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2012-03-24  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Add gitlog-to-changelot script to repository

2012-03-23  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

tools: use ${top_builddir} rather than ${top_srcdir}

2012-03-03  Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli  <GNUtoo@no-log.org>

vapi: updates regarding binding issues
Without that fix we have:
  samsung-ipc-1.0.vapi:318.48-318.70: error: The type name `PhoneLockRequestMessage' could not be found
                      res.length = (int) sizeof( PhoneLockRequestMessage );
  samsung-ipc-1.0.vapi:335.48-335.71: error: The type name `PhoneLockResponseMessage' could not be found
                      res.length = (int) sizeof( PhoneLockResponseMessage );

2012-03-02  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

vapi: various updates regarding binding issues

call: add pack method for dtmf burst send message

2012-02-24  PaulK  <contact@paulk.fr>

Fixed ipc_sec_pin_status_noti change on vapi

Fixed modemctrl for sec header changes

Fixed ipc_sec_phone_lock stuctures

Added SIM PIN-related structures on sec header

2012-02-23  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

vapi: update for recent changes to network related API

Install disp.h file too for IPC v4 protocol version

vapi: use correct types for fields in Sms.SendMessage structure

rfs: only dump RFS message content when debugging is enabled

rfs: it should be possible for the modem to write at offset zero

crespo: bump buffer size if incoming data to 0x50000; highest data size seen is 0x40008

Define DEBUG when compiling with debugging enabled

2012-02-22  PaulK  <contact@paulk.fr>

Correct disp icon info structure for IPC-V4 devices

2012-02-01  PaulK  <contact@paulk.fr>

Removed unwanted diff file

Added NET_MODE_SEL headers, fixed NET_PLMN_SEL structure and related function
* switched plmn from unsigned to signed char array as it's a string

Revert "rfs.c: return NULL in case of error"
This reverts commit b93b917a70a6c85bfa2bd3789989b90b2e530abf.

rfs.c: return NULL in case of error

Fixed coding style: space after if, for, while, etc

2012-02-21  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

RFS NV item handling methods are now sending the io confirmation message directly

2012-02-20  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Update license header of the vapi description file

Import two methods from samsung-ril to deal with rfs read/write nv item message types

2012-02-17  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Cleanup indentation in rfs.c

2012-02-15  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Correct COPYING file to contain the GPLv3 license instead of LGPLv2.1

2012-02-06  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

net: fix styling/naming/coding issues

net: add structure to set network PLMN selection mode

2012-02-05  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Remove h1 relevant source files for now from Makefile

2012-02-04  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

h1: several fixes and adjustments to compile again

Update Makefile to distribute all necessary headers files and compile h1 device support

2012-02-03  PaulK  <contact@paulk.fr>

Fixed H1 device and devices-related fixes

2012-02-03  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Adjust for recent changes to device creation structure

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/paulk/rework-device-specific' into morphis/rework-device-specific

2012-02-03  PaulK  <contact@paulk.fr>

Modified ipc devices handling to use a table and permit explicit device name

2012-02-03  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Register aries handlers on library initialization

Add aries device for compilation and register it's handlers on startup

Add DEVICE_IPC_v4 define to cflags variable of pkgconfig file

Rework IPC client creation to detect device automatically on startup

We don't ship headers files for the H1 device with autotools version

Rework device specific code so we can build one library for all devices now

vapi: fix several binding problems

2012-01-30  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Register aries handlers on library initialization

Add aries device for compilation and register it's handlers on startup

Add DEVICE_IPC_v4 define to cflags variable of pkgconfig file

Rework IPC client creation to detect device automatically on startup

We don't ship headers files for the H1 device with autotools version

Rework device specific code so we can build one library for all devices now

Add structure definition for IPC_NET_MODE_SEL message

vapi: use gint16 instead of gint8 for PhoneState enum

2012-01-28  PaulK  <contact@paulk.fr>

Fixed ss.h header installation with autotools

2012-01-28  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Adjust to get everything compiling with autotools again

2012-01-28  PaulK  <contact@paulk.fr>

Added USSD defines and actions

Added a GPRS error code and a missing function prototype

Added support for aries devices (galaxy s, galaxy tab, perhaps more)
Thanks to Igor Almeida for contributing to bootstrap code and for his help with galaxy s!

Switched crespo headers to ipc-v4 as these are shared between multiple devices

Cosmetics on ipc.c

2012-01-27  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

vapi: make string parameters nullable

Bump required openssl version 1.0.0e

gprs: adjust setup method so we can deactivate a gprs context now

modemctrl: add command to bootstrap modem only

2012-01-26  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Revert "Switch version from 0.1.0 to 1"
This reverts commit 33d6751f451190418ba945aee6faff526d6f738d.

Merge branch 'morphis/forward'

2012-01-25  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Switch version from 0.1.0 to 1

Drop GITV from configure script; it's not needed

2012-01-24  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

tools: forward: use modem_io structure to determine size of data we read

tools: add first and untested version of a simple forward utility

2012-01-14  PaulK  <contact@paulk.fr>

Modified handlers with common handlers data and device-specific functions

2012-01-08  PaulK  <contact@paulk.fr>

Fixed tests on various handlers-related functions

2012-01-07  Igor Almeida  <igor.contato@gmail.com>

WIP: socket stuff for galaxy s
Change-Id: Ib5abdcfa65fbab43c064ca20d2eda97759f4067b

Start adding support for Samsung Galaxy S
Mostly copy/paste from crespo code, with minor additions.
This is still incomplete, galaxysmtd_ipc.c has crespo_* functions which
have not yet been touched.

In tests, bootstrap code worked fine and FMT read loop entered cleanly
after nv_data was sent.

Change-Id: Id8908ffe3f3c58889f81fc4ab281ec024cecd5fa

2012-01-03  PaulK  <contact@paulk.fr>

Fixed SND define that prevented in-call volume change to work

2011-12-31  PaulK  <contact@paulk.fr>

Fixed Makefile.am for rfs.h

Removed remaining crespo_nv_data files

Moved nv_data functions and headers to rfs.c/rfs.h, plus some fixes

2011-12-30  PaulK  <contact@paulk.fr>

Added missing stdio.h on gen.c

Updated ipc_command_to_str and replaced sms.h tabs by spaces

Set negative rc for errors, plus cosmetics

Finished crespo RFS implementation and code cleanup

Added accuracy to crespo's struct ipc_gen_phone_res and added check function

2011-12-25  PaulK  <contact@paulk.fr>

Added RFS headers and RECV function for crespo

2011-12-22  PaulK  <contact@paulk.fr>

Removed non-existant functions prototypes.

2011-12-19  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

vapi: correct binding of enumeration values

2011-12-15  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

vapi: bind new sound API for chaging audio volume

Install missing header files snd.h and device/h1/sms.h too

Use correct indentation

2011-12-10  PaulK  <contact@paulk.fr>

Added SND defines and structures

2011-12-07  PaulK  <contact@paulk.fr>

Added DTMF support and corrected call structure

2011-11-25  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

vapi: some minor corrections to support vala-0.14

2011-11-23  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

vapi: some minor changes and implement method to retrieve single plmn entries

Update .gitignore file

vapi: bind SMS structures and methods

vapi: bind additional misc functionality to retrieve serial number from baseband

2011-11-22  PaulK  <contact@paulk.fr>

Added IPC_MISC_ME_SN types (it's not only for IMEI) and corrected structure

2011-11-21  PaulK  <contact@paulk.fr>

Corrected wake_lock in crespo

2011-11-21  Joerie de Gram  <j.de.gram@gmail.com>

misc: add misc_me_sn struct

2011-11-21  PaulK  <contact@paulk.fr>

Corrected/splitted NET/SMS/PWR headers for crespo and added french PLMN data

2011-11-20  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

vapi: add missing sound message types

2011-11-18  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Split ipc_call_list_entry message structure for h1 and crespo device
For the crespo each entry has one byte more than for the h1. The additional bytes is now
named unk0.

Add state values as defines for ipc_call_list_entry message

2011-11-15  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Fix missing iteration in method ipc_call_list_response_get_entry with num = 0

2011-11-14  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Some minor changes to get method ipc_call_outgoing_setup working correctly

2011-11-13  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

vapi: fix naming of ipc_call_outgoging_setup method

2011-11-07  PaulK  <contact@paulk.fr>

Rewritten modemctrl to provide an usable test binary

Switched utility functions to ipc_utils (for client-side logging)

2011-11-06  PaulK  <contact@paulk.fr>

Switched crespo's nv_data functions to the client log handler instead of printf

2011-11-06  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Add missing $ for use of variable $OPENSSL_REQUIRED in configure.ac file

2011-11-01  PaulK  <contact@paulk.fr>

Added per-device call.h to the include/ Makefile.am

Fixed Makefile.am on tools/ (added defines while building)

Split call headers and added some SND defines

2011-10-31  PaulK  <contact@paulk.fr>

Implemented minimal ipc upper-layer in modemctrl, with auto call functions

Corrected wake_lock in crespo_ipc and split struct ipc_call_outgoing

2011-10-30  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Only print hexdump for messages when build in debug mode

Revert "Bring back removed IPC_NET_ACCESS_TECHNOLOGY_... defines"
This reverts commit a449ed345d259283c7e66aae911af52e77ff9a17.

Setting the the handlers for several operations should be done in higher levels of the app stack

Adjust vala binding to suite for the latest changes to the library API


Install device specific headers files too

Bring back removed IPC_NET_ACCESS_TECHNOLOGY_... defines

Merge branch 'master' into master-next

Comment some not compiling code in modemctrl tool

2011-10-30  PaulK  <contact@paulk.fr>

Fixed IPC_PWR_PHONE_STATE (from SEC RIL logs) removed last SIMIO bits + other stuff

2011-10-29  PaulK  <contact@paulk.fr>

Fixed struct ipc_misc_me_version for crespo (1 byte offset)

Removed SIM IO data and functions: handled by upper-layer code.
Also fixed DEVICE_ define (though, it's more relevant on RIL's Android.mk)

New handlers structure (a data pointer for each handler function)

Added SIM IO table (from FSO), related helpers, crespo SMS ACK and corrections

2011-10-29  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Add vim modeline for uniform indentation
On IRC we agreed to use vim:ts=4:sw=4:expandtab as uniform indentation style for the

Fix several places in code for latest infrastructure changes

fix autotools setup to support the new device specific structure

Fix mistake in vala binding

Merge remote-tracking branch 'ius/for-morphis' into master-next

2011-10-28  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Various changes to code and vala binding regarding call API

2011-10-28  Joerie de Gram  <j.de.gram@gmail.com>

net: correct net_regist_get and add helper

h1: add missing payload memcpy in h1_ipc_send

introduce device-specific includes, split h1/crespo gen_resp/net_regist

explicitly cast strncpy parameter to char*

types: revert indi/noti/resp rename

2011-10-28  PaulK  <contact@paulk.fr>

Corrected Android.mk, crespo_ipc file, some headers and helpers.

2011-10-28  Joerie de Gram  <j.de.gram@gmail.com>

h1: dump ipc messages to log

replace ipc_request and ipc_response by a single struct ipc_message_info

split devices, require compile-time device selection

gprs: revert e28dc6d and insert missing message type

2011-10-28  PaulK  <contact@paulk.fr>

added handlers support and default handlers for crespo.

2011-10-28  Joerie de Gram  <j.de.gram@gmail.com>

fix various compilation warnings

2011-10-27  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Add setup method for call outgoing message and various cleanups for call messages

gprs: add some missing unknown bytes to ipc_gprs_ip_configuration message

2011-10-25  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Fixup network registration message
Thanks to PaulK for pointing this out that the registration field is stored in the third
field instead of the second one.

gprs: fix wrong id for IPC_GPRS_IP_CONFIGURE message type

Some little updates for gprs message structures

Add setup method for ipc_sec_pin_status_set message

vapi: add a data property to each structure which returns the structure as byte array

Implement several parts of known gprs messages types

2011-10-24  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

A plmn is only five byte long instead of six bytes

Updates for retrieve imsi and rsim data from response messages

Various updates and corrections

2011-10-23  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Minor update for network registration info structure in vala binding

Various updates regarding better vala integration

2011-10-23  PaulK  <contact@paulk.fr>

Updated Android.mk and added return 0; to make it build on Android.

2011-10-20  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Add helper method to parse imsi from response data

2011-10-19  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Add sms message types to vala API description

Correct little mistake in vala API description

No free function for VersionMessage

Reorder fields in generic phone response message

2011-10-18  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Updates for the vala API description

2011-10-17  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

More work regarding vala APi description

Rename IPC_PWR_PHONE_ONLINE to IPC_PWR_PHONE_STATE according to samsungs android implementation

Add a lot more enums and structs to the vala api description

2011-10-14  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Remove more line breaks and add additional logging output

Remove line break in crespo ipc implementation from logging method calls

Implement handling of additional arguments in ipc_client_log method

Don't use and c implemented to_string method anymore

Use new logging functionality in crespo client implementation

Implement log handler delegate the user can set to forwarding logging output to another target

Combine all message types in one enumeration and add a to_string method for it

Use strdup when returning a string in ipc_command_type_to_string method

2011-10-13  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Several updates regarding better vala api description support

Add method to print command type of response messages to vala api description

2011-10-12  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Export string representation creation methods in vala api description

crespo: if reading nv data from filesystem fail handle this correctly
As already did for reading the radio image we need to check for errors when reading the nv
data too. Otherwise we continue but have no data to proceed which ends in a segmentation

Fix mistake in vala api description

crespo: fixup reading radio image from mtd on bootstrap
It is important the user knows about the case when reading the radio image failed. So we
check now the return value, try to read the image from a alternate path and then fail

Add some more message types and structure to the vala api description

2011-10-11  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Adjust name of array length property in vala API description

Name method ipc_client_set_delegates correctly

2011-10-10  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

crespo_ipc_client_recv: convert from error to info output

Implement ipc_client_recv method so we can now retrieve data from the modem

Rename response types and export them together with request ones in the vapi

Rework API of this library to integrate better with other environments than Android
* send/recv is now done outside this library; the user has to provide callbacks for send
  and recv
* it's now possible to create more than one ipc client as every ipc API method needs an
  object of type ipc_client (which is the context it operates in)
* there are now two different client types for the crespo machine: RFS and FMT
* disabled h1 client for now
* removed power on/off functionality; should be done by another userland component with
  handling the correct sysfs nodes rather than dealing with ioctls for this.
* updated vala interface description file to reflect API changes
* various source code cleanups

2011-10-08  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

tools: modemctrl: implement bootstrap, power on/off commands

2011-10-05  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

tools: modemctrl: bootstrap the modem before using it

2011-10-03  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Add modemctrl utility to test functionality of samsung-ipc

Add openssl as dependency

2011-09-30  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Add additional method to set the file description for work

2011-09-29  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Several update regarding integration in other userland environements than android
* add fd_get method to ipc_ops to retrieve the file descriptior responsible for modem
* add bootstrap method to ipc_ops to separate modem bootstrap from modem opening
* add first version of a vapi to be able to use samsung-ipc from vala
* add missing pkg-config description file

2011-08-25  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Use ipc ops in public API methods

Export new API functions with library headers

Remove files which should not be hidden from .gitignore

Name ipc code lines not visible for the public with private postfix

Implement generic interface for ipc API

Add .gitignore file

2011-08-24  Simon Busch  <morphis@gravedo.de>

Fix includes for new structure and add required third argument for open function

Basic automake environment for building the library

Move all device specific source files into main source directory

Add missing source files

Move all source code into samsung-ipc directory

2011-08-19  PaulK  <contact@paulk.fr>

devices: add support for Nexus S
As for now, it features:
* booting the modem
* the ability to receive and send messages from/to the modem

The messages received from the modem are in a known format and can be
understood easilly, and it's also possible to send messages to the modem
in that very same known format.

2011-08-18  Joerie de Gram  <j.de.gram@gmail.com>

ipc_msg_send: pass frame sequence number as mseq instead of aseq

test: check for null before attempting to free response data pointer

devices/h1: correct radio.h include

2011-08-17  Joerie de Gram  <j.de.gram@gmail.com>

devices: add support for Samsung H1

Massive cleanup & device specific frame handling
- Introduced device specific frame handling
- Removed all IPC command helper functions
- General cleanup

util: remove leftover android_rssi declaration

Rename library to libsamsung-ipc

2011-08-16  Joerie de Gram  <j.de.gram@gmail.com>

sec: improve PIN handling

radio: add generic response group/type

net: update net_regist

add misc_me_version and misc_me_imsi

call: update call_list struct and defines

sec: add RSIM_ACCESS support

net: add NET_REGIST

expose msm_send and add method to msm_request_info

2011-07-28  Joerie de Gram  <j.de.gram@gmail.com>

sec: update SEC_PIN_STATUS types

radio: remove SEC_PIN_STATUS stub handler

sec: add sim card types

Cleanup, preliminary calling/sms support

2011-02-02  Joerie de Gram  <j.de.gram@gmail.com>

radio: fix request_id type

radio: add default rx callback

radio: improve frame parsing

2011-01-17  Joerie de Gram  <j.de.gram@gmail.com>

Initial commit