Binary compatibility report for the Flickcurl library  between 0.12 and 0.13 versions on x86

Test Info

Library NameFlickcurl
Version #10.12
Version #20.13
CPU Typex86
GCC Version4.6.1

Test Results

Total Header Files1
Total Shared Libraries1
Total Symbols / Types128 / 113

Problem Summary

Added Symbols-32
Removed SymbolsHigh0
Problems with
Data Types
Problems with
Problems with
Other Changes
in Data Types

Added Symbols (32)

flickcurl_array_free char** array )
flickcurl_array_join ( char const** array, char delim )
flickcurl_array_split char const* str, char delim )
flickcurl_free_categories flickcurl_category** categories_object )
flickcurl_free_category flickcurl_category* category )
flickcurl_free_photoset struct flickcurl_photoset* photoset )
flickcurl_free_photosets struct flickcurl_photoset** photosets_object )
flickcurl_free_size struct flickcurl_size* size )
flickcurl_free_sizes struct flickcurl_size** sizes_object )
flickcurl_free_ticket struct flickcurl_ticket* ticket )
flickcurl_free_tickets struct flickcurl_ticket** tickets_object )
flickcurl_free_user_upload_status struct flickcurl_user_upload_status* u )
flickcurl_groups_browse flickcurl* fc, int cat_id )
flickcurl_groups_getInfo flickcurl* fc, char const* group_id, char const* lang )
flickcurl_groups_search flickcurl* fc, char const* text, int per_page, int page )
flickcurl_interestingness_getList flickcurl* fc, char const* date, char const* extras, int per_page, int page )
flickcurl_people_getPublicGroups flickcurl* fc, char const* user_id )
flickcurl_people_getUploadStatus flickcurl* fc )
flickcurl_photos_getCounts flickcurl* fc, char const** dates_array, char const** taken_dates_array )
flickcurl_photos_getSizes flickcurl* fc, char const* photo_id )
flickcurl_photos_transform_rotate flickcurl* fc, char const* photo_id, int degrees )
flickcurl_photos_upload_checkTickets flickcurl* fc, char const** tickets_ids )
flickcurl_photosets_addPhoto flickcurl* fc, char const* photoset_id, char const* photo_id )
flickcurl_photosets_create flickcurl* fc, char const* title, char const* description, char const* primary_photo_id, char** photoset_url_p )
flickcurl_photosets_delete flickcurl* fc, char const* photoset_id )
flickcurl_photosets_editMeta flickcurl* fc, char const* photoset_id, char const* title, char const* description )
flickcurl_photosets_editPhotos flickcurl* fc, char const* photoset_id, char const* primary_photo_id, char const** photo_ids_array )
flickcurl_photosets_getInfo flickcurl* fc, char const* photoset_id )
flickcurl_photosets_getList flickcurl* fc, char const* user_id )
flickcurl_photosets_getPhotos flickcurl* fc, char const* photoset_id, char const* extras, int privacy_filter, int per_page, int page )
flickcurl_photosets_orderSets flickcurl* fc, char const** photoset_ids_array )
flickcurl_photosets_removePhoto flickcurl* fc, char const* photoset_id, char const* photo_id )

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Problems with Data Types, Medium Severity (4)

[+] struct flickcurl_group (4)

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Problems with Data Types, Low Severity (5)

[+] struct flickcurl_group (5)

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Other Changes in Data Types (2)

[+] enum flickcurl_person_field_type (1)
[+] enum flickcurl_photo_field_type (1)

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Header Files (1)


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Shared Libraries (1)

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