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GNU parted NEWS                                    -*- outline -*-

* Noteworthy changes in release 1.9.0 (2009-07-23) [stable]

** Bug fixes

  parted now preserves the protective MBR (PMBR) in GPT type labels.

  gpt_read now uses SizeOfPartitionEntry instead of the size of
  GuidPartitionEntry_t.  This ensures that *all* of the partition
  entries are correctly read.

  mklabel (interactive mode) now correctly asks for confirmation, when
  replacing an existent label, without outputting an error message.

  resize now handles FAT16 file systems with a 64k cluster.  This
  configuration is not common, but it is possible.

  parted now ignores devices of the type /dev/md* when probing.  These
  types of devices should be handled by the device-mapper capabilities
  of parted.

  The parted documentation now describes the differences in the options
  passed to mkpart for the label types.

** Changes in behavior

  include/parted/beos.h, include/parted/gnu.h and include/parted/linux.h
  have been removed.  The symbols contained in these files (GNUSpecific,
  ped_device_new_from_store, BEOSSpecific, LinuxSpecific,  LINUX_SPECIFIC)
  were moved to the individual files that need them.

  In libparted, the linux-swap "filesystem" types are now called
  "linux-swap(v0)" and "linux-swap(v1)" rather than "linux-swap(old)"
  and "linux-swap(new)" as in parted 1.8, or "linux-swap" as in older
  versions; "old" and "new" generally make poor names, and v1 is the
  only format supported by current Linux kernels. Aliases for all
  previous names are available.

* Noteworthy changes in release (2007-12-17) [stable]

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