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                       Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit - News

2005-06-08 Version 1.4.7 Released

   Fix crashes in the RSS tag soup parser / serializer (Suzan Foster)
   Fix a crash in the RDF/XML serializers with bad URI predicates.

   See the 1.4.7 Release Notes for the full details of the changes.

2005-05-19 Version 1.4.6 Released

   Added a Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages (GRDDL)
   parser for reading XHTML and XML as RDF triples
   Updated RSS enclosures support in RSS tag soup parser and RSS 1.0 serializer
   (Suzan Foster)
   Fixed several crashes with RSS tag soup parser, RDF/XML-abbrev serializer.
   The turtle parser now accepts """long literals"""

   See the 1.4.6 Release Notes for the full details of the changes.

2005-02-06 Version 1.4.5 Released

   Added an RDF/XML with abbreviations serializer (Steve Shepard)
   Handle RSS 1.1 in RSS tag soup parser
   More fixes for broken OSX libxml2

   See the 1.4.5 Release Notes for the full details of the changes.

2005-01-15 Version 1.4.4 Released

   Fixed crashes in RSS tag soup parser and RSS 1.0 serializer
   Handle RSS 0.9 namespace in RSS tag soup parser
   Portability fixes for Win32 (Dave Viner)

   See the 1.4.4 Release Notes for the full details of the changes.

2005-01-03 Version 1.4.3 Released

   New XML Writer API
   Improved RDF/XML serializer allowing user namespace declarations and writing
   relative URIs where possible
   New RSS 1.0 serializer
   Updated RSS tag soup parser
   URI class can write relative URIs (Patch from René Puls)
   Many other API changes

   See the 1.4.3 Release Notes for the full details of the changes.

2004-11-01 Version 1.4.2 Released

   Fix raptor_xml_escape_string error return.

   See the 1.4.2 Release Notes for the full details of the changes.

2004-10-29 Version 1.4.1 Released

   Fixed crashes in URI decoding and RSS enclosures.

   See the 1.4.1 Release Notes for the full details of the changes.

2004-10-24 Version 1.4.0 Released

   Added a serializing class for writing RDF triples as a syntax
   Added serializers for RDF/XML and N-Triples
   Added an I/O stream class for aiding writing
   Added RSS enclosure support to RSS Tag Soup parser (Suzan Foster)

   See the 1.4.0 Release Notes for the full details of the changes.

2004-09-20 Version 1.3.3 Released

   License changed to LGPL 2.1/Apache 2
   Added a new Unicode NFC checker
   Rewritten URI parsing and resolving code
   Added configure selection of RDF parsers
   Updated the RSS Tag Soup parser to handle Atom 0.3
   Updated the Turtle parser to handle large documents (Geoff Chappell)
   Added a parser feature to disable rdf:ID duplicate checking
   Updated rdf:ID duplicate value checking implementation
   Portability fixes for building on win32 (Chris Pointon)

   See the 1.3.3 Release Notes for the full details of the changes.

2004-07-21 Version 1.3.2 Released

   Added support for compiling against expat source trees (Mark Smith)
   Added raptor_alloc_memory to allocate memory in raptor, typically needed by
   handler routines on win32.
   Make errors in fetching WWW content pass to the main error handler.
   Added accessor functions for parts of the raptor_locator structure (Edd
   Disabled the broken Unicode NFC checking via GNOME glib for this release.

   See the 1.3.2 Release Notes for the full details of the changes.

2004-06-12 Version 1.3.1 Released

   Correct raptor_print_statement declaration argument statement to have one
   less 'const', to match the code.
   raptor.h now includes stdarg.h
   Portability fixes for win32
   Updates to Turtle parser to only allow language with non-datatyped literals;
   allow a '_' immediately after a ':' in qnames and make bare ':' work.
   Added a warning for unknown rdf:parseType values, when parsing in lax mode.
   This is controlled by a new parser feature warn_other_parsetypes
   The Turtle parser was fixed to re-initialise correctly when performing
   multiple parsings
   Fixes to the file: URI support for %-escaping and for Win32 filenames

   See the 1.3.1 Release Notes for the full details of the changes.

2004-05-11 Version 1.3.0 Released

   Updated Turtle parser to fix the collections syntax, add integer literals
   and allow - in names.
   Added support for guessing a parser from content or identifiers
   Completed parser feature support
   Added sending HTTP Accept: headers for WWW retrieval when possible
   Added new utility sequence and stringbuffer classes
   Several other functions added and improvements made.

   See the 1.3.0 Release Notes for the full details of the changes.

2004-01-24 Version 1.2.0 Released

   Added a Turtle parser (was N-Triples Plus) now with collections.
   Added raptor_syntaxes_enumerate to get syntax name, label, mime_type or
   uri_string of all known parsers.
   Added WWW access via BSD libfetch if available.
   Updated the GNOME GUI grapper program to report errors and warnings

2003-12-31 Version 1.1.0 Released

   Added an N-Triples Plus parser
   Updated for RDF/XML Revised Working Draft (10 October 2003) allowing rdf:RDF
   to  be optional by default. No further changes were needed for RDF/XML
   Revised Proposed Recommendation (15 December 2003)
   Made URI class constructors, methods and factory methods as well as some
   other utility functions using or returning URIs or literals take unsigned
   char* rather than char*.
   Added the XML namespace, XML namespace stack and XML qname classes to the
   public API.
   Added a function to discover supported parsers.
   Fixes for line number counting in N-Triples
   Added support for libxml2 SAX2 API for 2.6.0 and later.
   The N-Triples parser now uses the generate ID code.
   Added configure options for XML 1.1 names and disabling NFC check code.

2003-09-08 Version 1.0.0 Released

   Several long-deprecated functions were removed and consequently the library
   shared version number was increased to 1
   Fixed scanning for rdf:RDF so that RDF/XML in other XML works, such as in
   raptor-config --libs now works, added --libtool-libs and --version-decimal
   Check N-Triples legal Unicode character range #x0-#x10FFFF
   Normalize RDF/XML xml:lang and N-Triples language to lowercase on input
   Worked around libxml2 bug causing a crash on some error reporting
   Added raptor_parse_file_stream for parsing a C FILE*
   Tidied rapper utility argument handling, added --version

2003-08-25 Version 0.9.12 Released

   Fix some XML memory leaks in Exclusive XML Canonicalization.
   Stop parsing RSS tag soup after a user abort
   Improved N-Triples syntax checking.
   Crash fixes for 64 bit Alpha/Sparc Linux/Solaris (varargs, size_t)
   Fixed some other minor memory leaks with rdf:datatype and rdf:ID attributes.

2003-07-29 Version 0.9.11 Released

   Completely handles the revised RDF/XML syntax (including post W3C Last Call
   Added Unicode Normal Form C (NFC) checking for literals (requires GNOME glib
   2.0 at present)
   Added Exclusive XML Canonicalization for XML Literals
   Added many more checks for bad syntax (mostly illegal property attributes)
   Updated parseType="Collection" triples after RDF Core WG change
   Added an experimental RSS Tag Soup parser to read any pile of XML that has
   elements such as channel, image, item tags with title, description etc
   inside them into coherent RSS 1.0 RDF triples. (Requires libxml 2.5.0 or
   API: Added new methods raptor_get_name, raptor_get_label.
   API:  Added  new methods raptor_set_default_generate_id_parameters and
   raptor_set_generate_id_handler to control generation of IDs.
   API: Modified utility function raptor_xml_escape_string arguments.
   Ripped out ISO 3166 country code parts since commercial use might be subject
   to a license fee.
   Improvements to GTK example 'grapper'.
   Several internal reorganisations for pulling out a SAX2 API, XML C14N.
   Other minor bug fixes.

2003-04-17 Version 0.9.10 Released

   Added parser lax / strict modes. lax is the default.
   rdf:bagID now generates a warning in lax mode, an error in strict
   Added  raptor_www_no_www_library_init_finish to allow disabling of WWW
   library startup/shutdown.
   Added raptor_parse_abort to abort parsing inside a callback.
   Added a GTK GUI example program grapper
   Other minor bug fixes.

2003-03-28 Version 0.9.9 Released

   Performance improvements - uses less memory, less repeated small malloc/free
   sequences, faster for larger files.
   Added WWW retrieval - can parse from an URI as well as files, given either
   libcurl or libxml2 is available.
   Minor bug fixes.
   Various Win32 configure, building patches
   Sources updated to use autoconf 1.6+, automake 2.52+
   More debian packaging updates.

2003-02-13 Version 0.9.8 Released

   Minor bug fixes (synchronising with Redland 0.9.12 release).
   Fixed crashing on empty files
   Fixed accepting illegal xmlns:prefix="" (prefix without URI not allowed)
   N-Triples bnodeIDs can now have '0's
   Utility program rdfdump renamed to rapper; name conflicted with a common
   Linux utility.

2002-12-20 Version 0.9.7 Released

   Passes about 90% of RDF Core WG Test Cases
   All memory leaks fixed
   Portability fixes - compilers, scripts, auto* tools, libxml2 version
   rdf:ID syntax and duplicates checked
   rdf:bagID supported
   Added more conformance tests, errors and warnings.

2002-11-02 Version 0.9.6 Released

   Calling API changed to provide a common interface to the RDF parsers. The
   libraptor.3 manual page describes the changes.
   Added  support for RDF datatyped literals in RDF/XML with rdf:datatype
   attribute    on    property    elements   and   N-Triples   with   the
   Added support for rdf:parseType="Collection" for RDF Collections
   URI class allows swappable implementation by applications.
   URI class now handles file: URIs for Win32 and Unix conventions.
   Fixes to enable it to work on Apple OSX 10.1, 10.2 (also tested working on
   Linux/x86, Solaris/sparc, FreeBSD/x86)
   Many internal changes to support API changes, allow it to work with Redland
   when compiled as a separate library
   Reorganised source into separate modules - URI, xml parser, ntriples parser,
   XML namespaces, XML qnames, locator.
   More resilience with XML errors and XML parser errors - none of libxml2's
   XML test suite examples crash raptor.
   N-Triples parser recovers gracefully from errors in content
   Packing for debian included
   Added manual pages libraptor.3 and rapper.1
   Added raptor-config script for compiling with the library.

2002-06-08 Version 0.9.5 Released

   Many bugs fixed
   Added full relative URI resolving
   Work around bugs in libxml and expat (older versions)
   Support libxml with the use of entities in the document
   Support xml:lang passing to application

2002-03-27 Version 0.9.4 Released

   XML Base support (xml:base) added
   xml:lang support added with N-Triples lang-string support
   All N-Triples string escapes implemented
   N-Triples support with XML literals - xml("<foo/>") and plain "foo"
   removed all special code for containers; treated as regular typedNodes
   rdf:parseType="Literal" now working
   Builds as shared and static libraries
   Conformance test suite added

2001-08-21 Version 0.9.3 Released

   N-Triples parser added
   rdf:parseType="Literal" works much better (Aaron Michal and me)
   DAML collections support added (Aaron Michal)
   Win32  patch added - I can't confirm my merge didn't break this (Aaron
   N-Triples updated to support CR, LF and CR LF endings
   Make parser generated ids appear distinguised from regular URIs
   Added N-Triples output
   Made rdf:type, rdf:value as property attributes work
   Made empty typed nodes work
   GNOME xml / libxml error location (line, column) values corrected.

2001-07-03 Version 0.9.2 Released

   Now called Raptor

2001-06-06 Version 0.9.1 Released

   Many bug fixes
   Updates for Redland API changes
   Fixed rdf:parsetype="Literal" buffer overrun
   Added better XML parser auto-detection for various expats and libxml

2001-01-22 Version 0.9.0 Released

   First release

   Copyright  2001-2005 Dave Beckett, Institute for Learning and Research
   Technology, University of Bristol