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2009-07-15, Version 1.2.0
* `oping': Implement the `-f' command line option to read hostnames
  from a file (or STDIN).
* src/liboping.c: No longer export `sstrerror'.

2009-04-05, Version 1.1.2
* liboping.c: A NULL-pointer dereference has been fixed in the IPv4
  code. This led to a segmentation fault when an ICMPv4 paket could
  not be associated with any host. This usually happened when one or
  more hosts were unreachable for some time. Thanks to Tomasz Pala for
  discovering the problem and finding a way to reproduce it.

2009-03-23, Version 1.1.1
* liboping.c: Use libxnet when available. The `normal' version of
  `recvmsg' does not provide the `auxiliary data' on some or all
  versions of Solaris.

2009-03-15, Version 1.1.0
* liboping.c: Eliminate the use of `strerror' and use `strerror_r'
  instead, removing the (hopefully) last thread-unsafe function.
* liboping.c: Provide the TTL of received IP packets.
* oping.c: Allow setting of the TTL using the `-t' command line

2009-02-17, Version 1.0.0
* oping.h: Provide the OPING_VERSION to easily determine the library's
  version at compile time.
* liboping.c: Fixed an off-by-one error in `ping_iterator_get_info':
  When determining the buffer size to hold the hostname, the function
  would return one byte too little.
* liboping.c: Fix an incorrect assertion in `ping_timeval_add'. Thanks
  to Alex Brooks for reporting the issue.
* liboping.c: Make sure `EAI_SYSTEM' is defined at compile time.
  Although specified by POSIX, Cygwin apparently doesn't have it.
* liboping.c: Add compatibility code for AIX. Thanks to Doug
  MacEachern for the patch.
* liboping.c: Store and possibly return the host name as provided by
  the user.
* liboping.c: The number of timed out packets is now counted and can
  be retrieved with `ping_iterator_get_info'.
* Perl bindings: The Net::Oping Perl package has been added to
  bindings/ and is built along with liboping.

2007-03-27, Version 0.3.5
* liboping.c: Close the filedescriptor in `ping_free', not
  `ping_host_remove'. Thanks to Esteban Sanchez for submitting this
* oping.h: Include <sys/types.h> so that `size_t' is defined. Thanks
  to Alex Brooks for pointing this out.
* oping.h: Use `extern "C"' when being used with C++. Thanks to Alex
  Brooks for pointing this out.

2006-12-01, Version 0.3.4
* Fixes a bug in `ping_host_remove': Due to an incorrect hostname
  checking the wrong host would be removed.

2006-07-16, Version 0.3.3
* `sendto(2)' now catches `EHOSTUNREACH' and `ENETUNREACH' if they're

2006-07-13, Version 0.3.2
* `oping' now drops root privileges as soon as possible.
* `liboping' now contains an `soname' and a version.

2006-07-09, Version 0.3.1
* Removed `libltdl' from the distribution since it's not used.
* More nonsense has been removed from the build system. Thanks to
  Sebastian Harl for pointing it out :)

2006-07-09, Version 0.3.0
* The ability to set the source address from which the packets
  originate has been added to the library and the oping application.

2006-07-16, Version 0.2.3
* `sendto(2)' now catches `EHOSTUNREACH' and `ENETUNREACH' if they're

2006-06-05, Version 0.2.2
* The `oping' application didn't exit if no hosts could be resolved.
  This release fixes it's behavior.

2006-06-01, Version 0.2.1
* Fix the behavior for non GNU-Linux systems. liboping tried to
  `bind(2)' to the raw-socket it uses to send ICMP packets. Apparently
  (decided by majority vote ;) this is not the right thing to do.
  GNU/Linux never complained about it, but works find without the bind.
  Other operating systems don't work at all with the bind.
* Build fixes for non-GNU/Linux platforms: Mac OS X doesn't define
  `size_t' as `unsigned int' and therefore needs casting and FreeBSD
  needs to have `sys/types.h' included before `netinet/*.h'

2006-05-29, Version 0.2.0
* It's now possible to set the data to be send to the remote host and
  to get the data received from the host.
* The `oping' binary now calculates the standard deviation. Also, it
  displays the number of byes that were received and other output
* Hosts are now returned in the same order as they were added by
  `ping_host_add'. This is not guaranteed, but makes `oping' prettier.

2006-05-12, Version 0.1.1
* A bug in the library has been fixed: When the sequence got higher
  than 2^16 the counter in the packets wrapped around, but the
  internal counter didn't, causing the library to ignore all further
  ICMP packets. This affected both, ICMPv4 and ICMPv6.

2006-05-08, Version 0.1.0
* Initial release.