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New in 1.4.1:

API Changes

  * Types
    - New error: ETGUIDNOTSUP raised when UID is not 4 bytes long or does not start with 0x08 (Security restriction present in the NXP PN53x chips)

New in 1.4.0:

API Changes

  * Types
    - New nfc_device_option value (enum): NDO_FORCE_ISO14443_A to force the
      chip to switch in ISO14443-A
    - New nfc_dep_mode_t (enum) for DEP mode:
    - New nfc_modulation_type_t (enum) that lists modulation types:
    - New nfc_baud_rate_t (enum): list of baud rates:
        NBR_UNDEFINED, NBR_106, NBR_212, NBR_424, NBR_847
    - nfc_target_type_t have been removed from API (use nfc_modulation_t

  * Structures
    - nfc_device_t now have a boolean bAutoIso14443_4 to keep the locally the
      state of NDO_AUTO_ISO14443_4 (should not be directly set, use
      nfc_configure() with NDO_AUTO_ISO14443_4)
    - nfc_device_t now have an uint8_t ui8Parameters to cache PN53x parameters
    - nfc_device_t now have a byte_t btSupportByte to cache supported
    - nfc_dep_info_t have completely changed, please see API documentation
    - nfc_iso14443b_info_t have completely changed, please see API
    - nfc_modulation_t have completely changed: it now contains a
      nfc_modulation_type_t and nfc_baud_rate_t couple. Initialization example:
        nfc_modulation_t nm = {
          .nmt = NMT_ISO14443A,
          .nbr = NBR_106,
    - nfc_target_t now contains new nfc_modulation_t instead of
      nfc_target_type_t. Initialization example:
        nfc_target_t nt = {
          .nm.nmt = NMT_ISO14443A,
          .nm.nbr = NBR_UNDEFINED,
          .nti.nai.abtAtqa = { 0x03, 0x44 },
          .nti.nai.abtUid = { 0x08, 0xab, 0xcd, 0xef },
          .nti.nai.btSak = 0x20,
          .nti.nai.szUidLen = 4,
          .nti.nai.abtAts = { 0x75, 0x77, 0x81, 0x02, 0x80 },
          .nti.nai.szAtsLen = 5,

  * Functions
    - nfc_initiator_select_passive_target() now use new nfc_modulation_t and
      nfc_target_t instead of nfc_target_info_t
    - nfc_initiator_list_passive_targets() now use new nfc_modulation_t and
      nfc_target_t instead of nfc_target_info_t
    - nfc_initiator_poll_targets() use new nfc_modulation_t instead of
    - nfc_initiator_select_dep_target() completely changed, use now
      nfc_dep_mode_t, nfc_baudrate_t, nfc_dep_info_t and nfc_target_t, please
      see API documentation
    - nfc_target_init() have an additional argument: nfc_target_t to describe
      the wanted target
    - append_iso14443a_crc() was renamed to iso14443a_crc_append()
    - New iso14443a_locate_historical_bytes() to locate historical bytes in ATS

New in 1.3.9 (since 1.3.4):

Installed files

  - mifaretag.h and mifareultag.h are removed, Mifare features are not a part
    of libnfc API anymore (these features are always available in examples/)

API Changes

  * Types  
    - New nfc_device_option_t value (enum): NDO_AUTO_14443_4, an option to
      enable/disable auto-switching to ISO/IEC 14443-4 if device is compliliant
    - New nfc_device_option_t value (enum): NDO_EASY_FRAMING, an option to
      enable/disable automatic frames encapsulation and chaining
    - New nfc_target_type_t (enum), with values like NTT_MIFARE,
      NTT_ISO14443B_106, NTT_DEP_ACTIVE_424, etc.
    - Mifare related types have been removed from API: mifare_cmd,
      mifare_param_auth, mifare_param_data, mifare_param_value, mifare_param

  * Structures
    - nfc_device_t now have boolean bEasyFraming to enable/disable "easy
      framing" feature (should not be directly set, use nfc_configure() with
    - nfc_device_t now have integer iLastError to handle last error
    - New chip_callbacks to handle error lookup per chip
    - driver_callbacks now have a pointer to chip_callbacks
    - New nfc_target_t that contains nfc_target_info_t and nfc_target_type_t

  * Functions
    - nfc_initiator_select_tag() became nfc_initiator_select_passive_target()
    - New nfc_initiator_list_passive_targets() returns a list of detected
      target on desired modulation
    - (experimental) New nfc_initiator_poll_targets() returns targets that are
      detected during hardware polling (available only with PN532)
    - nfc_initiator_transceive_dep_bytes(), nfc_target_receive_dep_bytes() and
      nfc_target_send_dep_bytes() have been removed from API, use
      NDO_EASY_FRAMING option to switch from raw mode to "easy framing"
    - nfc_initiator_mifare_cmd() have been removed: no more Mifare related
      stuff in libnfc's API
    - New nfc_strerror(), nfc_strerror_r() and nfc_perror() to report errors
    - New append_iso14443a_crc() to append iso14443a_crc() to a string

New in 1.3.4 (since 1.2.1):

Installed files

  - Headers are now installed in include/nfc instead of include/libnfc
  - libnfc.h have been renamed to nfc.h
  - defines.h and types.h have been merge into nfc-types.h
  - bitutils.h is not installed anymore, some functions are now in
  - devices.h, dev_acr122.h, dev_arygon.h, dev_pn531.h, dev_pn533.h and rs232.h
    are not installed anymore
  - New header mifareultag.h, like mifaretag.h for Mifare UltraLight
  - New header nfc-messages.h with messages macros (DBG, ERR, INFO)

API Changes

  * Types
    - uint32_t which was used as size now are size_t
    - chip_type became nfc_chip_t (enum)
    - init_modulation became nfc_modulation_t (enum), and now have
      NM_ACTIVE_DEP and NM_PASSIVE_DEP modulation values added

  * Structures
    - dev_info became nfc_device_t
    - dev_config_option became nfc_device_option_t
    - New nfc_device_desc_t to describe the way to access to a NFC device.
      Initialisation example:
        nfc_device_desc_t ndd = {
          ndd.pcDriver = "ARYGON";
          ndd.pcPort = "/dev/ttyUSB0";
          ndd.uiSpeed = 115200;
    - dev_callbacks became driver_callbacks and now have two function pointers
      more: pick_device() and list_devices()
    - New nfc_dep_info_t to handle DEP targets info
    - tag_info_iso14443a became nfc_iso14443a_info_t
    - tag_info_iso14443b became nfc_iso14443b_info_t
    - tag_info_felica became nfc_felica_info_t
    - tag_info_jewel became nfc_jewel_info_t
    - tag_info became nfc_target_info_t, and now have extended union to

  * Functions
    - nfc_connect() now takes 1 nfc_devive_desc_t argument (can be NULL)
    - New nfc_list_devices(), it find available NFC devices using all know
    - (experimental) New nfc_initiator_select_dep(), it looks for DEP targets
    - (experimental) New nfc_initiator_transceive_dep_bytes(), like
      nfc_initiator_transceive_bytes() for DEP targets
    - (experimental) New nfc_target_receive_dep_bytes() and
      nfc_target_send_dep_bytes(), to receive/send bytes to DEP target
      (configured as initiator) while local NFC device is configured as target
    - New nfc_device_name() returns the device's name
    - New iso14443a_crc() computes CRC as described in ISO/IEC 14443
    - New nfc_version() returns the actual version of libnfc (with SVN
      revision, if available)