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Statistics of ABI breaks in C/C++ libraries

Total libraries707
C/C++ language70.3% / 29.7%
Total versions18819
Total problems67229
Kind of ChangesSeverityCountPercentage
Removing functions from the libraryHigh2961344.05%
Changing virtual table structureHigh8021.19%
Changing the number or order of parametersMedium13321.98%
Changing type of a parameterdestructive*Medium1018915.16%
Changing type of return valuedestructiveMedium12511.86%
Adding/removing “static” specifier of a methodMedium150.02%
Changing Values in Enumeration Types or MacrosLow701310.43%
Overriding Virtual FunctionsLow8371.24%
* changes that affect the size or internal structure of a type.

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