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Version 2.0.0 (9 May 2005)

  * packaging changes:
    - fixed conditional linkage of either libsndfile or libaudiofile
      (if none of the two exist, configure script will abort)
    - man pages are now auto generated with the correct libgig version

  * src/gig.cpp, src/gig.h:
    - experimental support for Gigasampler v3 format;
      64 bit file offsets are truncated to 32 bit, 24 bit samples are
      truncated to 16 bit, up to 8 dimensions are read, additional
      articulation informations are ignored at the moment
      (patch by Andreas Persson)
    - added some file format compatibility checks
    - fixed vcf_type_lowpassturbo value (vcf_type_lowpassturbo was actually
      never used, because the necessary check was made before
    - fixed crossfade points order (structure for big endian and little
      endian systems was interchanged)
    - fixed some memory leaks (patch by 'Gene', a.k.a Anders Alm)
    - fixed crash which occured when patches did not have a sample assigned
      to their region or dimension region (patch by Andreas Persson)
    - support for compressed mono samples
    - experimental support for compressed 24 bit samples
    - fixed decompression on big-endian CPUs
    - fixed decompression bug that truncated the last block of samples
    - external decompression buffers can now be used for streaming samples
      to avoid race conditions in case of multiple streaming threads
    - added pre-calculated sample attenuation parameter
    - added v3 "random" and "round robin" dimensions
    - implemented progress indicator callback mechanism for loading
      instruments and samples
    - added functions libraryName() and libraryVersion()

  * src/DLS.cpp, src/DLS.h:
    - fixed File constructor which caused variable File::Instruments always
      to be zero
    - added functions libraryName() and libraryVersion()

  * src/RIFF.cpp, src/RIFF.h:
    - fixed method List::LoadSubChunks() which did not restore the original
      position within the body of the given list chunk
    - added functions libraryName() and libraryVersion()

  * src/rifftree.cpp:
    - added command line switch -v to show rifftree's revision and the used
      libgig version

  * src/dlsdump.cpp:
    - added command line switch -v to show dlsdump's revision and the used
      libgig version

  * src/gigdump.cpp:
    - added output of UnityNote, FineTune, Gain, SampleStartOffset an
    - added command line switch -v to show gigdump's revision and the used
      libgig version

  * src/gigextract.cpp:
    - support for compressed mono samples and compressed 24 bit samples
    - added command line switch -v to show gigextract's revision and the
      used libgig version

Version 1.0.0 (26 Nov 2004)

  * packaging changes:
    - renamed 'libgig.pc.in' -> 'gig.pc.in' and renamed pkg-config lib name
      'libgig' -> 'gig' as it's common practice to omit the 'lib' prefix
    - fixed man pages automake install rule (which didn't work on Mandrake,
      SuSE and Fedora)
    - fixed generation of Doxygen API documentation (now also included in
      RPM and Debian packages)

  * src/gig.cpp, src/gig.h:
    - fixed / improved accuracy of all three velocity to volume
      transformation functions a.k.a. 'nonlinear','linear','special'
      (patch by Andreas Persson)
    - denormals are filtered from the velocity to volume tables
    - bugfix for dimension region switching (wrong handling of the release
      trigger dimension, no bit range check for dimensions of split type
    - fixed panorama value in DimensionRegion (invalid conversion from
      signed 7 bit to signed 8 bit)
    - added class attribute 'Layers' to class 'gig::Region'
    - symbol prototyping of gig::Region (fixes build failure with qsampler)

  * src/gigextract.cpp:
    - added support for libsndfile (if libaudiofile and libsndfile are
      available then libsndfile is preferred)

  * src/gigdump.cpp:
    - added printout for dimension informations (amount, type, bits, zones)
    - added printout for velocity response curve parameters
    - added printout for crossfade definitions
    - added printout for panorama value for each DimensionRegion
    - replaced printout of DLS Region layer by printout of amount of
      Gigasampler layers

Version 0.7.1 (2 Jul 2004)

  * packaging changes:
    - added libgig.spec and libgig.pc package configurations for generating
      Redhat packages
    - header files included on installation.
    - autotools-generated files removed from CVS repository.
    - added support for generating Debian packages
    - version of shared library can be set in configure.in

Version 0.7.0 (3 May 2004)

  * general changes:
    - various big endian specific corrections
      (successfully tested now on PPC)
    - minor adjustments to avoid compile errors on some systems
      (using now pow() instead of powl() and --pedantic g++ compiler switch)
    - libtoolized the library
    - added man pages for the command line tools
      (gigextract, gigdump, dlsdump, rifftree)

  * src/gig.cpp, src/gig.h:
    - fixed bug in decompression algorithm which caused it not to detect
      the end of a stream
    - added method GetVelocityAttenuation() to class 'DimensionRegion' which
      takes the MIDI key velocity value as an argument and returns the
      appropriate volume factor (0.0 ... 1.0) for the sample to be played
      back, the velocity curve transformation functions used for this are
      only an approximation so far
    - fixed class attributes 'Sample::LoopStart', 'Sample::LoopEnd' and
      'Sample::LoopSize' which reflected wrong values
    - class attributes 'Sample::LoopStart' and 'Sample::LoopEnd' are now
      measured in sample points instead of byte offset
    - renamed misleading attribute name 'Sample::MIDIPitchFraction' to
    - added class attribute 'Sample::LoopSize'
    - added method GetInstrument(uint index) to class 'File'
    - added ReadAndLoop() method to class 'Sample' which is an extension to
      the normal Read() method to honor the sample's looping information
      while streaming from disk
    - changed interface for 'attenuation_ctrl_t', 'eg1_ctrl_t' and
      'eg2_ctrl_t': replaced this huge enumeration by a structure which
      reflects the MIDI controller number in case of an ordinary control
      change controller (this saves a huge switch-case block in the
      application of the library user)
    - renamed following attributes in class 'DimensionRegion':
      'AttenuationContol' -> 'AttenuationController',
      'InvertAttenuationControl' -> 'InvertAttenuationController',
      'AttenuationControlTreshold' -> 'AttenuationControllerThreshold'
    - minor fix in API documentation for method GetVelocityAttenuation() in
      class 'DimensionRegion'

  * src/RIFF.cpp, src/RIFF.h:
    - added additional API documentation
    - minor fix in Chunk::Read() method (only a minor efficiency issue)

  * src/gigdump.cpp:
    - added printout of samples' looping informations

Version 0.6.0 (3 Nov 2003)

  * initial release