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2012-01-22 George Yunaev
   * libircclient 1.6 released.
   * Fixed PRIVMSG events incorrectly reported as CHANNEL (thx Dennis Bretjes)
   * Added -fpic option for the shared library; fixed make install
   * WIN32 macro replaced by _WIN32 (Lothar May)
   * Fixed IPv6 and IPv4 connections being used simultaneously (Lothar May)
   * Fixed DCC file transfer with IPv6 build (Lothar May)

2012-01-18 George Yunaev
   * libircclient 1.5 released.
   * Added SSL support
   * Fixed some compilation warnings

2009-01-03 George Yunaev
   * libircclient 1.3 released.
   * Added IPv6 support (thanks Lothar May)
   * Now provides more information about ACTION (thx chromerium)
   * Updated contact info and copyrights.
   * Removed ircmud sample as it never worked anyway.

2006-08-29 George Yunaev
   * libircclient 1.2 released.
   * Windows: added missed expored functions from .def file.

2005-03-10 George Yunaev
   * libircclient 1.1 released.
   * Fixed DCC buffer size which resulted extra callback on DCC tranfers
     (thanks flohimself).

2004-11-12 George Yunaev
   * libircclient 1.0 released.
   * Fixed compilation on FreeBSD.

2004-10-31 George Yunaev
   * When more than one DCC chat sessions were active, only the latest
     generated callbacks.
   * libircclient 0.8 released.

2004-10-17 George Yunaev
   * libircclient 0.7 released.
   * Fixed DCC chat lockup in multithread programs (thanks olifozzy).

2004-10-15 George Yunaev
   * Win32 static library does not have dllmain anymore (thanks olifozzy).
   * DCC chat crashed if there were several DCC session, and one of them was
     closed (thanks olifozzy).
   * DCC chat speed increased when several messages are stored in buffer.

2004-10-10 George Yunaev
   * libircclient 0.6 released.
   * Added color support.

2004-10-07 George Yunaev
   * CTCP TIME reply was malformed on some platforms with buggy locales.
   * Socket stuff rewritten to be signal-safe and more portable.
   * Data and commands are now sent faster to IRC server.
   * event_umode now works.

2004-10-06 George Yunaev
   * CHANGED BEHAVIOR: the built-in CTCP handler is used if not set.
     Therefore, irc_event_ctcp_internal() is not public anymore.
   * Added a small (as yet) FAQ.
   * Add extra numeric codes from RFC2812.

2004-10-03 George Yunaev
   * Libircclient error codes are now well-documented.
   * Modules documentation is extended.
   * Added new methods: irc_cmd_part, irc_cmd_invite, irc_cmd_names,
     irc_cmd_list, irc_cmd_topic, irc_cmd_channel_mode, irc_cmd_user_mode,
     irc_cmd_nick, irc_cmd_whois.
   * Added the improved error handling for NULL pointers to all the irc_cmd*
   * Fixed the nickname tracking bug (after the nickname changing, all
     privmsgs were treaten as channel messages).
   * All the numeric reply codes from RFC1459 are now documented.
   * Numeric reply codes for every command are now described.

2004-09-30 George Yunaev
   * libircclient 0.4 released
   * exported an irc_is_connected method.
   * fixed error output in examples.
   * fixed several errors in Win32 build (there were no multithread support)
   * add a Win32 dsp/dsw to build the library from VC6/7
   * add a .dsp for an example.

2004-09-14 George Yunaev
   * libircclient 0.3 released
   * Fix CTCP time bug.
   * Added working Win32 Visual Studio build, and libs.
   * Added ircmud example, which allows people to play MUD through IRC client.
   * Some stuff rewritten in more portable way.

2004-09-13 George Yunaev
   * Fix solaris x86/sparc compilation.

2004-09-12 George Yunaev
   * libircclient 0.2 released
   * select() timeout decreased to 0.25sec (was 1 sec). The reason: when
     the output buffer is empty, and server doesn't send anything, but a
     command was asynchronously added, it will be processed only after
     select() timeout.
   * Fixed bug in DCC sessions - all DCC sessions requested by bots were
     terminated in 60 secs with TIMEOUT error.
   * Add DCC error description in irctest example.

2004-09-08 George Yunaev
   * libircclient 0.1 released