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NEWS - list of user-visible changes between releases of LibGII

New in 0.9.0: 2004-11-30:
- Documentation updates
- KII target improvements
    - minor fixes to button and symbol handling
    - handle labels correctly now
    - merge improvements from the FreeBSD ports tree
- works on Windows using MinGW w/o requiring special Makefiles.
- task scheduler as an abstraction for platform independent threads.
- DirectX target improvements
    - Tries to use the actual keyboard layout, and only fall back
      to the hardcoded defines when that does not work.
    - Makes shift and caps lock bring you capital letters.
    - Dead keys support (GIIK_VOID in sym, synthetic press/release
      events if non-matching key is hit after the dead key).
    - Renamed Caps, Num and Scroll to CapsLock, NumLock etc.
    - Mouse wheel support.
    - Support for up to 8 mouse buttons (2 previously).
    - Support for emPtrRelative.
    - Preliminary support for emPtrRelative.
    - Fixed a bug so that a lot of surplus emPtrAbsolute events are
    - Support for various game controllers.
    - The mouse and the keyboard are separated into two devices.
    - Emulates key repeat messages.

New in 0.8.7: 2004-11-30:
* hotfix: input-linux-evdev: fix compiling error where KEY_103RD is not defined (SuSE 9.1)
* minor buildsystem update
* use more length bounded string operations

New in 0.8.6: 2004-09-14:
* ggGetUserDir(3): Eliminate race condition
* ggGetUserDir(3): Fix memory leak on Darwin when $HOME is not set
* Bugfix: ensure aligned memory access in event handling. Fixes crash on NetBSD/sparc64
* giiSplitInputs(3): make it work - finds the actual input
* config file parsing fixes

New in 0.8.5: 2004-05-29:
* add hotfix to make libgii compile for linux users,
  who uses kernel 2.6 headers to compile their userland. Fixes Debian bug #224802
* libtool update. Fixes Debian bug #208288.
* add 'See Also' section to libgii(7) manpage and lots of other documentation updates
* build system updates
* linux_kbd fix: read unicode symbols correctly. Patch from Aurelien Reynaud.
* focus pulling fix in xwin/x: Key focus should
  no longer get lost, when the mouse is NOT over the window.
  Note, input-x need to know some little more information from libggi's
  display-X. So don't forget to update libggi's display-X as well,
  otherwise you may experience everything from strange input behaviour to crashes.

New in 0.8.4: 2003-12-21:
* gcc 3.3 warning fix (warnings caused by <ggi/gg.h>:194 fixed)
* hotfixes for libgii 0.8.3
* fixed memory leak on unloading modules under Darwin

New in 0.8.3: 2003-03-19;
* The two hotfixes for libgii 0.8.2
* manpage fixes
* several minor fixes

New in 0.8.2: 2002-12-26;
* Misc bugfixes (see ChangeLog).
* Huge Documentation update.
* Threadsafety fixes
* LibGG: New supported platform: Darwin
* Major build system update
  - autoconf 2.5x works now
  - build fixes for many platforms
* input-kii
  - new input target. Works for many KGI users, but
    still not for everyone.
  - still very experimental, thus disabled by default
* input-x/input-xwin
  - handle GraphicExpose events
* input-ipaq
  - new touchscreen input for Compaq iPaq from Tobias
* input-zaurus
  - new touchscreen input for Sharp Zaurus from Tobias

New in 0.8.1: 2001-08-26;
* Nothing much in the code except the usual minor fixes.
* The build process is improved.

New in 0.8: 2001-07-10;
* Misc bugfixes (see ChangeLog).
* Huge Documentation update.
* New API: giiSplitInputs()
* input-linux-evdev
  - Bugfixes from Stephan
* input-directx
  - Update
* input-vgl
  - small build fix for FreeBSD

New in 0.7: 2000-12-18;
* Portability fixes for non-Linux platforms.
* Preliminary Win32 support.
* All headers should be C++ compatible now.
* Misc bugfixes (see ChangeLog).
* Documentation updates.
* New LibGG functions ggCurTime() and ggConfigExpandAlias().
* LibGG now uses it's own mutexes when compiled with gcc - no more
  pthreads and dynamic linker bugs.
* Support compiler type checking on gii_input_t.

* input-linux-evdev
  - New target to support the new evdev input API present in Linux 2.4 and
    2.2.18. Should handle mice, joysticks and keyboards.
* input-linux-mouse
  - Improved autodetection of mousetype.
* input-mouse
  - 3 button support for MS protocol.
  - 4 button support for IMPS/2 protocol.
* input-x/input-xwin
  - Prevent events from lagging in the socket queue in apps that don't call
    XFLush/XSync frequently.
* input-vgl
  - New inputlib for FreeBSD's VGL library.
* input-directx
  - New inputlib for DirectInput on Win32.
* filter-keytrans
  - Added new filter to arbitrarily remap key events.

New in 0.6: 1999-05-17;
* Portability fixes for non-Linux platforms.
* Misc bugfixes (see ChangeLog).
* Minor documentation updates.
* New API function giiQueryDeviceInfoByNumber().
* New GII_EV_TARGET_QUEUE value for "target" in giiSendEvent().
* Thread fixes for event queues - now it's possible to have one thread
  block with giiEventPoll/Read, feed events with giiSendEvent() from another
  thread, and have the first thread unblock.
* Fixes and improvements for the cleanup stuff in LibGG.

* input-linux-kbd
  - Fixed to compile on pre 2.2 kernels.
  - Pressing dead key+space now works properly.
  - Better handling of Backspace/Delete.
  - PrintScreen now works.
  - If Win* keys are not mapped to anything by the kernel we map them to
    Left/Right Meta and GIIK_Menu respectively.

New in 0.5: 1999-04-01;
* Portability fixes for non-Linux platforms.
* Lots of bugfixes.
* Documentation updates.
* Optimized the event handling.
* Option values in ggParseOption() are allowed to be quoted (with ") and have
  escapes (using \) (but no special escapes like \n yet).
* New API functions giiEventSelect()
* giiGetSelectFdset() removed
* Much more consisten keyboard handling between Linux-console and X.
* Added support for dead keys, CapsLock, NumLock and keyboard LEDs.
* Hack to tell left/right shift and control from eachother.
* Unified filter/input handling, now filters are much nicer.
* Support for querying device info without  using events.

* input-linux-kbd
  - Make sure keys does not get stuck when the VT is switched away.
  - Fixed shift-state bug.
* input-linux-mouse
  - Improved autodetection of mousetype.
* input-xwin/input-x
  - Fixed missing key-release bug.
* input-x
  - Fixed to work with WMs that use interactive placement of windows.
* input-file
  - New inputlib which will read events from a file saved by filter-save.
    Can be used to replay demos of LibGGI applications.
* filter-mouse
  - Support for mouse acceleration.