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version 0.2  Chris O'Brien  <siege@preoccupied.net>

2004-05-17: Refactoring service and channel related code out of
session.[ch], started using g_return_* functions. Moved
meanwhile-gaim plugin into its own module, for my own sanity.

version 0.1  Chris O'Brien  <siege@preoccupied.net>

2004-04-23: Release against Gaim 0.77, tagged v0_77

2004-04-20: Changed buddy list status text to be their message
rather than the name of their state. If there's no status message,
it still falls back to the state name.  Updates to match Gaim
0.77cvs. Chat rejection should be working now; Admin messages
might work. Difficult to test as only admins can send those

2004-04-14: Added meanwhile-gaim.spec, tagged it into v0_76. first
rpm released

2004-04-05: Release against Gaim 0.76, tagged v0_76

2004-02-25: Added Features: create a conference with another
user. This seems to work with pretty much any client on the
receiving end; accept a conference from another user. This seems
to work with only some clients. eg: Sanity works, ICT doesn't.

2004-02-23: First import to IIOSB CVS.

Features: working buddy list; status and away messages; idle
timer; send/receive im; encryption support; lovable icon