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Version 0.5.1
  - Bug fixes.

Version 0.5.0
  - Approximate matching functions now fill the pmatch[] array of
    submatches if wanted.

  - Support for back referencing (not for approximate matching).

  - Changed approximate matching API to be more easily extendible in
    the future.  The match cost is now returned.

  - Bug fixes.

  - Windows project files (original versions contributed by Aymeric
    Moizard <jack@atosc.org>, thanks!).

Version 0.4.1
  - Fixed installed headers.

  - Fixed compilation problems.

Version 0.4.0
  - The name of the package changed to TRE.

  - New API for approximate regexp matching.

  - New command line utility `agrep' for approximate regexp matching
    in the style of grep.

  - New translation for Finnish (fi) has been added.

  - Optimizations in regexec.

  - Wide character support and multibyte character set support can be
    turned off with --disable-wchar and --disable-multibyte,

  - Lots of bugfixes.