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Changes in release 0.21.2:
* Fix 'make install' for VPATH builds.
* Use $(mandir) for installing man pages (Rodney Dawes).
* Follow some simple (yet illegal) relativeURI redirects.
* Always build ne_compress.obj in Win32 build (Branko ╚ibej).
* Fix decompression logic bug (Justin Erenkrantz <jerenkrantz@apache.org>)
(could give a decompress failure for particular responses)
* Fix ne_proppatch() to submit lock tokens for available locks.
* More optimisation of ne_sock_readline.

Changes in release 0.21.1:
* Don't include default SSL port in Host request header, which can
help interoperability with misbehaving servers (thanks to Rodney Dawes
* Don't give a "truncated response" error from ne_decompress_destroy if
the acceptance function returns non-zero.
* Fix for Win32 build (Sander Striker <striker@apache.org>).
* Fix for cookie name/value being free()d (thanks to Dan Mullen).
* Optimisation of ne_sock_readline.

Changes in release 0.21.0:
* Socket layer implements read buffering; efficiency and performance
improvement. Based on work by Jeff Johnson <jbj@redhat.com>
* Cleanup of socket interface:
- renamed everything, s/sock_/ne_sock_/, s/SOCK_/NE_SOCK_/
- removed unused and inappropriate interfaces.
- renaming done by Olof Oberg <mill@pedgr571.sn.umu.se>
- see src/ChangeLog for the gory details.
* Fix typoed 'ne_destroy_fn' typedef (Olof Oberg).
* Support OpenSSL/ENGINE branch.
* Bogus ne_utf8_encode/decode functions removed.
* ne_base64() moved to ne_string.[ch].
* ne_token drops 'quotes' parameter; ne_qtoken added.
* ne_buffer_create_sized renamed to ne_buffer_ncreate.
* ne_xml_get_attr takes extra arguments and can resolve namespaces.
* ne_accept_response function type takes const ne_status pointer.
* Drop support for automatically following redirects:
- ne_redirect_register just takes a session pointer
- ne_redirect_location returns an ne_uri pointer
* configure changes: --with-ssl and --with-socks no longer take a directory
argument.  To use SOCKS or SSL libraries/headers in non-system locations,
use ./configure CPPFLAGS=-I/... LDFLAGS=-L/...
* Reference documentation included for most of ne_alloc.h and ne_string.h,
and parts of ne_session.h and ne_request.h.
- see installed man pages, HTML documentation.

Changes in release 0.20.0:
* Major changes to DAV lock handling interface (ne_locks.h):
- struct ne_lock uses a full URI structure to identify locked resource
- ne_lock() requires that owner/token fields are malloc-allocated (or NULL)
on entry
- introduce a "lock store" type, ne_lock_store, to replace the lock session;
accessor functions all renamed to ne_lockstore_*.
- ne_lock_iterate replaced with a first/next "cursor"-style interface
- If: headers use an absoluteURI (RFC2518 compliance fix).
- fix for handling shared locks on DAV servers which return many active locks
in the LOCK response (thanks to Keith Wannamaker)
* Moved URI/path manipulation functions under ne_* namespace (ne_uri.h):
- path handling functions renamed to ne_path_*
- URI structure handling to ne_uri_*; struct uri becomes ne_uri.
- ne_uri_parse doesn't take a 'defaults' parameter any more
- if URI port is unspecified, ne_uri_parse sets port to 0 not -1.
- added ne_uri_unparse and ne_uri_defaultport functions.
* New 'ne_fill_server_uri' function to initialize a URI structure with
the server details for a given session (useful with locks interface).
* ne_decompress_{reader,destroy} are defined as passthrough-functions
if zlib support is not enabled.
* API change: ne_ssl_provide_fn returns void not int.
* Added NE_SSL_FAILMASK for verify failure sanity check.
* Removed return codes NE_SERVERAUTH and and NE_AUTHPROXY; correct
documentation, NE_PROXYAUTH is given for proxy auth failure.
* Require zlib >= 1.1.4 to avoid possible vulnerability in earlier versions.
See http://www.gzip.org/zlib/advisory-2002-03-11.txt for more details.
(version check can be skipped by passing --with-force-zlib to configure)
* New 'ne_ssl_readable_dname' function to create a human-readable string
from an X509 distinguished name.
* Fix support for newer versions of libxml2 (thanks to Jon Trowbridge
* Fix corruption of reason_phrase in status object returned by
* More lenient handling of whitespace in response headers.
* ne_content_type_handler will give a charset of "ISO-8859-1" if no charset
parameter is specified for a text/* media type (as per RFC2616).
* Miscellaneous cleanups and fixes (Jeff Johnson <jbj@redhat.com>).

Changes in release 0.19.4:
* Support bundled build of expat 1.95.x (Branko ╚ibej).

Changes in release 0.19.3:
* For platforms lacking snprintf or vsnprintf in libc, require trio.
* Add NE_FMT_OFF_T to fix Win32 build (Dan Berlin, Branko ╚ibej).
* Fix SSL support in Win32 build (Branko ╚ibej).

Changes in release 0.19.2:
* Fix non-SSL build broken in 0.19.1.
* Working SOCKSv5 support (thanks to Torsten Kalix <torsten.kalix@bredex.de>)

Changes in release 0.19.1:
* Add missing stubs for ne_ssl_* functions for non-SSL build.
* Fix some error messages in new SSL code.

Changes in release 0.19.0:
* Major API change: ne_session_create now takes (scheme, hostname, port)
arguments: a session is clarified to be "a group of requests to a
certain server".
- removal of ne_session_server, ne_set_secure, and ne_set_proxy_decider
- ne_session_proxy returns void.
- DNS lookups are delayed until request dispatch time.
* Significant improvements to TLS/SSL support:
- SSL is enabled if scheme passed to ne_session_create is "https"
- new interfaces to load CA certs and to load SSL library's bundled CA certs
- add server cert verification callback.  An SSL connection to a server
with an unknown CA will now fail unless a verification callback is used.
- enable SSL session caching (performance improvement)
- support for wildcard server certs where commonName is "*.example.com".
- thanks to Tommi Komulainen for the contribution of code from mutt's
IMAP/SSL implementation under the LGPL, from which bits of this were derived.
* Improved SSL client certificate support:
- far simpler interface, all done at ne_session.h level.
- supports PKCS#12 and PEM-encoded certificates.
- optional callback for only providing client when demanded by server.
* Support for TLS upgrade is removed, since it isn't useful.
* If NEON_SSL is defined, API extensions are available to:
- allow access to the SSL_CTX * to adjust session SSL options
- retrieve the server certificate (X509 *)
* Decompress fixes:
- fix potential segfault in ne_decompress_destroy
- check the CRC of the deflated output (and fail if it doesn't match)
- fail appropriately on truncated responses, and trailing bytes in response.
* Added ne_set_read_timeout to use configurable timeout on socket reads.
* Malformed response headers will be ignored rather than failing the request.
* ne_set_error takes printf-style vararg.
* Fixes for ne_get_range and improve error handling.
* Functions which append to an ne_buffer do not return a success value,
but they do use ne_realloc/ne_malloc under the hood now, so an OOM callback
will be used (with the usual caveats).
* XML interface does not strip leading whitespace from cdata by default,
the NE_XML_STRIPWS flag is available to restore this feature if required.
* Upgraded to libtool 1.4.2:
- should fix --enable-shared on Mac OS X 10.1
* Test suite now contains over one hundred tests.

Changes in release 0.18.5:
* Removed old neon.dsp, neon.dsw.
* Update Win32 build to add OpenSSL and zlib support (Branko ╚ibej).
* Fix ne_compress.c to compile on Win32 (Branko ╚ibej).

Changes in release 0.18.4:
* Fixes for Content-Type parsing using ne_content_type_handler (Greg Stein)
- also now parses the charset parameter from header value.
* Removed ne_concat() function, which didn't work and wasn't used.

Changes in release 0.18.3:
* Fix parsing lock timeout from server (Arun Garg).
* Send Timeout headers in LOCK and refresh LOCK requests (Arun Garg).
* Updated neon.mak and config.hw.in for Win32 build (patch from
Branko ╚ibej <brane@xbc.nu>).
* Define XML_BYTE_ORDER for bundled expat build in support macro

Changes in release 0.18.2:
* Fix --with-neon=PATH in support macros.
* Support DESTDIR in Makefile install targets (patch by
Pawel Golaszewski <blues@blysk.ds.pg.gda.pl>).
* Portability fixes:
- fix configure check for time_t on some platforms (e.g Solaris 2.6).
- remove expect100_works bitfield in ne_session structure (thanks to
Yan Periard <yperiard@ems.net>).

Changes in release 0.18.1:
* Minor fix for authentication: "attempt" counter was not reset correctly
after authentication failed, so subsequent requests would not authenticate
correctly either.
* API change: ne_session_destroy returns void (there was no error case).
* Portability fixes (non-GCC compilers, 64-bit platforms, UnixWare 7)
* Optimisations in string manipulation routines.
* config.hw is included in the release tarball again.
* Improvements in the autoconf support macros:
- check for neon-config in PATH if --with-neon is not given
- stop if --with-neon is used, and the check for external neon fails
- added NEON_WITHOUT_ACL to prevent build of ne_acl.o

Changes in release 0.18.0:
* API change: authentication callback is passed fixed-size username/password
buffers, and an 'attempt' counter.  Authentication is retried *forever*
until either it succeeds, or the callback returns non-zero.
* API clarifications:
- ne_propname may have a NULL nspace field, indicating the property has no
namespace.  This holds for properties returned by the propfind interfaces.
- added NE_ELM_PROPS_UNUSED as the lowest element number which should
be used with handlers added to the XML parser returned by
* Fixes and cleanups of lock discovery interface.
* Fix for short write handling in ne_get() (thanks to rado <dzusto@yahoo.com>).
* Fix for XML namespace prefix handling where a prefix could be mapped to an
incorrect URI (e.g. in PROPFINDs against mod_dav with >10 namespaces used)
* Add '--support <feature>' option to neon-config; the script exits with
success if given feature is supported. Known features are ssl, dav, zlib.
* Support for SSL, DAV, zlib is exported by neon.m4 as shell variable
NEON_SUPPORTS_{SSL,DAV,ZLIB}={yes,no} for bundled and external builds.
* `neon-config --cflags` won't include -I/usr/include for SSL build.
* Fix to call progress callbacks while sending request bodies again.
* Test changes:
- portability fixes, auth interface and progress tests.

Changes in release 0.17.2:
* Accept Status-Lines with no reason phrase (Jeremy Elson).
* Fix handling of persistent connection timeout, and better error
handling if sending a request fails.
* Fix crashes in locking code.
* Return parse error on XML namespace prefix declaration with
an empty value. Thanks to Julian Reschke.
* Allow passing property names with NULL namespace to ne_proppatch.
* Fix for cross-compilation (Mo DeJong).
* Moved ne_propname definition from ne_207.h to ne_props.h.
* Test changes:
- updated for Status-Line parsing changes (Jeremy Elson)
- better persistent connection tests
- fixed for --disable-webdav build

Changes in release 0.17.1:
* Add support for ACL method (Arun Garg <arung@pspl.co.in>),
see ne_acl.h.
* Fixes and clean up of libraries exported via `neon-config --libs'
* Fix timezone handling when parsing dates (on some platforms).
* Upgrade to autoconf 2.52 and libtool 1.4 (thanks to Mo DeJong).
* Cleanup/simplification of request dispatching:
- better handling of error cases, including fix for a possible
infinite loop when the server closes the connection prematurely.
* Add '--without-zlib' configure option.
* Test changes:
- prettify output; imitate Perl test suite output.
- add tests for interim 1xx responses, persistent connections, more
unbounded operations.

Changes in release 0.17.0:
* Add support for decoding gzip Content-Encoding: see ne_compress.h.
- built if zlib is found; `neon-config --cflags' will define NEON_ZLIB if so.
* Rewrite hooks interface to register individual callbacks.
- inspired by the Apache 2.0/APR hooks interface
* Register cookies hooks using ne_cookie_register().
* Clean up configure scripts to enable use of autoconf 2.5x (Mo DeJong).
* Use new endianess configure macro to allow cross-compiling (Mo DeJong).
* Fix invalid C code in sock_init() in Win32 build (Mo DeJong).
* Fix use of signal() on Win32 (Mo DeJong).
* Workaround libxml 1.x string handling not being UTF-8.
* Test changes:
- add tests for decompression interface.

Changes in release 0.16.1:
* Also handle write errors in ne_get_range.
* Dump request body blocks in debugging mode.
* Fix ne_shave() causing memory corruption when the result should
  have been the empty string.
* Refactor auth header parsing code; more efficient now.
- fixes digest auth RFC2617-style broken in 0.16.0

Changes in release 0.16.0:
* API change: ne_copy takes a depth parameter (thanks to Arun Garg, Medha Atre)
* API change: validate callback to ne_xml also takes a userdata arg.
* Added 'ne_lock_refresh' for performing lock refresh (Arun Garg).
* Add SSL support to Win32 build (Peter Boos <PediB@colorfullife.com>)
  (see INSTALL.win32 for details).  Compile with USE_DAV_LOCKS also.
* Remove Server header parser for 100-continue support in ne_options.
  (and remove broken_expect100 from ne_server_capabilities).
* Set SIGPIPE disposition to "ignored" in sock_init().
* On platforms with setvbuf(), turn off buffering for the debug log
* Ignore repeated calls to sock_init().
* Fixes to error handling in ne_get_range.
* Minor improvements to memory handling in auth code.
* Fix for start_propstat callback being called with NULL response
  argument when given invalid XML, causing a segfault in propfind code.
* Test changes:
- add regression test for the propfind segfault.
- handle segfaults better (reap the child, flush the debug log).

Changes in release 0.15.3:
* Fix --with-expat=DIR build.

Changes in release 0.15.2:
* Fix Win32 for XML parser changes (Gerald Richter).
* Substitute versions into config.hw at distribution time.
* Add date parser for ISO8601-formatted dates as defined by RFC2518, e.g.
  the creationdate property (Taisuke Yamada <tai@iij.ad.jp>).
* Fix Y2K bug in RFC1036 date parsing algorithm.
* Test changes:
- add tests for date parsing functions.

Changes in release 0.15.1:
* Win32 update from Gerald Richter <richter@ecos.de>
- new files neon.mak, INSTALL.win32
* Fix for ne_socket.h includes (Mo DeJong).
* More improvements for XML parser selection logic:
- if parser is required, be sure to fail configure if none is found.
- added --with-included-expat for bundled expat logic.
* Rename --enable-debugging to --enable-debug (Mo DeJong).
- added NEON_DEBUG macro to exported autoconf macros.
* Call progress callbacks for request bodies.
* Test changes:
- check that reading response headers is a bounded operation.
- use a pipe between child and parent to avoid race condition and
tedious sleep().

Changes in release 0.15.0:
* Major API renaming to use ne_/NE_ namespace:
- http_ to ne_, HTTP_ to NE_, dav_ to ne_, DAV_ to NE_, neon_ to ne_
- hip_xml_ to ne_xml_, HIP_ELM_ to NE_ELM_, HIP_XML_ -> NE_XML_
- sbuffer_ to ne_buffer_
* Type renames:
- http_req to ne_request
- sbuffer to 'ne_buffer *'
* Note, 'ne_buffer' is not an implicit pointer type, you must
  specify the '*' now, e.g. 'ne_buffer *buf = ne_buffer_create();'.
* ne_buffer is no longer opaque.
- ne_buffer_data() removed: use buf->data instead.
- ne_buffer_size() is a macro.
* Header renames and additions:
- http_request.h -> ne_request.h
- Session code split into ne_session.h
- hip_xml.h -> ne_xml.h, nsocket.h -> ne_socket.h, http_utils.h -> ne_utils.h
- neon_md5.h -> ne_md5.h, dav_207.h -> ne_207.h
- http_basic.h and dav_basic.h merged into ne_basic.h
* New functions:
- ne_token and ne_shave, to obsolete split_string, shave_string.
* Removed: ne_get_request_headers().
* autoconf changes:
- disable building shared neon library by default.
- option --enable-libxml is replaced by --with-libxml1 and
--with-libxml2 to force use of a particular parser.
* Fix auth code to only take MD5 digests of response body blocks when
  necessary (thanks to Kai Sommerfeld).
* Fix alignment bug in MD5 code which could cause SIGBUS on Sparc
  architectures (Kai Sommerfeld).
* Rewrite of request body handling:
- ne_set_request_body_fd replaces _stream, using an int fd rather than
a FILE *.
- added ne_set_request_body_provider to give a callback which is called
to provide request body blocks.
- removal of 'use_body' hook in favour of 'ne_pull_request_body' function
to allow hooks to manually read the request body.
- ne_{put,get,post,put_if_unmodified} all take an integer fd rather than a
FILE * stream.
* Test changes:
- added framework for testing "over the wire" (fork a server process)
- added tests for response message length handling, chunked responses,
header folding, sending request bodies.
- start at listing RFC2616 requirements and whether they are met
or not in test/STATUS.
- test for MD5 alignment bug on Sparc (thanks to Kai Sommerfeld).

Changes in release 0.14.0:
* Add C++ inclusion safety to http_auth.h (Kai Sommerfeld).
* Define ssize_t on Win32. (Kai Sommerfeld).
* Add C++ inclusion safety to dav_locks.h and ne_alloc.h (thanks to
  Gregor Bornemann <Gregor.Bornemann@germany.sun.com>).
* Significant API change to properties code, to allow use of allprop
  and complex properties:
- dav_propfind_set_complex and _set_flat are removed.
- add parameter to dav_propfind_named to take the list of property names
   to be fetched.
- new function dav_propfind_set_private to set private callback.
- all properties not handled by caller are stored as flat properties.
* Untested: add basic SOCKSv5 support: configure --with-socks.
- please report success/failure to neon@webdav.org
* Win32/MSVC build files from Magnus Sirwi÷ <sirwio@hotmail.com>.
* Fix for expat detection from Shane Mayer <shanemayer42@yahoo.com>.
* Namespace-protect md5 code and more.
- md5_* -> ne_md5_*
- ascii_to_md5 -> ne_ascii_to_md5 (and moved to neon_md5.h)
* Parse authinfo segment in URIs (Johan Lindh <johan@link-Data.com>).
- added 'authinfo' field to struct uri.
* New API: hip_xml_get_attr to retrieve attributes.
* Store language for properties, access with dav_propset_lang.
- only if property is defined on the property element itself.
* Started a simple test suite (test/*).
- includes some simple HTTP server tests.
* Remove "Content-Length: 0" header for request with no body, fixing
  interop with Squid 2.3-STABLE1 (thanks to Kai Sommerfeld).
* http_parse_statusline skips leading whitespace. (Johan Lindh).
* Partial fix for timezone/date parsing problems.

Changes in release 0.13.0:
* Fix ne_strndup allocating one byte less than it should (Kai Sommerfeld)
- if you use uri_parse, this bug may have caused subtle memory corruption
   in your application.
* Revert API changes in 0.12: property values are not UTF-8 encoded/decoded
  internally.  (thanks to Greg Stein)
* Add another optional argument to NEON_BUNDLED macros, actions to
  be run if bundled build is *not* selected.
* API change: added argument to http_add_hooks to register cleanup function
  for the cookie.
* Removed dav_lock_unregister in favour of automatic cleanup when session
  is destroyed.
* Fixed leaks in redirect code (Kai Sommerfeld).
* Fixed crashes in hip_xml_destroy (Kai Sommerfeld).
* Redirects to a different hostname/port/scheme are never followed: the request
  will fail with HTTP_REDIRECT instead.  Redirect notification callback is
  only called for *followed* redirects.
  New API: http_redirect_location() for retrieving location of last redirect.
* Authentication is now implemented as a hook, independently of http_request.c:
- API change: removed 'hostname' argument from auth callbacks.
- API change: you must now include http_auth.h from your application.
- Also fixes case of using server and proxy authentication simultaneously
* Added 'http_forget_auth' to clear authentication session.
* New API: http_session_hook_private for retrieving private per-session cookie
  for hooks.
* API change: http_set_request_body_stream has a return error value.
* API change: http_set_request_body_buffer now takes the buffer length too.
* New API: caller-pulls interface for reading response body:
  http_begin_request, http_end_request, http_read_response_block.
  An alternative to using the (much simpler) http_request_dispatch.
* Make --disable-webdav build work.
* New API: dav_propnames for retrieving property names.
* New API: dav_propfind_get_request to access request object of handler.
* API change: progress and connection status callbacks implemented at
  http_request.h level. Socket-level status callbacks removed, progress
  callbacks made per-socket.
* Supports new expat (Sam TH <sam@uchicago.edu>)
* Supports libxml2 (in preference to libxml1).
* API change: added namespace protection to base64 and dates functions:
  all have ne_ prefix now.
* Fixed ranged GETs where a specific range is requested (Johan Lindh
* Limit number of response header fields to 100.
* Allow requests for the '*' URI even if a proxy server is in use.
* libxml: Get useful error messages for parse errors.

Changes in release 0.12.0:
* Portability fixes to http_request.c and http_auth.c.
- fixes digest auth on big-endian architectures.
* Fix warnings from stray tokens after #endif's in uri.h and string_utils.h.
* Add C++ inclusion safety to http_redirect.h (Kai Sommerfeld
* Make redirects to a different host work (Kai Sommerfeld).
* Fix reading response bodies when non-chunked and no Content-Length
  (Kai Sommerfeld).
* API change: 'http_add_hooks takes a 'const' request object.
* Fixed memory leaks in session hooks (thanks to Kai Sommerfeld).
* Fix passing NULL props argument to dav_simple_propfind, to support
  allprop requests.
- URIs passed to http_request_create() are NOT escaped by neon. You
   MUST do this yourself to remain HTTP compliant, using e.g.
   uri_abspath_escape. (Kai Sommerfeld)
* Added --disable-webdav flag to configure, to disable DAV support in
  the library.  This allows building neon without an XML parser.
* Corresponding NEON_WITHOUT_WEBDAV macro for use in bundled builds.
* Fix Makefile dependancies.
* A bundled neon directory builds or doesn't build automatically
  (i.e. you recurse into it unconditionally).
* API clarification:
- dav_propset_status may return NULL if the server does not return
   a response for the given property (issue is open for debate).
* API change up for debate:
- Property values to dav_proppatch are UTF-8 encoded internally.
- Property values in dav_propfind_* are UTF-8 decoded internally.
* API additions: ne_realloc, ne_utf8_encode.

Changes in release 0.11.0:
* Added SSL client certificate support with 'sock_set_client_cert'.
- Supports certs in PEM-encoded files.
- Specify a callback for prompting the user for the password with
* Added 'ne_oom_callback', to register a callback which is used if
  malloc() returns NULL.  (Mike Rosellini <m@icopyright.com>)
* Register appropriate callback with libxml to handle <![CDATA blocks
  as normal character data (fixes PROPFINDs against sharemation.com).
* Added 'NEON_REQUIRE' macro to declare that you require a neon library
  of a given minimum version, e.g.  NEON_REQUIRE(0,10) means "I need
  neon 0.11 or later".  The _BUNDLED macros will fall back on the bundled
  copy if an external library is found which is not of a new enough version.
* Added neon_version_minimum() function call for run-time version detection.
* neon_config.h has been removed.
* Use closesocket() to close sockets on Win32 (Markus Fleck <fleck@isoc.de>).

Changes in release 0.10.1:
* Default expect-100 to OFF.

Changes in release 0.10.0:
* hip_xml API changes:
- The search for a handler for a new child element begins at the
   handler of the parent element, and carries on up the stack.
   (previously, it always started from the base of the stack)
- Documentation written: doc/parsing-xml.txt
* Remove memory leaks and tidy debugging output in new properties code.
* API changes to DAV locking interface:
- New function: dav_lock_copy to copy a lock object.
- Re-ordered arguments to callback of dav_lock_discover, and made the
   lock object passed back const.
- Fix leaks and crashes due to vague interface definitions.
* API change to dav_propfind_set_complex: use a callback to return the
  'private' structure.
* NEON_NORMAL_BUILD and NEON_LIBTOOL_BUILD macros defined for setting
  up neon's Makefile in a bundled build: see macros/neon.m4.
* NEON_VPATH_BUNDLED macro added which takes separate srcdir and
  builddir arguments for supporting VPATH builds (thanks to Peter Moulder
* Added optional final argument to NEON_(VPATH_)BUNDLED, which gives
  a set of actions to be run if the bundled build is chosen.
* NEON_SSL checks for OpenSSL in /usr too.
* API change: when using http_session_decide_proxy, it MUST be called
  before using http_session_server to prevent the DNS lookup on the origin
  server being optimised out.  The real scheme in use is passed to the
  callback now.
* New function, dav_207_ignore_unknown, to ignore any unknown XML fragments
  in the 207 response.  Used by properties layer.

Changes in release 0.9.2:
* Fix using both dav_propfind_set_complex and dav_propfind_set_flat with the
  same propfind_handler.

Changes in release 0.9.1:
* dav_propfind interface
- Guarantee that the 'private' structure will be initialized to zero on
- Make it the *callers* responsibility to free() the private structure.
* Fix a few arguments/variables which mirrored globally declared symbols.

Changes in release 0.9.0:
* Removed old dav_propfind_* interface, replaced with a better, more
  powerful, and easier to use interface:
- 'dav_simple_propfind' interface for just fetching "flat" (byte-string)
- 'dav_propfind_*' interface for fetching flat and/or "complex" (structured
   XML) properties.
- Lets you retrieve the 'status' information, to see what happened if
   fetching the property failed (e.g 404 Not Found).
* Fixes to doc/using-neon.txt (thanks to Greg Stein).
* Allow building when srcdir != builddir (Mo DeJong <mdejong@cygnus.com>)

Changes in release 0.8.1:
* Fix segfault in PROPFIND code.

Changes in release 0.8.0:
* Fix for using COPY/MOVE over SSL (thanks to David Sloat).
* Fix for using a proxy server and SSL.
* Added 'http_get_scheme' API call.
* Added 'http_redirect.h' to list of installed headers (thanks to everyone ;).
* Changes for building on Windows (Peter Boos <PediB@colorfullife.com>)
* Fixes for building on BeOS (Sam TH <sam@uchicago.edu> and David Reid
* Add buffering to socket code for pre-BONE BeOS systems (David Reid).
* Interface changes for hip_xml:
- Renamed hip_xml_add_(mixed_)handler to hip_xml_push_(mixed_)handler
- Documentation updates.
- Added HIP_ELM_UNUSED for lowest element id which should be used.
- Removed 'http_status *' pointer from http_request_dispatch.
- Added http_get_status(req) to retrieve the response-status information
   instead. You don't have to declare an http_status object yourself now.
* Similarly, added DAV_ELM_207_UNUSED for lowest element id which should
  be used by users of dav_207_* code (incl. use of dav_propfind_*
* New NEON_* autoconf macro interface:
- Use NEON_BUNDLED if sources are bundled, otherwise NEON_LIBRARY.
- The NEON_XML_PARSER macro is NOT called automatically.  You must
   call this yourself if using NEON_BUNDLED; see doc/using-neon.txt
   for details.
* Fix use of 'socket' in nsocket.h function prototypes (Greg Stein).
* Remove extra backslash at line 69 of src/Makefile.incl (Dirk Bergstrom).
* Examples directory is now a separate package.

Changes in release 0.7.5:
* Fixed workaround for linking against a libtool-built expat (Greg Stein).

Changes in release 0.7.4:
* Fix for fd leak on connect failure (David Sloat <d.sloat@f5.com>).
* Fix for Digest auth against IIS5 (David Sloat).
* Workaround for linking against a libtool-built libexpat.la (Greg Stein).

Changes in release 0.7.3:
* Check for -lsocket and -linet in configure.
* Workaround for SSL problems.

Changes in release 0.7.2:
* Define SHELL in Makefile (thanks to Eric Mumpower <nocturne@arepa.com>).
* Added 'all' target to Makefile (Greg Stein <gstein@lyra.org>)
* Added '--with-expat' argument to configure (Greg Stein)
* Added 'dav_propfind_destroy' function.

Changes in release 0.7.1:
* Don't register response body/header authentication callbacks if no
  credentials-supplying callback has been registered (speed optimisation).

Changes in release 0.7.0:
* Deprecated use of 'NULL' to http_add_response_header_handler.
  New interface, http_add_response_header_catcher, to register
  a callback which is passed ALL response headers regardless of name.
* Speed optimisation (~10%?): storing response-header handlers in a
  hash table for faster look.
* New SBUFFER_CAST() macro for getting to the 'char *' of an sbuffer
  as fast as possible.

Changes in release 0.6.1:
* Fix for retrying request if connection is closed by server.
* Make redirect hook work for >1 request per session.

Changes in release 0.6.0:
* New interface to allow following HTTP redirects (301/302 responses).
  A callback must be given to get user confirmation if the request method
  is not GET, HEAD, or PROPFIND.
* New interface to determine whether the proxy server should be used
  for a given request: http_session_decide_proxy.
* Fix nget build again. Support automatic redirects in 'nget'.
* Add --with-extra-includes and --with-extra-libs configure parameters
  to point configure at

Changes in release 0.5.1:
* Prevent segfault if USE_DAV_LOCKS is defined, and a locking session
  is not registered (thanks to David Sloat).

Changes in release 0.5.0:
* Rename xmalloc, xstrdup etc to ne_malloc, ne_strdup etc.
* Some speed optimisation in response-header reading.
* Use 'off_t' rather than 'size_t' in sock_progress callback,
  sock_readfile_blocked, and sock_transfer.

Changes in release 0.4.2:
* Fix for sending request bodies after getting 100-continue response.

Changes in release 0.4.1:
* Fix nget build.

Changes in release 0.4.0:
* Install library headers into .../include/neon not .../include/libneon
* Install all necessary library headers.
* Compile support for WebDAV locking throughout the library
* Rename md5.h to neon_md5.h (avoids conflict with md5.h in OpenSSL)
* Rename socket.h to nsocket.h (avoids possible conflict with C library)
* Update licensing notice on macros/neon*.m4: note that these files are
  NOT under the LGPL, and can be used in other packages regardless of
  the license the package uses.
* Update NEON_LIBRARY m4 function to allow optional specification of
  names of bundled neon/expat source directories.
* Increase socket read timeout to 60 seconds.
* Added an POST method: from Sander Alberink <sander.alberink@cmg.nl>.
* Added 'http_get_request_headers' to return the sbuffer containing
  all request headers.
* Allow passing NULL as name to http_add_response_header_handler:
  the handler callback is passed the entire header string, of ALL
  response headers.

Changes in release 0.3.1:
* Compile fix for dav_locks.c (thanks to Paul D'Anna)

Changes in release 0.3.0:
* Rewrite of socket handling layer. All sock_* functions changed.
* Added basic SSL support: --with-ssl (requires OpenSSL).
  NOTE: Certificates are NOT presented for verification.
* 'nget' accepts URL's using the 'https' scheme.
* New example program, 'nserver', to display the Server: string,
  e.g. 'nserver https://www.eu.c2.net/'
* Fixed request re-send when persistent connection times out.
* "Hooks" support: allow external hooks into the HTTP request/
  response dispatch loop.
* New printf-style interface for adding request headers.
* Make symbols used in header files C++-safe (Tom Bednarz).
* WebDAV locking support: lock discovery, LOCK (exclusive/shared)
  UNLOCK. "If:" headers are sent as appropriate. Simple interface
  for implementors of new methods to indicate which locks are
  required for the method.
* Primitive HTTP cookies support.
* Primitive hack at a GNOME-based GUI example program "nbrowse".
  Enable build with --enable-gnome-examples. It crashes, and
  not much else. Requires GNOME and POSIX threads. Example usage:
       'nbrowse dav.ics.uci.edu /msdav/'
  Many thanks to Lee Mallabone for Gtk help, and showing how to
  use Gtk and threads.

Changes in release 0.2.0:
* Use libtool: new configure options to select whether to build
  shared and/or static libraries. Should build shared libraries
  portably now.  
* Complete rewrite of the hip_xml interface to use opaque pointers.
  New functions: hip_xml_create, hip_xml_destroy: create parser.
  hip_xml_{set,get}_error: Access to error string.
  hip_xml_add_handler: Register callbacks for a set of elements.
  hip_xml_valid: Returns whether the parse was valid or not.
  Removed functions: hip_xml_init, hip_xml_finish.
* Removed functions made reduntant by above changes in dav_207.
* Don't include config.h in header files
* Fix PROPFIND allprop request body (Michael Sobolev)
* Added C++ safety macros around header files.
* Added neon-config script for getting correct CFLAGS and LIBS
  values for using libneon in applications.

Changes in release 0.1.1
* Fix for short writes in GET

Changes in release 0.1.0
* Initial release.