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2014-02-28 Userspace RCU 0.7.10
* Fix: urcu-bp interaction with threads vs constructors/destructors
* Fix undefined NULL pointer arithmetic
* Blacklist ARM gcc 4.8.0, 4.8.1, 4.8.2
* rculfhash: document max_nr_buckets = 0

2013-11-12 Userspace RCU 0.7.9
* tls-compat: fix comment typo
* Keep ABI compatible with already compiled LGPL applications
* Fix: tls-compat multi-lib conflict
* gcc warning fixes: -Wsign-compare and -Wextra
* Fix: urcu-qsbr: reversed logic on RCU_DEBUG
* Fix: urcu-bp segfault in glibc pthread_kill()
* Fix urcu-bp: don't move registry
* Fix: compat futex duplicated lock and completion
* Fix: i386 compat code duplicated mutex instances
* Fix: urcu-bp: Bulletproof RCU arena resize bug
* Fix: test_mutex.c uninitialized mutex

2013-09-06 Userspace RCU 0.7.8
* Fix: hash table growth (for small tables) should be limited
* Document build work-around on MacOS X
* Fix tests: use of uninitialized variables
* tests: add missing unsigned long casts to pthread_self()

2013-06-18 Userspace RCU 0.7.7
* rculfhash: document destroy context limitation
* Fix: Use a filled signal mask to disable all signals
* Document: rculfhash destroy and resize side-effect in 0.7
* Add "sparc" host cpu to configure.ac
* Fix: tests/api.h use cpuset.h
* Fix hurd-i386: move cpuset tests outside of sched_setaffinity conditional
* Fix tests: finer-grained use of CPU_SET, CPU_ZERO and cpu_set_t
* Test for CPU_SET
* Fix build on architectures with HAVE_SCHED_GETCPU but without HAVE_SYSCONF
* README: document that Clang 3.0 (based on LLVM 3.0) is supported
* clang: silence "unused expression result" warning
* rculfhash: add assertions on node alignment
* uatomic: style fix

2013-01-09 Userspace RCU 0.7.6
* Discourage use of pthread_atfork() for call_rcu handlers
* Fix call_rcu fork handling
* test: fork handling
* Fix TLS detection: test with linker, add --disable-compiler-tls
* Cleanup: cast pthread_self() return value to unsigned long
* Fallback mechanism not working on platform where TLS is unsupported

2012-10-12 Userspace RCU 0.7.5
* 19cf3ae Fix: call_rcu list corruption on teardown
* Ensure that read-side functions meet 10-line LGPL criterion
* tls-compat.h: document sigaltstack(2) limitation
* urcu: add notice to URCU_TLS() for it is not strictly async-signal-safe
* Document sigaltstack(2) limitation
* Documentation: update LICENSE file

2012-08-27 Userspace RCU 0.7.4
* rculfhash API documentation: document destroy RCU read-lock constraint
* Fix: rculfhash should be offline while waiting for resize to complete
* Add missing entry to gitignore
* urcu: move busy-wait code and name it ___cds_wfq_node_sync_next()
* urcu: fix compat_futex_noasync()
* urcu: add hint to DEFINE_URCU_TLS() for compound types
* Add MIPS support
* Compatibility: remove bash-ismsm from test scripts
* Fix inappropriate lib behavior: don't call exit()
* Fix: re-enable compatibility with autoconf < 2.64
* Fix c99 compatibility: use __asm__ and __volatile__ in public headers
* Fix c99 compatibility: use __typeof__ instead of typeof in public headers
* warning fix: tests urcutorture for NetBSD 5

2012-06-01 Userspace RCU 0.7.3
* Fix tests: make dist lib dependency
* Update README for OS supported, tests dependency
* Add CodingStyle to tarball
* Add coding style document
* Test fix: test_perthreadlock uninitialized mutex
* tests: support FreeBSD short "time" args
* freebsd 8.2 fix: define MAP_ANONYMOUS for compatibility

2012-05-24 Userspace RCU 0.7.2
* Fix library compatibility

2012-05-24 Userspace RCU 0.7.1
* fix: uatomic_set return value compile fix for non-x86 arch.

2012-05-21 Userspace RCU 0.7.0
* Cleanup: header comments coding style
* Document uatomic operations
* Update return value of "set" operations
* Fix mremap wrapper for NetBSD 5
* Use urcu/tls-compat.h
* Implement urcu/tls-compat.h
* Add TLS detection m4 macro
* document concurrent data structures
* documentation: refer to rcu-api.txt
* Move API.txt to doc/rcu-api.txt, install in system doc/
* rculfhash: document implied memory barriers
* rculfhash: Ensure future-proof memory barrier semantic consistency
* API cleanup: use "uatomic_*" in cmm_smp_mb__ API
* uatomic: add memory barrier API for and/or/add/sub/inc/sub
* rculfhash: add runhash.sh test script
* rculfhash tests: add missing check
* rculfhash: fix: race between replace and del operations
* rculfhash: replace unneeded rcu_dereference by CMM_LOAD_SHARED
* rculfhash: use do {} while (0) for dbg_printf()
* rculfhash: cleanup typo
* rculfhash: update API comments
* rculfhash: update comments in implementation
* rculfhash tests: add long hash chains tests
* rculfhash tests: add uniqueness test
* rculfhash test: print test name
* rculfhash: stress requirement in documentation
* rculfhash: fix typo
* rculfhash tests: use array of callbacks to modularize
* rculfhash tests: modularize tests
* rculfhash: document ordering guarantees
* rculfhash: document linearizability guarantees
* rculfhash: update removal comment
* Add missing files to .gitignore
* Fix out-of-tree build
* rculfhash: check malloc NULL pointer
* Fix uatomic sign cast
* Remove unused jhash.h file
* Fix: use known license text, fix incorrect FSF address
* Fix: add missing sched.h include in rculfhash.c
* Allow tests to run on architectures without per-cpu call_rcu support
* Hash table test: FreeBSD compatibility fix
* tests: define _GNU_SOURCE instead of __USE_GNU
* RCU lock-free hash table: implement cds_lfht_is_node_deleted()
* Define _GNU_SOURCE to access CPU_ZERO() macro in uClibc
* Install ChangeLog and README into system's doc
* Fix AC_LANG_SOURCE usage: only takes one parameter
* Fix autoconf futex check
* configure.ac: Use AC_LANG_SOURCE for if else macros
* Refresh autoconf files
* Update gitignore
* rculfhash: add comment about hash seed randomness within test program
* readme: state correct GCC dependency for ARM
* rculfhash: remove an invocation of bit_reverse_ulong() when adding
* rculfhash: remove unneeded conversion
* rculfhash: remove unneeded clear_flag()
* cds_lfht_replace: add checks for old/new node hash/value match
* rculfhash: use node instead of iter argument for deletion
* rculfhash: number of logically removed nodes should not appear in API
* Document that flags could be represented on 2 bits
* Add missing REMOVAL_OWNER_FLAG comment to cds_lfht_node comment
* _cds_lfht_del is not used for buckets anymore, remove parameter
* rculfhash: Relax atomicity guarantees required by removal operation
* remove unneeded "return;"
* simplify the deletion for bucket node
* Remove unneeded code
* Add cds_lfht_ prefix to fls_ulong, get_count_order_ulong, get_count_order_u32
* Merge RCU Lock-Free Resizable Hash Table

2011-12-12 Userspace RCU 0.6.7
* Add compat file for test urcu wfs
* Add missing compat file for wfq test
* hlist.h: Add missing stddef.h include for NULL
* call_rcu: Add missing call_rcu_before_fork and
  call_rcu_after_fork_parent declarations
* Describe autotools/libtool/automake version dependency
* Remove m4_ifdef for AC_PROG_LIBTOOL (deprecated)
* Support older autotools
* Apply autoupdate to configure.ac
* Fix build for amd64 environment (for FreeBSD 8.2)
* Add missing rcu_dereference_sym_bp
* Install test scripts in the dist tarball

2011-11-03 Userspace RCU 0.6.6
* qsbr vs call_rcu : remove exit assertion
* Rename likely/unlikely to caa_likely/caa_unlikely
* Reinsert missing test_urcu_*.c files (missing in rename)
* rename test_qsbr to test_urcu_qsbr
* urcu-pointer: fix rcu_set_pointer unset return value
* Enhance API.txt documentation, add to Makefile as EXTRA_DIST

2011-09-29 Userspace RCU 0.6.5
* call_rcu: Document call_rcu requirements
* call_rcu: fix error handling of malloc error
* urcu call_rcu: Use RCU read-side protection for per-cpu call_rcu data
* urcu,call_rcu: Cleanup call_rcu_data pointers before use in child
* urcu,call_rcu: avoid create call_rcu_data for child when unneed
* urcu,defer_rcu: Make defer_rcu encoding more compact for marker
* urcu_defer: Use cancellation flag instead of pthread_cancel()
* urcu,call_rcu: protects call_rcu_data_list when remove node
* Create default call rcu data upon per-cpu call-rcu teardown
* powerpc: use __NO_LWSYNC__ check to use appropriate lwsync/sync opcode
* cmm: provide lightweight smp_rmb/smp_wmb on PPC
* atomic: provide seq_cst semantics on powerpc
* avoid leaking crdp for failed path
* Return -EEXIST when the old cpu call_rcu_data has not been removed
* protect writing to per_cpu_call_rcu_data[*]
* wake up default call_rcu thread after we move the leftover callbacks
* avoid memory leak in call_rcu_data_free()
* urcu call_rcu: fix use after free()
* use get_cpu_call_rcu_data() for get_call_rcu_data()
* init maxcpus before use
* call_rcu implementation: add missing static
* Document QSBR interaction with mutexes
* urcu-pointer: implement URCU_FORCE_CAST for C++ compatibility of urcu-pointer.h
* urcu-qsbr: use rcu_thread_offline/rcu_thread_online instead of inlining them
* Pair all_cpu call_rcu create with free
* QSBR: add missing wakeups in synchronize_rcu code
* cmm: do not generate code for smp_rmb/smp_wmb on x86_64
* cmm: let per-arch files provide cmm_smp_* barriers
* Optimize caa_get_cycles() for PowerPC64
* lfq/lfs tests: use call_rcu
* list: Add cds_list_first_entry
* rculfstack/queue: define _LGPL_SOURCE around static header include
* Add __rcu annotation (unimplemented)
* Fix incorrect fsf address in header files
* wfstack: push returns prior stack emptiness state
* Make lf stack push return if the stack was empty
* Document caa_container_of
* urcu-bp: do not call munmap for NULL registry at exit
* urcu libraries can directly use the _LGPL_SOURCE wfqueue
* rculfstack: document "push"
* Add runall.sh to tarball
* Fix build order of liburcu-cds-common
* Fix missing check for SYS_membarrier in map header
* urcu-qsbr: avoid useless futex wakeups and burning CPU for long grace periods
* api: reimplement BUILD_BUG_ON in compiler.h
* test api cleanup: remove unused primitives
* put thread offline while waiting for the init flag
* urcu: move private definitions to .c file
* urcu-bp: move private definitions to .c file
* urcu-qsbr: move private definitions to .c file
* rcutorture: fix rcutorture-qsbr
* wfqueue: fix type-incorrect assignment
* Fix tests Makefile EXTRA_DIST to use api.h
* Fix choice of default flavour in urcu/map/urcu.h
* api: remove list/hlist
* api: remove arch-specific files
* api: make api_gcc.h a superset of the other headers
* tests api: remove atomics
* put thread offline while waiting for the init flag
* urcu: move private definitions to .c file
* urcu-bp: move private definitions to .c file
* urcu-qsbr: move private definitions to .c file
* rcutorture: fix rcutorture-qsbr
* wfqueue: fix type-incorrect assignment
* Use caa_ prefix for min() and max()

2011-07-21 Userspace RCU 0.6.4
* uatomic: Fix ARM build errors in uatomic.
* urcu tests: hold mutex across use of custom allocator.
* Portability fixes to support FreeBSD 8.2.

2011-06-27 Userspace RCU 0.6.3
* uatomic: Fix i386 compatibility build errors in uatomic.

2011-06-13 Userspace RCU 0.6.2
* Fix build on powerpc.

2011-06-13 Userspace RCU 0.6.1
* Add missing headers into release tarball:
    urcu-call-rcu-impl.h and urcu-defer-impl.h

2011-06-10 Userspace RCU 0.6.0
* Added call_rcu() support, graciously contributed by Paul E. McKenney.
* Added urcu/cds.h and merged all "Concurrent Data Containers" (CDS)
  into a single .so: liburcu-cds.so to have a single header/shared
  object holding all concurrency-aware data containers. It provides
  support for RCU lists, queues and stacks at the moment.
* liburcu 0.6.0 now allows linking a single application with multiple
  flavors of RCU. This required a library API change which is
  incompatible with older 0.5.x liburcu. The .so version number
  is therefore bumped from 0 to 1 (e.g. liburcu.so.1).
* Added "atfork" handling API, documented in README. Only useful for
  processes using fork() without following exec().
* Renaming the following files, keeping the old files (producing a
  compiler warning):
    urcu/uatomic_arch.h -> urcu/uatomic.h
    urcu/urcu-futex.h -> urcu/futex.h
    urcu/urcu_ref.h -> urcu/ref.h

2011-03-04 Userspace RCU 0.5.4
*  urcu-bp: Update fork() handling


    extern void rcu_bp_before_fork(void);
    extern void rcu_bp_after_fork_parent(void);
    extern void rcu_bp_after_fork_child(void);

    to handle fork gracefully. These disable signals and hold
    the registry mutex across forks. (this flavor of the liburcu
    library ("bp" for "bulletproof") is mainly used by UST, the
    user-space tracer).

2011-03-03 Userspace RCU 0.5.3
* Add support for older ARM single-CPU architecturess (pre-ARMv7)
  (thanks to Jason Wessel from WindRiver).
* Fix ARMv7 cmm_rmb/cmm_wmb primitives (use a dmb barrier).
* Remove leftover list_t type from urcu/list.h (namespace cleanup).
* urcu_defer: handle malloc error value.
* Update README file to describe urcu interaction with fork() when not
* followed
  by an exec() system call.

2010-11-18 Userspace RCU 0.5.2
* Fix renaming error introduced in 0.5.0.

2010-11-18 Userspace RCU 0.5.1
* Fix renaming error introduced in 0.5.0. (incomplete fix)

2010-11-18 Userspace RCU 0.5.0
* Version 0.5.0 changes the API presented by memory model,
  architecture abstraction and data structure primitives in
  headers. The prefixes are, respectively:
    - cmm_ : Concurrent Memory Model
    - caa_ : Concurrent Architecture Abstraction
    - cds_ : Concurrent Data Structures

2010-03-04 Userspace RCU 0.4.2
* Add generic uatomic ops support.
* Bugfix in urcu-bp. (rare garbage collection bug occurring in
  multithreaded environment). Only affects urcu-bp users (UST).

2010-02-12 Userspace RCU 0.4.1
* s390: compilation fix.

2010-01-30 Userspace RCU 0.4.0
* API changes: standardize on rcu_ prefix.
* API change: urcu_init -> rcu_init.
* urcu/config.h options renamed to CONFIG_RCU_HAVE_FENCE,
  ((moving from URCU -> RCU).
* library names changes: liburcu becomes the "default" version, using
  sys_membarrier() when available, and using liburcu-mb as a
* The signal-based liburcu is renamed from liburcu to
  liburcu-signal. People previously using the signal-based
  "liburcu" will automatically be moved to the "default" liburcu

2009-11-16 Userspace RCU 0.3.1
* Add support for sparcv9 32-bit build.
* Update build system to use --host instead of --target.

2009-11-03 Userspace RCU 0.3.0
* API change for the "deferred work" interface.

2009-10-14 Userspace RCU 0.2.3
* Move to autotools.
* Automated architecture detection, with i386 fallback.
* Detect if NR_futex is on the system, fallback on portable
* Add configure mode for UP-only systems.

2009-10-02 Userspace RCU 0.2.2
* Phases out rcu_publish_content() api.
* Adds type checking to urcu-pointer.h pointer exchange primitives.

2009-10-02 Userspace RCU 0.2.1
* small header dependency fix for rculist.h.
* new "liburcu-bp.so" : "Bulletproof RCU", made especially for
  the UST userspace tracer. It's a library that sacrifices a bit
  of read-side performance for automatically monitoring thread
  creation/removal. See README for details.

2009-10-01 Userspace RCU 0.2
* Clarify usage of rcu_cmpxchg_pointer, rcu_xchg_pointer,

2009-09-29 Userspace RCU 0.1
* Initial release.