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19 October 2002 Revision 0.3.1

Uses automake 1.7, gnits and pkg-config.  Still no code changes.

1 October 2002 Revision 0.3.0

Added autoconf, automake and libtool support.  Unofficial release made
by Simon Josefsson.

7 October 1999   Revsion  0.21

Added support for usernames with embedded domain strings of the
format username@domain.  If present, the domain will override the
domain that is returned by the host in the challenge.

6 October 1999   Revision 0.2

Fixed another byte-order problem in unicode routine in smbutil.c.
Added a copy of GPL to the distribution.  Added test driver
program directory.

5 October 1999   Revision 0.1

Fixed usage of byte-order macros in smbutil.c.  Hopefully this
will make it work on SPARC machines...