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Version 0.2.0

49e4a6e Update documentation in preparation of a new release
1b76eae Update list of authors based on git history
87fb149 Add missing modem_prj.h file to automake configuration
48aba0e Fix outstanding compiler warnings
950d2c3 Rules to build piranha code on Makefiles
ba93873 xmm6260: Set message info data to NULL before alloc (or no alloc)
dc5c21b modemctrl: Remove SIM initializing message
f0a4b59 sec: Use correct SIM ready status value
86dd098 disp: Second byte of icon info is the reception level in bars
09ca2de prainha: Remove TODO comment
a6d95bf Piranha (P5100/P3100 Galaxy Tab 2.0 tablets) support
0ca230e Merge pull request #4 from Jooles/master
588cc26 Added spica (i5700) to available devices in Android.mk
146080c sec: RSIM access data structure when SIM ICC type != 1
564a20c misc: Timezone value can be negative, use a signed char accordingly
16fb15b sms: Correct memcpy argument (don't use a pointer to pointer)
ed4d891 sec: correct binary represetation of SIM access commands
4411155 Misc: Correct the value for time info message
da6bf32 Permit explicit board name instead of device name
617169f Aries: Stick a bit more with SEC ril, preventing some failures
1c46f2f ipc: reset client structure after allocation to zero
9574ece Fix wrong device detection; we have to check for board_name instead of device name
314056a Fix vapi errors due to ipc_sms_send_msg and ipc_sms_deliv_report_msg renames.
d9622e4 GPRS: Pass CID to activate/deactivate functions Aries: Use CID to activate/deactivate the corresponding iface
f722771 SMS: Renamed structures according to messages names, build sms.c
3b804a8 crespo: Kernel-version-dependant gprs specs
896c02c Kernel version in IPC device desc, with detection code
9c23156 Fix vapi errors due to ipc_net_current_plmn rename.
9c55caa Fix vapi errors due to ipc_net_regist rename.
96bfba2 Merge pull request #3 from GNUtoo/master
cd97942 Fix VAPI's ipc_net_{regist_setup,plmn_sel_setup} renames for fsogsmd
b21b779 samsung-ipc: cleanup to match common code style
d45c70f maguro: cleanup code to match common code style
b33a9e1 xmm6260: cleanup code a bit to match common code style
51280f7 cleanup autoconf configuration
ed87346 switch to GPLv2+ as license as decided by all authors per mail
bf2596c update authors file with all people contributed to libsamsung-ipc
e1ffca5 ipc: don't set a default log handler; should be set only on demand
de43b72 SND: Add missing undocumented commands
7a3189f ipc: fix gprs_get_iface functions
c274c5b gprs: rename member of ipc_gprs_hsdpa_status to reg_state
43adc72 call: fix retrieval of the number of a call
3a9c878 ipc: refactor ipc_client_gprs_get_iface method to return iface name instead of using a parameter
db18008 misc: add IPC_MISC_DEBUG_LEVEL message type
1274e35 sec: add setup method for ipc_sec_change_locking_pw_set message type
338c971 sec: rename ipc_sec_change_locking_pw to ipc_sec_change_locking_pw_set
ce4b30c sec: add setup method for ipc_sec_phone_lock_set message type
807ad04 Aries: Use new IPC open/close definitions
e426cc4 sec: Corrected comments about data types
7b05368 tools: drop not working forwarding tool
d9eae11 net: renaming some parts to be more reasonable
697916d sec: rename ipc_sec_pin_status_response structure
66d5c97 sec: rename IPC_SEC_PIN_STATUS to IPC_SEC_SIM_STATUS
3baa91e sec: refactor type naming to be clean and not misleading
c250956 Reformat log output for received/sent messages
c4f9aa6 xm6269: drop log statement as it fills up the log output unnecessarily
d619e86 Use correct helper method to print request type
222f78a vapi: bind missing ipc_client_create_handlers_common_data method
d500d71 maguro: try to load radio image from more than on source path
d4f8a0b Make everything compile again after last merge
aae7f36 Merge remote-tracking branch 'astarasikov/merge-24-aug'
a6b8e7d maguro: replace constant with mask for boot reply
5def3bc Revert "Add a delay to maguro fw loader to work around buggy init"
10fab96 Merge branch 'morphis-master' into tuna-tracking
74f505c Merge tag 'tuna-stc-jb-v1' into morphis-master
d851f2b Add another method to free space used by a response message
118643a Add cmd field to ipc_message_info structure which will be prefilled
94ca3db Add identifiable named header file which should be the only one used by clients
b11be64 [xmm6260] add ipc error checks
5999a66 vapi: bind some more ipc client methods
bbea04f re-enable wakelocks on xmm6260
8f62bbb Add a delay to maguro fw loader to work around buggy init
9875a66 Use static wakelock file descriptors
d109d6c disable xmm6260 wake locks temporarily (until they are debugged)
d79718e vapi: bind power_on/power_off and correct return types
6658e65 maguro: fix warning about ignore return result
d4f41d7 rfs: fix warnings about ignored return results from std. library functions
81660e3 crespo: fix all warnings regarding ignored return value from std. library functions
1628980 First round of fixing unnecessary warnings
b44ee66 Prefix method correctly with ipc_client_
7a9ad8c Simplify open/close handler signature
7d6f56c vapi: update for recent changes to GPRS subsystem
4bd5990 Implement maguro poweroff
62c5b24 Silently ignore null client/message in ipc log
e4403cb Make wakelocks not crespo-specific and add for xmm6260
236e5a2 Merge pull request #1 from astarasikov/gps-fix
89904c0 Fix GPS on tuna by setting the UART mux correctly
f0379c8 Fix GPS on tuna by setting the UART mux correctly
a72e249 GPRS: Get interface name given the connection ID (cid)
dadca55 GPRS: added and completed structures, defines and reworked functions accordingly
7090d36 Call: Added a few call end causes
1777a0a XMM6260/Crespo: Fixed common_data_set_fd
bd70ecb Removed device loop code (the upper layer must decide whether to loop or not)
d626a32 Unified debug messages on send/recv with ipc_util functions
78bf08e Removed deprecated util files
0b8d066 Android.mk: include xmm6260 path for every device
84cd42f XMM6260: Split code into galaxys2, maguro and xmm2620 (shared code) devices
2eea520 XMM6260: Moved device-specific files to galaxys2 and maguro folders
e94080b XMM6260: Always use ipc log handler, also reduced log output
0bb1ce7 XMM6260: Renamed IO functions to give them an explicit name and cleanup
9182387 XMM6260: Fixed functions names and braces
985b168 XMM6260: Reworked modemctl and brought ipc client to most functions
d4f9b16 XMM6260 I9250: Renamed and moved structures
9243252 XMM6260 I9100: Renamed and moved structures
ccbc15d XMM6260: Fix code indent Signed-off-by: Paul Kocialkowski <contact@paulk.fr>
c691ac2 XMM6260: Split defines in header files
645a8aa Reworked nv_data handling in nv_data_specs, moved some functions to gprs_specs
0b6def0 Ordered devices by historical support order
55017a8 XMM6260: Added GPRS capabilities handler
174a1f2 Aries/Crespo: Added GPRS capabilities handler
7768390 GPRS: New capabilities structure and related handler
0ec570a RFS: Changed chunk size to 0x1000 when reading nv_data
3197862 Using stored nv_data file and related functions instead of the default nv_data
11320e7 RFS: Exported nv_data path functions
52fb802 Set nv_data paths functions non-static so they can be reused in device code
698f40a Allow EFS path to be overriden per-board
364343a xmm6260 rfs cleanup: code style and compilation warnings
771dafb RFS: added missing send/recv functions
ec0da94 Change i9250 and i9100 to lowercase to fix runtime detection
25a8c2e Cleanup xmm6260 ipc, prepare for rfs
166f92e Fix compilation warnings
2454f72 Update firmware loader to the latest version, fix makefiles for maguro/galaxys2
3ee91dd Add the dirty, hackish and barely working xmm6260 modem support for galaxy nexus (tuna/maguro)
9b9c03b GPRS port list setup function (currently with fixed values), needed for aries
67bb78c Function to check if GPRS activation/deactivation functions are available
63a3609 GPRS interface name function for crespo
e0685f1 GPRS activation/deactivation functions for aries
3efc903 Introducing device-specific GPRS activation/deactivation functions mechanism
74664ce Bump version number to 0.2.0 for next cycle

Version 0.1.0

7f65eda Update ChangeLog for release
ed22d1f Add gitlog-to-changelot script to repository
a4b28bc tools: use ${top_builddir} rather than ${top_srcdir}
a68bb30 vapi: updates regarding binding issues
8d493ae vapi: various updates regarding binding issues
bcdc98b call: add pack method for dtmf burst send message
f0fc5d0 Fixed ipc_sec_pin_status_noti change on vapi
d7fd7cc Fixed modemctrl for sec header changes
e64584f Fixed ipc_sec_phone_lock stuctures
b441d89 Added SIM PIN-related structures on sec header
130f933 vapi: update for recent changes to network related API
8a57eac Install disp.h file too for IPC v4 protocol version
e4deae1 vapi: use correct types for fields in Sms.SendMessage structure
b9240c8 rfs: only dump RFS message content when debugging is enabled
e9d4545 rfs: it should be possible for the modem to write at offset zero
bf757ad crespo: bump buffer size if incoming data to 0x50000; highest data size seen is 0x40008
e8c5de2 Define DEBUG when compiling with debugging enabled
58559e4 Correct disp icon info structure for IPC-V4 devices
9ab226a Removed unwanted diff file
d3e5290 Added NET_MODE_SEL headers, fixed NET_PLMN_SEL structure and related function
27a65c8 Revert "rfs.c: return NULL in case of error"
b93b917 rfs.c: return NULL in case of error
9b827bd Fixed coding style: space after if, for, while, etc
b7e7b77 RFS NV item handling methods are now sending the io confirmation message directly
16a6860 Update license header of the vapi description file
0b260b9 Import two methods from samsung-ril to deal with rfs read/write nv item message types
6f57cb2 Cleanup indentation in rfs.c
c82cf76 Correct COPYING file to contain the GPLv3 license instead of LGPLv2.1
0377e87 net: fix styling/naming/coding issues
d015040 net: add structure to set network PLMN selection mode
8e12bf3 Remove h1 relevant source files for now from Makefile
f87ea5a h1: several fixes and adjustments to compile again
23b0d82 Update Makefile to distribute all necessary headers files and compile h1 device support
4a9af56 Fixed H1 device and devices-related fixes
303fbc0 Adjust for recent changes to device creation structure
e8bec37 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/paulk/rework-device-specific' into morphis/rework-device-specific
1789f2a Modified ipc devices handling to use a table and permit explicit device name
c41dcc6 Register aries handlers on library initialization
cec8f3b Add aries device for compilation and register it's handlers on startup
20ab22b Add DEVICE_IPC_v4 define to cflags variable of pkgconfig file
6ce237f Rework IPC client creation to detect device automatically on startup
604ff37 We don't ship headers files for the H1 device with autotools version
3f3690d Rework device specific code so we can build one library for all devices now
151efe3 vapi: fix several binding problems
a1de0dc Register aries handlers on library initialization
60977f9 Add aries device for compilation and register it's handlers on startup
73131b5 Add DEVICE_IPC_v4 define to cflags variable of pkgconfig file
35ee69d Rework IPC client creation to detect device automatically on startup
2ac977c We don't ship headers files for the H1 device with autotools version
9a87ce7 Rework device specific code so we can build one library for all devices now
1464578 Add structure definition for IPC_NET_MODE_SEL message
beab35f vapi: use gint16 instead of gint8 for PhoneState enum
f22b2a9 Fixed ss.h header installation with autotools
51ea3aa Adjust to get everything compiling with autotools again
a6fab22 Added USSD defines and actions
dcf7ed7 Added a GPRS error code and a missing function prototype
dcdee94 Added support for aries devices (galaxy s, galaxy tab, perhaps more)
af1854b Switched crespo headers to ipc-v4 as these are shared between multiple devices
db817ef Cosmetics on ipc.c
a29b8e0 vapi: make string parameters nullable
71f04e8 Bump required openssl version 1.0.0e
b71736e gprs: adjust setup method so we can deactivate a gprs context now
59a35f3 modemctrl: add command to bootstrap modem only
e140dbb Revert "Switch version from 0.1.0 to 1"
8815d00 Merge branch 'morphis/forward'
33d6751 Switch version from 0.1.0 to 1
d9f9fda Drop GITV from configure script; it's not needed
4a65fbd tools: forward: use modem_io structure to determine size of data we read
1122ae7 tools: add first and untested version of a simple forward utility
b469707 Modified handlers with common handlers data and device-specific functions
bedac84 Fixed tests on various handlers-related functions
8d9a2ec WIP: socket stuff for galaxy s
867488c Start adding support for Samsung Galaxy S
6164e00 Fixed SND define that prevented in-call volume change to work
d99224d Fixed Makefile.am for rfs.h
c97c304 Removed remaining crespo_nv_data files
57baab4 Moved nv_data functions and headers to rfs.c/rfs.h, plus some fixes
eb6ac17 Added missing stdio.h on gen.c
716e284 Updated ipc_command_to_str and replaced sms.h tabs by spaces
418317e Set negative rc for errors, plus cosmetics
b7d5749 Finished crespo RFS implementation and code cleanup
a1a3b71 Added accuracy to crespo's struct ipc_gen_phone_res and added check function
b3ae130 Added RFS headers and RECV function for crespo
fb3cb9b Removed non-existant functions prototypes.
d300c32 vapi: correct binding of enumeration values
cb37d8d vapi: bind new sound API for chaging audio volume
e912d36 Install missing header files snd.h and device/h1/sms.h too
3c57bfe Use correct indentation
00de0ea Added SND defines and structures
a874a1e Added DTMF support and corrected call structure
bfe37a7 vapi: some minor corrections to support vala-0.14
3c98c20 vapi: some minor changes and implement method to retrieve single plmn entries
157b91c Update .gitignore file
76e3d40 vapi: bind SMS structures and methods
41e793e vapi: bind additional misc functionality to retrieve serial number from baseband
d9c5aa0 Added IPC_MISC_ME_SN types (it's not only for IMEI) and corrected structure
4952a56 Corrected wake_lock in crespo
7d34a9c misc: add misc_me_sn struct
2bbccf3 Corrected/splitted NET/SMS/PWR headers for crespo and added french PLMN data
013c60b vapi: add missing sound message types
f6b8d33 Split ipc_call_list_entry message structure for h1 and crespo device
e9e35e2 Add state values as defines for ipc_call_list_entry message
a871322 Fix missing iteration in method ipc_call_list_response_get_entry with num = 0
927ac03 Some minor changes to get method ipc_call_outgoing_setup working correctly
6a3b545 vapi: fix naming of ipc_call_outgoging_setup method
956c646 Rewritten modemctrl to provide an usable test binary
a1a0fe6 Switched utility functions to ipc_utils (for client-side logging)
53d8243 Switched crespo's nv_data functions to the client log handler instead of printf
cf70576 Add missing $ for use of variable $OPENSSL_REQUIRED in configure.ac file
62cd512 Added per-device call.h to the include/ Makefile.am
2410b84 Fixed Makefile.am on tools/ (added defines while building)
7bdcfaa Split call headers and added some SND defines
f96de31 Implemented minimal ipc upper-layer in modemctrl, with auto call functions
c9210b6 Corrected wake_lock in crespo_ipc and split struct ipc_call_outgoing
644af30 Only print hexdump for messages when build in debug mode
f1262be Revert "Bring back removed IPC_NET_ACCESS_TECHNOLOGY_... defines"
9e6ff91 Setting the the handlers for several operations should be done in higher levels of the app stack
924962f Adjust vala binding to suite for the latest changes to the library API
3f2302f Add DEVICE_H1 or DEVICE_CRESPO as define to CFLAGS
e27e29d Install device specific headers files too
a449ed3 Bring back removed IPC_NET_ACCESS_TECHNOLOGY_... defines
d04d16c Merge branch 'master' into master-next
84efd7c Comment some not compiling code in modemctrl tool
0308a18 Fixed IPC_PWR_PHONE_STATE (from SEC RIL logs) removed last SIMIO bits + other stuff
3e24a8a Fixed struct ipc_misc_me_version for crespo (1 byte offset)
620de92 Removed SIM IO data and functions: handled by upper-layer code.
6f2a990 New handlers structure (a data pointer for each handler function)
4ab5a70 Added SIM IO table (from FSO), related helpers, crespo SMS ACK and corrections
f492374 Add vim modeline for uniform indentation
b722c61 Fix several places in code for latest infrastructure changes
d74590f fix autotools setup to support the new device specific structure
8fd1410 Fix mistake in vala binding
4023f33 Merge remote-tracking branch 'ius/for-morphis' into master-next
3fcbca9 Various changes to code and vala binding regarding call API
28cbef8 net: correct net_regist_get and add helper
7d53141 h1: add missing payload memcpy in h1_ipc_send
635bcd5 introduce device-specific includes, split h1/crespo gen_resp/net_regist
29e0986 explicitly cast strncpy parameter to char*
49b8e81 types: revert indi/noti/resp rename
17e2ec0 Corrected Android.mk, crespo_ipc file, some headers and helpers.
5118f77 h1: dump ipc messages to log
cfd471f replace ipc_request and ipc_response by a single struct ipc_message_info
2b9aa23 split devices, require compile-time device selection
90b3b7d gprs: revert e28dc6d and insert missing message type
8b39af2 added handlers support and default handlers for crespo.
aeb7a4c fix various compilation warnings
a38db58 Add setup method for call outgoing message and various cleanups for call messages
cb1d563 gprs: add some missing unknown bytes to ipc_gprs_ip_configuration message
8e15701 Fixup network registration message
e28dc6d gprs: fix wrong id for IPC_GPRS_IP_CONFIGURE message type
b4c84d9 Some little updates for gprs message structures
fcc205d Add setup method for ipc_sec_pin_status_set message
4771ea1 vapi: add a data property to each structure which returns the structure as byte array
5c29db2 Implement several parts of known gprs messages types
db2112e A plmn is only five byte long instead of six bytes
ef01149 Updates for retrieve imsi and rsim data from response messages
ffc43da Various updates and corrections
9b58ea4 Minor update for network registration info structure in vala binding
a348eea Various updates regarding better vala integration
3081adc Updated Android.mk and added return 0; to make it build on Android.
eb4b7e1 Add helper method to parse imsi from response data
80080d0 Add sms message types to vala API description
8dfd9cb Correct little mistake in vala API description
faf79ee No free function for VersionMessage
9663787 Reorder fields in generic phone response message
716efc1 Updates for the vala API description
6f5f9d7 More work regarding vala APi description
5880467 Rename IPC_PWR_PHONE_ONLINE to IPC_PWR_PHONE_STATE according to samsungs android implementation
c54f0cc Add a lot more enums and structs to the vala api description
05843cc Remove more line breaks and add additional logging output
635213c Remove line break in crespo ipc implementation from logging method calls
0de463c Implement handling of additional arguments in ipc_client_log method
3ce2d8a Don't use and c implemented to_string method anymore
6e38bf9 Use new logging functionality in crespo client implementation
e7d27d2 Implement log handler delegate the user can set to forwarding logging output to another target
27ff8ab Combine all message types in one enumeration and add a to_string method for it
977e031 Use strdup when returning a string in ipc_command_type_to_string method
e6d23fa Several updates regarding better vala api description support
40bbce7 Add method to print command type of response messages to vala api description
5916336 Export string representation creation methods in vala api description
3581333 crespo: if reading nv data from filesystem fail handle this correctly
f3e3985 Fix mistake in vala api description
2a02cc8 crespo: fixup reading radio image from mtd on bootstrap
0fa1f15 Add some more message types and structure to the vala api description
3d4089b Adjust name of array length property in vala API description
4029ede Name method ipc_client_set_delegates correctly
46a0b76 crespo_ipc_client_recv: convert from error to info output
0cd14d3 Implement ipc_client_recv method so we can now retrieve data from the modem
53ea218 Rename response types and export them together with request ones in the vapi
743ede5 Rework API of this library to integrate better with other environments than Android
1cec835 tools: modemctrl: implement bootstrap, power on/off commands
3780471 tools: modemctrl: bootstrap the modem before using it
43f9048 Add modemctrl utility to test functionality of samsung-ipc
ddefad2 Add openssl as dependency
b54d12c Add additional method to set the file description for work
458fd1f Several update regarding integration in other userland environements than android
f6bbbfa Use ipc ops in public API methods
7d80f41 Export new API functions with library headers
8d44ee2 Remove files which should not be hidden from .gitignore
43dbcb5 Name ipc code lines not visible for the public with private postfix
a76fbd1 Implement generic interface for ipc API
66e708c Add .gitignore file
a3ac92b Fix includes for new structure and add required third argument for open function
5a5485e Basic automake environment for building the library
e3465cd Move all device specific source files into main source directory
acce400 Add missing source files
b6ae4ae Move all source code into samsung-ipc directory
f74d8e2 devices: add support for Nexus S
31ecac1 ipc_msg_send: pass frame sequence number as mseq instead of aseq
d532bc5 test: check for null before attempting to free response data pointer
1ba9398 devices/h1: correct radio.h include
3369f3e devices: add support for Samsung H1
7bb4a47 Massive cleanup & device specific frame handling
4dea3cd util: remove leftover android_rssi declaration
d3bd80a Rename library to libsamsung-ipc
a3c46bd sec: improve PIN handling
af83423 radio: add generic response group/type
caeb342 net: update net_regist
79e499a add misc_me_version and misc_me_imsi
173e0f7 call: update call_list struct and defines
29e532d sec: add RSIM_ACCESS support
d7b2d81 net: add NET_REGIST
d5cb465 expose msm_send and add method to msm_request_info
ce642e6 sec: update SEC_PIN_STATUS types
41306d2 radio: remove SEC_PIN_STATUS stub handler
a63200d sec: add sim card types
eb96493 Cleanup, preliminary calling/sms support
6e47b9e radio: fix request_id type
cc447d0 radio: add default rx callback
55a68aa radio: improve frame parsing