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NEWS - list of user-visible changes between releases of LibGII

New in 0.5: 1999-04-01;
* Portability fixes for non-Linux platforms.
* Lots of bugfixes.
* Documentaion updates.
* Optimized the event handling.
* Option values in ggParseOption() are allowed to be quoted (with ") and have
  escapes (using \) (but no special escapes like \n yet).
* New API functions giiEventSelect()
* giiGetSelectFdset() removed
* Much more consisten keyboard handling between Linux-console and X.
* Added support for dead keys, CapsLock, NumLock and keyboard LEDs.
* Hack to tell left/right shift and control from eachother.
* Unified filter/input handling, now filters are much nicer.
* Support for querying device info without  using events.

* input-linux-kbd
  - Make sure keys does not get stuck when the VT is switched away.
  - Fixed shift-state bug.
* input-linux-mouse
  - Improved autodetection of mousetype.
* input-xwin/input-x
  - Fixed missing key-release bug.
* input-x
  - Fixed to work with WMs that use interactive placement of windows.
* input-file
  - New inputlib which will read events from a file saved by filter-save.
    Can be used to replay demos of LibGGI applications.
* filter-mouse
  - Support for mouse acceleration.