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2014-07-12 --

  * Fixed: ISO C90 warnings (bug #20)
  * Changed: No longer ship RFC documents (to make things easier for Debian)
  * Soname: 1:16:0

2013-12-20 -- 0.8.0

  * Fixed: Resolution of relative URI "/" broken
      Thanks to Mo McRoberts for the patch!
  * Fixed: uriAddBaseUri produced uriUri objects with both host
      and the absolutePath flag set (while the absolutePath flag
      should only be true for URI objects without a host) when
      resolving absolute URIs like "/" or "/foo/bar".
      Now the absolutePath flag is set to URI_FALSE and an empty
      segment is added as necessary
  * Fixed: .errorCode could end up unset, previously
      Thanks to Radu Hociung for the patch!  (bug #16)
  * Fixed: Resolve use of non-POSIX "sed -r" used when building
     documentation  (bug #18)
     Thanks to Ryan Schmidt for reporting!
  * Fixed: Build DLL with -no-undefined on Windows
      Thanks to Michel Zou for the patch!  (bug #19)
  * Added: Command line tool "uriparse"
      Thanks to Radu Hociung for coding!  (feature request #3)
  * Soname: 1:15:0

2013-08-24 -- 0.7.9

  * Fixed: Error position ended up as NULL for some syntax errors.
      Thanks to Daniel Solano Gómez for the patch!  (bug #14)
  * Soname: 1:14:0

2013-05-13 -- 0.7.8

  * Fixed: Fix dissection of query string "q=hello&x=&y=" (bug #12)
      Thanks to Marc Novakowski for reporting!
  * Soname: 1:13:0

2012-04-05 -- 0.7.7

  * Fixed: Fix rejection of some valid characters for userinfo
      section, e.g. "http://%2Fuser:%2F21@host/" (bug #11)
  * Fixed: Fix rejection of valid double colon in userinfo
      section, e.g. "http://::@host/"
  * Soname: 1:12:0

2012-01-20 -- 0.7.6

  * Fixed: Qt Compressed Help file was not installed
  * Fixed: Shadow/VPATH build doc generation
  * Fixed: Compile error from Doxygen when configuring with
      neither --enable-doc nor --disable-doc
  * Fixed: Code documentation errors
      Thanks to Valentin Haenel for the patch!
  * Fixed: Fix include path in pkg-config, i.e. remove
      "/uriparser" suffix as uriparser's headers are meant to
      be included by statements like #include <uriparser/....> .
      Thanks to Philip de Nier for reporting!
  * Fixed: Compilation in context of Eclipse + Cygwin + wchar_t
      (bug #10)
      Thanks to Gary Mazzaferro for reporting!
  * Fixed: Selection of supported character widths at build
      time: <char *> or <wchar_t *> or both
  * Added: configure parameters to disable either character
      widths: --disable-char, --disable-wchar_t
  * Soname: 1:11:0

2009-03-04 -- 0.7.5

  * Added: pkg-config file
  * Fixed: File Doxyfile.in was missing from release archives
      Thanks to Rakesh Pandit for reporting!
  * Fixed: Doc generation troubles
  * Changed: No longer shipping bundled libcpptest
  * Changed: New dependencies:
      - libcpptest 1.1.0 or later
      - pkg-config
      The libcpptest dependency can be disabled through
      configuring with --disable-test, which excludes the
      test suite from compilation.
  * Soname: 1:10:0

2008-12-23 -- 0.7.4

  * Fixed: Null pointer de-referencing when dissecting query
      strings starting with "&" right after "?" (bug #7).
      Thanks to Harvey Vrsalovic for reporting!
  * Fixed: Memory leak in uriFreeQueryList function (bug #6)
      Thanks to Daniel Chapiesky for reporting!
  * Fixed: Memory leak in uriNormalizeSyntax(Ex) functions (bug #6)
      Thanks to Daniel Chapiesky for reporting!
  * Improved: Nested configure hacks resolved
  * Soname: 1:9:0

2008-11-08 -- 0.7.3

  * Fixed: Missing NULL check in parsing routines
      Thanks to Sezai Tekin for reporting!
  * Fixed: uriparser now builds on Cygwin
  * Fixed: Now shipping gnulib's config.guess from HEAD
      which is suitable for Haiku (bug #5)
  * Changed: swprintf requirement resolved
  * Changed: Build system changes:
      - configure option --enable-doc added
      - configure.in renamed to configure.ac
      - some Autotools files moved to build-aux directory
  * Added: Qt Assistant documentation output:
      - Qt Compressed Help (.qch) at <doc/uriparser-doc-*.qch>
      - Qt Help Project (.qhp) at <doc/html/index.qhp>
      Generation requires Doxygen or later.
  * Soname: 1:8:0

2008-09-01 -- 0.7.2

  * Fixed: Bad cleanup logic in functions
      - uriAddBaseUri(..)
      - uriRemoveBaseUri(..)
      Previously you needed to call uriFreeUriMembers on return code
      URI_ERROR_MALLOC and only then. So that's why these functions now
      take cleanup off your shoulders. An extra call to uriFreeUriMembers
      from your side is still needed in case of success.
  * Soname: 1:7:0

2008-04-27 -- 0.7.1

  * Fixed: Bogus syntax error when parsing URIs with port-like
      passwords, e.g. "http://user:21@host/" (bug #1)
      Thanks to Friedrich Delgado Friedrichs for reporting!
  * Fixed: Parser did not handle trailing slashes correctly in some cases,
      which also made the structures produced from parsing "http://e.com/"
      and "http://e.com" indistinguishable. (bug #2)
      Thanks to Edward Z. Yang for reporting!

2008-04-04 -- 0.7.0

  * Added: Dissection and composition of query strings
  * Added: Documentation improvements
      (in|out|inout indicators, addition of \since and \see)
  * Changed: Code::Blocks project files updated from file format
      version 1.4 to 1.6, which is produced by Code::Blocks 8.02
  * Added: Code::Blocks workspace file
  * Soname: 1:5:0

2008-02-25 -- 0.6.4

  * Added: Syntax-based normalization can now handle relative URIs,
      e.g. "../../a/b/.././c" is normalized to "../../a/c"
  * Fixed: Normalization code could free foreign memory
  * Fixed: Normalization processed the path segment even when asked not to
  * Added: MinGW Makefile and related readme
      Thanks to Michael Anthony Puls II!
  * Fixed: Documentation bug not requiring enough memory for the output
      buffer when converting a relative file URI back to a filename
  * Soname: 1:4:0

2008-02-11 -- 0.6.3

  * Fixed: Two major crash bugs in normalization code
      Thanks to Adrian Manrique for the patch!
  * Added: Brief usage tutorial
  * Soname: 1:3:0

2008-02-08 -- 0.6.2

  * Fixed: Freeing a normalized URI like "http://test?"
      caused a crash. Thanks to Adrian Manrique for reporting!
  * Fixed: Filename <--> URI string conversion helpers can
      now handle relative URIs and filenames
  * Soname: 1:2:0

2007-12-23 -- 0.6.1

  * Fixed: Percent-encodings in hostnames were not repaired during normalization.
      Thanks to Adrian Manrique for reporting!
  * Fixed: Percent-encodings were fixed after dot removal not before during
      Thanks to Adrian Manrique for reporting!
  * Fixed: Include path order bug
      Thanks to Ed Schouten for reporting this!
  * Fixed: Shadow builds now possible
      Thanks to Adeodato Simó for the patch!
  * Added: Version guards for Autoconf/Automake
      Thanks to Martin Michlmayr for reporting!
  * Soname: 1:1:0

2007-09-17 -- 0.6.0

  * Fixed: Proper soname updates from now on, starting at 1:0:0
  * Removed: Visual Studio 2003 project files

2007-09-13 -- 0.5.2

  * Added: RemoveBaseUri function to create URI references
  * Added: Unix/Windows filename <--> URI string conversion helpers
  * Added: EscapeEx function to escape text blocks without zero termination
  * Fixed: Bug in ToString for URIs with scheme, path, but no host (e.g. "f:/.//g")
  * Fixed: AddBase now resolves ".//g" with base "f:/a" to "f:/.//g" instead of
      "f://g" which would result in "g" becoming the authority part when parsing
      a recomposition (ToString) of that URI structure. This is a whole in RFC 3986,
      see http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/uri/2007Aug/0003.html for details.

2007-08-09 -- 0.5.1

  * Fixed: Empty host bug (URIs like "///g")
  * Fixed: Relative URIs are no longer touched by normalization
  * Fixed: MergePath failed for empty paths
  * Fixed: Bug with "." segments in AddBase
      All of the above revealed by test cases from 4Suite (http://4suite.org/)

2007-07-28 -- 0.5.0

  * Added: Syntax-based normalization
  * Added: Percent-encoding function Escape
  * Improved: Malloc/NULL checks added
  * Added: New function UnescapeInPlaceEx can also decode '+' to ' '
      and convert line breaks
  * Added: Exact space computation for ToString, see ToStringCharsRequired
  * Added: --enable-sizedown for saving space and slower code
  * Fixed: Two internal functions were exposed in the API by mistake:
      uriPushToStack and uriStackToOctet
  * Added: Visual Studio 2005 project files
  * Removed: Legacy code (removal was announced for 0.5.0)

2007-07-06 -- 0.4.1

  * Fixed: ToString did not work for IPv4 and IPv6 hosts

2007-07-03 -- 0.4.0

  * Added: References resolution (think relative to absolute)
  * Added: Naive URI equality check
  * Added: URIs can now be converted back to strings
  * Fixed: The first path segment of a relative URI was eaten
      (functions ParseSegmentNz and ParseMustBeSegmentNzNc)
  * Fixed: uri->scheme.first was not reset in some cases
      (function ParseMustBeSegmentNzNc)
  * Improved: Test suite now built on "make check", not before
  * Fixed: Test suite always returned 0 (success)

2007-04-23 -- 0.3.4

  * Added: Shared library support (moved to libtool)

2007-04-03 -- 0.3.3

  * Fixed: Now unix EOLs constantly
  * Fixed: Added forgotten files to release package

2007-03-31 -- 0.3.2

  * Fixed: Now compiles on FreeBSD

2007-03-28 -- 0.3.1

  * Fixed: Now compiles on Mac OS X

2007-03-26 -- 0.3.0

  * Added: New API, old marked deprecated
  * Added: Unicode support (think wchar_t)
  * Added: Doxygen code documentation
  * Added: Test suite using CppTest
  * Changed: Library code is now licensed under the new BSD license.
      The test suite code is licensed under LGPL.

2006-12-08 -- 0.2.1