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1.0.6   2006.08.28.ET:
  * NOTE BENE: LASi will now only work with FreeType 2.2 or better.
  * Definitions of some functions in FreeType that previously took non-const pointers
    now (in FreeType 2.2+) take const pointers. This required changing the declarations of some
    methods in LASi to comply with the FreeType API changes.
  * Fixed LASi's "lasi.pc" pkg-config file which was missing "-lLASi"
1.0.5   2006.04.28.AWI,ET:
  * Alan W. Irwin fixed a number of issues with the autotools configuration files,
    making them compliant with the latest stable releases of the GNU autotools
    and streamlining the packaging of LASi for Debian and other distributions.
  * Ed added bounding box parameters to the postscript document class' write()
    method so that LASi users can now generate EPS files correctly and more easily.
  * Updated links to reference unifont.org.
  * Applied Orion Poplawski's patch to make LASi comply with the latest C++ standard
    and compile with gcc 4.1+ and other compilers which implement tighter syntax
  * Ed added support for directly passing STL std::string class parameters (old version
    only provided support for C-style strings).
1.0.4   2004.12.22.ET,RK:
  * Ritu fixed the lasi.pc and LASi.h installation script bugs
  * Ed added the StringDimensions class to manage the accrual of relevant text string dimensions.
  * Ed added the LASi::FontStyle and related enumerations in place of using Pango's enumerations.
  * Fixed PostscriptDocument::get_dimensions parameter type and ordering to make it more logical.
  * Revised comments in the code and generated new Doxygen documentation.
  * Revised the main index.html documentation.
1.0.3   2004.12.03.ET:
  * Fixed scaling bug.
  * Got rid of using tmpnam() for glyph identifiers
  * Changed the way Freetype2 headers are included to comply with Freetype2 conventions.

  * Taking advangate of PKG_CHECK_MODULES in configure.ac, there is no longer
    a need to distribute and edit configure.sh as a wrapper to the configure
    script.  configure can now generate all the necessary "-I" components of
    the gcc command line.

  * Added src/*.h files to the distribution.  This means that previous two
    distros wouldn't build outside of development sandbox.
  * Set permissions on all distributed files to 644.
  * Will not throw exception ("no glyph name available") when font face does not
    contain glyph names.  Instead, it will create a random name.

  * added PostscriptDocument::get_dimensions(const char*, double&, double&)
  * oPostscriptStream << show(...) no longer emits Postscript commands that modify
    origin of coordinate system, but instead advances current insertion point with each
    glyph drawn.
  * Performed some refactoring of PostscriptDocument to factor out traversal
    of glyph sequence corresponding to a string.  PostscriptDocument::for_each_glyph_do(...).

0.1.0 Initial release