X/buffer.c: fixed modesetting bug found by Andy for the
  -noshm case by merging Andy's fix

2003-05-05 12:52  ggibecka

* display/X/helper/shm/shm.c: Fixed physical geometry check when
  using shm buffers. Very small windows now work again on x.

2003-05-04 22:08  cegger

* default/fbdev/mga/2164w/mmio.h: typo

2003-05-04 22:04  cegger

* default/fbdev/mga/: 2164w/mmio.h, g400/mmio.h: fixed some
  'comparison between signed and unsigned' warnings

2003-05-04 21:08  cegger

* default/fbdev/ati/mach64/ati_mach64.h: add warnings to stuff that
  isn't 64bit safe

2003-05-04 20:57  cegger

* display/quartz/Makefile.am: get rid of AM_LDFLAGS. automake prior
  to 1.6 (1.5?) isn't aware of this.

2003-05-04 20:17  cegger

* configure.in: make Objective-C work with automake 1.7.x.

2003-05-03 16:50  cegger

* programs/check/: consistency.c, cbconsist.c: fixed some
  'comparison between signed and unsigned' warnings

2003-05-03 16:47  cegger

* programs/util/: monitest/drawlib.c, inputdump.c: fixed some
  'comparison between signed and unsigned' warnings

2003-05-03 16:42  cegger

* programs/demos/: demo.c, saver.c: fixed some 'comparison between
  signed and unsigned' warnings

2003-05-03 16:39  cegger

* default/fbdev/ati/mach64/: box.c, gtext.c, visual.c: remove
  unused variables

2003-05-03 16:34  cegger

* default/: color/color.c, text_32/color.c: fixed some 'comparison
  between signed and unsigned' warnings

2003-05-03 16:18  cegger

* display/tele/: color.c, text.c: fixed some 'comparison between
  signed and unsigned' warnings

2003-05-03 16:13  cegger

* display/: ipc/visual.c, memory/visual.c: fixed some 'comparison
  between signed and unsigned' warnings

2003-05-03 16:06  cegger

* display/X/color.c: minor code cleanup plus fixed 'comparison
  between signed and unsigned warnings'

2003-05-02 05:49  cegger

* display/X/buffer.c: check allocation return code, when setting up
  the directbuffer

2003-05-01 08:07  cegger

* display/X/mode.c: only unlock, when priv->createfb() actually

2003-04-30 14:17  soyt

* doc/libggi-libraries.txt: Added see also entry and consistency

2003-04-25 13:10  ggibecka

* display/X/mode.c: Bugfix: Lock was held if subdisplay returns an
  error.  TODO: WTF does the memory target return an error when
  requesting 256x3 or less?

2003-04-22 23:04  cegger

* include/ggi/ll.h: portability fix: u_int*_t types are not
  available on platforms, where <stdint.h> is not available. On the
  other hand, those have uint*_t by default. But platforms with
  <stdint.h> available _must_ include it to get the uint*_t

2003-04-22 20:21  cegger

* configure.in: make gcc more silence and warn about more serious

2003-04-18 14:59  soyt

* doc/libggi-functions.txt: formating cleanups

2003-04-17 10:37  cegger

* configure.in: use  if valid. Fall back to use , otherwise. This
  fix should make the life of our packagers more easy.

2003-04-13 21:32  cegger

* configure.in: build fixes: * disable xshm helper and the ipc
  target, when sys/shm.h not present * better x helper handling

2003-04-12 22:32  cegger

* default/linear_16/crossblit.c: gcc 3.3 compiling fix. gcc 3.3 no
  longer supports multiline strings

2003-04-02 15:20  cegger

* display/X/misc.c: fix from Argo Vessmann

2003-04-02 10:48  soyt

* doc/libggi-libraries.txt: formating fixes

2003-04-02 10:47  soyt

* display/: X/man.txt, aa/man.txt, directx/man.txt, fbdev/man.txt,
  file/man.txt, glide/man.txt, memory/man.txt, monotext/man.txt,
  multi/man.txt, palemu/man.txt, quartz/man.txt, sub/man.txt,
  svgalib/man.txt, tele/man.txt, tile/man.txt, trueemu/man.txt,
  vcsa/man.txt, vgl/man.txt: added ReST files for displays

2003-04-02 08:27  soyt

* doc/: libggi-functions.txt, libggi-libraries.txt,
  libggi-structures.txt: formating fixes

2003-04-02 06:39  soyt

* doc/libggi-functions.txt, doc/libggi-libraries.txt,
  doc/libggi-structures.txt, doc/libggi.txt,
  programs/demos/cube3d.txt, programs/util/monitest/monitest.txt:
  ReST doc

2003-03-31 20:59  cegger

* README: merge revisions 1.3 - from -stable branch_2_0:


2003-03-31 20:43  cegger

* NEWS: merge revisions 1.5 - from -stable branch_2_0:

  forgot to add NEWS section for libggi 2.0.3

2003-03-31 20:27  cegger

* TODO: update

2003-03-30 20:54  cegger

* ggi/internal.c: fixed comparison between signed and unsigned
  values plus initialize the .alpha member

2003-03-30 15:53  cegger

* configure.in: make gcc more verbose

2003-03-30 13:23  cegger

* display/X/misc.c: initialize .flags and .pad members in XColor

2003-03-30 13:22  cegger

* display/X/mode.c: fixed compiler warning about wrong specified

2003-03-19 23:07  cegger

* configure.in: update version info to make more clear where the
  devel tree is going to

2003-03-19 20:12  soyt

* programs/check/speed.sh: the author probably meant trueColor

2003-03-19 11:51  cegger

* display/X/visual.c: make debug output a bit more verbose to
  detect endless loop bugs in _ggi_x_build_vilist() easier

2003-03-18 20:30  cegger

* display/X/misc.c: don't swap absolutely identical visuals - fixes
  endless loop with Apple's latest X11 environment

2003-03-18 00:09  ggibecka

* display/X/gtext.c: Fixed typecasting bug that led to coredump on
  8 bit characters.

2003-03-16 14:59  cegger

* configure.in: add missing #

2003-03-04 16:00  soyt

* doc/man/: cube3d.1, display-aa.7, display-directx.7,
  display-fbdev.7, display-file.7, display-glide.7,
  display-memory.7, display-monotext.7, display-multi.7,
  display-palemu.7, display-sub.7, display-svgalib.7,
  display-tele.7, display-tile.7, display-trueemu.7,
  display-vcsa.7, display-vgl.7, display-x.7, ggiEventPoll.3,
  ggiMapColor.3, ggiOpen.3, ggiParseMode.3, ggi_color.3,
  ggi_directbuffer.3, ggi_mode.3, ggiteleserver.1, libggi.7,
  monitest.1: yet another serial commit of manpage fixes

2003-03-03 21:35  soyt

* doc/man/: cube3d.1, display-fbdev.7, display-file.7,
  display-glide.7, display-memory.7, display-monotext.7,
  display-multi.7, display-palemu.7, display-sub.7,
  display-svgalib.7, display-tele.7, display-tile.7,
  display-trueemu.7, display-vcsa.7, display-vgl.7, display-x.7,
  ggiCheckMode.3, ggiDBGetBuffer.3, ggiDrawBox.3, ggiDrawHLine.3,
  ggiDrawVLine.3, ggiEventPoll.3, ggiEventSend.3,
  ggiGetPixelFormat.3, ggiGetc.3, ggiInit.3, ggiMapColor.3,
  ggiOpen.3, ggiPanic.3, ggiParseMode.3, ggiPutc.3,
  ggiResourceAcquire.3, ggiSetDisplayFrame.3, ggiSetFlags.3,
  ggiSetGCClipping.3, ggiSetMode.3, ggiSetOrigin.3,
  ggiSetPalette.3, ggi_directbuffer.3, ggi_mode.3,
  ggi_pixelformat.3, ggiteleserver.1, libggi.7, monitest.1:
  manpages update

2003-03-01 12:23  soyt

* doc/man/: cube3d.1, display-aa.7, display-directx.7,
  display-fbdev.7, display-file.7, display-glide.7,
  display-memory.7, display-monotext.7, display-multi.7,
  display-palemu.7, display-sub.7, display-svgalib.7,
  display-tele.7, display-tile.7, display-trueemu.7,
  display-vcsa.7, display-vgl.7, display-x.7, ggiCheckMode.3,
  ggiCopyBox.3, ggiCrossBlit.3, ggiDBGetBuffer.3, ggiDrawBox.3,
  ggiDrawHLine.3, ggiDrawLine.3, ggiDrawPixel.3, ggiDrawVLine.3,
  ggiEventPoll.3, ggiEventSend.3, ggiFillscreen.3, ggiFlush.3,
  ggiGetInput.3, ggiGetPixelFormat.3, ggiGetc.3, ggiInit.3,
  ggiMapColor.3, ggiOpen.3, ggiPanic.3, ggiParseMode.3, ggiPutc.3,
  ggiResourceAcquire.3, ggiSetColorfulPalette.3,
  ggiSetDisplayFrame.3, ggiSetFlags.3, ggiSetGCClipping.3,
  ggiSetGCForeground.3, ggiSetGamma.3, ggiSetMode.3,
  ggiSetOrigin.3, ggiSetPalette.3, ggi_color.3, ggi_directbuffer.3,
  ggi_mode.3, ggi_pixelformat.3, ggiteleserver.1, libggi.7,
  monitest.1: improved manpages

2003-02-28 22:53  soyt

* doc/man/: cube3d.1, display-aa.7, display-directx.7,
  display-fbdev.7, display-file.7, display-glide.7,
  display-memory.7, display-monotext.7, display-multi.7,
  display-palemu.7, display-sub.7, display-svgalib.7,
  display-tele.7, display-tile.7, display-trueemu.7,
  display-vcsa.7, display-vgl.7, display-x.7, ggiAddEventMask.3,
  ggiCheckMode.3, ggiCopyBox.3, ggiCrossBlit.3, ggiDBGetBuffer.3,
  ggiDBGetNumBuffers.3, ggiDrawBox.3, ggiDrawHLine.3,
  ggiDrawLine.3, ggiDrawPixel.3, ggiDrawVLine.3, ggiEventPoll.3,
  ggiEventRead.3, ggiEventSelect.3, ggiEventSend.3,
  ggiEventsQueued.3, ggiFillscreen.3, ggiFlush.3, ggiGammaMax.3,
  ggiGetEventMask.3, ggiGetGamma.3, ggiGetGammaMap.3,
  ggiGetInput.3, ggiGetPixelFormat.3, ggiGetc.3, ggiInit.3,
  ggiJoinInputs.3, ggiMapColor.3, ggiOpen.3, ggiPanic.3,
  ggiParseMode.3, ggiPutc.3, ggiRemoveEventMask.3,
  ggiResourceAcquire.3, ggiSetColorfulPalette.3,
  ggiSetDisplayFrame.3, ggiSetEventMask.3, ggiSetFlags.3,
  ggiSetGCClipping.3, ggiSetGCForeground.3, ggiSetGamma.3,
  ggiSetGammaMap.3, ggiSetMode.3, ggiSetOrigin.3, ggiSetPalette.3,
  ggi_color.3, ggi_directbuffer.3, ggi_mode.3, ggi_pixelformat.3,
  ggiteleserver.1, monitest.1: manpages must look much much better

2003-02-26 21:42  cegger

* config.guess, config.sub, depcomp: update to the version shipped
  by automake 1.7.3

2003-02-18 22:21  cegger

* configure.in: typo fix

2003-02-14 17:51  fries

* include/ggi/display/wsfb.h: 1st shot at colormap support

2003-02-14 16:37  fries

* include/ggi/display/wsfb.h: I do not see stars, but I do see

2003-02-14 15:37  fries

* programs/check/structs.c: check for null pointer in print_pixfmt,
  only ill implemented display targets *grin* will trigger this,
  but be safe anyway!

2003-02-14 14:52  cegger

* programs/check/checkmode.c: add max. resolution for Apple
  PowerBooks with 15.2" sized TFT displays

2003-02-14 14:37  fries

* programs/check/checkmode.c: sparc framebuffers are commonly at
  1152x900, check that mode too

2003-02-13 19:44  fries

* libggi.conf.in, include/ggi/display/wsfb.h: A start at wsfb
  support (wsconsole frame buffer), present in OpenBSD and NetBSD
  .. I've tested this on OpenBSD/sparc/8bpp/1152x900 .. sofar it is
  not crashing   but it is not working either, I'm sure I'm
  missing something obvious .. Not enabled in any way (nor do I
  plan on doing so) until it actually works.

2003-02-12 05:29  skids

* include/ggi/display/kgi.h:
  Use simpler heuristic for default swatch size

2003-02-12 05:29  skids

* display/kgi/mode.c:
  Use simpler heuristic for default swatch size.  Fix frames ==
  GGI_AUTO case.

2003-02-09 00:10  cegger

* display/X/helper/shm/shm.c: check return code

2003-02-08 18:21  cegger

* display/kgi/kgi.c: fix warnings about wrong format conversion

2003-02-07 01:35  skids

* default/kgi/ATI/Radeon/: Makefile.am, box.c, gc.c,
  radeon_accel.h, radeon_cce.h, visual.c:
  Enable 8bpp paletted through 3d blender (undocumented -- r
  channel in blender is palette index.) hw crossblit.  TODO: 2D GUI
  hw crossblit.  better swatch handling

2003-02-07 01:20  skids

* display/kgi/visual.c:
  Touch a flag when changing palette through the generic KGI

2003-02-07 01:20  skids

* include/ggi/display/kgi.h:
  Add a flag for use by renderers that want to know when the
  palette has been changed through the generic KGI interface.

2003-02-07 01:18  skids

* display/memory/mode.c:
  Change loading order because linear-* sometimes load color ops,
  which then get erased by generic-color if done in the old order.

2003-02-07 01:16  skids

* ggi/internal.c:
  bugfix for stdformat detection of p1r5g5b5

2003-02-03 17:11  ggibecka

* default/common/clip.c: IMPORTANT FIX: clip_first and clip_last
  are _NOT_ mutually exclusive.  This was probably a misguided
  attempt to fix an uninitialized variable problem that got fixed
  correctly later, but the wrong fix somehow remained as well. As
  ML is down: please test and if it looks good, port it to the
  stable tree. The bug will cause hard-to-track segfaults when
  lines cross _two_ borders of the clipping rectangle.

2003-02-01 06:06  skids

* default/kgi/ATI/Radeon/: box.c, gtext.c, line.c, radeon_accel.h,
  putc, putbox, puthline, putvline.  The latter 3 aren't really
  "accelerated" until we have an AGP-RAM swatch, but this finishes
  the hard part of the userside code.  On to crossblit...

2003-02-01 06:01  skids

* include/ggi/display/kgi.h:
  Pointer type tweaks and gpu-side addresses for font and swatch.

2003-02-01 05:59  skids

* display/kgi/mode.c:
  Pointer type tweaks and gp-side addresses for font/swatch.

2003-02-01 05:30  skids

* programs/demos/demo.c:
  Add tests for a couple neglected primitives.

2003-01-29 01:17  skids

* default/kgi/ATI/Radeon/: gc.c, gtext.c, radeon_accel.h,
  radeon_cce.h, visual.c:
  Add 3D Puts.

2003-01-29 01:17  skids

* include/ggi/display/kgi.h:
  font and swatch pointers.

2003-01-29 01:16  skids

* display/kgi/: mode.c, visual.c:
  Add swatch and text font area for 3d drawops.  Debatable that
  this should go here vs. the chipset driver, but for now this is
  the easiest place to put it.

2003-01-27 23:28  skids

* programs/demos/demo.c:
  Adjust call to ggiFlushRegion which I forgot to adjust during
  last mods.  Remove confusing cut-n-pasted comments

2003-01-27 17:17  fries

* ltmain.sh: OpenBSD uses '-pthread' for pthreads

2003-01-27 17:07  fries

* programs/demos/: cube3d.c, wrap.c: execlp() takes (void *)NULL as
  an argument, fixes 64bit issues

2003-01-27 04:06  skids

* programs/demos/demo.c:
  Center TIDYBUF test to make it look prettier.  Remove code to
  perform "initial" fill of tidybuf area (not needed) Use
  ggiGetFlags to test whether to perform TIDYBUF and ASYNC tests.

2003-01-23 03:05  skids

* programs/demos/: Makefile.am, pageflip.c:
  Added animation to test all primitives in multi-frame

2003-01-23 03:02  skids

* include/ggi/display/x.h:
  Internal proto change.

2003-01-23 03:02  skids

* display/X/: misc.c, mode.c, visual.c:
  Correct clipping for frames > 1: put a clip rectangle in each

2003-01-22 16:52  cegger

* programs/demos/demo.c: improved GGIFLAG_TIDYBUF test as suggested
  by Brian

2003-01-22 16:16  cegger

* programs/demos/demo.c: add test for GGIFLAG_TIDYBUF

2003-01-22 03:22  skids

* display/X/visual.c:
  Add -keepcursor option as per Andy's request.

2003-01-21 08:11  cegger

* display/X/visual.c: fix crash, when flags are set before a mode
  is up

2003-01-21 01:36  ggibecka

* display/X/buffer.c: Fixed small typo ... var declaration too far
  down ...

2003-01-21 00:11  skids

* display/X/: buffer.c, visual.c, helper/shm/shm.c:
  Implement GGIFLAG_TIDYBUF for display-X

2003-01-21 00:09  skids

* include/ggi/ggi.h:
  Add GGIFLAG_TIDYBUF for directbuffer apps that want to handle
  their own dirty-regions.

2003-01-20 21:57  cegger

* display/palemu/README: update

2003-01-20 18:28  skids

* display/X/misc.c:
  Don't try to reuse priv->tempgc when reconstructing the X font --
  the font can be bigger than the virtual size and tempgc is set to
  clip to virtual size.

2003-01-17 00:52  skids

* include/ggi/display/kgi.h:
  Add -noinput option. Advice: Don't use it yet.  KGI get very

2003-01-17 00:51  skids

* display/kgi/visual.c:
  auto-load input-kii add -noinput option.  Advice: don't use it
  yet. KGI gets unhappy.

2003-01-16 00:36  skids

* display/kgi/: kgi.c, mode.c, visual.c:
  Add -no3d option to turn off 3d support Add swatchsize option for
  future use.  frames > 1 negotiation and page-align frames.  Fix
  some compiler stuff.

2003-01-16 00:35  skids

* include/ggi/display/kgi.h:
  Add -no3d option to turn off 3d support Add swatchsize option for
  future use.  frames > 1 negotiation and page-align frames.

2003-01-16 00:33  skids

* default/kgi/ATI/Radeon/: box.c, gc.c, gtext.c, line.c,
  radeon_accel.h, radeon_cce.h, visual.c:
  Use 3d engine, or optionally use old 2d code.  Fix clip, origin,
  and frames for both 2D and 3d.

2003-01-14 07:57  cegger

* doc/targets.txt: update

2003-01-14 01:39  skids

* display/X/buffer.c:
  Fix the bug that was staring me right in my dumb face.

2003-01-10 23:28  ortalo

* default/kgi/Matrox/Gx00/: Gx00_accel.h, box.c, visual.c:
  Semi-correction of a potential bug of copybox on the G400. But
  the board still has problems (drawing engine infinite loop)

2003-01-10 01:18  skids

* default/kgi/ATI/Radeon/radeon_accel.h:
  Add newline to silence GCC crankiness.

2003-01-10 01:16  skids

* default/kgi/ATI/Radeon/gtext.c:
  Added the obvious C cleanups.

2003-01-10 00:56  skids

* default/fbdev/directfb/directfbglobal.c:
  Add new names for old functions and new dummy functions for 0.15.
  Use with cyber5k broken unless someone wants to figure out
  dfb_layers_hook_primary, which may or may not do something
  important.  It looks like possibly some sort of temporary hack so
  maybe it will go away on its own.

2003-01-09 18:14  cegger

* display/kgi/visual.c: fix implicit declaration warning of memcpy
  - found by Jos

2003-01-06 11:49  redmondp

* display/kgi/visual.c: [no log message]

2003-01-04 16:28  skids

* display/kgi/kgi.c:
  Implement multiple path search for graphics device.

2002-12-24 00:26  ortalo

* default/kgi/Matrox/Gx00/visual.c: Added a few initialisations
  useful on the Mystique (YDSTORG).

2002-12-23 13:17  ortalo

* default/kgi/: Makefile.am, Matrox/Makefile.am,
  Matrox/Gx00/EXPSYMS, Matrox/Gx00/Gx00.h,
  Matrox/Gx00/Gx00_accel.h, Matrox/Gx00/Makefile.am,
  Matrox/Gx00/box.c, Matrox/Gx00/gc.c, Matrox/Gx00/gtext.c,
  Matrox/Gx00/line.c, Matrox/Gx00/visual.c: Initial integration of
  a KGI Gx00 acceleration sublib. Most solid primitives are
  implemented: drawbox, fillscreen, draw{h,v,}line, putc. copybox
  is implemented too but may be incorrect.  The lib is still in
  alpha stage, drawing would certainly deserve more testing.
  However, most libggi test programs seem to work correctly.

2002-12-23 13:14  ortalo

* display/kgi/: kgi.conf.in, mode.c: Added the kgi-Gx00 accel
  sublib to kgi-conf.in.  Signaled needidleaccel for all KGI
  display targets (so that stubs libs load pixela functions).

2002-12-23 13:13  ortalo

* configure.in: Added the Gx00 KGI accel sublib. Small bugfix for
  building the KGI target.

2002-12-22 12:59  cegger

* configure.in, libggi.conf.in, display/Makefile.am,
  display/quartz/.cvsignore, display/quartz/EXPSYMS,
  display/quartz/Makefile.am, include/ggi/display/quartz.h: add
  quartz target (requires MacOSX 10.2.x or newer)

2002-12-22 10:47  cegger

* configure.in: remove the obseleted Xlib target in the devel tree
  (NOT in the stable branch)

2002-12-22 10:25  cegger

* display/libkgi/visual.c: undo pending patch

2002-12-22 10:15  cegger

* display/: Makefile.am, libkgi/visual.c: remove the obselted Xlib
  target in the devel tree (NOT in the stable branch)

2002-12-21 18:37  cegger

* programs/demos/Makefile.am: don't use undefined variable

2002-12-21 16:25  cegger

* configure.in: bump to final 2.0.2 version

2002-12-18 08:09  cegger

* display/X/: mode.c, visual.c, helper/shm/shm.c: don't destroy
  uncreated window(s)

2002-12-17 23:18  cegger

* display/X/helper/shm/shm.c: tell user, when XSHM failed for some

2002-12-17 18:19  cegger

* config.guess, config.sub, install-sh: update to the version
  coming along with autoconf 2.57/automake 1.7.2

2002-12-17 15:26  soyt

* doc/man/Makefile.am: Makefile.am don't get installed

2002-12-16 22:06  cegger

* libggi.conf.in: renamed libbuf to libggibuf

2002-12-16 17:27  cegger

* configure.in: don't check for an header causing an #error because
  of undefined HOST_OS and HOST_CPU defines

2002-12-16 11:19  cegger

* doc/man/display-x.7: typo fix

2002-12-15 16:00  ggibecka

* include/ggi/display/x.h: Hope I fixed incorrect handling of
  dirty-region clipping.

2002-12-14 15:20  soyt

* doc/man/: Makefile.am, ggiGetCharSize.3: addition to

2002-12-12 20:10  cegger

* README: correct url

2002-12-12 15:21  cegger

* NEWS: add user visible changes

2002-12-12 14:31  cegger

* configure.in: stupid libtool. It links the demos with -ldl by
  default on Darwin and thus fails when dlcompat package is not
  installed. Therefore, configure must check for -ldl to be able to
  tell libtool, if it is available or not.

2002-12-12 13:17  cegger

* configure.in: - more strict tests - remove dlopen checking.
  dlopen is not needed by libggi as it uses the generic loading
  functions of libgii

2002-12-12 12:43  cegger

* include/ggi/display/Makefile.am: - add missing kgi.h -
  restructured order

2002-12-09 23:00  cegger

* configure.in: bump version number to -rc5

2002-12-09 21:43  cegger

* display/tile/line.c: undo cleanup. It doesn't work due to use of
  different clipping variables

2002-12-09 21:17  cegger

* display/tile/line.c: use ../../common/clip.c instead a (buggy)

2002-12-09 20:55  cegger

* default/common/clip.c: don't use uninitialized variables. Jumps
  and moves depends on them later

2002-12-09 12:08  cegger

* configure.in, display/X/helper/dga/Makefile.am,
  display/X/helper/vidmode/Makefile.am: Check for _pic and use it
  if present. This should work now on debian and non-debian

2002-12-08 22:08  cegger

* display/X/helper/dga/Makefile.am: compile/linking fix for pa-risc
  platforms. Found by debian.

2002-12-08 21:34  cegger

* ltmain.sh: add fixes from debian

2002-12-08 19:33  cegger

* display/X/helper/vidmode/Makefile.am: compile/linking fix for
  pa-risc platforms. Found by debian.

2002-12-08 19:20  cegger

* configure.in: compile/linking fix for pa-risc archs. Found by

2002-12-05 21:59  cegger

* display/kgi/kgi.c: add missing return, so it's correct once this
  function is used... :)

2002-12-05 20:03  cegger

* display/X/: buffer.c, helper/shm/shm.c: grmbl... undo wrong fix.
  ggTryLock() does NOT actually lock. Otherwise, things would be
  correct, though...

2002-12-05 19:35  cegger

* display/X/mode.c: better error handling

2002-12-05 18:17  cegger

* display/X/: buffer.c, helper/shm/shm.c: found and fixed three
  more unlocking bugs

2002-12-05 17:55  cegger

* display/X/helper/shm/shm.c: global lock/unlock fix

2002-12-05 16:38  cegger

* display/X/: buffer.c, helper/shm/shm.c: be a bit more verbose,
  where TRYLOCKs fail

2002-12-04 23:06  cegger

* display/glide/: gtext.c, visual.c: add missing config.h as
  reported by Martin

2002-12-04 01:06  skids

* default/fbdev/directfb/: directfbglobal.c, ggidirectfb.h,
  Compiling fixes for newer DirectFB.  I'm sure more chaos is in
  the DFB skeet launcher -- POLL!

  Note I cannot test this, I have no DFB supported card, so someone
  else is going to have to be the hosed-screen monkey this time
  around.  Hopefully I managed to get all the new global functions
  and internally the whole hackamaroo still fools the DFB drivers.

2002-12-03 22:32  cegger

* programs/demos/Makefile.am: remove obseleted duplicates. It is
  now in doc/man/

2002-12-03 22:22  cegger

* configure.in: bump version number to -rc4

2002-12-03 21:28  soyt

* doc/man/: cube3d.1, ggiteleserver.1, monitest.1, Makefile.am:
  added manpages

2002-12-03 18:38  cegger

* ggi/init.c: Good to have an Brian as an english teacher :-))

2002-12-03 18:29  cegger

* ggi/init.c: Inform user, which target is tried to be used. People
  believe to have found a bug, when loading of a sublib fails, just
  because it is not installed... Very stupid...

2002-12-03 11:15  cegger

* programs/demos/Makefile.am: add missing network libs for Solaris

2002-12-02 20:50  cegger

* programs/demos/wrap.c: update mail address on the pleasure of

2002-12-02 15:06  cegger

* configure.in: more clear comments

2002-12-01 21:42  cegger

* default/common/clip.c: don't exit with uninitialized values.
  Later jumps and moves depend on correct values.

2002-11-30 14:53  fspacek

* default/kgi/ATI/Radeon/radeon_accel.h: Fix the compilation of
  radeon target (include kgi/config.h)

2002-11-30 14:51  fspacek

* default/kgi/ATI/Mach64/mach64_accel.h: (partly) fix the compile
  of mach64 target.

2002-11-29 22:29  cegger

* display/kgi/kgi.c: missing return

2002-11-28 14:11  cegger

* configure.in: let configure fail, when libgii is either not found
  or too old. A warning is not enough, as it is too often
  overlooked by the users.

2002-11-28 00:20  cegger

* configure.in: mark -rc3 release

2002-11-27 20:20  soyt

* doc/man/: Makefile.am, display-aa.7, display-directx.7,
  display-fbdev.7, display-file.7, display-glide.7,
  display-memory.7, display-monotext.7, display-multi.7,
  display-palemu.7, display-sub.7, display-svgalib.7,
  display-tele.7, display-tile.7, display-trueemu.7,
  display-vcsa.7, display-vgl.7, display-x.7, ggiAddEventMask.3,
  ggiAddFlags.3, ggiCheckGraphMode.3, ggiCheckMode.3,
  ggiCheckSimpleMode.3, ggiCheckTextMode.3, ggiClose.3,
  ggiCopyBox.3, ggiCrossBlit.3, ggiDBGetBuffer.3,
  ggiDBGetNumBuffers.3, ggiDetachInput.3, ggiDrawBox.3,
  ggiDrawHLine.3, ggiDrawLine.3, ggiDrawPixel.3, ggiDrawVLine.3,
  ggiEventPoll.3, ggiEventRead.3, ggiEventSelect.3, ggiEventSend.3,
  ggiEventsQueued.3, ggiExit.3, ggiFPrintMode.3, ggiFillscreen.3,
  ggiFlush.3, ggiFlushRegion.3, ggiGammaMax.3, ggiGetBox.3,
  ggiGetDisplayFrame.3, ggiGetEventMask.3, ggiGetFlags.3,
  ggiGetGCBackground.3, ggiGetGCClipping.3, ggiGetGCForeground.3,
  ggiGetGamma.3, ggiGetGammaMap.3, ggiGetHLine.3, ggiGetInput.3,
  ggiGetMode.3, ggiGetOrigin.3, ggiGetPalette.3, ggiGetPixel.3,
  ggiGetPixelFormat.3, ggiGetReadFrame.3, ggiGetVLine.3,
  ggiGetWriteFrame.3, ggiGetc.3, ggiInit.3, ggiJoinInputs.3,
  ggiKbhit.3, ggiMapColor.3, ggiOpen.3, ggiPackColors.3,
  ggiPanic.3, ggiParseMode.3, ggiPrintMode.3, ggiPutBox.3,
  ggiPutHLine.3, ggiPutPixel.3, ggiPutVLine.3, ggiPutc.3,
  ggiPuts.3, ggiRemoveEventMask.3, ggiRemoveFlags.3,
  ggiResourceAcquire.3, ggiResourceMustAcquire.3,
  ggiResourceRelease.3, ggiSPrintMode.3, ggiSetColorfulPalette.3,
  ggiSetDisplayFrame.3, ggiSetEventMask.3, ggiSetFlags.3,
  ggiSetGCBackground.3, ggiSetGCClipping.3, ggiSetGCForeground.3,
  ggiSetGamma.3, ggiSetGammaMap.3, ggiSetGraphMode.3, ggiSetMode.3,
  ggiSetOrigin.3, ggiSetPalette.3, ggiSetReadFrame.3,
  ggiSetSimpleMode.3, ggiSetTextMode.3, ggiSetWriteFrame.3,
  ggiUnmapPixel.3, ggiUnpackPixels.3, ggi_color.3, ggi_coord.3,
  ggi_directbuffer.3, ggi_graphtype.3, ggi_mode.3, ggi_pixel.3,
  ggi_pixelformat.3, ggi_pixellinearbuffer.3,
  ggi_pixelplanarbuffer.3, ggi_samplelinearbuffer.3,
  ggi_sampleplanarbuffer.3, libggi.7: updated manpages

2002-11-27 10:02  cegger

* m4/gii_paths.m4, configure.in: move --with-gii and
  --with-uninst-gii into a separate file for better maintainance

2002-11-26 08:30  cegger

* configure.in: When memory target is disabled, then also disable
  all targets, that depend on it

2002-11-25 16:16  soyt

* doc/man/Makefile.am: updated manpages

2002-11-25 14:38  cegger

* config.guess, config.sub, install-sh, mkinstalldirs: update to
  the versions shipped with autoconf 2.55

2002-11-20 01:21  skids

* display/X/README:
  internals clues for X target.

2002-11-18 15:18  skids

  Add reminder to figure out cleanup for X -inroot

2002-11-18 11:41  cegger

* configure.in: bump version number

2002-11-16 19:06  skids

* default/: linear_24/crossblit.c, linear_4/pixel.c,
  linear_4_r/pixel.c, linear_8/crossblit.c:
  Pixel perfect 24bpp crossblits Fix 4bpp getpixel bugs

2002-11-15 23:12  soyt

* doc/man/Makefile.am: updated manpages

2002-11-15 22:31  cegger

* ggi/Makefile.am: go back to -version-info. OpenBSD has matching
  problems with -release

2002-11-11 22:07  skids

* default/linear_32/crossblit.c:
  Pixel-perfect the -> 32 bpp crossblits

2002-11-11 12:18  cegger

* configure.in: - bump version number - disable SWAR's, because a)
  it is still alpha and b) people encountered compiling problems
  with MMX asm code

2002-11-11 12:17  cegger

* ggi/Makefile.am: bump version number

2002-11-07 14:56  cegger

* ggi/EXPSYMS: export symbols used by X's shm helper

2002-11-07 14:08  cegger

* include/ggi/display/Makefile.am: add missing xevi.h header

2002-11-07 14:07  cegger

* display/X/helper/shm/Makefile.am: stupid me: don't link against
  libggi twice times

2002-11-06 23:15  cegger

* configure.in: merge some robustness fixes from Bernhard Fischer

2002-11-04 21:32  cegger

* configure.in, display/kgi/accel.c, display/kgi/color.c,
  display/kgi/kgi.c, display/kgi/mode.c, display/kgi/visual.c,
  include/ggi/display/kgi.h: merge kgi fixes from Bernhard Fischer

2002-11-03 10:36  cegger

* default/kgi/ATI/: .cvsignore, Mach64/.cvsignore,
  Radeon/.cvsignore: add missing files for better CVS

2002-11-03 04:23  redmondp

* default/kgi/ATI/Radeon/: Makefile.am, radeon_accel.h,
  radeon_cce.h, visual.c, gtext.c: Add text acceleration

2002-11-02 17:27  cegger

* display/X/helper/shm/Makefile.am: shm makes use of libggi
  functions. So we need to link against it.

2002-11-02 14:11  cegger

* configure.in: bugfix: Check only, when not found on Solaris

2002-10-31 23:01  cegger

* display/ipc/Makefile.am: add missing libs for Solaris

2002-10-31 22:42  cegger

* configure.in: check for gethostbyname in libnsl. This test is
  required for Solaris.

2002-10-31 22:04  cegger

* programs/demos/wrap.c: use putenv, which is POSIX compliant.
  setenv() doesn't exist on Solaris

2002-10-31 22:01  cegger

* programs/demos/cube3d.c: use putenv, which is POSIX compliant.
  setenv() doesn't exist on Solaris

2002-10-31 21:55  cegger

* display/glide/visual.c: use putenv, which is POSIX compliant.
  setenv() doesn't exist on Solaris

2002-10-31 03:20  redmondp

* default/kgi/ATI/Radeon/: box.c, line.c, radeon_accel.h,
  radeon_cce.h, visual.c: Acceleration for boxes and lines

2002-10-28 16:27  cegger

* display/X/color.c: add NULL pointer check

2002-10-28 14:50  cegger

* TODO: update

2002-10-28 04:57  skids

* default/linear_16/: crossblit.c, lin16lib.h, visual.c:
  64bit C Swar implementation for a couple of crossblits.  Gets 2x
  to 6x speedup on my Alpha :-)

2002-10-27 21:16  cegger

* doc/targets.txt: add description for tele-target

2002-10-27 18:26  skids

* TODO, display/aa/mode.c, display/fbdev/mode.c,
  display/file/mode.c, display/ipc/mode.c, display/lcd823/mode.c,
  display/libkgi/visual.c, display/memory/mode.c,
  display/monotext/mode.c, display/multi/mode.c,
  display/palemu/mode.c, display/sub/mode.c,
  display/svgalib/mode.c, display/terminfo/mode.c,
  display/tile/mode.c, display/trueemu/mode.c, display/vcsa/mode.c,
  Future-proof ggiSetFlags implementations.

2002-10-27 17:45  skids

* programs/check/cbconsist.c:
  Add options to skip some tests.

2002-10-27 05:09  skids

* configure.in, m4/swar.m4:
  MVI and 64bit C SWAR build system support.

2002-10-25 21:23  cegger

* programs/check/findleaks.c: _get_ggi_alloced() is nowhere else
  defined, so we remove the #if..#endif block around it to not come
  into 'unresolved reference' trouble

2002-10-24 22:22  cegger

* configure.in: Use -DDEBUG to reenable the debugging code. It was
  'disabled' by Eric's config.h fix

2002-10-24 22:03  cegger

* configure.in: Use -DDEBUG to reenable the debugging code. It was
  'disabled' by Eric's config.h fix

2002-10-24 07:31  cegger

* config.guess, ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4: update to libtool 1.4.3

2002-10-23 23:42  redmondp

* default/kgi/ATI/Radeon/: EXPSYMS, Makefile.am, box.c, gc.c,
  line.c, radeon_accel.h, visual.c: Stub Radeon driver (no
  acceleration yet)

2002-10-23 23:39  redmondp

* configure.in, libggi.conf.in, default/kgi/ATI/Makefile.am,
  display/kgi/kgi.conf.in: added stub Radeon driver

2002-10-22 06:37  redmondp

* display/kgi/kgi.c, display/kgi/visual.c,
  include/ggi/display/kgi.h: Added display option for specifying

2002-10-21 17:21  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4: update libtool to latest CVS version of
  the 1.4 branch - it contains more fixes and improvements

2002-10-21 04:16  skids

* configure.in, m4/swar.m4:
  sparc64 SWAR build system support + some more config system
  typo/thinko fixes re: SWAR support

2002-10-20 22:18  cegger

* configure.in, display/X/Makefile.am,
  display/X/helper/Makefile.am: check for X-target helpers, if it
  can really be built

2002-10-20 22:14  cegger

* display/Makefile.am: add missing kgi entry

2002-10-20 22:13  cegger

* default/linear_16/crossblit.c: gcc 3.1 fix

2002-10-20 21:28  skids

* configure.in:
  Add missing x's and bugfix some tests.

2002-10-20 20:55  skids

* configure.in:
  Remove spurious ,

2002-10-20 20:35  skids

* configure.in, default/color/color.c,
  default/linear_16/crossblit.c, default/linear_16/lin16lib.h,
  default/linear_16/visual.c, ggi/EXPSYMS, ggi/init.c,
  include/ggi/internal/internal.h, m4/Makefile.am, m4/swar.m4:
  Beginning of SWAR support.  A couple of MMX crossblits.

2002-10-17 21:04  cegger

* config.guess, config.sub: update to versions shipped with
  automake 1.7. This let configure recognize more CPU variants
  (i.e. of mips, powerpc64 and athlon (XP))

2002-10-15 16:03  cegger

* configure.in: make a logical group #3

2002-10-15 15:43  cegger

* configure.in: make a logical group #2

2002-10-15 15:37  cegger

* configure.in: make a logical group

2002-10-12 16:04  cegger

* TODO: update

2002-10-12 06:03  skids

* programs/check/cbconsist.c:
  Do longer timing test, to get more accurate results Do timing
  tests before consistancy tests

2002-10-11 09:06  cegger

* programs/util/monitest/Makefile.am: automake 1.6 fix

2002-10-11 05:03  redmondp

* configure.in: remove genkgi and add KGI Mach64 driver

2002-10-11 04:59  redmondp

* include/ggi/default/Makefile.am, display/fbdev/fbdev.conf.in:
  remove legacy genkgi

2002-10-11 01:30  redmondp

* display/kgi/color.c: bug fixes for setting the palette

2002-10-10 17:42  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4: libtool fixes for Darwin

2002-10-10 17:06  cegger

* programs/demos/wrap.c: On Darwin socklen_t only exists in the
  form of an int

2002-10-10 17:04  cegger

* configure.in: check for socklen_t, as it doesn't exist on Darwin

2002-10-10 14:53  cegger

* programs/check/cbconsist.c: flush stdout, so that we see, what's
  happening, when something takes longer

2002-10-10 07:12  cegger

* default/linear_32/: box.c, crossblit.c, hline.c, vline.c: more
  gcc 3.1 fixes

2002-10-10 07:10  cegger

* default/linear_24/crossblit.c: gcc 3.1 fix warning about
  unreachable code at beginning of switch statement

2002-10-10 07:08  cegger

* default/linear_16/: hline.c, vline.c: gcc 3.1 fix: use correct
  number of args

2002-10-10 07:05  cegger

* default/linear_16/crossblit.c: gcc 3.1 fixes - deprecated use of
  label at end of compound statement - unreached code at the
  beginning of switch

2002-10-09 23:28  cegger

* configure.in: automake 1.6 fix

2002-10-09 22:56  cegger

* default/linear_16/box.c: gcc 3.1 fix: use correct number of args

2002-10-09 22:54  cegger

* default/linear_8/crossblit.c: gcc 3.1 fix about 'unreachable code
  at beginning of switch statement' warning

2002-10-09 22:42  cegger

* default/linear_4_r/color.c: fix bug introduced in last commit

2002-10-09 22:41  cegger

* default/linear_8/: hline.c, vline.c: gcc 3.1 fix: use correct
  number of args

2002-10-09 22:38  cegger

* default/linear_4_r/color.c: gcc 3.1 fix about undefined operation
  on cols

2002-10-09 22:36  cegger

* default/linear_8/box.c: gcc 3.1 fix: missing argument

2002-10-09 22:27  cegger

* default/stubs/: hline.c, vline.c: gcc 3.1 requires as many args
  to the marco as defined. *1 is optimized away by the compiler,

2002-10-09 22:22  cegger

* display/tele/text.c: add missing string.h for strlen

2002-10-09 22:20  cegger

* display/tele/box.c: fix missing arg to marco plus add missing
  string.h for memcpy()

2002-10-09 22:10  skids

* display/memory/visual.c:
  GCC 3.1 label crankiness fix.

2002-10-07 20:57  cegger

* config.guess, config.sub, configure.in, depcomp, install-sh,
  missing, mkinstalldirs: update to the version shipped with
  automake 1.6.3

2002-10-06 10:16  cegger

* display/memory/visual.c: bugfix: shared memory feature works

2002-10-05 18:51  fspacek

* default/kgi/ATI/Mach64/EXPSYMS: Forgot a file.

2002-10-05 18:39  fspacek

* default/kgi/: Makefile.am, ATI/Makefile.am,
  ATI/Mach64/Makefile.am, ATI/Mach64/box.c, ATI/Mach64/gc.c,
  ATI/Mach64/line.c, ATI/Mach64/mach64_accel.h,
  ATI/Mach64/visual.c: Mach64 kgi accelerated driver.  Only a few
  functions are accelerated so far.

2002-10-01 16:42  cegger

* programs/util/monitest/Makefile.am: automake 1.6 forbits
  substitutions within a _SOURCES definition. I don't hope, I broke
  automake 1.4, at least it doesn't suck

2002-10-01 15:11  cegger

* compile, config.guess, config.sub, configure.in, depcomp,
  install-sh, ltmain.sh, missing, mkinstalldirs, m4/libtool.m4:
  merge libtool update from libgii

2002-09-29 19:27  skids

* default/color/color.c, default/color/color.h,
  default/color/visual.c, default/linear_16/crossblit.c,
  default/linear_24/crossblit.c, default/linear_32/crossblit.c,
  display/glide/mode.c, display/glide/pixel.c,
  DOSHIFT --> SSHIFT + centralized in ggi-dl.h Make
  default/linear_16 crossblits pixel-correct + support esoteric
  formats default/color optimization for common 16bpp formats on
  pre-586 cpus

2002-09-29 18:12  skids

* programs/check/cbconsist.c:

2002-09-29 15:25  skids

* ggi/internal.c:
  Fix bitmeaning array for visuals with low-order padding.

2002-09-28 15:38  cegger

* Makefile.am: merge automake 1.6 fix from libgii

2002-09-25 00:37  skids

* programs/check/cbconsist.c:
  Fix for -a option.

2002-09-21 17:28  cegger

* programs/check/cbconsist.c: Portability fix: use ggCurTime() to
  not worry about, whether gettimeofday() does exist or not.

2002-09-21 16:36  skids

* programs/check/: Makefile.am, cbconsist.c:
  Add a consistancy checker/benchmark for crossblits.  Am working
  on fixing and optimizing default renderers now.

2002-09-19 19:42  fspacek

* include/ggi/display/kgi.h: Added a file that's been missing for
  some time. Embarrassing.

2002-09-08 21:37  soyt

* default/color/color.h, default/color/gamma.c,
  default/color/pack.c, default/common/clip.c,
  default/fbdev/mga/g400/mga_g400.h, default/ilbm/ilbmlib.h,
  default/ioctl/box.c, default/ioctl/copybox.c,
  default/ioctl/ioctllib.h, default/ioctl/line.c,
  default/ioctl/visual.c, default/iplanar_2p/ipl2lib.h,
  default/linear_1/lin1lib.h, default/linear_16/crossblit.c,
  default/linear_16/lin16lib.h, default/linear_1_r/lin1rlib.h,
  default/linear_2/lin2lib.h, default/linear_24/crossblit.c,
  default/linear_24/lin24lib.h, default/linear_32/crossblit.c,
  default/linear_32/lin32lib.h, default/linear_4/lin4lib.h,
  default/linear_4_r/lin4rlib.h, default/linear_8/crossblit.c,
  default/linear_8/lin8lib.h, default/linmm_banked/hline.c,
  default/linmm_banked/pixel.c, default/linmm_banked/visual.c,
  default/linmm_banked/vline.c, default/planar/pllib.h,
  default/ramdac/color.c, default/ramdac/visual.c,
  default/stubs/stublib.h, default/text_16/t16lib.h,
  default/text_32/t32lib.h, display/X/box.c, display/X/buffer.c,
  display/X/color.c, display/X/fillscreen.c, display/X/gtext.c,
  display/X/hline.c, display/X/misc.c, display/X/mode.c,
  display/X/pixel.c, display/X/visual.c, display/X/vline.c,
  display/X/helper/dbe/dbe.c, display/X/helper/dga/dga.c,
  display/X/helper/evi/evi.c, display/X/helper/shm/shm.c,
  display/X/helper/vidmode/vidmode.c, display/aa/color.c,
  display/aa/giievents.c, display/aa/mode.c, display/aa/visual.c,
  display/directx/ddinit.c, display/directx/ddinit.h,
  display/directx/mode.c, display/directx/visual.c,
  display/fbdev/color.c, display/fbdev/mode.c, display/fbdev/pan.c,
  display/fbdev/visual.c, display/file/fileio.c,
  display/file/mode.c, display/file/ppm.c, display/file/visual.c,
  display/glide/box.c, display/glide/fb.c, display/glide/line.c,
  display/glide/mode.c, display/glide/pixel.c, display/kgi/color.c,
  display/lcd823/visual.c, display/linvtsw/visual.c,
  display/mansync/mansync.c, display/mansync/visual.c,
  display/monotext/mode.c, display/multi/mode.c,
  display/multi/stubs.c, display/multi/visual.c,
  display/palemu/draw.c, display/palemu/palemu.c,
  display/palemu/text.c, display/palemu/visual.c,
  display/suidkgi/suidhook.h, display/suidkgi/visual.c,
  display/svgalib/box.c, display/svgalib/color.c,
  display/svgalib/hline.c, display/svgalib/mode.c,
  display/svgalib/pixel.c, display/svgalib/visual.c,
  display/svgalib/vline.c, display/tele/box.c,
  display/tele/color.c, display/tele/draw.c, display/tele/events.c,
  display/tele/libtele.c, display/tele/mode.c, display/tele/text.c,
  display/tele/visual.c, display/terminfo/TIvisual.h,
  display/terminfo/input.c, display/terminfo/mode.c,
  display/terminfo/ncurses.c, display/trueemu/blit24.c,
  display/trueemu/blit32.c, display/trueemu/stubs.c,
  display/trueemu/trueemu.c, display/trueemu/visual.c,
  display/vcsa/color.c, display/vcsa/draw.c, display/vcsa/mode.c,
  display/vcsa/visual.c, display/vgagl/box.c,
  display/vgagl/copybox.c, display/vgagl/fillscreen.c,
  display/vgagl/hline.c, display/vgagl/pixel.c,
  display/vgagl/visual.c, display/vgagl/vline.c,
  display/vgl/draw.c, display/vgl/mode.c, display/vgl/visual.c,
  ggi/db.c, ggi/dl.c, ggi/events.c, ggi/gc.c, ggi/init.c,
  ggi/internal.c, ggi/mode.c, ggi/stubs.c, ggi/unix.c,
  ggi/visual.c, include/ggi/internal/plat.h: big fix: config.h
  should not be included from installed headers.

2002-09-08 03:08  skids

* include/ggi/ll.h:
  Bugfixes made when implementing LibBuf llobj support

2002-09-06 18:00  cegger

* display/tele/box.c: compiler warning fixes

2002-09-06 09:25  cegger

* display/tele/: box.c, color.c, draw.c, libtele.h, mode.c, text.c:
  merged patch from Tobias Hunger - it boosts ggiCrossBlit() -
  ggiPutBox() fixes - other cleanups

2002-08-28 16:51  cegger

* display/tele/box.c, display/tele/draw.c, display/tele/libtele.c,
  display/tele/libtele.h, display/tele/mode.c, display/tele/text.c,
  include/ggi/display/tele.h: big improvements by Tobias Hunger and
  me. It includes: - 15,16,24 and 32bpp mode support added - boost
  ggiPutc(), ggiPuts() and ggiDrawLine() - ggiteleserver prints the
  port it is listening on at starting time

2002-08-19 03:20  skids

  Add doc TODO re *buf arg to Get*/Put*

2002-08-18 19:50  cegger

* display/tele/libtele.c: make teleserver more verbose on which
  socket/port it is listening (patch by Tobias Hunger)

2002-08-18 07:52  cegger

* configure.in: syntax fix by Tobias Hunger

2002-08-02 22:37  cegger

* programs/demos/wrap.c: fix compiler error on GNU Hurd found by
  Tobias Hunger

2002-08-02 22:37  fspacek

* display/kgi/kgi.conf.in: Added missing config file.

2002-07-29 15:52  fspacek

* configure.in: Configure stuff for KGI target

2002-07-29 15:50  fspacek

* default/kgi/Makefile.am: Removed the default/kgi Makefile.am
  stuff to make sure genkgi doesn't get built when kgi target is
  used. This makefile will get fixed up when I commit the kgi
  drivers (MACH64 for now).

2002-07-29 15:45  fspacek

* display/kgi/: Makefile.am, accel.c, color.c, kgi.c, mode.c,
  visual.c: First version of the KGI target

2002-07-27 10:15  cegger

* display/X/: misc.c, mode.c: "this" is a C++ keyword. So don't use
  it, otherwise we get compile problems when a C++ compiler is

2002-07-19 22:16  cegger

* display/X/visual.c: be more verbose - these information might be
  especially interesting in multiheaded configurations

2002-07-16 09:46  cegger

* display/X/visual.c: don't confuse users, when -noaccel is choosed

2002-07-09 14:38  cegger

* display/X/mode.c: readd my fixes skids put out. He was too tired
  to notice the fix... :)

2002-07-09 13:46  skids

* display/X/misc.c:
  Erm... remove spurious unused variable.

2002-07-09 13:45  skids

* display/X/: misc.c, mode.c:
  CVS == CONCURRENT versioning system? Concurrent?!?! Hah!! Fix
  revision fender bender in X target.

2002-07-09 13:05  cegger

* display/X/misc.c: this patch removes duplicate visuals - works
  now in multihead configuration. What needs to be done is to have
  the visuals from the screen, where the user wants to have the app
  appearing instead of having always the visuals from the default

2002-07-09 12:37  cegger

* display/X/mode.c: don't call _ggi_x_scheme_vs_class() with an
  NULL pointer as param, because it fails then

2002-07-09 11:08  cegger

* display/X/misc.c: undo skids fix. It causes reswapping of better
  visuals with lower id's

2002-07-08 22:44  skids

* display/X/misc.c:
  Add tertiary key on visualid in build_vilist -- should prevent
  endless loop on multiscreen X displays due to identical
  out-of-sequence visuals.

2002-07-08 09:44  cegger

* display/X/visual.c: some whitespace cleanups

2002-07-05 09:00  cegger

* default/fbdev/directfb/: directfbglobal.c, visual.c: build fixes
  for directfb 0.9.12 - thanks to the help of aresz

2002-07-05 07:54  cegger

* default/fbdev/directfb/core/fusion/: fusion_types.h, list.h:
  added two files for directfb 0.9.12

2002-07-05 05:40  skids

* display/X/: box.c, vline.c:
  Fix getbox thinkos.

2002-07-05 05:38  skids

* display/memory/visual.c:
  Fix the sense of the -noblank option.

2002-06-26 17:57  skids

* display/X/mode.c:
  Fix breakage of non-default visual.

2002-06-24 22:08  skids

* display/X/visual.c:
  Turn off Xevi helper until we figure out why we get a BadLength
  error under some scenarios.

2002-06-20 13:14  cegger

* default/color/gamma.c, display/X/box.c, display/X/gtext.c,
  display/X/hline.c, display/X/misc.c, display/X/vline.c,
  display/X/helper/shm/shm.c: added missing string.h - found by
  MooZ with g++ 3.11 compiler

2002-06-20 12:47  cegger

* display/X/buffer.c: added missing string.h - found by MooZ with
  g++ 3.11 compiler

2002-06-12 03:53  skids

* TODO, configure.in, libggi.conf.in, display/X/Makefile.am,
  display/X/box.c, display/X/buffer.c, display/X/color.c,
  display/X/fillscreen.c, display/X/gtext.c, display/X/hline.c,
  display/X/line.c, display/X/misc.c, display/X/mode.c,
  display/X/pixel.c, display/X/visual.c, display/X/vline.c,
  display/X/helper/.cvsignore, display/X/helper/Makefile.am,
  display/X/helper/dbe/.cvsignore, display/X/helper/dbe/EXPSYMS,
  display/X/helper/dbe/Makefile.am, display/X/helper/dbe/dbe.c,
  display/X/helper/dga/.cvsignore, display/X/helper/dga/EXPSYMS,
  display/X/helper/dga/Makefile.am, display/X/helper/dga/dga.c,
  display/X/helper/evi/.cvsignore, display/X/helper/evi/EXPSYMS,
  display/X/helper/evi/Makefile.am, display/X/helper/evi/evi.c,
  display/X/helper/shm/.cvsignore, display/X/helper/shm/EXPSYMS,
  display/X/helper/shm/Makefile.am, display/X/helper/shm/shm.c,
  display/X/helper/vidmode/vidmode.c, include/ggi/Makefile.am,
  include/ggi/ll.h, include/ggi/display/x.h,
  New X target, in all its glory.  Please test and report bugs.
  The ll.h stuff is just the shape of things to come -- pay no
  attention to the man behind the curtain.

2002-05-28 14:02  soyt

* TODO: Updated TODO

2002-05-24 21:55  skids

  Out with the old, in with the new.

2002-05-24 21:47  skids

* include/ggi/internal/internal.h:
  Prototype for basic pixel format string (e.g. "r5g6b5")

2002-05-24 21:46  skids

* ggi/: EXPSYMS, internal.c, stubs.c:
  Change flush stubs to send virtual area as well (targets can clip
  themselves). Add a basic pixel format string (e.g. "r5g6b5")

2002-05-22 13:10  skids

* include/ggi/display/memory.h:
  Missing .h file changes for display-memory enhancements.

2002-05-22 04:21  skids

* display/memory/: mode.c, visual.c:
  Add -noblank and -layout options to display-memory Add frames
  support to display-memory

2002-05-19 15:42  skids

* programs/demos/demo.c:
  Add escape clause from new directbuffer test.

2002-05-18 23:44  skids

* programs/demos/demo.c:
  golbez's idea.  Was too pretty to pass up.

2002-05-18 22:02  skids

* programs/demos/demo.c:
  Add directbuffer test code to demo.  Please someone test on a
  planar display.

2002-05-17 23:03  skids

* programs/demos/demo.c: Escape from gamma test smoothly.

2002-05-17 22:56  skids

* ggi/: internal.c, stubs.c:
  Move ggiGammaMap to correct file, and correct behavior.

2002-05-16 11:09  cegger

* TODO: added URL to the ggiSetPalette() discussion

2002-05-16 11:05  cegger

* TODO: added missing pieces that are done

2002-05-16 10:58  cegger

* TODO: reordered for better oversight

2002-05-16 02:47  skids

  Add some items for API behavior corrections. If someone gets to
  these before me it will speed me up, but bewarned they are
  tedious items.

2002-05-11 01:48  skids

* programs/demos/demo.c:
  Add test for ggiSetGamma Bugfix for truecolor <= 8 bit

2002-05-11 01:16  skids

* include/ggi/internal/: internal.h, structs.h:
  Changes to internal structure for new gammamap implementation

2002-05-11 01:14  skids

* include/ggi/ggi.h:
  Add new ggiGammaMax function to query a visual's Gamma

2002-05-11 01:12  skids

* default/color/gamma.c:
  Changes to default gamma implementation as per mailing list

2002-05-11 01:10  skids

* ggi/: EXPSYMS, internal.c, visual.c:
  Changes to Gammamap API/implementation as per mailing list

2002-05-04 13:47  cegger

* display/fbdev/fbdev.conf.in: use correct fb-accel value

2002-05-04 13:46  cegger

* default/fbdev/ati/mach64/: EXPSYMS, visual.c: corrected exported

2002-05-04 13:45  cegger

* configure.in: fixed error "configure: ,: command not found"

2002-05-03 19:57  cegger

* display/fbdev/fbdev.conf.in,
  default/fbdev/ati/mach64/Makefile.am: active mach64 driver now

2002-04-30 23:03  skids

* display/memory/: mode.c, visual.c:
  Prevent display-memory from generating error output during normal

2002-04-30 15:27  cegger

* programs/util/: ggicalibrate.c, ipaq_ggicalibrate.c: updated
  ggicalibrate to work with the sharp zaurus - the old ggicalibrate
  is renamed to ipaq_ggicalibrate until the ipaq touchscreen is
  updated to work with the new version (patch from Tobias Hunger)

2002-04-28 17:57  skids

* include/ggi/display/memory.h, display/memory/mode.c,
  Add missing -physz option support in display-memory

2002-04-14 22:54  skids

  Add item -- standardize a stringified pixelformat

2002-04-14 22:51  skids

* display/memory/mode.c, display/memory/visual.c,
  Added -pixfmt option to display-memory.  Something I need for the
  new X target I am working on, but which is really very useful in

2002-04-14 22:09  skids

* default/fbdev/directfb/directfbglobal.c:
  Sync protos to current Debian version -- that should probably be
  about the same as most systems.  When DirectFB stabilizes we'll
  have to start doing config-time checks but for now we'll just try
  to compile on the "current" version.

2002-04-08 12:31  cegger

* default/fbdev/ati/mach64/README: add readme file with

2002-04-08 11:34  cegger

* default/fbdev/Makefile.am, default/fbdev/ati/.cvsignore,
  default/fbdev/ati/mach64/gc.c, default/fbdev/ati/mach64/gtext.c,
  default/fbdev/ati/mach64/vline.c, configure.in: add mach64 fbdev
  driver from DaniŽl Mantione <daniel@deadlock.et.tudelft.nl>

2002-03-23 05:51  skids

* configure.in, TODO:
  Stuff for new directfb remderer

2002-03-23 05:50  skids

* default/fbdev/directfb/: box.c, copybox.c, directfbglobal.c,
  ggidirectfb.h, hline.c, line.c, visual.c, vline.c,
  core/Makefile.am, core/fbdev.h, core/fusion/.cvsignore,
  core/fusion/Makefile.am, core/fusion/lock.h,
  Update default-fbdev-directfb for DirectFB 0.99 (recent CVS
  actually) Support for older versions abandoned, unless someone
  really really needs it.  (e.g. if Debian ships with 0.98 we can
  backport to that with a bit of effort)

  Still a bug re: fgcolor/bgcolor but mostly working right now.
  Only tested with Mystique.

2002-03-14 11:45  cegger

* display/X/mode.c: fixed flood excession on X-server without
  MITSHM extension

2002-03-08 19:12  fries

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4: support OpenBSD; may not be clean, but
  it works

2002-01-27 09:22  cegger

* configure.in: configure scans for snprintf, strncat and strncpy -
  and make only use of them, when they are actually available

2002-01-27 09:18  cegger

* display/: tele/libtele.c, svgalib/mode.c:
  configure scans for snprintf, strncat and strncpy - and make only
  use of them, when they are actually available

2002-01-27 09:15  cegger

* ggi/dl.c, ggi/init.c, default/fbdev/directfb/visual.c:
  configure scans for snprintf, strncat and strncpy - and make only
  use of them, when they are actually available

2002-01-26 19:36  cegger

* display/svgalib/mode.c: avoid possible buffer-overlow bugs

2002-01-26 19:32  cegger

* ggi/dl.c, ggi/init.c, default/fbdev/directfb/visual.c: avoid
  possible buffer-overlow bugs

2002-01-12 16:20  cegger

* TODO, configure.in: --with-gii defaults to --prefix now

2001-12-24 13:08  cegger

* TODO: update

2001-12-06 19:58  ggibecka

* display/X/visual.c: fix a problem with uninitialized variables in
  X target.  ATTENTION: Someone please check, if other targets
  (Xlib e.g.) are also vulnerable.  Symptom of test case was that a
  multi-visual application started to strangely segfault when
  opening a new visual, after another visual had been closed. This
  is probably due to RAM reusage.

2001-11-29 08:04  cegger

* TODO: more detailed bug description

2001-11-23 12:06  cegger

* TODO: added bug report

2001-11-13 00:24  skids

* default/fbdev/directfb/core/coretypes.h:
  Added a second workaround header for newer DriectFB versions

2001-11-11 14:24  cegger

* TODO: update

2001-11-04 22:54  skids

* configure.in, libggi.conf.in, display/Makefile.am,
  display/libkgi/.cvsignore, display/libkgi/EXPSYMS,
  display/libkgi/Makefile.am, display/libkgi/drawops.c,
  display/libkgi/gcops.c, display/libkgi/libkgi.conf.in,
  display/libkgi/visual.c, include/ggi/display/Makefile.am,
  Bits and peices, work in progress towards a LibKGI target Note
  this target is an integrated target with the LibGAlloc one (which
  means you need libgalloc and you need to do a little
  bootstrapping of the install until we find a way to smooth the
  build system.) When this target works, we'll remove the old
  KGI-related directories.

2001-10-17 04:33  skids

* default/: linear_4_r/visual.c, fbdev/mga/g400/visual.c:
  Remove C++ style comments for non-gcc compilation.

2001-10-01 00:57  skids

  A couple more items for the laundry basket.

2001-09-30 15:12  skids

* TODO, include/ggi/ggi.h, include/ggi/types.h:
  Additions for YUV pixelformats, and batchop registry, as per post
  to ML.

2001-09-29 22:16  cegger

* TODO: update #3

2001-09-29 21:49  cegger

* TODO: update #2

2001-09-29 21:40  cegger

* TODO: update

2001-09-20 07:30  adamel

* display/lcd823/mode.c: Fixed so GGI_lcd823_checkmode() compiles.

2001-09-20 07:21  cegger

* TODO: update roadmap

2001-09-20 05:10  skids

* README.CVS, TODO, display/fbdev/mode.c:
  Quick fix for pixela breakage: better to have slower
  unaccelerated fbdev, than broken accelerated fbdev.  Added
  instructions in README.CVS saying to run autogen.sh Added
  wishlist item to TODO.

2001-09-12 11:31  cegger

* programs/util/: Makefile.am, ggicalibrate.c: added touchscreen
  calibration tool from Tobias Hunger

2001-09-08 03:12  skids

* default/fbdev/directfb/visual.c:
  Disable Matrox sgram by default.

2001-09-04 07:04  cegger

* display/svgalib/mode.c: merged bugfixes from Jakub Bogusz
  (grabbed from GGI's mail-archive)

2001-09-02 20:56  skids

  Add a few things.  Document DFB bug.

2001-09-01 18:17  cegger

* include/ggi/types.h: added ggi_subcoord datatype for
  subcoordinates like subpixels and subcoords

2001-08-30 23:06  skids

* configure.in, default/fbdev/directfb/visual.c,
  default/fbdev/mga/g400/visual.c, display/fbdev/fbdev.conf.in,
  display/fbdev/mode.c, display/fbdev/visual.c:
  Moved accel library jump table out into fbdev.conf /me runs
  hastily downstairs to make sure code actually works now...

2001-08-26 15:49  soyt

* ChangeLog: commited changelogs for 2.0.1

2001-08-25 21:41  soyt

* INSTALL.autoconf: changed to more recent INSTALL.autoconf (2.50)

2001-08-25 21:27  skids

  2:1:0 release notes.

2001-08-25 21:27  skids

  Mention dependency on LibGII 0.8, unless someone has actually
  tried 2.0.1 with 0.7.

2001-08-25 21:25  skids

  Adding missing stuff to INSTALL textdoc.

2001-08-25 17:48  cegger

* TODO: update

2001-08-25 17:12  skids

* default/fbdev/directfb/Makefile.am:
  Add EXPSYMS.global to EXTRA_DIST

2001-08-25 12:02  cegger

* default/fbdev/directfb/core/Makefile.am: "make distcheck" build

2001-08-25 11:46  cegger

* configure.in, default/fbdev/directfb/Makefile.am,
  default/fbdev/mga/Makefile.am, ggi/Makefile.am: more building
  fixes (should also inlcude directfb building fix - please test,
  if you can)

2001-08-25 11:24  cegger

* default/fbdev/: directfb/EXPSYMS, directfb/EXPSYMS.global,
  mga/2164w/EXPSYMS, mga/g400/EXPSYMS: export the right symbol to
  make sure to get the sublibs correctly loaded

2001-08-25 10:59  thayne

* TODO, configure.in, default/Makefile.am,
  default/fbdev/Makefile.am, display/Makefile.am: I'm sure
  used when SUBDIRS is conditional, yet the "make dist" targets
  still need to traverse a non-conditional set of directories for

  Yes, the Fairy of the North gave me this information.

  Oh, I also updated the TODO files.

2001-08-25 07:20  thayne

* default/fbdev/directfb/Makefile.am: Glad I'm not the only one
  that mispels words

2001-08-24 05:05  skids

  TODO additions.

2001-08-24 03:15  skids

* default/fbdev/directfb/copybox.c:
  This commit removes a debug statement.  Last commit was (sorry
  about that): Add source surface to the gc/state update, so
  copybox will (sort of) work.

2001-08-24 03:14  skids

* default/fbdev/directfb/: copybox.c, ggidirectfb.h, visual.c: [no
  log message]

2001-08-24 01:49  skids

* default/fbdev/directfb/visual.c:
  Set pitch correctly: thar she blows!

2001-08-24 01:39  skids

* TODO, configure.in, default/fbdev/directfb/directfbglobal.c,
  default/fbdev/directfb/visual.c, display/fbdev/visual.c:
  disable directfb build, fix zapdl for directfb

2001-08-23 12:41  soyt

* TODO: updated TODO

2001-08-23 12:39  soyt

* configure.in, doc/Makefile.am: moved to version 2.0.1 and removed
  doc/docbook from build

2001-08-23 10:45  soyt

* doc/man/Makefile.am: added missing manpages

2001-08-23 04:15  thayne

* TODO, dist/rpm/libggi.spec.in: added missing files to rpm builds
  and updated TODO files

2001-08-23 03:11  skids

* default/fbdev/directfb/: box.c, visual.c: Take away some of the
  less well placed debugging statements, as I have seen actual hw
  access happen on my Mystique.  Not correct access, but enough to
  know the DFB calls are being done in something that resembles the
  correct way.

2001-08-22 14:29  soyt

* TODO: Added TODO files

2001-08-22 11:59  cegger

* configure.in: disable directfb instead aa, when directfb is not
  available (update)

2001-08-22 11:51  cegger

* configure.in: disable directfb instead aa, when directfb is not

2001-08-22 04:37  thayne

* dist/rpm/libggi.spec.in: Cannot specify redundant sources - rpm
  tries to package all of them\!

2001-08-22 03:41  skids

* default/fbdev/directfb/EXPSYMS,
  default/fbdev/directfb/visual.c, display/fbdev/fbdev.conf.in,
  Moved directfb global symbols into their own sublib, so they
  could be opened _GLOBAL, without exposing all syms in
  tgt-fbdev-directfb.so and without the need for hackery in

2001-08-21 23:12  skids

* configure.in, default/fbdev/directfb/Makefile.am,
  Bless their souls, the DFB folks have exported their internal
  headers into their installed files.  No more need to have the DFB
  source tree.

2001-08-16 11:44  cegger

* configure.in: fix: disable directfb actually, when it isn't found

2001-08-16 10:44  thayne

* configure.in, default/fbdev/directfb/Makefile.am: Better checks
  for directfb building and can now set directfb source dir

2001-08-16 09:26  thayne

* configure.in: Can now disable internal xf86dga support

2001-08-15 04:52  skids

* configure.in, default/fbdev/Makefile.am:
  Quick fix to get tgt-fbdev-directfb out of people's hair

2001-08-14 12:55  soyt

* doc/man/Makefile.am: new manpages

2001-08-14 03:29  skids

* configure.in, default/fbdev/Makefile.am,
  default/fbdev/directfb/Makefile.am, default/fbdev/directfb/box.c,
  default/fbdev/directfb/gtext.c, default/fbdev/directfb/hline.c,
  default/fbdev/directfb/line.c, default/fbdev/directfb/visual.c,
  default/fbdev/directfb/vline.c, display/fbdev/fbdev.conf.in,
  display/fbdev/mode.c, display/fbdev/visual.c:
  Added working directory for DirectFB renderer, so I don't have to
  keep tarring it up for folks.

  This version solves the unresolved symbol problem, which means
  the drivers WILL load and perhaps do horrible things to your
  machine.  Use with caution, this is hacky first-cut stuff.

2001-08-13 17:31  thayne

* libggi.conf.in: Fix where libggi.conf finds fbdev.conf

2001-08-12 10:03  cegger

* ChangeLog: update from Eric

2001-08-11 22:46  cegger

* configure.in: updated version number

2001-08-11 20:40  cegger

* NEWS: updated NEWS file

2001-08-11 03:36  skids

* display/: common/modelist.inc, svgalib/mode.c:
  from smoke: cleanups, better debug, deactivate broken part of
  frames support.

2001-08-08 22:27  jtaylor

* ChangeLog, display/svgalib/color.c: Added missing #include

2001-07-31 13:13  cegger

* display/ipc/visual.c: use K&R codingstyle

2001-07-31 12:55  cegger

* programs/demos/wrap.c: use K&R coding style

2001-07-31 09:01  cegger

* display/: tile/mode.c, vgl/mode.c: fix: calculate stride value

2001-07-31 09:01  cegger

* display/palemu/palemu.c: snall cleanup: use GT_ByPP macro instead
  of (GT_SIZE() + 7) / 8

2001-07-31 08:37  cegger

* display/fbdev/mode.c: snall cleanup: use GT_ByPP macro instead of
  (GT_SIZE() + 7) / 8

2001-07-31 08:15  cegger

* display/X/visual.c: cleanup: use X_FRAME_MAXNUM instead of
  hardcoded value + use GT_ByPP macro instead of (GT_SIZE() + 7) /

2001-07-31 08:13  cegger

* include/ggi/display/x.h: small cleanup: use X_FRAME_NUM instead
  of hardcoded values

2001-07-26 10:13  cegger

* NEWS: added missing release-notes of version 2beta4

2001-07-19 13:35  cegger

* doc/env.txt: spelling fix

2001-07-19 10:24  cegger

* dist/rpm/libggi.spec.in: fixed URLs

2001-07-19 07:44  thayne

* Makefile.am, configure.in, dist/.cvsignore, dist/Makefile.am,
  dist/rpm/.cvsignore, dist/rpm/Makefile.am,
  dist/rpm/libggi.spec.in: Add structure for
  distributions/packages.  Put in spec files for building RPM's.

2001-07-18 17:05  thayne

* configure.in: Fix building against an uninstalled libgii that
  might be built with $(top_builddir) != $(top_srcdir) while still
  allowing for the case where they might be the same.

2001-07-18 12:33  adamel

* configure.in: $top_builddir is not set in configure, but we know
  libtool is always in cwd.

2001-07-16 17:52  thayne

* configure.in: This is a safer way to use libtool

2001-07-16 17:40  thayne

* configure.in: Wrap detection of libgii with libtool so that
  building against an uninstalled libgii will work.

  I'm concerned that this might cause problems depending on how an
  uninstalled libgii is used and how it might be later installed.

2001-07-16 14:48  thayne

* configure.in, display/X/Makefile.am,
  include/ggi/display/Makefile.am: Revert back to AM_DISABLE_STATIC
  and AM_PROG_LIBTOOL to fix "LIBTOOL not set in configure.in"
  problem.  Add some missing files to some Makefile.am - without
  this files aren't packaged using "make dist" targets.

2001-07-12 19:55  cegger

* display/vgl/mode.c: build fix from David J. Hughes

2001-07-10 18:59  cegger

* configure.in: update version number

2001-07-10 18:35  soyt

* ChangeLog: libggi and libgii ChangeLogs : Here we go\!

2001-07-10 18:20  soyt

* doc/man/Makefile.am: added display-vgl manpage

2001-07-10 17:03  cegger

* doc/targets.txt: added VGL-target description from Nicolas Souchu

2001-07-10 15:10  cegger

* display/aa/color.c, programs/check/checkmode.c,
  programs/demos/cube3d.c, programs/demos/slimy.c: fixed compiler
  warnings reported by Thayne

2001-07-10 13:29  soyt

* doc/man/Makefile.am: updated manpages

2001-07-10 05:22  thayne

* configure.in: AM_PROG_LIBTOOL and AM_DISABLE_STATIC are
  deprecated - use 'AC_' names.

2001-07-09 14:49  thayne

* m4/libtool.m4: libtool 1.4 has moved tests from ltconfig to
  libtool.m4.  Delete unecessary ltconfig and update libtool.m4.

2001-07-09 13:14  cegger

* display/svgalib/visual.c: add debugging code when exiting

2001-07-09 01:49  fortinj

* doc/targets.txt:
  Add DirectX (Win32) target description.

2001-07-09 01:39  fortinj

* doc/README.directx:

  New readme file for Win32 DirectX Target.

2001-07-07 19:57  cegger

* default/color/Makefile.am, default/fbdev/mga/2164w/Makefile.am,
  default/fbdev/mga/g400/Makefile.am, default/ilbm/Makefile.am,
  default/ioctl/Makefile.am, default/iplanar_2p/Makefile.am,
  default/kgi/Makefile.am, default/linear_1/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_16/Makefile.am, default/linear_1_r/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_2/Makefile.am, default/linear_24/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_32/Makefile.am, default/linear_4/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_4_r/Makefile.am, default/linear_8/Makefile.am,
  default/linmm_banked/Makefile.am, default/planar/Makefile.am,
  default/ramdac/Makefile.am, default/stubs/Makefile.am,
  default/text_16/Makefile.am, default/text_32/Makefile.am,
  display/X/Makefile.am, display/aa/Makefile.am,
  display/directx/Makefile.am, display/glide/Makefile.am,
  display/ipc/Makefile.am, display/kgi/Makefile.am,
  display/lcd823/Makefile.am, display/linvtsw/Makefile.am,
  display/mansync/Makefile.am, display/memory/Makefile.am,
  display/monotext/Makefile.am, display/multi/Makefile.am,
  display/palemu/Makefile.am, display/sub/Makefile.am,
  display/suidkgi/Makefile.am, display/svgalib/Makefile.am,
  display/tele/Makefile.am, display/terminfo/Makefile.am,
  display/tile/Makefile.am, display/trueemu/Makefile.am,
  display/vcsa/Makefile.am, display/vgagl/Makefile.am,
  display/vgl/Makefile.am: replace /ggi/ by //

2001-07-07 15:02  thayne

* ltmain.sh: Fixing bug in libtool 1.4 where it won't find
  interdependency libraries during install to a packaging dir

2001-07-07 11:19  cegger

* display/fbdev/Makefile.am: typo fix

2001-07-07 09:42  thayne

* Makefile.am, configure.in, libggi.conf.in,
  display/fbdev/Makefile.am: Closed one more bug that I introduced
  into configure.in.  This should now allow late substitution of
  vars during build and install, staticly code paths where they
  should be, maintain variables like ${exec_libdir} derived from
  other variables such as ${prefix}, fully expand recursive
  variables - such as ${exec_libdir}, peel grapes, and change the
  furnace filter when required.

2001-07-07 08:07  thayne

* config.guess, config.sub, ltmain.sh: Update to libtool 1.4

2001-07-03 20:18  cegger

* Makefile.am, configure.in, libggi.conf.in,
  display/fbdev/Makefile.am, programs/check/checkmode.c,
  programs/demos/cube3d.c: merged confdir fixes from Thayne

2001-06-26 02:34  fortinj

* display/directx/visual.c:
  Sync visual.c with my 'Good' version. JEF

2001-06-26 02:34  fortinj

* display/directx/mode.c:
  Sync mode.c with my 'Good' version. JEF

2001-06-26 02:32  fortinj

* display/directx/ddinit.c:
  Sync ddinit.c with my 'good' version.  JEF

2001-06-26 02:23  fortinj

* include/ggi/display/directx.h:
  Sync header with my 'good' version

2001-06-24 19:33  skids

* configure.in, include/ggi/display/xf86dga.h:
  Updated internal XF86VMode implementation Reactivated internal
  DGA implementation in build system Added -physz and -noinput
  options handling Someone with 3.3.x xlibs please fix compile by
  applying appropriate defines

2001-06-24 16:45  skids

* display/svgalib/Makefile.am, display/svgalib/box.c,
  display/svgalib/frames.c, display/svgalib/hline.c,
  display/svgalib/mode.c, display/svgalib/pixel.c,
  display/svgalib/vline.c, include/ggi/display/svgalib.h:
  John McCutchan's patch + more changes for frames support.  This
  is untested, other than compiling, not segfaulting, and making
  funny patterns on my Radeon (which is to be expected).  John will
  be finishing it up tomorrow.

2001-06-21 23:36  ggibecka

* configure.in: Disable using the internal DGA implementation by
  default. It's even more wrong than the external. DGA still not
  quite functional, but doesn't hang anymore - drawing still wrong.

2001-06-21 19:09  skids

* doc/man/Makefile.am, ggi/EXPSYMS, ggi/events.c,
  Added ggiDetachInput and ggiGetInput -- note: doc changes need to
  be propagated to new doc files.

2001-06-20 23:47  skids

* display/X/visual.c:
  All that work for such a trivial fix... It appears that calling
  XSetWindowColormap on the root window does not change the
  DefaultColormap, so this is the obvious "right thing to do".
  Still, it appears that some wm's interfere with 8bpp -inroot,
  probably by calling XSetWindowColormap on the root window when
  you move your cursor off to it.

2001-06-20 22:54  skids

* programs/demos/saver.c:
  Quash warning due to time.h not included.

2001-06-20 22:52  ggibecka

* default/fbdev/mga/g400/: regs.h, visual.c: Fix up SRCORG and
  DSTORG. DirectFB messes with those and failing demos will cause
  very ugly effects. I should probably rather do it at startup,
  though. Now you have to start/end a LibGGI app to fix your

2001-06-20 09:24  cegger

* default/: color/Makefile.am, ioctl/Makefile.am,
  iplanar_2p/Makefile.am, kgi/Makefile.am, linear_16/Makefile.am,
  linear_1_r/Makefile.am, linear_2/Makefile.am,
  linear_24/Makefile.am, linear_32/Makefile.am,
  linear_4/Makefile.am, linear_4_r/Makefile.am,
  linear_8/Makefile.am, linmm_banked/Makefile.am,
  ramdac/Makefile.am, stubs/Makefile.am: made Makefile.am-files
  more human-readable on 80 column text-displays

2001-06-19 13:23  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/Makefile.am: we install debug.h, because it
  provides LIB_APPASSERT(). Not installing it may brake some

2001-06-17 16:13  skids

* display/fbdev/visual.c:
  Always issue panning ioctl on vc switchback, drivers do not
  faithfully restore it

2001-06-17 09:15  cegger

* programs/check/consistency.c: fixed compiler warning

2001-06-17 09:08  cegger

* programs/demos/pageflip.c: fixed compiler warning

2001-06-17 09:02  cegger

* programs/demos/wrap.c: fixed compiler warnings; don't use C++

2001-06-17 08:56  cegger

* display/terminfo/visual.c: fixed token at end of #endif directive

2001-06-17 08:54  cegger

* display/ipc/visual.c: compiler warning fixes; don't use C++

2001-06-17 04:46  skids

* display/fbdev/mode.c:
  Additional error message Don't call _ggi_figure_physz until mode
  is valid Don't ever unset err in checkmode.

2001-06-17 04:35  skids

* display/fbdev/visual.c:
  Supply correct default value for physz

2001-06-17 04:34  skids

* ggi/internal.c:
  Caught a case in _ggi_figure_physz and removed implicit decl of

2001-06-17 01:58  ggibecka

* configure.in, default/fbdev/mga/Makefile.am,
  default/fbdev/mga/g400/Makefile.am, default/fbdev/mga/g400/box.c,
  default/fbdev/mga/g400/gtext.c, default/fbdev/mga/g400/hline.c,
  default/fbdev/mga/g400/line.c, default/fbdev/mga/g400/mga_g400.h,
  default/fbdev/mga/g400/mmio.h, default/fbdev/mga/g400/regs.h,
  default/fbdev/mga/g400/visual.c, default/fbdev/mga/g400/vline.c,
  display/fbdev/fbdev.conf.in: Added separate G400 target for fbdev
  accel.  Seems it was only a matter of a larger bitmask. Maybe I
  could just have patched the MGA2164 sources, but I like it better
  this way - we should add more accel drivers anyway.

2001-06-16 22:52  ggibecka

* display/fbdev/visual.c: Added more debugging code to better
  diagnose fbdev startup problems.  added new class for the G400 -
  it doesn't work right with the mga driver.

2001-06-16 22:51  ggibecka

* ggi/internal.c: Avoid to erraneously fail when no physz options
  were given at all.

2001-06-13 18:01  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/Makefile.am: don't install debug headers

2001-06-11 18:43  cegger

* libggi.conf.in: libggimisc doesn't come with libggi anymore

2001-06-03 22:16  skids

* default/color/: color.c, color.h, visual.c:
  Correct unmappixel, keeping relatively optimized

2001-06-03 06:42  cegger

* include/ggi/types.h: added GA_ByPP macro to extract the
  "BytesPerPixel" info from a ggi_graphtype

2001-05-31 21:55  skids

* display/X/visual.c, display/fbdev/mode.c, display/fbdev/visual.c,
  display/memory/visual.c, display/svgalib/mode.c,
  display/svgalib/visual.c, display/vcsa/mode.c,
  display/vcsa/visual.c, ggi/EXPSYMS, ggi/internal.c,
  include/ggi/display/fbdev.h, include/ggi/display/svgalib.h,
  include/ggi/display/vcsa.h, include/ggi/display/xcommon.h,
  Added physz support and unified some handling of unordered

2001-05-31 21:54  skids

* display/terminfo/: TIvisual.h, mode.c, visual.c:
  Added physz option and fixed bug causing segfault on close/open

2001-05-26 00:00  skids

* programs/demos/textdemo.c:
  Made independent on terminal size/charcell size

2001-05-25 23:18  skids

* include/ggi/internal/structs.h:
  fixed typo in comments

2001-05-25 19:56  stefan

* display/ipc/visual.c, programs/demos/wrap.c: got the ipc target
  kinda working. We really have to investigate serialized access

2001-05-23 17:46  cegger

* display/X/visual.c, doc/targets.txt: added -nocursor option from
  Tijs van Bakel

2001-05-16 03:19  stefan

* display/ipc/visual.c: some fixes for the ipc target

2001-05-16 03:17  stefan

* programs/demos/: Makefile.am, wrap.c: add test/demo program for
  the ipc target. Unfortunately it doesn't quite work yet.

2001-05-13 19:49  cegger

* programs/util/monitest/monitest.c: fixed compiler warnings

2001-05-13 08:13  cegger

* display/ipc/.cvsignore: ignore autogenerated files

2001-05-13 03:29  stefan

* configure.in, libggi.conf.in, display/Makefile.am,
  display/ipc/EXPSYMS, display/ipc/Makefile.am, display/ipc/mode.c,
  display/ipc/visual.c, include/ggi/display/ipc.h,
  programs/util/inputdump.c: initial checkin of the ipc target

2001-05-13 01:30  skids

* programs/check/speed.c:
  Bandaid for different libc headers, courtesy of the bovine one

2001-05-12 23:03  cegger

* programs/: demos/pageflip.c, demos/slimy.c, demos/cube3d.c,
  demos/saver.c, demos/stars.c, demos/textdemo.c,
  demos/warp-ggi/color.c, demos/warp-ggi/rawpict.h,
  demos/warp-ggi/Makefile.am, demos/warp-ggi/dowarp.c,
  demos/warp-ggi/main.c, demos/warp-ggi/readpcx.c,
  demos/warp-ggi/warp.h, demos/warp-ggi/readtga.c,
  util/Makefile.am, util/mycircle.inc, util/giik2str.c,
  util/tunemode.c, util/inputdump.c, util/monitest/drawlib.c,
  util/monitest/drawlib.h, util/monitest/ggicolors.h,
  util/monitest/ggitext.c, util/monitest/ggitext.h,
  util/monitest/menu.c, util/monitest/menu.h,
  util/monitest/monitest.h, util/monitest/pattern.c,
  util/monitest/Makefile.am, util/monitest/flatpanel.c,
  util/monitest/kgitune.h, util/monitest/resolution.c,
  util/monitest/window.c, util/monitest/window.h,
  util/monitest/monitest.c, util/monitest/mousedemo.c: Initial

2001-05-12 23:03  cegger

* programs/demos/warp-ggi/.cvsignore,
  programs/demos/warp-ggi/README, programs/util/.cvsignore,
  programs/util/monitest/kgitune.c, scripts/bindist.head,
  scripts/.cvsignore, scripts/configure, scripts/doinstall,
  scripts/ggiinstall: initial import

2001-05-12 23:00  cegger

* install-sh, missing, INSTALL.autoconf, mkinstalldirs, patchlib.c,
  config.guess, config.sub, configure.in, ltmain.sh, .cvsignore,
  FAQ, libggi.conf.in, Makefile.am, autogen.sh, INSTALL, README,
  ChangeLog, NEWS, default/Makefile.am, default/color/gamma.c,
  default/color/pack.c, default/color/visual.c,
  default/color/Makefile.am, default/color/color.c,
  default/color/color.h, default/common/Makefile.am,
  default/common/clip.c, default/common/linear-line.c,
  default/fbdev/Makefile.am, default/fbdev/mga/Makefile.am,
  default/fbdev/mga/2164w/EXPSYMS, default/fbdev/mga/2164w/box.c,
  default/fbdev/mga/2164w/hline.c, default/fbdev/mga/2164w/line.c,
  default/fbdev/mga/2164w/mmio.h, default/fbdev/mga/2164w/vline.c,
  default/ilbm/Makefile.am, default/ilbm/ilbmlib.h,
  default/ilbm/pixel.c, default/ilbm/pixela.c,
  default/ilbm/visual.c, default/ioctl/Makefile.am,
  default/ioctl/box.c, default/ioctl/copybox.c,
  default/ioctl/ioctllib.h, default/ioctl/line.c,
  default/ioctl/visual.c, default/iplanar_2p/Makefile.am,
  default/iplanar_2p/ipl2lib.h, default/iplanar_2p/pixel.c,
  default/iplanar_2p/pixela.c, default/iplanar_2p/visual.c,
  default/kgi/Makefile.am, default/linear_1/color.c,
  default/linear_1/Makefile.am, default/linear_1/gtext.c,
  default/linear_1/hline.c, default/linear_1/lin1lib.h,
  default/linear_1/pixel.c, default/linear_1/pixela.c,
  default/linear_1/visual.c, default/linear_1/vline.c,
  default/linear_16/box.c, default/linear_16/copybox.c,
  default/linear_16/fillscreen.c, default/linear_16/hline.c,
  default/linear_16/lin16lib.h, default/linear_16/line.c,
  default/linear_16/pixel.c, default/linear_16/pixela.c,
  default/linear_16/visual.c, default/linear_16/vline.c,
  default/linear_16/Makefile.am, default/linear_16/crossblit.c,
  default/linear_1_r/Makefile.am, default/linear_1_r/gtext.c,
  default/linear_1_r/lin1rlib.h, default/linear_1_r/pixel.c,
  default/linear_1_r/pixela.c, default/linear_1_r/visual.c,
  default/linear_2/Makefile.am, default/linear_2/lin2lib.h,
  default/linear_2/pixel.c, default/linear_2/pixela.c,
  default/linear_2/visual.c, default/linear_24/copybox.c,
  default/linear_24/fillscreen.c, default/linear_24/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_24/box.c, default/linear_24/crossblit.c,
  default/linear_24/hline.c, default/linear_24/lin24lib.h,
  default/linear_24/pixel.c, default/linear_24/pixela.c,
  default/linear_24/visual.c, default/linear_24/vline.c,
  default/linear_32/box.c, default/linear_32/copybox.c,
  default/linear_32/Makefile.am, default/linear_32/crossblit.c,
  default/linear_32/fillscreen.c, default/linear_32/hline.c,
  default/linear_32/lin32lib.h, default/linear_32/line.c,
  default/linear_32/pixel.c, default/linear_32/pixela.c,
  default/linear_32/visual.c, default/linear_32/vline.c,
  default/linear_4/copybox.c, default/linear_4/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_4/color.c, default/linear_4/hline.c,
  default/linear_4/lin4lib.h, default/linear_4/pixel.c,
  default/linear_4/pixela.c, default/linear_4/visual.c,
  default/linear_4/vline.c, default/linear_4_r/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_4_r/color.c, default/linear_4_r/copybox.c,
  default/linear_4_r/hline.c, default/linear_4_r/lin4rlib.h,
  default/linear_4_r/pixel.c, default/linear_4_r/pixela.c,
  default/linear_4_r/visual.c, default/linear_4_r/vline.c,
  default/linear_8/box.c, default/linear_8/copybox.c,
  default/linear_8/gtext.c, default/linear_8/Makefile.am,
  default/linear_8/crossblit.c, default/linear_8/hline.c,
  default/linear_8/lin8lib.h, default/linear_8/line.c,
  default/linear_8/pixel.c, default/linear_8/pixela.c,
  default/linear_8/visual.c, default/linear_8/vline.c,
  default/linmm_banked/pixel.c, default/linmm_banked/visual.c,
  default/linmm_banked/vline.c, default/planar/pixel.c,
  default/planar/pixela.c, default/planar/pllib.h,
  default/planar/Makefile.am, default/planar/visual.c,
  default/ramdac/Makefile.am, default/ramdac/color.c,
  default/ramdac/visual.c, default/stubs/gtext.c,
  default/stubs/hline.c, default/stubs/stublib.h,
  default/stubs/visual.c, default/stubs/Makefile.am,
  default/stubs/box.c, default/stubs/copybox.c,
  default/stubs/vline.c, default/text_16/Makefile.am,
  default/text_16/color.c, default/text_16/gtext.c,
  default/text_16/pixel.c, default/text_16/pixela.c,
  default/text_16/t16lib.h, default/text_16/visual.c,
  default/text_32/Makefile.am, default/text_32/color.c,
  default/text_32/gtext.c, default/text_32/pixel.c,
  default/text_32/pixela.c, default/text_32/t32lib.h,
  default/text_32/visual.c, display/Makefile.am, display/X/mode.c,
  display/X/EXPSYMS, display/X/Makefile.am, display/X/color.c,
  display/X/visual.c, display/aa/giievents.c, display/aa/visual.c,
  display/aa/Makefile.am, display/aa/color.c, display/aa/mode.c,
  display/common/Makefile.am, display/common/ggi-auto.inc,
  display/common/gt-auto.inc, display/common/modelist.inc,
  display/common/pixfmt-setup.inc, display/directx/Makefile.am,
  display/directx/ddinit.c, display/directx/ddinit.h,
  display/directx/mode.c, display/directx/visual.c,
  display/fbdev/visual.c, display/fbdev/Makefile.am,
  display/fbdev/color.c, display/fbdev/fbdev.conf.in,
  display/fbdev/mode.c, display/fbdev/pan.c,
  display/file/Makefile.am, display/file/fileio.c,
  display/file/mode.c, display/file/ppm.c, display/file/visual.c,
  display/glide/box.c, display/glide/fb.c,
  display/glide/Makefile.am, display/glide/gtext.c,
  display/glide/line.c, display/glide/mode.c,
  display/glide/pixel.c, display/glide/visual.c,
  display/kgi/Makefile.am, display/kgi/mode.c,
  display/kgi/visual.c, display/lcd823/Makefile.am,
  display/lcd823/color.c, display/lcd823/mode.c,
  display/lcd823/visual.c, display/linvtsw/Makefile.am,
  display/linvtsw/visual.c, display/mansync/Makefile.am,
  display/mansync/mansync.c, display/mansync/visual.c,
  display/memory/mode.c, display/memory/Makefile.am,
  display/memory/visual.c, display/monotext/color.c,
  display/monotext/font_data.h, display/monotext/draw.c,
  display/monotext/mode.c, display/monotext/Makefile.am,
  display/monotext/monotext.c, display/monotext/text.c,
  display/monotext/visual.c, display/multi/Makefile.am,
  display/multi/mode.c, display/multi/stubs.c,
  display/multi/visual.c, display/palemu/README,
  display/palemu/color.c, display/palemu/draw.c,
  display/palemu/frames.c, display/palemu/mode.c,
  display/palemu/Makefile.am, display/palemu/palemu.c,
  display/palemu/text.c, display/palemu/visual.c,
  display/sub/mode.c, display/sub/stubs.c, display/sub/Makefile.am,
  display/sub/visual.c, display/suidkgi/suidhook.h,
  display/suidkgi/mode.c, display/suidkgi/visual.c,
  display/suidkgi/Makefile.am, display/suidkgi/suidbridge.c,
  display/svgalib/mode.c, display/svgalib/vline.c,
  display/svgalib/Makefile.am, display/svgalib/box.c,
  display/svgalib/color.c, display/svgalib/hline.c,
  display/svgalib/pixel.c, display/svgalib/visual.c,
  display/tele/box.c, display/tele/color.c, display/tele/draw.c,
  display/tele/libtele.h, display/tele/text.c,
  display/tele/events.c, display/tele/mode.c,
  display/tele/visual.c, display/tele/Makefile.am,
  display/tele/libtele.c, display/terminfo/color.c,
  display/terminfo/TIvisual.h, display/terminfo/ncurses.c,
  display/terminfo/visual.c, display/terminfo/Makefile.am,
  display/terminfo/input.c, display/terminfo/mode.c,
  display/tile/color.c, display/tile/frames.c, display/tile/mode.c,
  display/tile/Makefile.am, display/tile/line.c,
  display/tile/stubs.c, display/tile/visual.c,
  display/trueemu/blit24.c, display/trueemu/blit32.c,
  display/trueemu/frames.c, display/trueemu/genblit.c,
  display/trueemu/mode.c, display/trueemu/stubs.c,
  display/trueemu/Makefile.am, display/trueemu/trueemu.c,
  display/trueemu/visual.c, display/vcsa/color.c,
  display/vcsa/Makefile.am, display/vcsa/draw.c,
  display/vcsa/mode.c, display/vcsa/visual.c,
  display/vgagl/Makefile.am, display/vgagl/box.c,
  display/vgagl/copybox.c, display/vgagl/fillscreen.c,
  display/vgagl/pixel.c, display/vgagl/vgaglvis.h,
  display/vgagl/visual.c, display/vgagl/vline.c,
  display/vgagl/hline.c, display/vgl/Makefile.am,
  display/vgl/draw.c, display/vgl/visual.c, display/vgl/mode.c,
  doc/Makefile.am, doc/targets.txt, doc/env.txt,
  doc/man/Makefile.am, extensions/Makefile.am,
  extensions/test/exttest1.c, extensions/test/Makefile.am,
  extensions/test/test1.c, extensions/test/test1.h,
  extensions/test/test2.c, extensions/test/test2.h, ggi/db.c,
  ggi/internal.c, ggi/mode.c, ggi/dl.c, ggi/EXPSYMS,
  ggi/Makefile.am, ggi/events.c, ggi/gc.c, ggi/init.c, ggi/stubs.c,
  ggi/unix.c, ggi/visual.c, include/Makefile.am,
  include/ggi/Makefile.am, include/ggi/ggi-unix.h,
  include/ggi/ggi.h, include/ggi/ggi_ext.h, include/ggi/types.h,
  include/ggi/default/Makefile.am, include/ggi/display/aa.h,
  include/ggi/display/glide.h, include/ggi/display/mansync.h,
  include/ggi/display/modelist.h, include/ggi/display/x.h,
  include/ggi/display/fbdev.h, include/ggi/display/file.h,
  include/ggi/display/memory.h, include/ggi/display/monotext.h,
  include/ggi/display/multi.h, include/ggi/display/palemu.h,
  include/ggi/display/sub.h, include/ggi/display/tele.h,
  include/ggi/display/Makefile.am, include/ggi/display/directx.h,
  include/ggi/display/lcd823.h, include/ggi/display/linvtsw.h,
  include/ggi/display/svgalib.h, include/ggi/display/tile.h,
  include/ggi/display/trueemu.h, include/ggi/display/vcsa.h,
  include/ggi/display/xcommon.h, include/ggi/display/vgl.h,
  include/ggi/display/xf86dga.h, include/ggi/display/xlib.h,
  include/ggi/internal/internal.h, include/ggi/internal/plat.h,
  include/ggi/internal/Makefile.am, include/ggi/internal/dltypes.h,
  include/ggi/internal/structs.h, include/ggi/internal/ggi-dl.h,
  include/ggi/internal/font/Makefile.am, m4/libtool.m4,
  m4/Makefile.am, programs/Makefile.am, programs/check/Makefile.am,
  programs/check/speed.c, programs/check/speed.sh,
  programs/check/checkmode.c, programs/check/consistency.c,
  programs/check/findleaks.c, programs/check/showaccel.c,
  programs/check/showaccel2.c, programs/check/structs.c,
  programs/demos/Makefile.am, programs/demos/demo.c,
  programs/demos/flying_ggis.c: Initial revision

2001-05-12 23:00  cegger

* ChangeLog.1999, default/.cvsignore, default/color/.cvsignore,
  default/color/EXPSYMS, default/common/.cvsignore,
  default/fbdev/.cvsignore, default/fbdev/mga/.cvsignore,
  default/fbdev/mga/2164w/regs.h, default/ilbm/.cvsignore,
  default/ilbm/EXPSYMS, default/ioctl/.cvsignore,
  default/ioctl/EXPSYMS, default/iplanar_2p/.cvsignore,
  default/iplanar_2p/EXPSYMS, default/kgi/.cvsignore,
  default/linear_1/.cvsignore, default/linear_1/EXPSYMS,
  default/linear_16/.cvsignore, default/linear_16/EXPSYMS,
  default/linear_1_r/.cvsignore, default/linear_1_r/EXPSYMS,
  default/linear_2/.cvsignore, default/linear_2/EXPSYMS,
  default/linear_24/.cvsignore, default/linear_24/EXPSYMS,
  default/linear_32/.cvsignore, default/linear_32/EXPSYMS,
  default/linear_4/.cvsignore, default/linear_4/EXPSYMS,
  default/linear_4_r/.cvsignore, default/linear_4_r/EXPSYMS,
  default/linear_8/fillscreen.c, default/linear_8/.cvsignore,
  default/linear_8/EXPSYMS, default/linmm_banked/.cvsignore,
  default/linmm_banked/EXPSYMS, default/planar/.cvsignore,
  default/planar/EXPSYMS, default/ramdac/.cvsignore,
  default/ramdac/EXPSYMS, default/stubs/.cvsignore,
  default/stubs/EXPSYMS, default/stubs/crossblit.c,
  default/stubs/fillscreen.c, default/stubs/line.c,
  default/stubs/pixel.c, default/text_16/.cvsignore,
  default/text_16/EXPSYMS, default/text_32/.cvsignore,
  default/text_32/EXPSYMS, display/.cvsignore,
  display/X/.cvsignore, display/aa/.cvsignore, display/aa/EXPSYMS,
  display/common/.cvsignore, display/directx/EXPSYMS,
  display/directx/.cvsignore, display/fbdev/.cvsignore,
  display/fbdev/EXPSYMS, display/file/.cvsignore,
  display/file/EXPSYMS, display/glide/.cvsignore,
  display/glide/README.glide, display/glide/EXPSYMS,
  display/kgi/.cvsignore, display/kgi/EXPSYMS,
  display/lcd823/.cvsignore, display/lcd823/EXPSYMS,
  display/linvtsw/.cvsignore, display/linvtsw/EXPSYMS,
  display/mansync/.cvsignore, display/mansync/EXPSYMS,
  display/memory/.cvsignore, display/memory/EXPSYMS,
  display/monotext/.cvsignore, display/monotext/EXPSYMS,
  display/monotext/README, display/multi/.cvsignore,
  display/multi/EXPSYMS, display/palemu/.cvsignore,
  display/palemu/EXPSYMS, display/sub/.cvsignore,
  display/sub/EXPSYMS, display/suidkgi/.cvsignore,
  display/suidkgi/clut.inc, display/suidkgi/font.inc,
  display/suidkgi/ibm-cp437.09x16.inc, display/suidkgi/EXPSYMS,
  display/suidkgi/ibm-cp437.inc, display/svgalib/.cvsignore,
  display/svgalib/EXPSYMS, display/tele/.cvsignore,
  display/tele/EXPSYMS, display/terminfo/.cvsignore,
  display/terminfo/EXPSYMS, display/tile/.cvsignore,
  display/tile/EXPSYMS, display/tile/README,
  display/trueemu/.cvsignore, display/trueemu/EXPSYMS,
  display/trueemu/README, display/vcsa/.cvsignore,
  display/vcsa/EXPSYMS, display/vgagl/.cvsignore,
  display/vgagl/EXPSYMS, display/vgl/.cvsignore,
  display/vgl/EXPSYMS, display/vgl/README, doc/.cvsignore,
  doc/bdgtgp.txt, doc/man/.cvsignore, extensions/.cvsignore,
  extensions/test/.cvsignore, ggi/.cvsignore, include/.cvsignore,
  include/ggi/.cvsignore, include/ggi/default/.cvsignore,
  include/ggi/display/.cvsignore, include/ggi/internal/.cvsignore,
  include/ggi/internal/font/8x8, m4/.cvsignore,
  programs/.cvsignore, programs/check/.cvsignore,
  programs/demos/.cvsignore: initial import