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This file is part of GNU Parted
Copyright (C) 1999 - 2005 Free Software Foundation Inc.

This file may be modified and/or distributed without restriction.  This is
not an invitation to misrepresent the history of GNU Parted.

2005-10-28  Leslie Polzer <leslie.polzer@gmx.net>
* corrects API and BINARY age.

2005-10-28  Guillaume Knispel <k_guillaume@libertysurf.fr>
* libparted/fs_hfs/journal.c, libparted/fs_hfs/hfs.c: fix some exception
* libparted/unit.c (ped_unit_format_custom): remove unused variable "result".

2005-10-25  Guillaume Knispel <k_guillaume@libertysurf.fr>
* libparted/disk_mac.c (_disk_add_part_map_entry): the function didn't
  work when mac_disk_data->last_part_entry_num was null (when the only
  existing partition is the partition table and the user destroy it).

2005-10-24  Guillaume Knispel <k_guillaume@libertysurf.fr>
* parted/parted.c (prefer_snap): incorrectly chose MOVE_STILL instead
  of MOVE_UP or MOVE_DOWN if both weren't activated.

2005-10-15  Guillaume Knispel <k_guillaume@libertysurf.fr>
* libparted/filesys.c (_probe_with_open): The file system was considered
  valid if the open method was not implemented. Now openable file systems
  are considered first (if one and only one is successfully opened,
  return it), then if only one non openable file system is remaining,
  return it (else return NULL).

2005-10-14  Guillaume Knispel <k_guillaume@libertysurf.fr>
* libparted/disk_dos.c (_log_meta_overlap_constraint): ignore inactive
* parted/parted.c (snap_to_boundaries): didn't reliably work since the
  range is variable, complete rewrite.
* parted/parted.c (try_snap): was called by snap_to_boundaries, removed.
* parted/parted.c (prefer_snap): new function called by snap_to_boundaries,
  detect if the sector should be snaped to the begining of the partition
  it belongs to, or to the end.

2005-10-13  Guillaume Knispel <k_guillaume@libertysurf.fr>
* libparted/disk_gpt.c (add_metadata_part): don't forget to free the
  constraint if adding the metadata partition failed.

2005-10-04  Guillaume Knispel <k_guillaume@libertysurf.fr>
* doc/parted.texi: Unit command description added, based on what
  was previously in 2.2 Using GNU Parted (which has been replaced
  by a reference to the unit command...). Also various fixes in
  @copying layout and some typos fixes.

2005-10-03  Otavio Salvador <otavio@debian.org>
* po/es.po: updated

2005-10-03  Guillaume Knispel <k_guillaume@libertysurf.fr>
Applied patch from Colin Watson <cjwatson@debian.org>:
* libparted/linux.c (_device_get_part_path): check for devfs-style /disc
  without even testing if _have_devfs(), because udev can be used instead
  with the same behavior.

2005-10-02  Guillaume Knispel <k_guillaume@libertysurf.fr>
Applied patch from Matt Zimmerman <mdz@debian.org>:
* include/parted/device.h: PED_DEVICE_UBD added in PedDeviceType.
* libparted/linux.c (_device_probe_type): recognize UML UBD devices.
* libparted/linux.c (linux_new): handle UML UBD devices.

2005-09-21  Guillaume Knispel <k_guillaume@libertysurf.fr>
* po/id.po: added (thanks to Arif E. Nugroho <arif_endro@yahoo.com>)
* po/es.po: updated
* doc/parted.8: updates from A. Costa <agcosta@gis.net>
Applied patch from Otavio Salvador <otavio@debian.org>:
* libparted/disk_dos.c (probe_partition_for_geom): Fix compiler warnings
  while compiling with gcc 4.0.
* libparted/disk_sun.c (sun_read): bugfix - recognize partitions on sun

2005-08-22  Guillaume Knispel <k_guillaume@libertysurf.fr>
* libparted/disk_dos.c (_align_logical_no_geom): removed
  _calc_min_logical_start() and use a true constraint instead, generated by
  the new _log_meta_overlap_constraint(). This constraint should enforce
  necessary gaps between logical partitions to fit the linked list of
  partition tables. This should get ride of the infamous Assertion
  (metadata_length > 0) failed bug for extended msdos disklabels generated
  by Parted.
* libparted/disk_dos.c (_align_logical): also use
  _log_meta_overlap_constraint() as mandatory.

2005-08-21  Guillaume Knispel <k_guillaume@libertysurf.fr>
* libparted/unit.c (parse_chs, ped_unit_parse_custom): set *range to NULL
  and *sector to 0 on failure.
* parted/ui.c (command_line_get_sector): set *value to 0 on failure.
* parted/parted.c (do_mkpart, do_mkpartfs, do_move, do_resize): more memory
  leak fixes (range_start, range_end).

2005-08-10  Leslie Polzer <leslie.polzer@gmx.net>
* parted/ui.c: updated wording of bug reporting instructions
* released 1.6.24

2005-08-09  Leslie Polzer <leslie.polzer@gmx.net>
Applied patch from Eduardo Righes <eduardo@tteng.com.br>, HP Brazil:
* include/parted/disk.h: hidden partitions support and command to set MS
  Reserved partitions through "set" command
* libparted/disk.c: hidden partitions support and command to set MS
  Reserved partitions through "set" command
* libparted/disk_gpt.c: hidden partitions support and command to set MS
  Reserved partitions through "set" command

2005-08-08  Leslie Polzer <leslie.polzer@gmx.net>
* parted/parted.c (do_resize): fixed memory leak (range_start, range_end)

2005-08-03  Guillaume Knispel <k_guillaume@libertysurf.fr>
* libparted/disk_dos.c (msdos_partition_destroy): leak correction, free
  ((DosPartitionData*)(part->disk_specific))->orig if necessary.
* libparted/fs_fat/traverse.c (fat_traverse_complete): leak correction, free
* libparted/linux.c (_device_get_sector_size): preassign sector_size to
  PED_SECTOR_SIZE to make Valgrind happy.
* parted/ui.c (command_line_get_sector): set *range to NULL in case of failure.

2005-08-01  Guillaume Knispel <k_guillaume@libertysurf.fr>
* libparted/disk_dos.c (probe_partition_for_geom): integer only calculation
  of cyl_size and head_size, to avoid FP arithmetic approximation problems.
* doc/API: fixed documentation for PedUnit according to new prototypes.

2005-07-26  Leslie Polzer <leslie.polzer@gmx.net>
* parted/ui.c (command_line_get_sector): set range in default case

2005-07-19  Guillaume Knispel <k_guillaume@libertysurf.fr>
* all files: FSF address changed to
  51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA

2005-07-11  Guillaume Knispel <k_guillaume@libertysurf.fr>
HFSX and journaled HFS+ / HFSX now supported.
The HFS+ / HFSX allocation bitmap is saved during relocation.
This is safer.
* libparted/fs_hfs/*: cosmetic changes in ped_exception_throw calls.
* libparted/fs_hfs/journal.c: added.
* libparted/fs_hfs/journal.h: added.
* libparted/fs_hfs/Makefile.am: journal.c and journal.h added.
* libparted/fs_hfs/cache.h: new tags for journal info block (CR_BTREE_CAT_JIB)
  and journal (CR_BTREE_CAT_JL)
* libparted/fs_hfs/hfs.h: journal structs (HfsJJournalInfoBlock,
  HfsJJournalHeader, HfsJBlockInfo, HfsJBlockListHeader) described.
  Fields dirty_alloc_map, allocation_file, jib_start_block, jl_start_block of
  HfsPPrivateFSData added.
* libparted/fs_hfs/hfs.c (hfsplus_open): allocate dirty_alloc_map and open
  allocation_file. Do not emit the warning exception about untested attributes
  file anymore.
  (hfsplus_close): free dirty_alloc_map and close allocation_file.
  New HFSX descriptors hfsx_ops && hfsx_type.
  (ped_file_system_hfs_init, ped_file_system_hfs_done): (un)register HFSX.
* libparted/fs_hfs/reloc.c (hfs_effect_move_extent): don't save the allocation
  map anymore.
  (hfs_move_extent_starting_at): save it here.
* libparted/fs_hfs/reloc_plus.c (hfsplus_do_move): handle journal and bitmap
  (hfsplus_move_extent_starting_at): call to the new hfsplus_save_allocation
* libparted/fs_hfs/probe.c, libparted/fs_hfs/probe.h: hfsx_probe added.
* libparted/disk_mac.c (mac_partition_set_system): HFSX support.
* doc/parted.texi: updated documentation to reflect new journaled and hfsx

2005-07-10  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk.c (_partition_check, _partition_check_extended): replaced
  a specific start<=end sanity check in _partition_check_extended with
  a generic assertion in _partition_check.
* libparted/parted.c (_ped_abs, _solution_check_distant, _get_left_bound,
  _get_right_bound, _grow_over_small_freespace): removed and replaced with
  snap_to_boundaries() et al:
* libparted/parted.c (snap_to_boundaries, try_snap, snap): these functions
  do similar things to the functions above that they replace, except that
  they constrain themselves by the recently introduced unit-specific ranges
  rather than "small" magic numbers.  In addition, it will snap to an
  existing partition boundary to avoid consuming slightly more free space.
  (So, it could possibly shrink or grow)
* libparted/disk.c (ped_disk_add_partition, ped_disk_set_partition_geom):
  these functions now deduce if a there are no constraint solutions because of
  overlapping problems, and throws an appropriate exception.  This means
  that lots of "Unable to satisfy constraints" messages will be replaced
  with "Can't have overlapping partitions" messages where appropriate.
* po/pl.po: updated.

2005-07-06  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* po/POTFILES.in: added libparted/fs_hfs/* and libparted/unit.c.
* po/vi.po: added (thanks to Tran Thi Hoang Quyen!)
* configure.in: added vi (Vietnamese) to the language list.
* po/ja.po po/nl.po: updated.
* libparted/disk_dvh (dvh_alloc, _handle_no_volume_header,
  _get_extended_constraint): make the volume header partition include
  the first sector of the disk (which contains the partition table.)
* libparted/disk_dvh (_handle_no_volume_header): removed the Ignore option
  for disks without a volume header partition.
* libparted/disk_dvh (_get_primary_constraint, _get_extended_constraint):
  don't align to cylinder boundaries any more.
* libparted/fs_ext2/ext2_block_relocator.c: added some comments.
* released 1.6.23

2005-07-04  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* include/parted/natmath.h (ped_div_round_to_nearest): added.
* libparted/unit.c (ped_unit_parse_custom, geometry_from_centre_radius):
  move out-of-disk detection into geometry_from_centre_radius(), because
  the tolerance level depends on the radius.
* libparted/unit.c (ped_unit_parse_custom): clip the sector inside the
  disk, if it passed the geometry_from_centre_radius() tolerance check.
* libparted/unit.c (ped_unit_format_custom): round to the nearest unit.
* libparted/unit.c (ped_unit_format_custom): format cylinders separately,
  because they shouldn't be rounded.
* libparted/unit.c (ped_unit_parse_custom): start counting at -1, so that
  -0 is past the end of the disk.
* libparted/constraint.c (ped_constraint_solve_nearest): it is not a bug
  to have no end solution.
* libparted/constraint.c (_constraint_get_end_range): fixed an out-by-1
  error on the length sanity check.
* libparted/unit.c (ped_unit_parse_custom): reduce the radius by 1.
  This means a location is fuzzy only to strictly less than the unit

2005-07-03  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* include/parted/unit.h: rearranged the order of prototypes, and changed
  some formatting.
* libparted/unit.c (ped_unit_get_size, get_sectors_per_cent, remove_punct):
  rearranged order of functions.
* libparted/unit.c (ped_unit_format_custom): rewrote more compactly,
  using ped_unit_get_name().
* libparted/unit.c (parse_chs, ped_unit_parse_custom): moved CHS parsing
  into a new separate function.
* libparted/unit.c (parse_unit_suffix, ped_unit_parse_custom): moved
  the unit parsing code into a separate new function.
* libparted/unit.c (ped_unit_parse_custom): restructed error handling.
* libparted/unit.c (ped_unit_get_size): make % simple: length*SECTOR_SIZE/100
* libparted/parted.c: applied a patch by Benno Schulenberg to clean up
  error message / UI text strings.

2005-07-02  Leslie Polzer <leslie.polzer@gmx.net>
* libparted/unit.c: fixed off-by-one error
* doc/parted.texi: removed passage on ``='' notation and changed it
  to document the new range handling.

2005-07-01  Leslie Polzer <leslie.polzer@gmx.net>
* libparted/unit.c: moved handling of negative locations to the right

2005-06-30  Leslie Polzer <leslie.polzer@gmx.net>
* include/parted/unit.h (ped_unit_format): changed signature (swapped
  order of arguments).
* include/parted/unit.h (ped_unit_format_custom): changed signature to
  match new API interface.
* include/parted/unit.h (ped_unit_parse): changed signature to match
  new API
  interface (added range argument).
* include/parted/unit.h (ped_unit_parse_custom): changed signature to
  match new API (added ``range'' argument)
* include/parted/unit.h (ped_unit_get_size): added.
* parted/parted.c: fixed typo in help ("MUMBER").
* parted/parted.c (_solution_check_distant): changed calls to match new
  ped_unit_format signature.
* parted/parted.c (_grow_over_small_freespace): removed handling of
  is_start_exact and is_end_exact.
* parted/parted.c (do_mkpart, do_mkpartfs, do_move, do_resize): changed
  calls to command_line_get_sector and constraint_from_start_end to match
  new signatures.
* parted/parted.c (do_move, do_print): changed calls to ped_unit_format
  to match new signature.
* parted/parted.c (do_print): changed calls to ped_unit_format_custom
  to match new signature.
* parted/ui.h (command_line_get_sector): changed signature
  (replaced ``int* is_exact'' with ``PedRange** range'')
* parted/ui.c (command_line_get_integer): changed calls to
  ped_unit_format to match new signature.
* parted/ui.c (command_line_get_sector): removed handling of
  is_start_exact and is_end_exact and changed signature accordingly.
* libparted/unit.c: added API documentation.
* libparted/unit.c (ped_unit_format): rewrote call to
  ped_unit_format_custom to match new signature.
* libparted/unit.c: (clip): added.
* libparted/unit.c (geometry_from_centre_radius): added.
* libparted/unit.c (ped_unit_parse_custom): removed differentiation
  between double and long - double should be enough.
* libparted/unit.c (ped_unit_parse_custom): vast simplification due to
  new range handling and usage of new functions
  geometry_from_centre_radius and ped_unit_get_size.
* libparted/unit.c (get_sectors_per_cent): added.
* libparted/unit.c (ped_unit_get_size): added.
* libparted/disk.c (ped_disk_check): changed calls to match new
  ped_unit_format signature.
* libparted/fs_fat/calc.c (fat_check_resize_geometry): changed calls to
  match new ped_unit_format signature.

2005-06-18  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/constraint.c: more comments.

2005-06-15  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* po/zh_TW: added.  From Wei-Lun Chao <chaoweilun@pcmail.com.tw>.

2005-06-12  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_dos.c (probe_partition_for_geom): some OEM partitioning
  software (?) has an out-by-one error for numbering the ending cylinder
  of partitions.  This change supresses any exceptions, and treats the
  CHS information as if the correct information had been given.

2005-06-11  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_dos.c (probe_partition_for_geom): the old code couldn't
  infer any information when the start head didn't divide the end head.

2005-06-04  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/linux.c (init_scsi, scsi_get_product_info,
  scsi_query_product_info, read_device_sysfs_file): Use /sys to
  fetch vendor/product names before trying the deprecated ioctl,
  SCSI_IOCTL_SEND_COMMAND.  Based on a patch by Chris Lumens (thanks!)
* libparted/geom.c: added more comments.
* libparted/natmath.c: added more comments.
* libparted/constraint.c: added more comments.
* libparted/device.c: added more comments.
* libparted/timer.c: added more comments.
* libparted/filesys.c: added more comments.
* libparted/disk.c: added more comments.

2005-06-03  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_mac.c (_rawpart_is_active): empty partition names with
  the type "Apple_Free" can also be free space partitions.

2005-06-02  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/fs_fat/fat.c (fat_check): typecast -1 to (FatCluster).  (gcc
  complains otherwise)
* libparted/linux.c (init_ide): call strip_name() on the prepared buffer
  rather than the raw input.

2005-05-14  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/fs_fat/fat.c (fat_check): don't complain about the information
  sector reporting the number of free clusters as -1 ("I don't know").

2005-05-10  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_mac.c (mac_partition_set_flag): put curly braces around
  the if body in the PED_PARTITION_BOOT case.

2005-04-20  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_mac.c (_rawpart_is_active): treat Apple_Free partitions
  with names other than Extra as normal (active) partitions.
* parted/parted (do_resize): allow resizing of extended partitions,
  even if some logical partitions are mounted.

2005-03-29  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* everything: more punctuation / grammatical fixes from Benno Schulenberg
* libparted/disk_dvh.c (_handle_no_volume_header): only give a lax
  constraint on the new volume header.  (Previously, if there wasn't
  much space, then the volume header would not be created.  Now, a smaller
  one gets created.)
* libparted/disk_dvh.c (_parse_partition, _generate_partition): retire the
  hack in which the start of the volume header was temporarily represented
  as 1 rather than 0.
* libparted/disk_dvh.c (_get_strict_extended_constraint): added.
* libparted/disk_dvh.c (dvh_partition_align): allow the volume header
  (extended partition) to begin on sector 0 in both strict and lax
  constraint forms.
* libparted/disk_dvh.c (dvh_alloc_metadata): only protect the partition
  table with a metadata partition if the volume header (extended partition)
  does not protect it already.
* libparted/disk_dvh.c (dvh_alloc_metadata): always protect the partition
  table, but use a logical metadata partition if the volume header
  includes the partition table.

2005-03-28  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* everything: more punctuation / grammatical fixes from Benno Schulenberg
* everything: filesystem -> file system.  (messages / comments only)
* parted/parted.c (init_commands): describe "=" notation.
* doc/parted.texi: describe "=" notation.
* doc/parted.texi: link www.namesys.com/pub/libreiserfs

2005-03-27  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* parted/parted.c (_rescue_add_partition()): fixed memory leaks.
* parted/parted.c (_rescue_pass()): now accepts partitions that end within
  the allowed end range.  (Was previously buggy.)
* parted/parted.c (_rescue_add_partition()): use ped_constraint_exact()
  to force the partition geometry to match the probed filesystem's
* libparted/unit.c, doc/parted.texi: changes units to match SI standards.
  eg: Mb -> MB, Kb -> kB.
* libparted/libparted.c (init_disk_types, done_disk_types): put in
  alphabetical order.
* parted/ui.c parted/ui.h (command_line_get_integer, command_line_get_sector,
  command_line_get_state, command_line_get_device, command_line_get_disk,
  command_line_get_partition, command_line_get_fs_type,
  all command_line_get_*() functions now take their default input value from
  the same location as the output value.
* parted/ui.c (command_line_get_sector): "=" specifies that the user
  would like the partition to be exactly in that location, without
  any possibility of being moved due to alignment or other reasons.
* parted/parted.c (do_check, do_cp, do_mklabel, do_mkfs, do_mkpart,
  do_mkpartfs, do_move, do_name, do_print, do_rescue, do_resize, do_rm,
  do_select, do_set): updated to new ui.h interface.
* parted/parted.c (do_name): include the old name as default.
* everything: applied many punctuation / grammatical fixes from
  Benno Schulenberg <benno@nietvergeten.nl>.

2005-03-21  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_mac.c (mac_partition_set_flag, _rawpart_is_lvm):
  Now uses "Linux_LVM" in the system name, not "lvm" in the volume name.
* libparted/disk_mac.c (mac_partition_set_flag, _rawpart_is_raid,
  _rawpart_analyse): Added analogous support for RAID partitions.
* libparted/unit.c (ped_unit_parse_custom): throw an exception if the
  location doesn't have any numbers as input.
* parted/parted.c (do_print): remove padding spaces from text, and replace
  them with numbers.  This should make life easier for the translation

2005-03-20  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* include/parted/unit.h: added.
* include/parted/parted.h: now includes unit.h.
* include/parted/device.h: PED_SECTOR_SIZE is now defined in unit.h.
* libparted/unit.c: added.
* libparted/disk.c (ped_disk_check): use new unit.h formatting code.
* libparted/fs_fat/calc.c (fat_check_resize_geometry): use new unit.h
  formatting code.
* parted/parted.c (do_unit): added a command for selecting the default unit.
* parted/parted.c (_solution_check_distant): uses new unit.h formatting code.
  The prototype changed to include "dev", which is required to format the "%"
  and "cyl" units.
* parted/parted.c (partition_print, do_print, _rescue_add_partition):
  uses new unit.h formatting code.
* parted/parted.c (do_print): changed "Minor" -> "Number".
* parted/ui.c (command_line_get_sector): changed to use new unit.h
  parsing and formatting code.
* parted/ui.c (command_line_get_unit): added.
* parted/ui.h: added command_line_get_unit() prototype.
* doc/API: added documentation for PedUnit.
* parted/parted.c: updated help text to reflect change from Minor to Number.
* doc/parted.texi: update documentation to reflect change from Minor to Number.
* doc/parted.texi: update documentation to reflect units changes.
* include/parted/unit.h: added CHS support.  (PED_UNIT_CHS)
* libparted/unit.c: added CHS support.
* parted/parted.c: display the size of partitions, except if the unit is CHS.

2005-03-20  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* released 1.6.22

2005-03-14  Chris Lumens  <clumens@redhat.com>
* libparted/fs_fat/fat.h:  Change name to a char array in _FatDirEntry.
* libparted/fs_fat/traverse.c (fat_dir_entry_is_active): One last unsigned
  char vs. char compiler warning fix.
* libparted/device.c:  Functions named things like read, write, and check
  can be implemented as macros which will get expanded here and cause
  problems.  Surround the names with parentheses to prevent macro expansion.
* libparted/linux.c (_mount_table_search):  Ignore sccanf result.

2005-03-11  Guillaume Knispel <k_guillaume@libertysurf.fr>
* libparted/fs_hfs/hfs.c, libparted/fs_hfs/reloc.c,
  libparted/fs_hfs/reloc_plus.c: Make use of ped_geometry_sync_fast in hfs
  and hfs+ code.

2005-03-08  Chris Lumens  <clumens@redhat.com>
* libparted/disk_amiga.c, libparted/disk_gpt.c, libparted/disk_pc98.c,
  libparted/disk_sun.c, libparted/linux.c, libparted/fs_hfs/reloc.c:  Fix up
  unsigned char vs. char compiler warnings.

2005-03-07  Chris Lumens  <clumens@redhat.com>
* libparted/disk_mac.c: support LVM on PPC by setting the proper flags on the
  partition (patch from Paul Nasrat <pnasrat@redhat.com>).

2005-03-06  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_sun.c: many changes, including:
- replaced hw_geom with bios_geom.
- disk_specific->length is now set to cylinder_size * label->ncyl.
- label->acyl is now set to 0 by default.

2005-03-05  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* doc/parted.8: changed "mips" to "dvh" to be consistent with the Parted
  user interface.
* doc/parted.texi: added http:// and ftp:// onto some URLs.

2005-03-04  Chris Lumens <clumens@redhat.com>
* libparted/fs_fat/context.c: fix casting typo.
* include/parted/constraint.h, libparted/constraint.c: remove
  ped_constraint_none that wasn't being referenced anywhere.

2005-03-04  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/fs_fat/count.c (flag_traverse_fat): in the assignment to
  cluster_info [clst].units_used, store 0, rather than 64.  The code
  has the same semantics, but no gcc4 compiler warning.  (0 == 64 when
  you use 6-bit integers; 0 is interpreted as 64 in all relevant code)
  (problem reported by Chris Lumens <clumens@redhat.com>)

2005-02-19  Guillaume Knispel <k_guillaume@libertysurf.fr>
* libparted/fs_hfs/hfs.c (hfs_resize): do nothing when nothing to do.
* libparted/fs_hfs/hfs.c (hfsplus_resize): do nothing when nothing to do.
* libparted/fs_hfs/hfs.c (hfsplus_open): leak in the error handling code

2005-02-17  Guillaume Knispel <k_guillaume@libertysurf.fr>
* include/parted/device.h (_PedDeviceArchOps): field sync_fast added.
* include/parted/device.h (ped_device_sync_fast): added.
* include/parted/geom.h (ped_geometry_sync_fast): added.
* libparted/device.c (ped_device_sync_fast): added.
* libparted/geom.c (ped_geometry_sync_fast): added.
* libparted/gnu.c (gnu_dev_ops): sync_fast pointing to gnu_sync added.
* libparted/linux.c (linux_sync_fast): added.
* libparted/linux.c (linux_dev_ops): sync_fast pointing to linux_sync_fast
* doc/API : new ped_device_sync_fast and ped_geometry_sync_fast API

2005-02-14  Chris Lumens <clumens@redhat.com>
* parted/parted.c : on the help for the mkfs, mkpart, and resize commands,
  only list filesystem types that are supported

2005-02-02  Guillaume Knispel <k_guillaume@libertysurf.fr>
* integrated HFS Patch 16 :
* libparted/fs_hfs/hfs.c
* libparted/fs_hfs/hfs.h
* libparted/fs_hfs/probe.c
* libparted/fs_hfs/probe.h
* libparted/fs_hfs/cache.c
* libparted/fs_hfs/cache.h
* libparted/fs_hfs/advfs.c
* libparted/fs_hfs/advfs.h
* libparted/fs_hfs/file.c
* libparted/fs_hfs/file.h
* libparted/fs_hfs/reloc.c
* libparted/fs_hfs/reloc.h
* libparted/fs_hfs/advfs_plus.c
* libparted/fs_hfs/advfs_plus.h
* libparted/fs_hfs/file_plus.c
* libparted/fs_hfs/file_plus.h
* libparted/fs_hfs/reloc_plus.c
* libparted/fs_hfs/reloc_plus.h
* libparted/Makefile.am : modified according new source files listed above
* libparted/disk_mac.c (mac_partition_set_system): tag partition with type
  "Apple_HFS" if the filesystem is "hfs+" in addition to "hfs"
* debug/test/test_fs_hfs : new non-regression tests for hfs
* debug/test/test_fs_hfsplus : new non-regression tests for hfs+
* debug/test/test (ped_test_get_val): allow bash evaluation of $post_command
* doc/parted.texi (Supported File Systems): added resize operation for hfs
  and hfs+, and a note stating they can only be made smaller.
* doc/parted.texi (Command explanation Resize): talk about hfs.

2005-01-16  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* released 1.6.21

2005-01-10  Sven Luther <luther@debian.org>
* libparted/disk.c, doc/parted.texi : renamed prep-boot prep partition name to

2005-01-08  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/linux.c (linux_disk_commit): if the BLKPG method fails, try
  the BLKRRPART method.

2005-01-06  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_dos.c (msdos_write): put in a unique identifier (which
  is misleadingly called the "MBR signature" by Microsoft docs and
  EFI specs).  Based on a patch by Matt Domsch <Matt_Domsch@dell.com>.

2005-01-05  Sven Luther <luther@debian.org>
* include/parted/endian.h : fixed PED_SWAP macros missing (), since it broke
  on 64bit hardware as shown in the PED_CPU_TO_BE32(part ? part_num : LINK_END)
  code snipplet, which applied the uint32 cast to part, and not the value.
* libparted/disk_amiga.c, libparted/fs_amiga/amiga.c : Added some uint32 casts.

2005-01-05  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_sun.c (sun_alloc, sun_read, sun_write): fixed
  cylinder recording stuff.  pcylcount is now 2 more, and ncyl is now
  2 less than it was before.
* libparted/filesys.c (ped_file_system_clobber): removed a useless
  (always-thrown) assertion for file system support for clobbering.

2004-12-26  Harley D. Eades III  <hde@grics.net>
* libparted/gnu.c (gnu_new): Added three new variables ro_err, rw_err and
  ispath.  The ispath variables is set to 1 if path is indeed a path and not a
  store type name.  This prevents having to use strchr more then once.  Added
  a check for determining if the inputted path is a path and not a store-type
  name.  If (const char *)path is a path then use store_open (). If (const
  char *)path is a store-type name use store_typed_open ().

2004-12-21  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/linux.c (_disk_sync_part_table): removed duplicate error message.

2004-12-19  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/linux.c (_device_get_part_path): only treat the device as
  devfs if it has /disc on the end.
* libparted/linux.c (_partition_get_part_dev): added.
* libparted/linux.c (_partition_is_mounted_by_dev ): added.
* libparted/linux.c (_partition_is_mounted): now uses
  _partition_is_mounted_by_dev().  This is more reliable than guessing
  the partition's device name.
* libparted/linux.c (_device_probe_type): sets the type to
  PED_DEVICE_UNKNOWN on block devices that don't fall into the
  standard categories.  This makes libparted correctly update
  the kernel's view of partition tables, etc.

2004-12-18  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_dos.c (probe_partition_for_geom): improved heuristic
  for finding broken partition tables: test if any feasible solution
  geometry exists against the end cylinder rather than 1024.  This
  heuristic now has fewer false negatives and no false positives.

2004-12-18  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_dos.c (msdos_probe): look for SBML signature at offset 0x40,
  rather than 0x39.  (oops!)
* libparted/disk_amiga.c: added (from Sven Luther)
  Note: I did some cleanups, added assertions, etc.
* libparted/fs_amiga/affs.c: added.
* libparted/fs_amiga/affs.h: added.
* libparted/fs_amiga/amiga.c: added.
* libparted/fs_amiga/amiga.h: added.
* libparted/fs_amiga/apfs.c: added.
* libparted/fs_amiga/apfs.h: added.
* libparted/fs_amiga/asfs.c: added.
* libparted/fs_amiga/asfs.h: added.
* libparted/fs_amiga/interface.c: added.
* released 1.6.20

2004-12-14  Harley D. Eades III  <hde@grics.net>
* libparted/disk_dos.c (msdos_probe): Fixed typo changed strcmp to

2004-12-08  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_dvh.c (_generate_boot_file): zero out the boot file name
  record before writing the name in.  Previously, there was a misplaced
  null-terminator that caused gcc to complain.

2004-12-04  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/filesys.c (ped_file_system_resize, ped_file_system_copy):
  only attempt to check file systems if checking is implemented for
  that file system type.

2004-11-29  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/fs_fat/bootsector.c (fat_boot_sector_analyse): when correcting
  the boot sector, use fat_boot_sector_write() to make sure the backup
  copy gets written (if applicable).
* libparted/disk_dos.c (msdos_probe): don't treat Smart Boot Manager Loader
  boot blocks as FAT file systems.

2004-11-28  Sven Luther <luther@debian.org>
* libparted/disk_dos.c: Added support for the prep-boot partition type.

2004-11-28  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/fs_fat/boot_sector.c (fat_boot_sector_analyse): if the
  file system's CHS geometry is insane, then let the user fix it.
  This is important, because Linux refuses to mount FAT file systems
  with insane CHS geometry.  Moreover, a few recent versions of Parted
  wrote some insane values here, so this allows users to fix the damage.
* released 1.6.19

2004-11-22  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* parted/ui.c (_construct_prompt): previously forgot to assign "prompt = ..."
  in a realloc_and_cat() call.  Patch from Woody Suwalski <woodys@xandros.com>

2004-11-21  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/linux.c (linux_new): get rid of pointless exception for
  exotic block devices.
* configure.in, libparted/fs_reiserfs/reiserfs.c (reiserfs_fs_check):
  applied patch by Yury to do a proper file system check.

2004-11-20  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_dos.c (probe_partition_for_geom): don't attempt
  to infer geometry from a partition whose end can't possibly be addressed
  with CHS (regardless of the CHS geometry).
* libparted/disk_dos.c (msdos_read): initialize bios_geom to the old
  value, in case no better geometry can be found.
* released 1.6.18
* libparted/disk_gpt.c (_generate_header): changed a misleading comment
  "per 1.02 spec" -> "per 1.00 spec".
* libparted/disk_mac.c (mac_duplicate): don't create a partition map
  entry - leave that for later.
* libparted/disk_dos.c (msdos_read): avoid infinite recursion.
* libparted/disk_dos.c (msdos_partition_align): refuse to resize
  Windows Dynamic Disk partitions.

2004-11-19  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/fs_fat/resize.c (create_resize_context): copy CHS info across.
  (Was previously uninitialized - bug)
* released 1.6.17

2004-11-11  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_dos.c (msdos_partition_set_system): sun-ufs partitions
  now have an ID of 0xbf.
* libparted/disk_dos.c (probe_partition_for_geom): rewrote with lots
  more comments + mathematical paranoia.

2004-11-10  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_dos.c (realloc_metadata, msdos_read): better solution...
  just call msdos_read() again if the CHS geometry needs to be changed.
* libparted/disk_gpt.c (write_pmbr): if the partition is longer than
  32-bits can fit, then write 0xffffffff as per GPT spec.  Patch from
  Matt Domsch <Matt_Domsch@dell.com>.

2004-11-08  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_dos.c (realloc_metadata): stupid bug fix: reset the start/end
  to be the same as what they were before.
* released 1.6.16

2004-10-17  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_dos.c (probe_partition_for_geom): ignore CHS geometry
  if the start cylinder is greater than the end cylinder.
* libparted/fs_fat/bootsector.h: add another __attribute__ ((packed))
  thingy to ensure the right alignment.
* parted/parted.c (do_print, _rescue_add_partition): removed bogus
  (int) casts.  (%f, what was I thinking?!)

2004-09-19  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_dos.c: replaced magic number 1023 with MAX_CHS_CYLINDER,
  and set this constant to >1021 rather than >=1023.  Some partition tables
  in the wild have 1022 as a "partition-too-big-for-CHS" indicator.
* released 1.6.15

2004-09-13  Harley D. Eades III  <hde@grics.net>
* libparted/gnu.c (_device_probe_geometry): Variable declaration had
  wrong name.

2004-09-08  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_dos.c (realloc_metadata, read_table): added an ugly hack to
  force metadata to be reallocated according to the new BIOS geometry.
* libparted/disk_dos.c (msdos_alloc_metadata): yet another overlapping case
  I missed: the extended partition's partition table area needs to be
  small enough to leave room for the logical partition (or logical partition
  table) that follows it.
* libparted/linux.c (linux_check): s/int/PedSector/ to be on the safe side.

2004-09-07  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/gnu.c (_device_probe_geometry): fixed compile bug with the
  bios_geom initialization, and now initializes hw_geom as well.

2004-09-06  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* released 1.6.14

2004-09-05  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_dos.c (partition_probe_bios_geometry): fixed the
  call ped_partition_is_active... it wasn't a function call before!

2004-09-04  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_dos.c (chs_get_sector): a bitmask operation is more elegant.
* libparted/disk_dos.c (chs_to_sector, probe_partition_for_geom):
  replaced 1022 with 1023 for consistency.
* libparted/disk_dos.c (probe_partition_for_geom): added assertions that
  test if the goal has been met.
* libparted/disk_dos.c (read_table, msdos_alloc_metadata):
  Use PED_PARTITION_NORMAL instead of 0.
* libparted/disk_dos.c (msdos_alloc_metadata, add_startend_metadata):
  Now make sure the placeholder/metadata partitions never overlap with real
  partitions.  Should get rid of the "overlapping partitions" error message
* released 1.6.13

2004-09-03  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_dos.c (disk_probe_bios_geometry): check if the partition
  is active before querying if it has the boot flag set.  This prevents
  some spurious error exceptions from ped_partition_get_flag().
* libparted/disk_dos.c (read_table): if we have an invalid partition table
  signature, we now ignore the entire partition table rather than processing
  dodgey data.

2004-08-31  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* doc/API: fixed PedDevice documentation.
* libparted/disk_dos.c (msdos_partition_duplicate): now duplicates

2004-08-29  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/linux.c (_mount_table_search): now works by comparing device
  major/minor rather than device names.
* libparted/linux.c (_partition_is_mounted, _partition_is_mounted_by_path,
  linux_is_busy): minor cosmetic changes.
* parted/parted.c (_partition_warn_busy): removed the "Ignore" option.
  Users *must* unmount!

2004-08-17  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/exception.c (log2): renamed to ped_log2 to avoid clash with
  a new gcc builtin.  Bug reported by David Ronis (thanks!)

2004-08-16  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* released 1.6.12

2004-08-15  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* include/parted/device.h (PedDevice): replaced sectors, heads, cylinders
  with hw_geom and bios_geom.
* libparted/disk_dos.c: rewrote to use better heuristics and have a more
  "subjective" view of CHS geometry.  (i.e. each partition's "opinion"
  may differ now)
* configure.in parted/Makefile.am: fixed linker invocation.  Rumored
  to fix ppc64 build issues.  Sent by Jeremy Katz <katzj@redhat.com>.

2004-06-26  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_dos.c (read_table): big cleanup
* libparted/disk_dos.c (read_table, process_bad_chs): now probes Microsoft
  file systems for BIOS CHS geometry.  This idea was suggested by
  Steffen Winterfeldt <snwint@suse.de>.

2004-06-21  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_dvh.c: some cleanups and change to fill in all fields in the
  header from Eric Sandeen (sandeen@sgi.com)

2004-06-16  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/fs_fat/bootsector.c: bs->cluster_size is 8-bit; removed byteswap.
  Patch from John Gilmore gnu@toad.com (thanks!)

2004-05-01  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/debug.c include/parted/debug.h (ped_assert): change prototype
  to have all (pointer) parameters to be const.  (char* -> const char *)

2004-04-25  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/linux.c (linux_read, linux_write): don't do the kludge ioctl
  for linux >= 2.6.0.  Patch from Matt Domsch.  (Thanks!)
* libparted/fs_reiserfs/geom_dal.c, libparted/geom.c, libparted/gnu.c,
  libparted/linux.c: trivial patch to move pointers dereferences after
  "not-NULL" assertions.  Patch from Guillaume.  (Thanks!)
* released 1.6.11

2004-04-16  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_mac.c (mac_alloc): fixed incorrect malloc() check
* libparted/linux.c (_device_get_sector_size): always return a sane value.
* added new translation: it (thanks to Giuseppe Sacco)
* added new translation: uk (thanks to Maxim V. Dziumanenko)
* released 1.6.10

2004-04-04  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* re-ran libtoolize.  (Patrick LoPresti <patl@users.sf.net> pointed out that
  ltmain.sh was way out of date)
* released 1.6.9

2004-03-27  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* configure.in: removed intl/ from AC_OUTPUT
* released 1.6.8

2004-03-20  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_sun.c: avoid endian conversion on a constant (Sven Luther)
* libparted/linux.c (BLKGETSIZE64): pass type directly, not sizeof().
  (Sven Luther)
* libparted/fs_reiserfs/reiserfs.h libparted/fs_ufs/ufs.c: fix padding sizes
  (Roman Zippel)
* include/parted/disk.h libparted/disk_dos.c: add HP palo partition type.
  (Richard Hirst)
* released 1.6.7

2004-03-11  gettextize  <bug-gnu-gettext@gnu.org>
* Makefile.am (SUBDIRS): Add m4.
(SUBDIRS): Remove intl.
(ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS): New variable.
(EXTRA_DIST): Add config.rpath.
* configure.in (AC_OUTPUT): Add m4/Makefile.

2003-07-26  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* added new translation: zh_CN (thanks Wang Li :)
* updated translation: tr
* released 1.6.6

2003-07-21  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* applied updated translations: cs, fr, ja, pl

2003-06-30  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_*.c (*_partition_duplicate): added new_part->num = part->num
  or result->num = part->num.
* libparted/fs_ext2/ext2.c (ext2_open): changed "not cleanly unmounted"
  from a warning to an error, and default to cancel.  Added a message saying
  not ignoring could cause severe corruption.
* parted/parted.c (_partition_warn_busy): added a message saying not ignoring
  could cause severe corruption.
* released 1.6.6-pre2
* libparted/fs_ext2/ext2_resize.c (ext2_resize): offer to disable dir_index,
  explaining how to reenable it later.
* libparted/fs_ext2/ext2_fs.h libparted/fs_ext2/ext2.c: added DIR_INDEX
  stuff... now doesn't complain too much about dir_index.
* doc/parted.texi: applied Thomas Hood's changes.  (thanks!)

2003-06-29  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk.c (ped_disk_get_maximum_geom): applied a tight constraint
  for restoring the geometry.  (It was loose before, and sometimes being
  reverted incorrectly.  Ooops!)
* parted/parted.c (start_end_msg): describe semantics of negative values.
* released 1.6.6-pre1
* added Czech translations (thanks Miloslav :)
* updated Turkish, Danish translations

2003-06-22  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* applied new Polish translations.
* doc/parted.texi: s/mkparted/mkpart/ (Kent Robotti's program)
* libparted/disk_gpt.c: changed some large constants to LL (long long).
* parted/parted.c (do_print): translate partition type names.  ("primary", etc.)
* switched to new autoconf/automake/libtool.  This means acconfig.h was
  removed, and comments were added to AC_DEFINE invocations in configure.in.

2003-02-23  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_gpt.c: applied patch from Arun Sharma <arun.sharma@intel.com>
  to use write version 1.0, not 1.02 on the table, for compatibility reasons.
  Insignificant for copyright purposes, IMHO.
* released 1.6.5

2003-02-16  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/linux.c (_disk_sync_part_table): fixed an array over-run
  bug reported by Sven Hartrumpf <Sven.Hartrumpf@FernUni-Hagen.de>.
  Applied a modified version of this patch.  Insignificant for copyright
  purposes, IMHO.
* doc/parted.texi: fixed somes of typos and broken URLs.

2003-01-03  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* released 1.6.5-pre1

2002-12-26  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/linux.c (_match_rd_device, _compare_digit_state,
  _probe_proc_partitions): added, added and modified respectively to
  match raid devices looking like /dev/rd/c0d0, which are not partitions.
* libparted/disk_dvh.c, libparted/Makefile.am, libparted/libparted.c:
  renamed from everything from mips to dvh, including the file name

2002-12-08  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* applied updated translations: de

2002-12-07  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* applied updated translations: fr, gl, tr, ja
* configure.in parted/Makefile.am partprobe/Makefile.am:
  renamed PARTED_LDFLAGS to PARTEDLDFLAGS... it was causing automake to
  do some odd things (name-space collision?)
* released 1.6.4

2002-12-06  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/fs_fat/calc.c (fat_calc_sizes, fat_recommend_min_cluster_size):
  for fat32, try to avoid getting more than 2,000,000 clusters by increasing
  the cluster size.  Otherwise, Windows coughs.
* released 1.6.4-pre2

2002-11-15  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* released 1.6.4-pre1

2002-11-13  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* debug/test/test_fs_ext2: added a test for creating 0-length fs
* doc/API: fixed docs for ped_disk_get_partition_by_sector() and
* doc/parted.texi: updated section on bootdisks
* libparted/fs_fat/bootsector.c (fat_boot_sector_read): defined the
  role of error checking in this function better.  [It should guarantee
  fat_boot_sector_probe_type() will work].  Added a check for
  bs->cluster_size != 0) to satisfy this clarification.  (msw reported
* libparted/linux.c (init_file): replaced assertion dev->length > 0 with
  a check + error message.
* (_partition_is_root_device): now returns -1 ("unknown") on error
* (_partition_is_mounted_by_path): re-did the logic with case statements,
  and now remembers if /proc/mounts and /etc/mtab are broken.  Gives
  a better error message.
* parted/parted.c (do_print): removed cruft: we don't print free-space
* applied updated translations: fr, ja

2002-08-31  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* parted/parted.c (do_mkpart): moved ped_constraint_destroy() to just
  before the return, so error handling occurs correctly.

2002-08-11  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* released 1.6.3

2002-08-10  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/linux.c (_kernel_has_blkgetsize64, _device_get_length):
  applied patch from Matt Domsch that adds support for a new ioctl,
* parted/parted.c (_done): surpress the /etc/fstab advice in script mode

2002-08-08  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* updated translations: da, de, es, fr, gl
* new translations: tr (Turkish)  - thanks Eyüp :)

2002-07-06  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* doc/parted.texi: more fixes for name, print
* released 1.6.2

2002-07-03  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* doc/pt_BR-parted.texi doc/pt_BR-FAQ: added (by Bernardo João Torres da
* doc/Makefile.am: changes for the pt translations
* doc/API: misc. fixes
* doc/parted.texi: point people interested in reiserfs to reiserfs.osdn.org.ua
* doc/parted.texi: updated docs for "rescue"
* configure.in libparted/Makefile.am: fixed reiserfs linking issues with
  --enable-all-static --disable-dynamic-loading
* libparted/disk.c (_disk_check_sanity): removed ugly MSDOS sanity-check.
  The code's well tested, and occassionally the "insane" condition occurs
* libparted/disk_pc98.c (pc98_probe, check_partition_consistency): made
  probing a bit stricter.
* libparted/fs_fat/table.c (fat_table_read): fixed a bug in the
  initialization of ft->cluster_count.  It was calculating (incorrectly),
  rather than using fs_info->cluster_count.  This was causing assertions to
  fail soon after, in some situations.  This is always harmless (if you
* libparted/linux.c (_mount_table_search): don't confuse "/dev/hda12"
  with "/dev/hda1", etc.
* parted/parted.c (_timer_handler): rewrote, much simpler.  Also,
  friendlier to epileptics!
* (do_check): added a check to see if the partition in busy
* (do_rescue): new implementation: now only searches in a small radius
  around the start for signatures.  Much faster.
* (wipe_line): from parted.c to ui.c

2002-05-12  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* updated translations: ca, es, fr, gl
* debug/test/test_fs_ext2: added a test for creating "0 size" fs's.  (the
  constraint solver should deal with this)
* libparted/fs_fat/bootsector.c (fat_boot_sector_analyse): when the FATs
  are apparantly too small... this isn't an error!  Just assume there are
  fewer clusters.
* partprobe/Makefile.am: move @PARTED_LIBS@ to end of partprobe_LDADD.
  Static linking (--enable-all-static) failed without this.
* released 1.6.1

2002-04-30  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* doc/parted.texi: removed duplication of commands
* updated translations: ca, es
* released 1.6.0

2002-04-28  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* parted/Makefile.am: moved @PARTED_LIBS@ after libparted in the parted
  rule, to satisfy dependencies correctly (--enable-all-static seemed
  to need this)
* doc/parted.texi: updated to reflect current state of reiserfs support.
  Also updated legal notices to match the current situation.
* doc/pt_BR-parted.8: added (thanks Minami!)
* doc/Makefile.am: some automake gymnastics to get pt_BR-parted.8 installed
  in the right place.
* updated translations: de, fr, gl, ja
* debug/test/fs_reiserfs: added reiserfs regression tests
* libparted/fs_reiserfs/reiserfs.c (reiserfs_get_create_constraint):
  was setting the minimum size too low, since it was returning in (4k) blocks,
  not libparted 512 blocks.
* released 1.6.0-pre11

2002-04-25  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/fs_reiserfs/reiserfs.c libparted/fs_reiserfs/reiserfs.h
  libparted/fs_reiserfs/geom_dal.c libparted/fs_reiserfs/geom_dal.h:
  basically rewrote.  Now interfaces to Yura Umanets' libreiserfs
  which can be found at: http://reiserfs.linux.kiev.ua/
  This patch is mainly by Yura himself.  It supplies a similar level
  of support to that of current ext2 support.  (resize-the-end, etc.)
  Note: libreiserfs has not been widely tested yet.  Use your own judgement.
* configure.in: added a "dynamic linking" option, enabled by default.
  Components that support this feature will only be enabled if their
  respective dependencies are available at *run-time*.  Only reiserfs
  supports this.  (It has a *soft* dependency on libreiserfs)
* released 1.6.0-pre10
* libparted/fs_fat/bootsector.c libparted/fs_fat/bootsector.h
  (fat_boot_sector_probe_fat_type): renamed from probe_fat_type(), and
  made global.
* libparted/fs_fat/fat.c (fat_probe): doesn't fail on failure in
  fat_boot_sector_analyse() anymore.

2002-04-23  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* updated translations: fr.po gl.po
* debug/tests/test_fs_ext2 (test_mkpartfs): added test for creating 0
  size file system.  (Should succeed, by constraint solver finding closest
* libparted/disk_gpt.c (gpt_alloc): minor bug fix (forgot /512)
* (gpt_partition_new): forgot to initialize gpt_part_data->hp_service
* libparted/fs_ext2/ext2_mkfs.c (ext2_mkfs): complain if the fs is too small
* (_ext2_get_create_constraint): oops, the minimum size needs to be 64
* libparted/timer.c (ped_timer_update): need to cast to long, because the
  language lawyers tell us it is necessary for ia64
* parted/parted.c (_timer_handler): moved fflush() and cleaned up a bit
* (_solution_check_distant): better heuristic
* (main): script mode now means "non-interactive mode".  This might hurt
  some people... please scream if it does!
* parted/ui.c (command_line_get_word): minor changes in semantics.
* (command_line_get_sector): use doubles, not long doubles.  (yet-another
  gcc bug work-around)

2002-04-10  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* "all over": moved #include <libintl.h> and friends inside #ifdef ENABLE_NLS
  (reported by umanets)
* libparted/disk_mips.c (_flush_stale_flags): moved outside of
  #ifdef DISCOVER_ONLY (reported by Umanets :)
* updated translations: es
* include/parted/disk.h libparted/disk.c: added a flag PED_PARTITION_HPSERVICE
* libparted/disk_gpt.c (gpt_partition_set_flag): fixed... wasn't setting system
* libparted/disk_gpt.c: added the hp-service flag
* libparted/fs_ufs/ufs.c: fixed struct ufs_super_block... wrong types for
  some fields... and added an assertion to ped_file_system_ufs_init() to
  make sure it's right (reported by Richard Hirst)
* released 1.6.0-pre9

2002-04-08  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* "all over": #include <stdint.h> and use standard types
* configure.in: removed checks for __u8 and friends
* updated translations: de, fr, gl, nn
* libparted/disk_gpt.c: comment out __attribute__ ((packed))... work around
  a gcc bug.
* released 1.6.0-pre8

2002-04-05  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/linux.c (_flush_cache): count from 1.  (first partition is 1)
* (_device_get_part_path): was a bit broken for devfs, causing segfaults
* libparted/fs_fat/fat.c (fat_clobber): remove the "FAT16" or "FAT32"
  signatures as well, since lots of programs look for them.
* parted/ui.c (non_interactive_mode): push each argument on as a line,
  so quoted parameters are parsed correctly, like "mkpartfs primary"
  is parsed as two words.
* libparted/disk_mac.c (_rawpart_analyse): ignore boot region stuff,
  so it works properly with Mac OSX.
* released 1.6.0-pre7

2002-04-02  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_dos.c (msdos_probe): removed lots of pc98 voodoo... really
  unnecessary since pc98_probe() is very conservative.

2002-04-01  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* updated/new translations: da, de, es (new! thanks Vicente!), fr, gl, nn
* doc/parted.8: updated (Timshel)
* doc/partprobe.8: added (Timshel)
* doc/parted.texi: updated - removed a lot of (now) unnecessary commentary
* include/parted/endian.h (PED_LE64_TO_CPU): fixed... now uses PED_SWAP64
* libparted/fs_linux_swap/linux_swap.c: complete restructure
* parted/parted.c (do_check): return failure if ped_file_system_check()
* (do_mkpart): removed leak on peek_word
* (do_print, partition_print_flags, partition_print): added a more
  detailed print option for a single partition.  (eg: "print 5")
* parted/ui.c (command_line_get_fs_type): s/unkown/unknown/
* (_can_create_primary): out-by-one bug on for loop
* (command_line_get_new_part_type): if you can't create anymore partitions,
  fail here.
* released 1.6.0-pre6

2002-03-23  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* parted/parted.c (main): return 1 (error) if no device is found
* libparted/linux.c (_dev_get_part_path): for devfs: strip off "/disc"
  (suggested by Woody Suwalski <woodys@xandros.com>)
* libparted/disk_dos.c (msdos_partition_set_system): for raid/lvm,
  call ped_partition_set_system(), like everyone else.

2002-03-16  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* parted/ui.c (command_line_push_line): rewrote, and commented more.
* (command_line_get_sector): now accepts "-XXX" notation, to count from the
  end of the device (idea from Timshel, but rewritten to a 2-line change...)
* libparted/disk.c (_partition_get_overlap_constraint): subtle fixes
* parted/parted.c (do_resize): set default start/end to the old start/end
* debug/test/test_disk_*: updated tests to test for correction (rather than
  failure) of overlap problemas (via the constraint solver)
* updated translations: fr, gl, ja
* released 1.6.0-pre5

2002-03-13  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/filesys.c (_test_open): now calls fs_type->ops->close,
  not ped_file_system_close(), to be consistent with the call to
  fs_type->ops->open()  (it opens in a non-standard way).
This also happens to fix a dev->open_count bug, since
  ped_file_system_close() calls ped_device_close().

2002-03-11  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/linux.c (_flush_cache): only flush partition devices if they
  aren't mounted.
* libparted/constraint.c (_constraint_get_end_range): fixed fencepost
  (out-by-one) error in maths
* libparted/disk.c (_partition_get_overlap_constraint): rewrote, this
  time running in update mode.
* (ped_disk_add_partition, ped_disk_set_partition_geom): adjusted to
  call _partition_get_overlap_constraint() in update mode.  Much
  cleaner now :)  (Also, there were subtle cases that were broken
  before, that are correct now, since neither function require
  the disk to be in update mode...)
* applied updated translations: ca da de
* libparted/linux.c (_flush_cache): set the device to clean after flushing
* released 1.6.0-pre4

2002-03-09  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_dos.c: applied patch from Andreas Dilger... replaced
  partition magic values with #defines
* libparted/linux.c (_disk_sync_part_table): applied patch from Andreas
  Dilger... delete all non-busy partitions and add them all back, to
  avoid overlap problems

2002-03-09  Timshel Knoll <timshel@debian.org>
* libparted/disk_mips.c (_handle_no_volume_header): fixes to "variable might
  be used uninitialised in this function" compile warnings.  (The wrong
  exit goto was being called from the PED_EXCEPTION_CANCEL case)
  instead! This fixes getting an autoconf warning about AC_CANONICAL_HOST
  being invoked multiple times

2002-03-03  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/device.c (_ped_device_probe): don't need to canonicalize
  the path (again). (pointed out by Andreas)
* libparted/disk.c (_partition_get_overlap_constraint,
  _disk_check_part_overlaps, _partition_check_basic_sanity,
  _check_extended_partition, _check_partition¸ ped_disk_add_partition,
  _calc_aligned_geom, _check_new_extended_geometry, _check_changed_geometry,
  ped_disk_set_partition_geom, ped_disk_get_max_partition_geometry):
  major surgery: when creating/modifying a partition, we compute an overlap
  constraint rather than checking if the partition overlaps after going
  through the alignment process
* libparted/disk_dos.c (msdos_partition_set_system): check fs_type is
  non-null, and get the strcmp right (needed a !)
* parted/parted.c (_solution_check_distant): fixed a bug... it was
  only saying that >=10% bigger was "distant" (not >=10% smaller)
* parted/ui.c (command_line_prompt_words): if there is one possibility,
  then set it to default
* (command_line_get_fs_type): complain if the user doesn't type in something
  that matches a file system
* released 1.6.0-pre3

2002-02-21  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/exception.c (default_handler): default_handler now writes to
  stderr, not stdout (patch from Andreas Dilger)

2002-01-26  Anderw Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/filesys.c (ped_file_system_copy): don't ped_device_close()
  new_fs->geom.  (It's still open!)  (reported by "andreas t"
* libparted/fs_fat/resize.c (create_resize_context): copy old serial number
  on resizing (fs_info->serial_number)  (reported by Andreas Dilger)
* libparted/linux.c (_probe_proc_partitions): use fgets(), so we don't barf
  on junk at end-of-line  (patch by Andreas Dilger)
* (linux_probe_all): call _probe_standard_devices unconditionally...
  /proc/partitions might give devfs paths, even if there is no devfs,
  making /proc/partitions somewhat useless :/
* included new/updated translations: 1.6: fr, nn  1.4: ca, da, de
* released 1.6.0-pre2

2002-01-24  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_dos.c (msdos_probe): changed strcmp (x, "FAT") to
strncmp (x, "FAT", 3)... stupid bug

2002-01-23  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/filesys.c (ped_file_system_open): now calls fs_type->ops->open
  on the probed geometry returned by fs_type->ops->probe.  If this doesn't
  lie within the geometry passed to ped_file_system_open, then we complain
  loudly.  Also, this means that:
  ped_geometry_test_inside (geom,
    ped_file_system_probe_specific (fs->type, geom))
  is always true.
* doc/parted.texi doc/USER/Makefile.am doc/fdl.texi doc/COPYING.doc:
  replaced plaintext docs with texinfo versions.  This conversions was
  done by Richard M. Kreuter (thanks!)
* released 1.6.0-pre1

2002-01-21  Matt Domsch <matt_domsch@dell.com>
* libparted/disk_gpt.c (gpt_probe, _is_pmbr_valid): needed a few
  PED_CPU_TO_LEXX conversions to be safe
* (swap_uuid_and_efi_guid, gpt_alloc, gpt_partition_new): Due to Intel
  madness, RFC-defined UUIDs and GUIDs and Intel's specification
  of efi_guid_t aren't quite the same.  Close, but no cigar...
  So, uuid_generate(uuid) gives a perfectly valid big-endian uuid, but needs
  to have some fields byte-swapped to be considered an efi_guid_t.  Likewise,
  an efi_guid_t needs to be byte-swapped back to a big-endian uuid prior to
  calling uuid_unparse() on it.

2002-01-20  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/linux.c (linux_refresh_close): only flush caches if there have
  been writes.
* updated po/nn.po (thanks Kjetil)
* debug/test/HOWTO: wrote/added


2002-01-16  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
updated the user documentation, fixed minor FAT bugs, major MIPS
partition table bugs, minor changes to UI, fixed all regression tests
- all pass :)
* debug/clearfat/clearfat.c (main): check if fs->type->name is fat16/fat32,
  not FAT
* debug/test/test (ped_test_get_val, ped_test, ped_test_expect_fail):
  now operate in parted's script mode.  Removed support for parsing input
  in stdin (it gets ignored in script mode)
* debug/test/test_*: remove extra parameter for stdin input
* debug/test/test_disk_* (test_outside_boundary): removed... the front end
  deals with this, and obviously works ;)
* debug/test/test_disk_msdos debug/test/test_disk_pc98 (test_primary_overlap):
  use fat16, not fat
* debug/test/test_disk_mips: added
* debug/test/test_fs_ext2 (do_diff, prepare_resize_tests): to make the diff
  "right", make diff ignore lost+found, rather than deleting it before
  the diff.
* debug/test/test_fs_ext2: e2fsck -n... otherwise new version refuse to run
* debug/test/test_fs_fat (test_mkpartfs): added two tests for creating
  minimum size fat16 and fat32.  Give the constraint solver some work ;)
* libparted/disk_*.c (*_partition_set_system): removed "special" cases
  for partition types, if the special case is the default
* libparted/disk_mips.c (mips_read, mips_write, mips_partition_new,
  mips_partition_get_flag, mips_partition_set_flag):
  MIPSDiskData now uses partition numbers, not pointers to maintain the
  swap/boot/root flags.  There was a dangling pointer bug on removing
  partitions, which was fundamental to the old bogus design.
* (_flush_stale_flags, mips_partition_enumerate): detect dangling partition
  nubers on swap/boot/root flags, and remove them.
* (_handle_no_volume_header, mips_read): deal with missing volume header
  partitions better.
* (_generate_partition): fixed out-by-2 bug... should be ajdusting upwards
  not downwards
* (_get_strict_primary_constraint): renamed from (_get_strict_constraint)
* (_get_strict_primary_constraint): now won't "align" a partition on top
  the volume header
* libparted/disk_pc98.c (pc98_partition_set_flag): removed old cruft wrt
* libparted/disk_sun.c (sun_partition_set_flag): removed old cruft wrt
* libparted/fs_fat/calc.c libparted/fs_fat/calc.h
  (fat_min_cluster_size, fat_max_cluster_size): added
* (calc_sizes, fat_calc_sizes): replaced first parameter (geom) with a length
* (calc_sizes): make the "fat_space" adjustment only if the old value was
  impossible.  (This is what Windows does FWICT, but I need to collect more
* (fat_calc_sizes, fat_calc_resize_sizes): iterate between
  (fat_min_cluster_size, fat_max_cluster_size)
* libparted/fs_fat/fat.c (fat_create): call (fat_table_set_cluster_count),
  so the free cluster count is calculated properly on FAT32
* (_test_resize_size): renamed from (_test_size)
* (_get_min_resize_size): renamed from (_get_min_size)
* (fat_get_create_constraint_fat16, fat_get_create_constraint_fat32):
  plugged in magic constants instead of computing.  Computing is hard, and
  the hack used is commented out (it's fragile).  Should be fixed...
* libparted/fs_fat/resize.c (fat_resize, free_root_dir): when the fs
  is converted fat32 -> fat16, the root directory was been duplicated,
  but not referenced (fat16 has a separate area for the root dir).  This
  lead to these clusters appearing as "lost clusters" in dosfsck, etc.
  Now, we free the root directory.
* parted/parted.c (_grow_over_small_freespace): only grow over freespace
  for big partitions
* parted/parted.c (_done): give warnings about lilo and /etc/fstab
* (do_mkpart): made the file system parameter optional
* doc/USER: updated to match 1.5.x
* released 1.5.6

2002-01-14  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
updated API docs, fixed the regression tests, fixed UI code that
does stupid things for non-interactive runs and bug fixes.
* doc/API: updated to be consistent with the libparted API.  This involved
  lots of small changes, and also the addition of the new PedTimer API.
* include/parted.h libparted/libparted.c libparted/disk.c: removed the PedID
  interface.  It was for a dead-end idea.
* include/timer.h: added some comments
* libparted/disk.c: misc cleanups, added assertions, etc.
* libparted/disk_dos.c (read_table): merged bugfix from 1.4.x.  Nested calls
  to read_tables()  (on nested extended partitions) are moved out into a
  separate loop, to make sure they are called after logical partitions are
  added.  This makes the numbering consistent with Linux and fdisk.  Some
  versions of Disk Druid appear to make such partition tables.
* libparted/disk_dos.c (msdos_partition_set_flag): use part->fs_type, rather
  than other magic for calling ped_partition_set_system()
* libparted/linux.c: removed all <linux/*> includes, and copied relevant
  bits into linux.c
* (linux_close): added a call to _flush_cache()
* (_disk_sync_part_table): iterate to PED_MAX(last_part, 16), not PED_MIN.
* parted/parted.c (_timer_handler_timer_handler): don't display a progress
  meter if stdout isn't a terminal.
* parted/ui.c (exception_handler): don't ask the user for another chance
  to select an option, if stdin isn't a terminal.
* (command_line_get_ex_opt): return PED_EXCEPTION_UNHANDLED on error, not
  0.  (They are the same number... just a philosophical change)
* (command_line_get_ex_opt): iterate from PED_EXCEPTION_OPTION_FIRST not 0
  - likewise, same number.
* debug/test/test_disk_dos (test_logical_outside_extended): uncommented
  test, and modified to test that the constraint solver fixes this (i.e. puts
  the logical partition inside the extended partition)
* (test_shrink_extended_too_far): likewise
* (test_outside_boundary): removed.  (the front end will "correct" this to
  a certain amount... there are enough assertions to catch problems
  with this already)
* (test_move_primary, test_move_logical): use fat16 instead of fat.  (fat
  has been removed)
* released 1.5.6-pre3

2002-01-01  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* renamed discover to partprobe in all occurances (the binary, the directory,
* libparted/disk.c (ped_disk_check): when reporting a mismatch in
  partition and file system sizes, was out by a factor of 4
* (_disk_alloc_freespace): wasn't allocating the first sector of the device
  to a freespace partition, even if it was free.  (in all cases except
  loopback, this is occupied by partition table metadata, so it didn't
  manifest itself much)
* parted/parted.c (_grow_over_small_freespace): rewrote, old version didn't
  deal with some special cases gracefully
* released 1.5.6-pre2

2001-12-31  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* configure.in: added --enable-debug, --enable-read-only,
  --enable-discover-only --enable-fs, and made correspond #define's appear
  in config.h (via acconfig.h beaurocracy), with the macros defined as
  #ifdef's out sanity checks in libparted/disk.c, and all write support
  in libparted/disk_*.c, and everything except probing in libparted/fs*/*
* clearfat/clearfat.c: hacked up to compile to a no-op if
  --enable-discover-only is selected (it acceses fs_fat internals which
  are #ifndef DISCOVER_ONLY)
* parted/debug.h: added #include "config.h", to see if it should enable
  PED_ASSERT (if DEBUG is defined)
* include/parted/device.h (ped_device_get_part_path): removed stale prototype
* include/parted/disk.h libparted/disk.c (ped_disk_commit_to_os,
  ped_disk_commit_to_arch): added to API and implemented.
* (_ped_partition_attempt_align): added to internal API.  It replaces
  (_try_constraint) that was cut&pasted in libparted/disk_*.c.  Removed
  (_try_constraint), and replaced all references
* include/parted/timer.h libparted/timer.c (ped_timer_destroy_nested):
  added to API.  Calling (ped_timer_destroy) leaked the timer's context.
* libparted/constraint.c (_constraint_get_canonical_start_range): fixed,
  so it never attempts to initialize start_min_max_range() outside the
  device (and thus throw an exception, etc.)
* libparted/disk_*.c libparted/fs_*: removed method prototypes, and moved
  the vtable and registration functions to the end of the file.
* libparted/disk_gpt.c: fixed endianness in *_GUID defines
* libparted/disk_gpt.c libparted/disk_mac.c (_grow_over_small_freespace):
  removed all references, etc.  Now the responsibility of the frontend
* parted/parted.c (_grow_over_small_freespace, do_mkpart, do_mkpartfs,
  do_move, do_resize): added _grow_over_small_freespace, and do_* call it.
* libparted/filesys.c (_raw_copy, _raw_copy_and_resize): added timer
* libparted/fs_fat/clstdup.c (fat_duplicate_clusters, count_frags_to_dup,
  write_fragments): better timer heuristic
* parted/ui.c (_readline): in script mode, don't call readline(), because
  it doesn't deal with EOF properly
* parted/ui.c (screen_width): return a big number in script mode, so we
  don't do wrapping.  (Makes parsing output easier)
* parted/ui.c parted/ui.h (command_line_get_sector): now has an extra
  parameter, dev.  This is used to "round" sectors outside of the device
  inside, to avoid the annoying "can't create partition outside disk"
  error message
* released 1.5.6-pre1

2001-12-28  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* include/parted/timer.h libparted/timer.c: added timer API
* include/parted/filesys.h (ped_file_system_create, ped_file_system_copy,
  ped_file_system_check, ped_file_system_resize): now use a timer.
  Updated all file systems that implement these to match the new API,
  and implemented basic timers.
* parted/parted.c: added a timer, and use it for all FS operations than
  support it
* released 1.5.5

2001-12-27  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* include/parted/constraint.h libparted/constraint.c: added a max_size
  field to PedConstraint, and updated the constraint solver, etc. to
  support it.
* (ped_file_system_get_create_constraint,
  ped_file_system_get_copy_constraint): added to API, and implemented for
  all file systems.
* parted/parted.c (do_move, do_resize, do_mkfs, do_mkpartfs): use
  (ped_file_system_get_resize_constraint, ped_file_system_get_copy_constraint)
* applied ext2/ext3 split change that exists in 1.4.x.

2001-12-18  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/linux.c: applied modified patch from Hong H. Pham
- (linux_disk_commit): Force reread of partition table if DevFS is active.
- (_have_devfs): added, checks if the system is using DevFS.
- (linux_disk_commit, _device_get_part_path): modified to use (_have_devfs).
- (_get_linux_version): modified to use uname(2), rather than probing
   /proc/sys/kernel/osrelease.  Kernel version checking is done using by
   using the KERNEL_VERSION() macro in <linux/version.h>
   Affected functions are (_device_get_sector_size, _have_blkpg).   
- (linux_probe_all): if (_probe_proc_partitions) fails, resort
   to doing a blind device probe (_probe_standard_devices).  Since
   /proc/partitions contains all the block devices and partitions that
   the kernel has detected and is currently using, I do not see why we
   have to waste time probing for devices that do not exist, or devices
   that have already been probed.  A few seconds in initialisation time
   can be saved if we avoid the blind device probe.

2001-12-17  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* include/parted/disk.h (set_system): added to interface
* (set_extended_system): removed from interface
* include/parted/filesys.h libparted/filesys.c (copy, ped_file_system_copy):
  now returns the newly created file system
* (set_system, ped_file_system_set_system): removed.  (has now become PedDisk
  implementations' responsibility)
* libparted/disk.c (ped_partition_set_system): is now just a simple wrapper
  for disk->type->ops->set_system
* updated all file systems and disk labels to new interface
* libparted/disk_mips.c (_checksum, mips_read, mips_write): now check and set
  checksum appropriately
* libparted/fs_fat/fat.c libparted/fs_fat/resize.c (ped_file_system_fat_init,
  fat_create, fat_probe, fat_copy, resize_context_assimilate): split fat_type
  into fat16_type and fat32_type
* parted/parted.c (do_cp, do_resize): update to the new ped_file_system_copy
  and ped_partition_set_system interface/semantics
* released 1.5.5-pre6

2001-12-02  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk_gpt.c: basically rewritten (based on the same file from
* released 1.5.5-pre4
* libparted/disk_mips.c: implemented
* libparted/dvh.h: thieved from dvhtools
* include/parted/disk_mips.h: added
* po/POTFILES.IN: updated
* updated all file systems to support GPT and MIPS
* fixed Makefile.am, so MIPS and GPT support build properly
* released 1.5.5-pre5

2001-12-01  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* PedDiskOps.free() now returns void
* ped_disk_destroy() now returns void

2001-11-29  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* merged changes from 1.4.21
* released 1.5.5-pre3

2001-11-20  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/linux.c (init_ide, init_scsi, init_file, init_generic,
  linux_destroy): applied patch from Hong H. Pham <hhp@unitycode.org>
  (with modifications).  All dev->model assignments now allocate
  memory properly (rather than returning const strings - i.e. the old
  code leaked, but didn't corrupt memory), and linux_destroy() frees
  properly.  SCSI code completely cleaned up (replaced magic numbers
  with good structs, etc.)

2001-11-19  Neal H Walfield <neal@cs.uml.edu>
* libparted/gnu.c (gnu_partition_get_path): Fix typo

2001-11-14  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* libparted/disk.c (ped_disk_new, ped_disk_new_fresh, ped_disk_commit,
ped_disk_clobber, ped_disk_clobber_exclude): now calls ped_device_open and
* libparted/disk_*.c: removed calls to ped_device_open and ped_device_close
* libparted/filesys.c (ped_file_system_open, ped_file_system_create,
ped_file_system_copy, ped_file_system_probe, ped_file_system_clobber):
added to calls to ped_device_open and ped_device_close (on error, and for
normal exit for probe and clobber)
* libparted/filesys.c (ped_file_system_close): now calls ped_device_close

2001-10-11  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* fixed some minor bugs in libparted/gnu.c (spelling mistakes, etc.)
* released 1.5.5-pre2

2001-10-09  Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
The _arch_* functions in include/parted/device.h and
include/parted/disk.h where removed, and replaced by vtables.  The
vtables are controlled by the ped_set_architecture() function.  The
motivation for this change is to allow the same libparted shared library
to support multiple architectures.  "architecture" could mean IBM's EVMS,
or any library that wants to expose it's own virtual devices to libparted,
not just "operating system".

* include/parted/device_gnu.h, include/parted/device_linux.h:
renamed to gnu.h and linux.h respectively
* include/parted/device.h (_arch_device_new, _arch_device_destroy,
_arch_device_open, _arch_device_refresh_open, _arch_device_close,
_arch_device_refresh_close, _arch_device_read, _arch_device_write,
_arch_device_check, _arch_device_sync, _arch_device_probe_all):
removed these functions, and added them as fields to the new vtable
"struct _PedDeviceArchOps".  Also, a device_is_busy() method was added.
* include/parted/device.h (ped_device_is_busy): added to the API
* include/parted/disk.h (_arch_partition_is_busy, _arch_disk_is_busy,
_arch_disk_commit): removed these functions.
* include/parted/disk.h: added "struct _PedDiskArchOps".  Contains
methods partition_get_path, partition_is_busy and disk_commit.
* include/parted/disk.h (ped_disk_is_busy):  Removed from API.  (Can be
implemented trivially via ped_device_is_busy (disk->dev)).  Is this a bad
* include/parted/disk.h (ped_partition_get_path): added to the API
* include/parted/parted.h (ped_set_architecture): added to the API
* include/parted/parted.h: added "struct _PedArchitecture" and
* libparted/Makefile.am: updated to reflect that all linux-specific stuff
is now in linux.c, and gnu/hurd stuff in gnu.c
* libparted/disk_arch_gnu.c, libparted/disk_arch_linux.c,
libparted/device_gnu.c, libparted/device_linux.c: contents moved to
libparted/gnu.c and libparted/linux.c respectively
* libparted/device.c: s/_arch_/ped_architecture->dev_ops->/g
* libparted/device.c (ped_device_is_busy): new function
* libparted/device.c (ped_device_get_part_path): removed.  Use
ped_partition_get_path() instead
* libparted/disk.c: s/_arch_/ped_architecture->disk_ops->/g
* libparted/disk.c (ped_disk_is_busy): removed (use ped_device_is_busy instead)
* libparted/disk.c (ped_partition_get_path): new function
* libparted/parted.c (ped_set_architecture): new function
* libparted/parted.c (ped_architecture): new global variable
* parted/ui.c (_readline): call to readline needs to cast away from
(const char*) to char*, due to C brain damage.  (readline 4.1 assigns to a
global variable...)
* released 1.5.5-pre1

2001-10-07  Andrew Clausen  <clausen@gnu.org>
* merged changes to 1.4.20-pre3, except gpt
* released 1.5.4

2001-08-23  Neal H Walfield  <neal@cs.uml.edu>
* configure.in (libshouldbeinlibc): Correct the text.
(libstore): Likewise.

2001-08-24  Neal H Walfield  <neal@cs.uml.edu>
* include/parted/device_gnu.h (ped_device_new_from_store): Remove the consume
* libparted/device_gnu.c (ped_device_new_from_store): Likewise.

2001-08-24  Andrew Clausen  <clausen@gnu.org>
* released 1.5.4-pre3

2001-08-21  Neal H Walfield  <neal@cs.uml.edu>
There are only two resevered autoconf namespaces: AC_* and AM_*;
avoid them.  Be more verbose when printing error messages.

2001-08-23  Andrew Clausen  <clausen@gnu.org>
* doc/API: updated to reflect new (ped_device_open, ped_device_close,
ped_device_new_from_*, ped_device_destroy) semantics

2001-08-21  Neal H Walfield  <neal@cs.uml.edu>
* include/parted/device_gnu.h (_GNUSpecific): New member, consume.
(ped_device_new_from_store): Prototype it.
* libparted/device_gnu.c (_init_device): General PedDevice initializer ripped
from _arch_device_new.
(_arch_device_new): Use _init_device.
(_done_device): General PedDevice destructor, ripped from _arch_device_destroy.
(_arch_device_destory): Reimplemented using _done_device.
(_arch_device_open): Functionality moved from here...
(_arch_device_new): ... here.
(ped_device_new_from_store): New function.
(_arch_device_close): Do not close the store here.
(_arch_device_destory): Close it here if ARCH_SPECIFIC->consume is true.

2001-08-20  Andrew Clausen  <clausen@gnu.org>
* include/parted/device.h (ped_device_destroy): added prototype
* libparted/device.c (added ped_device_destroy): implemented
* libparted/device.c (added ped_device_free_all): now calls ped_device_destroy
* released 1.5.4-pre2

2001-08-20  Neal H Walfield  <neal@cs.uml.edu>
  (AC_CHECK_LIBPARTED): Do proper quoting.
  [host_os=gnu]: Check for libshouldbeinlibc and libstore.
  Set PARTED_LIBS to detected libraries.
* configure.in: Before checking for libstore, see if an old version of
  libparted is installed.  When checking for libstore, include all libraries
  that we might need (and that were detected).

2001-08-20  Andrew Clausen  <clausen@gnu.org>
* merged changes to 1.4.18

2001-08-16  Andrew Clausen  <clausen@gnu.org>
* include/parted.c: removed ped_init and ped_done prototypes
* libparted/libparted.c (ped_init, ped_done): replaced with a gcc constructor
/ destructor, (_init, _done), respectively.
* libparted/exception.c (ped_exception_set_handler): if NULL is passed,
default_handler() is set.
* parted/parted.c (_init, _done): remove calls to ped_init() and ped_done()
* debug/clearfat.c (main): likewise
* parted/ui.c (done_ui): return to default exception handler
* libparted/device.c (devices): Remove superfluous zero initializer.
(thanks tim/neal/msw!)

2001-08-15  Marcus Brinkmann  <marcus@gnu.org>
* configure.in: Correctly detect large file support using

2001-08-12  Neal H Walfield  <neal@cs.uml.edu>
* configure.in: Add check for canonicalize_file_name.
* config.h (HAVE_CANONICALIZE_FILE_NAME): New marcro.
* libparted/device.c (_GNU_SOURCE): Enable GNU extensions.
[!HAVE_CANONICALIZE_FILE_NAME] (canonicalize_file_name):
Implement it.
(_readlink): Depreciated and removed in favor of
(_strcut): Likewise.
(_remove_double_slash): Likewise.
(_remove_dots): Likewise.
(_normalize_path): Likewise.
(_ped_device_probe): Use canonicalize_file_name, not
(ped_device_get): Likewise.
* doc/API: Fix errors.  Update section the section on ped_disk.
* libparted/device_gnu.c (_arch_device_open): Call store_typed_open, not
store_open.  Don't save the error message, save the error code.

August 13th 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* merged changes to 1.4.18-pre2
* released 1.5.4-pre1

August 12th 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* added a private OS-specific partition table interface, and moved relevant code
from device.c to disk_arch_{linux,gnu}.c.
* added blkpg sync support (for Linux)

August 5th 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* fixed mkpartfs on extended partitions
* Hurd fixes (Neal)

July 27th 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* moved FAT table backup comparison out of fat_open() to fat_check()
* added a checked flag to PedFileSystem.  ped_file_system_{copy,resize}()
make sure a check happens first.
* released 1.5.3

July 24th 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* merged changes to 1.4.17

July 15th 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* fixed jfs prober (oops)
* fixed bug in ext2 mkfs code and in ext2_commit_meta(): s_block_group_nr was 0
* _ext2_probe() is now intelligent about finding a superblock that has
s_block_group_nr != 0: it looks for the group 0 super block.
* changed the heuristics for ped_file_system_probe() and ped_disk_check(),
to become less significant for when "the numbers are close".  (motivation:
jfs doesn't create a small block group at the end, so it doesn't utilize
the fs fully.  We don't want jfs to lose to ext2 in the probe, on a minor
difference like this...)
* merged changes to 1.4.16-pre1

July 14th 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* added ped_constraint_new_from_{min,max,min_max}() to the constraint API,
and removed their equivalents from parted/parted.c.  Also, used them in
libparted/disk_* where appropriate.

July 13th 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* hacked /usr/share/aclocal/gettext.m4, replacing ac_given_srcdir with
ac_srcdir.  This fixes the problem of po/Makefile not being generated.  (Also
notified bug-gnu-utils@gnu.org)  The problem seems to be that gettext 0.10.38
is incompatible with autoconf 2.50.
* released 1.5.3-pre1

July 12th 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* updated reiserfs_probe(), to return the probed size, rather than what was
given to it.  (All that remain are hfs and ntfs)
* in theory, fixed ufs's probe()  (need to test this)
* added xfs and jfs probe()/clobber() support (properly ;-)

July 11th 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* added ped_disk_check()
* removed assertions in file system code for fs->geom == probed geometry.
(This is now done ped_disk_check())
* released 1.5.2

July 10th 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* removed PED_PARTITION_PRIMARY - think of PedPartitionType as a bit-field
* changed PedFileSystemOps.probe() to return a PedGeometry* (rather than int),
corresponding to the size/location of the discovered file system.  Updated
ped_file_system_probe() to use this as a heuristic
* added a rescue command
* made command_line_prompt_words() use "def" (if available) in script mode

June 26th 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* released 1.5.2-pre3 (internally)

June 23rd 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* applied more GNU/Hurd patches from Neal, and autoconfused them

June 17th 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* replaced PedGeometry's PedDisk* disk field with PedDevice* dev
* released 1.5.2-pre2

June 13th 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* backed out some experimental changes (checkpoints) in PedDisk
* cleaned up autoconfusion for device_*.c
* merged changes to 1.4.15-pre1
* released 1.5.2-pre1

March 16th 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* put libparted/device/* into one file

January 31st 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* added ped_disk_duplicate(), and implemented the code for all disk labels
* added a PedDisk checkpoint API
* released 1.5.1-pre1

January 29th 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* added Sun regression tests
* added non-interactive mode support to new UI
* released 1.5.0

January 26th 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* merged changes in 1.4.8-pre2
* ported disk_sun.[ch] to the new interface

January 25th 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* merged forked parted-ui branch (which was unreleased).  Makes the
interactive interface much cooler :-)
* released 1.5.0-pre2

January 24th 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* added ped_disk_clobber_exclude(PedDevice* dev, PedDiskType* exclude).  This
is now used by ped_disk_commit(), because you shouldn't clobber the old disk
label, if it is of the same type, because it might contain information (like
boot strapping) that we want to preserve.

January 23rd 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* first stage of new PedDisk interface: replaced
with ped_disk_{new,new_fresh,destroy,commit}
* changed the interface between disk modules and the API, and updated the
modules accordingly
* released 1.5.0-pre1

1.4.x (before fork for development version)

January 18th 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* we now require autoconf 2.49b to build configure from configure.in,
because it provides the new AC_CHECK_SIZEOF
* use new AC_CHECK_SIZEOF for off_t.
* changed configure.in to match the new AC_CHECK_TYPE
* hacked libtool.m4 (!)... I hope this all gets fixed properly, soon...

January 17th 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* tried to make libparted/device.c more portable
* libparted/fs_fat/bootsector.h - fixed the size of the FAT16 part of the
union... needed an extra byte in boot_code.  (purely aesthetic ;-)

January 15th 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* released 1.4.7

January 10th 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* fixed ped_file_system_clobber() - wasn't leaving/fetching exceptions

January 9th 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* fixed _calc_min_logical_start() - was horribly broken.  Only affects the new
work-around for "cylinder not aligned", etc.
* released 1.4.7-pre4 (internally)
* don't try to guess the geometry for a second time... (introduced
geom_already_guessed to PedDevice)
* released 1.4.7-pre5

January 8th 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* ext2_mkfs now enables file-type by default.
* ped_partition_new()  (not DISK_partition_new()) calls
ped_partition_set_system() now.  Makes sure it calls ped_partition_set_system()
for extended partitions too!
* released 1.4.7-pre1 (internally)
* added documentation for ped_file_system_clobber()
* fixed semantics for ped_file_system_clobber() - they need to change, since
ped_file_system_probe() is different...
* released 1.4.7-pre2 (internally)
* released 1.4.7-pre3

January 6th 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* msdos_partition_new() if there is no file system passed, sets the system
to 0x83.  0 is a bad choice, because it means it isn't a partition.  It's
an even worse choice, because it will make msdos_probe() fail.
* released 1.4.6

January 5th 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* "partition not aligned" workaround (similar to that in 1.2.x)
* uses dgettext (PACKAGE, ...) instead of gettext (...).  Updated API docs,
to reflect this (for ped_partition_flag_get_name(), etc.)
* released 1.4.6-pre1
* fixed brain-dead bug, dealing with min_geom in _primary_constraint()
in libparted/disk_dos.c
* released 1.4.6-pre2 (internally)
* fixed another bug (out-by-one, in _primary_constraint(), again)
* added bindtextdomain() to ped_init()
* released 1.4.6-pre3 (internally)

January 4th 2001 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* removed that annoying "Parted's boot loader" message
* ped_file_system_probe() now attempts ped_file_system_open(), if there
is any ambiguouity

December 29th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* mac_clobber() now nukes the partition map as well ;-)

December 28th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* documented PedConstraint and PedAlignment (doc/API)
* released 1.4.5
* applied BSD disk label support patch (thanks Matt!)

December 27th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* made incompatible change to API: changed ped_constraint_exact() now takes
a PedGeometry, not a PedPartition (what was I thinking?!)

December 21st 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* the bug fix in 1.4.5-pre3 (wrap-around bug) was wrong.  Fixed properly now.
* made the FAT16 <-> FAT32 conversion messages more friendly
* released 1.4.5-pre4

December 20th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* ext2_mkfs() now makes sparse file systems by default
* rearranged ext2_mkfs() a bit, and separated generation of the super block
* fixed bug in ext2_mkfs(): if there isn't enough room for per-group
metadata in the last block group, then chop it off!
* fixed ext2 bug in ext2_is_data_block() in ext2.h.  I forgot to
endian-awarenize (?) it!!!
* FAT resizer now avoids changing the fat type (FAT16 or FAT32) in script
* removed error checking, after the "point of no return" in the FAT resizer
* updated documentation, adding info about FAT16 <-> FAT32, and boot loaders

December 19th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* fixed nasty wrap-around bug in fat_construct_directory() and
fat_convert_directory(), when directories have their last cluster/sector
* merged in FAT32 boot loader fix (now copies the "hidden sectors")
* released 1.4.5-pre3

December 15th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* merge FAT fix from 1.2.14-pre1
* Apple_Free partitions have status 0x0 (not 0x33)
* released 1.4.5-pre2

December 8th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* fixed _ext2_get_resize_constraint().  constraint->min_size was calculated
in (ext2) blocks, not 512 byte sectors.  (patch from Matt Wilson)

December 5th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* commented out "this is not a block device", because it already warns about
"this is not SCSI/IDE", etc.
* added another example to the documentation
* released 1.4.5-pre1

December 4th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* made the "unable to align partition" error message a bit more understandable,
and allow the problem to be ignored.
* added an assertion to ext2_is_data_block(), to make sure the block
is in the file-system.
* added a note about "make install-libs" for e2fsprogs

November 30th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* fixed a brain-dead bug in ext2_meta.c:109.  This bug causes growth of ext2
all file systems, that require more GDT blocks to get corrupted!!!  OUCH!!!
* fixed regression tests, to test GDT growth
* released 1.4.4

November 29th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* ped_device_add() adds to the end now
* added a check in /proc/partitions for devices
* released 1.4.4-pre1

November 28th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* added error checking to both versions doinode().  Hmmm, do I like this
idea of 2 doinode()'s?
* finalized the copyright assignments, and now we can get rid of lots of
annoying bureaucracy (read: s/Andrew Clausen, Lennert .../Free Softw.../g)
* changed "cp FROM-MINOR [TO-DEVICE] TO-MINOR" to

November 24th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* added ped_file_system_clobber_exclude(), and resize/copy now use it.
* fixed hfs_clobber() and reiserfs_clobber()
* released 1.4.3

November 19th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* fixed a few mistakes in doc/USER (thanks Stefan!)
* now uses the en_US locale for numbers.  (quick fix, because the "lexer"
isn't properly i18nized yet - I'll fix this properly next week, because
I intend to do Major Surgery TM on the command parser anyway).  Basic
problem is: the lexer says a number is [0-9.]+, but in Europe, s/\./,/.
* released 1.4.2

November 16th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* loop-back is now probed last.
* removed dependance on <linux/fs.h>
* discovered that type-casts have high precedence.  oops.
s/(long) EXPR/(long) (EXPR)/, which fixes seg faults on PPC.

November 15th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* added read-only support (useful for disk imaging from CD-ROMs)
* changed default behaviour to warnings such as "not a block device" (in
libparted/device.c) to PED_EXCEPTION_IGNORE.
* released 1.4.1

November 14th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* removed the scary "development version only TM" message.  OOPS!

November 13th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* merged in changes from 1.2.13
* released 1.4.0


November 11th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* added ./configure --enable-all-static
* mac_partition_new() now sets the name to "untitled".

November 8th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* added an assertion, that the disk has the PED_DISK_TYPE_EXTENDED feature,
for extended partitions, in ped_partition_new()

November 4th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* released 1.4.0-pre8
* file systems only get ped_file_system_clobber()'d if mkfs is supported for
that fs
* fixed hfs_probe()

November 3rd 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* fixed some bugs with the mac_partition_align() stuff
* cleaned the doc/USER a bit more

November 2nd 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* Mac bug fixes & reorganisation
* mac_partition_align() - greedily takes up free space now, if it is consistent
with the constraints.
* set policy for _partition_align() - must be in update mode.  Changed
other functions to meet this.
* released 1.4.0-pre6
* fixed a stupid bug introduced in 1.4.0-pre6, in libparted/disk_dos.c,
read_table()  Was passing a pointer to a pointer of a constraint, as opposed to
the pointer.
* released 1.4.0-pre7

October 31st 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* much hacking on Mac support
* merged in changes to 1.2.12-pre3
* released 1.4.0-pre5

October 22nd 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* fixed a bug in libparted/disk_mac.c, that broke mkpart*.  In
mac_partition_new(), it was checking for failure, but missed out the '!'.
* released 1.4.0-pre4

October 21st 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* commented out the linux-swap Linux 2.0 warning.  It annoys more users than it
* merged 1.2.11
* hacked around the mac-boot & no-HFS problem, by setting the file system
temporarily, in mac_partition_set_system()  (YUCK!)
* applied a patch from Masahiro Sakai <ZVM01052@nifty.ne.jp>.  Now uses
mbs* as opposed to iconv.  That fixes lots of brokeness, but there may be
problems for utf-8 users... but this will be solved by gettext in future.
* released 1.4.0-pre3
* fixed the annoying linux-swap on mac bug (it was trying to set the swap
flag, before setting the partition type to linux-swap, which caused the
Mac disk label code to complain)

October 16th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* uses Apple_UNIX_SVR2 (instead of Unix)
* merged 1.2.11-pre1

October 15th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* fixed a bug in ped_constraint_solve_nearest() - errr to complicated to
explain - easier to look at the diff.  Basically: I wasn't taking the
intersection of the allowable start and end ranges properly, WRT min_start.
* removed some memory leaks from libparted/disk_dos.c, around the constraint
* released 1.4.0-pre2

October 14th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* fixed boot flag stuff for Mac
* docs have been massively updated (ages ago...)
* merged in changes to 1.2.10-pre3 (notably: malloc() debugging, and all the
bugs / leaks fixed as a result ;-)

September 25th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* added ped_disk_remove_partition()

September 24th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* mac fixes: writes new signature now, s/Apple_Unix/Apple_UNIX/g

September 23rd 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* reiserfs_probe() - doesn't probe outside of the partition any more ;-)
* lots of work on API docs

September 21st 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* added a bit to the documentation about how to deal with the boot disk, when
it doesn't support your hardware
* released 1.4.0-pre1

September 20th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* added the LBA partition flag
* ped_partition_is_busy() - for extended partitions, now checks all logical
partitions for business.
* constraint solver will always satisfy constraint->min_size, if possible, now.
The constraint solver is now complete (the existence of a solution implies
that a solution will be found :-)
* fixed semantics for _best_solution() in disk_dos.c
* added documentation WRT LVM and RAID
* updated documentation, to much current command set

September 17th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* constraint solver is a bit more expressive - the start and end of partitions
are constrained independently.  This allows constraints for extended partitions,
keeping the extended partitions big enough to fit the logical partitions.
* used the new constraint solver, to fix the extended partition Issues.
* released 1.3.3

September 10th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* merged in changes from 1.2.8 to 1.2.9

September 3rd 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* ped_disk_add_partition() allows the right number of primary partitions now!

August 25th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* fixed msdos_probe() - it didn't like LBA partitions
* reverted ped_partition_set_flag().  Doesn't call ped_partition_set_system()
anymore.  What was I thinking?  It's the responsibiltiy of *_set_flag() to call
* added RAID and LVM partition flags
* fixed a bug in alloc_root_dir() - now allocates enough clusters in
FAT16 -> FAT32 conversions (!)  Rarely does damage (and always avoidable,
if you follow the advise)
* fat_get_resize_constraint() is 100% accurate now (min_size wasn't accurate

August 19th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* fixed ext2_mkfs() inode thingy (!)
* fixed semantics of ped_partition_set_flag() - now calls
* added "select" command
* added "move" command
* fixed a bug in ped_disk_set_partition_geom() - partition list wasn't getting
re-ordered, if the partition was moved about.
* fixed a bug in libparted/disk_mac.c:762 _disk_count_active_partitions().  It
assumed that the last partition would be the highest numbered partition.
* get rid of that "BIOS geometry" message for non IDE/SCSI devices, or on
non x86 arch's.
* merged in changes to 1.2.8

August 14th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* added stubs for HFS, Reiserfs and NTFS

August 12th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* added ped_file_system_clobber() stuff (hint: needed for reiserfs :-)
* merged in changes from 1.2.4-pre1 to 1.2.7
* released 1.3.0

August 6th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clause@gnu.org>
* ext2 code now works on big-endian machines :-)
* released 1.3.0-pre7

August 5th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* more hacking on ext2 mac support.
* random code-cleanup.

July 31st 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* made libparted/fs_ext2/* big-endian-aware

July 27th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* wrote a constraint solver :-)  libparted/natmath.c, libparted/constraint.c,
include/parted/natmath.h and include/parted/constraint.h

July 15th 2000 - Andrew Clauesn <clausen@gnu.org>
* Mac read/write is looking good :-)
* released 1.3.0-pre3

July 14th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* merged in changes between 1.2.3 and 1.2.4-pre1.

July 13th 2000 - Masahiro SAKAI <ZVM01052@nifty.ne.jp>
* improved _set_system() on PC98 disk label.
* changed fat_set_system(), to preserve original ID when possible.
* changed _ext2_set_system() and swap_set_system(), to correct "bootable"
flag. (Linux/98 uses this flag to make a distinction between ext2 and

July 9th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* read-only Mac partition map support is semi-working :-)
* PC98 is looking a bit nicer now.
* released 1.3.0-pre2

July 3nd 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* got PC98 and loopback semi-working :-)
* released 1.3.0-pre1

June 23rd 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* merged in changes, up to 1.2.3-pre1.  (I've been hacking on
libparted/disk_mac.c, not finished yet)

June 15th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* forked off 1.3.x series

1.2.x Before fork off development series
June 15th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* fixed minor build bug: fixed include problem in debug/clearfat/Makefile.am.
* released 1.2.1

June 14th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* all looks well ;-)
* released 1.2.0


June 11th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* merged in changes to 1.0.17.
* released 1.1.6

May 27th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* rearranged tools and clearfat stuff.  Updated test scripts (from devtools),
and included them.
* released 1.1.5

May 20th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* fixed bugs in maintaining free_cluster_count and bad_cluster_count in
* fixed fat_check_resize_geometry()
* added Galacian translations (thanks Jacobo :-)
* added tools/
* added tools/clearfat
* released 1.1.5-pre1

May 13th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* merged in changes to 1.0.15
* released 1.1.4

April 16th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* merged in changes to 1.0.14
* got it to compile ;-)

April 13th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* merged in changes to 1.0.14-pre1
* released 1.1.4-pre1

April 11th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* merged in changes to 1.0.13

March 26th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* merged in changes to 1.0.12

March 24th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* merged in changes to 1.0.11
* released 1.1.3

March 14th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* merged in changes to 1.0.11-pre1
* released 1.1.3-pre1

March 13th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* finally got the off_t checks working properly!

March 4th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* merged changes to 1.0.10 in
* released 1.1.2

March 2nd 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* hacked it to work on linux-ppc (probably breaks on the Alpha now :-)
Don't get too excited.  I haven't added the disk-label support yet.

February 15th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* merged changes to 1.0.9 in
* completed cluster resize down code :-)  Now to begin debugging...

February 11th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* merged 1.0.8 with other work, to create 1.1.0-pre1, which includes the
following items
* made ped_device_* POSIX compliant
* added fat_collect_cluster_info() - replaces the "flag map", to provide
fat_get_cluster_usage() and fat_get_cluster_flag()

1.0.x After fork off development series

June 14th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* released 1.0.18

June 13th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* merged in lots more translations (sorry, didn't keep track!)
* changed the new ped_geometry_test_[overlap|inside]() functions, to
require a positive result to be on the same disk ;-)
* updated documentation for ped_geometry_*()

June 6th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* merged in Galician, Dutch, Japanese and Russion translations.

June 5th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* now tolerates empty extended partitions created with Partition Magic.
(PM fills the first sector with 0xf6).  read_table() in libparted/disk_dos.c
* read_table() in libparted/disk_dos.c.  Now handles the exception correctly,
for a bad signature (the brackets where around the wrong way)
* new German and Brazillian Portugese translations.
* released 1.0.17

June 1st 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* fixed some problems with RPMs (parted.spec.in).
* major work on libparted/disk.c.  Resizing extended partitions should work
properly now.  Marginally less messy.  (Layout is still really bad, but you can
breathe on the code without it exploding now ;-)
* released 1.0.17-pre1

May 27th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* updated Japanese translations
* updated documentation, to encourage reading of Partition mini-HOWTO
* released 1.0.16

May 22nd 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* fixed bug in libparted/device.c:  if probe_geometry() fails, then
dev->sector_size is now set to 512.
* removed redundant ped_device_probe_all() in parted/parted.c.  Should be
quicker now ;-)
* released 1.0.16-pre2

May 20th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* merged bug-fixes from 1.1.5-pre1 in maintaining free_cluster_count and
bad_cluster_count in libparted/fs_fat/table.c
* added Galacian translations (thanks Jacobo :-)
* released 1.0.16-pre1

May 12th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* updated documentation (and Japanese documentation - thanks Okuji :-)
* released 1.0.15

May 6th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* fixed minor bugs with word wrapping.
* added --help (-h) --version (-v) --script (-s) --interactive (-i)
* released 1.0.15-pre3

May 2nd 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* new version of Japanese translations.

April 29th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* after much agonizing and procrastination, decided not to have a mode command.
Why would you want interactive mode if you're not an a tty?  I'm open to
persuasion ;-)   (Also, it seems wrong making it "mode".  It should be a
--option instead).
* released 1.0.15-pre2
* fixed device_get_sector_size() - now tells the user what the real sector
size is (as opposed to -1).  (Thanks to Phillip Garland :-)

April 25th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* all PED_EXCEPTION_WARNING and PED_EXCEPTION_ERROR exceptions now continue
with a good default, if they get a PED_EXCEPTION_UNHANDLED.

April 23rd 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* parted.spec.in: now installs binaries/libraries in /sbin and /lib.

April 20th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* fixed CTRL-D bug -> seg violation in _readline() (parted/ui.c)

April 15th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* Parted boot disk image now available from ftp sites in gnu/parted/bootdisk.

April 14th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* renamed PedExceptionClass, and PedException's member class to
PedExceptionType and type, to avoid clashes with C++.

April 13th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* released 1.0.14-pre1

April 12th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* changed configure.in: now refuses to attempt to build included gettext.
Gives appropriate (hopefully ;-) advice on how to fix the problem...

April 11th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>

April 9th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* did lots more testing.  All seems well ;-)
* released 1.0.13

April 8th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* finally discovered that BLKSSZGET is broken < 2.3.3.  Andries Brouwer
suggests using, only if <linux/blkpg.h> exists.
* added doc/USER.jp (Japanese translation of doc/USER).  (Thanks Ryoji!)
* fixed severe bug: fat_convert_directory():  new_trav and old_trav went
out of sync, in some circumstances!!!  OUCH!!!  (Probably didn't show up
on 99.9% people's systems, because it usually will either be out-by-zero
or out-by>=two.  In both cases, there would be no problems)
* fixed severe bug: fs_info->root_dir_entry_count should be set when converting
FAT32 -> FAT16.  OUCH!!!  Why no bug reports??!!
* released 1.0.13-pre1

April 4rd 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* restructured libparted/device.c somewhat.  Now uses BLKGETSIZE ioctl to
get size of device, which can address 2 ^ (32 + 9) == 2048Gb.
* ped_partition_is_busy() in libparted/disk.c now checks /proc/swaps as well as

April 2nd 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* warns very strongly that Parted isn't good with sector size != 512 bytes,
in fat code (libparted/fs_fat/bootsector.c)

March 28th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* now tells the kernel to keep trying to read the partition table. (patch from
Fernando Fuganti)
* released 1.0.12

March 26th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* fixed boot loader code, and uncommented code to install it.
* released 1.0.12-pre1

March 24th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* moved parted.8 to doc/ directory
* released 1.0.11

March 22nd 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* moved documentation into doc/ directory.  Changed licence of documentation
to the GNU Free Documentation Licence 1.1.
* released 1.0.11-pre2

March 19th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* now checks /proc/mounts (if available) for testing if a partition is mounted.

March 14th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* only unset LINGUAS if its non-empty in parted.spec.in (thanks Fabian :-)
* reintroduce %build (thanks Fabian :-)
* released 1.0.11-pre1

March 11th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* fixed minor bug in mkpartfs command parsing.
* #include <sys/sysmacros.h> directly.

February 29th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* fixed buffer overflow bug in ext2_mkfs
* fixed bug in ped_malloc(), so running out of memory will fail cleanly
* made ped_exception_throw() use malloc(), to prevent infinite recursion.
* released 1.0.10

February 27th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* now warns the user about system files that may be unmovable
* released 1.0.10-pre3

February 25th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@gnu.org>
* found out semantics for drives that are slightly longer than C*H*S:
last bit is simply ignored... adjusted probe_real_geom() to match behaviour
* added probe_acceptable_geom()
* released 1.0.10-pre2

February 23rd 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* added docs for Windows NT/2000 (largely contributed by Stefan Kanthak)
* added Dutch translations (contributed by Ivo Timmermans)
* made process_inconsistent_table() a bit more leanient.
* released 1.0.10-pre1

February 14th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* released 1.0.9

February 13th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* for partitions ending cylinder > 1024, now writes the CHS value as if the
partition ended on cylinder 1024.
* released 1.0.9-pre1

1.0.x Before fork off development series

February 7th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* released 1.0.8

February 3rd 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* fixed bug in fat_get_system() introduced in 1.0.8-pre1  (when fs == NULL)
* released 1.0.8-pre2

February 1st 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* changed fat_get_system(), to use LBA partition types for partitions with
end > cylinder 1024.
* released 1.0.8-pre1

January 23rd 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* made ped_device_seek() a bit more portable
* released 1.0.7

January 22nd 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* changed type of PedDevice's heads, sector, cyl fields to int's.
* added a man page, contributed by Timshel Knoll <timshel@pobox.com>
* released 1.0.7-pre1

January 20th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* released 1.0.6

January 19th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* fixed >16gig bug in libparted/disk_dos.c  (need LE32, not LE16!!!)
* released 1.0.6-pre1

January 12th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* applied typo-clean-up patch from Tim Waugh <twaugh@redhat.com>
* released 1.0.5

January 9th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* added autoconfuse checks up-to-date linux/ext2_fs.h
* imported new ext2_fs.h
* imported changes from ext2resize, to add support the ext2 "filetype"
* released 1.0.5-pre3

January 8th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* removed -Wno-sign-compare, because it breaks older gcc
* moved checks for termcap up before readline check, and get readline check
to use the result of the termcap check.
* the "termcap" library can be now be one of: -ltermcap, -ltermlib, -lcurses,
* released 1.0.5-pre2

January 7th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* fixed buglet for FAT16 cluster entries
* fixed (hopefully) str_list_print_wrap()
* use static for do_* in parted/parted.c
* cleaned up parted.spec.in
* released 1.0.5-pre1

January 5th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* Fixed a silly bug in ped_partition_set_system() for extended partitions
* released 1.0.4

January 4th 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* Arrghh!  Found (and fixed) a VERY nasty bug during partition table writes.
* released 1.0.3

January 3rd 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* Arrghh!  Found (and fixed) a nasty bug in the string printing code.
* released 1.0.2

January 1st 2000 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* added some documentation about --without-readline and --disable-nls
* released 1.0.1

December 29th 1999 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* disable-nls works now
* added --without-readline option
* added Brazillian Portugese translations (thanks Eliphas!)
* released 1.0.1-pre1

December 21st 1999 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* fixed some typo's in the documentation
* passed lots of testing :-)
* released 1.0.0

December 18th 1999 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* fixed bug in front-end: when the BIOS geometry doesn't match Linux's, the
guessed geometry wasn't being used immediately in do_print, do_mk[part]fs,
and do_resize
* released 1.0.0-pre14

December 17th 1999 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* fixed lots of bugs: lots of fence-post errors (it's 4n - 4 !!!) in fat code
* released 1.0.0-pre13

December 15th 1999 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* fixed bug in ext2_do_inode() - ext2_brelse() getting called on an
  uninitialized buffer on an error.  Thanks Tim!
* added PED_ASSERT macro, and used it all over the place
* fixed cosmetic bugs in front-end
* released 1.0.0-pre12

December 12th 1999 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* added ped_file_system_get_min_size()
* fixed bug in ext2 code
* released 1.0.0-pre11

December 11th 1999 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* fixed bug with extended partition handling
* fixed bug in ext2 code
* added support for checking minimum size of partition
* released 1.0.0-pre10

December 7th 1999 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* fixed character set issues for Japanese and Russian
* released 1.0.0-pre9

November 8th 1999 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* fixed gettext issues: includes intl/ when using included gettext, and
--disable-nls works
* released 1.0.0-pre6

November 6th 1999 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* added French translations (thanks Jean-Marc :-)
* fixed front-end, to use gettext properly.  Big changes.
* added lots of const's to libparted
* released 1.0.0-pre5

November 5th 1999 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* removed journalling code
* added German translations (thanks Martin :-)

November 1st 1999 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* released 0.0.9-pre3
* now uses GNU readline

October 31st 1999 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* released 0.0.9-pre2

October 29th 1999 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* released 0.0.9-pre1
* updated docs
* added some safety checks

October 26th 1999 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* released 0.0.8
* added to the docs.

October 25th 1999 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* released version 0.0.8-pre2
* better behaviour for weird geometry and inconsistant partition tables

October 18th 1999 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* released version 0.0.8-pre1
* added i18n support
* fixed some bugs in boot-loader.  Still not working properly though, but I
got it to boot out of DOS debug :-)

October 16th 1999 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* released version 0.0.7
* ext2 mkfs support
* manipulation of partition flags
* better error handling (particularly ext2)
* lots of bug fixes.

October 7th 1999 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* released 0.0.6
* fixes a major bug introduced in 0.0.5 in the FAT resizer

October 5th 1999 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* released 0.0.5
* bug fixes and speed-ups

October 2nd 1999 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* released 0.0.4
* fixed major bug in FAT16->FAT32 upgrade
* fixed some portability issues for Alpha Linux
* many minor bug fixes

September 27th 1999 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* released 0.0.3
* Added linux-swap support
* fixed problem with large hard disks
* implemented better error handling for ext2

September 20th 1999 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* released 0.0.1

June 6th 1999 - Andrew Clausen <clausen@alphalink.com.au>
* created initial version