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Version 1.0.15 of the Developers' Release of the SCTP
Linux Kernel Implementation is available from


lksctp-1.0.15: Sun May 12 11:01 EDT 2013
T:BUILD       Allow build with no AM_SILENT_RULES support
T:APP         Fix sctp_status
T:APP         Fix quoted command line arguments

lksctp-1.0.14: Wed Apr 05 11:54 EDT 2013
T:BUILD       Modernize and fix autotool's build system
T:TEST        Fix threading test
T:TEST        Zero out flags in sendrecvmsg test
T:HDR         Sync header with the kernel

lksctp-1.0.13: Wed Jan 23 12:13 EDT 2013
T:BUILD       Use silent rules
T:BUILD       Fix build warnings all over the place
T:APP         Fix memory leak in sctp_xconnect
T:TEST        Fix deprecated values in test cases

lksctp-1.0.12: Tue Jan 08 10:45 EDT 2013
T:API         Add needed definitions for DTLS/SCTP.
T:API         Fix data corruption in sctp_send
T:API         Implement private SCTP_GET_ASSOC_STATS option to fetch addition
              association data.
T:TEST        Add more options to conformace test tool.
T:APP         Add HEARTBEAT command to sctp_darn
T:API         Obsolete interefaces have been removed
T:API         Suport for SCTP_SACK_IMMEDIATELY options
T:API         Support for non-blocking sctp-connectx

lksctp-2.6.28-1.0.11: Wed Oct 21 16:53:41 EDT 2009
T:BUILD       fix parallel build warning
T:BUILD       fix make distcheck for lksctp-tools
T:BUILD       fix compiler warnings in the libraray, apps and tests
T:API         Update the sctp.h header to match the kernel.

lksctp-2.6.28-1.0.10: Fri Mar 27 11:15:25 EDT 2009
T:TEST       Split the kernel frame test framework from lksctp-tools.  The
              framework is very sensitive to all kernel changes, not just ones
      related to SCTP.  As such, it has been a gating fractor to the
      releases of the new tools.
T:APP       New tool sctp_status to be used with SCTP conformance tests.
T:APP       Add -T option to sctp_test
T:APP       Fix the -e option to sctp_darn
T:LIB       Fix building of static libraries.
T:LIB         Fix compile warning in addrs.c
T:APP       Update the application useage of sctp_connectx
T:TEST        Update the sctp_connectx() functional tests.
T:API         Update to the sctp_connectx().  Now takes additional argument.
T:API         Let sctp_recvmsg() honor passed in MSG_ flags
K:       See kernel change log for details.  We'll track only tools
              changes here from now on.

lksctp-2.6.26-1.0.9: Sun Jul 13 14:51:29 PDT 2008
T:Patch       Make frame tests work with 2.6.26 kernel.
T:Patch       Implement and export SCTP-AUTH API extensions based on
              sctpsocket-16 draft
T:NA          Process withsctp.in at build time
K:Patch       Add documentation for sctp sysctl variable
K:NA          Mark the tsn as received after all allocations finish
K:NA          Make sure N * sizeof(union sctp_addr) does not overflow.
K:NA          Correclty set changeover_active for SFR-CACC
K:NA          Correctly cleanup procfs entries upon failure.
K:NA          Fix ECN markings for IPv6
K:NA          Flush the queue only once during fast retransmit.
K:NA          Start T3-RTX timer when fast retransmitting lowest TSN
K:NA          Correctly implement Fast Recovery cwnd manipulations.
K:NA          Move sctp_v4_dst_saddr out of loop
K:NA          retran_path update bug fix
K:NA          Fix NULL dereference of asoc.
K:NA          Fix use of uninitialized pointer
K:NA          Add address type check while process paramaters of ASCONF chunk
K:NA          Do not enable peer IPv6 address support on PF_INET socket
K:NA          Initialize partial_bytes_acked to 0, when all of the data is acked
K:NA          IPv4 vs IPv6 addresses mess in sctp_inet[6]addr_event.
K:NA          Fix compiler warning about const qualifiers
K:NA          Fix protocol violation when receiving an error lenght INIT-ACK
K:NA          Add check for hmac_algo parameter in sctp_verify_param()
K:Patch       New sctp mailing list
K:NA          Remove an unused parameter from sctp_cmd_hb_timer_update
K:Patch       "list_for_each()" -> "list_for_each_entry()" where appropriate.
K:NA          Correct /proc/net/assocs formatting error
K:Patch       Use snmp_mib_{init,free}().
K:Patch       Remove useless assignment from __sctp_rcv_lookup_endpoint
K:NA          fix wrong debug counting of bind_bucket
K:NA          fix wrong debug counting of datamsg
K:Patch       Replace socket with sock for SCTP control socket.
K:Patch       Use inet_ctl_sock_create for control socket creation.
K:Patch       Remove sctp_add_cmd_sf wrapper bloat
K:Patch       Remove redundant wrapper functions.
K:Patch       Replace char msg[] with static const char[]
K:NA          Fix a race between module load and protosw access
K:NA          fix misannotated __sctp_rcv_asconf_lookup()
K:NA          Fix local_addr deletions during list traversals.
K:Patch       Bring MAX_BURST socket option into ietf API extension compliance
K:NA          Fix chunk parameter processing bug
K:Patch       Kill unused static inline sctp_sysctl_jiffies_ms
K:Patch       extend exported data in /proc/net/sctp/assoc
K:Patch       Use proc_create to setup de->proc_fops.
K:Patch       Update AUTH structures to match declarations in draft-16.
K:NA          Incorrect length was used in SCTP_*_AUTH_CHUNKS socket option
K:Patch       Clean up naming conventions of sctp protocol/address family
K:NA          Correctly set the length of sctp_assoc_change notification
K:NA          Pick up an orphaned sctp_sockets_allocated counter.
K:Patch       Convert sctp_dbg_objcnt to seq files.
K:Patch       Use snmp_fold_field instead of a homebrew analogue.
K:NA          Make sure the chunk is off the transmitted list prior to freeing.
K:NA          Fix kernel panic while received ASCONF chunk with bad serial
K:NA          Set ports in every address returned by sctp_getladdrs()
K:NA          Correctly reap SSNs when processing FORWARD_TSN chunk
K:NA          Fix kernel panic while received AUTH chunk with BAD shared key
K:NA          Fix kernel panic while received AUTH chunk while enabled auth
K:Patch       Kill silly inlines in ulpqueue.c
K:NA          Do not increase rwnd when reading partial notification.
K:Patch       Stop claiming that this is a "reference implementation"
K:NA          Fix miss of report unrecognized HMAC Algorithm parameter
K:NA          Correctly initialize error when parameter validation failed.
K:Patch       Follow Add-IP security consideratiosn wrt INIT/INIT-ACK
K:Patch       Implement ADD-IP special case processing for ABORT chunk
K:Patch       Change use_as_src into a full address state
K:Patch       Update ASCONF processing to conform to spec.
K:Patch       ADD-IP updates the states where ASCONFs can be sent
K:Patch       Update association lookup to look at ASCONF chunks as well
K:Patch       Add the handling of "Set Primary IP Address" parameter to INIT
K:Patch       Handle the wildcard ADD-IP Address parameter
K:Patch       Discard unauthenticated ASCONF and ASCONF ACK chunks
K:Patch       Use crc32c library for checksum calculations.
K:Patch       Use ipv4_is_<type>

lksctp-2.6.24-1.0.8: Fri Feb  01 14:55:00 EST 2008
K:NA          Add back the code that accounted for FORWARD_TSN parameter in
K:NA          Correctly handle AUTH parameters in unexpected INIT
K:NA          Fix the name of the authentication event.
K:NA          Spelling fixes
K:NA          Flush fragment queue when exiting partial delivery.
K:NA          Fix the bind_addr info during migration.
K:NA          Add bind hash locking to the migrate code
K:NA          Fix build issues with SCTP AUTH.
K:NA          Fix chunk acceptance when no authenticated chunks were listed.
K:NA          Fix the supported extensions paramter
K:NA          Fix SCTP-AUTH to correctly add HMACS paramter.
K:NA          Fix the number of HB transmissions.
K:NA          Add missing "space"
K:NA          Always flush the queue when uncorcking.
K:NA          Clean-up some defines for regressions tests.
K:NA          Fix PR-SCTP to deliver all the accumulated ordered chunks
K:NA          Make sctp_verify_param return multiple indications.
K:NA          Convert custom hash lists to use hlist.
K:NA          Use hashed lookup when looking for an association.
K:NA          Fix a potential race between timers and receive path.
K:NA          Allow ADD_IP to work with AUTH for backward compatibility.
K:NA          Correctly disable ADD-IP when AUTH is not supported.
K:NA          Update RCU handling during the ADD-IP case
K:NA          Fix difference cases of retransmit.
K:NA          Fix to process bundled ASCONF chunk correctly
K:NA          Fix bad formatted comment in outqueue.c
Patch         Use the {DEFINE|REF}_PROTO_INUSE infrastructure
K:NA          SCTP endianness annotations regression
K:NA          net/sctp/auth.c: make 3 functions static
K:NA          #if 0 sctp_update_copy_cksum()
K:NA          Consolidate sctp_ulpq_renege_xxx functions
Patch         port randomization
Patch         Tie ADD-IP and AUTH functionality as required by spec.
Patch         API updates to suport SCTP-AUTH extensions.
Patch         Implement the receive and verification of AUTH chunk
Patch         Enable the sending of the AUTH chunk.
Patch         Implement SCTP-AUTH parameter processing
Patch         Implement SCTP-AUTH initializations.
Patch         Implement SCTP-AUTH internals
Patch         protocol definitions for SCTP-AUTH implementation
K:NA          Move sysctl_sctp_[rw]mem definitions to protocol.
Patch         Implement the Supported Extensions Parameter
K:NA          net/sctp/socket.c: make 3 variables static
K:NA          Make sctp_addto_param() static.
Patch         Rewrite of sctp buffer management code
K:NA          Add paramters validity check for ASCONF chunk
K:NA          Discard OOTB packetes with bundled INIT early.
K:NA          Clean up OOTB handling and fix infinite loop processing
K:NA          Explicitely discard OOTB chunks
K:NA          Send ABORT chunk with correct tag in response to INIT ACK
K:NA          Validate buffer room when processing sequential chunks
K:NA          Convert bind_addr_list locking to RCU
K:NA          Add RCU synchronization around sctp_localaddr_list
K:NA          Fix to handle invalid parameter length correctly
K:NA          Abort on COOKIE-ECHO if backlog is exceeded.
K:NA          Correctly disable listening when backlog is 0.
K:NA          Do not retransmit chunks that are newer then rtt.
K:NA          Uncomfirmed transports can't become Inactive
K:NA          Pick the correct port when binding to 0.
K:NA          Use net_ratelimit to suppress error messages print too fast
K:NA          Fix to encode PROTOCOL VIOLATION error cause correctly
K:NA          Fix sctp_addto_chunk() to add pad with correct length
K:NA          Assign stream sequence numbers to the entire message
K:NA          properly clean up fragment and ordering queues during FWD-TSN.
K:NA       remove useless code in function sctp_init_cause
K:NA       drop SACK if ctsn is not less than the next tsn of assoc
K:NA       IPv4 mapped addr not returned in SCTPv6 accept()
K:NA          Fix whitespace errors.

lksctp-2.6.22-1.0.7: Thu Jul  12 12:24:14 EDT 2007
K:NA       Don't disable PMTU discovery when mtu is small
K:NA          Flag a pmtu change request
K:NA          Update pmtu handling to be similar to tcp
K:NA          Fix leak in sctp_getsockopt_local_addrs when copy_to_user fails
K:NA          Allow unspecified port in sctp_bindx()
K:NA          Correctly set daddr for IPv6 sockets during peeloff
K:NA          Do not include ABORT chunk header in the notification.
K:NA          Correctly copy addresses in sctp_copy_laddrs.
K:NA          Prevent OOPS if hmac modules didn't load
K:NA       Set assoc_id correctly during INIT collision.
K:NA          Re-order SCTP initializations to avoid race with sctp_rcv()
K:NA          Fix the SO_REUSEADDR handling to be similar to TCP.
K:NA          Verify all destination ports in sctp_connectx.
K:NA          Fix sctp_getsockopt_local_addrs_old() to use local storage.
K:NA          Implement SCTP_MAX_BURST socket option.
K:NA          Implement sac_info field in SCTP_ASSOC_CHANGE notification.
K:NA          Honor flags when setting peer address parameters
K:NA          Implement SCTP_ADDR_CONFIRMED state for ADDR_CHNAGE event.
K:NA          Implement SCTP_PARTIAL_DELIVERY_POINT option.
K:NA          Implement SCTP_FRAGMENT_INTERLEAVE socket option
K:NA          Do not interleave non-fragments when in partial delivery
K:NA          Unmap v4mapped addresses during SCTP_BINDX_REM_ADDR operation.
K:NA          Fix assertion (!atomic_read(&sk->sk_rmem_alloc)) failed message
K:NA          Correctly reset ssthresh when restarting association
K:NA          Reset some transport and association variables on restart
K:NA          Increment error counters on user requested HBs.
K:NA          Cleanup stale data during association restart
K:NA          Strike the transport before updating rto.
K:NA          Fix connection hang/slowdown with PR-SCTP.
K:NA          Force update of the rto when processing HB-ACK
K:NA          Fix SACK sequence during shutdown.
K:NA          Correctly handle unexpected INIT-ACK chunk.
K:NA          Verify some mandatory parameters.
K:NA          Set correct error cause value for missing parameters
K:NA          Fix err_hdr assignment in sctp_init_cause.
T:NA          Add support for sctp_getaddrlen() API.
K,T:NA        Fix typo adaption -> adaptation as per the latest API draft.
K:NA          Don't export include/linux/sctp.h to userspace.
K,T:NA        Add support for SCTP_CONTEXT socket option.
K:NA          Enable auto loading of SCTP when creating an ipv6 SCTP socket.
K:NA          Handle address add/delete events in a more efficient way.
K:NA          SCTP endianness annotations.
K:NA          Cleanup of the sctp state table code.
K:NA          Remove temporary associations from backlog and hash.
K:NA          Correctly set IP id for SCTP traffic.
K:NA          Always linearize packet on input.
K:NA          Fix the RX queue size shown in /proc/net/sctp/assocs output.
K:NA          Fix receive buffer accounting.
K:NA          Do not timestamp every SCTP packet.
K:NA          Use correct mask when disabling PMTUD.
K:NA          Include sk_buff overhead while updating the peer's receive window.
K:NA          Enable Nagle algorithm by default.
K:NA          Remove multiple levels of msecs to jiffies conversions.
K:NA          Use the flags value that is passed as an arg to sctp_accept.
K:NA          Fix IPv6 address flag setting when doing peel-off/accept.
K:NA          Cleanup nomem handling in the state functions.
K:NA          Extend /proc/net/sctp/snmp to provide more statistics.
K:NA          Convert SCTP to use the new HMAC template and hash interface.
K:NA          Fix sctp_primitive_ABORT() call in sctp_close().
K:NA          Fix sctp_make_abort_user() to avoid use of buggy
K:Bug 1502698 ADDIP: Don't use an address as source until it is ASCONF-ACKed.
K:NA          Set chunk->data_accepted only if we are going to accept it.
K:NA          Verify all the paths to a peer via heartbeat before using them.
K:NA          Unhash the endpoint in sctp_endpoint_free().
K:NA          Check for NULL input to sctp_bucket_destroy().
K:NA          Fix persistent slowdown in sctp when a gap ack consumes rx buffer.
K:NA          Send only 1 window update SACK per message.
K:NA          Don't do CRC32C checksum over loopback.
K:NA          Reset rtt_in_progress for the chunk when processing its sack.
K:NA          Reject sctp packets with broadcast addresses.
K:NA          Limit association max_retrans setting in ASSOCINFO setsockopt.
T:NA          updates to linux 2.6.17
K:NA          Allow linger to abort 1-N style sockets.
K:NA          Validate the parameter length in HB-ACK chunk.
K:NA          A better solution to fix the race between sctp_peeloff() and
K:Bug 1439226 Set sk_err so that poll wakes up after a non-blocking connect
K:NA          Fix state table entries for chunks received in CLOSED state.
K:NA          Fix panic's when receiving fragmented SCTP control chunks.
K:NA          Prevent possible infinite recursion with multiple bundled DATA.
K:NA          Allow spillover of receive buffer to avoid deadlock.
T:NA          Fix the type of 'len' argument in sctp_recvmsg() man page.

lksctp-2.6.16-1.0.6: Fri Feb  3 10:54:20 PST 2006
K:NA          Fix 'fast retransmit' to send a TSN only once.       
K:NA          Heartbeats exceed maximum retransmission limit.
K:NA          Correct the number of INIT retransmissions.
K:NA          Fix sctp_rcv_ootb() to handle the last chunk of a packet
K:NA          Fix couple of races between sctp_peeloff() and sctp_rcv().
K:NA          Fix machine check/connection hang on IA64.
K:NA          Fix bad sysctl formatting of SCTP timeout values on 64-bit m/cs.
K:NA          Fix sctp_assoc_seq_show() panics on big-endian systems.
K:NA          sctp doesn't show all associations/endpoints in /proc.
K:NA          Fix sctp_cookie alignment in the packet.
K:NA          Fix potential race condition between sctp_close() and sctp_rcv().
K,T:NA        Add support for SCTP_DELAYED_ACK_TIME socket option.
K,T:NA        Update SCTP_PEER_ADDR_PARAMS socket option to the latest api.

lksctp-2.6.15-1.0.5: Tue Jan  3 15:49:27 PST 2006
K:NA           Fix SCTP to not return erroneous POLLOUT events.
K:NA           Fix getsockname for sctp when an ipv6 socket accepts a
               connection from an ipv4 socket.
K:NA           Return socket errors only if the receive queue is empty.
K,T:NA         Include ulpevents in socket receive buffer accounting.
K:Bug 1350514  Fix ia64 NaT consumption fault with sctp_sideeffect commands.
K:NA           Remove timeouts[] array from sctp_endpoint.
K:Bug 1350521  Fix potential NULL pointer dereference in sctp_v4_get_saddr.
K:NA           Do not allow unprivileged programs initiating new assocs on
               privileged ports.
K:NA           Allow SCTP_MAXSEG to revert to default frag point with a '0'
K:NA           Fix SCTP_SETADAPTION sockopt to use the correct structure.
K,T:NA         Rename SCTP specific control message flags to use SCTP_ prefix
               rather than MSG_ prefix.

lksctp-2.6.14-1.0.4: Fri Oct 28 10:56:04 PDT 2005
T:NA           Add sctp_send() API support, testcases and manpage.
T:NA           Add preprocessor constants for PR-SCTP, ADDIP & CANSET_PRIMARY
K,T:NA         Fix SCTP socket options to work with 32-bit apps on 64-bit
K,T:NA         Fix sctp_get{pl}addrs() API to work with 32-bit apps on 64-bit
T:NA           Ignore MSG_CMSG_COMPAT flag leaked to 32-bit userspace with
               64-bit kernels <= 2.6.13.
K,T:Bug 1122994Fix SCTP_SHUTDOWN notifications for 1-1 style sockets.

lksctp-2.6.13-1.0.3: Thu Sep  1 10:54:22 PDT 2005
T:NA           Update to 2.6.13
K:NA           Fix potential NULL pointer dereference while handling an ICMP
K:NA           Make init & delayed sack timeouts configurable by user.
K:NA           Fix incorrect setting of sk_bound_dev_if when binding/sending
               to a ipv6 link local address.
K:NA           Support IP_FREEBIND socket option and ip_nonlocal_bind sysctl.  
K:NA           Extend the info exported via /proc/net/sctp to support
               netstat for SCTP.
K:NA           Support SO_BINDTODEVICE option on incoming packets.
K:Bug 120804   Fix bug in restart of peeled-off association.
K,T:NA         sctp_connectx() support.
T:NA           Increase sk_sndbuf to address send buffer accounting changes.
T:NA           Update SCTP internet drafts in doc directory
T:NA           Fix inconsistencies in license stmt in the library files.
K:Bug 1155119  Add sctp send buffer accounting.
K:NA           Replace incorrect use of dev_alloc_skb with alloc_skb in
K:NA           Fix bug in sctp_init() error handling code.
K:NA           Use ipv6_addr_any() rather than ipv6_addr_type() in
T:Bug 1150885  Fix subscript out of range bug in sctp_test.c
K:Bug 1158878  Implement Sec 2.41 of SCTP Implementers guide.
K:Bug 1121085  Fix SCTP_ASSOCINFO getsockopt for 1-1 style sockets.
K:Bug 1155130  Add sctp receive buffer accounting.

lksctp-2.6.10-1.0.2: Thu Dec 30 15:55:27 PST 2004
Bug 1074664  Fix sctp_getladdrs() to return valid local addresses on an
             endpoint that is bound to INADDR_ANY or inaddr6_any.
NA           Update to 2.6.10
Bug 1028605  Fix misc. issues in SCTP_PEER_ADDR_PARAMS set socket option.
NA           Fix bug in setting ephemeral port while adding a bind address.
Bug 1090392  Clean up the T3_rtx timer when deleting a transport.
Patch 1090027Implementation of SCTP IG Section 2.35
Bug 905731   Validate and respond to invalid chunk/parameter lengths.
Bug 1085959  Treat ICMP protocol unreachable errors from non-SCTP capable
             hosts as ABORTs.
NA           Code cleanup: remove unused code and make needlessly global code
Bug 1058857  Fix potential null pointer dereference in sctp_err_lookup().
Bug 982971   Validate fromlen/msg_flags in sctp_recvmsg before dereferencing.
Bug 860345   Fix invalid msg length to sctp_sendmsg in sctp_xconnect.c
Bug 1008149  Fix HEARTBEAT_ACKs being sent to wrong dest. ip address in a
             multihoming scenario after failback. (Jorge)
NA           Update any transports that are caching a deleted address as
             a source address.
NA           Update cwnd/ssthresh as per the sctpimpguide modifications.
NA           Adaption layer indication support
NA           Change sctp_assoc_t to a sized type(s32)
NA           Update to 2.6.9
NA           Update to 2.6.8-rc2
NA           Mark chunks as ineligible for fast retransmit after handling
Bug 995918   Fix missing '+' in the computation of sack chunk size in
NA           Use idr_get_new_above() with a starting id of 1 to avoid returning
             an associd of 0.
Bug 968562   Fix issues with handling stale cookie error over multihoming
Bug 991991   Fix data not being delivered in SHUTDOWN_SENT state.
Bug 979178   Set/Get default SCTP_PEER_ADDR_PARAMS for endpoint when associd
             and peer address are 0.
Bug 965359   Fix missing VTAG validation on certain incoming packets.
Bug 965278   Fix to wakeup blocking connect() after max INIT retries failed.
Bug 965276   Fix the use of cached non-zero vtag in a INIT that is resent
             after a stale cookie error.
Bug 962587   Fix poll() on a 1-1 style socket so that it returns when the
             association is aborted by peer.
Bug 962530   Add association states to netinet/sctp.h
Bug 954271   Fix to not start a new association on a 1-many style sendmsg()
             with MSG_EOF/MSG_ABORT flag and no data.
Bug 948012   Fix to not setup a new association if the endpoint is in
             SHUTDOWN_ACK_SENT state and recognizes that the peer has restarted.

lksctp-2.6.6-1.0.1: Tue May 11 10:08:56 PDT 2004
Bug 949429   Fix multihomed connection failures on 64bit systems. (Vlad)
Bug 932698   fix accessing gap ack blocks array with -ve index in
Bug 932692   memset parameter misordering.
NA           Fix the 3rd arg to sctp_recvmsg() to size_t instead of a ptr.
NA           Fix bugs in handling overlapping INIT and peer restart over a
             multi-homed association.
NA           SCTP crc table can be static const (Stephen Hemminger)
NA           Update sctp_test message sizes to match the new frag point of
             1452 bytes for AF_INET sockets with 1500 mtu.
NA           Propagate error from sctp_proc_init. (Olaf Kirch)
Patch 751951 Partial Reliability extension support.
NA           Cleanup sctp_packet and sctp_outq infrastructure.
NA           Avoid the use of constant SCTP_IP_OVERHEAD to determine the max
             data size in a SCTP packet.
NA           Add MSG_EOF to netinet/sctp.h
NA           Use id to ptr translation service to assign and validate assoc ids.
NA           Update sctp_ulpevent structure.
NA           Fix typo in entry name of remove_proc_entry() call.
NA           Enable association change and data io events in sctp_test.
NA           Add set_peer_primary interactive option to sctp_darn.
NA           Use AM_CFLAGS/AM_LDFLAGS in Makefile.am's.
NA           Avoid the use of hackish CONFIG_IPV6_SCTP__ option.
NA           Don't do any ppid byte-order conversions as it is opaque to SCTP.

Bug 905331   Fix incorrect sinit_max_init_timeo behavior. (samudrala)
NA           Force enable crypto options needed by SCTP (samudrala)
NA           Update to 2.6.3 (samudrala)
NA           Add support to get/set primary addr of an assoc to sctp_darn.
NA           Add __BEGIN_DECLS/__END_DECLS to sctp.h (Ian)
NA           Fix sctp_getladdrs()/sctp_getpaddrs() API so that the port value
             in the returned addresses is in network byte order. (samudrala)
NA           Fix SCTP_INITMSG set socket option so that a parameter with 0
             value will not change its current value. (samudrala)
NA           Use __get_free_pages() to allocate ssnmap to avoid kmalloc's
             128K limit. (samudrala)

NA           Updated withsctp to capture and replace TCP_NODELAY
             setsockopt() (samudrala)
Patch 890787 RPM packaging bugfixes. (FiX)
NA           Removed the deprecated ADLER32 checksum support. (samudrala)
NA           Update to 2.6.2 (samudrala)
NA           Added manpages for SCTP. (samudrala)
Patch 887176 autoconf cleanup/ Initial RPM packaging (FiX)
Patch 878417 Added new 1-1 style API testcases. (damien, samudrala)
NA           Add sysctl parameters to change socket receive/send buffer sizes
             and update the default receive buffer to 65535 bytes.
NA           provide valid tos and oif values for ip_route_output_key.
NA           Fix bugs in byte order conversion while processing certain
             address related socket options. (samudrala)
Patch 869098 ADDIP: T4 RTO timer support. (kevin.gao)
Patch 865250 withsctp: a tool to replace TCP with SCTP. (La Monte)
NA           Enable shared libraries in lksctp-tools. (FiX)
Patch 843544 ADDIP: Process incoming ASCONF_ACK chunks. (kevin.gao)
NA           Add a testcase to verify that a SHUTDOWN_COMP notification is
             received on a SHUT_RW one-to-one style socket. (samudrala)
NA           Add peeloff test to src/apps. (samudrala)
NA           Fix overflow in the macros JIFFIES_TO_MSECS/MSECS_TO_JIFFIES
             when used with large values. (samudrala)
NA           Fix the duplicate increment of checksum error counter and
             counting bad packet errors as checksum errors. (samudrala)
NA           Fix to free assocs in the acceptq of a one-to-one style socket
             that is closed. (samudrala)
NA           ADDIP: Add sysctl parameter to enable/disable addip (samudrala)
NA           Fix extra semicolon bug in sctp_cacc_skip_3_1() (Ed Rupp)
Patch 831522 ADDIP: Testcase for delete IP (kevin.gao)
Patch 822546 ADDIP: Process ASCONF and respond with ASCONF_ACK (kevin.gao)

NA           Update SCTP tests so that they can be run under LTP (samudrala)
NA           Update to 2.6.0-test7 (samudrala)
Patch 809137 ADDIP: Support to create ASCONF_ACK chunk. (kevin.gao)
Patch 798988 ADDIP: ASCONF chunk send support. (kevin.gao)
NA           lksctp-tools tree re-organization (samudrala)
NA           Fix malloc calls in kernel tests with no error checks. (samudrala)
NA           Fix bugs in conversions between msecs and jiffies. (samudrala)
NA           Update to 2.6.0-test6 (samudrala)
PARISC64     Convert tv_add() from a static inline to macro to fix an
             obscure assembler issue with parisc64 (samudrala)
NA           Update to 2.6.0-test5 (samudrala)
PPC64 port   Use correct types for args passed to sctp_recvmsg() calls.
PPC64 port   Change the last arg of sctp_opt_info() to match the last arg
             of getsockopt(). (samudrala)
PPC64 port   Don't overload the optval of ADDRS_NUM socket options with
             different types for input and output. (samudrala)

NA           draft 07 API:                              (samudrala)
             - listen() with 0 backlog disables listening.
             - By default all notifications are turned off even with
               one-to-many(UDP) style sockets.
Bug   799468 Fixes for a couple of issues with ssnmap allocation. (samudrala)
NA           Convert sctp_param2sockaddr() and sockaddr2sctp_addr to address
             family specific routines. (samudrala)
NA           draft 07 API: sctp_bindx() update. (samudrala)
Patch 791660 ADDIP: SCTP_SET_PEER_PRIMARY socket option support. (kevin.gao)
NA           Update to 2.6.0-test4 (samudrala)
NA           draft 07 API: getp/laddrs, freep/laddrs changes (samudrala)
NA           draft 07 API: sctp_recvmsg() arg type change. (samudrala)
NA           draft 07 API: sctp_peeloff() takes associd, not a ptr (samudrala)
Patch 784504 ADDIP: Testcase to verify basic ADDIP functionality. (kevin.gao)
Bug   787008 Bugs in sysctl set/get of sctp rto parameters. (samudrala)
NA           Update to 2.6.0-test3 (samudrala)
Bug   783176 Fix to avoid large kmalloc failures on 64bit platforms (samudrala)
Patch 776732 ADDIP basic infrastructure support. (ardelle.fan)
Patch 775227 sctp_recvmsg() API support. (rlayer)

NA           Set output interface for link-local v6 addresses (jgrimm)
Patch 769844 Add V6 and freebsd support to sctp_test (rlayer)
Patch 772062 Support IPV6_V6ONLY socket option. (ardelle.fan)
Patch 757888 Support v4-mapped-v6 addresses (ardelle.fan)
NA           Update API names to be compatible with draft07 (samudrala)
NA           Update to 2.6.0-test1 (samudrala)
Patch 767208 Shutdown transport selection fix. (rlayer)
Patch 769792 Fix for panic on recvmsg() with MSG_PEEK & misc stuff (samudrala)
Patch 765676 Fix nasty race on skb destructor with AF_PACKET sockets (jgrimm)

Patch 759352 Perf: Don't search for gap ack blocks past highest TSN (jgrimm)
Patch 758202 Perf: Remove update_pending() from SACK path (jgrimm)
NA           Update to 2.5.72
NA           Fix hlist bug introduced by mainline kernel (jgrimm)
NA           sctp_xconnect test tool (rlayer)
Patch 729089 ASSOCINFO/RTOINFO sockopts (pems & rlayer)
NA           Update to 2.5.71  (jgrimm)
Bug   754129 Incorrect VTAG in stale cookie error chunk (samudrala)
Patch 749587 Change rto sysctl vars to milliseconds (rmlayer)
Patch 752321 Add kamikaze test.  (ardelle.fan)
Bug   752808 Bug fix for input loop exiting too early on TCP-style (jgrimm)

NA           Fix hostname parameter handling, should ABORT (jgrimm)
NA           Fix ft_frame_unkparam testcase (rlayer)
Bug   751458 Fixes from InterOp  (jgrimm, samudrala)
Bug   746295 Fix div by 0 in sctp_jitter (jgrimm)
NA           Make T5 timer cleanup SHUTDOWN-PENDING state.  (jgrimm)
Patch 744633 /proc interface to display associations/endpoints (samudrala)
NA           Update to 2.5.70 kernel. (samudrala)
NA           sctp_getladdrs(), sctp_getpaddrs() bug fixes. (samudrala)
Patch 738592 sctp_sendmsg() api support. (ardelle.fan)
Patch 738550 SCTP_SHUTDOWN_EVENT notification support. (samudrala)
NA           Rename struct sctp_protocol as sctp_globals (samudrala)
Patch 737395 SCTP_GET_PEER_ADDR_INFO socket option. (samudrala)
Bug   695324 Report error cause in CANT_STR_ASSOC (ardelle.fan)
Bug   695322 Stale cookie might not be first err cause (ardelle.fan)
Patch 735933 Support for socket options that take addr & associd (samudrala)
Patch 718726 Add CACC frametest (ardelle.fan)
NA           slab cache for chunks & bind_bucket (jgrimm)
NA           Update to 2.5.69 kernel. (samudrala)
Patch 733320 SCTP ECN & IPv6 (jgrimm)
NA           Bug in get_peer_addr_params. (jgrimm, report by yfj@stanford.edu)
Patch 730924 Add sinfo_timetolive support. (jgrimm)
Patch 730461 SO_LINGER support for TCP-style sockets. (samudrala)
Bug   729234 Initialize missing v4 fields of a v6 accept socket (samudrala)
Bug   729652 Free chunk(s) when primitive_SEND fails (jgrimm)
Patch 704841 SEND_FAILed for fragmented messages (jgrimm, ardelle.fan)
Patch 727821 sendmsg() updates for TCP-style sockets. (samudrala)
Patch 727454 Add control chunk bundling (jgrimm)
Patch 718726 Add SFR-CACC support.  (ardelle.fan)
Patch 726343 Add SCTP_MAXSEG support.  (jgrimm)
NA           Add some macros to help cleanup code.  (jgrimm)
Patch 725367 Fix for poll() on a TCP-style listening socket. (samudrala)
Patch 725219 Add per message fragment tracking (jgrimm)
NA           Update to 2.5.68 kernel. (samudrala)

Patch 723414 Handle accept() of a CLOSED association. (samudrala)
Patch 722206 shutdown() support for TCP-style sockets. (samudrala)
Bug   722169 Fix can't send to routed ipv6 address bug (jgrimm)
NA           Fix GFP_KERNEL allocation while spinlock.  (jgrimm)
Patch 721330 Allow v4 private to v4 global association. (jgrimm)
Patch 720930 getsockname/getpeername support for TCP-style sockets (samudrala)
Patch 719232 optimization: csum_update_copy && ulpq short-circuit (jgrimm)
NA           Update to 2.5.67 kernel. (samudrala)
Patch 717587 Use kernel crypto api (jgrimm)
Patch 714270 listen backlog support for TCP-style sockets. (samudrala)
Patch 712929 Fix SACK bundling bug & a few minor fixes (jgrimm)
Patch 711590 Add V6_LINKLOCAL & sin6_scope_id support. (jgrimm)
Patch 711584 Add '--interface' option to sctp_darn tool. (jgrimm)
Patch 704841 Add SEND_FAILED support (ardelle.fan)
NA           Update to 2.5.66 kernel (jgrimm)
Patch 709527 Add icmpv6 handler and PKT_TOOBIG support.  (jgrimm)

Patch 706470 Bundle SACK with outgoing DATA (jgrimm)
NA           Add --echo option to sctp_darn (jgrimm)
NA           Update to 2.5.65 kernel and config changes. (jgrimm)
Patch 702439 New kernel test to verify TCP-style socket interfaces. (samudrala)
Bug   701294 Invalid associd passed to getsockopt() in sctp_darn. (samudrala)

NA           Update to 2.5.64 kernel. (samudrala)
Bug   699299 Panic in close(). (jgrimm)
Patch 698437 frametest for TCP-style sockets. (samudrala)
Patch 698877 Receiver SWS prevention. (jgrimm)
Patch 689872 Nagle-like support for SCTP.  (ardelle.fan)
Patch 694884 accept() support for TCP-style sockets. (samudrala)
NA           Bug fix from mailing list (Norbert Kiesel)
Patch 689872 SCTP_NODELAY testcases (ardelle.fan)

NA           Update to 2.5.63 kernel. (samudrala)
Patch 692590 Add set/getsockopt SET_PEER_PRIMARY_ADDR (jgrimm)
Bug   601470 Fix PF_INET sockets advertise v6 support bug (jgrimm)
NA           Fix testframe for non-SMP build  (jgrimm)
Bug   688408 Fix testcases for v4 only configurations (jgrimm)
Patch 677351 Add getsockopt for DEFAULT_SEND_PARAM  (ardelle.fan)
Patch 689446 Renege for "fills gap" case. (jgrimm)
Bug   611888 Round-robin retransmit path updates. (samudrala)
NA           Update to 2.5.61 kernel. (samudrala)
NA           Update to 2.5.60 kernel. (samudrala)
Bug   649355 v6 source address selection support. (samudrala)
Patch 680361 Add testcase for partial data delivery. (jgrimm)
Patch 677351 SET_DEFAULT_SEND_PARAM setsockopt.  (ardelle.fan)
Patch 681914 Skinny up ulpevent and support sinfo_cumtsn (jgrimm)
Patch 685246 Partial Data Delivery.  (jgrimm).
Patch 683736 Override primary destination with MSG_ADDR_OVER (ardelle.fan)
Patch 630124 SCTP snmp mib statistics update/display support. (samudrala)
Patch 686131 Move duplicate TSN tracking to tsnmap & cleanup (jgrimm)
NA           C99 struct initializer cleanup.                 (Art Haas)

Patch 674359 Handling for Invalid Stream in INIT & missing cookie. (jgrimm)
Patch 676473 Add v6 scoping testcases.  (jgrimm)
Bug   677107 af->dst_saddr doesn't fill in the port  (samudrala)
Patch 676468 Cleanup of assoc bind addr list initialization (samudrala)
Patch 678481 Large Message Fragmentation support (jgrimm)
Bug   679839 Kconfig can emit bad config of ipv6=m, sctp=y (jgrimm)

Patch 673715 Fix to update rwnd on partial reads. (samudrala)
Patch 673678 Minor fixes to overlapping init. (jgrimm)
Patch 673309 Minor fixes to icmp error handler. (samudrala)
Bug   672878 Free chunks in rtx & control queues on teardown.(samudrala)
Patch 672759 Advisory marker as 'unsafe' for unload. (jgrimm)
Patch 671916 Heartbeat timer during shutdown fixes (jgrimm)
Patch 670970 Path mtu support for v4 addresses. (samudrala)
NA           Update to 2.5.59 kernel. (samudrala)
Patch 667038 Add heartbeat jitter (ardelle.fan)
Patch 670020 Remove hardcoded stream limits (jgrimm)
NA           Update to 2.5.56 kernel. (samudrala)
Patch 662296 Handle ip re-assembled non-linear skb's (samudrala)
Patch 663633 get/free paddrs and laddrs support (ardelle.fan)
Bug   664112 Retransmitting already gap-acked TSNs (jgrimm)
NA           Update to 2.5.53 kernel. (samudrala)
Bug   667037 ft_frame_rwnd_receiver fail with v4 only (ardelle.fan)

NA           Update to 2.5.52 kernel. (samudrala)
Patch 652802 Window update SACK support. (samudrala)
Patch 651063 Fixes for compiler issues with gcc 3.2 (samudrala)
Patch 649819 Notifier registration for v6 addr events. (samudrala)
Patch 638235 Stale cookie support. (ardelle.fan)
Patch 648103 v6 source address selection support. (samudrala)
Bug   645067 memcpy in sctp_sendmsg() may copy too much. (samudrala)
NA           Update to 2.5.50 kernel. (samudrala)
Patch 644936 SCTP_INITMSG socket option. (samudrala)
NA           Update to 2.5.49 kernel. (samudrala)
Bug   641066 Bad dereference in sctp_cmd_assoc_failed. (samudrala)
Patch 639177 MSG_PEEK support for recvmsg(). (samudrala)

Patch 637943 MSG_EOR support for recvmsg(). (samudrala)
NA           Update to 2.5.47 kernel. (samudrala)
Patch 636734 v6 autobind (jgrimm)
Patch 635797 Blocking connect() support. (samudrala)
Patch 634730 udp-style connect(non-blocking) support. (samudrala)
NA           Update to 2.5.46 kernel. (samudrala)
Patch 555335 Peer address parameters socket option (ardelle)
NA           Update to 2.5.45 kernel. (samudrala)
Patch 631750 sctpParam_t cleanup (jgrimm)
Bug   587078 sctp_process_init() can fail (jgrimm)
Patch 633338 Handle HOST_NAME_ADDR parm and misc. (jgrimm)
Patch 625413 sockaddr_storage_t cleanup (jgrimm)
Patch 635246 short circuit "no route" case (jgrimm)
Bug   581734 PF_INET6 listen can't receiving v4 addresses (jgrimm)

Patch 628901 Initial Source address selection support. (samudrala)
Bug   611930 Lost CWR scenario fix (jgrimm)
NA           2.5.44 (jgrimm)
Patch 628333 SNMP MIB infrastructure for SCTP. (nivedita)
Patch 628318 Checks for tcp-style sockets. (nivedita)
Bug   547270 Retain the order of retransmission. (daisyc)
Patch 622919 Handle User initiated ABORT. (ardelle.fan)
Bug   611927 Bug in the calculation of highest new tsn in sack. (samudrala)
Bug   611916 Data can end up getting sent ahead of pend. rtx data (jgrimm)
NA           Update to 2.5.43 kernel. (samudrala)
Bug   623286 SHUTDOWN_COMPLETE has 0 vtag on lost SDC + restart. (samudrala)
Patch 601756 VTAG checks for ABORT and SHUTDOWN_COMPLETE chunks. (ardelle.fan)
Patch 619993 Fixes a couple of sctp_peeloff() issues. (samudrala)
Bug   611919 Fast retranmist should ignore cwnd limit. (daisyc)
Bug   611840 Restart address needs to check INIT and happen earlier (jgrimm)

NA           Update to 2.5.41 kernel (samudrala)
Bug   621054 v6 kernel tests pass without IPv6 configured. (daisyc)
NA           Update to 2.5.40 kernel   (jgrimm)
NA           Split into user/kernel repositories (inaky, daisyc)
Bug   611928 Alloc GFP_KERNEL with locks held (jgrimm)
Bug   602650 Dropping packets > frag_point (jgrimm, samudrala)
Patch 601367 Handle Unrecognized Parms (daisyc)
Patch 609744 Add abort and shutdown to sctp_darn (ardelle.fan)
Bug   604251 Association freed twice (jgrimm)
Bug   611835 Fix Restart address check (jgrimm)

Patch 588249 misc. user header file fixes (jgrimm)

Patch 582166 sctp_peeloff() support. (samudrala)
Bug   583874 sendmsg/init with bad buf. has leak (jgrimm)
Patch 581963 Handle select/poll syscalls (daisyc)
Bug   583798 Need GFP_ATOMIC when BH disabled (samudrala)
Bug   585351 MSG_UNORDERED not set on fragmented chunks (samudrala)
Patch 585474 Remove old DEFAULT_STREAM sock opt (jgrimm)
Bug   585653 Fix V6INADDR_ANY to choose a saddr (jgrimm)
Bug   585929 more leaks in sendmsg() on error cases. (samudrala)
Patch 574420 overlapping init/restart  (dajiang, jgrimm)
Bug   581992 zero probe shouldn't error association (samudrala)
Patch 587986 move to Linux 2.5.29 (samudrala)

Patch 569943 graceful shutdown of an individual association. (samudrala)
Patch 572054 move to linux kernel 2.5.24. (samudrala)
Bug   574069 bugs in fragmentation & reassembly. (samudrala)
Patch 579301 check for No User Data error and testcase (jgrimm)
Bug   574071 less strict rwnd check at rcvr (samudrala)
Patch 579525 SCTP_AUTOCLOSE socket option. (samudrala)
Patch 575712 modify sctp_darn tool to use select (daisyc)
NA           misc.: cleanup jiffies decl., update docs. (jgrimm)
Patch 581745 getsockname needs sk->sport (jgrimm)
Patch 582273 handle DATA while in SHUTDOWN-SENT (jgrimm)
Bug   581997 sctp_wait_for_sndbuf fault (jgrimm)
Patch 573958 Overlapping Init testcases (dajiang)
Patch 582905 misc: remove md5 files. update cause code values (jgrimm)

Patch 560341 assoc_hash and more locking (jgrimm)
Bug   541062 local_addr_list not not writer safe (jgrimm)
Patch 564637 new ep_hash and locking down address list read/writes (jgrimm)
Patch 565087 protect against timer overfiring (jgrimm)
Patch 565935 Collapse ep/asoc hash links into common substructure (jgrimm)
Bug   565868 Ctl-sock (OOTB) traps sending to ipv6 dest.  (jgrimm)
Bug   565878 Xmit to wrong peer when no asoc.  (jgrimm)
Patch 565686 Update RTO upon Heartbeat ACK.  (samudrala)
Patch 567028 Cleanup unneeded atomic_t fields (jgrimm)
Patch 567061 Some sctp-socket-04.txt updates (jgrimm)
Patch 567646 Combine sctp_func_t/sctp_af_specific_t (jgrimm)
Patch 568562 Sysctl support for RFC 2960 variables (jgrimm)
Patch 567514 SCTP_SET_EVENTS sock options (samudrala)
Patch 567492 block/non-block send and SNDBUF/RCVBUF (daisyc)

Patch 561757 congestion control, handle SACKs indicating renege (samudrala)
Patch 561632 v4 scoping rules (daisyc)
Patch 554705 Locking phase 1 (off the BH, use socklock and backlog) (jgrimm)
Bug   550363 Shutdown handling of CTSN incorrect (jgrimm)
Patch 558565 testframe ipv4 only, doesn't compile (samudrala)
Patch 556572 Fix INADDR_ANY and some IPv4 scoping (daisyc)
Patch 559801 Cleanup old locking stuff and various naming/style (jgrimm)

Patch 557034 Port to 2.5.15 (samudrala)
Patch 550903 sys_bindx removal (inaky, samudrala)

Patch 546328 sctp_transport cleanup (jgrimm)
Bug   545852 sk->err cleanup (samudrala)
Bug   547147 association leaks the inqueue->in_progress chunk (jgrimm)
Bug   541065 fix port_rover race conditition in bind path (jgrimm)
Patch 544577 heartbeat ack and failover (dajiang)
NA           Make lksctp a module (inaky)
NA           bindx over sockopt (inaky)
Patch 547885 Split out v6 code and cleanup module patch (jgrimm)
Patch 544583 ft_frame_hbACK updates (dajiang, huang)
Patch 547340 fix testframe for "run once" (samudrala)
Patch 548772 sctp_lock primitives   (jgrimm)
Patch 547319 naming cleanup in statefuns (daisyc)
Patch 549266 sctp_lock unittests (jgrimm)
Patch 548815 Disable fragments option and more tests. (samudrala)
Patch 550400 Add OOTB testcase (daisyc)
Patch 550520 transport & association error thresholds (samudrala)
NA           fix ft_frame_init_timer to not conflict with OOTB (jgrimm)
Patch 549356 Small fixes and cleanup of bindx code (inaky)
Patch 549360 bindx through sockopt (inaky)
Patch 551716 Start using sctp_opts field instead of endpoint (jgrimm)
Patch 551657 RTT Measurements and RTO updates (samudrala)
Patch 552084 sctp_endpoint_common (jgrimm)
Patch 553100 Testcase for RTT Measurements (samudrala)
Bug   553329 Sendmsg + INIT CMSG has path which can corrupt assoc (jgrimm)
Patch 553394 Move sctp_association to use endpoint_common (jgrimm)
Patch 553528 rtx and heartbeat failures cleanup (samudrala)
Patch 553844 OOTB packet processing (daisyc)

Bug   541198 Old-style retval->state races with CMD (jgrimm)
Patch 541820 listen auto-bind support (samudrala)
Patch 543421 Complete removal of retval structs/processing (jgrimm)
Patch 544908 Object Count Debugging facilities (jgrimm)
Patch 544806 Fix inqueue leak of chunks (daisyc)
Patch 544460 Fragmentation/Reassembly support (samudrala)

Patch 529522 Primary Addr from saddr (jgrimm, daisyc, hui_huang)
Patch 529530 Use skb_copy_datagram_iovec (samudrala)
Patch 529961 sctphdr, PARAM constants in net order (jgrimm)
Patch 529707 Changes to sctp_make_data* interfaces (samudrala)
Patch 531206 Massive linux/sctp.h changes (jgrimm)
Patch NA     Eliminate sctp_io.h (jgrimm)
Patch 532575 sctp_opt as a per socket structure (jgrimm)
Patch 532245 Patch to eliminate tcp_func dependency (samudrala)
Patch 533351 Update headers to Socket Extensions 03 draft (jgrimm)
Patch 531647 Initialize MTU from routing information (samudrala)
Patch NA     Update csum I-D. (jgrimm)
Patch 529783 Send heartbeats (dajiang, hui_huang)
Bug   529726 SACK response sent to incorrect dest (jgrimm)
Patch NA     More cleanup, mostly naming, dead field removal. (jgrimm)
Bug   539452 sk->err should have errno as positive value (jgrimm).

Bug   513536 association lookup can fail (jgrimm)
NA           Unused file/header cleanup (jgrimm)
NA           Move sctp_socket() to testframe (jgrimm)
Patch 524687 Stop byteswapping the rcv skb part 1 (daisyc)
Patch 525009 Stop byteswapping the rcv skb part 2 (daisyc)
NA           Change CRC32C per Connectathon (jgrimm)
Patch 526505 Change crc code to skip checksum field (jgrimm)
Patch 526177 Incorrect use of skb->end (samudrala)
Patch 526740 Missing bindx support (samudrala)
NA           A few sctp_darn fixes (jgrimm)
NA           updatelinux_sctp.sh to handle links (loretos)
Patch 513912 Invalid stream verification (daisyc)
Patch 528541 ABORT handling during initiation phase (jgrimm)
Patch 528679 Misc. Cleanup. (jgrimm)
Patch 528611 Fix testframe skb for fraglist support (samudrala)
Patch 526156 SCTP_STATUS sockopt (samudrala)


Patch 515054 INIT retransmission (jgrimm)
Patch 511394 Invalid StreamId tests (daisyc)
     README suggestions (baqaqi)
Bug   519410 test_kernel spinlock initialization (sridhar)
Patch 520992 Enable COOKIE-ECHO bundling (jgrimm)
Patch 520627 Fix autobind twice bug (daisyc)
Patch 520755 A couple bugs from Debug Memory Allocations (sridhar)
Patch 521216 Fix bind_addrs_to_raw calling kmalloc(GFP_KERNL) on int. (jgrimm)

New          Update to 2.4.17 (sridhar)
Patch 512680 Frame test bindx for IPv6 (hui)
Patch 510317 Failing testcase for source addr bug (daisyc)

Patch 511028 New CRC32C  (dinakarjb)
Patch 510797 Sendmsg w/associd (jgrimm)
Patch 499262 Testcase for stream negotiation (daisyc)
Bug   473322 Sendmsg insists on msg_name (jgrimm)

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