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                      Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit - News

2002-11-02 Version 0.9.6 Released

   Calling  API changed to provide a common interface to the RDF parsers.
   The libraptor.3 manual page describes the changes.
   Added  support for RDF datatyped literals in RDF/XML with rdf:datatype
   attribute    on    property    elements   and   N-Triples   with   the
   Added support for rdf:parseType="Collection" for RDF Collections
   URI class allows swappable implementation by applications.
   URI class now handles file: URIs for Win32 and Unix conventions.
   Fixes  to  enable  it  to  work  on  Apple OSX 10.1, 10.2 (also tested
   working on Linux/x86, Solaris/sparc, FreeBSD/x86)
   Many  internal  changes  to support API changes, allow it to work with
   Redland when compiled as a separate library
   Reorganised  source  into separate modules - URI, xml parser, ntriples
   parser, XML namespaces, XML qnames, locator.
   More  resilience  with  XML  errors  and  XML  parser errors - none of
   libxml2's XML test suite examples crash raptor.
   N-Triples parser recovers gracefully from errors in content
   Packing for debian included
   Added manual pages libraptor.3 and rdfdump.1
   Added raptor-config script for compiling with the library.

2002-06-08 Version 0.9.5 Released

   Many bugs fixed
   Added full relative URI resolving
   Work around bugs in libxml and expat (older versions)
   Support libxml with the use of entities in the document
   Support xml:lang passing to application

2002-03-27 Version 0.9.4 Released

   XML Base support (xml:base) added
   xml:lang support added with N-Triples lang-string support
   All N-Triples string escapes implemented
   N-Triples support with XML literals - xml("<foo/>") and plain "foo"
   removed all special code for containers; treated as regular typedNodes
   rdf:parseType="Literal" now working
   Builds as shared and static libraries
   Conformance test suite added

2001-08-21 Version 0.9.3 Released

   N-Triples parser added
   rdf:parseType="Literal" works much better (Aaron Michal and me)
   DAML collections support added (Aaron Michal)
   Win32  patch added - I can't confirm my merge didn't break this (Aaron
   N-Triples updated to support CR, LF and CR LF endings
   Make parser generated ids appear distinguised from regular URIs
   Added N-Triples output
   Made rdf:type, rdf:value as property attributes work
   Made empty typed nodes work
   GNOME xml / libxml error location (line, column) values corrected.

2001-07-03 Version 0.9.2 Released

   Now called Raptor

2001-06-06 Version 0.9.1 Released

   Many bug fixes
   Updates for Redland API changes
   Fixed rdf:parsetype="literal" buffer overrun
   Added better XML parser auto-detection for various expats and libxml

2001-01-22 Version 0.9.0 Released

   First release

   Copyright  2001-2002 Dave Beckett, Institute for Learning and Research
   Technology, University of Bristol