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2005-09-22 19:20  cegger

* configure.in: welcome to 0.9.2

2005-09-22 16:41  cegger

* compile, config.guess, config.sub, depcomp, install-sh, missing,
  mkinstalldirs: sync with HEAD

2005-08-02 17:55  cegger

* input/directx/di.c: pull up revisions 1.9 - 1.10 (requested by

  DirectInputCreateEx is actually part of DirectX 8, so do not use
  it. Fall back to generic method with CLSID_DirectInput

2005-04-15 05:30  cegger

* ChangeLog: generate ChangeLog

2005-04-14 20:57  cegger

* configure.in: bump version to 0.9.1 - welcome to libgii 0.9.1

2005-04-14 19:30  cegger

* doc/man/: Makefile.am, input-x.7, input-xwin.7, libgii.7:
  generate input-x(7) and input-xwin(7) manpages

2005-04-14 19:26  cegger

* doc/libgii-libraries.txt: pull up revisions 1.11 - 1.12
  (requested by cegger):

  add input-x(7) and input-xwin(7) manpages

2005-04-14 19:15  cegger

* input/xwin/man.txt: pull up revisions 0 - 1.1 (requested by

  add input-x(7) and input-xwin(7) manpages

2005-04-14 19:14  cegger

* input/x/man.txt: pull up revisions 0 - 1.4 (requested by cegger):

  add input-x(7) and input-xwin(7) manpages

2005-04-14 00:16  cegger

* doc/man/input-x.7: regen.

2005-04-14 00:15  cegger

* input/x/man.txt: refer to the XSetInputFocus manpage for an
  explanation for the keyboard focus. (Requested by Neil Pilgrim)

2005-04-13 20:05  cegger

* input/x/input.c: pull up revisions 1.21 - 1.22 (requested by

  keyfocus is intended to be enabled by default. So disable the
  -nokeyfocus again - Fixes bug introduced in rev. 1.16

2005-04-11 18:55  cegger

* input/x/man.txt: make the title more descriptive (suggestion from

2005-04-11 18:48  cegger

* doc/man/: Makefile.am, filter-key.7, filter-mouse.7,
  filter-save.7, filter-tcp.7, ggAddTask.3, ggCurTime.3,
  ggGetSwarType.3, ggInit.3, ggLockCreate.3, ggRegisterCleanup.3,
  ggstrlcpy.3, giiEventPoll.3, giiEventSend.3, giiInit.3,
  giiMTInit.3, giiOpen.3, giiPanic.3, giiQueryDeviceInfo.3,
  giiQueryValInfo.3, giiSetEventMask.3, gii_cmd_event.3,
  gii_cmddata_getdevinfo.3, gii_cmddata_getvalinfo.3, gii_event.3,
  gii_expose_event.3, gii_key_event.3, gii_pbutton_event.3,
  gii_pmove_event.3, gii_val_event.3, input-directx.7,
  input-file.7, input-linux-kbd.7, input-linux-mouse.7,
  input-mouse.7, input-tcp.7, libgg.7, libgii.7, xsendbut.1: regen.

2005-04-11 18:32  cegger

* doc/man/: input-x.7, input-xwin.7: regenerate

2005-04-11 08:53  cegger

* input/x/man.txt: Improve grammar as suggested by Peter Ekberg

2005-04-10 18:11  cegger

* doc/man/: input-x.7, input-xwin.7: generate input-x(7) and
  input-xwin(7) manpages

2005-04-10 18:10  cegger

* input/: x/man.txt, xwin/man.txt: add input-x(7) and input-xwin(7)

2005-04-08 21:54  cegger

* m4/mutexes.m4: pull up revisions 1.11 - 1.13 (requested by

  make configure fail when passing an unsupported mutex type to

2005-04-07 20:56  cegger

* compile, config.guess, config.sub, depcomp, install-sh, missing,
  mkinstalldirs: update to versions shipped with automake 1.9.5

2005-03-17 22:29  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/gii.h: pull up revisions 1.12 - 1.13
  (requested by pekberg):

  _giiSafeAdd is exported, and should therefore be marked as an API

2005-03-17 21:51  cegger

* m4/checktypes.m4: ooops, revert additional check for __int64

2005-03-17 21:50  cegger

* m4/checktypes.m4: pull up revisions 1.7 - 1.8 (requested by

  Fix case bug in long long test

2005-03-17 21:35  cegger

* gg/cpuid.c: pull up revisions 1.13 - 1.14 (requested by pekberg):

  Kill spurious semicolon

2005-03-16 19:52  cegger

* input/xwin/input.c: pull up revisions 1.18 - 1.19 (requested by

  The lock happens conditionally, so do the same with unlock. Patch
  from SF #1164406

2005-02-18 23:30  cegger

* configure.in: pull up revisions 1.154 - 1.155 (requested by

  typo fix: check against , not . Now it is possible to disable
  input-stdin via configure --disable-stdin

2005-02-09 19:50  cegger

* gg/ptlock.c: pull up revisions 1.6 - 1.7 (requested by cegger):

  POSIX is unclear about passing NULL to pthread_setcanceltype(),
  but it definitely causes a crash on GNU Hurd. So we pass a dummy
  variable instead.  Bug found and fix approved by Olaf Buddenhagen

2005-01-08 00:10  cegger

* m4/swar.m4: pull up revisions 1.8 - 1.9 (requested by cegger):

  fix printf() format string: %%llx -> %llx

2004-12-27 22:50  cegger

* include/ggi/keyboard.h: pull up revisions 1.3 - 1.4 (requested by

  GIIUC_Delete's value actually is 0x7f. 0x1b is the value of

2004-12-27 21:52  cegger

* include/ggi/keyboard.h: pull up revisions 1.2 - 1.3 (requested by

  GIIK_Enter and GIIK_Delete are equal to GIIUC_Return and
  GIIUC_Delete, but they get #defined far below from there. Thus
  use the hardcoded ASCII values.

2004-12-22 16:16  cegger

* gg/ptsched.c: pull up revisions 1.6 - 1.7 (requested by cegger):

  use a proper if-else code than goto (hi skids\!). Fixes compiler
  error with gcc 3.4. Patch from Tobias Hunger.

2004-12-22 16:14  cegger

* input/linux_kbd/linkey.h: pull up revisions 1.2 - 1.3 (requested
  by cegger):

  re-order header inclusion. include <linux/keyboard.h> _after_ the
  gii headers. Fixes type re-definition warnings on Gentoo. Patch
  from Tobias Hunger.

2004-12-07 19:42  cegger

* doc/README.directx: pull up revisions 1.11 - 1.12 (requested by

  Building fails in dirs with spaces on (at least) MinGW and

2004-11-30 20:50  cegger

* ChangeLog: update ChangeLog for libgii 0.9.0

2004-11-30 20:47  cegger

* NEWS: add release notes for libgii 0.9.0

2004-11-30 20:43  cegger

* NEWS: merge revisions - from stable branch_0_8:

  add NEWS for libgii 0.8.7

2004-11-28 21:10  cegger

* doc/man/: ggAddTask.3, ggCurTime.3, ggGetSwarType.3,
  ggGetUserDir.3, ggInit.3, ggLoadModule.3, ggLockCreate.3,
  ggRegisterCleanup.3, ggstrlcpy.3: regen. for pulling up revisions
  1.33 - 1.34 of doc/libgg-functions.txt

2004-11-28 21:08  cegger

* doc/libgg-functions.txt: pull up revisions 1.33 - 1.34 (requested
  by cegger):

  ReST fixes from neiljp

2004-11-22 11:49  cegger

* doc/man/Makefile.am: regen.

2004-11-18 10:58  cegger

* doc/man/giiOpen.3: regen. for pulling up revisions 1.9 - 1.10 of

2004-11-18 10:56  cegger

* doc/libgii-functions.txt: pull up revisions 1.9 - 1.10 (requested
  by cegger):

  - Correct declaration of giiClose(3): It returns int - fix typo
  in return value section of giiClose(3): s/giiJoin/giiJoinInputs/

2004-11-18 08:42  cegger

* doc/man/: giiEventPoll.3, giiEventSend.3, giiInit.3, giiMTInit.3,
  giiOpen.3, giiPanic.3, giiQueryDeviceInfo.3, giiQueryValInfo.3,
  giiSetEventMask.3: regen. for pulling up revisions 1.8 - 1.9 of

2004-11-18 08:40  cegger

* doc/libgii-functions.txt: pull up revisions 1.8 - 1.9 (requested
  by cegger):

  From Neil Pilgrim: - remove backtick at the start of giiPanic(3)
  declaration - remove confusing / bad formated '==0' - fix strange
  2/3 indentation in numerical list in giiEventSend

2004-11-17 20:59  cegger

* doc/man/ggAddTask.3: regen. for pulling up revisions 1.32 - 1.33
  of libgg-functions.txt

2004-11-17 20:57  cegger

* doc/libgg-functions.txt: pull up revisions 1.32 - 1.33 (requested
  by cegger):

  ggAddTask(3): The int return type on the callback hook is only
  for possible future expansion. For now callbacks should return 0.

2004-11-17 18:46  cegger

* doc/man/ggAddTask.3: regen. for pulling up revisions 1.31 - 1.32
  of doc/libgg-functions.txt

2004-11-17 18:45  cegger

* doc/libgg-functions.txt: pull up revisions 1.31 - 1.32 (requested
  by cegger):

  typo fix: s/nticks/ncalls/

2004-11-17 18:28  cegger

* doc/man/ggAddTask.3: regen. for pulling up revisions 1.30 - 1.31
  of doc/libgg-functions.txt

2004-11-17 18:27  cegger

* doc/libgg-functions.txt: pull up revisions 1.30 - 1.31 (requested
  by cegger):

  format fix

2004-11-17 18:08  cegger

  Makefile.am, ggAddTask.3: regen. for pulling up revisions 1.29 -
  1.30 of doc/libgg-functions.txt

2004-11-17 18:07  cegger

* doc/libgg-functions.txt: pull up revisions 1.29 - 1.30 (requested
  by cegger):


2004-11-17 18:03  cegger


2004-11-17 07:53  cegger

* doc/man/: ggAddTask.3, ggCurTime.3, ggGetSwarType.3,
  ggGetUserDir.3, ggInit.3, ggLoadModule.3, ggLockCreate.3,
  ggRegisterCleanup.3, ggstrlcpy.3: regen. for pulling up revisions
  1.28 - 1.29 of doc/libgg-functions.txt

2004-11-17 07:52  cegger

* doc/libgg-functions.txt: pull up revisions 1.28 - 1.29 (requested
  by cegger):

  add references, format functions and variables

2004-11-17 00:16  cegger

* doc/man/: gg-error.3, gg-types.3: regen. for pulling up revisions
  1.7 - 1.8 of doc/libgg-types.txt

2004-11-17 00:14  cegger

* doc/libgg-types.txt: pull up revisions 1.7 - 1.8 (requested by

  - typo: erros -> errors - s/nonnegativ/positive/ , idea from Neil

2004-11-15 20:04  cegger

* doc/man/: ggAddTask.3, ggCurTime.3, ggGetSwarType.3,
  ggGetUserDir.3, ggInit.3, ggLoadModule.3, ggLockCreate.3,
  ggRegisterCleanup.3, ggstrlcpy.3, giiEventPoll.3, giiEventSend.3,
  giiInit.3, giiMTInit.3, giiOpen.3, giiPanic.3,
  giiQueryDeviceInfo.3, giiQueryValInfo.3, giiSetEventMask.3:
  regen. for pulling up revisions 1.27 - 1.28 of
  doc/libgg-functions.txt and revisions 1.7 - 1.8 of

2004-11-15 20:00  cegger

* doc/libgii-functions.txt: pull up revisions 1.7 - 1.8 (requested
  by cegger):

  reference to gii-error(3) when talking about error code

2004-11-15 19:58  cegger

* doc/libgg-functions.txt: pull up revisions 1.27 - 1.28 (requested
  by cegger):

  reference to gg-error(3) when talking about error code

2004-11-15 17:06  cegger

* doc/man/: Makefile.am, gg-error.3, gg-errors.3, gg-types.3,
  ggi-error.3, ggi-errors.3, gii-error.3, gii-errors.3: regen. for
  pulling up revision 1.6 - 1.7 of doc/libgg-types.txt

2004-11-15 17:03  cegger

* doc/libgg-types.txt: pull up revisions 1.6 - 1.7 (requested by

  rename gg-errors(3) to singular: gg-error.  Document the reserved
  range from -1 to -19

2004-11-15 15:48  cegger

* doc/man/: gg-error.3, ggi-error.3, gii-error.3: regen.

2004-11-15 11:15  cegger

* input/linux_joy/input.c: pull up revisions 1.16 - 1.17 (requested
  by cegger):

  fix typo: s/GGI_EVUNKNOWN/GGI_EEVUNKNOWN/ - found by Vincent Cruz

2004-11-14 21:59  cegger

* gg/sigsched.c: pull up revisions 1.8 - 1.9 (requested by cegger):

  use snprintf(3) if available

2004-11-14 21:58  cegger

* input/linux_joy/input.c: pull up revisions 1.15 - 1.16 (requested
  by cegger):

  use snprintf(3) if available

2004-11-14 21:58  cegger

* gii/init.c: pull up revisions 1.10 - 1.11 (requested by cegger):

  use snprintf(3) if available

2004-11-14 13:10  cegger

* input/: ipaq_touchscreen/input.c, tcp/libtcp.c: pull up revisions
  1.9 - 1.10 (requested by cegger):

  use proper defines for return values where applicable

2004-11-14 13:10  cegger

* input/pcjoy/input.c: pull up revisions 1.8 - 1.9 (requested by

  use proper defines for return values where applicable

2004-11-14 13:09  cegger

* gg/sigsched.c: pull up revisions 1.7 - 1.8 (requested by cegger):

  use proper defines for return values where applicable

2004-11-14 13:09  cegger

* demos/mhub.c, input/touchscreen/common.c: pull up revisions 1.5 -
  1.6 (requested by cegger):

  use proper defines for return values where applicable

2004-11-14 13:08  cegger

* gii/gii.c: pull up revisions 1.32 - 1.33 (requested by cegger):

  use proper defines for return values where applicable

2004-11-14 13:08  cegger

* input/x/input.c: pull up revisions 1.19 - 1.20 (requested by

  use proper defines for return values where applicable

2004-11-14 13:08  cegger

* input/directx/input.c: pull up revisions 1.17 - 1.18 (requested
  by cegger):

  use proper defines for return values where applicable

2004-11-14 13:07  cegger

* filter/mouse/filter.c, input/kii/kii.c, input/linux_joy/input.c:
  pull up revisions 1.14 - 1.15 (requested by cegger):

  use proper defines for return values where applicable

2004-11-14 13:07  cegger

* input/: linux_mouse/input.c, spaceorb/input.c, stdin/input.c:
  pull up revisions 1.12 - 1.13 (requested by cegger):

  use proper defines for return values where applicable

2004-11-14 13:06  cegger

* input/fdselect/input.c: pull up revisions 1.10 - 1.11 (requested
  by cegger):

  use proper defines for return values where applicable

2004-11-14 12:59  cegger

* doc/man/: gg-errors.3, gg-types.3: regen. for pulling up
  revisions 1.5 - 1.6 of doc/libgg-types.txt

2004-11-14 12:56  cegger

* doc/libgg-types.txt: pull up revisions 1.5 - 1.6 (requested by

  document better what GGI_ENOSPACE and GGI_EEVUNKNOWN are for

2004-11-14 12:56  cegger

* include/ggi/errors.h: pull up revisions 1.3 - 1.4 (requested by

  document better what GGI_ENOSPACE and GGI_EEVUNKNOWN are for

2004-11-13 17:31  cegger

* doc/man/: gg-errors.3, gg-types.3, ggi-errors.3, gii-errors.3:
  regen. for pulling up revisions 1.2 - 1.3 of doc/libgg-types.txt

2004-11-13 17:30  cegger

* doc/man/Makefile.am: regen.

2004-11-13 17:20  cegger

* doc/libgg-types.txt: pull up revisions 1.2 - 1.3 (requested by

  new gg-errors(3) manpage which documents the GGI_* error codes

2004-11-13 16:31  cegger

* doc/man/: gg-errors.3, ggi-errors.3, gii-errors.3: regen.

2004-11-12 19:14  cegger

* configure.in: pull up revisions 1.137 - 1.138 (requested by

  Disable input-mouse and input-stdin when a select(2) which does
  not support selecting on a non-network fd is used.

2004-11-11 19:07  cegger

* gg/plat.h: pull up revisions 1.28 - 1.29 (requested by cegger):

  recognize HP-UX and DragonFly. Thanks to Neil Pilgrim and Patrick

2004-11-10 21:36  cegger

* filter/keytrans/filter.c: pull up revisions 1.10 - 1.11
  (requested by cegger):

  fix warning: 'int format, uint32 arg'

2004-11-04 12:58  cegger

* doc/man/: Makefile.am, filter-key.7, filter-mouse.7,
  filter-save.7, filter-tcp.7, gg-types.3, ggAddTask.3,
  ggCurTime.3, ggGetSwarType.3, ggInit.3, ggLoadModule.3,
  ggLockCreate.3, ggRegisterCleanup.3, ggstrlcpy.3, giiEventPoll.3,
  giiEventSend.3, giiInit.3, giiMTInit.3, giiOpen.3, giiPanic.3,
  giiQueryDeviceInfo.3, giiQueryValInfo.3, giiSetEventMask.3,
  gii_cmd_event.3, gii_cmddata_getdevinfo.3,
  gii_cmddata_getvalinfo.3, gii_event.3, gii_expose_event.3,
  gii_key_event.3, gii_pbutton_event.3, gii_pmove_event.3,
  gii_val_event.3, input-directx.7, input-file.7,
  input-linux-evdev.7, input-linux-kbd.7, input-linux-mouse.7,
  input-lk201.7, input-mouse.7, input-tcp.7, libgg.7, libgii.7,
  mhub.1, xsendbut.1: regenerate manpages

2004-11-04 11:50  cegger

* install-sh: pull up revisions 1.11 - 1.12 (requested by cegger):

  sync with tools/buildframework: update to versions shipped with
  automake 1.9.3

2004-11-04 11:47  cegger

* config.guess: pull up revisions 1.19 - 1.20 (requested by

  sync with tools/buildframework: update to versions shipped with
  automake 1.9.3

2004-11-04 11:45  cegger

* compile: pull up revisions 1.2 - 1.3 (requested by cegger):

  sync with tools/buildframework: update to versions shipped with
  automake 1.9.3

2004-11-02 17:11  cegger

* doc/man/input-directx.7: regenerate for pulling up revisions 1.6
  - 1.7 of input/directx/man.txt

2004-11-02 16:58  cegger

* input/directx/dinput.h.patch: remove file (requested by Peter

  Remove patch for MS DirectX SDK. Users are now directed at better

2004-11-02 16:56  cegger

* input/directx/man.txt: pull up revisions 1.6 - 1.7 (requested by
  Peter Ekberg):

  Remove patch for MS DirectX SDK. Users are now directed at better

2004-11-02 16:53  cegger

* input/directx/Makefile.am: pull up revisions 1.4 - 1.5 (requested
  by Peter Ekberg):

  Remove patch for MS DirectX SDK. Users are now directed at better

2004-11-02 16:50  cegger

* doc/README.directx: pull up revisions 1.10 - 1.11 (requested by
  Peter Ekberg):

  Point users to new DirectX headers package located at:
  http://www.lysator.liu.se/~peda/directx-headers/ instead of the
  old method of downloading and patching the 200+MB SDK from MS

2004-10-29 19:51  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4: apply fix requested by Peter Ekberg:

  Strip the import lib and not the dll.  'make install-strip' now
  works on cygwin and mingw

2004-10-29 18:45  cegger

* m4/Makefile.am: pullup revisions 1.6 - 1.7 (requested by Peter

  add mutexes.m4 to distribution. Spotted by Peter Ekberg

2004-10-27 12:19  cegger

* doc/man/libgii.7: regen. for pullup request 1.8 - 1.10

2004-10-27 12:16  cegger

* doc/libgii-libraries.txt: pull up revisions 1.8 - 1.10 (requested
  by Peter Ekberg):

  Don't allow overiding the compiled in path on Cygwin.  Mention
  GGI_CONFDIR in man-page.

2004-10-27 12:06  cegger

* gii/init.c: pull up revisions 1.8 - 1.9 (requested by Peter

  Don't allow overiding the compiled in path on Cygwin.  Mention
  GGI_CONFDIR in man-page.

2004-10-24 12:02  cegger

* configure.in: pullup revisions 1.112 - 1.113:

  we don't need asm/io.h. sys/io.h is good enough for input-pcjoy.
  Fixes configure warning on Linux 2.2.20/alpha. Issue detected
  with autobuilder

2004-10-20 23:21  cegger

* gg/plat.h: pull up revisions 1.27 - 1.28:

  Recognize IRIX 6.5 as System V Release 4

2004-10-18 15:15  cegger

* include/ggi/gg.h: pull up revisions 1.14 - 1.15:

  Add convinience macros for converting usecs to/from ticks.

2004-10-18 14:02  cegger

* TODO: remove TODO file from -stable

2004-10-18 12:14  cegger

* configure.in, input/Makefile.am: remove incomplete / unusable
  input-cocoa  - it remains in -current, though

2004-10-18 12:09  cegger

* doc/man/: Makefile.am, filter-key.7, filter-mouse.7,
  filter-save.7, filter-tcp.7, gg-types.3, ggAddTask.3,
  ggCurTime.3, ggGetSwarType.3, ggGetUserDir.3, ggInit.3,
  ggLoadModule.3, ggLockCreate.3, ggParseOptions.3,
  ggRegisterCleanup.3, ggSystemOptions.3, ggstrlcpy.3,
  giiEventPoll.3, giiEventSend.3, giiInit.3, giiMTInit.3,
  giiOpen.3, giiPanic.3, giiQueryDeviceInfo.3, giiQueryValInfo.3,
  giiSetEventMask.3, gii_cmd_event.3, gii_cmddata_getdevinfo.3,
  gii_cmddata_getvalinfo.3, gii_event.3, gii_expose_event.3,
  gii_key_event.3, gii_pbutton_event.3, gii_pmove_event.3,
  gii_val_event.3, input-directx.7, input-file.7,
  input-linux-evdev.7, input-linux-kbd.7, input-linux-mouse.7,
  input-lk201.7, input-mouse.7, input-tcp.7, libgg.7, libgii.7,
  mhub.1, xsendbut.1: regenerate for libgii 0.9.x

2004-10-18 12:03  cegger

* doc/libgg-functions.txt: remove documentation for non-existing
  ggParseOpts() and ggSystemOpts()

2004-10-18 11:53  cegger

* configure.in: welcome to version 0.9.0

2004-10-17 14:17  cegger

* gii/gii.c: revert revision 1.28. When splitting off any other
  (non-first) input, we need a full new set, not a full new queue

2004-10-17 12:25  cegger

* gii/gii.c: fix another leak in giiSplitInputs - the same bug as
  fixed in rev 1.28

2004-10-17 11:15  aldot

* gii/gii.c: fix leak of inputchain_cache in giiSplitInputs.

  Proposed fix, please review: When splitting off the first input,
  only allocate a new cache when we had no cache left. If a cache
  would be allocated unconditionally, one instance if
  gii_inputchain_cache is lost.

2004-10-17 09:44  cegger

* doc/man/ggGetSwarType.3: regen.

2004-10-17 09:38  cegger

* include/ggi/gg.h: add GG_SWAR_SSE3 to match documentation

2004-10-17 02:04  aldot

* gg/init.c: typos, whitespace cleanup.

2004-10-17 01:37  aldot

* doc/libgg-functions.txt: typos

2004-10-16 22:54  cegger

* doc/man/ggParseOptions.3: regen.

2004-10-16 22:31  soyt

* doc/libgg-functions.txt: ReST fixes

2004-10-16 21:33  cegger

* doc/man/giiOpen.3: regen.

2004-10-16 21:31  cegger

* doc/libgii-functions.txt: fix cut/copy/paste error:  gii_input_t
  can only be used through GII functions, not GGI ones.

2004-10-14 20:46  cegger

* demos/Makefile.am: add mhub.txt and xsendbut.txt to distribution

2004-10-14 20:27  cegger

* doc/man/mhub.1: regenerated

2004-10-14 20:21  cegger

* doc/man/: Makefile.am, xsendbut.1: generate xsendbut(1) manual

2004-10-14 20:20  cegger

* doc/libgii-libraries.txt: add xsendbut(1) manual

2004-10-14 20:20  cegger

* demos/xsendbut.txt: add xsendbut(1) manual in docutil format. The
  content has been taken from the xsendbut(1) manual provided by
  the Debian package in the groff format.

2004-10-14 20:08  cegger

* doc/man/: Makefile.am, mhub.1: generate mhub(1) manual

2004-10-14 20:08  cegger

* doc/libgii-libraries.txt: add mhub(1) manual

2004-10-14 20:07  cegger

* demos/: Makefile.am, mhub.txt: convert mhub(1) manual in the
  docutil format

2004-10-14 17:07  cegger

* doc/man/: gii_key_event.3, input-directx.7: regen.

2004-10-14 17:04  cegger

* doc/: libgii-functions.txt, libgg-functions.txt: whitespace

2004-10-12 17:50  aldot

* configure.in: for non gcc(-compatible) compilers, nil

2004-10-11 20:30  cegger

* README: merge revisions - from -stable

  update description to reflect reality

2004-10-11 20:25  cegger

* NEWS: merge revisions - from stable branch_0_8:

  add release notes for 0.8.4, 0.8.5 and 0.8.6

2004-10-10 20:55  cegger

* doc/man/ggAddTask.3: regenerate for ggAddTask(3) update

2004-10-10 20:53  cegger

* doc/libgg-functions.txt: document how to put a task to sleep for
  a certain amount of time and how a task can wait for an other
  task to finish

2004-10-05 13:23  pekberg

* input/directx/man.txt: Document some previously undocumented
  features and bugs.

2004-10-05 13:20  pekberg

* doc/libgii-structures.txt: fix quoting typo

2004-10-05 12:33  pekberg

* input/directx/man.txt: Key repeat messages are indeed sent

2004-10-05 12:16  pekberg

* input/directx/: dxinput.h, input.c: Kill attempt to mimic cursor
  acceleration definied by control panel applet parameters. Not
  possible to do 100%, so don't try. It only garbles the code.

2004-10-05 08:40  pekberg

* gg/cleanup.c: The i veriable is never initialized, but still
  used. Kill i and guess what the intent was.  I'm not certain this
  is correct, but it's certainly not worse though...

2004-10-05 08:01  pekberg

* input/directx/di.c: Kill 'dereferencing type-punned pointer'

2004-10-05 07:45  pekberg

* gg/dl_win32.c: The second argument of FormatMessage is ignored if
  FORMAT_MESSAGE_FROM_SYSTEM is specified, and should _not_ be

2004-10-05 07:42  pekberg

* gg/time.c: Kill 'dereferencing type-punned pointer' warnings

2004-10-05 07:42  pekberg

* gg/misc_win32.c: Kill 'dereferencing type-punned pointer' warning

2004-10-05 07:24  pekberg

* gg/sigsched.c: Revert bad commit.

2004-10-05 07:15  pekberg

* gg/: sigsched.c, time.c: Correctly specify a 64 bit constant.
  Only include windows.h if it is needed.

2004-10-03 07:04  cegger

* doc/man/: ggAddTask.3, ggLoadModule.3: regen.

2004-10-03 07:02  cegger

* doc/libgg-functions.txt, gg/dummytask.c, gg/task.c,
  include/ggi/gg.h: change return type of ggTimeBase from int to
  uint32. int is too small to guarantee the documented range from 1
  to 1000000 on 16bit platforms - still used in embedded systems

2004-10-02 17:13  pekberg

* input/directx/input.c: Report the number of mouse buttons.

2004-10-01 12:38  pekberg

* input/directx/: dxinput.h, input.c: Match the mouse acceleration
  in win32, so that the releative directx motion matches the motion
  of the real mouse pointer.  Kill a bug when directx reported
  multiple motion events and the user had requested *both* relative
  and absolute coords.

2004-10-01 12:35  pekberg

* input/directx/di.c: Cleanup, use the correct accessor macros

2004-10-01 08:18  pekberg

* input/directx/input.c: Make absolute ptr coords the default.
  Relative coords are not quite right yet.

2004-09-30 12:54  cegger

* config.guess, config.sub, depcomp, install-sh, missing: sync with
  tools/buildframework: update to the version shipped with automake

2004-09-29 13:22  cegger

* TODO: refer to Brian's big mail as documentation for some TODO

2004-09-25 09:43  cegger

* Makefile.am: autogen.sh requires checkversion.sh. So distribute
  it, too

2004-09-24 12:51  pekberg

* doc/README.directx: update of status on the configure script

2004-09-22 21:48  nsouch

* input/kii/kii.c: Replace memcpy by GG string routine

2004-09-22 21:20  nsouch

* include/ggi/input/kii.h: Replace extern by GIIAPIFUNC

2004-09-22 21:13  nsouch

* include/ggi/input/Makefile.am: Add kii.h

2004-09-22 20:02  nsouch

* include/ggi/input/kii.h, input/kii/input.c, input/kii/kii.c: Move
  kii_context definition to include/ggi/input/kii.h

  Enable forcing the event unit " la"

2004-09-21 12:36  cegger

* m4/extrapaths.m4: sync with tools/buildframework/m4/extrapaths.m4
  rev 1.2:

  pass the extra library paths into LDFLAGS.

  How did --with-extra-libraries work before?

2004-09-18 09:41  cegger

* input/lk201/lk201.h: add missing license notice

2004-09-18 09:39  cegger

* input/kii/kii.h: add rcs identifier

2004-09-18 09:36  cegger

* gg/task.c, gg/dummytask.c, input/kii/kii.c: add missing license

2004-09-18 09:30  cegger

* demos/demo.c: add Id rcs identifier

2004-09-16 13:24  pekberg

* input/fdselect/input.c, input/file/input.c, input/inputX/input.c,
  input/ipaq_touchscreen/input.c, input/kii/input.c,
  input/linux_evdev/input.c, input/linux_joy/input.c,
  input/linux_kbd/input.c, input/linux_mouse/input.c,
  input/lk201/input.c, input/mouse/input.c, input/null/input.c,
  input/pcjoy/input.c, input/spaceorb/input.c, input/stdin/input.c,
  input/tcp/input.c, input/touchscreen/zaurus.c, input/vgl/input.c,
  input/x/input.c, input/xwin/input.c, filter/keytrans/filter.c,
  filter/mouse/filter.c, filter/save/filter.c, filter/tcp/filter.c:
  EXPORTFUNC is for the declaration, not the definition

2004-09-14 15:41  cegger

* gg/Makefile.am: bump version to reflect version info of the next
  major release

2004-09-14 09:00  cegger

* regress/testsuite.inc.c:
  sync with ggi-core/libggi/programs/regress/testsuite.inc.c rev

  - make summary more verbose (rev 1.3) - Remove annoying
  directories at the start of the regression test filename. (rev
  1.4) - Add some includes for strncmp and strchr... (rev 1.5)

2004-09-13 14:05  pekberg

* input/directx/: di.c, dxinput.h, input.c: Kill memory leak. Kill
  resource leak.

2004-09-10 18:54  cegger

* gii/init.c: swap GGI_DEBUG and GGI_DEBUGSYNC evaluation. Allows
  to mention whether we are in sync or in async debug mode.

2004-09-10 10:05  pekberg

* gg/conf.c: Don't go past string terminator in cp, when copying it
  to bp.  Don't parse after the first argument to .include

2004-09-08 14:03  cegger

* m4/libtool.m4: sync with tools/buildframework/m4/libtool.m4 rev

  Use 'gcc -shared' on both cygwin and mingw.  Optimize out dlltool
  and dllwrap.

2004-09-08 11:53  pekberg

* gg/conf.c: Make 'include' statements in config files with
  relative paths be relative to the location of the configuration
  file itself. They were relative to 'root' previously.

2004-09-04 07:47  cegger

* input/linux_evdev/input.c: disable declaration of 'absval'. Fixes
  warning about defined but not used - I do not nuke it, because it
  may be usable in the future

2004-09-04 07:39  cegger

* input/linux_joy/input.c: move up declaration of linux_joy_devinfo
  and linux_joy_valinfo. Eliminate forward declaration of
  linux_joy_devinfo. Fixes warning about redundant redeclaration in
  same scope

2004-09-03 10:06  pekberg

* doc/README.directx: Add note about annoying MSYS (non-)handling
  of stdout in its shell.

2004-09-03 07:37  pekberg

* doc/README.directx: Restructure document and fix minor glitches

2004-08-28 12:09  cegger

* configure.in: nuke -Wno-uninitialized flag. gcc handles this flag
  correctly. Users of SuSE Linux 8.2 should either upgrade their
  buggy gcc or ignore the false warnings...

2004-08-27 12:01  pekberg

* include/ggi/input/Makefile.am, include/ggi/input/directx.h,
  input/directx/di.c, input/directx/dxinput.h,
  input/directx/input.c: Emulate key repetitions in display-directx

2004-08-27 07:20  pekberg

* doc/README.directx: Add possible workaround to downloading 200MB
  Add workaround for cygwin configure script argument parsing

2004-08-24 14:44  pekberg

* doc/README.directx: Add note about cvs and text files

2004-08-18 13:01  pekberg

* doc/README.directx: Add some missing bits

2004-08-18 10:56  pekberg

* doc/README.directx: fix typo

2004-08-17 19:32  pekberg

* configure.in: Include ggi_sysconfdir for consistency

2004-08-17 18:38  cegger

* doc/Makefile.am: include README.directx when building a
  distribution via 'make distcheck'

2004-08-17 13:19  pekberg

* doc/README.directx: use a better document location

2004-08-17 09:34  pekberg

* input/directx/input.c: Remove MS from the device names, as the
  devices might not be from MS.

2004-08-17 08:44  pekberg

* doc/README.directx: Update to current situation.

2004-08-17 06:30  pekberg

* gg/conf.c: Don't treat .root paths starting with '*' as relative
  in order to support alias expansion sections.

2004-08-16 19:41  pekberg

* configure.in, libgii.conf.in, gg/conf.c, m4/Makefile.am,
  m4/rellibdir.m4: Make .root and .include paths in configuration
  files relative to the configuration file itself if the path does
  not start with '/'.  Make use of this new feature on mingw and
  specify a relative .root so that the installed libgii.conf works.
  Leave the absolute path on all other platforms.

2004-08-16 12:19  cegger

* gii/gii.c: put big warning on _giiPeekEvent() that it may return
  misaligned pointers. Suggestion from Peter Ekberg.

2004-08-16 12:13  cegger

* gii/gii.c: only memcpy() the actual used struct timeval. Patch
  from Peter Ekberg with minor modification from myself.

2004-08-16 11:56  pekberg

* input/directx/: dxinput.h, input.c: Split mouse and keyboard into
  two separate devices for input-directx.

2004-08-15 11:01  cegger

* input/xwin/input.c: use memcpy(3) to assure aligned memory
  access. Fixes crash on NetBSD/sparc64

2004-08-15 10:45  cegger

* gii/gii.c: use memcpy(3) to assure aligned memory access. Fixes
  crash on NetBSD/sparc64

2004-08-13 19:08  cegger

* ltmain.sh: sync with tools/buildframework/ltmain.sh, rev 1.2:

  Install core dlls in bin instead of in lib on mingw. No longer
  needed to have the lib dir in the path.

2004-08-11 10:24  cegger

* m4/libtool.m4:
  sync with tools/buildframework/m4/libtool.m4 rev 1.2:

  Make libtool build functional dlls on cygwin

2004-08-10 09:51  cegger

* doc/libgg-functions.txt: there's no ggInstantModule() API
  function. It probably means ggMLoadModule, so refer to it

  XXX: There's no manpage for ggMLoadModule(3).

2004-08-09 11:36  pekberg

* input/directx/: di.c, dxinput.h, input.c: Support for
  Point-of-View controls on gaming devices

2004-08-09 09:41  cegger

* doc/man/input-directx.7: regeneration

2004-08-09 09:21  pekberg

* input/directx/man.txt: format changes and another diff->patch

2004-08-09 08:36  cegger

* doc/man/input-directx.7: regeneration

2004-08-09 08:30  pekberg

* input/directx/man.txt: Blast, I named the file dinput.h.patch,
  and not anything else.

2004-08-09 08:21  pekberg

* input/directx/Makefile.am: Mention dinput.h.patch in Makefile.am

2004-08-09 08:16  pekberg

* input/directx/: dinput.h.patch, man.txt: Document DirectX 7
  dependency and supply a patch

2004-08-08 20:50  cegger

* regress/: testsuite.inc.c, gg/lock.c, gg/parsetarget.c,
  gg/time.c, gii/evtimestamp.c: Implement new -n option: It implies
  -v. It doesn't run testcases. It prints out what they would do

2004-08-06 20:17  pekberg

* configure.in, input/directx/di.c, input/directx/dxinput.h,
  input/directx/input.c: Joystick support for directx input target.
  DirectX 7 or better is required.

2004-08-06 18:10  cegger

* doc/man/: Makefile.am, gg-types.3, ggAddTask.3, ggCurTime.3,
  ggGetSwarType.3, ggGetUserDir.3, ggInit.3, ggLoadModule.3,
  ggLockCreate.3, ggParseOptions.3, ggRegisterCleanup.3,
  ggstrlcpy.3, libgg.7: regeneration

2004-08-06 13:57  pekberg

* demos/tasksched.c: Eliminate race between 'o' in 'Hello' and the

2004-08-06 13:26  pekberg

* gg/Makefile.am: cleanup_win32.c is not for cygwin

2004-08-05 20:58  cegger

* gg/plat.h: check against __darwin__, since it is defined when we
  are on Mac OSX.

2004-08-05 20:39  pekberg

* doc/libgg-types.txt: Spelling

2004-08-05 17:50  soyt

* doc/: libgg-types.txt, libgg.txt: Added libgg-types.txt All
  general-purpose types should be desccribed there.
  Module-specific types or types defined for particular cases
  should be documented in the relevant page.

2004-08-05 13:47  cegger

* gg/misc.c: back out rev. 1.19. Local variables that are static
  are allocated in the global data area - usually used for global
  variables. The global data area is zero filled at startup as
  stated in the ANSI / ISO C89 specification.

2004-08-05 12:37  cegger

* gg/misc.c: put a comment about the assumption here

2004-08-05 11:10  pekberg

* gg/misc_win32.c: Check return value of the LoadLibrary call

2004-08-05 11:09  pekberg

* gg/misc.c: Small cleanup

2004-08-05 09:48  cegger

* gg/misc.c: - Change len to size_t to match the return type of
  strlen(3).  - As a BSD Variant, Darwin always has asprintf(3).
  Simplifies and makes sure there's no buffer overflow.  -
  Introduce need_ptr2free flag and free ptr when set. It is not set
  by default.  - Set need_ptr2free on Darwin when $HOME is not
  set. Fixes memory leak.

2004-08-05 09:13  pekberg

* gg/misc.c: Eliminate curpath race

2004-08-05 09:05  cegger

* gg/misc.c: check for __darwin__ than __MACH__ && __APPLE__.
  __darwin__ is defined in plat.h when we are on Mac OSX.

2004-08-05 09:03  pekberg

* configure.in, gg/Makefile.am, gg/misc.c, gg/misc_win32.c: On
  win32, fall back to the 'My Documents' folder in case HOME is not
  set. Also on win32, check the TMP and TEMP variables for a path
  in case nither of the above yields a path.

2004-08-03 23:34  nsouch

* m4/mutexes.m4: Backout last change as libtool actually removes

2004-08-02 17:00  nsouch

* regress/: gg/Makefile.am, gii/Makefile.am: Compilation breaks
  with missing pthread symbols. Add ${GGDLLIBS} to link flags.

2004-08-02 17:00  nsouch

* m4/mutexes.m4: -lc_r is recognized on FreeBSD but -pthread fits

2004-07-29 16:23  ggibecka

* gii/gii.c: bugfix: iterate over input substructe in
  giiSplitInputs(3) as giiFindDeviceInfo(3) does. Makes
  giiSplitInputs(3) working.

2004-07-29 15:41  ggibecka

* gg/init.c: Important bugfix: Only call abort and friends, if we
  did _not_ succeed to shut down gracefully. This bug was
  introduced with the last patch not noticing that there was an
  "&&" which was meant to say "only exit, if the graceful cleanup
  didn't work out".

2004-07-28 09:32  ggibecka

* input/xwin/input.c: Fixed the "hanging key on focus change"
  issue.  Attention: You _must_ also upgrade LibGGI for this to

2004-07-28 09:24  cegger

* regress/: Makefile.am, testsuite.inc.c, gg/lock.c,
  gg/parsetarget.c, gg/time.c, gii/evtimestamp.c: rename
  common.inc.c rev 1.5 to testsuite.inc.c. This name change should
  make people more obvious which file each unit test must include
  in case there are mutliple inclusion files.

2004-07-28 07:50  cegger

* autogen.sh: echo -n only works on linux, *BSD and darwin. Use
  printf to make it work on all platforms including System V

2004-07-10 13:16  pekberg

* demos/tasksched.c: Make it build on Win32 with workaround for
  lack of sleep()

2004-06-23 11:27  pekberg

* regress/gii/evtimestamp.c: make a commit to clear the execution

2004-06-23 10:55  pekberg

* include/ggi/internal/gii.h: Make event timestamps strictly
  monotonic (forgotten dir)

2004-06-23 06:52  pekberg

* input/directx/: di.c, dxinput.h, dxinputkb.h, input.c: - Tries to
  uses the actual keyboard layout, and only fall back to the
  hardcoded defines when that does not work.  - Makes shift and
  caps lock bring you capital letters. - Dead keys support
  (GIIK_VOID in sym, synthetic press/release   events if
  non-matching key is hit after the dead key). - Renamed Caps, Num
  and Scroll to CapsLock, NumLock etc. - Mouse wheel support. -
  Support for up to 4 mouse buttons (2 previously).  - Support for
  emPtrRelative.  - emPtrRelative is made the default, but one can
  still request   emPtrAbsolute (targetcan includes emPtrAbsolute,
  but not   curreventmask on init).  - Fixed a bug so that a lot of
  surplus emPtrAbsolute events are   killed.

2004-06-23 06:40  pekberg

* gii/: gii.c, init.c: Make event timestamps strictly monotonic

2004-06-23 06:38  pekberg

* regress/gii/: Makefile.am, evtimestamp.c: Add regression test for
  strict event timestamp monotonicity

2004-06-20 13:24  cegger

* TODO: justify TODO item to fit 80 columns. Tell that the thread
  about device info can be found at

2004-06-06 20:23  cegger

* m4/swar.m4: backout changes from 1.5 to 1.6. Sync rev 1.5 to
  tools/buildframework/ instead.

2004-06-06 20:15  cegger

* m4/swar.m4: sync with new versions from tools/buildframework/

2004-06-06 01:27  cegger

* demos/inputinfo.c: Don't trigger gii to resend the device info.
  They're send by the input-target at opening time. This leads to
  double devinfo output.

2004-06-05 16:09  cegger

* demos/: Makefile.am, inputinfo.c: new libgii demo: inputinfo.
  It's there to show all information about available input sources.
  Useful for input target writers, that can't use libggi's

2004-06-05 00:49  aldot

* configure.in, gg/init.c: cleanup ggExit; check for _EXIT and fall
  back to alternatives

2004-06-05 00:47  aldot

* input/x/xev.c: add a debug print mentioning that the buffer was
  too small

2004-06-05 00:42  aldot

* m4/swar.m4: quote message string

2004-06-05 00:41  aldot

* demos/tasksched.c, filter/mouse/filter.c,
  input/linux_evdev/input.c, input/linux_joy/input.c: make some
  variables static

2004-06-05 00:40  aldot

* gii/gii.c, input/stdin/input.c, input/x/input.c,
  input/xwin/input.c: add cast

2004-06-05 00:39  aldot

* demos/demo.c, demos/mhub.c, filter/keytrans/filter.c,
  filter/tcp/filter.c: use proper type format

2004-06-01 22:15  cegger

* regress/gg/: lock.c, parsetarget.c, time.c: Make tests verbose at
  runtime via the -v option.

  common.inc.c changes: - add parseopts() function that parses
  options.  - add printhelp() function. What it does is (hopefully)
  self-explaining.  - parseopts() enables verbose mode with -v
  option, any other option calls printhelp(). It is called first
  from the main().  - add printdesc() function. Intended to print
  out a one-liner to give the caller   a summary what this
  regression testsuite is for. Usually called right after
  parseopts(). - add description argument to printteststart. Only
  print it out, when verbose   mode is enabled.

  testsuite changes: - add description argument to testcaseX()
  functions, which in turn passes them to printteststart(). It is
  probably a good idea to have testcase descriptions   in one place
  - namely in the main() function - to ease searching. - make
  main() functions call new parseopts() and printdesc().

2004-06-01 19:05  pekberg

* demos/tasksched.c: adjust to change of ggTimeBase implementation

2004-06-01 12:59  pekberg

* gg/task.c: Return the length of the tick in us, not the tick

2004-05-28 23:22  aldot

* gg/sigsched.c: add cast to last argument of exec*()

2004-05-28 20:50  cegger

* doc/man/ggAddTask.3: regeneration

2004-05-28 18:42  pekberg

* doc/libgg-functions.txt: 1 second is 1,000,000 microseconds

2004-05-27 23:00  aldot

* input/linux_evdev/key.c: use KEY_103RD if defined

2004-05-27 08:40  cegger

* regress/gg/lock.c: test ggTryLock(3) more rigorously.

2004-05-27 08:29  cegger

* gg/ptlock.c: Bugfix: return GGI_EBUSY than -1 as documented.
  Fixes assertion failure in the libgg lock regression test.

2004-05-27 08:23  cegger

* regress/gg/lock.c: print out actual return value, when assertion

2004-05-27 07:55  pekberg

* regress/gg/: Makefile.am, lock.c: add ggLock test

2004-05-27 05:50  cegger

* regress/gg/Makefile.am: common.inc.c has been moved one directory
  level up. So remove remaining reference.

2004-05-26 15:03  pekberg

* regress/gg/time.c: take system time steping into account fix

2004-05-26 09:53  cegger

* regress/gg/time.c: fix ggUSlumber() check to reality

2004-05-26 07:05  pekberg

* regress/gg/time.c: better messages on failure

2004-05-26 06:13  pekberg

* regress/gg/time.c: add test if time() and ggCurTime() agrees.

2004-05-25 21:41  cegger

* regress/gg/: parsetarget.c, time.c: add sort of expected result
  as 3rd argument to printteststart(). Add EXPECTED2PASS and
  EXPECTED2FAIL #defines for use of this new 3rd argument. The
  testframework now tells you, if the result of the testcase is as
  exptected or not.

2004-05-25 21:21  cegger

* regress/gg/time.c: add check for ggUSlumber().

2004-05-25 20:43  pekberg

* regress/gg/: Makefile.am, time.c: add regression test for recent
  ggCurTime bug found on win32

2004-05-25 12:09  pekberg

* configure.in, gg/time.c: fix horrid implementation of ggCurTime
  on win32 (it warped every minute).

2004-05-25 09:40  pekberg

* demos/Makefile.am, regress/gg/Makefile.am: Remove explicit
  references to $(THREADLIBS) as they are no longer needed.  This
  is taken care of implicitly by the recent ltmain.sh update.

2004-05-24 09:02  pekberg

* ltmain.sh: add -pthread to the library dependencies so that
  dependant libraries do not have to detect if -pthread needs to be
  specified. Fixes nuisance on FreeBSD 4.1

2004-05-22 09:22  cegger

* doc/man/: filter-key.7, filter-mouse.7, filter-save.7,
  filter-tcp.7, ggAddTask.3, ggCurTime.3, ggGetSwarType.3,
  ggGetUserDir.3, ggInit.3, ggLoadModule.3, ggLockCreate.3,
  ggParseOptions.3, ggRegisterCleanup.3, ggstrlcpy.3,
  giiEventPoll.3, giiEventSend.3, giiInit.3, giiMTInit.3,
  giiOpen.3, giiPanic.3, giiQueryDeviceInfo.3, giiQueryValInfo.3,
  giiSetEventMask.3, gii_cmd_event.3, gii_cmddata_getdevinfo.3,
  gii_cmddata_getvalinfo.3, gii_event.3, gii_expose_event.3,
  gii_key_event.3, gii_pbutton_event.3, gii_pmove_event.3,
  gii_val_event.3, input-directx.7, input-file.7,
  input-linux-evdev.7, input-linux-kbd.7, input-linux-mouse.7,
  input-lk201.7, input-mouse.7, input-tcp.7, libgg.7, libgii.7:

2004-05-22 09:07  soyt

* doc/libgii-functions.txt: xml reminiscence eradication squad was

2004-05-21 22:26  aldot

* gii/init.c: return GGI_ENOTALLOC instead of -1 when giiExit is
  called while not yet initialized to be consistent with the
  other libs.

2004-05-21 22:07  cegger

* doc/man/: filter-key.7, filter-mouse.7, filter-save.7,
  filter-tcp.7, ggAddTask.3, ggCurTime.3, ggGetSwarType.3,
  ggGetUserDir.3, ggInit.3, ggLoadModule.3, ggLockCreate.3,
  ggParseOptions.3, ggRegisterCleanup.3, ggstrlcpy.3,
  giiEventPoll.3, giiEventSend.3, giiInit.3, giiMTInit.3,
  giiOpen.3, giiPanic.3, giiQueryDeviceInfo.3, giiQueryValInfo.3,
  giiSetEventMask.3, gii_cmd_event.3, gii_cmddata_getdevinfo.3,
  gii_cmddata_getvalinfo.3, gii_event.3, gii_expose_event.3,
  gii_key_event.3, gii_pbutton_event.3, gii_pmove_event.3,
  gii_val_event.3, input-directx.7, input-file.7,
  input-linux-evdev.7, input-linux-kbd.7, input-linux-mouse.7,
  input-lk201.7, input-mouse.7, input-tcp.7: regeneration

2004-05-21 21:54  cegger

* doc/man/: filter-key.7, filter-mouse.7, filter-save.7,
  filter-tcp.7, ggAddTask.3, ggCurTime.3, ggGetSwarType.3,
  ggGetUserDir.3, ggInit.3, ggLoadModule.3, ggLockCreate.3,
  ggParseOptions.3, ggRegisterCleanup.3, ggstrlcpy.3,
  giiEventPoll.3, giiEventSend.3, giiInit.3, giiMTInit.3,
  giiOpen.3, giiPanic.3, giiQueryDeviceInfo.3, giiQueryValInfo.3,
  giiSetEventMask.3, gii_cmd_event.3, gii_cmddata_getdevinfo.3,
  gii_cmddata_getvalinfo.3, gii_event.3, gii_expose_event.3,
  gii_key_event.3, gii_pbutton_event.3, gii_pmove_event.3,
  gii_val_event.3, input-directx.7, input-file.7,
  input-linux-evdev.7, input-linux-kbd.7, input-linux-mouse.7,
  input-lk201.7, input-mouse.7, input-tcp.7, libgg.7, libgii.7:

2004-05-21 20:15  aldot

* configure.in: for a debug-build only add "-g" to the flags if the
  compiler supports it.  at least my gcc only has "-Wreturn-type"
  and not the plural.

2004-05-21 20:09  aldot

* doc/libgg-functions.txt, doc/libgii-structures.txt,
  filter/tcp/man.txt, input/file/man.txt: fix some typos in

2004-05-20 08:02  cegger

* doc/man/: Makefile.am, ggAddTask.3, ggCurTime.3, ggDelTask.3,
  ggFreeModule.3, ggGetSymbolAddress.3, ggLoadModule.3,
  ggLockCreate.3, ggParseOptions.3, ggSystemOptions.3,
  ggTimeBase.3, ggUSleep.3, ggUSlumber.3, ggstrlcat.3, ggstrlcpy.3:

2004-05-20 08:01  cegger

* doc/libgg-functions.txt: fixup ggLock()\'s example code.  add
  manpages for ggstrlcpy(3) and ggstrlcat(3)

2004-05-19 12:21  skids

  Make TODO items more descriptive.  I'll get to the LibGGI list

2004-05-16 12:09  cegger

* regress/gg/parsetarget.c: add file parameter to printteststart().
  Using __FILE__ in common.inc.c leads to report the wrong
  filename. Regression tests now report the real test filename.

2004-05-16 09:35  cegger

* gg/: ptsched.c, win32sched.c: Initialize defer. There was a code
  path to use it uninitialized in an if condition.

2004-05-15 22:05  cegger

* gg/ptsched.c:
  fix copy & paste bug: destroy the ssmtx mutex.

  Fixes assertion failure about invalid mutex within libpthread on
  NetBSD 2.0 platform.

2004-05-15 17:36  cegger

* doc/man/: ggGetSwarType.3, ggGetUserDir.3, ggInit.3,
  ggLockCreate.3, ggRegisterCleanup.3, libgg.7, libgii.7:

2004-05-14 08:52  pekberg

* m4/mutexes.m4: sync with new versions from tools/buildframework/

2004-05-13 22:17  aldot

* doc/man/libgg.7: typo in documentation

2004-05-12 19:57  pekberg

* m4/mutexes.m4: Test different pthread options on all arches

2004-05-12 09:44  pekberg

* gii/gii.c, gii/unix.c, input/mouse/input.c, input/tcp/input.c,
  filter/mouse/filter.c, filter/tcp/filter.c: strings.h is needed
  on e.g. AIX 4.2

2004-05-11 21:00  cegger

* m4/strings.m4: Sync from tools/buildframework. only checking for
  the functions in libs isn't enough. Platforms as AIX 4.x has
  functions w/o prototypes, which causes the build to fail. Thus
  check first for the declaration, then in the lib.

2004-05-09 20:08  cegger

* config.guess, config.sub: sync with new versions from

2004-05-09 12:27  cegger

* config.guess, config.sub, depcomp, install-sh: sync with new
  versions from tools/buildscripts/

2004-05-09 08:20  cegger

* demos/Makefile.am: for individual_LDADD, LDADD is not added...

2004-05-08 20:51  cegger

* regress/: Makefile.am, gg/parsetarget.c: move common.inc.c from
  regress/gg to regress.

  gii and gg regression tests can easier share code this way.

2004-05-08 20:47  cegger

* regress/gg/Makefile.am: use LDADD for common dependencies

2004-05-08 20:42  cegger

* demos/Makefile.am: use LDADD for common dependencies

2004-05-08 20:40  cegger

* configure.in, m4/mutexes.m4: rename THREADLIB -> THREADLIBS for
  consistency with libggi's threads.m4.

2004-05-03 06:29  cegger

* m4/mutexes.m4: cleanup if conditions. catch freebsd 4.x generally
  not only 4.10

2004-05-02 23:02  nsouch

* demos/Makefile.am, m4/mutexes.m4, regress/gg/Makefile.am:
  Make libgii & libggi compile with pthreads. Tested on R5.1, but
  should also work on 4.10.

  The way the freebsd platform is recognized is not perfect yet,
  freebsd5.1 and freebsd4.10 are hardwired in libgii/m4/mutexes.m4
  and libggi/configure.in.

  Note that to test libgii linking in libggi/configure.in, the
  -pthread must have been detected first and --enable-threads is
  mandatory in libggi at least on FreeBSD...

2004-05-02 07:33  cegger

* filter/tcp/Makefile.am: Provide a dummy target for platforms
  (i.e. Linux/amd64 and Solaris 9/sparc64) that try to follow the
  symlink, whyever they do...

  Issue found by autobuilder

2004-04-30 06:08  cegger

* input/xwin/Makefile.am: remove reference to 'undefined'
  source-target. Most platforms fail on that.

2004-04-30 05:56  cegger

* filter/tcp/Makefile.am: remove reference to undefined
  source-target. Most platforms fail on that.

2004-04-30 00:37  cegger

* input/xwin/Makefile.am: create symlink of xev.c and xev.h in the
  builddir.  This prevents touching the sourcedir and fixes a race
  condition when multiple builds run on multiple machines over nfs
  over the same sources.

2004-04-29 21:17  cegger

* filter/tcp/Makefile.am:
  create symlink of libtcp.c in the builddir.  This prevents
  touching the sourcedir and fixes a race condition when multiple
  builds run on multiple machines over nfs over the same sources.

2004-04-23 04:32  cegger

* .cvsignore: ignore autom4te.cache

2004-04-20 21:06  pekberg

* m4/mutexes.m4: fix --enable-mutexes so that you can select
  builtin. Select pthread by default for cygwin.

2004-04-17 22:50  cegger

* regress/gg/Makefile.am: add common.inc.c to EXTRA_DIST. Needed
  for 'make distcheck'

2004-04-17 22:49  cegger

* gg/Makefile.am: add ggtick to DIST_SUBDIRS. Needed for 'make

2004-04-17 22:01  cegger

* doc/Makefile.am: env.txt and input.txt no longer exists

2004-04-17 16:11  cegger

* m4/mutexes.m4: substitute THREADLIB

2004-04-17 15:33  cegger

* configure.in: clean check for vgl.h requires <sys/fbio.h> as
  default include. Fixes configure warnings on FreeBSD, when the
  configure script has been generated with autoconf 2.5x

2004-04-17 14:28  cegger

* m4/mutexes.m4, configure.in: autodetect mutex type

2004-04-16 21:52  cegger

* gg/ggtick/ggtick.c: reordering headers eliminates warnings about
  redundant declarations of errno on OpenBSD 3.4

2004-04-12 18:06  cegger

* gg/plat.h: undo rename of plat.h -> plat.h.in. INSTALL_PREFIX is
  now provided via config.h

2004-04-12 13:38  cegger

* regress/gg/parsetarget.c: make use of basic regression framework

2004-04-11 21:56  cegger

* regress/gg/: Makefile.am, parsetarget.c:
  add unit tests for ggParseTarget().  Feel free to add more

2004-04-10 17:53  cegger

* configure.in: undo rename. provide INSTALL_PREFIX via config.h

2004-04-09 22:25  cegger

* config.guess, config.sub: update to version shipped with libtool

2004-04-09 22:24  cegger

* install-sh, mkinstalldirs: update to version shipped with
  automake 1.8.3

2004-04-08 05:18  skids

* configure.in, gg/sigsched.c:
  Make signals restart system calls when SA_RESTART or siginterrupt
  supported Do some paranoid error checking (I felt energetic)

2004-04-06 21:45  cegger

* configure.in, gg/plat.h, gg/sigsched.c: rename plat.h to
  plat.h.in. Now configure generates plat.h. Use INSTALL_PREFIX as
  base path where to try to start ggtick from. ggtick now runs,
  when non-default install path is used

2004-04-06 17:39  cegger

* configure.in: add INSTALL_PREFIX to fix assumption about where to
  find ggtick (/usr/local/bin/)

2004-04-05 23:11  ggibecka

* include/ggi/input/xwin.h, input/x/input.c, input/xwin/input.c:
  Focus pulling fix. Largely untested. Sorry. Hope it works.

2004-04-04 21:14  cegger

* gii/gii.c: alow -> allow

2004-04-04 15:48  skids

* demos/Makefile.am, demos/tasksched.c, gg/Makefile.am, gg/init.c,
  Add first cut of signal-based scheduler driver.  Still need to
  work on path to ggtick (including GGI -noinst testing) Make
  tasksched more brutal and avoid ggUSleep wakeups itimer/alarm
  implementations still TODO (needed?)

2004-04-03 22:03  skids

* configure.in, gg/Makefile.am:
  Remove obselete dlpthreads bug-workaround.

2004-04-03 22:01  skids

* demos/tasksched.c:
  Use values more likely to cause a defer when stress-testing.

2004-04-02 23:50  cegger

* gg/EXPSYMS: export ggCurTime

2004-04-02 23:45  cegger

* gg/: Makefile.am, dummytask.c: add dummytask to provide the task
  symbols for builtin and ptlock mutexes. libgg builds on solaris
  again since the provided symbols matches EXPSYMS file

2004-03-29 15:29  pekberg

* gg/Makefile.am, gg/win32sched.c, include/ggi/internal/gg.h: add
  MT scheduler for win32

2004-03-29 13:09  skids

* gg/: ptsched.c, task.c:
  Split up _tick function to allow dl list to be built before
  signalling secondary threads.  Other locking tweaks.

2004-03-29 11:57  pekberg

* configure.in, include/ggi/system.h.in: include
  winsock.h/winsock2.h in system.h on mingw

2004-03-29 11:27  pekberg

* gg/time.c: Sleep does not return a value, it is declared void

2004-03-28 19:12  skids

* configure.in, m4/dlopen.m4, m4/swar.m4:
  Retire acconfig.h by using 3-argument form of AC_DEFINE

2004-03-28 18:36  skids

* input/linux_evdev/eventparse.c: unistd.h is needed

2004-03-28 18:36  skids

* configure.in, doc/libgg-functions.txt, gg/EXPSYMS,
  gg/Makefile.am, gg/misc.c, gg/ptsched.c, gg/sigsched.c,
  gg/time.c, gg/ggtick/ggtick.c, include/ggi/gg.h,
  include/ggi/system.h.in, m4/Makefile.am, m4/time.m4:
  Provide true functions for time-related API Fix ggUSleep for
  usecs > 999999 on rumored cretinous platforms Ensure/document
  consistant behavior/prototypes for time-related API Added
  ggUSlumber Changed usecs parm to sint32 for int16 systems (thanks
  bughunter for noticing) Rework some autoconf stuff This
  eliminates the need for windows.h in gg/system.h Please ignore
  the trash in sigsched.c for now

2004-03-28 18:01  skids

* m4/dlopen.m4:
  Fix GGDLLIBS for "configure -C"

2004-03-28 15:59  skids

* demos/tasksched.c:
  Demo for task scheduler.  This is not being added to Makefile.am
  yet, until the signal-based scheduler driver is committed, so as
  not to break compiles without threads.

2004-03-28 13:52  skids

* configure.in:
  Quick bugfix for w32 sleep usecs->msecs conversion.  Someone
  please test this and put into stable before I commit new drastic
  alterations to devel.

2004-03-19 21:38  cegger

* Makefile.am: put directory structure for unit tests in place

2004-03-19 09:19  pekberg

* gg/: Makefile.am, cleanup.c, cleanup.h, cleanup_stubs.c,
  cleanup_win32.c, init.c: separate win32 cleanup stuff into a new

2004-03-19 00:13  cegger

* configure.in, regress/.cvsignore, regress/Makefile.am,
  regress/gg/.cvsignore, regress/gg/Makefile.am,
  regress/gii/.cvsignore, regress/gii/Makefile.am: put directory
  structure for unit tests in place

2004-03-18 22:01  soyt

* gii/gii.c: Improve device registration a bit: - return meaningful
  error code in _giiUnregisterDevice - make sure there is a free
  device id in _giiRegisterDevice - device origins are now counted
  from 1, device 0 being the   whole input

2004-03-18 19:31  soyt

* README, doc/libgii-libraries.txt: Removed doc/env.txt
  doc/inputs.txt as content moved to manpages. Avoid duplication.

2004-03-17 14:05  skids

  Item for libgg for later.

2004-03-17 14:03  pekberg

* gg/init.c: cleanup when libgg is detached from the process,
  cleans up when exit/_exit/ExitProcess is called

2004-03-17 11:26  pekberg

* gg/init.c: fix stupid typo. always compile first. always. always.

2004-03-17 08:25  pekberg

* gg/ggtick/.cvsignore: add .cvsignore that ignores Makefile.in

2004-03-17 08:24  pekberg

* gg/: cleanup.c, init.c: trigger cleanups using structured
  exception handling on win32

2004-03-16 23:02  skids

* gg/EXPSYMS, gg/Makefile.am, gg/init.c, gg/ptsched.c, gg/task.c,
  include/ggi/gg.h, include/ggi/internal/gg.h:
  Threads implementation of new scheduler API (signal based one
  will follow) Build system tricked not to break non-threaded build
  Scheduler demo app not included for build-system reasons Small
  fix for cleanups (base 10 parse of GG_OPTS)

2004-03-16 05:01  skids

* doc/libgg-functions.txt:
  A couple minor fixes to new cleanup code/docs

2004-03-15 01:33  skids

* gg/ptlock.c:
  Silence most of the messy pthreads warnings.

2004-03-14 22:33  soyt

* doc/libgg-functions.txt: corrected gg doc format

2004-03-14 20:23  skids

* doc/libgg-functions.txt, doc/libgg.txt, gg/cleanup.c, gg/init.c,
  What I hope is a pretty watertight new cleanup implementation.
  (We should no longer have to worry about cleanups ever being
  called >1 times.) Bugfixes/changes for new $GG_OPTS environment
  variable Docs for above

2004-03-09 23:41  skids

* doc/libgg-functions.txt, gg/init.c:
  Explicitly specify ggInit and ggExit behavior in threaded
  environments.  (and do a little silly-case work to make it so.)

2004-03-09 21:05  soyt

* doc/: libgg-functions.txt, libgg.txt: A few typos and format bug.
  verbatim block is:\n '::', an empty line and idented content.

2004-03-09 06:02  skids

* gg/time.c:
  Proposed code/TODO hints for implementing ggUSlumber and
  providing a consistant prototype and behavior for ggUSleep.

  This is untested code, may not even compile. I am only providing
  it in case someone wants to work on it before I get back to
  working on it myself.

2004-03-08 07:59  pekberg

* gg/win32lock.c: come in line with new API. Makes libgg compiling
  again with win32 locks. Take two...

2004-03-08 07:59  pekberg

* gg/win32lock.c: come in line with new API. Makes libgg compiling
  again with win32 locks

2004-03-08 06:36  cegger

* gg/gglock.c: come in line with new API. Makes libgg compiling
  again with builtin locks

2004-03-08 04:03  skids

* gg/debug.c, gg/ptlock.c, include/ggi/gg.h,
  New ptlock implementation compliant with the proposed GG 1.0

  Note we may have to roll back the prototype change on
  ggLock/ggUnlock but I'm putting it in here for now.

  This doesn't play well with the old mansync, but that has very
  suspicious looking code where threads are cancelled helter
  skelter, so I'm not going to try to debug that, just replace it
  with a task-driven implementation later.  The end result is that
  for those daring enough to compile with threading, "demo" will be
  somewhat broken (it is the only thing that uses sync mode anyway

2004-03-07 21:40  skids

* gg/init.c, include/ggi/internal/gg.h:
  Add processing of GG_OPTS -banswar flag to turn off SWARs at

2004-03-07 21:19  skids

* gg/init.c, include/ggi/internal/gg.h:
  Ad GG_OPTS environment variable support.  None of the options do
  anything yet, but they are parsed now.

2004-03-07 21:14  skids

* demos/cpuinfo.c:
  Bugfix: Don't call LibGG functions without initializing LibGG

2004-03-07 20:57  skids

* gg/parse.c:
  Fix oopsie in ParseOptions tweak.  Some build-system weirdness
  prevented me from seeing error on compile.

2004-03-07 20:22  skids

* gg/parse.c:
  Accept '-' as an ordered/unnamed qualifier in addition to ':' in
  ggParseOptions This makes it easier to deal with reuse of the
  gg_options array.

2004-03-07 19:14  skids

* doc/: libgg.txt, libgg-functions.txt:
  These are (some of the) docs for the proposed specification for a
  LibGG 1.0 release API.  Please hold off on reedits, there is
  still more work to do on them (missing plugin system config
  functions etc.)

  I will bring this matter to the mailing list when I'm done with
  the proposed API, along with a highlight of how this API differs
  from the current LibGG API.

2004-03-03 00:02  cegger

* gg/ggtick/ggtick.c: fprintf specifies int, so pass an int. Fixes
  gcc 3.3.2 warning on Solaris

2004-03-02 22:18  cegger

* gg/plat.h: need limits.h

2004-03-02 22:18  cegger

* gg/misc.c: PATH_MAX is defined in plat.h

2004-03-02 07:30  pekberg

* gg/win32lock.c: implement win32 locks with semaphores instead of
  critical sections to get the lock subtleties right

2004-03-02 06:12  cegger

* gg/ggtick/Makefile.am: add newline at end of line. There are some
  bogus tools out there, which only recognizes an EOF after an EOL

2004-03-02 01:33  skids

* gg/cleanup.c, gg/init.c, include/ggi/internal/gg.h:
  Call any remaining cleanup functions when unnested ggExit() is
  called under normal circumstances.

  This prevents callback functions from staying until exit,
  especially a bad thing when they rely on LibGG mallocs.

2004-03-02 01:22  skids

* configure.in, gg/Makefile.am, gg/ggtick/Makefile.am,
  Second pass at adding the new ggtick executable forthe scheduler
  + Add ggtick directory to the build system.  + Fix includes in
  ggtick.c + Fix some mistakes in the ggtick subdir Makefile.am

2004-03-01 23:32  skids

* gg/ggtick/: Makefile.am, ggtick.c:
  Add a new tiny binary to do the killing for the task scheduler.
  The old mansync code forked, which could cause resource
  consumption due to c-o-w of large amounts of r/w data in the

2004-03-01 10:44  soyt

* doc/man/: ggGetSwarType.3, ggInit.3, ggLockCreate.3,
  giiEventPoll.3, giiInit.3, giiMTInit.3, giiOpen.3,
  giiSetEventMask.3, gii_key_event.3, libgii.7: corrected

2004-02-29 19:32  cegger

* m4/: checktypes.m4, dllext.m4, os.m4, strings.m4, winfuncs.m4:

  fix automake 1.8 warning: underquoted definition of

2004-02-26 23:49  cegger

* configure.in: check for limits.h. Used by quad.h

2004-02-26 23:00  aldot

* doc/: libgg-functions.txt, libgii-functions.txt: fix a few typos
  in the documentation

2004-02-26 22:36  cegger

* doc/man/: Makefile.am, ggCleanupForceExit.3, ggExit.3,
  ggGetSwarType.3, ggGetUserDir.3, ggInit.3, ggLock.3,
  ggLockCreate.3, ggLockDestroy.3, ggRegisterCleanup.3,
  ggTryLock.3, ggUnlock.3, ggUnregisterCleanup.3, libgg.7: generate
  manpages for libgg.

2004-02-26 09:59  pekberg

* configure.in, gg/Makefile.am, gg/win32lock.c: use win32 critical
  sections for ggLocks on mingw, configure with --enable-mutexes to
  get them

2004-02-26 07:30  pekberg

* configure.in: test the dinput.h header the way it is used

2004-02-25 10:16  pekberg

* configure.in: kill configure 'present but not compiled' warnings
  on cygwin

2004-02-24 10:20  cegger

* doc/man/: filter-key.7, filter-mouse.7, filter-save.7,
  filter-tcp.7, giiEventPoll.3, giiEventSend.3, giiInit.3,
  giiOpen.3, giiSetEventMask.3, gii_cmd_event.3,
  gii_cmddata_getdevinfo.3, gii_cmddata_getvalinfo.3, gii_event.3,
  gii_key_event.3, gii_pbutton_event.3, input-file.7,
  input-linux-evdev.7, input-linux-kbd.7, input-linux-mouse.7,
  input-lk201.7, input-mouse.7, input-tcp.7, libgii.7: regenerate
  again. This time with the improvements in manpage.py

2004-02-23 22:13  cegger

* input/linux_kbd/input.c: read unicode symbols correctly. Patch
  from Aurelien Reynaud

2004-02-23 15:18  cegger

* doc/man/: filter-key.7, filter-keytrans.7, filter-mouse.7,
  filter-save.7, filter-tcp.7, giiEventPoll.3, giiEventSend.3,
  giiInit.3, giiMTInit.3, giiOpen.3, giiPanic.3,
  giiQueryDeviceInfo.3, giiQueryValInfo.3, giiSetEventMask.3,
  gii_cmd_event.3, gii_cmddata_getdevinfo.3,
  gii_cmddata_getvalinfo.3, gii_event.3, gii_expose_event.3,
  gii_key_event.3, gii_pbutton_event.3, gii_pmove_event.3,
  gii_val_event.3, input-directx.7, input-file.7,
  input-linux-evdev.7, input-linux-kbd.7, input-linux-mouse.7,
  input-lk201.7, input-mouse.7, input-tcp.7, libgii.7: regeneration

2004-02-23 15:09  pekberg

* include/ggi/system.h.in: add comment for new meaning of EXPORTVAR
  and IMPORTVAR (now used in declarations, not definitions)

2004-02-23 14:42  pekberg

* gg/dl_win32.c: PATH_MAX is defined in plat.h

2004-02-23 14:16  pekberg

* filter/keytrans/filter.c, filter/mouse/filter.c,
  filter/save/filter.c, filter/tcp/filter.c, gg/Makefile.am,
  gg/misc.c, gii/init.c, include/ggi/Makefile.am,
  include/ggi/gg-defs.h, include/ggi/gg.h, include/ggi/gii-defs.h,
  include/ggi/gii-unix.h, include/ggi/gii.h,
  include/ggi/system.h.in, include/ggi/internal/gii-dl.h,
  include/ggi/internal/gii.h, include/ggi/internal/gii_debug.h,
  include/ggi/internal/gii_target.h, input/directx/input.c,
  input/fdselect/input.c, input/file/input.c, input/inputX/input.c,
  input/ipaq_touchscreen/input.c, input/kii/input.c,
  input/linux_evdev/input.c, input/linux_joy/input.c,
  input/linux_kbd/input.c, input/linux_mouse/input.c,
  input/lk201/input.c, input/mouse/input.c, input/null/input.c,
  input/pcjoy/input.c, input/spaceorb/input.c, input/stdin/input.c,
  input/tcp/input.c, input/touchscreen/zaurus.c, input/vgl/input.c,
  input/x/input.c, input/xwin/input.c: Make use of the
  EXPORT*/IMPORT* macros defined in include/ggi/system.h

2004-02-23 14:15  pekberg

* m4/libtool.m4: Use dllwrap instead of dlltool to create dlls on

2004-02-23 07:51  soyt

* doc/libgii-libraries.txt: added a see also section in libgii

2004-02-19 06:17  pekberg

* m4/libtool.m4: Do not generate import libraries on the fly as
  impgen.c (embedded in m4/libtool.m4) does not support dlls
  exporting variables

2004-02-16 10:21  cegger

* gg/quad/: adddi3.c, anddi3.c, ashldi3.c, ashrdi3.c, cmpdi2.c,
  divdi3.c, fixdfdi.c, fixsfdi.c, fixunsdfdi.c, fixunssfdi.c,
  floatdidf.c, floatdisf.c, floatunsdidf.c, iordi3.c, lshldi3.c,
  lshrdi3.c, moddi3.c, muldi3.c, negdi2.c, notdi2.c, qdivrem.c,
  subdi3.c, ucmpdi2.c, udivdi3.c, umoddi3.c, xordi3.c:
  <sys/cdefs.h> isn't needed if used at all. So remove it.

2004-02-16 00:45  cegger

* gg/Makefile.am: Make 'make distcheck' work again on non-Solaris,
  non-Cygwin and non-Mingw platforms.

2004-02-12 13:38  cegger

* doc/libgg.txt: typo fix:

  ggUsleep -> ggUSleep

2004-02-12 07:16  cegger

* doc/libgg.txt: typo fixes:

  noboy -> nobody ggUnRegisterCleanup -> ggUnregisterCleanup

2004-02-12 00:55  agraef

* gii/unix.c: fix potentially blocking select()

2004-02-12 00:55  skids

* doc/libgg.txt:
  Some meat for soyt to chew on.

2004-02-12 00:50  skids

* include/ggi/system.h.in:
  Add some defs to devel branch to replace some last bits of "GGI"
  invading the LibGG namespace.  This will have to be a gradual
  phase-out but now LibGG internal code can start to use the new
  defs at least.  (That is, the new defs are not "official" until a
  LibGG version bump happens.)

2004-02-11 18:53  cegger

* gg/: dl_darwin.c, plat.h: move PATH_MAX definition to plat.h

2004-02-11 16:03  pekberg

* include/ggi/system.h.in: fix segmentation fault at dll load on
  cygwin and mingw

2004-02-10 06:32  cegger

* m4/libtool.m4: make install works on mingw. Patch from Peter

2004-02-06 12:51  cegger

* gg/: Makefile.am, dl_win32.c: cygwin uses dlopen(). mingw uses
  LoadLibrary(). Thus only mingw needs dl_win32.c Patch from Peter

2004-02-04 14:27  cegger

* configure.in, gg/Makefile.am, gg/dl_win32.c, gg/plat.h,
  input/tcp/libtcp.c: Patch from Peter Ekberg:

  Current status cygwin - everything seem to compile and build
  correctly - libgii seems to work (demo output is as I expect it
  to be and keystrokes are reported) - programs linked against
  libggi sadly segfaults in _cygwin_dll_entry@12   before they get
  to main.  - windows.h is no longer included by ggi/system.h -
  libg* are no longer linked against wsock32.dll.

  Current status mingw - not worse than before

  libgii/configure.in - check for struct timeval in sys/time.h
  first, then time.h and last in winsock*.h to avoid -lwsock32 on
  cygwin.  - check for select in libc first to avoid -lwsock32 on
  cygwin.  - check for usleep first, then Sleep, to avoid windows.h
  on cygwin (from cegger).  - check for gettimeofday first, then
  GetSystemTime, to avoid windows.h on cygwin.

  libgii/gg/Makefile.am - add dl_win32.c to get errors from failed
  LoadLibrary calls on mingw.

  libgii/gg/plat.h - wrap GGOPENLIB and GGDLERROR to get errors
  from failed LoadLibrary calls on mingw.

  libgii/input/tcp/libtcp.c - don't include winsock*.h on cygwin.
  - add ifdef HAVE_UNISTD_H

2004-02-04 14:24  cegger

* m4/os.m4: define OS_WIN32_CYGWIN, OS_WIN32_MINGW and
  OS_WIN32_PW32 additionaly to allow to distinguish between them
  via automake

2004-01-31 21:57  cegger

* input/kii/.cvsignore: tell cvs, which files to ignore

2004-01-31 11:31  cegger

* gg/quad/quad.h: fix typo. Fixes compiling on Solaris.

2004-01-31 11:14  cegger

* checkversion.sh: forgot to disable debug output. Handle 1.4-p5
  string correctly

2004-01-31 11:05  cegger

* checkversion.sh: make it work on solaris

2004-01-30 18:37  cegger

* autogen.sh: automake 1.5 supports sources in subdirectories. So
  automake 1.5 is required, not 1.6

2004-01-30 16:06  cegger

* gg/quad/: adddi3.c, anddi3.c, ashldi3.c, ashrdi3.c, cmpdi2.c,
  divdi3.c, fixdfdi.c, fixsfdi.c, fixunsdfdi.c, fixunssfdi.c,
  floatdidf.c, floatdisf.c, floatunsdidf.c, iordi3.c, lshldi3.c,
  lshrdi3.c, moddi3.c, muldi3.c, negdi2.c, notdi2.c, qdivrem.c,
  quad.h, subdi3.c, ucmpdi2.c, udivdi3.c, umoddi3.c, xordi3.c:
  remove GGI license as suggested by Eric Faurot on IRC. It's
  enough when NetBSD's license is there - untouched\!

2004-01-30 15:55  cegger

* gg/quad/: adddi3.c, anddi3.c, ashldi3.c, ashrdi3.c, cmpdi2.c,
  divdi3.c, fixdfdi.c, fixsfdi.c, fixunsdfdi.c, fixunssfdi.c,
  floatdidf.c, floatdisf.c, floatunsdidf.c, iordi3.c, lshldi3.c,
  lshrdi3.c, moddi3.c, muldi3.c, negdi2.c, notdi2.c, qdivrem.c,
  quad.h, subdi3.c, ucmpdi2.c, udivdi3.c, umoddi3.c, xordi3.c:
  change comment as suggested by Eric Faurot

2004-01-30 15:50  cegger

* gg/quad/quad.h: comment previous

2004-01-30 15:00  cegger

* gg/quad/quad.h: make sure, LLONG_MIN and LLONG_MAX is defined on
  cygwin. Issue found by Peter Ekberg.

2004-01-30 11:22  cegger

* gg/Makefile.am: Cygwin and Mingw also takes care about the
  symbols declared in EXPSYMS. So we need to compile the 64bit
  assembly operations there, too, independent if actually needed or
  not to make libgii compile again on cygwin and mingw

2004-01-30 11:19  cegger

* m4/libtool.m4: The macros AC_PROVIDE_AC_LIBTOOL_DLOPEN and
  AC_PROVIDE_AC_LIBTOOL_WIN32_DLL only exists without the
  AC_PROVIDE_ prefix

2004-01-30 09:49  cegger

* checkversion.sh: match patch version numbers correctly

2004-01-30 09:36  cegger

* autogen.sh, checkversion.sh: check for required autoconf &
  automake versions

2004-01-29 17:22  cegger

* gg/Makefile.am: compile 64bit sw code only on Solaris as this is
  the only one OS, which really needs them for now...

2004-01-29 16:58  cegger

* gg/: EXPSYMS, Makefile.am, quad/.cvsignore, quad/adddi3.c,
  quad/anddi3.c, quad/ashldi3.c, quad/ashrdi3.c, quad/cmpdi2.c,
  quad/divdi3.c, quad/fixdfdi.c, quad/fixsfdi.c, quad/fixunsdfdi.c,
  quad/fixunssfdi.c, quad/floatdidf.c, quad/floatdisf.c,
  quad/floatunsdidf.c, quad/iordi3.c, quad/lshldi3.c,
  quad/lshrdi3.c, quad/moddi3.c, quad/muldi3.c, quad/negdi2.c,
  quad/notdi2.c, quad/qdivrem.c, quad/quad.am, quad/quad.h,
  quad/subdi3.c, quad/ucmpdi2.c, quad/udivdi3.c, quad/umoddi3.c,
  quad/xordi3.c: add software implementation of 64bit assembler
  instructions from NetBSD-current 2003-12-29. It's usually libc's
  job providing the symbols, but solaris libc doesn't. This causes
  a linking failure about unknown symbols. The addition of these
  symbols makes libgalloc compile again on Solaris.

2004-01-29 16:19  cegger

* configure.in: use GGI_CHECKOS. Simplifies maintainance of OS

2004-01-29 16:13  cegger

* m4/: Makefile.am, os.m4: add GGI_CHECKOS macro from libggi

2004-01-29 14:29  cegger

* input/mouse/Makefile.am: add missing -no-undefined. Fixes linking
  failure on cygwin and mingw. Fix from Peter Ekberg.

2004-01-29 11:34  cegger

* m4/libtool.m4: backport fix from libtool 1.5: tell cygwin where
  to find its libraries. Fixes linking failure. Patch from Peter

2004-01-29 10:17  cegger

* configure.in: add executable suffix to demos, so that the demos
  are recognized as those on cygwin and mingw. Spotted by Peter
  Ekberg (peda) on IRC.

2004-01-28 15:34  cegger

* input/spaceorb/Makefile.am: spaceorb uses select. So we need to
  link against $(SELECTLIBS). Fixes linking failure on cygwin and
  mingw. Spotted by Peter Ekberg.

2004-01-27 20:52  cegger

* configure.in: mingw requires correct prototype from header for
  linking. Thus AC_CHECK_LIB doesn't work on mingw. configure now
  finds select() in libwsock32. Reviewed and tested by Peter Ekberg
  on IRC.

2004-01-27 09:58  cegger

* configure.in, include/ggi/system.h.in: back out last change. This
  breaks compiling process on the cygwin platform (conflicting
  types for select from sys/select.h and w32api/winsock2.h).
  FreeBSD has to find a better way than this. Sorry.

2004-01-24 16:08  cegger

* missing, compile, depcomp, config.guess, config.sub, install-sh,
  mkinstalldirs: update to version shipped with automake 1.8.2

2004-01-23 09:25  cegger

* filter/tcp/Makefile.am: don't copy. Make a symlink instead. 'make
  distcheck' no longer fails on FreeBSD

2004-01-23 01:49  cegger

* input/xwin/Makefile.am: use path relativ to sourcedir, not
  builddir. This fixes compiling breakage, when builddir != srcdir

2004-01-23 00:09  cegger

* ltmain.sh: reapply revision 1.10: add fixes from and for OpenBSD

2004-01-22 23:56  cegger

* ltmain.sh: reapply fix from revision 1.9: Use ${SED} consistently

2004-01-22 23:16  cegger

* ltmain.sh: update libtool to debian libtool1.4-1.4.3-19

2004-01-22 23:09  cegger

* m4/libtool.m4: update libtool to debian libtool1.4-1.4.3-19

2004-01-22 22:55  cegger

* m4/ltdl.m4: update libtool to debian libtool1.4-1.4.3-19

2004-01-22 21:35  cegger

* config.guess, config.sub: update to the version shipped in debian
  package libtool1.4-1.4.3-19

2004-01-05 14:53  cegger

* input/xwin/Makefile.am: merge fix from NetBSD package after
  verifying that it also works on Darwin and Linux.

2003-12-20 17:52  cegger

* m4/Makefile.am: make sure there are all *.m4 files are added.
  Alphabetize them.

2003-12-20 12:44  cegger

* gg/EXPSYMS: export ggConfigExpandAlias. It's used by libgic.
  Issue found on Solaris.

2003-12-17 20:42  nsouch

* configure.in, include/ggi/system.h.in: Fix the xf86dga
  compilation on FreeBSD a better way than including directly extra

2003-12-15 13:54  cegger

* input/linux_evdev/: key.c, linux_evdev.h: portability fix: Move
  back to 'unsigned int'. Using __u16 breaks compiling on SuSE 7.2
  with kernel 2.4.4.

2003-12-13 14:48  cegger

* config.guess, config.sub, depcomp, missing: update to version
  shipped by automake 1.7.9

2003-12-13 11:50  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/gii.h: add prototypes for previous.

2003-12-13 11:49  cegger

* gii/: EXPSYMS, gii.c: rename _giiSendDevInfo ->
  _giiStdSendDevInfo, _giiSendValEvent -> _giiStdSendValEvent to
  make it more obvious, that they are standard implementations and
  not a must to use in the input targets.

2003-12-13 10:11  cegger

* gii/gii.c: make this compile again. Issue found on NetBSD/i386

2003-12-10 17:52  cegger

* gii/: gii.c, EXPSYMS: add default implementations of the devinfo
  sender and of the valuator sender as most input targets implement

2003-11-30 16:47  skids

* input/linux_evdev/key.c:
  Shield older linux kernels from newer linux-input keysyms, at
  least enough to get compilaton.  Note some incorrect keysyms
  would result if a input-linux .so compiled with old kernel
  headers was used with a new kernel.  This should hopefully fix
  Christoph's SUSE compile.

2003-11-30 07:22  skids

  Add reminder in TODO list to remove comment from keyboard.h on
  next release Also -- adendum to last commit -- added ifdefs
  around linux-input EV_* defs as EV_RST is no longer defined on
  newer kernels and was preventing compilation.

2003-11-30 07:18  skids

* include/ggi/keyboard.h, input/linux_evdev/eventparse.c,
  input/linux_evdev/input.c, input/linux_evdev/key.c,
  Add key defs for remote controls, digi pads, etc.  Reduce some
  case statements to linear mappings where appropriate.  Made some
  variables unsigned in futile attempt to fix ioctl signedness
  warning.  Use __u16 to maybe fix the problem with casting in

2003-11-19 08:58  cegger

* gg/cleanup.c: fixed 'comparison between signed and unsigned'
  warnings on mingw32

2003-11-16 19:04  soyt

* doc/libgg-functions.txt: format fix

2003-11-08 23:44  cegger

* gg/conf.c: fix bugs introduced by the move to ggstrlcat() /
  ggstrlcpy(). The .include directive works again.

2003-10-29 16:25  cegger

* m4/dlopen.m4: bugfix: do further dlopen() checks, when not found
  in libc

2003-10-23 09:16  cegger

* m4/dlopen.m4: searching for dlopen in the C headers isn't enough.
  We have to check through the lib. Issue found on SuSE Linux 7.2

2003-10-23 09:11  cegger

* demos/Makefile.am: simplify a bit

2003-10-23 08:45  cegger

* gg/Makefile.am: don't link against -lwsock32 on cygwin. Then
  cygwin creates shared libs

2003-10-23 08:17  cegger

* input/x/: input.c, xev.h: include gii headers first to avoid
  conflicts with cygwin headers

2003-10-23 08:12  cegger

* input/file/input.c: include gii headers first to avoid conflicts
  with cygwin headers

2003-10-22 16:13  cegger

* demos/Makefile.am: Last change broke non-cygwin plattforms. So
  undo it, until a better way is found

2003-10-22 15:59  cegger

* input/mouse/input.c: fix 'comparison between signed and unsigned'
  value warning

2003-10-22 15:53  cegger

* demos/Makefile.am: demos also need symbols from libgg and the
  lib, where select is defined (cygwin plattform)

2003-10-22 15:45  cegger

* demos/: cpuinfo.c, demo.c, filter.c, mhub.c: include gii header
  first to avoid conflicts with cygwin headers

2003-10-22 15:29  cegger

* filter/tcp/filter.c: #include unistd.h - needed for write()

2003-10-22 15:24  cegger

* input/spaceorb/input.c, filter/save/filter.c: include gii headers
  first to avoid conflicts between unix and cygwin headers

2003-10-22 15:21  cegger

* configure.in: inet_aton() is available on cygwin, but only within
  the broken headers. So we can't use it. :(

2003-10-22 15:20  cegger

* input/tcp/libtcp.c: standard unix headers are broken on cygwin.
  So only include them, we are NOT on cygwin.

2003-10-22 14:30  cegger

* input/tcp/input.c: fix warnings about 'comparisons between signed
  and unsigned' values on cygwin

2003-10-22 14:23  cegger

* input/tcp/input.c: #include <unistd.h>. Needed for read().

2003-10-22 11:27  cegger

* configure.in: simplify check for select

2003-10-22 11:13  cegger

* configure.in: reorder check for select(), so that libgii gets
  linked against -lwsock32 on cygwin

2003-10-22 09:31  cegger

* include/ggi/system.h.in: add EXPORTFUNC / IMPORTFUNC for win32.

2003-10-22 09:11  cegger

* gii/unix.c: fix 'comparison between signed and unsigned' warnings
  on cygwin

2003-10-22 08:59  cegger

* configure.in: check for GetSystemTime() first, then for
  gettimeofday(). Issue found on cygwin.

2003-10-22 08:53  cegger

* gii/init.c: /usr/include/w32api/winsock2.h:95:2: warning:
  #warning "fd_set and associated macros have been defined in
  sys/types. This may cause runtime problems with W32 sockets" -
  fixed on cygwin

2003-10-22 08:24  cegger

* gg/Makefile.am: add selectlibs. Cygwin needs this.

2003-10-21 11:21  cegger

* gii/unix.c: reorder header inclusion. This fixes the cygwin

  /usr/include/w32api/winsock2.h:95:2: warning: #warning "fd_set
  and associated ma cros have been defined in sys/types.      This
  may cause runtime problems with W 32 sockets"

2003-10-21 11:12  cegger

* gii/: dl.c, gii.c: reorder header inclusion. This fixes the
  cygwin warning

  /usr/include/w32api/winsock2.h:95:2: warning: #warning "fd_set
  and associated ma cros have been defined in sys/types.      This
  may cause runtime problems with W 32 sockets"

2003-10-21 11:09  cegger

* gg/debug.c, include/ggi/gg.h: reorder header inclusion. This
  fixes the cygwin warning

  /usr/include/w32api/winsock2.h:95:2: warning: #warning "fd_set
  and associated ma cros have been defined in sys/types.      This
  may cause runtime problems with W 32 sockets"

2003-10-19 13:13  cegger

* m4/dlopen.m4: simplify dlopen check. Don't forget to add the lib
  to GGDLLIBS where dlopen has been found

2003-10-19 13:13  cegger

* configure.in: remove dlopen handling. This has been moved to

2003-10-19 12:54  cegger

* gg/plat.h: thanks to configures more aggressive dlopen() search,
  the workaround for SVR4 is no longer needed

2003-10-19 12:32  cegger

* configure.in, m4/dlopen.m4: configure didn't find dlopen() on too
  many platforms. So move the dlopen checks to a new
  GGI_CHECK_DLOPEN macro for more aggressive checks

2003-10-18 17:59  cegger

* gg/plat.h: #define _XOPEN_SOURCE where _POSIX_C_SOURCE is defined

2003-10-13 22:43  cegger

* gg/plat.h: found generic SYSV defines in NetBSD Mail Archive.
  Replaced Solaris specific by generic SYSVR4 #defines

2003-10-13 22:29  cegger

* gg/plat.h: *grrr* configure doesn't define HAVE_DLOPEN on
  Solaris, although it finds dlopen().

2003-10-13 22:16  cegger

* input/vgl/key2event.c: i -> tmp. Fixes compiler warning about
  locally shadowed variable. Found, fixed and tested on FreeBSD 4.9
  prerelease on SF Compilefarm.

2003-10-13 22:08  cegger

* gg/plat.h: only #define dlopen, when dlopen is available.
  Example: Darwin is also posix compliant and does NOT have
  dlopen().  Change _POSIX_SOURCE -> _POSIX_C_SOURCE to get
  additional POSIX features on *BSD systems

2003-10-13 22:02  cegger

* gg/misc.c: also use /tmp, when _POSIX_C_SOURCE is defined

2003-10-13 21:17  cegger

* gg/: conf.c, parse.c: strcasecmp() is not POSIX, but SYSV. So we
  fall back to strcmp() if not available.

2003-10-13 20:45  cegger

* gg/conf.c: strcasecmp() is defined in strings.h, so we add it

2003-10-13 07:26  cegger

* input/linux_evdev/: input.c, linux_evdev.h: commit brian's
  multi-input fix, which is still lagging around before it gets
  lost. I've made it use of ggstrlcpy()

2003-10-13 07:14  cegger

* gg/parse.c: minor cosmetics

2003-10-09 15:05  cegger

* configure.in: tell gcc to notice deverlopers to add missing
  includes :)

2003-10-08 16:24  cegger

* input/linux_mouse/input.c: minor cleanups

2003-10-08 16:21  cegger

* input/linux_joy/input.c: make use of new string bounded functions

2003-10-08 16:17  cegger

* input/: kii/kii.c, linux_evdev/input.c: include <ggi/gg.h> -
  needed for ggstrlcpy

2003-10-08 16:15  cegger

* input/kii/kii.c: make use of new string bounded functions

2003-10-08 16:12  cegger

* gg/: conf.c, dl.c, dl_darwin.c, misc.c, parse.c: make use of new
  string bounded functions

2003-10-08 10:13  cegger

* include/ggi/gg.h, gg/EXPSYMS, gg/string.c: Damn! It's impossible
  to implement ggsnprintf() and ggasprintf() in a portable way
  unless we copy lots of code from BSD libc

2003-10-08 09:42  cegger

* gg/EXPSYMS: don't forget to export new functions

2003-10-08 09:40  cegger

* configure.in, gg/Makefile.am, gg/string.c, include/ggi/gg.h,
  m4/strings.m4: add ggstrlcpy(), ggstrlcat(), ggsnprintf() and
  ggasprintf(). Implementation copied from OpenBSD.

2003-10-07 21:57  cegger

* input/kii/kii.c: SECURITY FIX: Don't forget to set the null

2003-10-07 21:42  cegger

* input/kii/kii.c: SECURITY FIXES: Use snprintf() and only use
  strncpy() when available. Correct use of size parameter of
  strncpy() to not loose the null-termination.

2003-10-07 21:14  nsouch

* input/kii/kii.c: Update FreeBSD target

2003-10-06 18:26  cegger

* input/linux_mouse/input.c: include strings.h, when available
  (contains strcasecmp())

2003-10-06 18:24  cegger

* configure.in: SYSV moved some string functions to strings.h

2003-10-06 18:23  cegger

* gg/: cleanup.c, conf.c, dl.c, init.c, intlock.c, memdebug.c,
  misc.c, parse.c, plat.h, ptlock.c: include plat.h first due to
  the #defines. This avoids some (but not all) warnings about
  redundant declarations in C headers on SYSV systems.

2003-10-05 08:28  cegger

* input/mouse/Makefile.am: linking fix from Albert Graef.

2003-10-05 08:14  cegger

* gg/plat.h: compile fix from Albert Graef.

2003-10-05 08:10  cegger

* filter/mouse/filter.c: compile fix from Albert Graef. Found when
  compiling under cygwin.

2003-09-24 21:46  cegger

* configure.in: reenable substitution of OBJCDEPMODE as it is
  mandatory to compile the quartz target. So it's better to ignore
  the weakness of automake 1.6.x

2003-09-22 19:50  cegger

* depcomp, install-sh: update to version shipped by automake 1.7.6

2003-08-11 08:31  soyt

* doc/libgii-functions.txt, doc/libgii-structures.txt,
  filter/keytrans/man.txt, filter/mouse/man.txt,
  filter/save/man.txt, filter/tcp/man.txt, input/file/man.txt,
  input/linux_evdev/man.txt, input/linux_kbd/man.txt,
  input/linux_mouse/man.txt, input/lk201/man.txt,
  input/mouse/man.txt, input/tcp/man.txt: fix formating in doc

2003-08-09 13:49  cegger

* gg/cpuid_ia32.c: conversion from 'unsigned long' to 'int' may
  loose accuracy - part 2/2

2003-08-09 13:31  cegger

* gg/cpuid_ia32.c: conversion from 'unsigned long' to 'int' may
  loose accuracy

2003-08-03 21:02  cegger

* configure.in, gg/Makefile.am: make automake 1.6.x happy again

2003-07-20 14:44  cegger

* m4/checktypes.m4: add the missing check for 8 bit datatypes.
  Everyone, who think, I've broken everything in the last committs
  I did, please recompile and reinstall everything from scratch!

2003-07-13 14:54  cegger

* demos/demo.c: code cleanup

2003-07-13 10:57  cegger

* configure.in: use alpha* rather than alpha-* to also catch

2003-07-13 10:46  cegger

* gg/Makefile.am: *grrr* automake 1.4 is a pain. 1.6.x and 1.7.x
  versions are much much better

2003-07-13 09:47  cegger

* autogen.sh: make it more verbose to see, what's currently
  running. This is surely more interesting on slow machines

2003-07-13 06:28  cegger

* filter/tcp/filter.c: fix warning: comparison between signed and

2003-07-13 06:25  cegger

* gii/gii.c: fix warning: comparison between signed and unsigned

2003-07-13 00:02  cegger

* configure.in, m4/checktypes.m4: move checks for datatypes into a
  macro. Simplifies configure.in

2003-07-12 22:04  cegger

* gg/: cpuid_alpha.c, cpuid_ia32.c, cpuid_ppc.c, cpuid_sparc.c:
  remove unneeded #ifndef ... #endif

2003-07-12 19:19  cegger

* autogen.sh: automake > 1.4 is too verbose. Only mistakes are of

2003-07-12 19:17  cegger

* gg/Makefile.am, gg/cpuid.c, gg/cpuid.h, gg/cpuid_alpha.c,
  gg/cpuid_ia32.c, gg/cpuid_ppc.c, gg/cpuid_sparc.c, configure.in:
  cpuid cleanup

2003-07-12 06:14  cegger

* gg/dl_darwin.c: add missing statics

2003-07-09 08:55  cegger

* config.guess, config.sub: update from

2003-07-06 17:48  cegger

* input/spaceorb/input.c: don't shadow devname() under Darwin.
  devname() is declared in <stdlib.h>

2003-07-06 17:43  cegger

* input/linux_mouse/input.c: don't shadow devname() under Darwin.
  devname() is declared in <stdlib.h>

2003-07-05 15:29  cegger

* configure.in: -Wcast-align is a bad idea on sparc

2003-07-05 15:27  cegger

* input/tcp/libtcp.c: fix comparison between signed and unsigned
  values under Solaris/sparc

2003-07-05 12:49  cegger

* configure.in: -Wbad-function-cast misleads gcc confusing the user
  about doing wrong things, although it's right

2003-07-04 22:38  cegger

* configure.in, demos/demo.c, demos/filter.c, demos/mhub.c,
  filter/keytrans/filter.c, filter/mouse/filter.c,
  filter/save/filter.c, filter/tcp/filter.c, gg/conf.c, gg/cpuid.c,
  gg/dl.c, gg/parse.c, gii/gii.c, include/ggi/internal/Makefile.am,
  include/ggi/internal/gii-dl.h, include/ggi/internal/gii.h,
  include/ggi/internal/gii_target.h, input/directx/input.c,
  input/fdselect/input.c, input/file/input.c, input/inputX/input.c,
  input/ipaq_touchscreen/input.c, input/kii/input.c,
  input/linux_evdev/eventparse.c, input/linux_evdev/input.c,
  input/linux_joy/input.c, input/linux_kbd/input.c,
  input/linux_mouse/input.c, input/lk201/input.c,
  input/mouse/input.c, input/mouse/packetparse.c,
  input/null/input.c, input/pcjoy/input.c, input/spaceorb/input.c,
  input/stdin/input.c, input/tcp/input.c, input/tcp/libtcp.h,
  input/touchscreen/zaurus.c, input/vgl/input.c, input/x/input.c,
  input/xwin/input.c: big code cleanup - lots of compiler warning
  fixes - new <ggi/internal/gii_target.h> declaring prototypes all
  input/filter targets must implement

2003-07-03 12:26  cegger

* configure.in, input/tcp/libtcp.c, m4/winfuncs.m4: a bunch of
  cygwin fixes

2003-07-01 10:25  cegger

* gg/: gglock.c, init.c, intlock.c, ptlock.c: use new internal gg.h
  allowing gcc better syntax checking

2003-07-01 10:23  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/: Makefile.am, gg.h: add internal header
  file for libgg

2003-07-01 10:21  cegger

* gii/gii.c: add missing include

2003-07-01 10:21  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/gii-dl.h: add missing prototype

2003-07-01 10:20  cegger

* configure.in: make gcc find more bogus stuff

2003-07-01 10:11  cegger

* include/ggi/gg.h, gg/debug.c: don't shadow sync() declared in

2003-06-29 14:55  cegger

* TODO: refactor TODO items for roadmap over libgii 0.9.x to GGI
  3.0 (containing libgii 1.0)

2003-06-12 08:05  cegger

* config.guess, config.sub, install-sh: update to the version
  shipped by automake 1.7.5

2003-05-25 20:15  skids

* input/kii/kii.c:
  Use debug facility for informational messages.

2003-05-20 10:31  cegger

* gg/dl_darwin.c: fix memory leak

2003-05-19 11:54  cegger

* input/kii/kii.c: merge improvements from FreeBSD's ports tree

2003-05-12 22:03  cegger

* input/x/input.c: add missing header

2003-05-12 22:01  cegger

* input/x/input.c: eek - use right bool op

2003-05-12 21:59  cegger

* input/x/input.c: add -nokeyfocus option to disable the keyboard
  focus. Keyboard focus is enabled by default though.

2003-05-12 21:44  cegger

* input/stdin/input.c: cleanup stdin input option handling. May fix
  concurrent access on multiple use of stdin input.

2003-05-12 20:54  cegger

* input/x/input.c: ungrab keyboard and pointer on exit

2003-05-12 20:26  cegger

* input/x/input.c: The X window has the keyboard focus even the
  mouse is beyond the window

2003-05-12 20:23  cegger

* input/xwin/input.c: - code cleanup - the X window has the
  keyboard focus even the mouse is beyond the window

2003-05-09 22:08  cegger

* configure.in: warn on incomplete switch/case handling

2003-05-04 20:09  cegger

* configure.in: make Objective-C work with automake 1.7.x.

2003-04-28 20:57  cegger

* configure.in: partially implemented cpuid for powerpc plus fixed
  some obj-c issues for cocoa input target

2003-04-28 20:55  cegger

* gg/cpuid.c: partially implemented cpuid for powerpc

2003-04-28 17:23  cegger

* demos/cpuinfo.c: change license to public domain. GGI libraries
  are BSD licensed, demos public domain.

2003-04-25 20:16  cegger

* include/ggi/gg.h: mark long long constant explicitely as long
  long. This silences gcc 3.3 about: integer constant is to large
  for type "long"

2003-04-22 20:15  cegger

* configure.in: make gcc more silence and warn about more serious

2003-04-18 14:59  soyt

* doc/libgii-functions.txt: formating cleanups

2003-04-14 13:01  cegger

* configure.in: remove -Wno-unused-parameter. gcc 2.95.3 is not
  aware of it.

2003-04-13 21:34  cegger

* gg/plat.h: cygwin doesn't require the '_'. Found by Paul Redmond

2003-04-13 15:38  cegger

* configure.in: silence gcc a little

2003-04-13 02:23  ggibecka

* include/ggi/events.h: Stop GCC complaining about singed/unsigned
  comparisions due to non-casted constants.

2003-04-12 21:04  cegger

* filter/mouse/filter.c, input/linux_evdev/eventparse.c,
  input/linux_joy/input.c, input/linux_kbd/input.c: gcc 3.3 warning

2003-04-12 18:30  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/gii.h: the right gcc 3.3 fix

2003-04-12 15:35  skids

* doc/libgg-functions.txt:
  Add descriptions of SWAR flags.

2003-04-12 15:08  cegger

* demos/mhub.c, include/ggi/internal/gii.h: gcc 3.3 warning fixes

2003-04-12 13:56  soyt

* doc/: libgg-functions.txt, libgg.txt: docfix

2003-04-12 13:48  soyt

* doc/: libgg-functions.txt, libgg.txt: added documentation for

2003-04-12 10:35  ggibecka

* gg/cleanup.c: Fixed initialisation issue, if sigaction is

2003-04-02 10:46  soyt

* input/file/man.txt, filter/keytrans/man.txt,
  filter/mouse/man.txt, filter/save/man.txt, filter/tcp/man.txt,
  input/linux_evdev/man.txt, input/linux_kbd/man.txt,
  input/linux_mouse/man.txt, input/lk201/man.txt,
  input/mouse/man.txt, input/tcp/man.txt: formating fixes

2003-04-01 14:12  soyt

* filter/save/man.txt, input/tcp/man.txt: fixed man references

2003-04-01 13:29  soyt

* doc/libgii-structures.txt: corrected manpage ref

2003-04-01 10:55  soyt

* doc/libgii-libraries.txt, input/directx/man.txt,
  input/file/man.txt, filter/keytrans/man.txt,
  filter/mouse/man.txt, filter/save/man.txt,
  input/linux_evdev/man.txt, input/linux_kbd/man.txt,
  input/linux_mouse/man.txt, input/lk201/man.txt,
  input/mouse/man.txt, input/tcp/man.txt, filter/tcp/man.txt: ReST
  for modules

2003-03-31 20:57  cegger

* README: update

2003-03-31 20:43  cegger

* NEWS: merge revisions 1.4 - from stable branch_0_8:

  add release notes for 0.8.3

2003-03-31 20:28  cegger


2003-03-30 19:33  soyt

* doc/libgii-structures.txt: typo

2003-03-30 19:09  soyt

* doc/: libgii-functions.txt, libgii-libraries.txt,
  libgii-structures.txt, libgii.txt: ReST version of documentation

2003-03-30 11:46  cegger

* input/mouse/packetparse.c, demos/demo.c, demos/filter.c: fixed
  compiler warnings about comparison between signed and unsigned

2003-03-30 11:16  cegger

* configure.in: make gcc more verbose

2003-03-30 11:10  cegger

* gg/cpuid.c: make the code more human readable for non-emacs users
  and fixed compiler warnings about comparison 'signed with
  unsigned values'

2003-03-30 11:00  cegger

* gg/cleanup.c: fix compiler warning about comparison between
  signed and unsigned values

2003-03-19 23:06  cegger

* configure.in, gii/Makefile.am: update version info to make more
  clear where the devel tree is going to

2003-03-16 21:53  cegger

* TODO: update

2003-03-04 15:58  soyt

* doc/man/: filter-keytrans.7, filter-mouse.7, filter-save.7,
  filter-tcp.7, giiOpen.3, gii_cmd_event.3,
  gii_cmddata_getdevinfo.3, gii_cmddata_getvalinfo.3, gii_event.3,
  gii_key_event.3, gii_val_event.3, input-file.7,
  input-linux-evdev.7, input-linux-kbd.7, input-linux-mouse.7,
  input-lk201.7, input-mouse.7, input-tcp.7: yet another serial
  commit of manpage fixes

2003-03-03 21:34  soyt

* doc/man/: filter-tcp.7, input-mouse.7, input-tcp.7: manpages

2003-03-02 16:55  soyt

* doc/man/: Makefile.am, gii_cmd_nodata_event.3: forgot

2003-03-02 16:53  soyt

* doc/man/: Makefile.am, filter-keytrans.7, filter-mouse.7,
  filter-save.7, filter-tcp.7, giiEventPoll.3, giiEventSend.3,
  giiInit.3, giiMTInit.3, giiOpen.3, giiPanic.3,
  giiQueryDeviceInfo.3, giiQueryValInfo.3, giiSetEventMask.3,
  gii_cmd_event.3, gii_cmddata_getdevinfo.3,
  gii_cmddata_getvalinfo.3, gii_event.3, gii_expose_event.3,
  gii_key_event.3, gii_pbutton_event.3, gii_pmove_event.3,
  gii_val_event.3, input-file.7, input-linux-evdev.7,
  input-linux-kbd.7, input-linux-mouse.7, input-lk201.7,
  input-mouse.7, input-tcp.7, libgii.7: improved formating of
  manpages and added input-file reference

2003-03-01 14:05  soyt

* doc/man/input-lk201.7: manpage fixes

2003-03-01 12:22  soyt

* doc/man/: filter-keytrans.7, filter-mouse.7, filter-save.7,
  filter-tcp.7, giiEventPoll.3, giiEventSend.3, giiInit.3,
  giiMTInit.3, giiOpen.3, giiPanic.3, giiQueryDeviceInfo.3,
  giiQueryValInfo.3, giiSetEventMask.3, gii_cmd_event.3,
  gii_cmddata_getdevinfo.3, gii_cmddata_getvalinfo.3, gii_event.3,
  gii_expose_event.3, gii_key_event.3, gii_pbutton_event.3,
  gii_pmove_event.3, gii_val_event.3, input-directx.7,
  input-linux-evdev.7, input-linux-kbd.7, input-linux-mouse.7,
  input-lk201.7, input-mouse.7, input-tcp.7, libgii.7: improved

2003-02-28 22:55  soyt

* doc/man/: filter-key.7, filter-keytrans.7, filter-mouse.7,
  filter-save.7, filter-tcp.7, giiEventPoll.3, giiEventSend.3,
  giiInit.3, giiMTInit.3, giiOpen.3, giiPanic.3,
  giiQueryDeviceInfo.3, giiQueryValInfo.3, giiSetEventMask.3,
  gii_cmd_event.3, gii_cmddata_getdevinfo.3,
  gii_cmddata_getvalinfo.3, gii_event.3, gii_expose_event.3,
  gii_key_event.3, gii_pbutton_event.3, gii_phystype.3,
  gii_pmove_event.3, gii_val_event.3, gii_valrange.3,
  input-directx.7, input-linux-evdev.7, input-linux-kbd.7,
  input-linux-mouse.7, input-lk201.7, input-mouse.7, input-tcp.7:
  manpages must look much much better now.

2003-02-26 21:40  cegger

* config.guess, config.sub, depcomp: update to the version shipped
  by automake 1.7.3

2003-02-13 13:34  fries

* gg/plat.h: nobody has tested this on i386/elf .. the '_' as a
  symbol prefix is only valid on OpenBSD/a.out .. aka x86 .. sparc,
  however, is elf, which is where I found this.

  While here, steal from mplayer that OS2 and CYGWIN also need the

2003-02-08 17:10  skids

* input/kii/input.c:
  Map KII syms to GII syms and labels

2003-02-01 14:22  cegger

* input/: directx/input.c, fdselect/input.c, file/input.c,
  inputX/input.c, ipaq_touchscreen/input.c, linux_evdev/input.c,
  linux_joy/input.c, linux_kbd/input.c, lk201/input.c,
  mouse/input.c, spaceorb/input.c, stdin/input.c, tcp/input.c,
  touchscreen/common.c, vgl/input.c, x/input.c, xwin/input.c: redo
  my mistake and fix wrong drivers. I have realized now, that
  ev.cmd.data is already an array. Drivers were partialy
  inconsitent - one time right the other time wrong - which lead me
  to the wrong direction.

2003-02-01 14:19  cegger

* input/kii/: input.c, kii.c: add devfs support to kii - disabled
  though, because KII_MAX_NR_DEVICES hasn't been exported to
  userspace yet

2003-02-01 13:49  cegger

* input/xwin/input.c: don't fill a pointer with a casted value

2003-02-01 13:35  cegger

* input/: stdin/input.c, tcp/input.c, x/input.c: don't fill a
  pointer with a casted value

2003-02-01 13:28  cegger

* input/spaceorb/input.c: don't fill a pointer with a casted value

2003-02-01 13:20  cegger

* input/mouse/input.c: don't fill a pointer with a casted value

2003-02-01 13:17  cegger

* input/: file/input.c, ipaq_touchscreen/input.c: don't fill a
  pointer with a casted value

2003-02-01 11:01  cegger

* input/touchscreen/common.c: use casted address instead of casted

2003-02-01 10:31  cegger

* input/touchscreen/common.c: minor cleanup

2003-01-27 17:18  fries

* ltmain.sh: add fixes from and for OpenBSD

2003-01-17 11:24  cegger

* input/linux_evdev/linux_evdev.h: fixed 'redefinition of uint16'

2003-01-12 15:24  cegger

* configure.in: move kii target checking to the right place

2003-01-09 03:28  fspacek

* input/kii/input.c: Buttons are 1 based

2003-01-03 22:47  cegger

* input/xwin/Makefile.am: add workaround for Darwin. The symbol
  link to xev.h is not created as under Linux and NetBSD, thus
  compiling failes due to unavailable xev.h. The workaround adds a
  symbol link to the compiled version.

2003-01-03 20:53  cegger

* input/xwin/Makefile.am: fix libtool usage - this patch is taken
  from the NetBSD ports package

2002-12-30 23:06  cegger

* gg/plat.h: NetBSD no longer needs the '_' prefix on symbol names.

2002-12-22 12:43  cegger

* configure.in, libgii.conf.in, include/ggi/input/Makefile.am,
  include/ggi/input/cocoa.h, input/Makefile.am: add cocoa input
  driver (requires MacOSX 10.2 or newer)

2002-12-21 16:25  cegger

* configure.in: bump to final 0.8.2 version

2002-12-17 22:32  cegger

* gg/plat.h: merge nicolas patch

2002-12-17 18:15  cegger

* config.guess, config.sub, install-sh: update to the version
  coming along with autoconf 2.57/automake 1.7.2

2002-12-17 15:25  soyt

* doc/man/Makefile.am: Makefile.am don't get installed

2002-12-17 14:45  cegger

* demos/Makefile.am: prevent cpuinfo from getting installed

2002-12-12 20:06  cegger

* README: correct url

2002-12-12 15:33  cegger

* NEWS: add user visible changes

2002-12-09 22:41  cegger

* configure.in: bump version number to -rc5

2002-12-08 21:33  cegger

* ltmain.sh: add fixes from debian. While here, fix debian patch:
  use ${SED} consistently.

2002-12-07 20:02  cegger

* input/kii/input.c: kii improvements from rodolphe and filip

2002-12-04 19:22  cegger

* input/kii/Makefile.am: add missing file for packaging

2002-12-03 21:51  cegger

* configure.in: bump version to -rc4

2002-11-30 15:32  fspacek

* input/kii/: input.c, kii.c, kii.h: Moved declaration of kii
  userspace functions to kii target.

2002-11-29 22:11  cegger

* input/kii/input.c: add missing includes

2002-11-29 21:11  cegger

* configure.in: typo fix: use actually defined datatype

2002-11-28 00:09  cegger

* configure.in: mark -rc3 release

2002-11-27 20:20  soyt

* doc/man/: Makefile.am, filter-key.7, filter-keytrans.7,
  filter-mouse.7, filter-save.7, filter-tcp.7, giiAddEventMask.3,
  giiClose.3, giiEventPoll.3, giiEventRead.3, giiEventSelect.3,
  giiEventSend.3, giiEventsQueued.3, giiExit.3, giiGetEventMask.3,
  giiInit.3, giiJoinInputs.3, giiMTInit.3, giiOpen.3, giiPanic.3,
  giiQueryDeviceInfo.3, giiQueryDeviceInfoByNumber.3,
  giiQueryValInfo.3, giiRemoveEventMask.3, giiSetEventMask.3,
  giiSplitInputs.3, gii_any_event.3, gii_cmd_event.3,
  gii_cmddata_getdevinfo.3, gii_cmddata_getvalinfo.3, gii_event.3,
  gii_event_mask.3, gii_event_type.3, gii_expose_event.3,
  gii_key_event.3, gii_pbutton_event.3, gii_phystype.3,
  gii_pmove_event.3, gii_val_event.3, gii_valrange.3,
  input-directx.7, input-linux-evdev.7, input-linux-kbd.7,
  input-linux-mouse.7, input-lk201.7, input-mouse.7, input-tcp.7,
  libgii.7: updated manpages

2002-11-27 10:03  cegger

* m4/extrapaths.m4: quoting fixes

2002-11-27 09:31  cegger

* configure.in: configure no longer searches for c++ compilers as
  complaint by the debian packager

2002-11-25 16:16  soyt

* doc/man/Makefile.am: updated manpages

2002-11-25 14:35  cegger

* config.guess, config.sub, install-sh, mkinstalldirs: update to
  the versions shipped with autoconf 2.55

2002-11-18 11:13  cegger

* configure.in: bump version number

2002-11-15 23:12  soyt

* doc/man/Makefile.am: updated manpages

2002-11-15 22:24  cegger

* gg/Makefile.am, gii/Makefile.am: go back to -version-info.
  OpenBSD has matching problems with -release

2002-11-11 12:15  cegger

* configure.in, gg/Makefile.am, gii/Makefile.am: bump version

2002-11-06 23:33  cegger

* configure.in: kii robustness fix from Bernhard Fischer

2002-11-06 23:27  cegger

* input/kii/kii.c: kii fixes from Bernhard Fischer

2002-11-06 23:19  cegger

* m4/extrapaths.m4: merge some robustness fixes from Bernhard

2002-11-02 14:09  cegger

* configure.in: bugfix: Check only, when not found on Solaris

2002-11-02 13:18  cegger

* gg/: misc.c, plat.h: preprocessor cleanups, add define for

2002-10-31 23:24  cegger

* configure.in: add some checks for Solaris

2002-10-29 07:55  cegger

* configure.in: typo fix

2002-10-27 09:21  cegger

* include/ggi/system.h.in: don't mix up signed with unsigned

2002-10-26 23:49  skids

* configure.in, gg/cpuid.c, m4/swar.m4:
  SWAR detection for ALPHA CPUs.  Now why couldn't all arch's be
  this easy?

2002-10-26 18:20  skids

* gg/cpuid.c:
  Fixed mistake I made translating AMD flags from original cpuid
  source code.

2002-10-25 06:06  skids

* configure.in:
  Case sensitivity bug -- perhaps in the uint32 test this was
  purposefully changed in order to disable it but still act as a
  placeholder, so I did not fix that occurance.

2002-10-25 05:43  skids

* configure.in, demos/cpuinfo.c, gg/cpuid.c, include/ggi/gg.h,
  include/ggi/system.h.in, m4/swar.m4:
  Seeing no objections to my ml post...  Redo the 64 bit SWAR stuff
  and add conditionally available uint64 A few other minor fixes.

2002-10-24 22:17  cegger

* configure.in: Use -DDEBUG to reenable the debugging code. It was
  'disabled' by Eric's config.h fix

2002-10-24 22:04  cegger

* configure.in: Use -DDEBUG to reenable the debugging code. It was
  'disabled' by Eric's config.h fix

2002-10-24 07:28  cegger

* config.guess, ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltdl.m4: update to
  libtool 1.4.3

2002-10-21 21:17  skids

* gg/cpuid.c:
  Try to fix K6-II 3DNOW! false positives.  Probably I squashed
  this bug.  + some AMD cpu's don't seem to report MMX when they
  have 3DNOW!, and since that means they essentially have MMX, made
  sure that those CPUs are seen as having MMX.

2002-10-21 16:51  cegger

* ltmain.sh, m4/libtool.m4, m4/ltdl.m4: update libtool to latest
  CVS version of the 1.4 branch - it contains more fixes and

2002-10-21 04:14  skids

* configure.in, demos/cpuinfo.c, gg/cpuid.c:
  sparc64 SWAR identification support.

2002-10-20 20:51  cegger

* TODO: update

2002-10-17 21:02  cegger

* config.guess, config.sub: update to versions shipped with
  automake 1.7. This let configure recognize more CPU variants
  (i.e. of mips, powerpc64 and athlon (XP))

2002-10-16 21:38  skids

* gg/plat.h: add __CYGWIN__ to posix compliant platforms

2002-10-16 21:26  cegger

* gg/misc.c: cygwin also uses unix-like hierarchy

2002-10-16 20:29  skids

* gg/cpuid.c:
  Try to make sure GCC knows which registers are clobbered, +

2002-10-16 06:47  cegger

* demos/: Makefile.am, cpuinfo.c: add a SWAR info utility

2002-10-15 21:56  skids

* configure.in, gg/EXPSYMS, gg/Makefile.am, gg/cpuid.c, gg/parse.c,
  include/ggi/gg.h, m4/Makefile.am, m4/swar.m4:
  Sample of ggGetSwarType implementation (for i386).  Comments

2002-10-12 16:04  cegger

* TODO: update

2002-10-12 15:24  cegger

* TODO: update

2002-10-09 18:00  cegger

* m4/libtool.m4: merge in a patch from the libtool developers
  originally written to compile KDE on Darwin. It contain's some
  C++ fixes, too.

2002-10-09 17:15  cegger

* ltmain.sh: merge in a patch from the libtool developers
  originally written to compile KDE on Darwin. It contain's some
  C++ fixes, too.

2002-10-08 22:12  cegger

* m4/libtool.m4: backout the mistakes pico made in this file

2002-10-08 21:43  cegger

* m4/libtool.m4: libtool BUGFIX: call gcc with correct options

2002-10-08 07:39  cegger

* configure.in, gg/Makefile.am: do correct checking for darwin

2002-10-08 07:25  cegger

* gg/dl_darwin.c: use PATH_MAX define stolen from misc.c

2002-10-07 20:16  cegger

* gg/dl_darwin.c: finally add the dl loader for darwin

2002-10-07 18:55  cegger

* config.guess, config.sub, depcomp, install-sh, missing,
  mkinstalldirs: update to the version shipped with automake 1.6.3

2002-10-07 18:24  cegger

* gg/misc.c: this works update works for darwin. I hope, this works
  for all other plattforms, too

2002-10-07 17:11  cegger

* gg/plat.h: remove #warning, that had only existed for debugging

2002-10-06 22:35  cegger

* m4/dllext.m4: It seems, that the build system chooses the right
  extension automatically

2002-10-06 22:02  cegger

* gg/plat.h: This update should work for both Darwin and non-Darwin

2002-10-06 21:49  cegger

* input/tcp/libtcp.c: add missing include

2002-10-05 17:22  fspacek

* libgii.conf.in, input/kii/input.c: Minor kii improvements. Some
  GII/KII guru should still look over this...

2002-10-04 18:58  cegger

* configure.in: add stuff, autoscan says it's missing

2002-10-04 18:57  cegger

* gg/Makefile.am: let libgii compile on non-darwin platforms again

2002-10-04 12:04  cegger

* gg/: misc.c, plat.h: linux compiling fixes

2002-10-03 22:17  cegger

* configure.in, gg/Makefile.am, gg/dl.c, gg/misc.c, gg/plat.h,
  m4/dllext.m4: Darwin port: Prepares build system and plat.h for
  it. This commit misses the dl_darwin.c file, because it doesn't
  compile yet. Nonetheless, this commit should NOT hurt any
  non-darwin platforms.

2002-10-01 17:49  cegger

* m4/dllext.m4: choose right library extension for darwin

2002-10-01 14:25  cegger

* TODO: update

2002-09-30 16:51  cegger

* gg/plat.h: only include <dlfcn.h>, when it is actually present

2002-09-30 16:06  cegger

* m4/winfuncs.m4: replacing the comparison of AC_LANG for CPLUSPLUS
  by a stupid test == test one finally fixes the autoconf 2.5x

2002-09-29 21:28  cegger

* compile, depcomp: add two nice wrappers from automake 1.6

2002-09-29 21:21  cegger

* m4/libtool.m4: update to version 1.4.2

2002-09-29 21:19  cegger

* config.guess, config.sub, install-sh, missing, mkinstalldirs:
  update to versions shipped by automake 1.6

2002-09-29 20:11  cegger

* config.guess, config.sub, ltmain.sh: This libtool update adds
  support for Darwin plus improvements for OpenBSD/NetBSD

2002-09-28 12:30  cegger

* Makefile.am: persuade automake to not bother about COPYING and
  AUTHORS files

2002-09-26 23:14  cegger

* Makefile.am: don't confuse automake 1.6

2002-09-15 09:58  cegger

* gg/misc.c: fix null pointer bug for unix/posix environments

2002-07-29 17:28  cegger

* input/: fdselect/input.c, kii/input.c, linux_evdev/input.c,
  pcjoy/input.c, touchscreen/common.c: don't use // comments as
  they may break non (full) ANSI C99 conform plattforms like *BSD,
  Solaris (using Sun's C-compiler), etc.

2002-07-29 16:04  fspacek

* configure.in, input/Makefile.am, input/kii/EXPSYMS,
  input/kii/Makefile.am, input/kii/input.c, input/kii/kii.c: KII
  input target. It still needs quite a bit of work but it is enough
  to get very trivial input going.

2002-07-23 15:18  cegger

* gg/plat.h: fix compile error about undefined CHAR_DIRDELIM, when
  using mingw

2002-06-15 01:38  skids

* gii/EXPSYMS:
  Symbol needed after soyt bugfixed the devinfos.  Not noticed
  until cygwin build attempted.

2002-06-08 19:51  skids

* input/xwin/input.c:
  Process GraphicsExpose events too.

2002-05-28 14:01  soyt

* configure.in, include/ggi/system.h.in: Added a workaround to
  replace atexit by on_exit on broken libc

2002-05-28 11:52  soyt

* TODO: updated TODO

2002-05-28 10:59  soyt

* gii/gii.c: minor spelling fixes

2002-05-24 22:02  skids

  Add TODO item for bug found by PngPanther.

2002-04-30 15:51  cegger

* configure.in: spelling fix - stupid me

2002-04-30 15:43  cegger

* configure.in: added check for <asm/sharp_ts.h> to decide wether
  to build the touchscreen driver or not

2002-04-30 15:34  cegger

* libgii.conf.in: add the sharp zaurus to the build system (patch
  from Tobias Hunger)

2002-04-30 15:23  cegger

* input/: Makefile.am, ipaq_touchscreen/input.c: add the sharp
  zaurus to the build system (patch from Tobias Hunger)

2002-04-30 15:22  cegger

* configure.in: add the sharp zaurus to the build system

2002-04-30 15:18  cegger

* input/touchscreen/: .cvsignore, EXPSYMS, Makefile.am, common.c,
  common.h, zaurus.c: added touchscreen driver for the Sharp Zaurus
  written by Tobias Hunger

2002-04-01 20:17  cegger

* input/vgl/input.c: merged fix from Nicolas Souchu

2002-03-08 19:12  fries

* configure.in, m4/libtool.m4: support OpenBSD; may not be clean,
  but it works

2002-03-08 10:14  fries

* ltmain.sh: fixes for OpenBSD (could be prettier, but for now it

2002-02-22 21:51  soyt

* filter/keytrans/filter.c, filter/mouse/filter.c,
  filter/save/filter.c, filter/tcp/filter.c, gii/dl.c, gii/gii.c,
  gii/init.c, gii/unix.c, include/ggi/internal/gii.h,
  input/directx/di.c, input/directx/input.c,
  input/fdselect/input.c, input/file/input.c, input/inputX/input.c,
  input/inputX/linkey.c, input/ipaq_touchscreen/input.c,
  input/linux_evdev/eventparse.c, input/linux_evdev/input.c,
  input/linux_evdev/key.c, input/linux_joy/input.c,
  input/linux_kbd/input.c, input/linux_kbd/linkey.c,
  input/linux_mouse/input.c, input/lk201/input.c,
  input/mouse/input.c, input/mouse/packetparse.c,
  input/null/input.c, input/pcjoy/input.c, input/spaceorb/input.c,
  input/stdin/input.c, input/tcp/input.c, input/tcp/libtcp.c,
  input/vgl/input.c, input/vgl/key2event.c, input/x/input.c,
  input/x/xev.c, input/xwin/input.c: 'gii/internal/gii.h' doesn't
  include "config.h" anymore.  It is moved back to the .c level it

2002-01-27 08:46  cegger

* configure.in, filter/keytrans/filter.c, filter/mouse/filter.c,
  input/linux_joy/input.c, input/linux_mouse/input.c: configure
  scans for snprintf, strncat and strncpy - and make only use of
  them, when they are actually available

2002-01-26 19:55  cegger

* filter/keytrans/filter.c, filter/mouse/filter.c,
  input/linux_joy/input.c, input/linux_mouse/input.c: avoid
  possible buffer-overlow bugs

2001-12-17 14:07  cegger

* TODO: update

2001-12-14 22:01  cegger

* gg/Makefile.am: sync version number with libgii

2001-12-07 13:21  cegger

* TODO: update

2001-12-07 10:50  cegger

* gii/gii.c: fixed compiler warning: gii.c:600: warning: suggest
  parentheses around assignment used as truth value

2001-12-06 19:26  ggibecka

* gii/gii.c: Cache was not updated when splitting off inputs thus
  yielding 100% CPU due to select() returning EBADF after
  destroying a visual in a multi- visual application.

2001-12-06 18:54  ggibecka

* gii/gii.c: hopefully fixed several locking problems with
  splitting inputs.  fixed missing allocation of locks when in
  threadsafe mode.

2001-12-03 14:47  cegger

* TODO: update - user's of multiple visuals should verify, if
  Eric's bugfix works

2001-11-12 23:00  soyt

* input/xwin/input.c: A few compilation error fixed

2001-11-12 22:57  soyt

* input/: x/input.c, xwin/input.c: A few compilation error fixed

2001-11-12 22:49  soyt

* gii/gii.c: A few compilation error fixed

2001-11-12 22:36  soyt

* filter/keytrans/filter.c, filter/mouse/filter.c, gii/gii.c,
  include/ggi/internal/gii.h, input/directx/input.c,
  input/fdselect/input.c, input/file/input.c, input/inputX/input.c,
  input/ipaq_touchscreen/input.c, input/linux_evdev/input.c,
  input/linux_joy/input.c, input/linux_kbd/input.c,
  input/lk201/input.c, input/mouse/input.c, input/spaceorb/input.c,
  input/stdin/input.c, input/tcp/input.c, input/vgl/input.c,
  input/x/input.c, input/xwin/input.c:
  Added the _giiRegisterDevice intraface and corrected the modules.
  This fixes a nasty flaw that screwed up device origins. I
  couldn't test the build, so it will probably break/crash, but the
  idea is there.

2001-11-12 16:53  skids

  More stuff, Eric found the bug Andy noticed. Looks like we will
  have signifigant LibGII work to go along with the next release of

2001-11-10 19:24  soyt

* TODO: Small documentation updates.

2001-11-09 18:15  soyt

* filter/tcp/filter.c: Fixed a probable typo.

2001-10-17 15:57  cegger

* TODO: update roadmap

2001-10-17 12:45  skids

  TODO list for next release and beyond

2001-09-14 11:42  cegger

* input/pcjoy/input.c: merged fix from Ingo Krabbe

2001-09-12 11:17  cegger

* configure.in, input/Makefile.am, input/ipaq_touchscreen/EXPSYMS,
  input/ipaq_touchscreen/.cvsignore: added ipaq touchscreen input
  driver from Tobias Hunger <tobias@berlin-consortium.org>

2001-08-26 15:49  soyt

* ChangeLog: commited changelogs for 2.0.1

2001-08-25 21:41  soyt

* INSTALL.autoconf: changed to more recent INSTALL.autoconf (2.50)

2001-08-25 21:22  soyt

* INSTALL: Added missing configure options in INSTALL

2001-08-25 21:07  soyt

* NEWS, README: re-release notes

2001-08-25 13:05  cegger

* gg/Makefile.am, gii/Makefile.am: update version info

2001-08-25 10:59  thayne

* TODO, filter/Makefile.am, input/Makefile.am: I'm sure
  used when SUBDIRS is conditional, yet the "make dist" targets
  still need to traverse a non-conditional set of directories for

  Yes, the Fairy of the North gave me this information.

  Oh, I also updated the TODO files.

2001-08-24 11:31  soyt

* TODO: AC_TRY_RUN warning in todo

2001-08-23 12:39  soyt

* TODO, configure.in, doc/Makefile.am: moved to version 0.8.1 and
  removed doc/docbook from build

2001-08-23 04:15  thayne

* TODO, dist/rpm/libgii.spec.in: added missing files to rpm builds
  and updated TODO files

2001-08-22 16:20  soyt

* TODO: added issue

2001-08-22 14:29  soyt

* TODO: Added TODO files

2001-08-22 04:37  thayne

* dist/rpm/libgii.spec.in: Cannot specify redundant sources - rpm
  tries to package all of them\!

2001-08-14 12:53  soyt

* doc/man/Makefile.am: new mapages

2001-08-12 10:03  cegger

* ChangeLog: update from Eric

2001-07-26 10:12  cegger

* NEWS: added missing release-notes of version 0.8

2001-07-19 10:23  cegger

* dist/rpm/libgii.spec.in: fixed URLs

2001-07-19 07:44  thayne

* Makefile.am, configure.in, dist/.cvsignore, dist/Makefile.am,
  dist/rpm/.cvsignore, dist/rpm/Makefile.am,
  dist/rpm/libgii.spec.in: Add structure for
  distributions/packages.  Put in spec files for building RPM's.

2001-07-16 14:48  thayne

* configure.in: Revert back to AM_DISABLE_STATIC and
  AM_PROG_LIBTOOL to fix "LIBTOOL not set in configure.in" problem.
  Add some missing files to some Makefile.am - without this files
  aren't packaged using "make dist" targets.

2001-07-10 18:59  cegger

* configure.in, gii/Makefile.am: update version number

2001-07-10 18:35  soyt

* ChangeLog: libggi and libgii ChangeLogs : Here we go\!

2001-07-10 13:31  soyt

* doc/man/Makefile.am: updated manpages

2001-07-10 05:22  thayne

* configure.in: AM_PROG_LIBTOOL and AM_DISABLE_STATIC are
  deprecated - use 'AC_' names.

2001-07-09 14:49  thayne

* m4/libtool.m4: libtool 1.4 has moved tests from ltconfig to
  libtool.m4.  Delete unecessary ltconfig and update libtool.m4.

2001-07-09 03:02  fortinj

* doc/README.directx:
  New file describing the compilation and installation of libGII
  for Win32.

2001-07-07 19:55  cegger

* filter/save/Makefile.am, filter/tcp/Makefile.am,
  input/directx/Makefile.am, input/fdselect/Makefile.am,
  input/file/Makefile.am, input/inputX/Makefile.am,
  input/linux_evdev/Makefile.am, input/linux_joy/Makefile.am,
  input/linux_mouse/Makefile.am, input/lk201/Makefile.am,
  input/mouse/Makefile.am, input/null/Makefile.am,
  input/pcjoy/Makefile.am, input/spaceorb/Makefile.am,
  input/stdin/Makefile.am, input/tcp/Makefile.am,
  input/x/Makefile.am, input/xwin/Makefile.am: replace /ggi/ by //

2001-07-07 15:02  thayne

* ltmain.sh: Fixing bug in libtool 1.4 where it won't find
  interdependency libraries during install to a packaging dir

2001-07-07 11:23  thayne

* demos/Makefile.am, gii/Makefile.am: Fix more problems linking
  against uninstalled libraries.

2001-07-07 09:42  thayne

* Makefile.am, configure.in, libgii.conf.in,
  filter/keytrans/Makefile.am, filter/mouse/Makefile.am: Closed one
  more bug that I introduced into configure.in.  This should now
  allow late substitution of vars during build and install,
  staticly code paths where they should be, maintain variables like
  ${exec_libdir} derived from other variables such as ${prefix},
  fully expand recursive variables - such as ${exec_libdir}, peel
  grapes, and change the furnace filter when required.

2001-07-06 22:14  thayne

* Makefile.am, configure.in, libgii.conf.in,
  filter/keytrans/Makefile.am, filter/mouse/Makefile.am: Fixed the
  autoconf mess I created.  ./configure will now do the correct
  thing expanding paths while maintaining everything truly
  relocateable for packaging systems to install to a temp dir.

  PS Of course things should have never been touched in the first
  place because everything was initially relocateable with
  ${DESTDIR}, but not everyone uses an up to date automake utility
  and rpm doesn't do ${DESTDIR} relocation - that's why this mess
  was started.

2001-07-06 17:15  thayne

* config.guess, config.sub, ltmain.sh, gii/Makefile.am: Updated
  libtool to 1.4 and gii/Makefile so that libgg is found in the
  build tree instead of system lib directories.

2001-07-06 11:46  cegger

* input/vgl/key2event.c: merged build fix from David J. Hughes

2001-07-06 07:33  cegger

* gii/Makefile.am: fixed linking path to libgg for libtool 1.4

2001-07-05 00:03  uid30830

* gii/Makefile.am: fix "cannot find -lgg" -linking error

2001-07-03 15:34  cegger

* Makefile.am, configure.in, libgii.conf.in,
  filter/keytrans/Makefile.am, filter/mouse/Makefile.am,
  gii/Makefile.am: merged link and confdir fixes from Thayne

2001-06-30 09:56  soyt

* gii/gii.c, include/ggi/gii.h: changed giiPanic prototype

2001-06-27 16:35  stefan

* input/linux_evdev/input.c: report device name instead of device
  driver name

2001-06-26 02:18  fortinj

* libgii.conf.in:
  Correct path for Direct-X target is input/dxinput.

2001-06-26 02:16  fortinj

* gg/plat.h:
  Handle differences btwn Windows/Cygwin and Windows.  Cygwin
  expects '/' as directory separator.  Windows expects '\' as
  directory separator.

2001-06-17 08:34  cegger

* filter/keytrans/filter.c, filter/mouse/filter.c,
  filter/save/filter.c, gii/dl.c, gii/gii.c, gii/init.c,
  gii/unix.c, include/ggi/internal/Makefile.am,
  include/ggi/internal/gii.h, input/directx/dxinput.h,
  input/fdselect/input.c, input/file/input.c,
  input/inputX/linkey.h, input/linux_evdev/linux_evdev.h,
  input/linux_joy/input.c, input/linux_kbd/linkey.h,
  input/linux_mouse/input.c, input/lk201/input.c,
  input/mouse/mouse.h, input/null/input.c, input/pcjoy/input.c,
  input/spaceorb/input.c, input/stdin/input.c, input/tcp/input.c,
  input/tcp/libtcp.c, input/vgl/input-vgl.h, input/x/input.c,
  input/x/xev.h, input/xwin/input.c: don't install gii_debug.h;
  fixed all compiler errors

2001-06-16 18:55  cegger

* filter/tcp/filter.c: remove auto-copied file during make

2001-06-13 19:04  skids

* demos/demo.c, doc/man/Makefile.am, gii/EXPSYMS, gii/gii.c,
  include/ggi/gii.h, input/linux_evdev/input.c, input/tcp/libtcp.c:

  Added ggiSplitInputs, other minor fixes.

2001-06-13 18:00  cegger

* include/ggi/internal/Makefile.am: don't install debug headers

2001-06-04 02:22  skids

* gii/Makefile.am:
  Fixed libgii.la dependency_libs

2001-05-31 21:51  skids

* gg/parse.c:
  Added unified unnamed/ordered options support.

2001-05-22 21:44  skids

* gg/parse.c:
  Fixed typo in comments

2001-05-13 01:06  stefan

* input/linux_evdev/input.c: add the necessary meta info so the
  client can actually interpret the event

2001-05-12 22:59  cegger

* install-sh, missing, mkinstalldirs, INSTALL.autoconf,
  config.guess, config.sub, .cvsignore, ltmain.sh, INSTALL,
  Makefile.am, NEWS, autogen.sh, README, configure.in,
  libgii.conf.in, ChangeLog, demos/mhub.c, demos/Makefile.am,
  demos/demo.c, demos/filter.c, doc/Makefile.am,
  doc/man/Makefile.am, filter/Makefile.am,
  filter/keytrans/Makefile.am, filter/keytrans/filter.c,
  filter/mouse/Makefile.am, filter/mouse/filter.c,
  filter/save/Makefile.am, filter/save/filter.c,
  filter/tcp/Makefile.am, filter/tcp/filter.c, gg/conf.c,
  gg/debug.c, gg/gglock.c, gg/init.c, gg/intlock.c, gg/memdebug.c,
  gg/plat.h, gg/ptlock.c, gg/EXPSYMS, gg/Makefile.am, gg/cleanup.c,
  gg/dl.c, gg/misc.c, gg/parse.c, gii/init.c, gii/Makefile.am,
  gii/gii.c, gii/EXPSYMS, gii/dl.c, gii/unix.c, include/ggi/gii.h,
  include/ggi/keyboard.h, include/ggi/events.h, include/ggi/gg.h,
  include/ggi/system.h.in, include/ggi/Makefile.am,
  include/ggi/gii-unix.h, include/ggi/input/Makefile.am,
  include/ggi/input/xwin.h, include/ggi/internal/Makefile.am,
  include/ggi/internal/gii-dl.h, include/ggi/internal/gii.h,
  include/ggi/internal/gii_debug.h, input/Makefile.am,
  input/directx/Makefile.am, input/directx/di.c,
  input/directx/dxinput.h, input/directx/dxinputkb.h,
  input/directx/input.c, input/fdselect/Makefile.am,
  input/fdselect/input.c, input/file/Makefile.am,
  input/file/input.c, input/inputX/Makefile.am,
  input/inputX/input.c, input/inputX/linkey.c,
  input/inputX/linkey.h, input/linux_evdev/Makefile.am,
  input/linux_evdev/eventparse.c, input/linux_evdev/input.c,
  input/linux_evdev/key.c, input/linux_evdev/linux_evdev.h,
  input/linux_joy/Makefile.am, input/linux_joy/input.c,
  input/linux_kbd/input.c, input/linux_kbd/linkey.c,
  input/linux_kbd/linkey.h, input/linux_mouse/Makefile.am,
  input/linux_mouse/input.c, input/lk201/Makefile.am,
  input/lk201/input.c, input/lk201/lk201.h,
  input/mouse/Makefile.am, input/mouse/input.c,
  input/mouse/mouse.h, input/mouse/packetparse.c,
  input/null/Makefile.am, input/null/input.c,
  input/pcjoy/Makefile.am, input/pcjoy/input.c,
  input/spaceorb/Makefile.am, input/spaceorb/input.c,
  input/stdin/Makefile.am, input/stdin/input.c, input/x/input.c,
  input/x/Makefile.am, input/x/xev.c, input/x/xev.h,
  input/tcp/Makefile.am, input/tcp/input.c, input/tcp/libtcp.c,
  input/tcp/libtcp.h, input/vgl/input-vgl.h,
  input/xwin/Makefile.am, input/xwin/input.c, input/vgl/input.c,
  input/vgl/key2event.c, m4/Makefile.am, m4/dllext.m4,
  m4/extrapaths.m4, m4/libtool.m4, m4/winfuncs.m4: Initial revision

2001-05-12 22:59  cegger

* ChangeLog.1999, FAQ, demos/.cvsignore, demos/xsendbut.c,
  doc/.cvsignore, doc/man/.cvsignore, filter/.cvsignore,
  filter/keytrans/keytrans, filter/keytrans/.cvsignore,
  filter/keytrans/EXPSYMS, filter/mouse/.cvsignore,
  filter/mouse/EXPSYMS, filter/mouse/mouse, filter/save/.cvsignore,
  filter/save/EXPSYMS, filter/tcp/.cvsignore, filter/tcp/EXPSYMS,
  gg/.cvsignore, gg/gglock.h, gii/.cvsignore, include/.cvsignore,
  include/Makefile.am, include/ggi/.cvsignore,
  include/ggi/errors.h, include/ggi/input/.cvsignore,
  include/ggi/input/lin_kbd.h, include/ggi/internal/.cvsignore,
  input/.cvsignore, input/directx/.cvsignore,
  input/directx/EXPSYMS, input/fdselect/.cvsignore,
  input/fdselect/EXPSYMS, input/file/.cvsignore,
  input/file/EXPSYMS, input/inputX/.cvsignore,
  input/inputX/EXPSYMS, input/linux_evdev/.cvsignore,
  input/linux_evdev/EXPSYMS, input/linux_joy/.cvsignore,
  input/linux_joy/EXPSYMS, input/linux_kbd/.cvsignore,
  input/linux_kbd/EXPSYMS, input/linux_kbd/Makefile.am,
  input/linux_mouse/.cvsignore, input/linux_mouse/EXPSYMS,
  input/lk201/.cvsignore, input/lk201/EXPSYMS,
  input/lk201/keysymShift.dat, input/lk201/keytable.dat,
  input/mouse/.cvsignore, input/mouse/EXPSYMS,
  input/null/.cvsignore, input/null/EXPSYMS,
  input/pcjoy/.cvsignore, input/pcjoy/EXPSYMS,
  input/spaceorb/.cvsignore, input/spaceorb/EXPSYMS,
  input/stdin/.cvsignore, input/stdin/EXPSYMS, input/x/.cvsignore,
  input/x/EXPSYMS, input/xwin/.cvsignore, input/xwin/EXPSYMS,
  input/tcp/.cvsignore, input/tcp/EXPSYMS, input/vgl/.cvsignore,
  input/vgl/EXPSYMS, input/vgl/Makefile.am, input/vgl/README,
  input/vgl/keycodes.h, m4/.cvsignore: initial import