Binary compatibility report for the ncurses library from version 5.6 to 5.7 on x86


Total Header Files3
Total Shared Libraries5
Checked Interfaces / Types488 / 41

Problem Summary

Added Interfaces17
Removed Interfaces0
Problems with
Data Types
High risk0
Medium risk0
Low risk0
Problems with
High risk0
Medium risk0
Low risk4
Problems with Constants0

Added Interfaces (17)

getattrs WINDOW const* p1 )
is_cleared WINDOW const* p1 )
is_idcok WINDOW const* p1 )
is_idlok WINDOW const* p1 )
is_immedok WINDOW const* p1 )
is_keypad WINDOW const* p1 )
is_leaveok WINDOW const* p1 )
is_nodelay WINDOW const* p1 )
is_notimeout WINDOW const* p1 )
is_scrollok WINDOW const* p1 )
is_syncok WINDOW const* p1 )
set_escdelay int p1 )
set_tabsize int p1 )
use_screen SCREEN* p1, NCURSES_SCREEN_CB p2, void* p3 )
use_window WINDOW* p1, NCURSES_WINDOW_CB p2, void* p3 )
wgetparent WINDOW const* p1 )
wgetscrreg WINDOW const* p1, int* p2, int* p3 )

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Problems with Interfaces, Low risk (4)

[+] set_item_init MENU* p1, void(*p2)(MENU*) ) (1)
[+] set_item_term MENU* p1, void(*p2)(MENU*) ) (1)
[+] set_menu_init MENU* p1, void(*p2)(MENU*) ) (1)
[+] set_menu_term MENU* p1, void(*p2)(MENU*) ) (1)

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Header Files (3)


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Shared Libraries (5)

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