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2004-09-30  Herbert Straub <herbert@linuxhacker.at>
* New Version: 1.12.12

2004-08-12  Herbert Straub <herbert@linuxhacker.at>
* Bugfix: sig.cpp changing sighnd_type typedef, compiling error with
g++ V3.4; reported by Tilman Linneweh

2004-05-06  Herbert Straub <herbert@linuxhacker.at>
* Bugfix: test/tcftp.C -> include <unistd.h> getpass(...)

2004-07-05  Herbert Straub <herbert@linuxhacker.at
* Version 1.12.12pre1
* Library Version: 1:2:0

2004-06-28  Herbert Straub <herbert@linuxhacker.at>
* Bugfix: removing "using namespace std" from sockstream.h
and change all .cpp files. Reported by Georg Baum
<gb@ithe.rwth-aachen.de>. Also all test/*.C

2003-11-29  Herbert Straub <h.straub@aon.at>
* Bugfix: ::write writing wrong buffer segements (if
the write operation is splitted).  reported by
Dan Muller <dan@verliba.cz> methods: sockbuf::write,
sockbuf::send, sockbuf::sendto

2003-11-10  Herbert Straub <h.straub@aon.at>
* Feature: -Wall compiler options is default

* Bugfix: change initialization order in constructor
isockstream, osockstream, iosockstream

* Bugfix: Tilman Linneweh <arved@freebsd.org> Patch: local.h
preprocessor condition for FreeBSD (gethostname)

* Bugfix: change incompatible license from GNU/GPL to the original
license terms for the following files: test/simple_http.C,
test/test_sockerr.C, test/thostnames.C. Reported by Matthew Faupel

2003-04-26  Herbert Straub <h.straub@aon.at>
* Bugfix: sockerr contructor doesn't initialize the class variable
err. This can lead in a segmentation fault, if errstr () will called.

* Feature: new configuration option --enable-debug

* New Version: 1.12.10
* New Library Version 1:1:0

2003-03-14  Herbert Straub <h.straub@aon.at>
* New Version: 1.12.9
* New Library Version: 1:0:0

2003-03-10  Herbert Straub <h.straub@aon.at>
* Mac OS X Porting Patch: from Jason Toffaletti <catalyst@mac.com>

2003-03-06  Herbert Straub <h.straub@aon.at>
* Feature: class sockbuf new methods: setname(sockname), getname

* Feature: all methods of class sockbuf throw error description:
method name and sockname

* Bugfix: fixing include errors (scket++/... wrong).

2003-04-05  Herbert Straub <h.straub@aon.at
* Mac OS X Porting Patch: from Jason Toffaletti <catalyst@mac.com>

2002-12-06  Herbert Straub <h.straub@aon.at>
* Bugfix: correcting the COPYING, NEWS and README3 file

* New socket++.spec: from Carles Arjona <nospammer@bigfoot.com>

* socket++.spec: correcting the Source URL to: *

* New Version: 1.12.8

2002-11-25  Herbert Straub <h.straub@aon.at>
* Bugfix: *.h files not installed (thanks to Tilman Linneweh
<tilman@arved.de>) changing Makefile.am

* include files: now in ${prefix}/include/socket++

* Change: all #includes to #include <socket++/...>

* Bufgix: removing test/thostnames.STATIC testprogram,
Makefile.in, config.cache, configure, config.h, config.log,

* Bugfix configure.in: -> AC_INIT(configure.in)

* Bugfix: Fork.* to fork.*

* Bugfix: installing socket++.info (thanks to Tilman Linneweh)

* New Version: 1.12.7

2002-11-23  Herbert Straub <h.straub@aon.at>
* adding: absent Makefile.am, configure.in, autogen,

* New Version: 1.12.6

2002-11-15  Herbert Straub <h.straub@aon.at>
* Now using libtool and libtool versioning
modify configure.in, create Makefile.am

* test/tsig-0.C: Changing struct hnd to class hnd and moving it from
main. Link Error with gcc 2.95.4

* RPM: Thanks to Carles Arjona <nospammer@bigfoot.com> for a working RPM
SpecFile for this version

* New Version: 1.12.5

2002-10-13  Herbert Straub <h.straub@aon.at>
* New Version: 1.12.4

2002-10-08  Herbert Straub <h.straub@aon.at>
* FreeBSD Port Patch: from Tilman Linneweh <tilman@arved.de>
for sig.cpp same for Linux (SA_INTERRUPT)

* configure: Change Compilertest from
c++ g++ gcc CC cxx cc++ cl to g++ c++ gcc CC cxx cc++ cl
No Exception Handling on Linux, if compiled with c++

* configure: removed compiler flag: --no-rtti

* test/tsig-0.C: some changes

* sig.cpp: removing static sigerr se;

2002-10-08  Herbert Straub <h.straub@aon.at>
* FreeBSD Port Patch: from Tilman Linneweh <tilman@arved.de>
for sockstream.cpp

2002-10-08  Herbert Straub <h.straub@aon.at>
* New Version: 1.12.3

2002-10-08  Herbert Straub <h.straub@aon.at>
* FreeBSD Port Patches: from Tilman Linneweh <tilman@arved.de>
1. local.h: SYS_SIGLIST
2. sockstream.h: msg_maxiovlen
3. Adding description text in socket++.texi

2002-09-28  Herbert Straub <h.straub@aon.at>
* Renaming Version to: 1.12.1

* Removing check compiler version code (Troubles with Debian g++ 3.2)
* in configure.in

* Removing -fno-rtti and -fexceptions in configure.in

* Create the small testprogram test/test_sockerr.cxx

2002-09-27  Herbert Straub <h.straub@aon.at>
* Test compatibility with NewsCache

* Adding INSTALL Instruction, TODO

* Version: 1.2.3

2002-07-28  Herbert Straub <h.straub@aon.at>
* Improvement: Eliminating sorry_about_global_temp inititialisation.
This don't work in combination with NewsCache.
My idea is: initializing the classes with (0) and in the second
step call ios::init (sockinetbuf *) and iosockstream::init ...
The constructors of isockinet, osockinet and iosockinet are changed.

* Improvement: same in sockunix.cpp

* Improvement: same in pipestream.cpp

* Bugfix: g++ 3.1 Compatibility in directory test for:
tpopentest.C, tsendfile.C, tfork.C, tfork0.C, tsig-0.C

2002-07-25  Herbert Straub <h.straub@aon.at>
* Improvement: Adding improved error Handling in sockerr class

* Improvement sockinetaddr::setport: If the first character of the
port parameter is a digit, then the parameter is interpreted as a