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1997-07-08  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/Makefile.in (LIBLIB_FUNCS): Mention snprintf.

	* backend/umax-struct.h (LINEART, HALFTONE, GREYSCALE, RGB): Move
	the pound sign to the beginning of the line.
	* backend/umax-scsidef.h: Ditto for all indendent #defines in this
	* backend/umax-scsi.c: Ditto for all # directives in here.

	* frontend/saned.c [HAVE_LIBC_H]: Include <libc.h>.

1997-07-07  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/net.c [HAVE_LIBC_H]: Include <libc.h>.

	* lib/usleep.c: New file (adapted from glibc).

	* lib/strndup.c: Move #ifndef HAVE_STRNDUP up so nothing
	except <config.h> gets included unless really needed.
	Include <sys/types.h> to get size_t defined.

	* lib/snprintf.c (vsnprintf): Rename from vplp_snprintf.
	(snprintf): Rename from plp_snprintf.

	* include/sane/config.h.in: Add #undef HAVE_USLEEP.  Add #undef

	* configure.in: Test ${ac_cv_prog_gcc} instead of $CC to find out
	whether we're dealing with gcc.  Test for io/cam/cam.h header.
	(AC_C_INLINE): Add.
	(AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Mention usleep.
	Check for Xext after checking for X11 since on some platforms,
	linking against Xext requires functions from X11.

	* backend/umax.c (PATH_MAX): Define as 1024 if undefined.

	* backend/Makefile.in (CONFIGS): Don't add $(srcdir) prefix.
	(LIBLIB_FUNCS): Mention usleep.
	(install): Invoke $(LIBTOOL) $(MINST) --finish $(libdir) in
	a final step.  Correct installation rule for config files.

1997-07-06  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* sanei/sanei_scsi.c (sanei_scsi_cmd): New variable RESULT.

1997-07-05  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* sanei/sanei_scsi.c (sanei_scsi_cmd): Improve BSD version based
	on patch by Amancio Hasty <hasty@rah.star-gate.com>.
	(BSD_INTERFACE): Rename from NETBSD_INTERFACE (FreeBSD uses the
	same interface).

	* configure.in (CPPFLAGS): Check for scsireq_enter in libscsi.a.

	* doc/Makefile.in (SECT5): Mention sane-scsi.5.
	* doc/sane-scsi.man: New file.

	* doc/sane-umax.man: Add SEE ALSO section mentioning sane-scsi(5).
	* doc/sane-mustek.man: Ditto.

	* doc/scanimage.man: Mention sane-umax(5).
	* doc/xscanimage.man: Ditto.
	* doc/saned.man: Ditto.

	* configure.in (AC_TYPE_PID_T): Add.
	* include/sane/config.h.in: Add undef of pid_t.

1997-07-04  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* lib/sigprocmask.c (sigprocmask): Use hardcoded values instead

1997-07-03  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* configure.in (CPPFLAGS): Remove -D_POSIX_SOURCE.  We can't define
	it safely since it causes select() related typedefs and defines
	to go away under FreeBSD, for example.

1997-07-02  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* configure.in (CPPFLAGS): Put -D_GNU_SOURCE and -D_POSIX_SOURCE

	* doc/sane-umax.man: Change SG_BIG_BUFF example from 128KB to
	* doc/sane-mustek.man: Ditto.  Mention DTC3181E together with

	* frontend/gtkglue.c (gsg_create_dialog): Initialize dialog->advanced
	to TRUE so "dumb" frontends will show all options.

	* frontend/xscanimage.c (device_dialog): Turn off advanced options
	by default.

	* configure.in (AC_CHECK_TYPE): Check for u_long and u_int.
	Check for scsireq_t.
	* sanei/sanei_scsi.c: Don't define scsireq_t here.

	* include/sane/config.h.in: Add undef of u_long, u_int, and

1997-07-01  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* frontend/xscanimage.c (quit_xscan): No longer call
	preview_destroy() since that now gets called as part of
	the "destroy" callback.

	* backend/hp.c (attach) [PREFER_DEVICEPIXEL]: Use device-pixel
	unit commands instead of decipoint commands so things work on a 5p
	as well (contributed by NOGAYA Shigeki
	(sane_start) [PREFER_DEVICEPIXEL]: Convert from mm to pixels.

	* frontend/preview.c (input_available): Break out of per-bit loop
	when done with one line (fix contributed by NOGAYA Shigeki
	* frontend/xscanimage.c (input_available): Ditto.

	* doc/sane-umax.man: Rename SCSI id to Product id to reduce
	* doc/sane-hp.man: Ditto.
	* doc/sane-mustek.man: Ditto.

	* backend/mustek.c (wait_ready): Ignore errors during wait_ready().
	With 3-pass scanners, ncr810 driver returns EIO while the scanner
	is getting ready for pass 2 or 3.

1997-06-30  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/mustek.c (sense_handler): Print debug info if we
	find unknown sense result.

	* sanei/sanei_scsi.c (sanei_scsi_cmd): Consider sense_buffer[]
	only when result != 0.

	* frontend/scanimage.c (sighandler): Change return value type
	from void to RETSIGTYPE (from <sane/config.h>).

	* doc/sane-mustek.man: Mention problems with MSFS-12000SP.

	* backend/umax.c (sane_start): Don't use C++ style line comments.

	* backend/umax-scsi.c (umax_do_scsi_cmd): Use sigemptyset() to clear
	out signal set.  Include <sane/config.h>.

	* frontend/saned.c [HAVE_SYS_SELECT_H]: Include <sys/select.h>.
	* include/sane/config.h.in: Mention HAVE_SYS_SELECT_H.

Thu Jun 26 10:19:50 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* README: Mention permissions on generic SCSI device.

Tue Jun 24 17:35:52 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* doc/xscanimage.man: Fix spacing.

	* doc/sane-dll.man: Mention how list of pre-loaded backends
	can be changed.

Sun Jun 22 08:29:47 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* PROBLEMS: Add note on SCSI device names under OpenStep.

	* sanei/sanei_scsi.c (sanei_scsi_cmd): Fix various minor bugs.
	(sanei_scsi_open): Add support for OpenStep.

	* backend/Makefile.in (install): Replace 'ln -f -s' with `rm -f',
 	`ln -s' sequence.  OpenStep doesn't support the -f option at all.

Fri Jun 20 07:30:18 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* doc/sane-qcam.man: Updated B&W status.

	* sanei/sanei_save_values.c [HAVE_LIBC_H]: Include <libc.h>.
	* sanei/sanei_load_values.c: Ditto.

	* lib/sigprocmask.c: New file.
	* lib/strdup.c: Ditto.

	* lib/Makefile.in (LIBLIB_OBJS): Mention strdup.o and sigprocmask.o.
	(LIBLIB_LTOBJS):  Mention strdup.lo and sigprocmask.lo.
	(liblib.a): Use $(RANLIB) instead of -ranlib.

	* include/sane/sanei_backend.h [!HAVE_SIGPROCMASK]: Define
 	compatibility macros sigset_t, sigemptyset(), sigfillset(),
	sigaddset(), sigdelset(), and sigaction().
	Define macro SIGACTION.

	* frontend/saned.c (HAVE_VARARG_MACROS): Don't define unless we
	have at least gcc 2.6.
	* include/sane/sanei_debug.h Ditto.  Use HAVE_VARARG_MACROS
	instead of __GNUC__.
	* sanei/sanei_init_debug.c: Ditto.

	* configure.in (AC_PROG_RANLIB): Mention.
	(CFLAGS): Move up near the beginning and add -D_POSIX_SOURCE.
	(AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Test for libc.h.
	(AC_TYPE_SIGNAL): Mention.
	(AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Check for sigprocmask.

	* backend/net.c (sane_init): Honor SANE_NET_HOSTS even if
	net.conf does not exist.

	* backend/mustek.c (sane_start): Use "struct SIGACTION" so it's
	easier to make code work on platforms that don't support
	* backend/umax.c (sane_start): Ditto.

	* ltmain.sh: Upgrade to libtool-0.9h.
	* ltconfig: Ditto.
	* config.guess: Ditto.
	* config.sub: Ditto.
	* aclocal.m4: Ditto.

Thu Jun 19 08:26:33 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* configure.in (V_MINOR): Update forgotten version number...

	* backend/qcam.c (reader_process): Scale 4 and 6 bpp to 8 bpp.

	* backend/mustek.h (MUSTEK_FLAG_LD_NONE): New flag.
	* backend/mustek.c (attach): Turn on MUSTEK_FLAG_LD_NONE for
	MSF-06000SP (this fixes the problems for Andreas Gaumann
	(attach): Print debug message when MUSTEK_FLAG_LD_NONE is on.
	(line_distance): Fix up ld correction only if MUSTEK_FLAG_LD_NONE
	is not on.

Wed Jun 18 15:42:25 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* doc/sane.tex (section{Image Data Format}}): Clarify
	what valid bit-depths are.
Tue Jun 17 07:47:51 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/qcam.c (sane_get_parameters): Test for != QC_COLOR
	instead of == QC_MONO.  Apparently, there are several versions
	of the monochrome camera.
	(qc_setscanmode): Ditto.

	* lib/snprintf.c: Update with latest version (also includes
	license information now).

	* sane-0.6.lsm (Author): Update Tristan Tarrant's email address.
	* AUTHORS: Ditto.
	* frontend/xscanimage.c: Ditto.

Sun Jun 15 10:08:44 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* doc/xscanimage.man: Add section on how to run xscanimage under
 	the GIMP.

	* frontend/xscanimage.c (init) [HAVE_LIBGIMP_GIMP_H]: Call
 	gtk_rc_parse() with gimp_gtk_rc() to get space-saving layout of
 	The GIMP. (Suggested by Sven Neumann.)

	* sanei/sanei_scsi.c (sanei_scsi_cmd): Add NeXTStep/OpenStep
	(sanei_scsi_cmd): Adjust NetBSD version to make it more like
	NeXTStep/OpenStep version.

	* configure.in (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Mention bsd/dev/scsireg.h.

Thu Jun 19 15:19:38 1997  Gordon Matzigkeit  <gord@gnu.ai.mit.edu>

	* backend/umax-scsi.c: Parameterize slightly more so that the
 	build succeeds on non-Linux platforms.

	* Makefile.in, backend/Makefile.in, doc/Makefile.in,
 	frontend/Makefile.in (install): Fail immediately if any
 	installation fails.  Use mkinstalldirs to create all installation

Sat Jun 14 11:07:13 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* Version 0.6 released.

	* frontend/preview.c (preview_new): Connect "destroy" signal
	so we notice if window manager closes our window.
	(top_destroyed): New function.

	* frontend/xscanimage.c (scan_preview): Make it robust against
 	preview_new() returning NULL and connect "destroy" signal so we
 	notice when the window manager closes the preview window.
	(preview_window_destroyed): New function.

	* LICENSE: New file.

	* backend/dll.c: Change license from GPL to relaxed GPL.
	* backend/hp.c: Ditto.
	* backend/hp.h: Ditto.
	* backend/mustek.c: Ditto.
	* backend/mustek.h: Ditto.
	* backend/net.c: Ditto.
	* backend/net.h: Ditto.
	* backend/pint.c: Ditto.
	* backend/pint.h: Ditto.
	* backend/pnm.c: Ditto.
	* backend/pnm.h: Ditto.
	* backend/qcam.c: Ditto.
	* backend/qcam.h: Ditto.
	* sanei/sanei_codec_ascii.c: Ditto.
	* sanei/sanei_codec_bin.c: Ditto.
	* sanei/sanei_constrain_value.c: Ditto.
	* sanei/sanei_init_debug.c: Ditto.
	* sanei/sanei_load_values.c: Ditto.
	* sanei/sanei_net.c: Ditto.
	* sanei/sanei_save_valus.c: Ditto.
	* sanei/sanei_scsi.c: Ditto.
	* sanei/sanei_wire.c: Ditto.

Fri Jun 13 18:35:47 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* lib/snprintf.c: New file (Patrick Powell).

	* frontend/xcam.c: Use guint32 and guint32 instead of u_int16_t
 	and u_int32_t (Tristan Tarrant).

	* doc/Makefile.in (SECT5): Mention sane-umax.5.

	* configure.in (PACKAGE_VERSION): Check for snprintf (Tristan

	* backend/dll.conf: Mention umax.

	* backend/umax-scanner.h: New file (from umax-0.5.5).
	* backend/umax-scsi.c: Ditto.
	* backend/umax-scsidef.h: Ditto.
	* backend/umax-struct.h: Ditto.
	* backend/umax-uc630.h: Ditto.
	* backend/umax-ug630.h: Ditto.
	* backend/umax-umax.c: Ditto.
	* backend/umax.conf: Ditto.
	* backend/umax.h: Ditto.
	* doc/sane-umax.5: Ditto.

	* backend/Makefile.in (PRELOADABLE_BACKENDS): Mention umax.
	(libsane-umax.la): List dependencies for umax library.

	* COPYING: New file.

	* include/sane/config.h.in: Add #undef HAVE_SNPRINTF.

Tue Jun 10 21:00:34 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* ltmain.sh: Upgrade to libtool-0.9g.

Sun Jun  8 21:24:27 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/dll.c (load): Also check SHLIB_PATH (HP-UX) and LIBPATH

	* include/sane/config.h.in: Remove HAVE_GTK_GTKCURVE_H.

Sat Jun  7 11:19:57 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* frontend/xscanimage.c (pref_device_save): Call gsg_sync() before
	saving the values.

	* backend/Makefile.in (libsane-%.la): Add -export-dynamic flag.

	* frontend/xscanimage.c (query): Rename "/Extensions/" to "/Xtns/"
 	to reflect gimp-0.99.10 changes.
	(query): Don't put in separator---it confuses gimp.
	(main): Temporarily install a null print handler so gimp_main()
 	doesn't produce any ugly messages when program gets invoked in
 	stand-alone mode.

	* ltconfig: Upgrade libtool to version 0.9f.
	* ltmain.sh: Ditto.
	* config.guess: Ditto.
	* config.sub: Ditto.

	* frontend/Makefile.in (install): Define MKDIR as
	Use $(MKDIR) instead of mkdir.
	* backend/Makefile.in (install): Ditto.
	* doc/Makefile.in (install): Ditto.

	* mkinstalldirs: New file (from maint-0.1g).

Tue Jun  3 10:29:17 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* LEVEL2: New file.

Sun Jun  1 13:26:40 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* doc/Makefile.in (LATEX, DLH): New macros.
	(sane.ind): Prefix source filename with $(srcdir).
	(ps): Ditto.
	(html): Ditto.

	* doc/net.tex (subsection{SANE_NET_START}): Document member

	* sanei/sanei_net.c (sanei_w_start_reply): (De-)code BYTE_ORDER

	* frontend/saned.c (byte_order): New union.
	(process_request): Initialize byte_order member.

	* include/sane/sanei_net.h (SANE_Net_Byte_Order): New enum type.
	(SANE_Start_Reply): New member BYTE_ORDER.

Wed May 28 17:13:43 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* doc/Makefile.in (install): Create $(mandir)/man1 and
 	$(mandir)/man5 if necessary.

Tue May 27 09:31:39 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/hp.c: Remove s7_range and s1_range.
	(attach): Add inquiry of min/max brightness/contrast and fill in
 	dev->brightness_range and dev->contrast_range accordingly.
	(init_options): Use s->hw->brightness_range instead of s7_range.
  	Use s->hw->contrast_range instead of s7_range.  Disable contrast
 	option if min value is same as max value.

	* backend/hp.h (struct HP_Device): Add members BRIGHTNESS_RANGE

	* sanei/sanei_scsi.c (sanei_scsi_open): Add more debug info.

Mon May 26 10:43:51 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* sanei/Makefile.in: Add definitions for VPATH, srcdir, top_srcdir,
 	and top_builddir.
	(INCLUDES): Move -I directives from CPPFLAGS to this macro.  Also
 	search in $(srcdir), $(top_builddir)/include, and

	* lib/Makefile.in: Add definitions for VPATH, srcdir, top_srcdir,
 	and top_builddir.
	(INCLUDES): Move -I directives from CPPFLAGS to this macro.  Also
 	search in $(srcdir), $(top_builddir)/include, and

	* include/Makefile.in: New file.

	* frontend/Makefile.in: Add definitions for VPATH, srcdir, top_srcdir,
 	and top_builddir.
	(INCLUDES): Also search in $(srcdir), $(top_builddir)/include, and
	(install): Add $(srcdir) prefix to sane-style.rc.

	* doc/Makefile.in: Add definitions for VPATH, srcdir, top_srcdir,
 	and top_builddir.
	(%.1 %.5): Use $^ instead of $* so source file can be found even
	when in a different directory.

	* configure.in (AC_OUTPUT): Create (dummy) include/Makefile to
	ensure include directory exists in build tree.

	* backend/Makefile.in: Add definitions for VPATH, srcdir,
 	top_srcdir, and top_builddir.
	(INCLUDES): Also search in $(srcdir), $(top_builddir)/include, and
	(CONFIGS): Add $(srcdir) prefix.
	(%-s.c): Ditto.

	* Makefile.in (INSTALLED_INCLUDES): Mention include/sane/config.h.
	Add definitions for VPATH, srcdir, top_srcdir, and top_builddir.
	(INSTALLED_INCLUDES): Change include/sane to $(top_srcdir)/include/sane
	and use "addprefix" function to add prefix.

Thu May 15 07:26:06 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* doc/sane-mustek.man (Model): Add entry for MFC-600CD.
	(Model): Mention AHA-2940.

	* frontend/xscanimage.c (scan_dialog): Move gsg_sync() to here
 	(from scan_start()).

	* backend/mustek.c (init_options): Disable brightness/contrast for
 	1-pass scanners only (in color mode).

Wed May 14 09:17:02 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/mustek.c: Add ax_brightness_range, ax_contrast_range.
	(init_options): Use ax_brightness_range/ax_contrast_range for
	brightness/contrast option when using a 3-pass scanner.
	(encode_percentage): Remove extraneous division by 100.0.

	* doc/sane-mustek.man (Model): Add MFS-12000CX entry.

Mon May 12 07:58:34 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* frontend/scanimage.c (main): Shorten help string so it fits in
 	80 characters.

	* frontend/preview.c (paint_image): Only increment height if
 	height < p->image_height.

Sat May 10 14:43:05 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* Version 0.57 released.

	* backend/mustek.c (attach): Fix range to 220x300mm.
	(init_options): Initialize OPT_PREVIEW and OPT_GRAY_PREVIEW.
	(sane_control_option): Handle OPT_PREVIEW and OPT_GRAY_PREVIEW.
  	Do not allow OPT_NUM_OPTS to be set.
	(sane_get_parameters): Except for s->params.format and
 	s->params.last_frame, do not change any parameters when scanning
	is in progress.
	(sane_start): Handle mono-chrome previewing.

	* backend/mustek.h (Mustek_Option): Add OPT_PREVIEW and

	* frontend/progress.c (progress_new): Fix position of progress bar
 	window to (progress_x,progress_y).

	* frontend/gtkglue.c (panel_build): Skip Preview option.

Thu May  8 19:39:48 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* doc/scanimage.man: New file.

	* doc/Makefile.in (SECT1): Mention scanimage.1.

	* backend/dll.conf: Add hp to dll.conf.

Wed May  7 07:28:18 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* include/sane/sanei_scsi.h (SANEI_SCSI_Sense_Handler): New type.
	(sanei_scsi_close): Add SENSE_HANDLER argument (NULL means no
 	special handler needed).

	* backend/hp.c (sane_start): Pass 0 as SENSE_HANDLER argument.
	(attach): Ditto.

	* backend/mustek.c (sense_handler): Rename from request_sense and
	Remove all explicit request-sense calls.

	* sanei/sanei_scsi.c: Include <stdlib.h>.
	(num_handlers_alloced): New variable.
	(sense_handler): Ditto.
	(sanei_scsi_open): Add SENSE_HANDLER argument.  Stash it away in
 	SENSE_HANDLER array if non-NULL.
	(sanei_scsi_cmd) [HAVE_SYS_SG]: Invoke SENSE_HANDLER[FD] if it
 	exists and is non-NULL and we have a valid sense-buffer.
	(sanei_scsi_cmd) [HAVE_SYS_SCSI]: Ditto.
	(sanei_scsi_close): Reset SENSE_HANDLER[FD] to NULL if it exists.

	* frontend/xcam.c: Include <sane/config.h>.

	* configure.in: Add a big fat warning that PROBLEMS should be
	read before running any programs.

	* PROBLEMS: Add info on how to avoid damaging Mustek scanners.

Mon May  5 07:06:54 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* doc/sane.tex (chapter{Contact Information}): Fix URL.

	* doc/net.tex: Add missing sections.  Make into chapter.

	* backend/pint.README: Remove.

	* backend/dll.c (ASSERT_SPACE): Call malloc() when devlist is
 	NULL.  SunOS realloc() returns NULL otherwise.
	* backend/net.c (ASSERT_SPACE): Ditto.

Sun May  4 09:21:48 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* frontend/saned.c (EXIT_SUCCESS): Define as 0 if not defined by

	* frontend/scanimage.c: Include <sys/types.h>.

	* backend/qcam.c: Define PATH_MAX as 1024 if limits.h doesn't
 	define it.
	* backend/dll.c: Ditto.
	* backend/hp.c: Ditto.
	* backend/mustek.c: Ditto.
	* backend/net.c: Ditto.
	* backend/pint.c: Ditto.
	* backend/qcam.c: Ditto.
	* frontend/xscanimage.c: Ditto.
	* frontend/xcam.c: Ditto.
	* frontend/preview.c: Ditto.

	* sanei/sanei_wire.c: Include <sane/config.h>.
	* sanei/sanei_net.c: Ditto.
	* sanei/sanei_codec_ascii.c: Ditto.
	* sanei/sanei_codec_bin.c: Ditto.
	* sanei/sanei_save_values.c: Ditto.
	* backend/net.c: Ditto.
	* frontend/saned.c: Ditto.

	* configure.in (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Mention

	* include/sane/config.h.in: Add

	* sanei/sanei_scsi.c [HAVE__USR_SRC_LINUX_INCLUDE_SCSI_SG_H]:
 	Include "/usr/src/linux/include/scsi/sg.
	(sanei_scsi_cmd): Use Linux version if either HAVE_SCSI_SG_H or

	* doc/xscanimage.man: Rename --no-shm to --no-xshm.

Mon Apr 28 09:55:02 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* Version 0.56 released.

	* backend/qcam.c (sane_open): Move disabling of despeckle-filter
	for b&w cameras to here (from init_options()).

	* frontend/preferences.c: Add missing default value for FILENAME.

	* backend/qcam.h: Add QC_BW_SET_CONTRAST,
 	QC_BW_AUTO_ADJUST_OFFSET, and QC_BW_GET_OFFSET.  * backend/qcam.c
 	(sane_start): Use QC_BW_SET_CONTRAST when dealing with B&W camera.
  	Fix computation of QC_SET_NUM_H value.  [Based on Guido Muensch's

	* frontend/scanimage.c (advance): Move out-of-memory error message
 	from scan_it() to here.
	(scan_it): When height is known a priori, allocate one extra line
 	to avoid realloc() when image has been filled.

	* backend/hp.c (BACKEND_NAME): Define as hp (reported by Henryk

	* backend/mustek.c (request_sense): Increase result size from 4 to
 	16 bytes to shut up aha1542 driver (reported by Mathias Lautner).

	* frontend/scanimage.c (advance): Fix memory allocation logic
	(bug reported by Matthias Lautner).

	* doc/sane-dll.man: Clarify that pre-loaded backends are not
 	affected by dll.conf.

	* doc/sane-pint.man: New file (contributed by Gordon Matzigkeit).

	* backend/dll.c (RTLD_NOW): Define as 0 if dlfcn.h doesn't define

Wed Apr 23 23:03:47 1997  Gordon Matzigkeit  <gord@gnu.ai.mit.edu>

	* backend/Makefile.in, frontend/Makefile.in: Specify full
 	filenames, rather than just the directory name for INSTALL
 	destinations.  This Automakeism helps debugging when the target
 	directory doesn't exist.

	* include/sane/config.h.in (HAVE_SYS_SCANIO_H): Define, for PINT's

	* backend/pint.c: Prefix sane includes with <sane/...>.

	* backend/dll.c (RTLD_NOW): Paramaterize, so that RTLD_LAZY is
	used if RTLD_NOW is not defined.
	(load): Try looking up the symbol with a leading underscore, if we
 	can't find it the first time.

	Make dynamic loading conditional on HAVE_DLOPEN rather than the
 	library and header file.

	* configure.in (enable_dynamic): Disable dynamic loading if the
	system doesn't have dlopen.

Tue Apr 22 00:17:41 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* Version 0.55 released.

	* frontend/xscanimage.c (browse_filename_callback): Initialize
	FILENAME before calling gsg_get_filename().

	* doc/sane.tex: Change obsolete \driver{DVIps} into DVIps document
 	style option.

	* frontend/xscanimage.c (query): Update to new command name

Mon Apr 21 08:27:28 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* doc/Makefile.in (install): Add rule to install man-pages.
	(%.1 %.5): Add rule to generate man-pages (by substituting
	actual paths).
	(SECT1): New variable.
	(SECT5): Ditto.
	(MANPAGES): Ditto.

	* doc/sane-pnm.man: New file.
	* backend/pnm.README: Deleted.

	* doc/sane-hp.man: New file.
	* backend/hp.README: Deleted.

	* doc/saned.man: New file.
	* frontend/saned.README: Deleted.

	* doc/sane-qcam.man: New file.
	* backend/qcam.README: Deleted.

	* doc/sane-mustek.man: New file.
	* backend/mustek.README: Deleted.

	* doc/sane-net.man: New file.
	* backend/net.README: Deleted.

	* doc/sane-dll.man: New file.
	* backend/dll.README: Deleted.

	* doc/xscanimage.man: New file.
	* frontend/xscanimage.README: Deleted.

	* frontend/preview.c (event_handler): Restore preview image only
	if preferences.preserve_preview is TRUE.

	* frontend/xscanimage.c (preview_options_dialog): Add an option
	to control whether the preview image should be preserved.

	* sanei/sanei_load_values.c (sanei_load_values): Copy string value
	into temporary buffer that is opt->size bytes long.  Then pass copy
	to sane_control_option().

	* AUTHORS (Backends): Updated according to recent changes.

	* doc/sane.tex (The SANE Application Programmer Interface (API)):
 	Fix typo: replace () by {}.

	* PROJECTS (Backend): Update PINT entry.

	* frontend/xscanimage.c (prog_name): New variable.
	(input_available): Use prog_name instead of hardcoding "xscan".
	(preview_options_ok_callback): Ditto.
	(preview_options_dialog): Ditto.
	(usage): Ditto.
	(interface): Ditto.
	(main): Initialize prog_name.

	* frontend/scanimage.c: Update for new name (scanimage instead of

	* frontend/Makefile.in (SCAN_OBJS): Rename sources to xscanimage.c
 	and scanimage.c as well.

Sun Apr 20 09:09:06 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* Version 0.54 released.

	* sanei/Makefile.in (LIBSANEI_LTOBJS): Remove @LTALLOCA@.

	* lib/Makefile.in: Invoke $(LIBTOOL) with --mode arg to avoid
 	depending on command names.  Prefix $(LIBTOOL) invocation with
	@-sign to reduce verbosity.
	* frontend/Makefile.in: Ditto.
	* backend/Makefile.in: Ditto.
	* sanei/Makefile.in: Ditto.
	* frontend/saned.c (_PATH_HEQUIV): Define if not defined yet..

	* configure.in: Check for libgimp/gimp.h instead of -lgimp since
	-lgimp cannot be linked by itself (it has an unresolved reference

	* lib/strndup.c (strndup): Include <stdlib.h>.

	* frontend/xscanimage.README: Update.

	* sanei/sanei_scsi.c: Add missing "int" type in front of

	* configure.in: Check for -lintl, -lsocket, and -lnsl for
 	braindamaged SVR4 systems.

	* frontend/scan.c (scan_it): Initialize min with 0xff, not ~0
	(Sun CC complains otherwise).

	* backend/Makefile.in: Use "ln -f -s", not "ln -sf", Solaris doesn't
	like the former.  Grrr...

	* lib/alloca.c: Don't use xmalloc().

	* frontend/saned.c (store_reclen): Declare BUF as a pointer to
 	SANE_Byte (not char).
	(do_scan): Ditto.

	* frontend/scan.c (fetch_options): Cast opt->name to (char *)
	to suppress (spurious) warning.

	* backend/dll.c (sane_init): Skip preloaded backends with no name.

	* backend/hp.c (inquire): Cast BUF to (char *) to avoid warning.
	(sane_read): Change type of NREAD to size_t (from ssize_t).

	* include/sane/sanei_backend.h (u_int16_t): Define u_int8_t,
 	u_int16_t, and u_int32_t if necessary.

	* include/sane/sane.h (sane_strstatus): Remove non-ANSI "const".
	* backend/sane_strstatus.c (sane_strstatus): Ditto

	* include/sane/sanei_debug.h (DBG): Define alternate version for
	non-GNU C compilers.

	* sanei/sanei_init_debug.c (sanei_debug) [!__GNUC__]: New function.
	(max_level) [!__GNUC__]: New variable.

	* include/sane/sanei_wire.h: Fix typo in prototype for

	* configure.in: Test for gtk_check_button_new() in libgtk.

	* lib/Makefile.in (CPPFLAGS): Add -I../include/sane.

	* frontend/scan.c (STRIP_HEIGHT): New macro.
	(advance): Use above macro instead of hard-coding value.
	(scan_it): Ditto.
	(scan_it): Print error when out of memory.

	* frontend/sane-style.rc: Make the curve in the graph red.

	* frontend/preview.c (XSERVER_WITH_BUGGY_VISUALS): Define for now.
	(preview_new): Avoid push_visual()/get_visual() since it seems to
 	cause problems with some XFree86 servers (and may be others as

	* frontend/preferences.h: Add member ADVANCED.
	* frontend/preferences.c: Initialize member ADVANCED and add
	an option descriptor for it.

	* frontend/gtkglue.c (panel_build): Layout panel different: all
 	options are now in one column (advanced options are at the
 	bottom).  The graph widget (if any), will be shown in a separate
 	column to the right of the options.  Display a group only when
 	there is at least one option in it.  Create graph widget if there
 	is at least one vector-valued option.
	(gsg_sync): New function.
	(gsg_set_advanced): Ditto.
	(gsg_message_dialog_active): Rename from SHOWING_MESSAGE and make

	* frontend/gtkglue.h (GSGDialog): Rename member NOTEBOOK to

	* frontend/gtkglue.c (group_new): New function.
	(curve_new): Ditto.
	(vector_new): Ditto.

	* backend/mustek.c (init_options): Initialize OPT_CUSTOM_GAMMA.
	(sane_control_option): Handle OPT_CUSTOM_GAMMA.

	* backend/mustek.h (OPT_CUSTOM_GAMMA): New option.

	* configure.in (AC_CONFIG_HEADER): Update for new location.

	* include/sane/config.h.in: Move to here from include/config.h.
	* *.[ch]: Replace <config.h> with <sane/config.h> (except for
	files in lib.

	* frontend/saned.README: saned moved from bin/saned to sbin/saned.

	* configure.in (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Check for gtk/gtkcurve.h.

	* backend/mustek.c (init_options): Undo changes of April 18th.

	* frontend/Makefile.in (install): Install $(BINPROGS) in $(bindir)
 	and $(SBINPROGS) in $(sbindir).
	(SBINPROGS): New variable.
	(BINPROGS): Ditto.
	(PROGRAMS): Define as concatenation of the two vars above.
	(install): Create $(bindir) and $(sbindir) if necessary.

Sat Apr 19 18:21:02 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* frontend/Makefile.in (scanimage): Rename "scan" binary to
 	"scanimage" to avoid name-collision with MH's scan command.

	* backend/mustek.c (gamma_correction): Update according to new
	gamma-table handling.

	* backend/mustek.h: Declare gamma_table as 4 arrays of 256 words

	* backend/mustek.c (sane_control_option): Add missing return after

	* frontend/progress.h: Protect against multiple inclusion using
 	macro progress_h, not __PROGRESS_H__ (names starting with
 	underscores are reserved for libc/system).

	* frontend/gtkglue.c: Remove include of <gtk.h>.
	* frontend/xcam.c: Ditto.
	* frontend/xscan.c: Ditto.

	* frontend/gtkglue.h: Include <gtk/gtk.h> instead of <gtk.h>.
	* frontend/progress.c: Ditto.

	* Makefile.in (install): Install headerfiles.
	(INSTALLED_INCLUDES): List of header files that need to be

Sat Apr 19 18:15:03 1997  Michael K. Johnson <johnsonm@redhat.com>

	* */*.[ch]: Prefix sane-includes with <sane/...>.
	include/sane*: Move to include/sane subdirectory.

Sat Apr 19 08:25:36 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* frontend/gtkglue.c (set_option): Add missing return and use
	snprintf instead of sprintf.

	* frontend/xscan.c (update_param): Multiply size by 3 if we're
	dealing with a frame from a 3-pass image.

Fri Apr 18 07:28:46 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/mustek.c (init_options): Mark all vector options as

	* frontend/scan.c (scan_it): Fail if advance() fails.

Thu Apr 17 08:59:00 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/mustek.c (sane_read): Add debug statement.
	(reader_process): Remove extraneous if-statement that had the
 	effect of not passing along any data in 3-pass mode.

Wed Apr 16 09:16:01 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* frontend/preview.h: Add member CANCEL.
	* frontend/preview.c (scan_start): Make p->cancel sensitive.
	(scan_done): Make p->cancel insensitive.
	(preview_new): Set p->cancel insensitive.

	* frontend/preferences.h (Preferences): Add member "filename".
	* frontend/preferences.c: Initialize new member "filename".
	Declare member "filename" as a string.

	* frontend/xscan.c (device_dialog): Rename "Files" to "File".
	(quit_xscan): Call pref_xscan_save() before exiting.  Replace
	global variable filename by preferences.filename.

	* frontend/xcam.c (main): Ditto.

	* PROBLEMS: New file.

	* frontend/gtkglue.c (scale_new): Set the adjustment page size to
 	0.0.  Make horizontal scale 200 pixels wide.

	* frontend/xscan.c (device_dialog): Move gtk_widget_show
 	(ScanWin.shell) after pref_device_restore (0, 0).
	(pref_device_restore): Make arg-less since callback arguments must
 	not be used.
	(device_dialog): Remove dummy args from call to pref_device_restore().

	* include/saneopts.h (SANE_TITLE_SCAN_TL_X, SANE_TITLE_SCAN_TL_Y,

	* frontend/xcam.c (main): Move gtk_widget_show(win.shell) to end
	of function.

	* backend/mustek.c (attach): Turn on MUSTEK_FLAG_USE_EIGHTS for
	(sane_get_parameters): Must not depend on s->mode in this routine,
	since s->mode is valid only once scanning has begun.

Tue Apr 15 23:06:17 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/mustek.c (sane_start): Issue SCAN_AREA and BACKTRACK
 	commands even during second and third pass.
	(sane_get_parameters): Be sure to properly update the
 	params.format member during second and third pass.

Sat Apr 12 11:40:52 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* frontend/scan.c (STRIP_HEIGHT): New macro.
	(scan_it): Fix typo: test parm.lines instead of image.height.

	* backend/pnm.c (hand_scanner): New variable.
	(sane_control_option): Handle setting/reading of HAND_SCANNER
	(getparmfromfile): Set parms.lines to -1 when simulating
	(sod): Add hand-scanner option descriptor.

	* frontend/gtkglue.c (panel_build): Move gtk_widget_show
 	(notebook) to the very of this function.  This works around the
 	notebook redrawing problems.  Define WORKING_NOTEBOOK.

	* frontend/xscan.c (interface): Call quit_xscan() if
 	device_dialog() did not end up with a non-NULL dialog.
	(quit_xscan): Add missing exit() call.

	* backend/mustek.c (attach): Print more debug info on detected
 	scanner (1 vs 3-pass, ADF & TA support).
	(start_scan): Fix typo in code selecting the three-pass color filter.

Sun Apr 13 23:53:02 1997  Gordon Matzigkeit  <gord@gnu.ai.mit.edu>

	* backend/pint.c, backend/pint.h, backend/pint.README: Added to

Fri Apr 11 22:04:17 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* Version 0.53 released.

	* frontend/xscan.c: Default to "out.pnm" instead of "out.ppm".

	* backend/mustek.c (get_image_status): Add debug message.
	(sane_start): Only divide pixels_per_line by three if we're doing
 	a one-pass color scan.
	(do_eof): New function.
	(sane_read): Call do_eof() when done with a frame.
	(do_cancel): Call do_eof().

	* frontend/scan.c (write_pnm_header): New function.
	(advance): Ditto.
	(scan_it): Modify to support three-pass scanning and scanning of
 	images whose height is not known a priori (hand-held scanners).

Wed Apr  9 14:39:59 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* frontend/xscan.c (ok_choose_dialog_callback): Make
	(select_device_callback): Declare event as second argument and
 	call ok_choose_dialog_callback() if the callback was invoked
 	through a double-click.
	(choose_device): Register select_device_callback() as
 	"button_press_event" handler instead of as "clicked" so we can
 	catch double-clicks.

Tue Apr  8 10:31:47 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* frontend/xscan.c (init): Enable gtk_rc_parse() code (GTK-0.99.7
 	requires patch for gtkstyle.c).

	* backend/hp.c (attach): Fix parenthization to shut up gcc.

Mon Apr  7 13:08:45 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* frontend/xscan.c (preview_options_dialog): Rename "changed_text"
	to "changed" to reflect latest GTK version.
	(device_dialog): Ditto.
	* frontend/gtkglue.c (text_entry_new): Ditto.

	* Version 0.52 released.

	* AUTHORS: Various updates.

	* backend/mustek.README: Add Adaptec info.

	* backend/mustek.c (sane_start): Call wait_ready() before any
	other scanner command.
	(wait_ready): New function.
	(attach): Call wait_ready() instead of open-coding it.

	* doc/sane.tex (subsection{\code{sane\_strstatus}}): Include
	* doc/net.tex: New file.

Thu Apr  3 08:51:13 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* frontend/xscan.c (update_param): Change type of SIZE to u_long
 	(from long) since under NetBSD there seem to be some odd sign
 	problems otherwise (compiler bug?).

Wed Apr  2 07:15:41 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/mustek.c (sane_read): Always deliver EOF after reading
	0 bytes.

	* backend/qcam.c (reader_process): Fine-tune pixel interpolation.
	(despeckle32): Ignore last red pixel in every line (it's always
 	black).  Switch red and blue pixel location (the Connectix docs
 	are wrong).

	* backend/mustek.c (start_scan): Fix typo that caused start[4] to
	be set incorrectly.

	* frontend/preview.c: Include <sys/param.h> to get PATH_MAX.

Tue Apr  1 18:45:14 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/qcam.c (despeckle): New function.
	(despeckle32): Ditto.
	(init_options): Initialize OPT_DESPECKLE.
	(reader_process): Add despeckling support.
	(sane_control_option): Ditto.
	(sane_start): Initialize req.despeckle.

	* backend/qcam.h: New member DESPECKLE.

	* frontend/preview.c (restore_option): Fix typo: it should be
 	SANE_ACTION_SET_VALUE (not _get_).

	* backend/mustek.c (attach): Turn on MUSTEK_FLAG_USE_EIGHTS for

	* backend/hp.c (attach): Allow both TYPE_PROCESSOR (0x03) and
	TYPE_SCANNER (0x06) as the first inquiry byte---some scanners use
	the former, others the latter.

	* Version 0.51 released.

	* configure.in: Check for gtk_tooltips_new in libgtk.

Mon Mar 31 14:42:56 1997  Gordon Matzigkeit  <gord@gnu.ai.mit.edu>

	* frontend/scan.c (main): Added full_optstring, to allow getopt to
	do full parsing of the option arguments.

	* backend/pnm.c (getparmfromfile): Need to round up the number of
	bytes per line when scanning bitmaps.

Mon Mar 31 07:48:50 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/qcam.c (attach): Send a dummy black-level command.  The
 	first black-level command aftera camera reset doesn't appear to

	* lib/strndup.c: Correct typo: HAVE_STRDUP -> HAVE_STRNDUP.

	* frontend/xscan.c (pref_set_tooltips): New function.
	(pref_build_menu): Build tooltip submenu.

	* frontend/preferences.h: New member TOOLTIPS_ENABLED.
	* frontend/preferences.c: Add entry for TOOLTIPS_ENABLED.

	* frontend/gtkglue.h: Add members TOOLTIPS, TOOLTIPS_FG, and

	* frontend/gtkglue.c (set_tooltip): New function.
	(autobutton_new): Add argument TOOLTIPS and add button-description
 	via set_tooltip().
	(button_new): New args TOOLTIPS & DESC.  Set DESC as tooltip help
	(scale_new): Ditto.
	(option_menu_new): Ditto.
	(text_entry_new): Ditto.
	(panel_destroy): Destroy dialog tooltips as well.
	(panel_build): Create tooltips and allocate colors for it; pass
	new args to above functions.
	(gsg_set_tooltips): New function.

	* Version 0.5 released.

	* backend/Makefile.in (install): Add missing double-quotes to
 	$(LIBS) and $(CONFIGS).  Also create a symlink for libsane.a.

	* ltconfig: Revert back to version 0.9.
	* ltmain.sh: Ditto.

	* frontend/scan.c (print_option): Substitute our own help string
 	for -x and -y options.
	(main): Remove BROKEN_GETOPT code.

	* frontend/Makefile.in (CPPFLAGS): Undo yesterday's change.
	* lib/getopt1.c: Ditto.
	* lib/getopt.c: Ditto.

	* frontend/scan.c (main): Add some clever getopt () hackery to
 	work around multi-scan getopt () bug (patch by Gord Matzigkeit).

	* backend/qcam.README: Correct path of configuration file.

Sun Mar 30 21:42:12 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* frontend/Makefile.in (CPPFLAGS): Add back -DBROKEN_GETOPT.

	* frontend/scan.c (main): Reinstantiate BROKEN_GETOPT code.
	getopt_long() is _STILL_ broken. ;-(

	* lib/getopt.c: Use this code if __GNU_LIBRARY__ <= 6.  Early
	versions of glibc had a buggy getopt().
	* lib/getopt1.c: Ditto.

	* frontend/Makefile.in (xscan): Mention $(LIBSANEI).

	* frontend/xscan.c: Include <libgimp/gimp.h>, not <gimp.h>.

	* Makefile.in (distclean): Mention libtool.
	* configure.in (AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Ditto.

	* include/config.h.in: Add undef of STRSEP.

	* sanei/sane_strstatus.c: Move to backend directory to minimize
	chance of confusing this with a SANE-internal routine.

	* sanei/Makefile.in (LIBSANEI_OBJS): Remove sane_strstatus.o.
	(LIBSANEI_LTOBJS):  Remove sane_strstatus.lo.

	* backend/Makefile.in (libsane-%.la): Mention sane_strstatus.lo
 	explicitly (every SANE backend library MUST define this function
	so we can switch backends at will).

	* frontend/Makefile.in (SCAN_OBJS): Remove getopt.o, getopt1.o.

	* Makefile.in (SUBDIRS): Mention lib as first directory.

	* configure.in (AC_OUTPUT): Mention lib/Makefile.

	* lib/strsep.c: New file.
	* lib/strndup.c: Ditto.
	* lib/Makefile.in: Ditto.

	* sanei/test_wire.c (main): Initialize codecs through

	* sanei/sanei_codec_bin.c (sanei_codec_bin_init): Ditto.

	* sanei/sanei_codec_ascii.c (sanei_codec_ascii_init): Remove
 	w->buffer initalization---this function should be called through
	sanei_w_init () only.

	* sanei/sanei_scsi.c: Rename _sanei_scsi_max_request_size to

	* backend/mustek.c (reader_process): Rename macro

	* include/sanei_scsi.h: Rename _sanei_scsi_max_request_size to
 	sanei_scsi_max_request_size (names with a leading underscore are
 	reserved for libc/system).

	* frontend/scan.c (main): Add a brief description of the program.

	* frontend/getopt.c: Move to lib.
	* frontend/getopt1.c: Ditto.

	* backend/pnm.c (enum ppm_type): Remove non-ANSI trailing comma.
	Correct struct indentation.

	* include/lalloca.h: Isolate alloca cruft in this file.
	* frontend/gtkglue.c: Include lalloca.h in place of alloca hack.
	* frontend/dll.c: Ditto.
	* frontend/scan.c: Ditto.
	* sanei/sanei_load_values.c: Ditto.
	* sanei/sanei_scsi.c: Ditto.

Sat Mar 29 00:14:37 1997  Gordon Matzigkeit  <gord@gnu.ai.mit.edu>

	* backend/pnm.c (sane_read): Slurp in RGB files all at once,
	rather than limping along three bytes at a time.

	* frontend/xscan.c (advance): Only define if HAVE_LIBGIMP.

	* backend/pnm.c (sane_read, sane_start, getparmfromfile): Handle
 	grayscale and monochrome bitmapped PNM files.

	* frontend/scan.c (main): Remove BROKEN_GETOPT workaround---the
	new getopt() works properly when making multiple passes over the
	argument list.

Fri Mar 28 21:33:36 1997  Gordon Matzigkeit  <gord@gnu.ai.mit.edu>

	* configure.in: Make the QuickCam device conditional on whether or
 	not the ioperm function exists.

	* sanei/sanei_scsi.c: created a stubbed version of sanei_scsi_cmd.

	* frontend/scan.c (main): Only print error messages to stderr.
	Use fputs or fputc when it is possible to avoid printf.

	* sanei/sanei_wire.c (sanei_w_array, sanei_w_ptr, sanei_w_init),
 	sanei/sanei_save_values.c (sanei_save_values),
 	sanei/sanei_codec_ascii.c (ascii_w_string): Return an error if
 	malloc fails.

	* sanei/test_wire.c (main): Added --readonly flag to help test
	wire robustness.

	* backend/Makefile.in (LIBSANEI): Deleted the `EXTRA' variable,
	and used the convenience library, ../sanei/libsanei.a.

Sat Mar 29 10:19:58 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* doc/sane.tex: Change version from 0.42 to 0.5.

	* README: Add pointer to frontend & backend specific README files.

	* backend/net.c (connect_dev): Ensure dev->ctl gets closed and
 	reset to -1 in case of failure.

	* configure.in: Look for gtk_preview_new() in libgtk so we can
	ignore old GTK versions against which we can't build.

	* (config.sub): Replace with version that comes with
 	autoconf-2.12.  The version that came with libtool-0.9
	doesn't like i686-unknown-linux.

Fri Mar 28 13:12:17 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* doc/sane.tex (subsection{sane_get_select_fd}): Remove extraneous

	* backend/stubs.c (sane_cancel): Don't return anything.

	* include/sane.h: Remove trailing comma (for -pedantic).

	* frontend/xscan.c (interface): Complain when trying to call
	a device that's unavailable.
	(select_device_callback): Correct prototype.

	* frontend/xcam.c (main): Remove unused variable `label.'

	* backend/net.c (sane_cancel): Call SANE_NET_CANCEL.
	(sane_start): Handle failure of SANE_NET_START.

	* frontend/saned.c (process_request): Implement SANE_NET_CANCEL.

	* frontend/gtkglue.h (GSGDialogElement): Remove member "label".
	* frontend/gtkglue.c: Update accordingly.
	(button_new): Use gtk_check_button_new_with_label () to simplify
	this function.

	* frontend/gtkglue.c (unit_string): New function.
	(panel_build): Append unit_string () to option's title if
	the unit is not SANE_UNIT_NONE.  Use "title" instead of opt->title
	when creating widgets.

	* frontend/preview.c (preview_update): Compute width/height as
	(max - min + eps) where eps is 1 for integer coordinates and
 	SANE_UNFIX(1) for fixed-point coordinates.
	(display_partial_image): Support different scaling in x/y
 	direction.  In the case where surface_unit == SANE_UNIT_PIXEL,
 	compute xscale/yscale based on the ratio between the _expected_
 	width/height and the actual width/height.  If they're not equal,
 	the backend must be doing some scaling (e.g., transfer-scale in
 	the qcam backend).

	* frontend/xscan.c (init): Disable gtk_rc_parse () calls for now
	since gtk styles seem to be a bit buggy right now.
	(scan_done): Remove input_tag if it is >= 0.

	* frontend/gtkglue.c: Include <preferences.h>.
	(panel_build): For fixed-point range-constraints scale min/max/quant
	based on the preferred metric.
	(scale_update): Ditto.
	(gsg_update_scan_window): Ditto.

	* backend/mustek.c (sane_control_option): For OPT_GAMMA_VECTOR_*
 	options, fail with SANE_STATUS_INVAL if the vector has zero length
 	(i.e., hasn't been set yet).

	* frontend/progress.c (progress_new): Don't make Cancel the
 	default-button---it's too easy to cancel by mistake otherwise.

	* frontend/sane-style.rc: New file.

	* frontend/xscan.c (init): New function.  Parse gtk_rc_parse ()
	on /usr/local/share/sane-style.rc and ~/.sane/sane-style.rc if
	those files exist.

	* configure.in (CPPFLAGS): Add PATH_SANE_DATA_DIR.

	* frontend/gtkglue.c (gsg_warning): New function.
	(gsg_message): New function.
	(gsg_error): Implement in terms of gsg_message ().

Thu Mar 27 16:52:27 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* frontend/gtkglue.c (gsg_make_path): Terminate buffer with '\0'
	before attempting mkdir().

	* frontend/xcam.c (main): Use gtk_menu_item_new_label () instead
	of gtk_label_new ()/gtk_menu_item_new ().

	* frontend/preview.c (establish_selection): Invoke
 	param_change_callback only if non-NULL.
	(preview_update): Convert scale range to inches if that's user's

	* frontend/xcam.c (delayed_switch): New function.
	(device_activate_callback): Call delayed_switch() rather than
 	executing that code directly.  Pete tells me GTK is not designed
 	to have a widget rebuilt while a submenu is active.

	* frontend/gtkglue.c (panel_build): Avoid using notebook widget
 	until GTK+ has been fixed.
	(idle_handler): New function: rebuild dialog if dialog->rebuild is
	(set_option): Set dialog->rebuild to TRUE and schedule
 	idle_handler() rather than directly calling panel_rebuild().  Pete
 	tells me GTK is not designed to have a widget rebuilt while a
 	submenu is active.
	(gsg_refresh_dialog): Ditto.

Thu Mar 27 14:54:23 1997  Gordon Matzigkeit  <gord@gnu.ai.mit.edu>

	* backend/Makefile.in: Converted all for statements that might be
	empty to use a temporary list variable.

	* frontend/Makefile.in (scan): Added getopt.o, getopt1.o to scan

	* frontend/getopt.c, frontend/getopt1.c, include/getopt.h: Added
	to the distribution.

	* backend/net.c (connect_dev), frontend/saned.c (main): Don't use
 	TCP_NODELAY if it has not been defined.  Look up tcp protocol
 	number if SOL_TCP is not defined.

	* sanei/test_wire.c (main): lseek after changing direction, or the
	direction change ends up at the end of the output file.
	Added option parsing, a usage message, and other cleanups.

	* sanei/sanei_codec_ascii.c (sanei_codec_ascii_init),
 	sanei/sanei_codec_bin.c (sanei_codec_bin_init): Initialize the
 	wire if it has a 0-length buffer.

	* sanei/sanei_wire.c (sanei_w_init): Only call the codec_init_func
	if it is not NULL.

	* sanei/sanei_scsi.c: Parameterize inclusion of generic SCSI
	headers based on HAVE_SCSI_SG_H, HAVE_SYS_SCSI_H, or

	* configure.in (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Check for scsi/sg.h,
	sys/scsi.h, and sys/scsiio.h.

	* sanei/sanei_load_values.c, sanei/sanei_scsi.c, backend/dll.c:
 	Replaced unconditional alloca.h include with the cruft suggested
 	by the Autoconf manual.

	* sanei/alloca.c: Add to distribution.

	* sanei/Makefile.in: Eliminate GNU make dependencies, and use
	@ALLOCA@ and @LTALLOCA@ as appropriate.

	* configure.in (AM_FUNC_ALLOCA): Use it.

	* aclocal.m4 (AM_FUNC_ALLOCA): Define it.

Wed Mar 26 17:25:49 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* sanei/sanei_wire.c (sanei_w_status): Update *v only when decoding.
	(sanei_w_bool): Ditto.
	(sanei_w_constraint_type): Ditto.
	(sanei_w_value_type): Ditto.
	(sanei_w_unit): Ditto.
	(sanei_w_action): Ditto.
	(sanei_w_frame): Ditto.

	* frontend/xscan.c (quit_xscan): Always invoke gtk_main_quit()
	(not just in standalone mode).
	(quit_callback): Correct prototype.

	* backend/pnm.c (sod): Fix doc-string for option "three-pass".

	* frontend/xscan.c (advance): New function.
	(input_available): Support 1 bpp frames.  Call advance() instead
 	of open-coding it.  Add RED/GREEN/BLUE frame support in GIMP mode.
	Complain when encountering unknown depth.
	(ScanWin): add member first_frame.
	(scan_start): Initialize first_frame and frame_offset in
	GIMP mode.

	* Integrate force unidirectional mode patch by Guido Muesch
	* backend/qcam.c (attach): Force uni-directional mode if port
	address starts with `u'.
	(attach): Add debug statement to print QCam version.

	* Integrate 3-pass patches by Heiko
	* backend/mustek.cb
 	(scan_area_and_windows): Use 1/8" mode when MUSTEK_FLAG_USE_EIGHTS
 	is on (instead of pixel unit).
	(mode_select): Set bit 3 in mode byte only if
	(encode_resolution): Don't do funky encoding for 3-pass scanners
 	in 10% resolution mode.  It seems the docs are wrong and the
 	actual scanners require a much simpler setup.

	* frontend/preview.h: Add include of <sys/types.h>.

Sat Mar 22 16:37:34 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* frontend/xscan.c (input_available): Reset ScanWin.x to zero at
 	the end of each line.
	(input_available): Reset tile_offset to zero after updating a
	(scan_done): Call gimp_display_new() to display the newly acquired
	image.  Draw final few lines of image if image height is not a multiple
	of the tile-height.

	* frontend/saned.c (process_request): quit when receiving
	unexpected procedure number---ignoring is dangerous.

	* backend/dll.c (load): Fix off-by-one bug in allocation of

	* frontend/xcam.c (prompt_for_device_name): Move grab-default
	call behind signal_connect since otherwise the default action
	won't work.

	* frontend/xscan.c (choose_device): Let "Ok" button be the one
	that gets activated by default (by hitting the Return key).

	* frontend/preview.c (preview_destroy): Rename save_preview_image
	to preserve_preview_image.
  	* frontend/preview.h: Ditto.

	* frontend/preview.c (restore_preview_image): New function.
	(preview_destroy): Save preview image if it exists.
	(preview_scan): New parameter SELECTION_ONLY.  If true,
 	preview-scanning is limited to the selected area.

	* frontend/xscan.c (scan_done): Call quit_xscan() to exit.
	(quit_xscan): Destroy preview if ScanWin.preview is non-NULL.

	* frontend/preview.c (draw_selection): Don't draw if p->gc is
	NULL (i.e., if windows aren't mapped yet).

	* frontend/xscan.c: Move HAVE_LIBGIMP-specific code further
	down (past the type & global variable decls).

	* configure.in (CPPFLAGS): Make --disable-shared impy

	* include/config.h.in: Add HAVE_STRNDUP.

Fri Mar 21 00:01:00 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* sanei/sanei_scsi.c (sanei_scsi_cmd): Implemented FreeBSD
	version (untested).

	* sanei/sanei_load_values.c: Include <alloca.h>

	* frontend/preview.c (update_selection): New function to set
	selection based on current scan-area option values.
	(preview_update): Call update_selection ().

	* sanei/sanei_save_values.c: Add copyright notice.
	* sanei/sanei_load_values.c: Add copyright notice and explanation
	of algorithm.
	(BITS_PER_LONG): New macro.
	(SET): Ditto.
	(IS_SET): Ditto.
	(sanei_load_values): Add variables caused_reload and keep_going to
	keep track of what options caused a reload_option and whether
	the whole option-value setting process should be repeated.

	* include/config.h.in: Add #undef HAVE_LIBGIMP.
	* frontend/xscan.c: Put all GIMP-dependencies inside
	Include <config.h>.

	* sanei/sanei_wire.c (sanei_w_init): Initialize status to 0.
	(sanei_w_free): Preserve existing direction and do not flush i/o.
	(sanei_w_space): Return EINVAL if reading 0 bytes.

Thu Mar 20 09:11:21 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* frontend/gtkglue.h (dev_name): New member.
	* frontend/gtkglue.c (gsg_destroy_dialog): free dialog->dev_name.
	(gsg_create_dialog): Keep copy of device name in dev_name member.

	* include/sanei_backend.h: Move stubs into backend/stubs.c and
	define redirection macros only if STUBS is not defined.
	* backend/stubs.c: New file.

	* configure.in (AC_PROG_RANLIB): Removed.  No longer needed with
	* (frontend/Makefile.in): Adapt to libtool.
	* (backend/Makefile.in): Ditto.
	* (sanei/Makefile.in): Ditto.

	* backend/mustek.c (attach): Check result[0] == 0x06 to find out
 	whether we're dealing with a scanner (rather than attemting to
 	find the string "SCANNER" ).

	* backend/hp.c (sane_read): Initialize nread with max_len, not
	(sane_get_parameters): Add missing `== 0' comparison for strcmp()
	(inquire): Generalize so we can inquire any quantity and improve
	(attach): Use reasonable default value if inquiry of a quantity
	(sane_start): Report error if inquiry of a scan parameter fails.

Wed Mar 19 18:03:38 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* frontend/xcam.c (prompt_for_device_name): grab default for OK
 	button (doesn't seem to work, though).

	* frontend/progress.c (progress_new): Connect progress_cancel()
 	via signal_connect(), not signal_connect_object() and pass P, not
	(progress_cancel): Don't free progress structure (must be done by

	* frontend/xscan.c (input_available): New function.
	(scan_done): Ditto.
	(scan_start): Ditto.
	(progress_cancel): Simply call sane_cancel().
	(scan_dialog): Moved most of the code to above functions.

	* frontend/gtkglue.c (get_filename_button_clicked): New function.
	(gsg_get_filename): Ditto.

	* frontend/xscan.c (scan_dialog): Do not quit xscan when in
	standalone mode.
	(scan_dialog): Prompt for output filename in standalone mode.
	(filename): New variable.

	* backend/pnm.c (sane_control_option): Remove "pnm." prefix
	in debug messages.

	* backend/qcam.c (sane_cancel): Remove "qcam." prefix in debug

	* backend/mustek.c: Remove "mustek." prefix in debug messages.

Tue Mar 18 17:30:29 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/mustek.c (sane_close): Remove superfluous "[mustek]" in
 	debug string.

	* sanei/sanei_scsi.c (sanei_scsi_cmd): Implement HP-UX version
	of this function (untested).

	* backend/qcam.c (reader_process): Enable code to handle 4 bpp
	and 6 bpp cases.

Thu Mar 13 13:15:21 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* doc/sane.tex (subsection{Scan Area Options}): Attempt to
	clarify the meaning of "top-left" corner.

Tue Mar 11 07:12:53 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* frontend/gtkglue.c (panel_build): Fix typo in matching of
	"resolution" option (missing == 0).

Mon Mar 10 20:19:06 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* Announced pre0.5 snapshot.

	* backend/qcam.h: Make transfer-scale part of the "mode" group.

	* backend/qcam.c (sane_read): Moved return of SANE_STATUS_EOF
 	behind test for delivering EOF.

	* frontend/xscan.c (device_dialog): Relabel "Cancel" button to

	* backend/qcam.c (init_options): Set SANE_CAP_ADVANCED for geometry
	* backend/mustek.c (init_options): Ditto.

	* backend/pnm.c (pass, three_pass): New variables.
	(sod): Add option "three-pass" to simulate a three-pass scanner.
	(sane_control_option): Add support for three_pass option.
	(getparmfromfile): In three-pass mode, set format and last_frame
	based on `pass'.
	(sane_start): If input file is open already, fail unless we're
	scanning the next frame of a three-pass image.
	(sane_read): Handle three-pass case.

Sun Mar  9 13:20:19 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* frontend/gtkglue.c (text_entry_callback): Only call
 	gtk_entry_set_text() if the backend modified the string.  Otherwise,
	infinite recursion occurs on any change (since the change results
	in a change...).

	* frontend/xcam.c (next_frame): Reset win.remaining to zero.

	* backend/qcam.c (init_options): Set size of "resolution" option
	to sizeof("High").

	* doc/sane.tex (subsection{Scan Area Options}): Allow word-list
	as a constraint.

	* configure.in (CFLAGS): Add -D_GNU_SOURCE to CFLAGS since we
	now depend on snprintf ().

	* frontend/xscan.c (device_dialog): Fix typo: PixelHeight should
 	be > 0, not == 0 in order for us to create the preview window.
	(device_dialog): Ditto.
	(device_dialog): Add ScanWin.preview to frame container.

Sat Mar  8 10:19:41 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* doc/sane.tex (subsection{sane_get_select_fd}): Clarify what
	must happen when the end of a frame has been reached.

	* frontend/xcam.c (input_available): Stop when sane_read() returns
	0 bytes.  Fix typo: win.data needs to be set to dst, not src, on

	* backend/qcam.h (read_fd): New member.
	* backend/qcam.c (sane_get_select_fd): Return read_fd instead of
	(sane_open): Initialize s->read_fd to -1.
	(sane_close): Close s->select_fd if >= 0.
	(sane_start): Make read_fd dup() of s->from_child.
	(sane_cancel): Close s->read_fd if >= 0.
	(sane_set_io_mode): Modify s->read_fd instead of s->from_child.

	* frontend/scan.c: Include <sanei.h> for NELEMS macro.
	* frontend/xcam.c: Ditto.

	* configure.in (CPPFLAGS): Add defines for V_MAJOR and V_MINOR.
	(V_MAJOR, V_MINOR): New variables.

	* sanei/Makefile.in (SANEI_OBJS): Mention sanei_net.o.

	* include/sanei_net.h: New file (split from sanei_wire.h).
	* sanei/sanei_net.c: New file  (split from sanei_wire.c).

	* configure.in: Add -Wall to CFLAGS when using gcc.

	* frontend/Makefile.in (saned): List -lsanei before -lsane
	so saned never depends on sanei_*-routines that may be present
	in -lsane (the only dependencies for that library must be
	on sane_* names).

	* backend/Makefile.in (LIBS): Remove -ldl (configure will add
	it if available).
	(SHLDFLAGS): Use -usanei_init instead of --whole-archive option.
	(SHLDPOSTFLAGS): Remove --no-whole-archive.

	* backend/dll.c: Add include of <config.h>.
	(DYNAMIC): New macro.  Defined it dynamic loading support is
	available and enabled.
	Include <dlfcn.h> only when DYNAMIC is defined.
	(load): Make no-op when DYNAMIC is not defined.
	(sane_exit): Never call dlclose() if DYNAMIC is not defined.

	* include/sanei_scsi.h: Rename from genscsi.h and rename prefix
	from `genscsi_' to `sanei_scsi_'.
	* sanei/sanei_scsi.c: Ditto.
	* backend/mustek.c: Rename `genscsi_' to `sanei_scsi_'.

	* configure.in: Check for availability of -ldl and <dlfcn.h>.

Fri Mar  7 15:21:38 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* sanei/sanei_wire.c: New file.
	* sanei/sanei_codec_bin.c: Ditto.
	* sanei/sanei_codec_ascii.c: Ditto.

	* backend/dll.c (sane_exit): Call dlclose() only if handle is
	(sane_init): Chain together preloaded backends.

	* backend/qcam.c (attach): Make static.
	(sighandler): Ditto.
	(qc_getstatus): Ditto.
	* backend/mustek.c (attach): Ditto.

	* backend/dll.c (op_name): Remove `sane_' prefix.

	* sanei/sanei_init_debug.c (sanei_init_debug): Upcase backend
	name when building environment variable name.

	* backend/genscsi.c: Make use of sanei_debug.h.

	* backend/mustek.c: Adapt to use sanei_backend.h.
	* backend/net.c: Ditto.
	* backend/pnm.c: Ditto.
	* backend/qcam.c: Ditto.

	* backend/dll.c (sane_exit): Fix typo that resulted in the
	last backend not being exited.

Thu Mar  6 21:25:27 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* doc/sane.tex (subsection{\code{sane\_init}}): Allow
 	authorization callbacks during sane_start() but not during

Tue Mar  4 21:04:16 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/mustek.c (sane_close): Print debug message when trying
	to close an unknown handle.

Thu Feb 27 18:10:20 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* doc/sane.tex (chapter{Contact Information}\label{chap:contact}):
	Add `listserv.' to mailing list address---seems to be needed for
	subscriptions etc.

Sun Feb  9 12:54:20 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/mustek.README: Add pointer to Ingmar's 53c400 patch.

Sat Feb  8 11:49:24 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/mustek.c (line_distance): Add more debug output.

Fri Feb  7 19:21:36 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/mustek.c (line_distance): Remove erroneous #ifdef
	around FACTOR and COLOR.

	* doc/sane.tex (subsection{sane_init}): Make username/password
	fixed length arrays so no malloc/free magic is needed.
	(subsection{Preview Mode Option}): New section.

	* include/sane.h: Ditto.

	* include/sane.h (SANE_Char): New type.

Tue Feb  4 18:47:52 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/mustek.c (sane_get_parameters): Correct typo: replace
	s->pass with s->params.format.

Fri Jan 31 16:16:26 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/mustek.c (attach): Print debug message when using
 	special line-distance algorithm.
	Enable special line-distance algorithm only for firmware
 	revisions < 1.02.
	Determine fw revision based on INQUIRY result.

Thu Jan 30 21:22:38 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* doc/sane.tex (section{Attaching to a SANE backend}): Rename
	metanet -> net, netproxy -> saned, metadl -> dll and update
	hierarchy figure as well.  Added autolum meta backend as a
	filter example.

	* TODO: Rename metanet -> net, metadl -> dll.

	* AUTHORS (Frontends): Rename metanet -> net, metadl -> dll,
	mention saned and xcam and sort entries alphabetically.

	* backend/net.c (sane_control_option): Replace all occurances of
 	metanet with net.
	* backend/net.README: Ditto.

	* backend/dll.README: Replace all occurances of metadl with dll.
	* backend/dll.c: Ditto.

	* backend/dll.conf: Comment out metanet since it's a bit of a
 	security risk (no authentication just yet).

	* backend/Makefile.in (CONFIGS): New macro (list of config files)
	(install): Change install rule so existing configuration files
	are not overwritten.
	Replace all occurances of metanet with net.

	(V_MINOR): Bump up to 43.

Tue Jan 28 08:17:18 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* frontend/Makefile (saned): Mention -lsanei before -lsane so
 	saned does not incorrectly depend on sanei_printf/sanei_scanf in
 	-lsane (if it happens to define those symbols).

	* backend/metanet.c (sane_init): Rename SANE_Authorization_Callback
	to SANE_Auth_Callback.
	* backend/mustek.c (sane_init): Ditto.
	* backend/pnm.c (sane_init): Ditto.
	* backend/metadl.c (sane_init): Ditto.

	* frontend/saned.c (main): Put output socket in TCP_NODELAY mode.
	Include of <sys/socket.h>

	* backend/metanet.c (openit): Ditto.

Mon Jan 27 19:32:29 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* doc/sane.tex (subsection{Device Descriptor Type}): Change vendor
 	name "None" to "Noname".
	* backend/pnm.c (dev): Change vendor name from "noname" to "Noname".

	* include/sane.h (SANE_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED): New status value.
	* sanei/sane_strstatus.c (sane_strstatus): Return appropriate
	status string.

	* frontend/xscan.c (scan_dialog): Don't depend on first_frame
	when creating image---the old code didn't work for R/G/B-only
	frames anyhow, so there is no point pretending.

	* include/sane.h (SANE_Parameters): Rename first_frame to
	* backend/metanet.c (sane_get_parameters): Update accordingly.
	* backend/qcam.c (sane_get_parameters): Ditto.
	* frontend/saned.c (readcmd): Ditto.
	* frontend/test.c (testsane): Ditto.
	* backend/mustek.c (sane_get_parameters): Set last_frame unless
	the current pass is acquiring a red- or green-only frame.

	* doc/sane.tex (subsection{sane_get_parameters)): Change

	* backend/metanet.c: Initialize PEER with -1.
	(sane_get_select_fd): Return PEER and succeed if not negative.

	* include/netsane.h (ns_printf, ns_scanf, netfd_wr, netfd_rd):
 	Remove (obsolete).

	* frontend/saned.c: Increase STRBUF size to 32KB to get better
	scan_read() throughput.

	* include/sane.h (SANE_Athorization_Callback): Return void
 	(instead of int) and make USERNAME and PASSWORD (pointers to)
 	return values.

	* frontend/saned.c (netsane_auth_callback): Update prototype.

	* backend/metanet.c (sane_init): Move assignments out of
 	if-conditional for clarity (and to avoid gcc warning).

	* sanei/sanei_printf.c: Include <memory.h>, <string.h>.

	* backend/Makefile.in (libsane-mustek.a): Replace
 	../sanei/sane_strstatus.o with appropriately defined EXTRA

	* backend/mustek.c (attach): Initialize ld.mode to MLD_NORMAL for
 	all scanners but MFS-12000SP.
	(line_distance): In MD_MFS correction mode, do not issue LD
	(sane_close): Free s->ld.red_buf if non-NULL.
	(fix_line_distance_mfs): New function.
	(fix_line_distance_normal): Rename from fix_line_distance().
	(reader_process): In MLD_MFS line-distance mode, call the
	mfs-specific routine, not the normal one.

	* backend/mustek.h (Mustek_Scanner): New members ld.red_buf,
	(MUSTEK_FLAG_LD_MFS): New flag to indicate when MFS-specific
 	line-distance correction is needed.

	* backend/metanet.c: Fix up some minor formatting problems due
	to indent.

	* Merge in Andy's netsane diffs.

Sun Jan 26 00:04:22 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* frontend/xscan.c (zoom_in_preview): Ignore selections of zero
	or negative width/height.
	(set_max_selection): Use SANE_UNFIX() instead of open coding.
	Adapted to use gtkglue.

	* backend/metadl.c (sane_init): Grab authorization callback.
	(authorization_callback): New variable.
	(load): Pass authorization callback to init function.

	* frontend/gtkglue.h (gsg_destroy_dialog): Add param_callback.

Sat Jan 25 17:35:52 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* frontend/Makefile.in (distclean): Mention $(TESTPROGRAMS).

	* backend/metanet.c (copy_opt): Fix constraint-length computation.

	* backend/metadl.c (sane_get_devices): Pass along LOCA_ONLY arg
	to backend.

	* frontend/xcam.c (main): Remove extraneous calls to gtk_exit()
	and sane_exit().

	* frontend/scan.c (main): Install sane_exit() as atexit handler.

	* backend/metadl.c (sane_get_devices): Ignore NULL BE_LIST.

	* frontend/saned.c (quit): New function.
	(main): catch SIGALRM, and SIGPIPE.

	* backend/metanet.c (sane_get_devices): Return empty list of

	* frontend/saned.c (readcmd): Don't take LOCAL arg from
 	request---always pass SANE_TRUE!

	* doc/netprotocol.doc (sane_get_devices): Don't need LOCAL arg.

	* include/sanei.h: Include <sane.h>.

	* frontend/test.c (testsane): Print status message instead of
	status code and make robust against failed calls.  Use fprintf(stderr
	instead of printf.

	* backend/qcam.c (reader_process): Remove extraneous arg.
	(reader_process): Declare `static' to make setjmp() safe.

	* frontend/saned.c (readcmd): Delete unused variable schr_hlp.
	(peerfp): New variable.
	Rename ns_printf() to sanei_printf() and pass peerfp arg.
	Rename ns_scanf() to sanei_scanf() and pass peerfp arg.
	(say_helo): Make peerfp refer to fd 0.

	* backend/metanet.c (openit): Return FILE*, not socket.
	(openit): Return 0, not -1 in case of failure.
	(peerfp): New variable.
	Rename ns_printf() to sanei_printf() and pass peerfp arg.
	Rename ns_scanf() to sanei_scanf() and pass peerfp arg.

	* sanei/sane_strstatus.c: New file (in lieu of backend/sane.c)
	* sanei/sanei_constrain_value.c: Ditto.
	* sanei/sanei_init_debug.c: Ditto.

	* sanei/sanei_scanf.c (ns_scanf): New file (based on Andy's
	Use int8_t for 'c', int32_t for 'd'.
	Include <sys/types.h>.

	* sanei/sanei_printf.c (sanei_printf): New file (based on Andy's
	Use int8_t for 'c', int32_t for 'd'.
	Include <sys/types.h>.

	* include/netsane.h (CMD_SANE_STRS): Remove.

	* backend/metanet.c: Include <errno.h>
	(sane_strstatus): Remove.

	* backend/Makefile.in (BACKENDS): Mention libsane-metanet.

	* backend/metanet.c (openit): Use memcpy instead of bcopy.  Use
 	inet_aton() instead of inet_addr(), don't prototype.
	(sane_get_devices): Use strdup() instead of opencoding it.
	(sane_get_devices): Don't append " (NS)" to modelname!  Metanet
 	already prefixes the devicename with netsane, which is good

	* backend/sanei.h (IF_DBG): New macro.

	* PROJECTS (Backend): Mention saned, metanet, and autoadj.
	(Frontend): New info.

	* AUTHORS: Update to reflect sanescan -> xscan namechange.
	Credit Andy for netsane.

Fri Jan 24 00:01:45 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* doc/sane.tex (subsection{\code{sane\_get\_option\_descriptor}}):
	Define how long the returned option descriptor must remain valid.

	* frontend/gtkglue.c (autobutton_update): Check for
	(button_update): Ditto.

	* frontend/xcam.c (main): Add device info label.

	* backend/mustek.c (init_options): Make OPT_BRIGHTNESS and
 	OPT_CONTRAST inactive by default.

	* frontend/xcam.c (exit_callback): Only call gsg_destroy_dialog()
	if dialog is non-null.

Thu Jan 23 00:17:46 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/mustek.c (sane_control_option): Return
 	SANE_STATUS_DEVICE_BUSY when attempting to set option during
	(sane_close): Call do_cancel(), not sane_cancel().
	(sane_start): Ditto.

	* backend/pnm.c (sod): Rename "File" group to "Source Selection".

	* frontend/xcam.c (device_name_dialog_cancel): New function.
	(device_name_dialog_ok): Ditto.
	(prompt_for_device_name): Ditto.
	(build_device_menu): Move "Rescan devices..." from build_files_menu()
	to here.  Add "Specify device name..." entry that invokes
	(play_stop_button): Ignore call if there is no device_dialog yet.
	(main): Don't attempt to set preview size if there is no device
	dialog yet.

	* frontend/gtkglue.c (text_entry_callback): Don't ignore tab
	key---it's used to switch focus!

	* backend/qcam.c (qc_wait): Return read value so optimizer won't
 	be able to get rid of it easily.
	(qc_lock_wait): Use same lockname as qcam-0.7d for
	(reader_process): Explicitly do an enable_ports() in the reader
 	process.  Linux/x86 doesn't inherit i/o port access rights.

	* frontend/xcam.c (stop_camera): New function.
	(input_available): Use stop_camera().
	(next_frame): Ditto.

	* backend/genscsi.c (genscsi_open): Add missing DBG_INIT(GENSCSI).
	(genscsi_cmd): Return SANE_STATUS_DEVICE_BUSY if EBUSY is

	* frontend/xcam.c (input_available): Fix line wrap for

	* include/sane.h: Remove old SANE_STATUS_AGAIN.
	* backend/sane.c (sane_strstatus): Ditto.
	* backend/mustek.c (sane_read): Return SANE_STATUS_GOOD, not AGAIN
	when no data available.
	(sane_start): Add debug printing.
	(sane_set_io_mode): Fix typo: return SANE_STATUS_GOOD on success.

	* backend/mustek.c (sane_control_option): Add support for
	(attach): Add lots of debug printing.

	* backend/qcam.README: New file.

	* backend/qcam.c (sane_control_option): Allow changing resolution
 	while scan is in progress, but set RELOAD_OPTIONS only if not
 	scanning already.

	* frontend/xcam.c (canvas_events): Get rid of old debug messages.

	* backend/qcam.c (sane_get_parameters): Update parameters only if
 	not scanning.  This makes it possible to change certain options
	(such as width/height while a scan is in progress).
	(sane_control_option): Allow changing of image corners,
 	transfer-scale, and depth while scan is in progress.  Set
	RELOAD_PARAMS only if scan is not in progress.
	(sane_start): Return DEVICE_BUSY if scan is in progress.

	* configure.in (PACKAGE_VERSION): Version 0.41 released.

	* backend/qcam.c (brightness_range): New variable.
	(init_options): Use brightness_range instead of u8_range to
	avoid going into bulb-mode accidentally.

Wed Jan 22 09:16:21 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/qcam.c (reader_process): Correct typo: it's buf, not
 	buffer that we want to write out in high-res mode.
	(qc_reset): New function.
	(reader_process): Send at least one byte of data after receiving a
	(sighandler): New function.
	(sane_cancel): If a read request is outstanding, cancel request by
 	(a) sending SIGINT to reader process, (b) reading one byte of data
 	in blocking mode, and then (c) reading whatever is left in the
 	pipe in non-blocking mode.
	(sane_read): Return SANE_STATUS_CANCELLED if SCANNING is not set.

	* backend/qcam.h (QC_Scanner): Remove unused x/y fields.

	* backend/qcam.c (sane_close): Call disable_ports().
	(sane_init): Replace isblank() with isspace() (former is a GNU
	(sane_control_option): Scale corner coordinates when switching
 	resolution and ensure they're always legal values.
	(sane_close): Check for reader_pid >= 0 not != 0!
	(sane_exit): Move disable_ports () from sane_close to here.
	(sane_start): Keep track of when we're holding lock.
	(sane_read): Release lock if s->holding_lock is TRUE and we
	read a few bytes.
	(sane_cancel): Release lock if it's being held.

	* backend/qcam.c: Clean up unused variables.

Tue Jan 21 13:49:00 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/qcam.c (sane_control_option): Keep track of changes to
 	option values.
	(sane_get_select_fd): Implemented.
	(sane_set_io_mode): Ditto.
	(reader_process): New function.
	(sane_start): Modify to use reader_process().

	* backend/qcam.h: (struct QC_Scanner): New field value_changed.

Mon Jan 20 22:11:11 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/metadl.c (sane_open): Correctly handle case where
	backend name is empty.

Sun Jan 19 10:29:43 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/qcam.c (attach): Add qc_wait() calls after each
 	write_lpcontrol() call to ensure reliable communication.
	(attach): Add debug output in case of failure.

	* Version 0.4 released.

Sat Jan 18 10:12:40 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* frontend/xscan.c (get_scan_size): Handle case where scan
 	width/height is of type SANE_TYPE_INT.
	(get_scan_size): If width/height unit is pixels and the height is
 	less than 500 pixels, use a ratio of 1.
	(device_dialog): Call update_complete_dialog() to ensure inactive
 	options do not show (there probably is a better solution to this).

	* frontend/scan.c (main): Compute bottom-right position as
 	top-left + width/height - 1 (the - 1 is new and necessary and
 	works both for fixed and integer values).
	(print_option): Insert line-break when column >= 79 (not 80) to
 	leave last column blank (better when running inside Emacs, for
	(main): Fix typos: case 't': window[2] -> window[3], switch short
 	option names for top/left.
	(print_option): Print current option values (except for vectors).
	(fetch_options): Another off by one bug: width is br_x|y-tl_x|y+1.

Thu Jan 16 20:26:29 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/sane.c (sanei_constrain_value): Fix so it properly
 	handles strings that are longer than any of the strings in a
 	string list.

	* frontend/scan.c (main): Subtract value of top-left-x/top-left-y
	from width/height, respectively after all options have been
	read in.
	(main): Print help message _after_ options have been processed.
	(fetch_options): New function.
	(set_option): Call fetch_options() if SANE_INFO_RELOAD_OPTIONS is
	(main): Call fetch_options() instead of open-coding same.

	* doc/sane.tex (subsection{Device Descriptor Type}): Add index
	entry for device-name.

Wed Jan 15 19:55:03 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/metadl.c (sane_init): Call DBG_INIT() and declare
	debug level variable with DBG_DECL.  Added various debug

	* backend/pnm.c (sane_init): Ditto.
	* backend/mustek.c (sane_init): Ditto.

	* frontend/scan.c (parse_scalar): Default to mm again (instead of
 	cm).  Using `mm' as the default is counter-intuitive since the
 	help info is printed with `mm' as the unit.

	* frontend/xscan.c (main): Pass local_only==SANE_FALSE as second
	argument to sane_get_devices().

Sun Jan 12 13:12:45 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/sane.c (sanei_constrain_value): For string-lists, ignore
 	case and allow prefixes as long as they remain unique.

	* frontend/scan.c (print_option): Print "auto" as a legal option
 	value if the option has capability SANE_CAP_AUTOMATIC set.
	(process_backend_option): If option has SANE_CAP_AUTOMATIC set,
 	let option value of "auto" turn on automatic mode.

Wed Jan  8 19:55:31 1997  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/Makefile.in (install): Modify install rule so that
	$(libdir) gets added to /etc/ld.so.conf if it isn't there
	(COMPILE): Use $(SHCFLAGS) instead of $(CFLAGS).
	(LINK): Remove (unused).

Wed Dec 25 20:21:39 1996  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/mustek.README: Add section "SCSI Adapter Tips".

Fri Dec 13 20:02:03 1996  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/mustek.c (line_distance): Rename
	Include <config.h>.

Thu Dec 12 20:19:26 1996  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/mustek.h (next): New member.  Forms linked list of open
 	handles.  * backend/mustek.c (first_handle): New variable.  Root
 	of list of open handles.
	(sane_open): Insert handle into list of open handles.
	(sane_close): Remove handle from list of open handles.

Wed Dec  4 18:37:45 1996  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/mustek.c (attach): Added back MFS-12000SP, MFS-08000SP,
 	and MFS-06000SP.  At least the first one really does exist.  I
 	don't know how the differ from the other scanners, but it looks as
 	if line-distance correction might be different.

Tue Dec  3 21:22:54 1996  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/sane.c (sane_strstatus): Remove trailing dot from error

Mon Dec  2 19:12:53 1996  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* backend/mustek.c (max_string_size): New function to determine
 	maximum size of a string constraint list.
	(init_options): Use max_string_size () to initialize size of
 	string-valued options.

Sun Dec  1 15:44:53 1996  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* Version 0.1 released.

	* backend/mustek.c (attach): Fix mispelled/bad model names:
		MFS-12000SP -> MSF-12000SP
		MFS-08000SP -> MSF-08000SP
		MFS-06000SP -> MSF-06000SP
		MFS-08000CZ -> <removed>
		MFS-06000CZ -> <removed>

Tue Nov 26 19:11:18 1996  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* frontend/scan.c (print_option): Separate option name from option
 	values by blank, not equal so the syntax is correct even for short
	(parse_scalar): Added missing newline to error message.

Sat Nov 16 17:26:19 1996  David Mosberger-Tang  <davidm@azstarnet.com>

	* frontend/scan.c (main): Created (by Andy).

	* backend/pnm.c: Adapted from Andy's pnm.c (just minor updates).

	* backend/mustek.c: Created.
	* backend/metadl.c: Ditto.