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Version 3.3.0 (30 Jul 2009)

  Partial support for MIDI rules, the rest are just bug fixes.

Version 3.2.1 (5 Dec 2007)

  Just some minor performance optimizations.

Version 3.2.0 (14 Oct 2007)

  This release once again comes with a huge bunch of fixes regarding
  Gigasampler write support. Instrument files created from scratch with
  libgig can finally be loaded into the Gigasampler application as well.

  libgig's home has moved! From now on you can find it on:
  Please update your links and bookmarks!

Version 3.1.1 (24 Mar 2007)

  This is a bugfix release, fixing one important bug regarding gig v3
  support (custom split points) and a lot of bugs regarding .gig write
  support. And this is the first official release for the Windows platform.

Version 3.1.0 (24 Nov 2006)

  libgig's home has moved (slightly) from
  http://stud.fh-heilbronn.de/~cschoene/projects/libgig/ to
  http://stud.hs-heilbronn.de/~cschoene/projects/libgig/, please update your
  links and bookmarks! This is due to the recent renaming of the University
  of Heilbronn, which kindly hosts this and other projects.

Version 3.0.0 (28 Apr 2006)

  This is the first release which allows to create new and modify existing
  .gig files. Beside that it also includes another bunch of bug fixes and
  Gigasampler v3 support improvements.