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Version: 1.12.13:
* Removing all forgotten GNU/GPL license informations from the source code.

Version: 1.12.11:
* Major Bugfix: Dan Muller <dan@verliba.cz> reporting this problem:
"It's all in the sockbuf::write function.
there is a while loop, and it throws on send error, but, if connection is
non-blocking, and "slow", but no error occurs, only wval < len bytes are
sent... in every step of the loop, BUT have a look at which bytes are
sent, allways from the beginning of the buf, buf is not incremented,
that's what I think is a bug."
--> This should be now corrected (see Changelog for details).
All other versions of Socket++ containing this error!

* GNU/GPL License:
I removed this terms in all files for my changes, because Matthew Faupel
<matthew.faupel@micropraxis.com> reported the incompatibility of the
original license and the GNU/GPL. The further development are under the
same condition as the original license.

* Socket++ License disallow source code changes?
Sekar Swaminathan sends the message:
"It is a free code. You can modify,
copy, and distribute and use it in anyway as you see fit. Other
people are maintaining it and ported it to different
OSes. Other than that, not much has changed as far as I know.
I haven't looked at it recently."

Version: 1.12.10:
* The uninitializied err sockerr variable can lead in a segmentation
fault, if the exception handler of the calling program call sockerr errstr()
method. This situation can test with the testprogram tsinwrite.

* New configuration option --enable-debug for test/development code or bugfixing sessions.

Version: 1.12.9:

* "Named Sockets" with sockbuf::setname(). This helps in situation (ex.
communication error), when a sockerr exception is thrown. The text in the
sockerr exception containing the name of the socket.

Version 1.12:

* Removing all global variables

* Shared Library

* Improved sockerr class with a Operation String Specification.
All sockbuf methods using the new Operation String Specification in
the throw statement.

* Header file in ${prefix}/include/socket++/

New Version of socket++: