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API changes/compatibility report for the JDK library

Java Development Kit

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Compatibility Added
ABI Changes? API Changes? PkgDiff
BinarySource HighMediumLow HighMediumLow
1.7.02011-06-27changelog99.6%97.4%1414 new34 removed39 changes29 changes152 warnings114 changes26 changes0n/a warning000n/a warnings000n/a new0002 warnings000n/a new0001 warning000n/a warnings000n/a new1 removed1 change03 warnings3 changes00n/a change001 change00n/a new0001 warning000n/a new0006 warnings1 change00n/a new1 removed1 change04 warnings7 changes00n/a new000020 changes00n/a warnings000n/a
1.6.02006-11-29changelog97.3%94%4357 new6 removed50 changes7 changes359 warnings298 changes13 changes3 warningsn/a change001 change00n/a warning000n/a new0004 warnings000n/a new0001 warning000n/a warning000n/a warning000n/a new001 change01 change00n/a warnings000n/a new0000000n/a change001 change00n/a
1.5.02004-09-15changelog88.3%85.8%4974 new4790 removed463 changes15 changes171 warnings560 changes14 changes1 warningn/a warnings000n/a removed1 change001 change00n/a warning000n/a changes0033 changes00n/a removed9 changes009 changes00n/a warning000n/a warnings000n/a changes19 changes02 changes19 changes0n/a
1.4.22003-06-20changelog97.3%97%757 new161 removed744 changes759 changes2838 warnings3492 changes9 changes0n/a
1.4.12002-08-29changelog99.95%99.95%2 new0017 changes88 warnings017 changes0n/a warning000n/a
1.4.02002-01-30changelog97.6%96.2%12759 new94 removed64 changes12 changes372 warnings213 changes137 changes4 warningsn/a new0006 warnings000n/a new00010 warnings000n/a
1.3.12001-05-06changelog99.99%99.99%2 new2 removed1 change09 warnings1 change00n/a new0008 warnings000n/a
1.32000-09-19changelog98.4%98.6%2877 new36 removed21 changes21 changes483 warnings38 changes20 changes1 warningn/a new002 changes1 warning000n/a version in the tracker
Version Date Change
BinarySource Added
HighMediumLow HighMediumLow PkgDiff
Compatibility ABI Changes API Changes

Maintained by Andrey Ponomarenko at NTC IT ROSA.