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Version: 1.12.10:
* The uninitializied err sockerr variable can lead in a segmentation
fault, if the exception handler of the calling program call sockerr errstr()
method. This situation can test with the testprogram tsinwrite.

* New configuration option --enable-debug for test/development code or bugfixing sessions.

Version: 1.12.9:

* "Named Sockets" with sockbuf::setname(). This helps in situation (ex.
communication error), when a sockerr exception is thrown. The text in the
sockerr exception containing the name of the socket.

Version 1.12:

* Removing all global variables

* Shared Library

* Improved sockerr class with a Operation String Specification.
All sockbuf methods using the new Operation String Specification in
the throw statement.

* Header file in ${prefix}/include/socket++/

New Version of socket++: