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0.3.0 - 31 october 2008
  relicence to LGPL (since Pango is required and is LGPL)
  support for vertical text
  support for markers
  justified text support
  new bitmap cache to avoid recreating (and leaking) cairo surfaces
  new tiger_renderer_is_dirty function, to optimize away unnecessary rendering
  internal caching can now be turned on and off
  uninstalled pc files now link against static libs rather than libtool ones

0.2.2 - 06 october 2008
  new tiger_renderer_set_default_background_fill_color function
  set the pango base direction based on the stream specified direction
  fix build when doxygen isn't found (Alexis Ballier)

0.2.1 - 29 september 2008
  fix font mapping mistaking PNG images for paletted images
  build fix for Cygwin/Mingw32 (yselkowitz/Cygwin Ports project)

0.2.0 - 22 september 2008
  support for flushing obsolete items on seek
  draw motions support
  configure now checks for libkate
  font mapping support
  cairo surface leak fix
  fix clear color using wrong RGB value
  a full default font description can now be set
  fix events overlapping for a frame if they follow each other exactly

0.1.2 - 05 september 2008
  performance improvement for transparent text
  fix use of uninitialized data

0.1.1 - 27 august 2008
  fix items being displayed before their presentation time
  split update so obsolete items can be discarded without tracking kate motions
  transparent text support

0.1.0 - 18 august 2008
  First released version