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libubuntuone-0.3.8 (2010-09-21)

- Clear tokens when the server tells us about invalid tokens (Rodrigo Moya)
  (LP: #634384)
- Depend on libsyncdaemon >= 1.4.2 (Rodrigo Moya)

libubuntuone-0.3.7 (2010-09-15)

- Make sure syncdaemon is ready before making DBus calls, to avoid timeouts
  (Rodrigo Moya) (LP: #565648)

libubuntuone-0.3.4 (2010-08-26)

- Install the py module as _gtkwidgets.so like other GTK+ modules do (Rodney Dawes)
- Fix up Makefiles to use MAINTAINERCLEAN_FILES where they should (Rodney Dawes)
- Fix the -avoid-version argument and add -export-symbols-regex for the .so (Rodney Dawes)

libubuntuone-0.3.3 (2010-08-11)

- Use libsyncdaemon to talk to syncdaemon (Rodrigo Moya)
- Use ubuntu-sso for authentication (Rodrigo Moya)

libubuntuone-0.3.2 (2010-07-21)

- Add u1_music_store_load_store_link API (Rodrigo Moya)
- Add introspection support for new generation bindings (Rodrigo Moya)

libubuntuone-0.3.1 (2010-04-15)

- Disable plugins in the webkit widget (Michael Vogt) (LP: #544864)
- Don't trust GError's from DBus, it seems sometimes they can be NULL (Rodrigo
  Moya) (LP: #560723)

libubuntuone-0.3.0 (2010-04-09)

- Use 'downloaded' instead of 'read' for progress string (Vincenzo di Somma)
  (LP: #541912)
- Detect invalid tokens and fire authentication when so (Rodrigo Moya)
- Return correct value in navigation-policy-decision-requested signal callback
  (Rodrigo Moya)
- Fixed some compilation warnings (Rodrigo Moya)
- Don't use cursors, we already have a progress bar (Rodrigo Moya)
- Don't load pages on the navigation_requested callback, do it in an idle
  callback to avoid WebKit races (Rodrigo Moya) (LP: #545184)

libubuntuone-0.2.102 (2010-04-01)

- Provide a progress indicator (Rodrigo Moya)
- Indication that payment pages are secure (Rodrigo Moya)
- The music store starts the syncdaemon (Rodrigo Moya)
- Prevent the music store from following bad links to external sites (Rodrigo Moya)
- Use the Gnome proxy settings (Rodrigo Moya)

libubuntuone-0.2.101 (2010-03-22)

- Only show context menu if environment variable defined (Rodrigo Moya)
- Export library path from music store widget (Rodrigo Moya)
- Show a temporary view when loading the initial store page (Rodrigo Moya)

libubuntuone-0.2.100 (2010-03-08)

- Use correct library URL when overriding (Rodrigo Moya)
- Cryptographically signed and versioned Mono bindings (Jo Shields)

libubuntuone-0.2.99 (2010-03-05)

- Fixed registration of new users (Rodrigo Moya)
- Added signals to the music store widget needed for the
  Rhythmbox plugin (Rodrigo Moya)
- Add Mono bindings (Jo Shields)
- Notify download-finished only once per file (Rodrigo Moya)
- Indicate song clickability, add JS function before it's
  required rather than after (Stuart Langridge)
- Display an in-page warning for albums that don't have mp3
  format downloads (Stuart Langridge)
- Connect syncdaemon only when we have OAuth tokens (Rodrigo Moya)
- Prepare for 7digital change in library page (Rodrigo Moya)

libubuntuone-0.2.91 (2010-03-03)

- Check properly for playTrack existing in the page where the JS
  script is being executed (Stuart Langridge)
- Implement correct polling of downloads (Rodrigo Moya)
- Fixed percentage calculation (Rodrigo Moya)
- Use a 5 seconds timeout for polling (Rodrigo Moya)
- Add ourselves to the user agent (Stuart Langridge)

libubuntuone-0.2.90 (2010-02-22)

- Use the correct marshaller for play-library signal (Rodrigo Moya)
- Make song clickable is now a function installed by the plugin
  and called by the library page, not directly run by the plugin
  (Stuart Langridge)
- Remove the requirement to set THEMUSICSTOREISBROKEN in the
  environment to see the music store (Stuart Langridge)

libubuntuone-0.2.2 (2010-02-17)

- add LICENSE and LICENSE.GPL (Ken VanDine)
- Inject JavaScript to allow clicking a song on the library page;
  when clicked, emit a signal with the song path (Stuart Langridge)
- Install javascript to a versioned directory (Ken VanDine)

libubuntuone-0.2.1 (2010-02-16)

- Override the library page when displayed as well as in links (Stuart Langridge)
- Fixed wrong URL building code (Rodrigo Moya)
- Use HTML parsing from libxml to parse HTML (Rodrigo Moya)

libubuntuone-0.2.0 (2010-02-12)

- Specify webkit minimum version (Rodrigo Moya)
- Make use of oauthdesktop to get user's credentials when the real music
  store page asks for user to be logged in (Rodrigo Moya)
- Really depend on openssl for building oauth support for the music store
  (Rodrigo Moya)
- Added gettext support (Rodrigo Moya)
- Use relative URLs so that we can easily test locally (Rodrigo Moya)
- Remove contacts picker, now part of ubuntuone-client (Rodrigo Moya)
- Retrieve all needed information from syncdaemon and update library page
  (Rodrigo Moya)

libubuntuone-0.1.1 (2010-01-28)

- Use not-logged-in URL when there are no OAuth tokens (Rodrigo Moya)
- Move JS code out of the C source code (Rodrigo Moya)
- Only run the real music store for developers that know what to do
  (Rodrigo Moya)

libubuntuone-0.1.0 (2010-01-18)

- Added selection API to the contacts picker widget (Rodrigo Moya)
- Install pkgconfig (Rodrigo Moya)
- Use ubuntuone.gtkwidgets as module for Python bindings to not clash
  with u1-client modules (Rodrigo Moya)
- Match with latest changes to the Python prototype from Stuart (Rodrigo Moya)
- Fix Python bindings installation to work with multiple Python versions
  (Ken VanDine)
- Version library name (Rodrigo Moya)
- Install the Python module in the ubuntuone directory (Ken VanDine)
- Retrieve OAuth tokens from keyring (Rodrigo Moya)

libubuntuone-0.0.1 (2010-01-05)

- Initial version of contacts picker widget (Rodrigo Moya)
- Initial version of music store widget (Rodrigo Moya)
- Added Python bindings (Rodrigo Moya)