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   * libircclient 0.4 released
   * exported an irc_is_connected method.
   * fixed error output in examples.
   * fixed several errors in Win32 build (there were no multithread support)
   * add a Win32 dsp/dsw to build the library from VC6/7
   * add a .dsp for an example.

2004-09-14 Georgy Yunaev
   * libircclient 0.3 released
   * Fix CTCP time bug.
   * Added working Win32 Visual Studio build, and libs.
   * Added ircmud example, which allows people to play MUD through IRC client.
   * Some stuff rewritten in more portable way.

2004-09-13 Georgy Yunaev
   * Fix solaris x86/sparc compilation.

2004-09-12 Georgy Yunaev
   * libircclient 0.2 released
   * select() timeout decreased to 0.25sec (was 1 sec). The reason: when
     the output buffer is empty, and server doesn't send anything, but a
     command was asynchronously added, it will be processed only after
     select() timeout.
   * Fixed bug in DCC sessions - all DCC sessions requested by bots were
     terminated in 60 secs with TIMEOUT error.
   * Add DCC error description in irctest example.

2004-09-08 Georgy Yunaev
   * libircclient 0.1 released