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Release 1.9.1 (2013-05-30)

* Fix python code to work with python-3
* Security fix for integer overflow in read_packet() [CVE-2013-2064]

Release 1.9 (2012-10-05)

* Always include "config.h" at the start of all C source files.
* Add AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS to allow use of more system functionality
* Return connection failure if display string specifies non-existent screen
* c_client: Fix parallel-make issue creating 'man' directory
* xcb_connect: launchd: Don't fall back on tcp if $DISPLAY is a path to a launchd socket
* c_client.py: generate manpages
* Allow xcb_send_request with >MAX_IOV iovecs
* Add a .gitignore for src/man/
* Fix a multi-thread deadlock

Release 1.8.1 (2012-03-09)
- Fix a busy loop on BSD and Mac OS
- Bump xcb-proto requirement
- Fallback to TCP if no protocol is specified and the UNIX connection fails
- Update use of error_connection under WIN32 to _xcb_conn_ret_error()
- Fix build of xcb_auth.c with XDMCP on WIN32
- Revert "Fix include order with Xdmcp on WIN32"
- darwin: Use read(2) rather than recv(2)
- Add xkb_internals and xkb_issues to EXTRA_DIST.

Release 1.8 (2012-01-11)
- xcb_disconnect: call shutdown() to force a disconnect
- Use special path to sockets when running under Solaris Trusted Extensions
- Remove unused DECnet code
- Add #include <sys/socket.h> to xcb_conn.c
- Make launchd code in xcb_util.c match surrounding code indent levels
- If protocol is "unix", use a Unix domain socket, not TCP
- Added more error states and removed global error_connection
- Handle XGE events with the "send event" flag
- added xcb_sumof() with restriction to uint8_t
- xkb: updated configure.ac/Makefile.am
- xkb: added pkg config file
- special case 'intermixed variable and fixed size fields': fixed reply side, needs testing
- added accessors for special cases
- Add support for building with Python 3
- Insert, not append explicit xcbgen dir python path
- xcb_request_check: Sync even if an event was read for this sequence.
- _xcb_conn_wait: Shut down the connection on unexpected poll() events.
- xcb_send_request: Send all requests using a common internal send_request.
- xcb_request_check: Hold the I/O lock while deciding to sync.
- xcb_discard_reply: Simplify by re-using poll_for_reply helper.
- xcb_in: Use 64-bit sequence numbers internally everywhere.
- Enable AM_SILENT_RULES on automake 1.11 or newer.
- Factor reader_list management out of wait_for_reply.
- Dequeue readers that can't receive any new responses.
- Delete the old c-client.xsl.
- Keep ALIGNOF definition out of the public namespace.
- darwin: Don't use poll() when expected to run on darwin10 and prior
- Add Win32
- Allow disconnecting connections that are in error state.
- Make xcb_take_socket keep flushing until idle
- Support pre-IPv6 systems (without getaddrinfo)
- Drop AI_ADDRCONFIG when resolving TCP addresses
- xcb_auth: Fix memory leak in _xcb_get_auth_info.
- Don't emit out-of-module sizeof definitions
- Clean up a couple of warnings in xprint
- Prevent reply waiters from being blocked.
- Prevent theoretical double free and leak on get_peer_sock_name.
- Introduce a variant of xcb_poll_for_event for examining event queue.
- xcb_take_socket: Document sequence wrap requirements
- Compute alignment correctly
- Fix a dead-lock due to xcb_poll_for_reply

Release 1.7 (2010-08-13)
- Always wake up readers after writing
- Get rid of PATH_MAX and MAXPATHLEN
- Add ~ operator support in code generator
- xcb_open: Improve protocol/host parsing
- xcb_connect_to_display_with_auth_info: Fix memory leak
- Report which extensions are being built

Release 1.6 (2010-04-09)
- darwin: xnu doesn't support poll on ttys on the master side
- Fix descriptor leak on memory error path
- Support xcb_discard_reply
- Open the X11 socket with close-on-exec flag
- Fix authentication on hpux and Hurd

Release 1.5 (2009-12-03)
- setsockopt(SO_KEEPALIVE) on TCP display connections
- Add DRI2 support
- Fix check dependency
- Cygwin build fix: Add -no-undefined to libtool flags

Release 1.4 (2009-07-15)
* Add majorCode, minorCode and resourceID fields to X generic error
* Fix precedence bug: wrong length for big-requests preceded by sync
* Fix libxcb-randr version info

Release 1.3 (2009-05-29)
* Copy full IPv4 mapping (Bug #20665)
* Fix XID allocation
* Use poll() instead of select() when available
* Fix local socket connection on Hurd
* Disable Nagle on TCP socket

Release 1.2 (2009-02-17)
* Stop packaging auto-generated C files into tarball.

Release 1.1.93 (2008-12-11)
* Apple: Enable support for launchd DISPLAY socket
* Treat XIDs the same as other cardinal values.

Release 1.1.92 (2008-11-01)
* Added small fix to support trailing fixed fields; also warning for non-pad fixed fields
* Fixed overly aggressive warning about fixed field following variable
* Added generation of extern "C" for compatibility with C++
* Remove libxcb-xlib and xcbxlib.h.
* Inline _xcb_lock_io, _xcb_unlock_io, and _xcb_wait_io.
* Track 64-bit sequence numbers internally.
* Use sequence number ranges in pending replies
* Remove duplicate XCB_EXTENSION calls for Composite extension
* Factorize m4 macros and add one to set X extensions
* Allow compile-time setting for XCB queue buffer size
* Support handing off socket write permission to external code.
* Add support for the abstract socket namespace under Linux

Bug fixes:
* Fix tiny memory leak in read_packet
* Fix some fd leaks in _xcb_open_*()

Release 1.1 (2007-11-04)

This release requires xcb-proto 1.1, due to the addition of the
extension-multiword attribute to the XML schema.

This release contains several important bug fixes, summarized below. It
also contains a patch much like Novell's libxcb-sloppy-lock.diff.
Rationale from the commit message follows. The patch and this rationale
were authored by Jamey Sharp <jamey@minilop.net>, with agreement from
Josh Triplett <josh@freedesktop.org>.

    I strongly opposed proposals like this one for a long time.
    Originally I had a very good reason: libX11, when compiled to use
    XCB, would crash soon after a locking correctness violation, so it
    was better to have an informative assert failure than a mystifying
    crash soon after.

    It took some time for me to realize that I'd changed the libX11
    implementation (for unrelated reasons) so that it could survive most
    invalid locking situations, as long as it wasn't actually being used
    from multiple threads concurrently.

    The other thing that has changed is that most of the code with
    incorrect locking has now been fixed. The value of the assert is
    accordingly lower.

    However, remaining broken callers do need to be fixed. That's why
    libXCB will still noisily print a stacktrace (if possible) on each
    assertion failure, even when assert isn't actually invoked to
    abort() the program; and that's why aborting is still default. This
    environment variable is provided only for use as a temporary
    workaround for broken applications.

* Print a backtrace, if possible, on locking assertion failures.
* Skip abort() on locking assertions if LIBXCB_ALLOW_SLOPPY_LOCK is set.
* xcb_poll_for_event: Return already-read events before reading again.
* Output a configuration summary at the end of ./configure.

Bug fixes:
* Don't hold the xlib-xcb lock while sleeping: that allows deadlock.
* Allow unix:<screen> style display names again.
* Bug #9119: test xcb_popcount
* Fix unit tests for FreeBSD
* NetBSD doesn't have AI_ADDRCONFIG: use it only if it's available.
* Require libXau >= 0.99.2; earlier versions have a broken .pc file
* Use substitition variables in xcb-xinerama.pc.in
* Update autogen.sh to one that does objdir != srcdir
* Add tools/* and autogen.sh to EXTRA_DIST.
* Doxygen can now be fully disabled if desired.

Documentation improvements:
* Many fixes and updates to the tutorial.
* Iterators, requests, and replies get partial Doxygen documentation.

Release 1.0 (2006-11-23)

The "Thanksgiving" release: We feel thankful to have it released.  Five years
have passed since XCB's initial commit on September 3rd, 2001:

* Support IPv6.  XCB now supports displays with IPv6 addresses, with or without
  enclosing square brackets, or with hosts which resolve to IPv6 addresses, by
  using getaddrinfo instead of gethostbyname, and by including support for
  authentication for such connections.  This allows such displays as "::1:1.1".

* XCB now uses the libpthread-stubs, to properly support optional use of
  pthreads even on platforms which do not have all the necessary pthread stubs
  in libc or otherwise available by default.

* Switch from the old AM_PATH_CHECK macro to pkg-config.  check 0.9.4 is now
  required to build XCB's unit tests.  The version that we were requiring was
  not actually new enough to let our unit tests compile, and the AM_PATH_CHECK
  macro is now considered deprecated.  We know that versions of check using
  pkg-config are new enough to work, and the check dependency was optional
  anyway, so we've dropped support for older versions.

* Provide a xcb_prefetch_maximum_request_length counterpart to

* Fix Bug #5958: zero out padding bytes in requests.

* Change xcb_connect to pass the display number to _xcb_get_auth_info, which
  passes it to get_authptr.  This allows get_authptr to stop hacking the
  display number out of the sockaddrs of various address families, such as
  port - X_TCP_PORT, or the number after the last X in the UNIX socket path.

* Remove --with-opt and --with-debug options from configure.ac; configure
  supports the use of custom CFLAGS, so please use that instead.

* Reove support for the <localfield> tag in protocol descriptions, since they
  no longer use it, and since new protocol descriptions should not need it

* xcb-proto has no libraries or headers, so don't use XCBPROTO_CFLAGS or

* XCB builds which use xdmcp now include it in Requires.private, to support
  static linking.

* Replace "long" with uint32_t when used for a 32-bit quantity

* Various enhancements to the generation of documentation with Doxygen:
  * Check for doxygen in configure.ac
  * Fix some Doxygen warnings.
  * Install documentation.
  * Handle out-of-tree builds, with srcdir != builddir.  xcb.doxygen now gets
    generated from xcb.doxygen.in, so that it can use top_builddir and
    top_srcdir to find source and to output documentation.
  * Fill in PROJECT_NUMBER from @VERSION@, now that we have it readily
    available via autoconf.

Release 1.0 RC3 (2006-11-02)

Note: Version 0.9.4 of the test suite tool "check" provides a broken
version of the AM_PATH_CHECK macro, which causes autoconf to fail due to
insufficient quoting on the macro names it prints in its deprecation
message. We have written a patch to fix this problem, available at:
Version 0.9.4-2 of the Debian package for check includes this patch.
Users of other distributions who want to re-autotool libxcb will need to
apply this patch, use an older version of check, or wait for a fixed
upstream version. This bug does not affect users who use the distributed
tarballs and do not re-autotool.

* Add library support for xcb-xinerama, using new protocol description
  from xcb-proto.
* In the generated protocol code, define and use constants for opcode
  numbers rather than hard-coding them.
* In the API conversion script, match only XCB-namespaced XID generators
  when converting to xcb_generate_id.
* Quit treating xproto specially in Makefile.am: handle it like all the
* Generate Doxygen documentation comments in the protocol stubs, and
  provide a Doxygen config file for building HTML documentation for XCB.
* Add note to xcbxlib.h that nothing except Xlib/XCB should use it.
* Extend test suite to test xcb_parse_display with NULL argument and
  display in $DISPLAY.

Release 1.0 RC2 (2006-10-07)

API changes

In our announcement of XCB 1.0 RC1, we proposed two API changes for
community feedback:

    We would greatly appreciate API review in this final release
    candidate period. We've had some limited feedback that our attempts
    to impose static type safety on XIDs in C pose more a hindrance than
    a help, so we would appreciate discussion over whether this
    constitutes a "serious issue with the API". Some question also
    remains of whether xcb_poll_for_event should have the out-parameter
    'error', now that XCB has a more uniform mechanism for reporting
    connection errors. Speak now on these points or leave us alone. ;-)

Since we've received feedback agreeing with our proposed changes, and no
objections or requests to keep the existing API, we made both changes
and bumped the soname to libxcb.so.1.0.0 in preparation for the release
of XCB 1.0.

* Remove XID wrapper structures and replace them with uint32_t typedefs.
  XID union types like xcb_drawable_t and xcb_fontable_t also become
  uint32_t typedefs. The API conversion script now replaces xcb_*_new
  with calls directly to xcb_generate_id.  This change makes
  xcb_generate_id part of the client API rather than the extension API,
  so move xcb_generate_id from xcbext.h to xcb.h.

* Remove the 'int *error' out-parameter for xcb_poll_for_event. 
  xcb_poll_for_event now shuts down the xcb_connection_t on fatal
  errors; use xcb_connection_has_error to check.

The Xlib-specific API in libxcb-xlib also changed:

* Stop exposing the XCB IO lock for Xlib's benefit, by removing
  xcb_get_io_lock from the Xlib-specific XCB API; instead, libxcb-xlib
  now provides xcb_xlib_lock and xcb_xlib_unlock.

Code generation changes

* The code generator no longer implicitly imports xproto for extensions.
  xcb-proto 1.0 RC2 includes the corresponding change to explicitly
  import xproto in extensions that need it

* The generated protocol headers now declare "struct foo", "union foo"
  or "enum foo", not just the typedef "foo" of an unnamed
  struct/union/enum type.

Bug Fixes

* Make Plan 7 'checked' requests work correctly.

Documentation improvements

* Document xcb_generate_id.

* Tutorial enhancements.

Release 1.0 RC1 (2006-09-25)

The Great XCB Renaming

Rename API to follow a new naming convention:

* xcb_functions_lowercase_with_underscores
* xcb_types_lowercase_with_underscores_and_suffix_t
* expand all abbreviations like "req", "rep", and "iter"

Word boundaries for the names in the protocol descriptions fall:

* Wherever the protocol descriptions already have an underscore
* Between a lowercase letter and a subsequent uppercase letter
* Before the last uppercase letter in a string of uppercase letters
  followed by a lowercase letter (such as in LSBFirst between LSB and
* Before and after a string of digits (with exceptions for sized types
  like xcb_char2b_t and xcb_glx_float32_t to match the stdint.h

Also fix up some particular naming issues:

* Rename shape_op and shape_kind to drop the "shape_" prefix, since
  otherwise these types end up as xcb_shape_shape_{op,kind}_t.
* Remove leading underscores from enums in the GLX protocol description,
  previously needed to ensure a word separator, but now redundant.

This renaming breaks code written for the previous API naming
convention. The scripts in XCB's tools directory will convert code
written for the old API to use the new API; they work well enough that
we used them to convert the non-program-generated code in XCB, and when
run on the old program-generated code, they almost exactly reproduce the
new program-generated code (modulo whitespace and bugs in the old code

Authors: Vincent Torri, Thomas Hunger, Josh Triplett

In addition to the API renaming, the library SONAMEs have changed to
libxcb.so and libxcb-extname.so. The library major version remains at 0,
to become version 1 before 1.0 is released; the SONAME lowercasing means
that this will not conflict with XCB 0.9 libraries.

The header files have moved from /usr/include/X11/XCB/ to
/usr/include/xcb/. The XML-XCB protocol descriptions have moved to
/usr/share/xcb, with extension descriptions no longer relegated to an
extensions/ subdirectory. The API conversion script api_conv.pl will fix
references to the header files, and packages using pkg-config will
automatically use the new library names.

Error handling Plan 7

All request functions now come in an "unchecked" and "checked" variant.
The checked variant allows callers to handle errors inline where they
obtain the reply, or by calling xcb_request_check for requests with no
reply. The unchecked variant uses the event queue for errors. Requests
with replies default to checked, because the caller must already make a
function call to retrieve the reply and can see the error at that time;
the unchecked variant uses the suffix _unchecked. Requests without
replies default to unchecked, because the caller will not necessarily
expect to handle a response, and the checked variant uses the suffix

Connection error handling

Fatal connection errors now put the xcb_connection_t object into an
error state, at which point all further operations on that connection
will fail. Callers can use the new xcb_connection_has_error function to
check for this state in a connection. Functions that return a
connection, such as the xcb_connect function, may instead return an
xcb_connection_t already in an error state.

In the future we expect to add additional API for getting more
information about the error condition that caused the connection to get
into an error state.

Smaller API changes

All functions that have been marked 'deprecated' up to now have been
removed for this release. After XCB 1.0 is released, functions marked
'deprecated' will be preserved until the end of time to maintain

XCB no longer provides a sync function. Most callers of this function
should use xcb_flush instead, which usually provides the intended
functionality and does not require a round-trip to the server. If you
really need this functionality, either use xcb_get_input_focus like sync
used to do, or use the xcb_aux_sync function from the xcb-aux library in
xcb-util. However, note that we do not consider the libraries in
xcb-util remotely stable yet.

XCB no longer provides xcb_[extension_name]_init functions for each
extension. These functions previously caused XCB to issue and process a
QueryExtension request. Callers should now directly call
xcb_get_extension_data on the xcb_[extension_name]_id, or use
xcb_prefetch_extension_data if they do not need to force a round-trip

The compatibility functions in xcbxlib.h, provided solely for use by
Xlib/XCB, now exist in a separate library libxcb-xlib. We don't want to
have to change the libxcb soname if we later change or remove the Xlib
compatibility functions, and nothing except Xlib/XCB should ever use
them. (Applications which use Xlib/XCB do not need this library either;
Xlib/XCB only uses it internally.)

The descriptions of several extensions have been updated to match the
latest versions implemented in the X.org X server.

GIT Repository split

Previously, several XCB-related projects all existed under the umbrella
of a single monolithic GIT repository with per-project subdirectories.
We have split this repository into individual per-project repositories.

Josh Triplett and Jamey Sharp wrote a tool called git-split to
accomplish this repository split. git-split reconstructs the history of
a sub-project previously stored in a subdirectory of a larger
repository. It constructs new commit objects based on the existing tree
objects for the subtree in each commit, and discards commits which do
not affect the history of the sub-project, as well as merges made
unnecessary due to these discarded commits.

We would like to acknowledge the work of the gobby team in creating a
collaborative editor which greatly aided the development of git-split
(as well as these release notes).

Build and implementation fixes

XCB no longer needs proto/x11 from X.org; the XCB header xproto.h
provides the definitions from X.h, named according to XCB conventions.

XCB should now build with non-GNU implementations of Make.

XCB properly handles 32-bit wrap of sequence numbers, and thus now
supports issuing more than 2**32 requests in one connection.

Fixed bugs #7001, #7261.